i love you so much katy

21 Super-Queer Movie Ideas That Should Probably Become Reality
Film concept: Make it queer.
By Sarah Karlan

omg people first, read this, then SCROLL TO NUMBER 10

guys im so fucking here for it like mate can you imagine two of my idols and favs and crushes and everything together in robin hood omg hannahclegg123, kudos, thank you for thinking of this beautiful idea

Why I love Katie McGrath

  • She’s very passionate about roles she plays and you can hear the passion and enthusiasm in every answer she gives.
  • Her foot was in a cast because she tripped whilst getting wine.
  • Improvised Lena shooting the gun at the daxamite in 2x21
  • Refers to herself as a potato
  • Call Odette ‘Odie’
  • “That’s a lot of boobs”
  • Is a huge nerd
  • Walks around draped in a blanket walking her dog
  • Makes sure everyone got to ask all of their questions even when the time is up
  • “Go team Supercorp!”
  • Gets excited when someone mentions the word “dog” or puppy
  • Creeps into people’s interviews to kiss them on the nose
  • The nose scrunch! (´⌣`ʃƪ)
  • Put her hand up when the interviewer asked “who isn’t looking at his [chris’s] hips”
  • Constantly validates lgbt fans and non-canon ships

connor brown + the 16-17 season
          ↳ happy birthday to @connrbrowns ♡ 


Who’s birthday is it?!! It’s KEITH’S!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEEF, I LOVE YOU

I also wrote a suuuuper sappy fic about that ring ^ down below!!


And now for the fluff :’)

Keith wakes to see a star outside of his window.

It’s a brilliant blue, dazzling and bright, and he’s immediately reminded of the mesmerizing color of Lance’s eyes, like the deep sea.

He rolls over and flings an arm out, expecting to come into contact with an entanglement of limbs and exposed wires, but all he grasps is air. Confused and still half asleep, he cracks open a dark violet eye and releases a wounded huff when he realizes that the other half of the bed is empty, its occupant long gone.

His heart makes a strange leap up into his throat but he shakes it off, pushing the paranoid thoughts away before they can nag at him. Lance probably left to get a system checkup. He does that, sometimes, in the early morning before all the hustle and bustle of the day’s plans crowd in.

Rest is under the cut!!

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holt sibling reunion

pidge, tearfully: oh my gosh, matt!

matt: katie? is that you?!

(they hug)

matt, pulling back: oh man, you’ve changed so much! you’ve… really changed………. wait a minute.

pidge: (suddenly excruciatingly aware of her matt cosplay) uhhhhh. i can explain?

matt: katie………….. you look so GOOD, i love the new style!

pidge gunderson aka katie holt aka the green paladin of voltron? yeah I care about her so much, I really really like her I- *trips* *thousands of pictures of pidge spill from my pockets* oh yeah those are mine! I forgot about those aha I should look after them bette- *slips on a pile of pictures* fuck no I’m sorry for stepping on you pidge, your face is perfect and I love it, I love it a lot- *more pictures tumble out as I fall to my knees, lovingly trying to pick them up* hang on a sec bEAUTIFUL