i love you so much finnish baby

Surprise, surprise

“…And today on our show we are going to have a special surprise for you guys.” My co-host opened up the show. Beating Hearts was still fairly new but the ratings where up in the skies because we always had a surprise for our viewers, making us a little popular.
”________-ah, you’re going to love this surprise especially. I heard you’re a bit of a fan yourself of this actor.”
“Oh, really?” I let out a short laugh. “And who may this actor be?”
“They didn’t tell you, __________-ah? Well this is a surprise for you too. I want to see your reaction for this one and I think that our audience wants to see it too. What do you say guys?” A chorus of ‘yes’ sounded all around the room.
“Ahh, you guys had betrayed me, wanting to see my flustered face to this actor.” Pulling a funny face to make the audience laugh. “Well, today we are going to talk about some underrated groups and we even have another guest appearance on today’s show”
“Do you guys want to know who this may be?” My co-host asked as another chorus of ‘yes’ rippled from the audience. “Drum roll please.” He said looking at the drummer in the instruments area.
“We now present you Tey from the boy group Mr. Mr.!” The audience applause as Tey walked from the side of the stage and stood beside me with a smile my way. “Well, Tey-ssi, we already know who you are but some of the people in the audience might not know. Can you present yourself?”
“Yes.” He turned from me and gave a smile to the audience. “Hi, everybody! My name is Tey and I’m part of the boy group Mr. Mr., please take care of me.”
“Tey-ssi, we heard about your comeback…”
The rest of the interview went pretty fast as we played games with a lucky fan and made some jokes.
As soon as Tey leave the stage my co-host turned to me with a mischievous smile.
“Well, ____________-ah, the time has come for the surprise. Are you ready?”
I covered my face in an exagerate manner that made the audience laugh. “Ah, I’m so nervous even though I don’t know what the surprise is.”
“Let’s call him out!”
As soon as I uncovered my face I came face to face with a pair of hands holding a cardboard cutout of some well defined abs, looking up I couldn’t help my gasp.
“Kim Woobin!”
His smile soon turned slightly shy as he let go of the cardboard to reveal a shirtless chest and some even more great looking and real abs. I fell to the ground with a laud ‘tud’ as the audience laughed in the background.
“Well, __________-ah, do you like your surprise?” My co-host asked with a small laugh.
“It certanly wasn’t what I was expecting.”
While I was trying to pick myself up a hand appeared in my line of vision. “Here, let me.” Picking me up with a a little too much force I ended up flushed against him. The crowd was loving it. “Ah, sorry.” I whispered embarased. Turning around with a smile I addressed the audience. “Well, wasn’t that an interesting first impression.” I said with a laugh. ‘Yeah, a very embarrassing meeting.’ “Let’s continue with the interview and let’s get Woobin-ssi covered up.” Protest raised from the public.” Now, now, we don’t want him to get a cold.” Moments later a girl from the crew came out carrying a white tshirt and a brown cardigan and gave it to Kim Woobin with a small bow and a little smile as she left. Walking to the couch in one if the corners where the other host already sat comfortably, I sat down and waited to start the promising interview.


“…And, cut!” The cameras finally turned off. “Great job everybody. Thank you for your hard work.” Bowing to everyone I quickly left to my dressing room.
“Aish, so embarrassing.” I muttered to myself as I walked from side to side undressing.
“I thought it was cute.” A male voice said from behind me. Letting out a small scream I turned around. “Woobin-oppa! Don’t do that! And close the door everybody will see you in here.”
“Yes, yes.”
Waiting until he closed the door I started undressing again. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming to my show! And the things I had to do.”
“The fall was your fault, to be honest.” He had the nerve to smirk. Walking up to him with an intimidating stance or trying to with me being shorter than him as I only could reach his chest. “Don’t give me that.” Looking up to him glared slightly which quickly turned to annoyance as he give me a peck on the lips. “I love you.” Another peck. “Ah, why is my boyfriend so hot and beautiful.” Another peck.  "I’m so lucky to have him.“ Another peck. "I want to be-” “Yah, if you’re going to kiss me do it properly.” He smiled softly. “So demanding.” Putting his hands on my cheeks, he leaned down and started kissing me. I don’t know how much time we spent kissing but it mustn’t have been much. Puling back with a smile I gave him a quick peck on the cheek.
“I love you too.”
“Why don’t we take advantage of your lack of clothing.” And there goes the moment. With a sigh I turned around to continue to dress. 

”_______-ah, _________-ah. Don’t ignore me. _______-ah.” Quickly finnishing I walked out the room. “Baby, wait for me. Baby…”