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au where Viktor does one of those huge flash mob proposals for Yuuri and "Marry You" by Bruno mars is playing and everyone is dancing and Yuuri is crying and out comes Viktor and he proposes and everyone is crying and it's super sweet and cute. (Even worse... ice skating flash mob. BAM)

11. “Why are there four dogs in our house? We don’t own four dogs. We don’t even own one.”

Sebastian Stan was a hardworking guy. Over the last year and a half, he gotten booked on more movies than ever before. At first it was a tad overwhelming, but it was his passion. He absolutely loved what he did.

He worried that the more traveling he did, the more of a strain it would be on your relationship. The two of you had been together for almost three years. You met because of a mutual friend who had a feeling that the two of you would click. Your friend had been right.

It started off slow but the relationship picked up speed when you both realized that there wasn’t anyone else on the planet that you’d rather be with. You felt like you knew absolutely everything about him and he felt the same about you.

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Talking to the Moon

A lovely anon requested:hey im such a huge fan of your writing!! i was wondering if maybe you could do a peter x reader based off the bruno mars song ‘talking to the moon’ please? thank you so much if you do!!!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Stark!Reader

Warnings: very few swear words, mentions of implied death?

Word Count: 2, 651

Summary: Fast forward a few years from now, Reader is an advanced S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and Tony Stark’s adopted daughter who’s gone on an undercover mission and Peter Parker wishes there were things he’d said before they left.


A/N: This song is so good and I had too many ideas I couldn’t sort them out which is why this ended up being a huge mess. I apologize in advance for this. The reader and Peter Parker are in their early twenties. I literally wrote this under the full moon which I think is pretty awesome. Also, as you may be able to tell, I’ve been catching up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars

You’ve been gone for six months now. A little more than six months actually; 191 days as of tonight to be exact. 191 days ago, you got the offer to go on the undercover mission of a lifetime, the duration indefinite. 191 days ago, you had to leave immediately without so much as a goodbye to anyone. 190 days ago, was when you last communicated with the boy- now man, you are in love with.

The day after you were whisked away, you managed to slip an encrypted message through your adoptive father, Tony Stark, to let Peter know that you were okay. It was totally illegal and you spent the whole night encoding and encrypting when you should have been getting your rest for the mission.

You knew your father had the means to keep tabs on you throughout the project and you knew he’d give the team updates about you. You were never safe, but at least you were still alive. Little did you know, for the past two months you were totally off the radar and no one had any idea if your cover was blown, or if you were still alive.

For a while you didn’t think you’d make it out. All you could think of in those moments, was that you might die without ever telling Peter how you felt.

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Boyf Riends Headcannons

I live for disgustingly sweet couples! [post-squip] Made in collaboration with @theawesomempress

•Michael is so affectionate. He won’t hesitate with PDA
•hes just so happy he’s with the adorable dork named Jeremy
•PDA definitely makes Jeremy super flustered but he Lives™ for it
•Jeremy’s kink is literally any hint of affection
•every time the sit down together it eventually devolves into cuddle sessions
•the squad places bets on how long it will take for them to start cuddling
•Michael has a Spotify playlist for Jeremy named something along the lines of “for my babe Jeremy” and it’s full of love songs
•cant help falling in love with you is absolutely on there
•Jeremy listens to the playlist every night before he goes to bed
•they’ve definitely taken couple pictures in those photo booths and they keep them in their lockers/wallets
•they’ve started to share both of their lockers so it’s no longer “Jeremy’s locker” and “Michael’s locker” it’s now “Jeremy and Michael’s lockers”
•do not ask either of them to hold on to something for you it’s too much of a hassle to figure out which locker it’s in
•Michael totally hugs Jeremy from behind just to hear Jeremy squeak in surprise
•ps Michael will also press a kiss right behind Jeremy’s ear when he hugs him from behind
•it never fails to reduce Jeremy to a blushing, embarrassed puddle but he loves it so much
•when they get married their last names become “Mell-Heere”
• because Michael will introduce himself like “Hello, I’m Michael Mell-Heere” and he thinks it’s hilarious (seriously say it aloud if you don’t quite understand why it’s amazing)
•their wedding song is Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

  • Giorno Giovanna: *Takes a deep breath* I, Giorno Giovanna, have a-
  • Literally anyone else on Napoles: yes; you, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream; we know, you love that dream so much, it's the light of your life, you love it so much; you just have a dream, we KNOW , you, Giorno Giovanna have a fucking dream ok we know, we get it, YOU HAVE A DREAM. WE GET IT.
VERSACE ON THE FLOOR | Chris Evans x Reader (request)

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Anonymous asked: “I ca you make an imagine with husband chris evans based in bruno mars song “versace on the floor” thank you

A/N: not so much smut as much as it is sensual but I hope you enjoy!

So, baby, let’s just turn down the lights
And close the door
Oooh I love that dress
But you won’t need it anymore
No, you won’t need it no more
Let’s just kiss ‘til we’re naked, baby

Sitting on the stairs, you bent over to slip off your heels. You lightly tossed them near the wall, where you usually set your shoes when you were too lazy or tired to put them away. You rubbed your feet gently to allow some blood to circulate back through them. They ached a little, but not nearly as bad as some of the other events you’d been to in the past. A long, hot and relaxing bath would definitely be needed tonight.

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1D Plus Sized Series // Versace on the Floor- Harry (Requested)

You and Harry have been dating for quite a while and you’ve loved every minute of it. He was far from the typical scum bags you were used to dating. You don’t really know how it happened but he is literally the man of your Dreams. You never thought someone of his status would look at you, none the less tell you he was falling in love with you. Throughout your time dating, he’s taken it slow. It wasn’t like you were inexperienced or anything, you hand your fun in uni. But you could still count the number of guys you’ve had sex with on one hand, but you both agreed that feelings had come faster than the two of you could even imagine, so why rush things. Now the two of you both had your needs, so of course you’ve fooled around plenty of times. Harry even got you to cum two times the night you both said that you love each other. But you both agreed that you wanted to wait to have sex till you knew that you weren’t rushing into things and weren’t letting your feeling cloud your judgment.

You’ve been a bigger girl all your life, and it took some time for you to feel confident in your own body. But your confidence was off the chart now. Of course, you’ve had your moments when you hated yourself, especially when the paps got an unflattering picture of you, or when the fans made rude comments, but you’ve learned to push them down. Your strong self-confidence is something you pride yourself on. Plus, you had that extra boost of confidence whenever Harry sent you those naughty texts when the two of you were away from each other.

You weren’t one to initiate those naughty texts, but you couldn’t help it tonight. You were missing Harry and earlier in the day you stumbled upon the song, “Versace on the Floor” by Bruno Mars and it made you think of him. You were finally ready to have sex with Harry, to give your full self to him. You quickly typed out a text on your phone and sent it without a second thought.

Babe. I miss you so fucking much. How much longer are you going to be gone?

I miss you too. And I’ll be home tomorrow. I’ll be there when you get home from work.

Good. Cause I’m ready.

Ready for what, love?

Suddenly you didn’t know if you could start the naughty texts. You were getting shy. You knew Harry wouldn’t understand what you were hinting at. He was a guy after all, and with guys, you must be blunt and spell it out. But now you felt like you couldn’t say anything. You were trying to talk yourself into figuring out what to say when Harry sent you another few texts.



You weren’t the type of person to hide your feelings from Harry. He made it clear from the very start, that if this relationship was going to work the two of you had to have open communication between each other. But now you were scared to tell him. What if he wasn’t ready? You didn’t want to push him. You decided that you were just going to send him a link to the song. If he didn’t get it, or if he wasn’t ready, then you wouldn’t have the embarrassment of telling him. You quickly sent him the link to the song.

Just listen to this. https://open.spotify.com/track/0kN8xEmgMW9mh7UmDYHlJP

You set your phone on the side table by your bed. It had gotten later than you had realized and if you were being honest with yourself, you weren’t hundred percent sure you wanted to see Harry’s response to the song. Before you knew you the sound of your alarm clock was waking you up. You must have fallen asleep after you send Harry the song. You looked at the time, you had an hour to get ready before you needed to leave for a long day of work. You took a peek at your phone, but you didn’t have any text’s from Harry. You had a mix of emotions, you were happy that he hadn’t said no, but at the same time you would have hoped he would have at least made a cheeky little comment about you sending him something like that.

Your work day seemed to drag on. You were anxious to see your boyfriend. You missed him so much, but you were dying to find out what his reaction was to your confession.

When you pulled up to your small house, Harry’s black Range Rover was in the driveway, and a swarm of butterflies decided to take residence in your stomach. You were being silly, there was no need to be nervous, but you couldn’t help it.
The house was quiet. You figured Harry was taking a nap, exhausted from his day of travel. You kicked off your heals as you made your way into the kitchen. Sitting on the kitchen counter was a glass of red wine, which you happily picked up and took a sip. Placed next to the glass of wine was a beautiful bouquet of pink and white roses. You brought one of the long-stemmed roses to your nose and inhaled the beautiful scent. Suddenly, you noticed that there was note that had your name on it.

“Y/N. Every single day I am grateful for you. I’ve missed you so much. Come upstairs and find me. I love you. H.”

You quickly set the note down and made your way up to your room. The swarm of butterflies in your stomach were buzzing all over the place. You knew you would be nervous, but you didn’t think that you would be this excited.
When you make it to your room the door is closed, but you could hear Harry moving around from the other side of the door. You took a moment to calm yourself down before you opened the door.
Harry had truly outdone himself. The room was lit by a dozen or so candles, there were flower peddles on the floor, and he was sitting on your bed, sipping his wine while he waited for you.

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Pairing:  Sam x Reader, Sam x Eileen

Word Count: Over 1200

Warnings: Angst, cheating

Notes: This was written for @waywardmoeyy ‘s 600 Followers Not-So-Challenging Challenge. I chose to use Grenade by Bruno Mars as my song, using the line: You said you loved me, you’re a liar. Because you never, ever, ever did, baby. This was so much fun to write, though it hurt a little due to recent episode events that I am still salty about. Hope you all like it!! xox


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Fidgeting against Sam restlessly, you sighed. Placing a gentle kiss on your collarbone, you felt him smile.

“What’s up, Y/N?”

“I don’t know,” you pouted, relaxing against him a little as he began stroking your arm. “I just feel restless. Like something is going to happen. And I don’t like that feeling, Sammy.”

He sighed and wrapped you in his strong arms. He knew all too well how that felt and you knew it. From the moment you’d woken up, you’d felt it. Something foreboding, and as a hunter it never meant anything good.

“You’re probably worrying over nothing,” he reassured you as you rest your head against his shoulder. “Try not to worry too much, okay?” Vibrations ran up your leg and you quirked a brow, looking up at him. Rolling his eyes, he smirked and kissed your nose. “I’ll be right back. I love you.”

Untangling himself from you, he made his way to the kitchen and you couldn’t help the contented sigh that escaped you as you watched him leave. You hated any time spent away from Sam but the back of him was just as good to look at as the front. Grinning, you pushed yourself up and browsed through the books crowding the shelves around the war room.

You and Sam had been dating for the last three months and it had been magical. The two of you and Dean had met the year before on a hunt and, after bumping into each other regularly, the boys suggested you just move into the bunker. The three of you worked well together and it made sense to do so, purely for hunting purposes. Nothing had happened between you and the youngest Winchester for some time, only light flirting, until Dean left the two of you alone one night. After some liquid courage, the two of you had opened up and admitted how you felt. From there, it was smooth sailing and you’d never been happier. Though you expected any girl would feel the same if they got to cuddle up next to Sam Winchester every night.

Arms snaking around your waist brought you back to the present and you smiled, leaning back against him.

“Who was it?”

“No-one important,” he replied, though his voice was guarded.

“Oh,” you raised a brow once more and decided to let it go, even though the foreboding feeling got stronger. “Wanna go get some pizza? Dean and Cas should be home soon.”

“Pizza sounds good,” Sam grabbed your hand and led you to the garage, not looking at you the entire time. Something was wrong and you were worried.


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Principles of good gymnastics routine composition

This is something people like me bitch about a lot, and if you’re not the kind of person who’s been eye-deep in this sport for over a decade you may have zero idea what we’re even talking about. So here’s a little crash course in factors that contribute to good routine composition. Obviously, not every one of these is super essential, and even the more hard-and-fast rules have their exceptions. It’s also possible for a routine to satisfy most of these and still not be particularly special. But, they’re a good benchmark. (Also note that many of these principles have evolved as gymnastics has evolved, so using them to pass judgment on a much older routine may not be warranted.)

On all events (except vault):

  • Skill choice should play to a gymnast’s individual strengths within the rules and guidelines set out by the FIG.
    • If an entire gym, or an entire country (looking at you, Italy UB ca. 2012), has nearly the exact same routine, the coach is probably not devoting enough energy to exploring his/her gymnasts’ abilities.
    • Additionally, the skills chosen should not be way too hard or way too easy for the gymnast - something slightly challenging or a moment of rest in a routine is fine, but someone like Simone doing routines with only B & C skills or a gymnast performing a skill she cannot land in training are both inappropriate choices.
  • Skill choice should be interesting and unique, presenting a variety of the different movements possible on the apparatus.
    • Skills shouldn’t be repetitive, or if they are it should be to form a unique combination. Three unconnected tkatchevs in a row on UB is inappropriate, as is performing a jump out of every floor pass.
    • This is related to, but not quite the same as the last principle: it’s also best not to do too many of the same sort of skills in a row - for example, a beam/FX routine should not be all the dance skills, then all the acro skills, and a bar routine should not have five transitions in a row. Alternating between the different sorts of skills (not as a strict A B A B A B - just… vary it) is a better choice.
    • Unique choices of skills to connect is often a better decision than taking the simplest possible way to satisfy the CB requirement that 90% of the world’s top gymnasts are using (eg. the nearly compulsory BHS-LOSO-front tuck flight series on beam from 2012)
    • in general, if so many people are doing it you feel like it’s tempting the FIG for a rule change, maybe try something else
  • Difficulty should be evenly balanced across the exercise - all of the most difficult skills/connections should not occur in one or two isolated parts of the routine
    • this does not mean every skill in a routine has to be around the same level of difficulty
    • but it does mean you shouldn’t do an E+ mount, a .2 connection, six A-B skills in a row, and then an E+ dismount
  • Connections should allow one element to flow naturally into the next, or they will look stilted. Connections that make it nearly impossible to perform one of the skills correctly are particularly discouraged.
  • Unique and original skills and connections are often a good choice, particularly if they also look spectacular (this can be as complicated as a Podkopayeva tumble or as simple as a Valdez on beam). This particularly applies to mounts on beam and bars - basically anything besides a jump to kip on bars and a simple leap, stoop/squat through or stoop/thief vault onto the beam is appreciated at this point.
  • Speaking very generally, any choice that makes a routine very unattractive or a good performance unattainable is probably bad composition.


  • Do real work on the low bar - not just transition down, immediate transition back up; an actual skill or two between transitions is better.
  • Avoid skills that result in automatic empty swings. (I would love to see someone connect a Gaylord/Mo to like a straddle back or an Ezhova sometime, though.)
  • Try to construct the routine to minimize the number of kip-cast handstands necessary. Each of these breaks the rhythm so much it almost feels like a restart to the routine. If you can do a connection or an uprise instead, it will usually be a better, more natural-feeling choice.
  • Changing the direction your body is facing multiple times during the routine (ie. doing skills both inside and outside the bars) isn’t imperative, but it adds a nice touch
  • The FIG (well, Bruno Grandi anyway) is of the view that most current bar routines are too long; I personally don’t really agree, but your routine should use time wisely so you’re not on the bars longer than you’re conditioned to handle.
  • by the way, there was nothing wrong with jams to high bar (admittedly rough example here) from a composition standpoint, and I resent the fact that they were outlawed under the “support of feet/legs on bar” rule as if they were the same thing as a toe circle jump hb ngl


  • The biggest rule here that isn’t covered in the general rules (and gets broken all the time) is actually work the beam in both directions. Face one way, do some skills, do a half (or 1.5) pirouette when you get to the end, and work back the other way. Modern beam work tends to be forward pass - backward pass - forward pass - backward pass and… ugh, yawn. Mariya Livchikova is a good example of what a beam routine can be when it breaks out of that rut. (Why did she have to get injured so much? The fact that she had to retire without ever having competed at a WC or OG is absolutely tragic.)
  • Timing and rhythm are very important on beam - long empty pauses and rushing from skill to skill are both discouraged. This is as much on the performer as the choreographer, though.


  • The entirety of the floor area should be used, not just for choreography but for skills with difficulty (ie. leap passes, turns, etc. should not just be done down diagonals and in corners, and in a routine with four passes, they should start out of at least three different corners. I like to see all four, but that is really rare.)
  • get your random trash aerial off my lawn (i.e. even in the new Code, front/side and back tumbling requirements should ideally both be satisfied with a skill that will actually be used for DV, not just an afterthought A-value connection randomly thrown in there.)
  • Choreography is a part of composition; it should be unique, interpret the music well, and look natural for the gymnast. Tumbling runs and dance elements should be blended seamlessly with choreography - no long pauses to set up, no awkward walking from the end of the choreography to the start of the tumbling line or vice-versa.
  • Skills (jumps, punch fronts, etc.) should only be connected out of tumbling passes if they can be truly rebounded and performed well.
  • The end of a routine should still be decently difficult relative to the beginning. If a gymnast who starts with an F/G/H/I level skill struggles to finish with a simple tucked or piked double back, something is wrong with the way she is being conditioned.
When I Was Your Man

Request:  I saw that you do requests based off of songs! If it hasn’t already been done, do you think you could do one based off of “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars but like in the reader’s perspective? If so, then thank you so much:)

Pairing: Scott x Reader 

Word Count: 1.3k

Warning: A little angst doesn’t hurt 

A/N: I really love this song (and Bruno Mars)! I hope you like it anon(:

Listen to ‘When I Was Your Man’ here

Originally posted by allpeopleareincredible

I sat in the booth of my favorite restaurant, watching the happy couples walk by, hand in hand and kissing. On plenty occasions, I sat in restaurants like this one and waited for the person who meant the world to me to show, but he never came. I left feeling so heartbroken and disappointed in myself for allowing him to do this to me once again. I continued telling myself he was a good man and he would change.

It all started our freshmen year in college. We ran into each other at freshmen orientation and realized we had a few classes together. He was cute and always had a welcoming smile on his face. Every time I found the courage to speak to him, nothing came out. A small part of me felt like he would never feel the same way I felt about him. Pretty soon, he would join the lacrosse team and boys like him were never interested in girls like me. We spent time together studying for tests and enjoying each other’s company. I never questioned if he saw me the same again. I wanted to be with him, yet I was still content with having him as my friend. It felt different knowing he wanted to be around me as much as I wanted to be around him.

It wasn’t until summer break when I went home that Scott came two towns over just to ask me on a date. There I was sitting in a restaurant, nerves and all, waiting for him to arrive. He was late, yet I let it slide. He was training for the summer for lacrosse tryouts. Aside from school, it would become the second most important thing in his life. Scott smiled as he handed me a bouquet of flowers and asked if I wanted to dance. We danced to what would later become our song to get through tough times. We spent the rest of the night talking and laughing like we did at school, but something had changed. The way he looked at me confirmed that he felt the same way I did. That night he kissed me and told me I was the one he wanted to be with.

By the time we got back to school, we were thick as thieves. I accompanied him to parties for the lacrosse team, helped him catch up work he missed while at away games, and we still managed to find time to go out and enjoy being in each other’s company.

There I was sitting in a restaurant a year later and something didn’t feel quite the same. It’s been almost an hour and Scott has yet to show or tell me he was going to be late. Now that he’s captain, he spends a lot more time at practice, going over plays with his teammates, and going to those stupid parties. I stopped going because now I don’t see the point. The second we walk through the door, he becomes someone else and I hate being around to see him go through that change. When our song comes on, we no longer dance to it. Every time it comes on, I cringe a little. It doesn’t fill me with the same hopefulness it did before. Most nights, I leave the party hours before he does. In the early hours of the morning, he’ll come to my dorm drunk, promising me that it’ll never happen again, but I know that lie all too well. Just as I’m about to get up from the table, I feel a familiar hold on my waist I used to seek comfort in.

He held a single rose in his hand and asked if I wanted to dance. Deep down I hoped this would a be a turning point for us. Scott would eventually remember how we were when we went out on our first date and change his behavior. We were close in proximity, yet somehow still distant. The look in his brown eyes told me he was someplace else at the moment. Most likely thinking about lacrosse or the party the team was throwing in a few days. Dinner ended with him leaving early because he needed some sleep.

Now I see him at least three times a week. He doesn’t ask how I’ve been or what’s been on my mind. I know he wouldn’t care even if I had the guts to tell him. We see each other a few times out the week and all he can do is talk about practice, games, or partying. If I start talking about anything else, he sighs in annoyance and barely pays attention. This goes on until we go to yet another party, I leave early, he shows up drunk, and apologizes by asking to take me out again.

There I was sitting in that restaurant once again with my heart breaking into pieces. My plate has been sitting in front of me, but I don’t have the appetite for it. It’s been two hours, but I had already had a feeling he wasn’t going to show. Every time we planned to go out, he would show up later than before and I let it slide much like our first date. I got used to tell myself he was a good man and things would change, but now it hurts to come to the conclusion that this was no longer true. Before I left the party, I noticed how friendly he had recently become with Chelsea Grey. I never wanted to believe he would do something to intentionally hurt me, yet there I was watching him kiss her as if I weren’t even there.

I came hoping he would arrive so we could end things, but given that he didn’t even show up told me everything I needed to know about how he really felt about us. After leaving the restaurant it  did little to ebb the mix of heartbreak and disappointment that took over. I knew Scott was happy with himself. He’s the team captain and finally has a girl who is just as dedicated to the sport as he is.

He was perfect in the beginning, but in the end he showed me how much he cared. He wasn’t the one that made me feel special and looked at me in a way that no one ever had before. I knew eventually I would find that person and Scott was just one of the heartbreaks that would lead me to the one I would spend the rest of my life with. That night after leaving the restaurant, I ran into someone who was new to town and didn’t know how to find his way around. After running into each other a few more times, we became friends which slowly escalated into something more.

So here I am sitting in my favorite restaurant, playing with the band on my left ring finger. The butterflies never really disappeared when we got married five years ago. I was always excited to see him and he never grew tired of seeing me.

I placed my hand on my stomach one last time and smiled at the surprise I had for my husband. There was nothing on the planet that could describe the happiness that blossomed when I saw him walk through the door and his eyes landed on me.

Brett made his way across the room to envelop me in his arms and kiss me like it was the first time he had seen me in years. I sunk into his touch and smiled against his lips. There was no place else I wanted to be.


There is, our party girls!

I’m not good drawing or doing big stuffs in photoshop, but i got this idea and in my head was so nice xD so I though that maybe you guys could like to make part of it. It’s like our cadies just left to have fun together in various types of parties. So that’s it, my edits for you guys! Hope you all liked it (all these songs are so good ;) you guys need to check out some of them). 

Our playlist will come under the cut:

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irisnsc  asked:

Congratulations Pauline! Prompt - "When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change, cause you're amazing just the way you are ..." Bruno Mars

Iris, my love, thank you so much for following me, and thank you for this prompt. I don’t know if this is was you got in mind, but I hope you like it anyway:

„Robert, you ready to go?“ Aaron asked and rounded the corner to the bathroom. He leaned against the doorframe and watched Robert through the mirror. “What are you doing?”

Robert leaned close to the mirror, examining something on his face.

“I got wrinkles,” he said.

Aaron laughed.

“No, you don’t,” he said. “You’re seeing things.”

Robert shot him a look through the mirror and then went back to examining his face.

“You serious?” Aaron asked and stepped up half behind him.

“Yes,” Robert said and pointed to a spot above his lip. “Look here, it’s getting wrinkly. I got this new crème, but apparently it’s not doing anything.”

“Robert,” Aaron said softly and turned him around, away from the mirror, making Robert face him.

“You are not getting wrinkly, and even if you were it wouldn’t matter,” Aaron said. “I never thought I would have to boost your massive ego, but here it goes: You are amazing and you look hot, no matter how many wrinkles or grey hairs you get.”

“You saw a grey hair?” Robert asked panicked.

“Seriously? That’s what you got from this?” Aaron asked.

“No,” Robert said and bit his lip, “but, I mean, you wouldn’t want me to get rid of wrinkles? Or dye my hair?”

“No,” Aaron said immediately. “I want you just the way you are.”

“At least till I’m 80 or something?” Robert asked with a small smile.

“Yeah,” Aaron said softly. “At least.”

“I don’t deserve you,” Robert mumbled before he leaned forward to give him a small kiss.

A Life of Pride

ask : okay so it’s pride month and I think I’m a special bitch so can we please have Leo x bi! Reader? like they come out and don’t really give a fruity flying fuck about what anyone else thinks and takes Leo to pride parades and he is just in awe of his beautiful girl

psa : if you want me, specifically me, to write any request y'all come up with if you write it like that I will definitely take the request first no fucking joke

also this reminds me when I first came out and I was like ‘mom I’m fUCKING BISEXUAL’ and she said 'ME TOO’ so yeah there’s that !!

I love this imagine btw ????? reader is a badass lighthearted bitch I love her ??

warning : leo in awe of his special girl :)

Leo’s hands were shaking, eager to fiddle or play with something. Not like, ADHD ridden shaking, no, his hands were shaking out of nervousness. Cursing, he shoved his hands into his pockets, waiting along with his other friends and your other friends, as you announced that you had something to tell them all.

“Leo, you look like she’s about to walk in and kill us all. Why are you so scared?” Piper laughed, making her way towards Leo. He shook his head, watching the crowd.

“I’m not. I just want to hear what she has to say.” Leo lied, and Piper arched an eyebrow, ready to argue on the fact, but it was too late. You walked in, in a blue, pink, and purple striped shirt, which Leo found very cute on you, but he didn’t get it. Piper snorted beside him, getting it immediately.

“Ladies, gentlemen, and whatever you want to identify as, I have a fucking announcement.” You smiled, sending a playful wink towards the son of Hephaestus. His heart fluttered in his chest, as he shot you a goofy smile in return. “After many, many months of trying to find myself as a person, and also trying not to die in this camp, I am ecstatic and honored to say that I, Y/N L/N, am bisexual.”

It was silent for a count of five, but it didn’t affect you. You were finally happy, finally proud that you were able to find yourself as a person. You were physically and mentally better, and anyone who opposed that, well, Tartarus isn’t a fun place, but you were damned if you weren’t gonna send them there.

“FUCK YEAH Y/N!” Will was the first to react, tackling you in a hug, followed by Piper. Squished between the two, you laughed, as you looked around. Smiles and congratulations rang around the room, in a mess of noise that you couldn’t be happier to hear.

Leo waited until the noise died down, and the people filed out of your cabin, leaving just you and him. A smile twitched at the edge of his lips, and you held your arms out, a smirk dancing across your lips. “Welp, Leonidas, this is me. Your sarcastic, doesn’t give a fuck bisexual girlfriend who has a killer fashion sense.” You smiled, and Leo’s stomach whirled, butterflies trying to break out.

Leo quickly walked over, embracing you tightly, burying his face in your neck. You laughed, the vibrations traveling across Leo’s nose, as you hugged Leo back. “I’m proud of you, babe.” Leo smiled at you, a light in his eyes people only saw when he was around you.

“I’m proud of me too. Thanks for sticking with me when I found myself, Valdez. I know I can be a handful.” You smiled sheepishly, and Leo shrugged.

“So can I, Y/N. As long as we’re together, right?” He asked, and you smiled, pressing a kiss against your boyfriend’s lips.

“Of course.” You smiled.

“VALDEZ!!!” You walked in, in a purple shirt and a rainbow cape, with jean shorts and black Converse. The tips of your hair were died blue, pink, and purple, and you wore a bright smile as you walked into Bunker Nine.

“C'mon! Nico and Will are waiting, and the pride parade starts in about twenty minutes Leo!” You tugged your boyfriend, who wore a red shirt, cargo shorts, and red adidas, towards the door.

“Alright, alright- hey-” Leo tugged you back, before intertwining your fingers together. You smiled up at the curly headed Latino, before the both of you met up with Will and Nico.

“Let’s go!” You smiled, eager to finally go to a pride parade.

“We have to wait for a few people.” Will smiled, and you furrowed your eyebrows.

“Who?” You asked.

“Us-” You turned around, and there stood the rest of your friends, sporting outfits as colorful as the people you excepted to be at the parade. You smiled widely.

“Awesome! Can we go now?” You asked, rocking on your heels. You were glad that Chiron aloud the group to leave the camp all at once.

The demigods traveled to downtown New York, with Annabeth and Nico on edge for any monsters. “It’s right there!” You screamed, before booking it and skidding to a stop at the group of colorful, beautiful, and different people.

“Hey, I love your hair!” A girl with her short hair dyed all rainbow smiled at you, hooking her arm around your neck. You smiled genuinely, laughing slightly.

“Thanks! I love yours too!” You complimented, ruffling her short locks. She laughed, smiling as she pinned a rainbow pin on your shirt, before high fiving you and walking off. Giddy, you turned back to you friends who just arrived behind you. “Guys, this place is great!” You smiled, pushing through the crowd so you were at the front

. Leo stood beside you, and watched you with a loving eye. The sunlight danced across your skin in loving wisps, highlighting your ecstatic eyes, and warming up your skin. Your hair fell effortlessly around your shoulders, the colors merging and flowing beautifully, taking Leo’s breath away.

Leo realized how lucky he was to have you, no matter how much work he needed to put in your relationship, even though he didn’t need much. As a parade float passed by, a guy with a pink tutu tossed glitter into the air, and as the specks of shimmer fell, you looked up and smiled, as the blanket of glitter fell over the crowd.

Another float, blasting music loudly, passed by, a guy held out his hand to you, inviting you onto the float. You smiled at Leo, grabbing his hand in your own before letting the guy pull you up, tugging Leo along as well. “Hey! You’re bisexual, huh. I’m Sam, and I’m genderfluid.” The guy smiled, shaking your hand. You pushed the rainbow cape behind you, and smiled brightly.

“I’m Y/N! This is my boyfriend, Leo.” Leo waved at Sam, a goofy smile on his face as the float continued to move.

“Nice, supporting your girlfriend huh. Well, have fun!” Sam waved, before going onto another part of the float. You laughed, swaying your hips to the music, pulling Leo close as the both of you danced. Leo pulled you close, and you both swayed your hips in sync, before he spun you around.

Glitter adorned the both of you, shining bright in the sun, as the two of you danced on the float in the middle of a pride parade, seeming, to the both of you, to be the only two people on the earth.

Leo leaned down, pressing your lips against yours in a kiss, projecting all of his feelings for you in a flood of emotions that overwhelmed you slightly. A cheer rang around the parade, and Leo’s face flushed red, as the both of you pulled away.

“I love you.” You smiled, pressing a kiss to Leo’s cheek, before the both of you began to dance again. A feeling of normality settled into your bones, and you liked it.

It just felt like you and Leo were normal teenagers, having fun at a parade, and you loved the feeling.

No monsters to kill, no demigods to fight, just you, your friends, you boyfriend, and the happiness that surged through you, knowing that you finally found yourself and that you were finally, genuinely, happy.

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superluckystar  asked:

Hello! Good luck on your blog! Can i get passione romantic hc(or dating hc?) Thank you!

Of course! Thanks for the good wishes! Sorry it took me so long to get to this and sorry if there’s not enough content for each character, I’m still getting used to writing headcanons and stuff, it also took me a while to write for 6 characters at once. Isn’t it sad how most of the squad dies by the end of part 5? I just want to see Bruno, Narancia and Abbachio alive and happy. (PS: I love Bruno and Abbachio so much, why are they dead oh my god. Also, this whole thing is 1,300+ words, damn.)

Passione Romantic/Dating Headcanons

Giorno Giovanna

  • Unlike his father, Giorno wouldn’t treat his S/O callously or cruelly. He’d cherish S/O and they’d be the apple of his eye. He’s often a little bashful or shy around S/O, even after they’ve been together for a while. He can’t help it, he’s just a teenage boy who’s with the most perfect person in the world (as he sees them in his eyes).
  • Giorno would take S/O on dates to peaceful places or places that are personal to him. They’d usually spend time in small cafés sipping coffee and enjoying pastries or in a small park where they can sit quietly and enjoy the solitude. Sometimes they’d go for walks in fields, the countryside or along a beach. They might have the occasional picnic as well.
  • Giorno is very fond of his S/O and is always doting on them with various gifts. These gifts can range from a bunch of S/O’s favourite flowers that he created using Gold Experience or an expensive piece of jewelry he bought for them. He’ll spend a lot of time with S/O as well, even if it’s just sitting beside them quietly.

Bruno Buccellati

  • Bruno cares greatly for S/O, as he does for his squad. Because of this, he’ll sometimes worry about his S/O and can get extremely protective of them. He’s always be asking them questions like “have you eaten yet?” or “did you sleep well last night?” He’s only asking this because he’s concerned and cares about S/O greatly.
  • Bruno would take S/O on dates to fairly busy places. Most of their dates would be in the city. They’d often go out to nice restaurants for a meal, go window shopping on shopping streets or to some sort of museum or art gallery.
  • As said earlier, Bruno is very caring of his S/O, always checking up on them to make sure they’re okay. He can be a little overbearing because of this, but S/O’s health and wellbeing are his top priorities. If needed, he can help heal large wounds with Sticky Fingers, cook for them or provide them some company if they’re going through a difficult time.

Guido Mista

  • Mista will always be with S/O and keep them company. He’d like to hang around them a lot and often follow them around. He’d chat with them a lot, usually about mundane topics. He’d also enjoy intimacy and would like touching S/O, such as holding their hand or cuddling with them.
  • He would take S/O on dates to movie theatres or somewhere with a nice atmosphere, such as the beach. He’d want to go somewhere where they can just relax and have fun. Mista would like watching action movies. If they went to the beach, they’d sit on the sand together talking together and eating some snacks he brought along.
  • The most important thing for Mista to do with his S/O is to spend time with them. Unless they really need their space, Mista will be right by their side and will always keep them company. He’ll listen to any and all problems they have and will find ways to comfort them and calm them down, cracking jokes to make them feel better.

Leone Abbachio

  • Abbachio acts fairly cold, but he’ll warm up just a little bit for S/O. He’s not big on showing affection, but if they want to lean on his shoulder or something he’ll let them. Like Bruno, he’s very protective of S/O, being suspicious of anyone they’re around (unless they’re a fellow gang member).
  • He isn’t too big on dates either, but he’ll treat S/O to a good meal at a nice restaurant or some drinks at a bar. They’d spend time eating good food and talking for an hour or two, sometimes until late at night. Abbachio will also give them some nice gifts. They’re not anything too big, usually an accessory or small item of clothing, but he puts a lot of thought into everything he gets them.
  • Sure, Abbachio’s certainly not a romantic guy. He’s a little awkward when he tries to do anything romantic for them. He’ll always be around to protect them though. If S/O gets in trouble, you bet Abbachio will do anything to get them out a sticky situation. Afterwards he might chastise them a bit for being like this and getting into a bad situation, but he only wants to warn them and try to stop them from getting into any worse situations in the future.

Narancia Ghirga

  • Narancia loves being with S/O. Similar to Mista, he likes being intimate with them and talking to them. He’d tell them all kinds of things, like how he’s feeling, his insecurities and various things he’s done. S/O would have to deal with his volatile mood and childishness though and they’d have to be able to calm him down after he has a tantrum. Other than that, he’s extremely sweet with them.
  • Narancia just wants to have fun on dates! Take him to see some good movies, a theme park or a carnival and this boy will have the time of his life. He’d love going on rollercoasters and winning various prizes for S/O at booths at carnivals. They’d have a lot of fun eating junk food and joking around together while watching movies.
  • Narancia would appreciate it greatly if S/O tutored him. Since he’s uneducated, he struggles with math and some other subjects. Yes, he’s not the most attentive student, but he’ll try his best. He’d prefer S/O before Fugo as a tutor any day, especially since they won’t yell at him for messing up. He’d really appreciate it if they rewarded him for doing well with a kiss on the cheek.

Fugo Pannacotta

  • Despite his violent tendencies, Fugo is actually fairly caring for S/O. He’ll get annoyed with them a bit easily, but he’ll do his best to keep his temper in check around them. He demonstrates this by helping out S/O with various things and often checking up on them. He’ll help them with everyday tasks and can always explain things to S/O that they don’t understand or teach them about various subjects.
  • Fugo would enjoy going on dates to libraries or bookstores and museums. He and S/O would admire the exhibits and he could explain the history of certain objects to S/O to impress them. At bookstores, they’d typically browse around quietly and Fugo would occasionally show them a book he likes to read and buy it for them. If the two of them are alone together, he might read a play or book to S/O as they relax and listen to his voice.
  • Fugo would be glad to help teach S/O various things if they’re having any trouble in school or if they want to learn something new. He won’t lash out at them like he does with Narancia, but will try his best to explain things as nicely and calmly as he can. He cares a lot about S/O as well, making sure that they’re healthy both physically and emotionally. If needed, he’ll sit down and listen to them and try his best to offer guidance and support.

Cosplaying Narancia at Fanime was entirely too much fun. I’m so glad I decided to throw this cosplay together at the last second! (even if all I could manage was a casual version huehuehue) Shout out to all my friendos I’m love you all thanks for hanging out with me!! (ps if you see yourself or your friends in the group photos please feel free to tag!)

Fugo: @sunflowerkinghide
Bruno: @hotpantys
Diavolo: @europhilehistorybuff
Doppio: @baerae
Narancia: @daikondaddy
Mista: @hisoxgon
Giorno (pink): muda_bunbun on instagram