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Oh my god please write another chapter of the Namjoon reaper story thing. It's the best fan fic/creative writing/ whatever you want to call it I've ever read. I love it so much! Please write again soon ❤️ ~reaperanon

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Suga // J-hope // Jungkook  

Words: 2291

“Don’t look at any of them. They’re all dying reaper’s.” Hoseok instructs as you follow him down the dim, almost black hall. He forced you to hold onto his hand because of how bad your eyesight was compared to his. The walls were paper thin as far as you could see, and there was no door on any of the rooms. Looking through them, there would be things you couldn’t imagine happening in such an open space. People were having sex, some were injecting something into their arms. Others were fighting aggressively. In every room, someone was making some sort of strangled gurgle that made you stick much too close to Hoseok. You couldn’t help but close your eyes as you walked with him down the seemingly never ending hallway.

As you finally made it to a room with thick walls and double sliding doors, he tapped on the door and was let in right away by a boy. The boy had black hair, he was tall, and his doe eyes made him look very childish despite the pained expression he wore.

When the door closed, lights flicked on around you, and you could finally see exactly what you’d been missing out on. There were 2 other boys besides Hoseok in the room, wearing strange clothes that could’ve been costumes. They were merely just thin robes, black with grey outlines of patterns you couldn’t believe. Floral printing, or merely just vines with the simple flower pattern here and there. The clothing style was vastly different to their modern and chic haircuts. The one who opened the door sat down in the chair in the corner, picking at his robes. Looking around, you noticed you seemed to be in a bed chamber. It was decorated lavishly, a king sized bed with satin coverings on one side, with a wardrobe made from polished wood that was hung open with clothes spilling from it. In the other corner was a small table with pillows surrounding it, where the other boy sat, eyes wild and a grin perking up his face.

“Taehyung, don’t stare at guests like that.” Hoseok kicked him in the side, but Taehyung slapped his foot away. Hoseok wasn’t wearing the same clothes as them, but you noticed he looked as if he’d just woken up.

“I take it you touched him?” Hoseok wondered, turning around after noticing you were giving him a once over. He sat beside the one known as Taehyung, who bounced up to greet you. By the look on Hoseok’s face, you should’ve been distressed as he barreled towards you at full speed. You attempted to dodge his touch, but the one who broke the almost physical interaction was neither who you expected. It was the young looking one, who was sitting on a different corner of the large room. He held Taehyung at arm’s length with a sour expression, before slapping him right across the face.

“She’s a human, you idiot! If you touch her she’ll die, you know.” The younger one snapped, shoving Taehyung’s shoulder so he would back up. He didn’t move an inch. Instead, he looked at you with  the same wild eyes he had before, and you wondered if he was high on something.

“She just smells like Namjoon…I miss him…”

“You’re damn right she smell’s like Namjoon. Come sit down, Taehyung, you need to go out soon.”

“You’re right!” He sounded surprised, as if he had just realized he had to leave soon. Taehyung disregarded you, going back to the table and sitting beside Hoseok, who handed him a cup of steaming liquid that looked like tea. Still, you weren’t entirely sure.

“He’s the reaper of overdose.” The younger one spoke lazily, slowly, like he was struggling to make his words out, but you still understood. Hoseok seemed to be taking care of them as a parent would to their child.

“Jungkook, go sit back down. Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Mm,” he replied, looking at you and giving a warm smile. “It hurts so bad.”

“(Y/N), could you help him sit down? Jungkook had to deal with a few angry souls today and his energy is running low. He’s never dealt with having so few souls harvested before, so it really hurts him.”

“I’m fine.” He promised, waving you off and shuffling towards where the other boys were. “I’d just end up taking her soul.”

“You idiot, you can’t!” Hoseok chuckled, taking his hand as he sat down so the younger wouldn’t fall over. “You’re only here to harvest animal and babies souls.”

“Babies?” You squeaked, and Hoseok nodded. He signaled for you to sit down beside Jungkook, and you hesitated.

“Jungkook’s no threat to a fully grown human woman. He can only harvest the souls of animals and babies. It’s just he thinks he’s hot shit because he’s still young. He’s going through a phase.”

“If I wasn’t in so much pain I’d stab you a few hundred times with Taehyung’s jaw.” Jungkook retorted, sounding utterly tired and lifeless. His blinks were heavy and slow.

“Man, that’s sharp.” Hoseok replied, sticking his tongue out and readjusting the cup for Taehyung, who seemed to be spilling the hot liquid everywhere but in his mouth.

“Stop giving him that look. He’s been like this since the 50′s. Taehyung stole this body from a man who was utterly ruined. He stumbled upon it while he was drowning, and he hasn’t been able to escape ever since. One day we’ll find a way out of that body, buddy.” Hoseok tapped him on the shoulder, and Taehyung twitched maniacally. Jungkook chuckled a few times, before choking on phlegm in his throat and falling silent all together. You felt bad for Jungkook, even after knowing he was probably a few hundred years older than you. Having to deal with the pain of watching the soul’s of babies pass on so early must be heart breaking. You sat beside him.

“Anyway,” Hoseok moved on once more. “Back to Namjoon.”

“Why was he lying?” You asked, but Hoseok merely shrugged.

“Beats me. I haven’t spoken to Namjoon for a good 93 years. I’m hoping to make it to 100 before asking him how he’s doing. I can only tell you about his past with humans.”

“Tell me,” you cut in, and Hoseok laughed. “I may be able to find out without your help.”

“Good luck with that, human. It was in Europe, during the 1300′s, poor guy. He was still young, the strongest reaper to have lived during that time. He’d fallen mad for some sad little maiden who was being forced to marry her cousin. She was only 18, too old to be married to anyone else. You know all that, girls only being about 14 when married, right? Anyway, he saw her every night, before she finally got married. He’d gone to the home of the man and that girl, before finding her dead on the floor. Her soul was long gone by then, so we can only guess who took the soul.”

“Yoongi,” Jungkook nodded in response, earning a flick from Hoseok.

“I wanted to say it!” He complained, but you merely kept him on by narrowing your eyes in his direction.

“Right, moving on. After finding her dead he went on a pretty mad rampage, for two years. He killed every human in his path no exceptions. That’s how the black plague is known as today, to you sad little humans.”

You were shocked, but once again had to disagree with him. “You’re wrong. Namjoon is only a physical reaper, and the black death is an illness.”

“Namjoon was the first reaper,” Jungkook explained. Taehyung nodded furiously, his hand shaking so badly the liquid was no longer in the cup. Hoseok sighed, taking the cup from him and placing it on the table with a loud bang.

“So that means he controlled every death, no exceptions. As the world grew bigger, more people began to die of different things, and more frequently as well. Even for someone who never needs to eat, sleep or drink to continue functioning, that’s a tiring job. He couldn’t make it by himself, so our master began to add more reaper’s until now. That’s the dysfunctional cycle of us, now.” Hoseok finished off for Jungkook, who seemed to be trying to catch his breath.

“So you’re telling me Namjoon was the one who killed almost 50% of Europe’s population back then over a girl?” You kept glancing over at the wheezing Jungkook, who was pounding on his chest violently. The other’s didn’t seem to notice his struggle.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying. He never seemed to like human’s after that, not one bit. It’s a surprise he likes you, really. I never said Namjoon was smart, just strong. To be totally honest, I think that guy’s a fucking idiot.” Once Hoseok had stopped speaking, Jungkook fell backwards onto the floor, causing you to gasp and shuffle over to him.

“Oh my god, is he alright?”

“Don’t touch him!” Hoseok snapped, leaning across the table and yanking on your arm that was ready to touch Jungkook’s forehead. “He’s in a bad state. If Jungkook touches you right now he’ll probably not survive the struggle. In a few weeks he’ll wake up and be ready to continue harvesting.”

“Weeks? I thought we weren’t at risk of dying if I touched him?” You whispered, looking at his pained face twist in the agony. Hoseok made Taehyung stand up and drag him towards the bed on the other side of the room.

“He’s in a state where if he touches a human he’s forbidden to harvest souls from, his body will disappear and so will begin the new era of a reaper taking Jungkook’s spot. Just leave it alone, alright? When Jungkook wakes up he wouldn’t want to know a human was worrying about him. He doesn’t need more of a reason to love humans, especially with the girl who stole his no heart. Taehyung, stay with him for now.”

“Why are you so calm about this?” You wondered, watching as Taehyung merely dropped the younger onto the bed, before messily placing blankets over his disoriented body and placing a damp cloth onto his head.

“Because he won’t die. Reaper’s don’t die unless our master want’s us gone, or if they harvest a forbidden soul. Luckily, our master really seems to love Jungkook. Now, what else do you want to hear?” He quickly changed the subject, forcing your eyes on him instead of Jungkook’s tangled body.

You could barely tear your eyes off of the sight that was Jungkook, to look at Hoseok. All of this was overwhelming and it terrified you. You could see grim reaper’s in an entirely different light, now, and it no longer just scared you, but it saddened you. Their struggle was harder than any human’s life was, especially due to the fact that they were the ones constantly dealing with the pain of death. The fact was they would never have a peaceful death of their own. Reaper’s didn’t dictate their own lives, they only did the bidding for this ‘master’ Hoseok seemed to speak off so highly.

A scream erupted from behind the door you’d come through, and your eyes snapped towards the door and back to Hoseok. He seemed just as concerned as you, staring at the wooden barriers as if waiting…anticipating. You turned your head once the door crashed open.

It was Jimin, standing there covered in blood and an unhappy expression plastered on his face.

“It’s you! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Did you miss me? Thanks to you I woke up at the bottom of a lake! Hoseok, what are you doing taking care of Namjoon’s property?”

Hoseok stepped away from you,  sticking his hands behind his back. “I didn’t say I was taking care of her.”

No. There was no way this was happening. Hoseok was going to hand you over to Jimin as if it was nothing? No way, no way!

“Oh, so you don’t mind if I kill her? This is the last time I’m going to have my neck snapped over a fucking human, you hear me?” He growled, taking a fistful of your jacket and bringing his face close to yours. Jimin wasn’t breathing at all, but you knew it was merely because reaper’s didn’t have too.

“Why not just take her?” Hoseok recommended, as if he were trying to strike a deal with him. Your voice was caught in your throat, and you desperately looked around for a savior. Namjoon wasn’t here, and you weren’t sure if he was going to look for you after the fight you’d had.

“She’s more valuable alive than dead, Jimin.” Hoseok continued, placing a hand on Jimin’s shoulder firmly. You let out a shaky breath, closing your eyes tightly.

“You know Namjoon will come looking for her after finding out you took her, right? I know you want to get rid of Jin just as much as I do. Just keep her for now, and if Namjoon doesn’t come within the week off her, or…whatever you want to do with her.”

“No-” you choked out, only to be shaken by Jimin. You didn’t open your eyes, too afraid to see his expression. You didn’t want the last thing you saw before dying was to be his face.

“You’re right.” Jimin finally decided, loosening the grip he had on you; but barely. “Would you like to have some fun with me, human girl?”

“No, no I would-” but it was too late. Jimin hit you so hard you fell back, unable to keep your eyes open. You were out cold.