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What do you expect for the vows of our boys tonight ? I'll hope they will be so intense and emotionally... And explain and show how much they love each others... How de they are soulmates... So robron...

I expect something deep. Really touchy and emotional. And since we know it’s maxine who wrote them, it’ll indeed be so emotional.

I think Rob is just gonna be Rob and well express how Aaron & Liv mean to him and that for now one it’s them against the world. But I also can’t wait for Aaron’s vows, since it was in short notice and he didn’t had time to do them (or maybe he had, if he wrote them when they were marrying in vegas). I basically can’t wait for tonight’s episode.


Well it’s said that do you love someone enough to give you your last rolo?! So says it all.

25 Reasons I loved today’s episode, because y’all sound unhappy af

1. Domestic Robron: having brekkie together, Robert feeding his man, toast and tea. 

2. Robert and Aaron’s critical music banter. I bet Robert secretly loves Little Mix too. 

3. Rob’s open admiration for the way Aaron treats his sister “She’s gonna love you.”

4. Robert teasing Liv with breakfast because she’s hammered with a cute ooooooh and waving it in her face. Such big brother behaviour.

5. Robert chastising Liv for not appreciating Aaron’s present, such a Dad. 

6. Robert is so impressed with Aaron for spending so much effort to get Liv a present, and wants everybody else to appreciate Aaron as much as he does.

7. Aaron looking up at his fiance in admiration for appreciating the effort he went to. And a look of chastisement because he wants Rob to be a little more sensitive with Liv, like he is with Aaron. I just like the way he has to bend his neck to look so far up though, HEIGHT DIFFERENCE alert.

8. Aaron and Liv’s private conversation. Liv actually thanking Aaron for once. Aaron reassuring Liv, and being a right softie. Emmerdale not erasing the past and realizing how her father’s suicide might have effected Liv. Aaron clearly including Robert and trusting him to look after Liv. 

9. Chas losing her wits and breaking down a bit at work. We’ve all been there, especially over our son Aaron.

10. Robert being so excitable about the Mill being ready and so hopeful about Aaron getting out quickly. cutie, he launched into that pub to talk to Aaron.

11. Chas leaving Aaron to work it out himself for once. 

12. Faith not making a big deal out of Aaron’s panic attack, and actually making him giggle. 

13. Aaron trying to keep it together for everyone. Just like Robert, Our boys are Knights!

14. Robert completely worried about Aaron picking up on him shaking instantly. Looking at Chas for help desperately. Bless him

15. Robert acknowledging openly that he considers them a little family. “ours”, aww our boy he thinks of Liv as their daughter, their responsibility.

16. Chas and Robert collectively saying “we” about each other! and sharing looks the whole episode.

17. Deathrow Ploughmans. Prison jokes. Wow. 

18. Robert initiating a private chat with Liv to protect their shared love Aaron Dingle. Robert being so certain that he would never send Liv back to her Mum’s, like he never even entertained the possibility. STEP-DAD

19. Chas reassuring Robert that she knows Aaron is scared of losing Rob and that’s why he’s acting up.

20. Robert’s life is going to be on hold just like his, because Robert can’t see a life without Aaron!! Prison is keeping Robert out as much as its keeping Aaron in.

21. ROBERT SUGDEN, THE GREAT PHILANDERER-he might be a womanizer but he certainly keeps to one man. no one else comes close.

22. Robert asking Chas for advice and her admitting she doesn’t know as well as Robert. 

23. Robert wants to make Aaron feel secure. And Liv.

24. Robert staring back at his family in open admiration,  love how looking at them gives him the inspiration to get hitched.

25. “What if I make us a proper family”, he wants to put a ring on it. “I’ve never been more serious in my life!” Robert Sugden is the softest best fiance ever. Aaron and Liv are his entire world, and he is so serious about a lifetime commitment with them, he’s so sure. I adore this man.

Dating Sonny Carisi Would Include...

REQUEST:  Pretty please do a dating Sonny Carisi would include.. - Anon


WARNINGS: unedited

AUTHORS NOTE:  i love writing these so much and i have more coming!!

  •   His sisters LOVE you! They think that it’s great to see Sonny happy with you and see him in a loving, healthy relationship.
  •   Helping him with his Law homework since you went to Yale.
  •  He makes your coffee every morning before you leave for work.
  •   Bringing him coffee when you have to go to the precinct for work-related stuff.
  •   Finn always teasing the two of you. Him and Liv even had a bet on if the two of you were sneaking around, which you were.
  •  He hates fighting, so so much. If you two get into a fight he’s the one to apologize.
  •  The best cuddles and hugs. Especially since he’s so tall and towers over you he’s able to wrap his arms around you bury his fave in the crook of your neck.
  •  When you can’t sleep he’ll play with your hair and trace patterns on your arms with his fingers. If you want he’ll tell you stories from growing up in Staten Island.
  •  Breakfast dates on the weekends.
  •  Adopting a dog together.
  • Tickle fights on the couch after watching a movie.
  •  Knowing that he loves you endlessly.
  •  Flowers every Sunday on your doorstep.
  • Hugs from behind, which ends up with him kissing your shoulder and his hands wrapped around your waist.
  •  Being worried when he goes undercover or isn’t home by a certain time.
  •  Him reassuring you that he’ll be okay after a tough case.
  • Bubble baths and showers together.
  • Handwritten notes when he gets called into work late at night.
  • Due to his job Sonny is very protective of you and doesn’t like you walking home by yourself or being out very late at night in the city.
  • Visiting his family with him.
Carey Price #1

Requested by Anon:  Could you please write a very fluffy Carey Price one, it can be about anything. Thanks so much, I love your writing!

*Thank you so so much!! Here it is, I hope you don’t mind, I had to have the reader and Carey be married because let’s be real: Ryker (Kessler) and Liv stole the show last night. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 799

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It didn’t even take him thirty minutes before rejoining you at your back patio. Putting down the glass of orange juice you were sipping, you smiled up at him unbelievingly, “that quick?”

Carey shrugged, giving you a sassy grin, “what can I say?” he said, picking his wine glass and sitting beside you on your rattan love seat, “someone’s a daddy’s girl.”

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Hideaway Chapter 1

As promised…. Chapter 1 is here! I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think! 

Chapter One

Crying into my chicken pesto in the middle of a crowded restaurant was not quite how I imagined lunch with my friends would go. But, there I was, big, gross tears falling down my cheeks as I held my friends phone. In front of me was my ex’s instagram featuring the tramp he cheated on me with; the caption declaring his love for her. LOVE! We had been sharing those words not even two months ago. How could he love her already. I felt used, cheap, and betrayed all over again.

“He’s a fucking rat, Liv. You deserve so much better.” My friend Evie ranted. I had been doing ok. The initial shock of the break up had worn off but the media didn’t seem to get that memo. They still hounded me every time I stepped into public. They wanted to know what it was like to see photos my boyfriend kissing another woman splashed across the front cover of every newspaper and magazine.

It has been almost two months since he got caught and I tossed his sorry ass. Now, he was happily making a fool out of me in front of the entire world with his posts. He was telling the world he moved on while I sat crying in a very popular restaurant. I’m sure half the other diners had their cell phones trained on me at this point. I quickly cleaned myself up and tossed the phone back to Evie.

“You’re right. He is shit and I’m over it.” I took a bite of my chicken to prove my point and huffed. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of another public embarrassment. The paps got me moving myself out of his apartment in tears and the caught me red eyed and disheveled outside of my agents offices a few days later. I was tired of it. I just wanted to move on.

I stepped out of the restaurant and was met with half a dozen paps yelling my name; all holding their phones up with my ex’s post on full display. I felt the twinge of hurt hit again and my eyes welled up tears before I could stop them.

“Liv, How do you feel about Dan moving on so quickly? Do you still love him? Do you want him back? Are you crying? Liv Liv Liv…” I held my hand over my face and darted to my car. I shielded my eyes until I was able to pull away. Once I was away, a sob escaped my throat. This was getting out of control. I needed to get out of here. I pushed the bluetooth button on my steering wheel and dialed my agent.

“Hey Liv. I’m guessing you saw the post?” She asked, as soon as she answered.

“Yeah, and met a bunch of damn paps outside of lunch.” I growled. “Jess. I need to get the hell out of here. I need to get somewhere quiet so I can write and not deal with this shit.” I was still crying and the emotions laced my words. “I’ll go anywhere. Just get me out of here, Jess, please.”

“I’ll make it happen, Liv. You deserve a break.” I could hear typing from her end. “I’ll call you back before tonight with some ideas, ok?”

“Yeah. Thanks Jess, you’re the best.” I ended the call just as I pulled up to my apartments.

The call back came sooner then I was expecting. I answered on the second ring.

“How does Kauai sound?” Jess said, instead of a greeting.

“Hawaii? Isn’t Hawaii always crawling with Paps?” I was skeptical.

“No, that’s the big island and Maui. Where all the big time resorts are. Kauai is quiet. Small. More local. And it’s the off season. You can rent a little cottage. You will be off the grid.” I smiled. I haven’t been to Hawaii before. It sounded perfect.

“Book it. I want to leave as soon as you can make it happen.” I smiled for the first time in a long time.

“How does tomorrow sound?” The clicks of her keyboard sounded over the phone once again.

“Perfect. Absolutely perfect.”


I spread my towel out in the shade of the tree that had become my spot nearly every day for the last few weeks. It is my secret spot. It was as if no one even knew this little strip of beach existed. I always found it completely empty and often stayed that way the entire day. It wasn’t really off the beaten path, but the beach was rocky and dangerous to swim or surf in. Because of this, people rarely ventured to the stretch of sand that held my beloved tree unless it was to stroll past and continue on. A hundred yards or so down from me, there is a bend in the coastline and beyond that, a popular beach lays, one filled with locals and tourists alike.

I am neither and both. I have been hiding away on this island for too long to be considered a tourist but not long enough to be a local. What am I hiding away from, you might ask? Of course you would. It seems strange for someone to just up and run away to an island in the middle of the pacific and spend her days sitting under a tree on a empty beach. It mostly has to do with a boy. I say mostly because I’m not some weak woman who can’t handle a breakup. What I can’t handle is the media circus that has become my life.

Maybe I should introduce myself. I’m Olivia Costantini, or as most you would know me as, Liv Constantine. Author, screenwriter extraordinaire. Also know as the stupid woman who dated one of the stars of the movie adaptation of her best selling book series. It was a dream come true romance for the fans of the series. Their beloved author dating one of their beloved characters. I thought it was a dream come true romance for me to, until he got caught with his tongue down some model’s throat while in Paris on a press tour. My heart was broken and the media was obsessed. I couldn’t go out without being hounded with questions and having a camera shoved in my face.

I couldn’t write. I still can’t. It’s been almost 4 months now. My heart is slowly healing but the writer’s block is still there. My agent and editors have been putting pressure on me to see the first few chapters of the next instalment, but I have nothing of worth while to show. The story is dry to me. It lacking excitement and emotion. To put it bluntly, it’s terrible. At first, I blamed my ex. But I know it’s not him. There is just something missing and the deeper I get into brainstorming, the more frustrated I become. So, I jumped on a plane to Kauai, Hawaii hoping a change in scenery, and out of the public eye, will spark something. It has been two months and I’m still staring at the same stale ideas, only instead of banging my head on a desk, I’m hitting sand.

My stewing is interrupted by someone walking along the water. I am slightly surprised as I have been here for a few hours now with no interruptions. Further surprising me, the person sits right down on the sand, almost directly between me and the waves. Excuse me, can’t you see I am angrily staring at those waves. I have to fight the urge to tell him to get lost. Instead, I pick up an old hobby of mine, I observe. I love to secretly watch people. No, not in the stalker way, just people watch. Quietly watch their habits, actions, mannerisms, interactions. My interrupter appears to be around my age, early 20’s. He is wearing incredibly tight skinny jeans, which I imagine are now rather full of sand. He has on a plain white shirt and holds a pair of tan boots in his hand. His hair blows wildly in the wind. It’s past his shoulders and curly. He reaches up and quickly captures his unruly curls in a bun. His arms are covered with tattoos. He is too far away to identify them, but it suits his image. I am intrigued. What I notice the most is the defeated slump in his shoulders. I pick up on it quickly because I know that slump. I carry the same. I quietly wonder if he has even noticed me here. I am tucked back under the shade of a tree, not near the water.

My thoughts are again interrupted, this time by the loud shrill of a cell phone. My phone. I jump and quickly dig it out of my bag. I silence the ringer and toss it back into my bag. When I look up, my intruding stranger has vanished.


The bell to Small Town Coffee jingled as I pushed the door open. I caught the barista’s eye from behind the counter. She smiled and nodded, to indicate that she would have my drink to me in a moment. I am here most mornings. I have found a few quiet places that I have made a habit of coming to regularly. There is something about this sleepy island that makes me feel at home. I have avoided the tourist traps for the most part and injected myself into the local culture.

I walked to my normal table tucked into the corner of the shop. I loved that this had become routine for me. I need routine when I’m writing. My favorite cup of coffee, my favorite table, my favorite playlist. It worked for me. Or, at least, it use to. Now, I’m not sure anything will work for me. I met the barista at the register and paid before settling down at my table.

I powered up my iPad and attached my keyboard before looking around the coffee shop. There were a handful of regulars that were there almost everyday, but someone else caught my eye. Looking right back at me was the boy with the unruly brown curls. He was furrowing his eyebrows, as if he was trying to place me. It didn’t take me long to place him. He was my mystery intruder from the day before. Although, I didn’t get to see his face on the beach, there was no mistaking those curls and skinny jeans. He continued to look at me, so I looked back at my screen and tried to ignore him. I had gone this long without being recognized, I really didn’t want to that to change today.

I pulled up my novel and reread what I had written the day before. It was rubbish. I knew it was. I soon forgot the mysterious man across the coffee shop and focused on my storyline. Something had to change, that much I knew, but what. I spent the next few hours rewriting and rearranging my storyline before giving up. There was something missing but I couldn’t figure out what.  I packed my shoulder bag before ducking out of the shop. I was walking quickly to my longterm rental car when I heard the bell on the door behind me ding.

“Hey, wait.” A deep, raspy, and was that British, voice called out. I glanced over my shoulder and I saw the boy with the curls jogging up behind me. I stopped, reluctantly and turned to face him. He held up something to me. “You forgot this.” I looked down at his hands and saw my worn leather notebook. The very notebook that held the life of my story within it’s pages. I quickly snatched it from him and groaned at my stupidity. If this had gotten in the wrong hands, my publishers would have killed me.

“Thank you. I would have literally died without this.” I huffed, shoving the offending notebook in my bag. I glanced up at the boy and noted that his brows were furrowed once again.

“You’re Liv Constantine, right?” He hesitantly asked.

“Fuck.” I said under my breath. I’ve been found out. I forced a smile on my face and nodded. “Yep. You caught me.” I said, instead of turning and running like I wanted to do. His face broke into a wide grin and a hint of dimples showed. Now that I was really looking at him, I realized he was incredibly attractive. His eyes were a shade of green that I have never seen before and his smile completely lit up his face. Today, he wore a hawaiian print shirt that screamed “tourist” with black skinny jeans that were ripped in the knees and the brown boots from the day before. His shirt was half unbuttoned and allowed a few tattoos on his chest to peek out. I had to remind myself not to stare.

“Your books are simply brilliant. They are my go to on my long plane rides.” He gushed, pulling me from my ogling.

“Oh, thank you.” I plastered on my media trained smile and nodded at him but on the inside, I was already planning on where I was going to go next to escape the media shit storm that was soon to follow being found out. “Did you want a picture or an autograph or something.” I asked. “I’m sorry but I don’t have any copies of my books here.” His smile shifted to something smaller, shyer almost. “You’re actually the first person to recognize me here and it’s been months so I’m afraid I’m unprepared.” I smile softly in return.

“Oh, no. I’m ok.” He said, waving his hand back and forth. “I wasn’t even going to approach you but you left your notebook and I’m sure it’s filled with all sorts of important things.” I nodded in answer. “I have one similar to that and I don’t know what I would do if I lost it. Once, I almost left it on a plane but my manager spotted it before we left.” He was rambling a bit, but I was interested in him. He didn’t seem flustered with meeting me, as most fans are. “I’m Harry, by the way.” He suddenly said, sticking his hand out for mine.

“Nice to meet you, Harry.” I softly replied. He furrowed his eyebrows again and then smiled brighter than before. It was almost as if he was expecting a different response from me. I was confused. Didn’t most people expect to have their hands shaken when the offer them. I wondered if there was some odd rumor about me being a germaphobe taking over the internet and he was testing to see if I would actually shake his outstretched hand.

“You too.” He beamed at me. His hand running through his tangled curls.

“Harry.” I caught his attention and stepped a bit closer to him. “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind keeping this to yourself, at least for a little while?” I hesitantly asked. “I know that’s asking a lot, but I’m really enjoying hiding from the media and it would only take one tweet or tumblr post before the whole world comes crashing down on me.” I didn’t want to discourage him but I really didn’t want to leave the little bubble I had found here in Kauai. He seemed even more confused. He pinched his bottom lip between his thumb and forefinger before nodding.

“Of course, Liv. There is a chance I’m hiding out as well. I’m definitely on a social media strike for the time being.” He laughed, but I sensed it was a sarcastic one.

“Thank you. It would mean a lot to me.” I touched his arm and smiled at him. He grinned wider at me and nodded.

We said goodbyes and parted ways. I was left wondering about the mysterious British boy who seemed to understand my need to hideaway more than I could know.

The rest of the day was spent under my tree with my notebook in front of me. A new character was forming in my mind. He was dark, mysterious and reminded me a bit too much of the a certain sweet british boy.

I filled page after page brainstorming a villain that had good in him. I wasn’t sure where he would fit into the story, but it was the first time in almost six months that I had written something that I thought I could actually use, something I was proud of.

Over the following week, I found my mind wandering to the encounter I had with the British Harry. My agent was monitoring social media to make sure I wasn’t outed, but no tweet came mentioning me in Hawaii. He was true to his word. It seemed my safe haven was still here for a while longer. I wondered who he was and why he was here. But mostly, I thought about why he seemed so defeated the day I saw him on the beach. He was becoming something of a muse for me and  inspiring a character. I told myself that was the reason I found myself focusing on him, but I couldn’t help but think there was more to it than that. I was drawn to him and I didn’t know why.

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Prompt:  HI! i love your fics so much! and i love you! :) can i request a fic where the reader is part of the mcu civil war. and the reader and seb are secretly dating, then while on press tour they were acting cute on interviews and panels, and the other cast are getting suspicious, and finally while they where in Beijing (when they were at a party haha) chris is trying to make seb jealous, the he just grab you and kiss you to shut them up. :) i hope its not too much! add more details if you want to :)


Author’s Note: I thought the gif was appropriate for the prompt….

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  • Robert: To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left, to the left. To the right, to the right, to the right. Go on.
  • Aaron: Here?
  • Robert: You know where you're going, you live here. Yeah, open it, go on.
  • Aaron: Oh, yeah. Ok. Ok.
  • Robert: I knew, you wouldn't want a big party, so... this is just for the two of us. And don't worry, she's not stopping long. But I thought you're putting the dress on.
  • Liv: No, never I agreed to that.
  • Robert: It's Aaron's birthday and it's a beautiful dress!
  • Liv: Aw, if you love it so much, you put it on.
  • Aaron: Robert, this is amazing.
  • Robert: I wanted to get you in the mood.
  • Aaron: For what?
  • Robert: Your present. Red or black?
  • Aaron: Ermmmm...ermmm...red.
  • Robert: Ooooooohhh, I'm sorry, you loose. Looks like I'm gonna have to take someone else to Las Vegas.
  • Aaron: Are you serious?
  • Liv: Can I come?
  • Robert: No.
  • Aaron: I've always wanted to go to Vegas and do the whole helicopter between the Grand Canyon thing, and the off-road, racing in the dessert.
  • Robert: Cirque de Soleil?
  • Aaron: Yeah...they defy gravity.
  • Liv: I'm glad I'm not invited?
  • Robert: Well, none of that matters now cos you lost.
  • Aaron: Don't I get another go?
  • Robert: I don't know, does he?
  • Liv: Get on with it.
  • Robert: Well, house rule state that if the croupier gets stroppy then you win so looks like you're going to Las vegas after all! How great a fiancè am I?
  • Aaron: You're the best! (KISS)
  • Liv: Don't put your lips on him when I'm in the room. I'll be scarred. (leaves)
  • Robert: What? You do know that none of what Chrissie said is true?
  • Aaron: Well, some of it was.
  • Robert: The point is, we're completely different. Right, I was mainly with her because of her money and...your skint. I'm with you because I love you. That's all there is to it.
  • Aaron: I know.

I just finished the episode.

It was a great episode in and of itself. Definitely my favorite of the ones I have seen this season.

The whole half & half formula does not work for SVU. As much as I love Barba, SVU is not  nor should it be, anything like the mothership. 

And having an episode that wasn’t focused on Liv was also a nice change of pace. The other squad members deserve a chance to shine too. 

Not gonna lie. When Carisi shared his story, I cried a little. It’s the people who are hurt the worst who usually turn into the most kind and caring people you know so that certainly explains a lot about why Carisi is who he is. 

I didn’t think it was possible for me to fall in love with him even more but I have. 

And bravo to Peter! He’s always amazing but for him to have a chance to be subtly amazing just goes to show what a talented actor he is.  

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Adso or Bouton?


Here is another wee behind-the-scenes from Imagine 
because I doubt I will ever produce this crackfic for real but the concept still makes me giggle and I feel it needs to see the light of day 

@callmeder  said Have y'all done one about Jamie and Claire from Adso’s POV yet? Like Jamie finding him and Claire thinking he’s a rat but like the Pizza Dog issue from Fraction’s run on Hawkeye-style?



Adso pov would be amazing!!! -wtt

“April 12, 1772. today, I ‘ave consyoomed all ze medicinal brothsss. Ze ‘umans are…“ *takes a drag on catnip cigarette held between two claws* ”…most displeased”  -Bonnie

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omg…can’t…breathe!!! Laughing so hard B!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂-wtt

WTT sent me this this morning AND I’M STILL LAUGHING! MBD

I think you need to write this post with the hilarious personality you’ve started Bonnie! And you could totally add in this gif at the end just to top it all off. -WTT

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lol, spoiler alert, Adso may in fact be the Comte St Germain in disguise working the long con for revenge. The white sow is in on it. She makes trouble to detract attention but he’s the mastermInd pulling the strings -b


ALL the animals are in on it! They’ve been trying things for years (Judas dumping Claire?) but it is Adso who pulls everyone together and coordinates because the others are 1) too conspicuous 2) incompetent etc. Didn’t Adso almost knock over the ether when Claire brought it to Bree and Roger’s cabin while they were staying there because it was the date of the big fire? - Lenny


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