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Bucky Barnes X Reader - Enough

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Another Request from a nonny :D this one is sad. just FYI

#40 - I don’t want to be just the next girl
#49 -What am I to you?

Summary: You love Bucky but you don’t want to be just the next girl. Your hearts been broken and dragged through the mud that when he says he loves you you don’t believe him. 


Bucky sat down next to you on the couch and you tensed. You liked him. everyone knew it. Even the man himself knew it but he had made it quite clear he wasn’t going to date you. Of course, him knowing you liked him didn’t stop him from parading around his one-night stands in front of you. Hell, even now as you tried to think of a way to escape the room he was talking with Tony about the girl from last night. Your heart clenches and you stand up. “Where are you going (Name)?” Tony asks causing everyone to look at you.

“Steve promised me some training, I’m going to meet him.” You lie knowing that at the moment Steve was truthfully in the gym having his alone train time, but you needed an out.

“You want some company in the elevator?” Wanda asks and you nod.

“Sure,” You reply not even bothering to glance at Bucky. He knew he was hurting you. There was no way he didn’t. You and Wanda walk to the elevator in silence until you’re inside it.

“You okay?” She asks and I shake my head.

“I’m thinking about quitting honestly.” You answer truthfully giving her a sad smile.

“You shouldn’t quit just because of Barnes. There are plenty of fish in the sea as they say.”

“It just hurts seeing him every day, knowing he knows and that he doesn’t want me,” You pause as tears fill your eyes. “I can’t help wishing that I was just one of those girls.”

“But then you’d be just like them. One and done.” Wanda adds making you nod in agreement.

“I don’t know what else to do though. I think it’ll be best if I take a break from all this. At least for now.”

“If that’s what you really want.” She adds and you nod. When the elevator signals that you have reached the floor you were aiming for you give her a forced smile and then head off to find Steve. You find him lost in thought as he beat the hell out of a punching bag. Without interrupting him you move to the locker room and quickly change into your workout clothes. When you come back out he is sitting on one of the benches his hand held out in front of him.

“You okay hun?” you ask as you near him causing his head to snap up to look at you.

“Oh, it’s you (Name), what are you doing here?” He asks finding his composure.

“I felt like beating the shit out of one of those punching bags, but it seems you beat me too it.” You say motioning to all the destroyed punching bags lying in the corner. He chuckles before he stands up and walks over to you.

“You want me to spar with you?” He asks and you ponder the thought.

“I don’t know, I feel like I could kill someone right now. I don’t want to hurt you.” You say making him smile. He wouldn’t say it out loud but he was also peeved about Bucky’s attitude.

“I could help you let off a little steam.” He adds and you look up into his blue eyes. “I feel like I deserve a few punches today.”

“As much as I would like to be the person who beat Captain America,” You pause as a smile fills his lips. “I don’t want to take my anger out on you. It’s not your fault I’m in love with a jerk.”

“He wasn’t always like this (Name), I don’t know what he’s up to anymore.”

“You don’t have to make excuses for him Steve, it’s okay.” You say gently placing your hand on his arm. “I have to talk to you honestly though. I’m thinking about taking some time off.”

“I understand.” He says his eyes finding yours.

“I wanted to quit; but I can’t just leave a job I love, plus one I’m good at; all over a guy.” You add making him nod. “I don’t suppose you know any good guys that are looking for a date, are you?” He pauses for a moment his eyes widening a little.

“You mean like a blind date type thing?” he asks and you nod.

“Yeah, I mean the best way to get over a lost love is to fall in love again right?”

“I’ll take your word for it.” He says his eyes turning sad.

“How about this,” You say walking over to the mats. “I win, you set me up on a date.”

“And if I win?” He asks and you shrug.

“What do you want?”

“How about if I win, you take me to dinner and a movie.” He says and you smile.

“Like a date?”

“Not a date date, just a friendly date where we hang out without any worries.” He says and you nod.

“Then it’s a deal. Bring it on old man.”


“Okay that wasn’t fair.” You say as Steve and you walk out of the gym and toward the elevator.

“You’re the one who got distracted.” Steve replies and you roll your eyes.

“Okay, taking your shirt off to spar with me wasn’t fair and you know it.” You chuckle making him smile.

“It’s not my fault you are easily distracted.” He adds and you roll your eyes.

When the elevator arrives it opens to reveal Bucky and his latest girl for the evening making out in the corner and my smile fades. I feel my heart clench in my chest as I look stare at them. It was obvious that they didn’t even notice the elevator had stopped let alone they were being watched by you and his best friend. That was until Steve cleared his throat causing you to jump slightly in shock.

“Oh,” She giggles a smile covering her messy red covered lips. “Sorry, didn’t notice it had stopped.”

“Well it did.” You find yourself saying angrily causing her to glare at you. You glare back anger and rage filling your body.

“Come on (Name),” You hear Bucky say and you look to him and shake your head. There were a million things you wanted to say to him but you just couldn’t.

“I think I left something back in the gym, wanna come with me (Name)?” Steve asks trying to get you away from the situation but you ignore him.

“I’m leaving.” You say to Bucky your eyes telling how hurt you truly were.

“Well yeah, you’re going with Steve to the gym.” Bucky replies and you chuckle slightly out of anger.

“No Barnes, I meant I’m quitting.” You reply and his face turns cold. “Just thought you should know.” Before he has a chance to reply the doors close and your left there to stare at the closed doors.

“Come on (Name), we’ll take the stairs.” Steve says and you chuckle making tears of anger fill your eyes. “Is exercise all you can think about Rogers?”

“Only when my friends are hurting.” He replies making you wrap your arms around his waist and hug him tight. His arms wrap around you as he leans down to gently kiss the top of your head.

“Is it so bad?” You ask into his chest as the tears fall.

“Is what so bad?”

“I don’t want to be just the next girl to him. I can’t help it but I want him to love me like I love him.”

“I’m sorry (Name).” He says and you shake your head and pull away from him wiping your cheeks dry.

“You have nothing to be sorry for,” You reply putting on a brave face. “Can we have that date tonight?”


“I’m only asking cause I need to get out of here.” I add and he nods.

“Okay, I’ll meet you in an hour in the front room.”

“Okay, see you then.”


“Okay maybe next time we don’t watch a horror movie.” You say a smile filling your lips as you remember how scared Steve had been.

“I just don’t like clowns.” Steve calrifies and you nod.

“Same here,”

“Then why did you want to see IT?” He asks and you shake your head.

“I wanted something to take my mind off all the, well you know.”

“Did it work?”

“Yeah, I think I’m gonna have nightmares for a while after that.” You add making him laugh.

The two of you walk into the front room to see everyone sitting on the couch watching a movie and you smile. Pepper and Tony were cuddling on the loveseat; while the couch was filled by Vision, Wanda, Sam, and Bucky. You didn’t meet his eyes when he looked at you but instead asked Steve if he wanted something to drink. After he said yes you left him there and made our way to the kitchen when you quickly found someone had followed you.

“What do you want Barnes?” You ask furrowing your brow.

“Did you and Steve have a fun date?” He asks and you roll your eyes are you reach up into the cabinet to grab some glasses.

“We did.” You reply. Let him think it was a real date. It’s not like he’d care either way.

“You can’t have me, so you’ll settle for Steve; is that how this works?” He asks making anger fill your body.

“I’m not settling for anything. You don’t want me, so I’m moving on.”

“With my best friend?!” He replies his voice raisning in anger.

“I’ll move on with whomever I want too. You don’t get a say!” You answer matching his tone.

“Why not?!”

“Are you fucking kidding me Barnes?!” You yell out anger coursing through your veins. You had had enough. “What am I to you?!”

“You’re my friend.” He says his tone growing lower.

“I am not your friend! You do not treat your friends like this.”

“Like what?”

“Bucky, you know I love you.” You say causing him to look down at the bar in front of him. “I love you so much it hurts me, but what hurts more is knowing you don’t love me back.” You pause for a moment as you try to calm your anger. “You flaunt your endless line of hussies in my face but I’m just supposed to grin and bear it. You want me to act like my feelings mean nothing, well I’m sorry but I can’t do that.”

“What do you want?” He asks his eyes finally looking up into yours.

“I don’t want to be just the next girl.” You say your heart clenching. “I want to be with you; but even I know that can’t happen. You don’t love me. If you were to tell me you love me now, I wouldn’t believe you. I love you James, but I can’t be in love with you anymore.”

“(Name), you don’t really wanna be with me.” He says sadness filling his eyes. “I’m not a good person.”

“I know that, but you are a good man. Deep, deep, deep down inside you are a good man. It’s just a shame I won’t get to see it.”

“You’re not really leaving are you?” He asks and you nod.

“I am,” You reply as you walk over to the fridge to grab the water jug. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I owe your best friend a glass of water.” You quickly pour up the water and setting the jug back in the fridge you go to grab the glasses only to be stopped by Bucky grabbing your arm. “Let me go.” You say not wanting to fight anymore.

“Don’t leave.”

“You don’t get to tell me what to do.”

“I love you.” He says making you look at him in annoyance.

“I don’t believe you.” You reply as you try to pull your arm free from his grasp.

“It’s the truth, I love you.”

“I told you, even if you told me I wouldn’t believe you; and I don’t.” You say defeat filling your eyes. You didn’t care anymore. You just wanted to leave. What you weren’t expecting was for Bucky to kiss you passionately as he pressed you up against the fridge. Your eyes widen in surprise for a moment before you shove him away and reaching your hand back slap him hard across the face. The sound resonates off the walls making everyone else rush into the room to see tears falling from your eyes as Bucky stared off in the direction you had forced his face.

“I hate you.” You say tears falling from your eyes as you run from the room.

“What did you do Buck?” Steve asks as he walks over to his friend.

“I just told her the truth, that I loved her.” He replies as he clenches his jaw his eyes turning watery.

“I think you’ve hurt her too much Buck, there’s no way she’d believe you now.”

“I kind of got that from the slap Steve,” Bucky says as he reaches up to run a hand through his hair.

“Why’d you take it this far anyway?”

“I don’t deserve her, I thought that if I acted like the biggest dick she’d ever met she’d move on. I didn’t think she’d leave. I don’t want her to leave Steve.”

“It’s a little too late for that.” Steve says causing Bucky to clench his jaw.

“I think you’re right. I fucked up; and now I’ll never see her again.” Bucky says making Steve clench his jaw. “It’s my fault, I just wish I could go back in time and tell her the truth. Before it all turned out like this.”

“The things we’d do differently if we had the choice, I have a few. It’s called regret Buck.”

“I know, and I regret it all.”

It’s going to be my first 413 tomorrow and I am incredibly excited. I don’t care that I joined the fandom after Homestuck ended and I don’t care (much) that the fandom has become so much smaller since. I want to take a break and celebrate Homestuck and everything Andrew Hussie has done for us and I hope that even if you have left the fandom, you at least remember the webcomic and the good times you may (or, unfortunately, may not for some of you) have had while reading it. Happy 413!

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You're my favorite McHanzo artist. The trauma they both have, the SOFT way you draw them it just... you hit me right in my hussy every time man. I love how they look at each other, support each other, it's wholesome and good and I just... man. You get to me. I love that. Fist bumps bro, you deserve all of them.

i’ve been laughing at the word “hussy” for days i was not ready. Thank-you so much!! c:

also these nice anons!!! Thank-you!!

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The tale of the greatest love story of WWE (Mega #Ambreigns Post)

I know nobody asked but… 

I feel the need to tell everyone why Ambreigns is real.

I mean…We all already know and agree but let me take you down to a memory lane anyways…

You see Roman is not so shy to lay his claim on Ambooty publicly…

Not that Dean complains…He’s proud to be Roman’s Baby Boy.

Anyone who can explain to me why would Dean feel the need to publicly cuddle with Roman for absolute no reason at all, I’ll let you deny Ambreigns. But you see, you cannot explain it. 

Then we have had moments like these…

Mind you Roman Reigns has claimed he doesnt like guys in his personal space…Well, Dean is special. He gets all the special treatment because he’s not just a guy…he’s Roman’s baby boy.

Who he feels the need to carry, catch, ruffle his hair, hold his hand, grab suggestively…& the list goes on…

Now onto Needy!Dean who just cannot help his love for the big dog…

He likes to publicly nom nom on Roman’s hair/neck…He gets extra cuddly when he’s around Roman…

Do you know that Dean likes to play dead…

..Or you could say sell extra hard when he’s around Roman just so he has an excuse to fall into Roman’s arms publicly?…Yeah, but he ain’t fooling no one…we see right through him…

Emm…Dean…What are you doing?

Dean also has a tendency to get lost in Roman’s beauty like a teenage fangirl and he sometimes cannot control himself and give away too much…Shameless hussy…

but he is Roman’s hussy so all is good…

Now lets get onto Dean being a legit puppy of Roman’s….

Lets talk about why Seth actually left them, shall we?

I mean, can you really blame him? Dean & Roman were trying hard to show who Dean belonged to even when Seth was lending a helping hand. Kinda rude.

It was getting too hard to handle…All the Ambreigns and Seth being a third wheel…

Now back to just Roman & Dean and their forever growing love story…

Em…What are you doing Roman? 

Who can forget Protective!Roman though…

They also had a wedding in disguise…Don’t believe me? Explain this…

How many ships got this lucky & this far? That’s right. None. 

You see my point? No wonder WWE had to embrace Ambreigns. No wonder its the most popular ship of this fandom.

Roman ships it…

Dean ships it…Right?

& they can be silly too…

They give zero fucks as they spill what they really are to each other…

Bonus; Roman has claimed him & Dean were the tightest of The Shield. Dean has always referred to Seth more as a best friend but Roman is his family. Brother. If that doesnt scream ship to you then I do not understand you.  

Point is, Lets sing together….AMBREGINS IS REALEST OF ÉM ALL!

*wipes a tear out of my eye* 

Can you honestly believe we have an OTP that is so giving and such a blessing?

It hits right in the feels. Of course I am not alright.

(None of the gifs are mine. Credit goes to the wonderful creators.)

Happy birthday <3

Troll Romance Analysis

Hi there, welcome to my analysis on Troll Romance! This is a remake of my previous Romance analysis. I felt it was getting old and that I can write it much better than before. Long post incoming.


  • Troll society and sexuality
  • Troll emotions
  • Troll relationships
  • Troll romance and its social role
  • The Romance Quadrants
  • Matespritship: The flused quadrant
  • Kismesissitude: the caliginous quadrant
  • Moirallegiance: the pale quadrant
  • Auspistism: the ashen quadrant
  • Examples from Homestuck
  • Examples out of the comic

Please note that this analysis has quotes and examples from the comic and thus spoilers. Read only if you are ready for them.

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I so do love trying to reblog a post and getting that lovely message “This post cannot be reblogged” because someone ive never interacted with has blocked me. 

So I screenshotted and reuploaded it. 

You can literally say this about any ship, in fact most gay ships are pretty much this premise alone, two guys or two girls exist in a medium and the shipper likes these two characters together. 

Hussie is all over the place when it comes to shipping. On the one hand, he seems to hate it, on the other, hes declared all ships canon, which isnt really clear if hes trolling or not, on the third hand, he made davekat and rosemary canon, on the fourth hand, theres canonically millions of offshoot timelines and millions of ghost selves, so any pairing is possible. 

Also Id like to add that Hussie stoked the shipping ovens when he had karkat made the shipping chart of JohnRose and DaveJade, and during “Seer:Descend” Rose comments that she and john would make a cute couple. 

So yeah, Hussie is all over the fucking place when it comes to shipping, and I genuinely cannot tell if he hates it, is indifferent, or likes it. 

Anyways, this quote seems to be a “Gotcha” to those that ship JohnRose which, in bird culture is considered a dick move. I dont know if the original poster of this quote intended to be such a condescending cunt, but thats what it seems like it was 

“Andrew fucking obliterating JohnRose” seems to indicate they WERE in fact being a cunt. 

oof im getting so much nostalgia from my early homestuck days now

as silly as it is, homestuck is very important to me and i’ve met some of my best friends in the whole world because of homestuck. if i wasnt preparing to leave for the weekend i’d probably be drawing up a storm right now lolol

i’ve been watching a lot of old lyricstucks and classic homestuck videos and as much as i like to give the fandom shit for how gross it can be, my hs fandom experience as a whole has been really fun and happy and i dont regret it at all

and hussie said not much is gonna happen today and idk if i believe that or not but even if nothing Big happens its been a fun day full of nostalgia so far so thank you all for that!

People haven’t had enough of Nepeta yet, especially as a grub, and people have ESPECIALLY NOT had enough of Nepeta Grub and Pusheen. I think my point here is proven. All your arguments are invalid! (Though why would you argue against this???)

Drawn: January 1st, 2017

Guy’s help I’m crying about Homestuck in 2017. It’s just. This comic, this piece of media Hussie has crafted and molded over the years. It has to be the most influenctial thing to ever come into my life and shape me as a person. Seeing all this praise and posts and videos this 4/13 really made me miss when the comic was still going. That something like this is just done, it’s over. It makes me wonder where I’ll go from here, what will Hussie do next once he starts up his next story. And it’s the fandom that has done so much for me and introduced me to so many people. This story, these characters, this game, I truly love it all. And you have people like you who follow blogs like mine and are still so interested in these sorts of topics and reflecting on the comic that makes me so glad to realize that. Homestuck is never truly over. It will live on inside me and those who remember it for as long as they hold onto it. Even when those numbers will continue to dwindle over time, Homestuck will still live on in new hearts that open themselves up to this comic where a boy has to think about not shitting on his computer desk. 

I will just end this by saying, I’m proud to be part of the Homestuck fandom, and have absolutely no regrets for reading it.

Words cannot truly express the love I have for not only Homestuck but the fandom as well. In the possibly five years (maybe more maybe less) I have been in this fandom I have not regretted one moment of it. 

I have made so many amazing friends and met some amazing people. My art vastly improved from drawing daily and so much more abstract then what I was used to drawing. I learned to be more open and not as shy from publicly cosplaying with friends. Heck, I even learned to sew because of Homestuck. 

Many of my friends and family did not and probably will never understand my “obsession” with this comic. And that’s fine, because there was a whole fandom for that. From all the “bucket” jokes to Sadstuck, from the fan art to fan songs, the cosplay and fanfictions. There was so much love for this silly story about four kids who play a game together. 

All I can say is Thank You. Thank You Andrew Hussie for this amazing story and adventure that I will never forget. Thank You Homestuck fandom for such an amazing community experience and so much crazy fun times.

Thank You


(HS Spoilers (Duh.))

Today it ended just the way it started….with a boy. But he is no longer in his room, alone on his 13th birthday. Waiting for a package. He is here, with his friends. He has aspired to greatness and we have watched him and his dear friends grow. Today is 4/13…the beginning and end of homestuck. I thought i wasnt ready, and im still not sure I can process, I already miss it so much. But, John, is smiling. He has hope. Many people say its just a comic book, but to me it was something different. It was special. As it was to many, nearly all fans. We laughed, cried, hated, and loved. But everyone had their turn to be a hero. Everyone made a difference. So I thank you, Andrew Hussie. For this experience. For these people that changed my life. I am glad to have played. I’m glad, John’s smiling. 7 acts, for 7 years. I am glad to have read it all.
==> Thanks for playing.


I’m so grateful for every moment of joy that homestuck brought me. I learned so much, I’ve seen so much and I’m incredibly thankful that I met so many lovely people. like the people who I met at conventions. I could name them all but I guess that’s not necessary. you know who you are and I thank every single one of you. then the people who I met online. I might not talk much on the internet but you can be sure that all of your messages and comments are so much appreciated and I think of them whenever I feel down. you make me really happy. the most positive impact that cosplaying homestuck has done for me personally is that I can finally remember the good things that happen to me. due to my forgetfulness I can’t really recall how things used to be before I started videotaping regularly. the videos are like a diary that remind me of how joyful life can be. it is so uplifting. it all may be very cheesy but ever since I found out about homestuck in october 2012 not a single day passed on which I did not think about the comic.

in case you wondered, yes I’ll continue cosplaying homestuck. I’ll still make videos and upload on this blog. I’m fine being stuck in this forever.

maybe you recognized the white background in the pictures. yes I’m working on an updated version of [S] Everyone: Homestuck Cosplay Party. only a handful of cosplays have to be filmed still. I’m working on it.

I love you all so much and thank you hussie!

Favorite Details from [S] Collide.

1. The fucking music.

I want Homestuck to be remembered for how it marries music to visual. In that sense, Collide is a masterpiece. It’s a sort of three act epic. The opening, apparently “Creata” doesn’t get the credit it deserves for setting the huge stage. Almost every piece we’ve ever seen is at play here, and it all has to be quickly reintroduced to the tune of this song, and it’s so… it’s grand, but whimsical, playful, and gives us that sense of incoming awesome.

“Oppa Toby Style” is not just hilariously named (NEVER LET YOUR FRIENDS NAME SHIT FOR YOU, EVER). I’m a huge fan of Toby from his work in Undertale, some of my favorite music ever. But this is Toby when he’s not restrained by his instrumentals. While Undertale had a limited… instrumental palette, here Toby has free reign. Creepy dancy synth, crowds chanting, some of the most peppy and fun guitars, and that constant percussion pumping along to give way to the windy section then SMASHING back into the action.

It’s genuinely fucking great, it’s so perfect for the heat of battle, with drama and humor and the sense of frantic danger that is at the core of Collide.

“Eternity Served Cold” is that bridge that serves as a vitally needed breath of air without dropping the action. In any other flash, it would be the star track, but in Collide it’s just up against a lot of other incredible work.

Like “Heir of Grief,” which I will argue is the best song in Homestuck history. I heard “HoG” before seeing Collide and already thought it was a deeply moving piece. It’s such a slow, thoughtful score and the guitars bursting in like a revelation make me want to actually start crying. I believe now that I have the association of the imagery, it’s going to become my new “Battle With A True Hero” and make me tear up at the sound.

And, look. It’s the Strider-Lalonde theme song. You’ll never convince me otherwise. Moments of pure hesitancy smashing into triumphant motion, an sort of physical quality to it that moves like the family itself does.

And the twinkly noise as Jade tries to quell her beloved dogs will never unlink in my head.

That passage at about 15 minutes into the animation, the Dave segment as I mentally call it, is this last deep inhale before the final storm, and it’s just great.

“Heir of Grief” is dynamic and yet knows when to be restrained. It is in a way tired, as tired as I feel after consuming this comic for three weeks straight, and that final looping…. arpeggio thing, with the guitar, that keeps looping and looping and going because you have to finish it, you can’t take another breath until it’s finally done–


2. This Smug Bitch Over Here

It is really weird to see the creator of a story inside the big emotional frantic climax of the story and feel an intense emotion. But I did. I saw AH peeking out from behind his perch and I started fucking beaming.

I see you villain. I see you lurking there to witness your own creation kick it into the highest of gears. I hope you are as proud as I am, man, because you should be.

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To @cuddlewars aka the best person ever (Like over Andrew Hussie levels of bestness which is how you know it’s serious)


  • So caring and loving and amazing I just
  • Been through so much shit and is like the strongest person I know, physically and mentally
  • Follow them please they need all the love
  • Short and good
  • So so so so so so so so so so so so so just woah 10/10 awesome dank attractive epic beautiful OwO handsome inspring
  • So open and accepting like teach me please
  • Too good for this world


  • None
  • Zero
  • Nada
  • Nope
  • Nothing

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amber, orchard, cranberry, cocoa!

amber - share an unpopular opinion that you may have.
Takes a deep breath in
Exhales real slow
Braces self
Listen. I loved Homestuck with all my little growing gay heart, it formed me into who I am today, I still kinda love Homestuck, and I WAS, was. Excited for Hiveswap. A year ago. Maybe two years ago. It’s been, so so long. It’s not Hussies fault. It’s just, I’ve. It’s taken me years but I moved on? So I’m not. On the Hiveswap hype train as much as everyone else is. I feel bad about it. I’ll be excited for people being excited but it just, I don’t feel the spark about it.
I’ve got bad memories tied to that goddamn Kickstarter and worse memories of who/where I was as a person during that time frame of my life so it’s kinda like, a reminder? Idk.
Y'all have fun, Taako’s good out here.

orchard - share one thing that you’d like to happen this autumn.
I just wanna get a little drunk with friends, play some goddamn board games, eat some fucking candycorn, and wear the biggest sweater I can find for under 15$. …… Cos that’s just autumn soul comfort.

cranberry - what’s one physical feature that you get complimented on?
Uhhhhh, how about we go with one I prefer to be complimented on instead of the ones I usually do that make me Kinda Uncomfy sometimes and just kinda “yeah I guess” other times lol (re; my boobs and sometimes my butt but usually my boobs)

My Tum ! It’s a good soft squish tum. And sometimes the shape of my face? I’m told it’s a good face, fits me real good, got the good face. Really does a job of keeping my eyes and nose and mouth on. Heh.

cocoa - if you could have any type of hair, what colour and cut would you have?

Okay listen if I could have my hair any way I wanted it at all it would be a curly poof of hair in a mohawk and it wouldn’t tangle because I have no fucking clue how brushes or hair works and this is just the ideal. Also, it’d be bright eye searing pink and bright grape flavored purple at the tips and I’d finally attain magical cotton candy status that I so craved.


I just love the contrast between Bec Noir and PM in this part.

Bec Noir’s wrath is wild, uncontrolled. He has no real self-control, and expresses his anger wildly and emotionally at whatever’s in sight. He is bursting with raw emotion, and his rage is an outlet, an uncontrolled venting of sheer frustration.

But PM, her rage is crystal clear. Her anger is a directed thing–she’s not angry at just anything, she’s angry at Bec Noir. So very angry. Hers is anger born of hate, and with vengeance at its goal. Her anger is a tool to exact just retribution on the beast in front of her.

This is what I love about Homestuck–the care that Hussie puts into his characters and work. Just from their postures here, you can tell so much about these two characters.