i love you so much i feel like my heart might explode

None of us are really doing Stuff for Valentine’s Day and I am super crazy stressed lately and when I try to think about making some kind of romantic gesture happen I feel like my brain might explode but I love my spouse and my girlfriend so much you guys. My girlfriend is the sweetest, kindest, most hard-working person, she is generous and warm-hearted and smart and creative and the best movie-watching companion I have ever had. My spouse is gentle and clever and funny and thoughtful, he is the kind of guy who always listens first and never lets his ego get the better of him, and I’m just so glad that both of these people are in my life. Thank you for loving me. 

I just want ToG 5 and 6 so people can stop fighting about who Aelin might be end game with, and we can all just know. And i am promising here and now, that no matter how it ends, I will not whine about it. I may express sadness or remorse or pain (ah my heart might explode from all the feels that could happen), but i will not complain for months about who she should have ended up with, and why who she did end up with is terrible, and i will NOT bash Sarah J Maas. Because I like the series beyond just my ship (and i do love my ship, believe me).Statement right now: I trust Sarah J Maas to end the series in the best way possible. Because she created the characters, this world, and this series that i love so much. And whatever vision she has had since the beginning, i accept now. Promise. To whatever end Throne of Glass.

And I hope you will too.