i love you so much i cant


Hello cuties!
recently i’ve reached a lovely follower goal and I dont know what else to say other than a big big thank you! i know my blog style has changed a lot and i just wanted to say thank you so so so much for everyone who has stuck with me and my blog until now! I’ve been able to talk with so many nice and talented people from around the world, and even though I don’t talk to each one of you, I probably would love to if I wasn’t that bad at starting/keeping conversations :// But in all honesty Its so crazy to see this trash/mess blog that i created 5 years ago just for funsies getting so much love and support from all of you! ♡

♡ :  i love u and ill probably hit that d*e for u 
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tbh i love u all equally 🤐  also sorry for doing your archive dirty like this

anonymous asked:

THE OTHER DAY I HAD THE LYRICS "so quiet, and so much rage" STUCK IN MY HEAD.... and no matter how i google searched it i just coULDNT find the song and i was sO frustrated, and i finally just now realized, it was your song, and that's why i couldn't find it, because your songs aren't as well known,,,, so glad i finally put my finger on it though. your songs have such good lyrics and compositions i cant explain it but theyre all just written in such an appealing way to me, i love them

thank you! <3 :) sorry for the earworm lol

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Can i get my awkward babs (uf sans, us papyrus, ut sans,mt sans) with a male s/o that really loves stars, is very tall, and is practically blind without glasses? (you can add nsfw if you want, or your favorite choice of skeleton! :o idk maybe both- do what u want! >< aaa)

YES YES YES this is so cute oml!! Lgbt+ babes where you at *all of the hugs*


++ Sans ++

The fact that you’re taller than Red flusters him out of his mind. You’re just so cute, your hair all messy and adorable, and he loves stealing your glasses. You have two laughs- a manly one, and then the cute little giggle. So you giggle and you yell at him to give it back, and he holds it tantalizingly close, but not close enough. When you catch him, you have to somehow get him back, so you just steal his hoodie and hold it up out of his reach. He hates it. Well, he “hates” it, but he finds it really funny. Whenever the sky is clear and it gets later at night, you two go outside and you stare up at the sky, admiring it. Red always ends up staring at you, though, because you’re just so perfect in every way possible. Your handsome complexion mixed with that soft, entranced expression… you catch him staring and you smile at him. He grabs you, pushing you down and climbs on top of you, making out with you. It depends on the mood whether you go any further than that or not, but dear god. You’ll always be the perfect one for him.


++ Papyrus ++

When you ask Honey out, faster than a heartbeat did he say yes. His soul races every time you hug him, every time he hears you smile and laugh, every time you tease him since you’re taller.. how are you taller? It’s nice because you two switch around dominance and you two try all different sorts of things, and with your handsome body and that lustful, seductive expression you give him as you work your way up his legs to the gold in between.. you two turn each other on so easily. Although, you two have MANY cute moments, too. Since Honey’s hoodie is oversized, it fits you perfectly, and you love seeing him wear your clothes because he looks so cute in it. You two are so amazing together, everyone is jealous. For your birthday, Honey bought you a rainbow flag, and you always wear it like a cape, running around and laughing. He always wraps you up in it and kisses you underneath the stars, knowing you love them so much.. but you love him even more than you do anything else. People are jealous of the two of you.


++ Sans ++

Classic can be very awkward, but he was overjoyed to start dating you. You’re taller than him, so it flusters him quite a bit, and he messes around by putting on your glasses. He has to take them off right away anyway, since the prescription is so strong, but it’s funny. Classic loves to wear your sweatshirts because he practically swims in them, and you always pick him up and tickle him. You really like it when Classic cuddles in your lap and leans upward to kiss you, hands on your chest or shoulders. You and him always go outside to see the stars, and you guys are big on holding hands. You always bring out the energetic side in him and barely anyone else can do that, so it’s adorable to see him the way he is. His eye sockets sparkle sometimes, and it makes your own shimmer, looking at the perfect bean in front of you, but he always tells you that you’re the amazing one. You guys are very lovey and intimate, and you wouldn’t want it to be any other way.


++ Sans ++

Wow, Bullet never knew how easy it was to get flustered until he started dating you. Some people looked down on your relationship, mostly because they don’t think he should have a boyfriend with the job that he holds, but you manage to work around it. He always asks you for your opinion on how he dresses, how does his tux look? Is his tie straight? Sometimes, you grab his tie, lean down a little, and tell him that it’s not centered, and you pull him into a romantic kiss by his tie. This makes him blush as he holds onto your arms, leaning upward to kiss you. There are times where he misses his meetings because you two start kissing, and sometimes it turns into nsfw, and B’ has to make some sort of excuse as to why he couldn’t make it. There are also times where, when he gets home, he finds you outside, staring up at the sky, and he hugs you from behind, holding onto you tight. He slowly removes your glasses and sets them to the side, and starts kissing your neck, getting you turned on. The both of you are super romantic and tend to be pretty sexual, but it’s an amazing relationship and oh god, he can’t imagine anyone else more suiting for him except you.


Don’t ask me why, I don’t need a reason. I’ve got my way, my own way

Alright so! I wanted to try to take something I already done and re-tell it via video [Usually all my videos have drawings that I create only with that purpose].I’ve doing that with some Nightmare World stories in spanish, were there are just pictures and a narrator… not much voice acting. I cant- for the love of god- pronunciate well in english and my voice doesnt fit characters… so for now I just go with music atmosphere, pictures and sound effects.

The difference of this with the other story telling videos i’ve done is that… well, I make this with Octy!! Half of the drawings are ideas are from her! And is still super fun to me~

If you haven’t read The Angst Arc in their original format, here is the link to it, I just… played with it to make a video.

The video and description pretty much have all the “info” about who did what and stuff, but is never enough to mention that without @askbonnieboy none of this would happen, neither the ship, comic or experience to create something draw by draw with another person.

SO THAT! SXC OUT! I will try to actually update the blog today jajajahksdjkas

things i did like about the finale

-sana’s outfit!!! that pink saved me
-the conversation between chris and vilde i cried
-chris crying because she loves her friends so much i cant
-eva and jonas getting together while ‘lover, where do you live’ plays in the background. im glad that julie remembers at least some parts of season 1 happened
-(i would have preferred evilde but i’ll take jonas x eva over chriseva any day)
-the food. im so hungry now
-yousef telling sana he wanted to take her to that building one day (i think it was a mosque?? correct me if i’m wrong tho)
-even and isak talking about going on a trip to morocco
-all the outfits tbh!!! esp. sana ofc, chris berg, eskild and linn, and elias
-all the beautiful hijabi extras
-jonas finishing the show with a speech, like he began it
-mikael in a ponytail
-all the girls being so happy together
-everyone being happy
-im gonna miss them so much

archaicsextoy  asked:

ooh or pidge and matt talking about peas

3 sentence fics: im laughing so much iM SORRY BUT THIS WAS TOO FUNNY TO ME. I CANT IM LAGHIGN SO MUCH STOP. 

“If you leave me now, you’ll take away the biggest part of me,” Matt prompted with the hint of a smile, scooping some peas onto his fork. Pidge remained steadfast in feigned opposition, feigned because Pidge couldn’t pretend for long - Pidge actually loved this Holt Tradition, especially now their parents were poised and ready to participate too. 

“OOoooooooh no,” They all sang on cue. “Baby peas don’t go!” 

anonymous asked:

Hello parents. I've recently realised that i'm most likely a trans boy or a masc-aligned nb.. I'm extremely scared and dysphoric. My biological parents are the worst. My father said that all LGBT people should be killed.. I cannot get a binder and just thinking about my chest makes me want to puke. I'm 99% sure i have depression/social anxiety, but i cant get help because parents Please could I have some advice/validation to help dysphoria? -Evan (Please don't post if not anon)

1. Your parents sound extremely dangerous so please do not come out to them, I worry for your safety.

2. Even in the closet, you’re just as much of a man as you’d be out of it. You deserve love, and kindness, and friendship, and I’m so proud of you for making it. Not in spite of everything, but because of it.

youre-such-a-cutie  asked:

D'you know any good phanfic in the Persy Jackson AU or Avatar: the last airbender AU shit that you can recommend like i already read yours and its definetly my fave it's stunning but i cant help feeling dissapointed that its the only one that exists, like i loved it so much that i want more,, i NEED more. Help me senpai.

i’m so sorry man i don’t know any!! i’ve never read any before :((

freckledoctopus  asked:

Just wanted to pop in and say I love your lines in your ink work they're so pretty! You have such a nice style dude ✨👌

gdfj, thank you so so so much ?? dude i was just checking out your art and with how much i like taz i cant believe ive never seen it before its all super rad and i LOVE how you colour !!!

To all my writers out there, particularly fanfic writers because I am one and I’m feelin this hardcore

  • It’s okay that you haven’t written for a while, you can take breaks.
  • You can start writing again whenever you want, you don’t need an excuse.
  • If you would still like an excuse, here it is: I want you to start again, you should totally do it.
  • It’s ok if you’re out of practice, you’ll pick up traction again.
  • We’re all learners and its good to have role models, but try to be better than the writer were before, and try less to be ‘as good as’ someone else.
  • It’s alright to abandon a piece if you have no enthusiasm or passion left for it.
  • It’s okay to be needlessly dramatic.
  • It’s okay to be needlessly ridiculous.
  • Write the crackfic, write the rarepair, or write the popular pair. Write what you want to write.
  • Yes someone has probably written this scene before.
  • Write it anyway if you want to write it.
  • Yeah that trope has probably been done a million times.
  • Use it anyway if you want to use it.
  • Probably there are people who are tired of reading about that AU.
  • Write it anyway, they don’t have to read it.
  • Respect your audience, but don’t let other people dictate what you create.
  • Reblog your own work. Be proud of it. You deserve to pat yourself on the back.
  • I’m proud of you, you’re doing great.
  • Keep writing, keep making stuff. People will care. 
  • Future you will especially care.