i love you so much finnish baby

Could you do a one shot where Ashton is teaching you drums and then you tell him how wet you are and he eats you out while your still sitting on the stool.

Teach me to play the drums. (Ashton Irwin smut) 

it’s 12 o'clock at night and Ashton has been playing his drums for 2 hours. you had a big test in two days and needed to study for it really bad, but you couldnt get anything done with him beating his drums. deciding you needed a break you get up and head to the kitchen to get some coffee. walking down the hallway of your an ashtons small apartment. you look into the extra room where ashtons drums were set up. he was there sitting on his stool shirtless and sweating like crazy. you had to admitt he looked sexy when he was all sweaty and playing the drums. you watched the way his muscles moved in his arms each time he would bang them. you couldnt help but think of how strong he was and what he could do to you. just the thoughts alone made you wet. for a couple minutes you watched him play. getting wetter and wetter after every minute that passed. ashton finally noticed you and stopped. “ is everything OK babe?” he asked with a worried look on his face “ am i being to loud? i’ll stop if you want me to so you could study.” Ashton was always to sweet to you. “ no, no you aren’t to loud. i was just taking a break."  ” oh well, how long have you been standing there?“  ” a couple mintues. you looked so good playing.“ you said kind of embarresed. ashton smiled and said ” you wanna learn how to play?“ you smiled and shook your head yes. he waved for you to come over and sitt in his lap. as soon as you sat down you could feel him through his jeans. it instantly made you more and more soaked by the second. he was telling you what each part of the drum was but you weren’t listening. all you could think about was his cock and how much you wanted his tongue.  ” (Y/N) are you listening to me?“  ” um.. what? yeah" you replied biting your lip.  “ baby, whats the matter?” ashton asked with worry in his eyes.  you turned around to straddle him and looked him in the eyes. he was so beautiful. you couldn’t believe that he was all yours. you  leaned in and kissed him. he was shocked and didnt kiss back for a couple seconds. he bit your bottom lip causeing you to gasp. giving him the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. you grabbed his hand and brought it to your soaked pussy. he began to rub you through your panties causeing you to pull away from the kiss and moan.  “ i need..” you couldnt even finnish your sentence.  “ you need what baby? tell me.” he said.  “ i need your tongue baby.” you said moaning on top of him. he wrapped his arms around you and picked you up setting you back down on the stool and kneeling between your legs he kissed your inner thighs making his way to your soaking core. he pulled your panties off and kissed your pussy ever so lightly  “ god ashton dont be a tease.” you whimpered.  he laughed and licked you from bottom to top. you closed your eyes and moaned. you loved his mouth so much. he licked your clit and moaned into you.  “ you taste so good babe.” all you could do was moan from all the pleasure he was giving you.  “ mmm baby” you moaned out. you could feel your orgasm building up.  ’ ash.. baby im gonna cum.“ he was licking your clit while working his fingers in and out of you.  ” come on baby cum for me.“ he replied and began to finger faster. ” oh god" you moaned out and your orgasm hit you. as you came down from your high you opened your eyes to ashton smiling at you and wiping his chin off with his hand. you smiled back at him. sleep suddenly washing over you. ashton picked you up and carried you the bed.  “ i love you Ashton."  ’ i love you too, baby girl."