i love you so much liv

  • Aaron: Don't let Liv skive too much. Don't climb any trees. Try not to kidnap anyone. And don't attempt to break me out. (forehead touch)
  • Robert: I love you.
  • Aaron: I love you. (kiss and hug)
  • Chas: It's time, love.
  • Aaron: Watch, I'll go and get a suspended sentence now and we'll look like a right pair of idiots.
  • Robert: I hope so.
  • Aaron: Bye then, Mr Dingle.
  • Robert: Bye, Mr Sugden.
25 Reasons I loved today’s episode, because y’all sound unhappy af

1. Domestic Robron: having brekkie together, Robert feeding his man, toast and tea. 

2. Robert and Aaron’s critical music banter. I bet Robert secretly loves Little Mix too. 

3. Rob’s open admiration for the way Aaron treats his sister “She’s gonna love you.”

4. Robert teasing Liv with breakfast because she’s hammered with a cute ooooooh and waving it in her face. Such big brother behaviour.

5. Robert chastising Liv for not appreciating Aaron’s present, such a Dad. 

6. Robert is so impressed with Aaron for spending so much effort to get Liv a present, and wants everybody else to appreciate Aaron as much as he does.

7. Aaron looking up at his fiance in admiration for appreciating the effort he went to. And a look of chastisement because he wants Rob to be a little more sensitive with Liv, like he is with Aaron. I just like the way he has to bend his neck to look so far up though, HEIGHT DIFFERENCE alert.

8. Aaron and Liv’s private conversation. Liv actually thanking Aaron for once. Aaron reassuring Liv, and being a right softie. Emmerdale not erasing the past and realizing how her father’s suicide might have effected Liv. Aaron clearly including Robert and trusting him to look after Liv. 

9. Chas losing her wits and breaking down a bit at work. We’ve all been there, especially over our son Aaron.

10. Robert being so excitable about the Mill being ready and so hopeful about Aaron getting out quickly. cutie, he launched into that pub to talk to Aaron.

11. Chas leaving Aaron to work it out himself for once. 

12. Faith not making a big deal out of Aaron’s panic attack, and actually making him giggle. 

13. Aaron trying to keep it together for everyone. Just like Robert, Our boys are Knights!

14. Robert completely worried about Aaron picking up on him shaking instantly. Looking at Chas for help desperately. Bless him

15. Robert acknowledging openly that he considers them a little family. “ours”, aww our boy he thinks of Liv as their daughter, their responsibility.

16. Chas and Robert collectively saying “we” about each other! and sharing looks the whole episode.

17. Deathrow Ploughmans. Prison jokes. Wow. 

18. Robert initiating a private chat with Liv to protect their shared love Aaron Dingle. Robert being so certain that he would never send Liv back to her Mum’s, like he never even entertained the possibility. STEP-DAD

19. Chas reassuring Robert that she knows Aaron is scared of losing Rob and that’s why he’s acting up.

20. Robert’s life is going to be on hold just like his, because Robert can’t see a life without Aaron!! Prison is keeping Robert out as much as its keeping Aaron in.

21. ROBERT SUGDEN, THE GREAT PHILANDERER-he might be a womanizer but he certainly keeps to one man. no one else comes close.

22. Robert asking Chas for advice and her admitting she doesn’t know as well as Robert. 

23. Robert wants to make Aaron feel secure. And Liv.

24. Robert staring back at his family in open admiration,  love how looking at them gives him the inspiration to get hitched.

25. “What if I make us a proper family”, he wants to put a ring on it. “I’ve never been more serious in my life!” Robert Sugden is the softest best fiance ever. Aaron and Liv are his entire world, and he is so serious about a lifetime commitment with them, he’s so sure. I adore this man.


thanks for listening to me all night, clive.
i’m glad you know i’m a zombie.

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Happy Birthday to my favorite human being, the Dark Sweet Lady, Olivia Arias Harrison. She is truly a special, beautiful woman. Hope your coming year kicks ass Liv!

“Olivia Harrison is a fucking cool chick!” - Stella McCartney

“I’ve only seen Olivia once since her husband passed away, but through all the pain I saw a strength and a courage which was inspirational.” - Anoushka Shankar

“I told Olivia, ‘Oh, God, girl, you’ve meant so much to his life, you’ve just totaled him out, and it’s just wonderful.’ They’re beautiful people.” - Carl Perkins

“I remember hearing ‘Do You Want To Know A Secret,’ hearing that accent, thinking, ‘Wow, that’s interesting.’ He had such a heavy accent at that time. I loved George’s music before we met, he was always a favorite of mine. I think he really had something to say and even to this day when I listen to ‘Be Here Now’ or ‘Run of the Mill,’ they always reset my radar. I always say ‘Run of the Mill’ is my favorite song. George liked that song, too. He used to ask, ‘Which song should I play?’ and I’d say, ‘Oh, play that one.’ And he would. He always appreciated when somebody liked a song.” - Filter (2011)

anonymous asked:


this got long. oops?

Before Robert fully comes awake, thoughts of geez, you’re old bounce around his skull, and he groans, burying his face back in the pillow. 

There’s a soft chuckle to his left, and a hand slides into his hair, massaging his scalp gently. He can’t stop the smile from curving his lips, or his head from pushing up against talented fingers. 

“Don’t want to turn forty, huh?” A soft kiss is pressed to his temple in apology for the amused tone. 

Robert grunts, fingers sliding out from under the duvet to find Aaron’s chest. “S’not my birthday.”

“Sorry,” Aaron tells him, nose brushing against Robert’s hairline. “Kinda is.”

Shuffling until he can press his face into Aaron’s neck, he lets out a huff and a whine. He knows he’s being immature and childish, but forty is a big number and he absolutely does not want to think about it. 

Aaron laughs, Robert can feel the rumble underneath his cheek, and wraps an arm around Robert’s shoulders as he presses a kiss to his head. “Don’t be so dramatic.”

“You won’t be saying that when you turn forty,” Robert points out, turning to kiss Aaron’s jaw. “I’ll have to make sure you don’t freak out.”

The words settle about them like a promise, and Robert can’t believe how far they’ve come, how comfortable he is to think about Aaron being in his life forever

“Come on,” Aaron says, brushing a hand through Robert’s hair. “Let’s get up and get you out of the house before Liv wakes up.”

Robert forgot she was even home; she’s been interning at a studio in Leeds while she studies for her Masters in Architecture. She shines every time she shows him her drawings, and he knows enough to be impressed, though it’s mostly just pride whenever he talks about her. She popped down for a couple of days for his birthday. “She’ll be too hungover to make comments.”

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upforitlouis  asked:

If you're still taking them....12 please love! :)

set at some vague point in the future when aaron is out of prison 

things you said when you thought i was asleep

Robert felt the bed dip as Aaron sat down next to him, making to open his eyes and talk to his husband, when Aaron himself spoke.

“I’m sorry, you know.” Aaron’s voice was soft. “I’m sorry for punching Kasim. I know it’s my fault that the first few months of our marriage were so hard, and I’m sorry.”

Robert was tempted to say something, but Aaron was clearly convinced Robert was sleeping.

“I love you so much.” Aaron’s hand was in his hair now, gentle against his head. “Mum’s been telling me about everything you did for my lot - our lot - when I was inside. You’re the most amazing person I know, Robert, I’m never going to be able to thank you enough.”

Aaron let out a little laugh.

“God knows I should be saying all these things to you when you’re awake, and I will, I promise, it’s just sometimes its easier to say it like this.”

Robert was confused.

Did Aaron do this a lot?

“You’d laugh, if you knew.” Aaron continued. “I only started doing this when I realised what a heavy sleeper you were. I’m not good with this sort of thing, you know. It’s like I’m practising.”

Robert’s heart could melt. Aaron talked to him like this, when he was sleeping? Aaron was so much sweeter, so much more romantic than he even realised.

Robert wished he could give his husband the confidence to be able to say these things at a whim, without needing to practise first, but there was something so endearing about the fact that Aaron would do this, that he stayed quiet, keeping his breathing slow and even, waiting for Aaron to continue.

“Thinking of the life we’re going to have together got me through being inside.” Aaron said, running his fingers through Robert’s hair. “I told you I loved you so much that I don’t know what to do with it sometimes. I know what to do with it now, I’m going to be better, for you, for us - for Liv. I’m going to make sure nothing like the last few months ever happens again, okay? Because I love you, and I want a proper life with you.”

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But let’s review the facts, shall we? First, you tell Peyton that you’re in love with her, leaving her confused and speechless, and then you take home your old boss for a drunken hate-bonk. And when Peyton shows up to say that she’s ready to take a chance on Pavi or Rayton or whatever it is that you two would call yourselves, you kiss her, while your latest conquest is in the next room. Not good. 
I know

aaron telling rob off for shoving him cos he wanted to STAY IN BED. they’re such domestic fucks and they’re not even married yet??? rob, chas and adam were in full ninja mode trying to make sure aaron was at the right place at the right time, DINNER AT 2:30, SHARP. I’M DEAD

rob trying to make it perfect, complaining about food and trashy decor. liv trying to make it perfect, running around with her clipboard and bossing the dingles around. rob and liv, making it perfect, FOR THE THREE OF THEM.

the rob, paddy & chas scene. him not giving a shit about paddy’s blessing. he literally only cares about how AARON FEELS. “I’m not after your blessing anymore, but aaron will need you there for him”

“I know he’s not for you, but he’s definitely for me” aaron is 100% sure of his love for rob. he’s 100% sure that he wants to spend his life with him and he isn’t about to let anyone get in his way because HE’S THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE.

WHEN CAIN WENT TO PUT AARON IN THE BOOT AND HE IMMEDIATELY TRIED TO SAY HE WAS JOKING LMAO, I LIVE FOR THE DINGLE FAMILY. and then rob just getting him out all “happy surprise wedding day, so are you gonna marry me or you gonna stay in there sulking?” THE WAY AARON JUST FULLY SLAPPED ROB’S HAND AWAY I CAN’T BREATHE?? it was so iconically them. and aaron trying to act chill and casual as he jumped out of the car oh my GOD he’s just a dork. and rob thinking aaron was rejecting him?? and aaron just hits back with the most beautiful throwback with “I’m not gonna get married in these overalls like a dirty little greasemonkey am I?” DIRTY. LITTLE. GREASEMONKEY.

“this wedding’s for you too ya know, you’re stuck with me after today, like it or not” THEY’RE SUCH A FAMILY. ROB, LIV AND AARON. they’re a family. all three of them want to be a family and they are. rob giving liv the rings. they all love each other so fucking much and it’s beautiful.

“you look nervous” “aren’t you?” “not for one second” ok but robert and aaron have NEVER LOOKED HAPPIER. after everything they’ve been through, they’re standing together, about to confess their love for each other and become husbands.


Mama’s Birthday Day ♡

First of all, thank you so much to all my family, friends and every single person that took a few minutes of their day to wish me a happy birthday. Yes, yes, yes ! Yesterday I turned 26 and our baby Kaïs celebrated his 4th month of life too !

So we celebrated our day around a BBQ with our friends in late afternoon, and I definitely had a wonderful day with everyone. It wasn’t really planned, because Jackson and I planned to go for a getaway during a few days for birthday but I have a couple of important professional appointments this week, so we had to cancel it… for now. Yes, I started working again a few weeks ago as an Interior Designer and I’m really loving it even if I definitely hate to leave my babies all day ugh #MamaStruggles

I was spoiled all day by my loves and it started early in the morning. Jackson prepared and brought me breakfast in bed even if it quickly turned into a family breakfast when the little ones woke up. Nothing better than to start the day with cuddles and kisses from my little munchkins !  

We went to the restaurant for lunch with our parents, the kids, Jackson’s brother, his girlfriend, as we do every year. We had a great time with all of them and even if they spent their time teasing me and joking because last year on my birthday day we announced to our family that I was pregnant again. Of course, there is no baby on the way, just to make it clear. We headed to home around 3pm because it was naptime for the little ones and we still had so many things to prepare before our friends come.

My mom baked all the desserts, because she’s the best at it anyway and of course everything was delicious. We also prepared appetizers, salads and cooked potatoes to be eaten with the meat and of course, wine and beer… I feel you coming, yes I’m breastfeeding and no I haven’t had any alcohol, only water and juice hehe ! Our friends and family stayed until late at night and we had so much fun and the kids were so happy to see their little friends. Baby Kaïs was pampered all the time and he wasn’t even bothered. He is such a nice baby… so we were not even surprised, even if he quickly turned into a clingy little boo when it was time to eat and sleep. Lohan, Aëlys and Iris played until late with Thomas, Florance, Grey and all their little squad. The twins fell asleep really quickly, as usual, but Lohan was way too excited and didn’t fell asleep until around 11:30pm ! This is what we get after letting them eat too much sugar in a day.. Hahaha !

Today none of us went to work, we had some rest at home after the busy day we had yesterday. Just enjoying some time together with our little babies before going back to work tomorrow ! I want to say thank you to my lovely friends (Mona, Liv, Kelly, Ophelia…) and family for coming yesterday and for the lovely day I had, also thank you so much for the presents, I’m going to repeat myself but you didn’t had to - rolleyes -. I love you’ll so much  

Hi!!! wow I’ve reached 400 followers and that’s the most I’ve ever had on here in 6 years 😂

I love all of you guys so much!!!! Thank you for putting up with my excitable overzealous and oftentimes overloving self. I just have so much love to give my heart is so warm and soft for all of you 😭

Anyway hERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!

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Military Spouse AU

This is the for the #yourtropegirlbdaychallenge! Happy early birthday to @yourtropegirl!  

This fic is super long (2,857, give or take) and I spent quite a bit of time on this, so I hope you enjoy it! I loved writing this imagine. I did some research and then typed away.  

I seriously LOVED this prompt!

There is a Hamilton reference at the end…Couldn’t help it, I seized the opportunity I saw…LOL!

Also! I love this edit! Don’t you?   

You saw see his glamorous office behind him, cluttered with books, files, and a couple coffee cups.  He was one of the top ADA’s and you couldn’t be more proud of him.  You liked to tease him about what a hotshot he was and how with you gone, the patterns on his tie and shirt always contrasted.   

You smiled at the screen, both of you finally had a free moment to talk. He always felt better when he could see your smiling hopeful face and you loved to see how he was doing.

Being a part of JAG Corps, Judge Advocate General’s was “safer”, but you were still in a combat zone and it worried him.  You always felt a little guilty to add to his stress.

“How are your migraines?” You asked.

He was always a little irritated by that question because obviously they weren’t good…But you needed to know how he was doing. If he was having lots of them you knew he was stressing more than normal or necessary. It was one question that gave you many answers.

“They are just migraines.” He rolled his eyes.  You couldn’t have a conversation with your husband without the classic Barba eyeroll.

“Have you had many recently?” He huffed.

“Only a few.” He replied absently, which meant several you always rounded up. There was a little silence and you knew what was coming.

“How are you doing? Really,” He got serious and examined your face as best he could through the grainy picture. You sighed in response, he was worrying too much.  

A few months ago he noticed a bruise on your face, you should have covered it up, but you hoped the picture wouldn’t show it.  He was appalled by your nonchalance about the whole event. To you it was just part of the job, but he didn’t understand it. To him anything that happened to you was truly the end of the world.   

“I’m fine.” You smiled softly at the laptop. “I’ll be home soon.” Soon, was much shorter than your husband knew.  You were supposed to be home in two weeks, but he didn’t know yet. The last few times you said you’d be home soon, you ended staying another 3 months in addition to the 6 months originally because there was a case and then another.

“Soon.” His face fell.

“Hey,” you grabbed his attention again. “I love you.” Your eyes teared up as you saw his anxious green eyes look up at the screen again.

“I love you too.” You heard some noise from his office. “Lo siento, mi amor, pero Liv aquí está.”

“Okay.” You were disappointed you’d only been talking for 20 minutes. “Sueño, no puedes sobrevivir café!” (Sleep, you can’t survive on coffee) He rolled his eyes in response.

“Ten cuidado.” (Stay safe)

“Estoy bien!” (I’m fine) You replied with a soft smile. “Te amo.”

“Te amo tambien.” You gave an air kiss. His smirk was the last thing you saw before it went blank.

Oh, how you missed him.

“Who was that?” Fin cocked an eyebrow and Barba rolled his eyes, of course he had to walk in on a conversation with his wife.

“What do you have for me?” He glazed over the comment.

“Hey,” Liv muttered stepping into Barba’s office.

He looked a little frazzled, but not your normal just finished a horrific case sort of frazzled. He looked more like a man in need of relaxation and another conversation with his wife.  Not seeing you for 9 months edging closer to 10 had really taken it’s toll and don’t think Liv hadn’t noticed.

“Hi.” He whispered.

She hated seeing him like this. Barba rarely look defeated like this except maybe after an extremely tough case.  If anyone thought they knew him after a case he lost and that he was angry and upset they never saw him on late nights when he missed his wife.  The poor man just needed her and he stressed and worried about her daily, some days more than others.

Liv watched as he shoved some files aside and set his head in his hands.

“I wish I could help.” She finally uttered out as she heard a soft whimper come from the man across from her.

You walked down the hall in your uniform feeling slightly out of place as you stride down the hall bags still in hand.  You had to meet in D.C. this morning, so you needed to look professional and make some final adjustments.

Now, lunch time you were in 1 Hogan Place about to see your husband who you haven’t seen for over nine months.  Of course Carmen was sitting at her desk filling out some paperwork before looking up upon hearing your footsteps.

“Oh my God!” She sputtered out standing straight up out of her chair. “You’re back! He didn’t say you were–”

“Shh!” You brought your finger to your lips and she nodded sitting back down quietly with a big smile.  

You hesitated at the door and your fist hovered over the surface.  You didn’t understand why you were so nervous it was just your husband.  You’ve been together long enough to know how these homecomings went, but this was the longest one yet, maybe that was why you were so nervous.

You finally knocked and cracked open the door after hearing a muttered ‘come in’.

“Hey.” You spoke softly stepping farther into his office.

His head shot up and his eyes widened. He froze for a few seconds before pushing out his chair and launching towards you.  You dropped your bags only a second before his arms were wrapped around you and his lips found yours.

You felt like the world stopped as his body enveloped yours.  You couldn’t believe how good this felt and how much you needed his touch and affection. How long you ached for it while you were away and how much more pleasing it was now that you were finally home.

“You’re back.” He breathed finally pulling away, but he still kept his body close only your lips were apart.

“Yeah,” you sighed. “I didn’t want to get your hopes up and then be kept for another three months like last time.” You bit your lip nervously as your eyes began to feel prickly with tears. “Maybe I should have told you…” You sighed walking to the table in the middle of the room.

“No! I’m just happy you’re home,” His eyes began to water as he pulled you into his chest again.

“Me too!” You laid your head on his chest and breathed in his scent.  He smelled like home.  He didn’t change anything while you were gone.

His cologne was exactly the same.  You remember the small argument that came from buying the wrong kind, but you liked the scent and he ended up enjoying the scent too. With you gone so long, he must have had to buy a new one.  You were happy to know he bought the one you picked.

“I’m so happy you’re home!” He found your lips again. “I love you.”

“I love you, so much!” You replied in between kisses. This felt so right, but all you could do was feel the tears fall as your lips collided. You in his arms was all you wanted for the last nine months.  His warmth and his arms tight around you for security. His lips on your own.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Liv pulled the door.

“Liv!” You smiled broadly still teary eyed as you approached the door.

“You’re back!” She exclaimed excitedly pulling you into a hug and then gave an accusing glare to your husband. “Barba didn’t tell me.” She flicked her eyes between the two of you as a perplexed Fin came in behind her.

“Yeah, it was a surprise.” You exclaimed wiping away the tears.

“Barba, you never told me your wife was in the military! I thought you were a lawyer.” His eyes roamed back over you.

“I’m JAG.”

“That’s what’s up.” He grabbed the hand that wasn’t being held tightly in Barba’s. “I served too.”

“We understand each other then.” You nodded as your husband pulled you near him again. Fin looked between the two of you and then back at Liv awkwardly. Your husband wasn’t letting go of you and he seemed to be eyeing Liv…They were communicating and you watched as she sighed and turned to Fin.

“We’ll be back later.” And with that the two of them were stepping out the door.

Your husband turned to you with a smile that you rarely saw overseas and one you never saw through conversations over skype.

“Let’s go home.”

“Don’t stop!” Your breath hitched in your throat as he rolled his hips. He replied by suddenly slowing down and you felt a growl escape your throat.

“Why are you teasing?” You whined and saw him flash a smirk. His hand flew to your clit and you arched you back to get closer to his fingers. Both of you groaned at the angle change. His groan made you weak as he tensed up.

“Mi amor, I’m not going to last.” He choked out, who was he kidding, you were surprised you lasted this long.

With one last heavy growl he emptied himself inside you and quickened the pace on your clit.  You felt yourself come undone below him, a sensation you had been needing the entire time you were gone.

Now both of you were laying side by side chests heaving and eyes staring at the ceiling.  His hand found yours and he brought your hand to his lips. Your eyes shut and a smile formed on your face, his post-sex hand kiss, you’d missed that. Your turned over to face your husband, him still in a dazed state and then you grazed his body with your hand and with that he was on top of you again.

His sex drive definitely hadn’t faltered with your time away.    

He nipped at your neck and earlobes, then buried his face in your breasts before hungrily taking your lips as his own.  

God, how you missed this.

You squeezed your eyes shut as the sun peered through the curtains.  You didn’t want to wake up, at all. You cuddled into your husband’s side and kissed his neck, you savored the feel of his stubble against your cheek.

“Good morning, mi amor.” He hummed.

“Hi.” You replied softly. “I’ve missed you. I’ve missed this.” You drew circles around his chest.  You’d missed the early mornings and late nights. 

Mmm…Last night.

You moved the blanket and sat on top of him in one fluid motion.  You attacked his face with kisses and worked your way down his body leaving a trail of wet kisses and found his hardening cock.

“Already?” You quirked an eyebrow.

“Mi amor, I haven’t been touched by a women in over 9 months, so I can only last so long.” He looked a little put out.

“Don’t worry, we’ll work up your stamina in no time.” You replied before licking up his shaft, you heard his breath hitch and smirked.  You loved knowing just what to do to please your husband.

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Friends to lovers - Kai Parker Imagine

Hey! this is my first time writing smut so it isn’t very good but i tried my best and i am planning to get better at it so i can write a lot more.

Word count: 1285

Warnings - smut

Originally posted by babyblueeyes1864

Y/N and Kai had been friends ever since they were little. They basically grew up together since they’re parents were friends due to their similar powers. Y/N always knew that Kai was troubled and was a cast out of his family but she didn’t care, he was her best friend and she wouldn’t leave him. That was until the day he was forced to leave her due to his little outburst which included him killing 4 of his siblings and attempting to kill the other three.  His family sent him to a prison world because of this. I only know this because I watched it happen as I was walking to his house for his birthday.

It had been 20 years and Y/N still missed her best friend, Kai, every day. Even though she moved to Mystic Falls, made new friends and made a new life for herself, she still couldn’t get the image of Kai’s face when he realised what his family were doing to him, on his birthday of all days. It was heart-breaking. In spite of all of this, she had moved on with her life. Since then, she hadn’t experienced the loss of a close friend, until the day that two of her best friends died.

Damon was the first person that Y/N had met when she moved to Mystic Falls 19 years ago. Once she had found out about vampires and the perks of being one, she convinced her friend to turn her into one and she loved it. She could move faster than any human, she could never die and she could heal people with her own blood, and if she wanted to, she could turn all of her feelings off with just a button inside of her head. Shortly after she moved, Damon left Mystic Falls and she left with him until they both came back 3 years ago and that is when she met all of her best friends; Stefan, Elena, Caroline, Matt, Tyler and Bonnie. 

After Bonnie and Damon had died, she felt exactly like she did when she witnessed Kai become imprisoned in his own world, all by himself. Every since that day, she regrets not telling him her true feelings towards him and she never thought she’d have a chance, not until Damon came back and explained that he had met Kai. Y/N couldn’t believe it when he said that he could bring back Bonnie and her best friend, Kai. 

One day, Damon came through the door of his house, shouting for everyone to come into the living room.

“What do you want, i was taking a nap” mumbled Y/N.

“Today is the day that we bring back Bonnie, my dear Y/N. And your weird murderous friend that you never shut up about” Damon exclaimed while rolling his eyes.

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‘This is it’ Y/N thought to herself ‘This is the day that i get to tell Kai that i love him’

Kai’s POV:

I missed her so much. No matter how long ive been in here, which is a long time by the way, so long that ive lost count how many days, i still love her. The only thing that has kept me from going crazy in here is the image of her face, her smile and the hurt on her face when she watched my family betray me 20 years ago. 

At the minute, im stuck in this terrible prison world with a girl that hates me and no way of getting out anytime soon as she sent all her magic away. If only i didn’t almost kill her. Not being able to talk to someone who actually likes me is boring. I miss Y/N and im going to do anything i have to to get back to her, no matter how long its been for her. 


Waiting around is my least favourite thing to do although it does give me a bit of time to think of what i’m going to say to Kai when he comes out of that prison world. 

After a long wait, Liv and Luke managed to get Damon into the prison world to bring back Bonnie and Kai. Y/N would of went but Damon snapped her neck before she could even walk into eye sight of Liv and Luke.

When Y/N woke up, she noticed a figure in her doorway. After a few seconds of allowing her eyes to adjust, she noticed it was Kai. She ran into his arms and stayed like that for a few minutes before getting down.

“My god i’ve missed you so much Y/N” croaked Kai, struggling to keep the tears in. 

And in that second, Y/N looked up at Kai with so much love and finally did the thing she had longed for ever since Kai disappeared from her all those years ago.

“I love you Kai Parker, i’ve never stopped loving you and i never will”

Their lips collided and it felt like heaven for both of them. They both started walking towards Y/N’s bed, their lips never leaving each others.The only time they did, was to take each other’s shirts off and throw them across the room. 

Kai slowly lowered Y/N down on to the bed, hovering over her and staring into her eyes. 

“I love you too” Kai admitted back to Y/N

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Robert fucked up big time and he is going to regret it like nobody’s business. He is going to have to work really hard to forgive himself and I’m not sure he ever will. (I’m sure most fans won’t even though they did forgive The Lodge, Paddy, Katie, etc. because for whatever reasons these characters are being held up to impossible standards for soap characters.)

But sorry, this doesn’t negate anything about who Robert is RIGHT NOW. Yeah, he fucked up but he will keep trying to be better because he wants to. He won’t be making this mistake again (I hope not for a long time, lol).

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Aaron. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Liv. This doesn’t mean he didn’t mean any of what he has said. This doesn’t mean that he isn’t the amazing guy who has done so fucking much for Aaron and Liv. 

He. Fucked. Up.

You either love him for it or you don’t but please don’t negate everything this character stands for, is and will be because the writing did that. 

Character regression in a moment of heartbreak and stupidity is expected of characters. Robert was drunk, that is not an excuse, it’s a a factor that lead to him making this massive, massive mistake. 

But character development? Is waking up to regret it. Is telling Chas (whether she makes him or not). Is feeling so guilty he can’t lie to Aaron. Is wanting to do the right god damn thing. 

Be mad at the show. Don’t forgive Rob if you can’t. Do what you need to do. 

But don’t downplay who Robert is and what Robert and Aaron stand for. They are more than one plotty moment in a stupid story.