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Surprising You

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Requested: Hi ! I have a request haha can you write an imagine where Y/N is a plus size and she’s really insecure and depressed because of all the perfect girls that she see everyday at college. She talks about it to one of her friend who tells to Shawn because she’s in a really bad mood and he’s suprise her at college ? Thank you ! By the way, I love your tumblr and your imagines so so much, definitly one of my favourite blog 💜💜💜


“It’s not that I’m even jealous,” You tell your best friend, Kara, while sitting at one of the tables on the main walkway of your campus. “It’s just that it makes me feel so insecure in my own skin, you know?” You don’t even know what you’re saying or even why. It has just been a rough week, you suppose, and you needed to tell someone. You could tell your boyfriend all of this, but you don’t want him to worry. He always worries about you and sometimes even feels like it’s his fault that you’re so insecure, which it is most definitely not. If anything, he’s the one keeping you from falling into the dark pit of depression. But either way, you feel like your mental health issues and your insecurities are not his problem or responsibility. You do share with him because you’re in a relationship and you understand that it is important to be open and vulnerable, but at the same time you also try to keep some things to yourself for his sake and because he has a lot on his plate and he doesn’t to be constantly worried about you.

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angeryginger  asked:

Here's a HC for ya. Did you know that william poindexter babysits for his uncles and he has like 15 boy cousins and 1 little girl cousin and he always carries her around and helps her paint her fingernails. She calls him Uncle Billy even tho he's a cousin and she always shows him her pretty dresses at Easter and he helps her keep her socks on when she runs around on the carpet without shoes and tickles her belly. Billy loves his baby girl cousin so much it's incredible. Wow.


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Let's give Star some credit, she held off so much pain and sadness and put Marco's need before her needs! There are people who would've manipulated Marco to suit their interests. She put her friend before her. Would you have done the same thing if you were in Stars position?

(sorry i forgot what this is in response to)
100% wouldve done what star did in this whole situation, if my best friend who i was secretly in love with was dating a rad girl and happy about it i wouldve kept silent, feelings get revealed? i wouldve lied to just keep him reassured and comfortable. leaving forever? might as well spit out what i need to because i cant run away now.
i love star so much because shes such an amazing and tbh underappreciated(not underrated) character who was judged over some of her flaws, even when she continued her support for marco. she had her moments of jealousy that were completely understandable, but she made sure marco was happy with jackie, and she did her best to keep jackie included. even tho she does have that habit of leaving her issues to fester (i have a big problem w that, sadly see myself there) she realized in the end that she cant ignore something and expect it to change or go away. even though its not peachy right now things will get better for them all and i just really love star on a god tier, shes my fav.

so yea give the gal some credit

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hi!! love your blog. so, I had a question. I'm a desi girl and it's taken me a long time to unlearn all my internalized racism. I'm a lot more grown now but I'm still surrounded by ignorant people. my cousin's don't listen when I tell them not to use the n word. they say their black friends don't mind. I don't know what to do about it and I'm sorry to ask but it bothers me so much. thank you!

Their black friends don’t mind but there are black people who do. So if they want to keep using it then they can’t be surprised when they get called out on it if they insist.


Pacify Her

Theo Raeken x Werewolf!Reader

A/N: Based off of Melanie Martinez’s Pacify her! Love her so much <3 Enjoyyyy! Also, I kinda made Tracy a bitch :/.


Word Count: 1,037

WARNINGS: Swearing.

Credit to the owner of the gif x.

Tired, blue boy walks my way
Holding a girl’s hand
That basic bitch leaves finally
Now I can take her man

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I am a short girl, you guys in love with a short girl? 😂 my height is only 154cm lol. It would be so cute, if I have a daddy who taller than me so much 💕💕💕

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Hello! Clarifying my ask. Because the ask box is closed I wasn't sure if you wanted me to wait for it to open or not. At first I thought of it to be what would have happened had Mipha survived (I like how you keep the timeline in mind), but I love the idea where it's a much more innocent outing between little Sidon and a small Hylian girl Mipha is fond of. The two learn about each others' races while Mipha follows a distance behind them. A scenario if possible. Thank you so much!

No problem! I enjoyed writing this, the concept of tiny Sidon is too much for my heart!

Mipha watching over her little brother and his hylian female new friend 

She was the daughter of a Hylian merchant who had moved to the Zora Domain a few months back, someone who wanted to start a new life in the watery kingdom. Small, bright, and very friendly. Within the first week, little (Name) had been attached to the princess’s side- asking questions, talking, listening, playing- and despite Muzu’s dislikes, Mipha found herself absolutely charmed by the new child.

Which is why her heart absolutely broke when she saw that she struggled to make friends her own age.

It was no fault of her own, nor of the young ones- rather, the adults surrounding them. Some of the elders strongly disliked the Hylians, even more so the idea of having to share their home with one. As elders, they controlled the young ones and what they observed which meant… well, a less than good situation. 

Mipha sighed as she watched (Name) sit on the side, watching longingly at the other children playing. This wasn’t right, being all alone, for no reason. But what could do, it’s not like she could force the other children to play with someone- Oh.

She couldn’t force the other children, true. But who’s to say that she can’t introduce one friendly child to another?


“Hi there! I’m Sidon! What’s your name?” (Name) perked up and turned to look at a boy right her age, holding up a friendly hand. Small, baby-cheeked and chubby armed, he radiated smiles and joy like a warm light at night. 

She smiled and took his hand, standing up. “(Name). It’s nice to meet you! Want to play?”

“Sure! C’mon, I know this cool spot near the palace, it’ll be fun!”


Good. It looked like everything was going well. At least from behind this column. Mipha smiled as she saw the two hold hands with Sidon leading the way, grinning and laughing all the way. She slid from column to column, doing her best to not be spotted by the little ones (though the elders seemed to spot her pretty quickly). 

Soon the children were playing on the plaza looking over the domain, apparently not knowing that there was a very happy princess watching them from around the corner.


“-You don’t know how to swim?”
“Not yet! But daddy said he and mommy would teach me tomorrow when we went to the lake. But when I do learn, we have to go swimming together, okay?”
“Yea! I’ll show you my favorite spot, it’s super cool! And we can play tag with everyone else! And- ey, what’s wrong? Why are you all sad?”

(Name) sniffled a bit, doing her best not to cry. “All the kids ignores me. They say because I’m not a Zora, I can’t play with them-”
“That’s not true! That’s stupid, you can play with us, you just need to learn to swim! And if they don’t like it, they can deal with it ‘cause I’m the prince and what I say goes, okay?”

OOoooh she didn’t know where he had learned to be so kind but Mipha was glad her little brother had as he wiped away the little girl’s tears and continued to talk. They didn’t her to watch over them, they had everything sorted out. She slipped away behind the shadows of the building, smiling to herself.

She had a good feeling about this, she just knew it.

budokai3song  asked:

You're anti naruto ending, and sasusaku is my otp, but YOURE SO FUCKING SWEET 💚💚 this is why I follow you, because you're such a lovely girl and plus I get my brotp (sasunaru) in my feeds! 💚 ship what makes you happy, and continue being Awesome xx Much love 💚

Wow, I didn’t expect this. Thank you so much, really. You certainly made my day with your lovely message. While we obviously have differing views, we can still get along, and people such as you make me enjoy being part of our fandom. Again, thank you. 💗

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I just want Julie to know that I'm just trying here to live my life like any other citizen of the world but it's getting a little difficult without Skam. Is it so much to ask for to just get a little teeny trailer. Am I asking for a lot? Am I? 😭Also, Julie I still love you bish even if you make me suffer. My Norwegian home girl for life.

Julie, if you reading this, we love you bish but release the damn trailer. Life is already hard on its own. Takk <3 

This show has been trash since the end of third season so don’t come here and tell me you’ve just realized that. Because that idea of “yeah let’s go and make them cancel this shit” is and pardon my french totally bullshit!! I love Regina Mills way too much to give up on her and if that show dies she also dies so NOPE. I’ll keep watching that trainwreck just because if I don’t then where am I going to see my favorite character and my bby girl Lana?¿

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Things I associate you with: frilly stuff; smol animals; the word "smol"; those little toe beans cats, dogs and other furry animals have on the bottoms of their feet; potted plants; false eyelashes; skin care products; 8 gallons of water a day; anime tiddie; the gays.

I read this last night and part of me didn’t want to answer it because it looked so good in my ask box ; u ; awuh… I love you so much my darling daffodil ♡ I associate you with reptiles, moe girls, megane, sunbeams, sleepiness, sloths, designer bags (eye bags), Harney and Sons, maids, labradoodles, shitting dick nipples, eye wrinkles and the most ideal human being. You’re just so sweet. You give me so much hope and strength from so far away and I cannot wait until we meet each other irl in like…. 2 weeks?!

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Persuasion is my favorite Austen, and I love modern Austen adaptations à la LBD. Are there any modern adaptations of Persuasion that you like? (Are there any modern adaptations of Persuasion at all?)

There are none that spring to my mind right off the bat apart from Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, and that’s a much looser adaptation than even Bridget Jones’s Diary was a loose adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. (This is referring to the books. The films themselves take even more creative license with the source material so by the time it’s on the big screen it has only the most tenuous links to Persuasion.)

I’d love to see a modern adaptation, and I’ve even outlined my own version of a modern Persuasion which could work as a longform fanfic, or I may possibly look to get it published on its own.

Pusher Love Girl

Pairing: Adam Cole x Reader 

Note: hi, so i made this for my best friend and sort of turned it into a series. But anyways, im gonna post the first part which is pretty much really short and i don’t know if ya’ll don’t like it then i guess i’ll just leave it as a oneshot. Also, listen to Pusher Love Girl by Justin Timberlake as you read cause this was actually inspired by that song. Anyways, hope you like it. 

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im the love scared anon - I just wanted to add that I have had a lot of crushes in my life, one big, serious crush just two years ago. and now... I feel so weird and emotionless, not liking anyone in particular. and that also makes me scared, that maybe i will stay that way forever. boys looks so thoughtless and stupid for me right now. but I am sure that I dont like girls. and... welp.

oh dont worry, i didnt like anyone for pretty much my entire life and it doesnt mean that youll be alone forever, it just means that you know what your looking for (even if u dont realize it)

dont settle for anything less bc u feel afraid, there will always be a right person for u out there!!

ships-sailing-in-the-night  asked:

Hey girl, I see the ants have come crawling out of their mounds again. Have no fear, Club Soda will rain down on them and send them back to were they belong. 👊

Thank you so much! ❤️ i love how we support each other. btw, I kind of have this power, which is called “idgf”, that doesn’t let them bring me down… stay sweet (like karamel)

Sorry guys. I’ve been on a little hiatus.
Still working at Penthouse, started working at another club too.
Started dating a new girl 😍
Still been traveling also I re-dreaded my hair again. Not much has changed. Just needed a little break from tumblr. Since I deleted my old account and reopened this one I’ve been getting so many messages and it was kind of overwhelming for me. Forgot how much work tumblr was 😂 but anyways, love you guys as always. Xoxo

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#69 with Erik Durm, please? p.s I love your page sooo much :) xoxo

Thank you so much! I’m sorry that you had to wait so much but here it is! Hope you like it :)

I took another long sip of my Sex On The Beach, I licked the drink from my lips and drunkly giggled at the sight of a girl who almost fell on the dance floor, she was obviously drunker than me.
I looked at my friend Daisy who was sitting right next to me on the booth, “We’re dancing when we finish these, right?” She asked in my ear, she had to almost scream because the music was just deafening.
I nodded in response before drinking my cocktail from the pink straw. My eyes wandered in the crowdy room until I found the male I had been trying to avoid the whole night, but it was a hard urge to resist.
Erik was leaning on his arm on the bar that divided the dancing floor from the tables’ area, a drink in his other hand as he chatted with a friend and a girl I had never seen before. A pair of black jeans hugged his muscled legs, a white shirt was rolled up to his elbows and his hair was fixed in a perfect quiff.
I decided that sitting there staring at him wasn’t the best idea since I was trying to get him out of head, especially because alcohol made me way too courageous and confident. I placed my drink on the small table in front of the booth, I stood up as I quickly fixed my dress, it was definitely too short to wear it while dancing, but I didn’t mind. “Let’s go dance, please.” I begged Daisy, she didn’t let me say it twice, she just got up and we made our way to the dance floor hand in hand.
We started dancing to the loud music, giggling at each other’s dance moves, we were both pretty awkward and dancing wasn’t exactly our thing, but we had fun together. After two more songs, we decided to go back at our booth and sit since our heels were killing our feet and it was too hot in there.
Just as I sit down, I saw Erik’s silhouette walk towards me, his friend and the girl I’ve seen with him before were making out against a wall. He leaned down to reach my hear, I could smell his perfume, “We need to talk.
I crossed my arms on my chest, “I don’t want to.”
“Y/n, please, it’s important,” I rolled my eyes, I reluctantly got up and followed him. I knew that even though I didn’t want to, he would’ve found a way to convince me.
He took my hand in his as he guided me in the crowd of people dancing, his grip was firm. He stopped, put an arm around my waist and walked me in a group of drunk boys. We headed in the women’s bathroom, where three girls in it who were just getting out of it.
“If you wanted to fuck me you should at least take me home, I’m too drunk to have sex here,” I said without a filter. Being drunk sucks.
Erik looked a little offended, “I don’t want to fuck you Y/n, I want to talk.” He explained.
“Boring.” I commented as leaned with my back against a wall and crossed my arms over my chest, a few metres away from him. “Why we’re here then? This isn’t exactly the best place to talk.”
“So that you can’t run away,” he shrugged, referring to exatcly a week ago, when we kissed.
“I wouldn’t have if you weren’t an asshole,” I was getting nervous. He was standing there, looking handsome and hot, my hormones didn’t help at all.
“I said that I didn’t want a relationship because I was scared Y/n, I like you, I’ve liked you since the first time I saw you. We were friends and I didn’t know if you liked me back, I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. But then we kissed and I liked it, no that’s a lie, I loved it. So much that I was scared, but now I want you.” He took a step forward, my heart started beating fast since I was hearing what I wanted to hear.
“I want you,” he repeated as he slowly closed the space between us until our foreheads were against each other and our noses almost touched. I was breathless.
“Do you want me?” He asked softly, my eyes were looking in his.
How could have I said no? He was the most irresistible human on this planet.
I nodded foolishly, I was too hypnotized to do anything else. I bit my bottom lip waiting for his next move, but that proably made him crazy since he just murmured “fuck” and kissed me passionately.
Out tongues touched, I could feel the taste of the alchol in his mounth, I moaned as he bit my bottom lip, his hands around my waist pushing my body against his so much that I almost couldn’t breathe. I slid my hand down until I found his butt and I squeezed it lightly, which made him smile during the kiss. He left a noisy peck on my lips as we stopped kissing to gain air.
“I like you too by the way.” He smiled back at me.

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We may not get to see each other everyday. I am unable to hold you in my arms every night. But my heart knows that you are the one, and I will never let go.