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Sebastian, Claude, William, Grell, & Undertaker realize they are in love with their shy, pure and sweet human friend who is open-minded and non-judgemental since they're slow at everything and has no talent that is known so they know how is like to be judged unfairly?

I’m sorry this is a bit late, I have been a little tied up lately! In an effort to show my gratitude of your ask and my apologies of the lateness, I made these super freaking long lolol

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  • Ok whoa whoa whoa, wait a fuckin lil minute
  • Demon royalty??? Liking….A human? Yikes
  • He acknowledges the fact that he holds a certain admiration for his human friend, but he thought It was just because they intrigued him and peaked his interest
  • But like, shit, the way it happened was so fuckin cute watch this
  • It was one of those rare occasions where Ciel was working on paperwork and didn’t need him to do anything, and the servants were actually doin good, so he took you out into the garden and set out a lil picnic (because mortals like those, right??) and was just chilling under the shade with them and he looked over to them as they rambled on about something they thought was beautiful, and their theories about the universe and reincarnation and stuff that a mere mortal should not really worry about
  • And he just thought that it was so amazing, the way somehow their eyes shined even in the shadow of the shade, and he absolutely adored that passionate gleam in their eye when they talked and he just
  • Fuck he was so enraptured by them which is weird as hell because 1) he was 100% down for toying with/eating humans so wtf and 2) HE WASn’t eVEN supposED TO BE CORDIAL WITH otheR HUMANS LET ALONE FAL L FOR ONE
  • He freaks out and excuses himself, and goes to his master’s study, knocking and once he’s got one foot in the door is just like
  • “Young Master, I think (Name) has made me ill and I’m not sure how to respond to the way my body is reacting,”
  • And Ciel knows EXACTLY what’s up and is like “dear lord, get out of my office,”
  • He would try to distance himself as much as possible but fails miserably in the end
  • Admires how you are so laid back and calm and just a ‘go-with-the-flow’ kinda person
  • Once he tells you about his feelings, and the contract, he is so floored when you’re just like, “Oh, so you’re a demon? That’s cool; do you wanna make some pound cake?”
  • You teach him how to be gentle with humans and he adores how intently you listen to his stories of his many years of life
  • Loves you
  • “My, my, you’re quite the sight in that dress, my (lady/lord),” “Oh? This? I made this out of the drapes of my room, but thank you, Sebastian,”
  • Gets protective if anyone/anything tries any shit
  • When you tell him about how you view yourself his eyes flash and he pulls you to him
  • “Someone is putting that vile rubbish in your head -who? I demand to know,” and kisses the top of your head


  • At first he denies it completely, thinking that you’re just a fun toy and nice smelling soul
  • But then he sees you in your nightgown/sleeping attire and just kinda loses it in his mind
  • He is a predator, so he doesn’t really have emotions, so he thinks, so he deems what he’s feeling as hunger and protectiveness of his meal
  • But then he finds himself letting his gaze linger on you and he studies the way you move and he makes you food and makes sure you’re comfortable and he does not allow Hannah or the Triplets to serve you because he’s that protective lmao
  • Absolutely not you are not allowed to leave his sight because there is a chance that you’re either in danger or in the hands of some other demon
  • Likes to have you beside him chatting his ear off about anything and everything all the time, whether he’s doing the dishes, playing piano, cooking, doing errands for Alios, etc
  • Alios gets very jealous of you, so if he orders Claude away from you out of spite, the demon will still find some sort of contact with you
  • “Miss/Mister (Name), might I interest you in some (favorite drink)? I hear that it is pleasing to the tongue,” *cue weird claude glasses glint thing*
  • If you like to go out on the roof at night to stargaze, he will go with you solely based on the excuse that you might get yourself hurt, and he doesn’t want to trouble himself with the time of cleaning up the mess you’d make if you fell to the ground
  • Will 100% leave his scent on you and dwells within the shadows of your room at night to watch over you
  • Gross but loving in his own way


  • They’re so excited!
  • They’re all “Oh forsure this shit is gonna be legendary”
  • Once they are totally comfortable with you, they’ll come clean and tell you that they’re a reaper, and that they kinda harvest souls
  • It was a super big risk for them, and they didn’t want to scare you off, but they trusted you
  • So, it all started as a harmless friendship, and then one day you were all “Grell, I think that you should get a raise, you’re always working so hard! If I had half a mind, I’d go to your boss myself and demand that you are given rewards and so much gratitude that you could drown in it”
  • “And also, you look very lovely in the color red,”
  • And boom, they’ve lost it, they’re fuckin hooked
  • Like the combination of your laid back personality, and they think you’re stunning as frick, and they’re just so enticed by you idk
  • Really bothers them that you don’t put yourself on a pedestal, because they think you more than belong there
  • Tries very hard to make sure that you know you are extraordinary and one of a kind
  • Thinks you possess many talents, and tries to emphasize on them
  • Not-so-subtle flirting and courting
  • Doesn’t really gather up the courage to court you until you make a huge move
  • You are allowed to admire their death scythe, but not touch it, because that’s a risk of you getting hurt
  • Loves you more than Bassy, much to Sebastian’s relief


  • What the fuck
  • Feelings? Ew. Romantic feelings? Absurd. Towards a Human? Bro u smokin
  • Seriously though, he has zero experiences with romance, so he doesn’t really know what to do poor bb
  • Flushes around you a lot (his glasses do the thing where they fog up lmao)
  • Is super duper strict with you, but like it’s cute because he’ll be all “(Name), that was uncalled for and reckless, you could have gotten yourself killed,” (You: But Will I just almost tripped over a stair-)
  • And he gently takes your face in his gloved hands, his gaze softening and his voice dropping, “But are you okay? Did you obtain any injuries?”
  • Is a closet softie shut up
  • Studies you from afar and burns the images of you into his mind
  • You really help him de-stress, so he likes you around his office
  • Shares as much details with you as possible without giving away too much information that will get you hurt
  • So protective like it’s sickening
  • Thinks taking his hand and rubbing soothing circles on your thigh to calm himself down is platonic but it kinda isn’t so you blush
  • “(Name), why is your face red? Is my office too warm for you?”
  • “Mortals are such peculiar creatures”
  • If Ronald or some other reaper flirts with you they get copious amounts of overtime haha fuckers
  • William always wins
  • Gets a little annoyed when he finds out how lowly you think of yourself and is constantly reminding you that if you’re good enough for him to not only befriend but to also harbor feelings for, then you are the best of them
  • His heart stops when he sees your name on the “To Die List”
  • Im srry


  • This Meme Reaper™ is your best friend before he even considers you to be a possible partner
  • You hang around his shop and cook and help decorate and tell jokes and he is deff hooked
  • He thinks you’re prettier than the corpses he dresses up so like don’t ever tell him that you think your looks are average again
  • Actually kinda gets sad when you tell him about how little you think of yourself
  • “Now now, Dearie, I won’t be having any of that rubbish,”
  • Is like that weird uncle you can get shit-faced with and that has his weed stashed in his closet in the back but he’s super good company, especially if you’re feeling down
  • You brushed back his bangs once and was met with gorgeous yellow-green eyes and a scar that ran across his entire face
  • And like he was kinda scared that you were gonna be all “Ew gross why are your eyes like that” or “FUCK your face dude what the hell happened”
  • But instead you just smiled and said: “Your eyes are so unique! And I have scars too, do you want to count them? Each of them has a back story,”
  • And he loves your personality and they way you blend in with your surroundings
  • He loves seeing you comfortable and he kicks you out of the shop with an excuse (like he needs more tea or more flour) when he has company come, especially Phantomhive and his damn butler
  • Actually pulled his scythe on Sebastian one time because of how overly-friendly he was being
  • His voice instantly dropped and his hat was off and his bangs were pushed to the side, his eyes blazing
  • “It would be greatly appreciated if you were to mind yourself around my (Name),” and he would side-glance a flabbergasted Ciel and say, “That is all the help I can provide. If you’ll excuse me, I believe it is high time for you to show yourselves out; the shop is closed for today”
  • Your dick: out
  • He is too clingy and apologizes after they leave
  • You mean so much to him
Strangers (fuckboi!Peter Parker x Reader)

Anonymous asked: do you do song requests?? b/c I’d love to see you write one based off halsey’s “strangers” with bucky or peter parker!! (it’s ok if you don’t tho!!!) thanks, love :)

Summary: fuckboi! Peter Parker gets a taste of his own medicine when he falls hard, for the one girl he’s never had.

Warnings: Language, implied smut

Word Count: 921

A/N: Ok, so I was gonna wait to post this later, but now I’m just like frick this, so yeah! Lyrics placed in text, to give background on Peter’s feelings/thoughts, as song fics go - this is my first one, so cut me some slack since it kinda really sucks imo :/ enjoy & let me know what you think, as always, comments/asks are deeply appreciated!!!

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If you’ve never hung out with me outside a big group and you want to be friends with me, I probably don’t trust you. Hahaha. This has happened to me several times recently where people are freaking me out with how interested they are in getting to know me when we legit have never hung out, some of them I don’t even remember meeting??? Does anyone relate to this? Idk I’m also just realizing how skeptical of a person I am and it’s served me really well in making friends, it’s my natural tendency and it’s part of my personality and it really helps me weed out who I can and can’t trust. My friendships are rock solid and last a lifetime ‘cause once I’m dead sure about someone, I’ve already taken the time to for realz get to know them and I know their heart and I KNOW I like them. Not everyone operates this way and you shouldn’t do it if it doesn’t serve you but it definitely works for me.

That’s another thing, I’ve realize I’ve had such a hard time in dating and I just put it together that I’ve just ditched my skeptical nature entirely and I keep jumping in way too fast, letting myself fall for people I know hardly anything about. What the frick!! That is so not me. So now I’m trying to be less trusting to improve my love life HAHA. Seems very counterintuitive but for me its the right thing to do.

Anyway I’m just realizing this about myself and wanted to share. I really feel like I’m growing up and shaping my priorities and I finally not only WANT a good relationship but actually believe I can have it. It felt so impossible before I didn’t even wanna try but things have really been changing for me and all these good influences and examples are coming into my life and giving me real hope. And the more I get that hope the more I wanna share it with the world because it is so beautiful and life changing and seemed completely impossible before I encountered it. I wanna take you guys on this journey with me and I hope it helps others the way it’s helping me ❤️


(Requested By Anon)

You had been hiding your feelings from Paul for better part of six months, and Jacob, your best friend, was tired of your complaints about your one-sided love.

“Y/N,” Jacob groaned for the third time, “You’re making this so much harder than it needs to be. Especially by confiding in me, because I have a fricking mindlink to the rest of the pack! Do you know how hard it is to try and not think about something like this?”

You could feel your face heating up. Honestly, you forget about their mind link. You really pitied them for it though, no privacy at all…

“It’s an actual miracle from god that he doesn’t already know.”

Forget your face heating up. It was on fire, and your best friend didn’t know when to quit.

Jacob cast a sideways glance at you, smirking, “And to be honest, it might be nice to not hide my thoughts.”

You froze.

“Jacob Ephraim Black-” you turned on him. Jacob jumped up from the couch, heading for the door.

“-Oh I think I have patrol tonight, would you look at that -”

“If you say or think one thing I will personally neuter you-”

“Marvelous timing, see you later Y/N!” The door slammed shut behind him, rattling the windows along the front wall.

Emily appeared from around the corner, smiling. “You know Y/N, Jacob might be right about telling Paul. It might slip soon with the pack …” Her words trailed off as se caught sight of  your glare. If it was one thing you had in common with Paul, it was that you had a temper from hell when you willed it.

Urgh! The pack. Those annoying, taunting, proud boys just enjoyed your situation a little too much. All those knowing smirks. Jacob was right, it was a miracle that Paul didn’t already know.

Speaking of the Pack, Sam walked in. You were staying at Emily’s house while the vampires were still in the area. You were safer on the Reservation.

After Sam pulled Emily into his side, he looked down at you. “I’m not going to tell you what Jacob is thinking, but I will say this: Hurry up and get a move on.”

You swear, every knowing jerk in the Pack wanted you to get some. Grumbling, you excused yourself to the guest bedroom.

It was one of those actual sunny days, where the sun could penetrate through the clouds and give real warmth. You looked for your best friend on the beach after he sent a weird message to you.

‘Come to the beach, I need to talk to you about something.’

It had been three days since you last saw him, and you could only hope he kept quiet.

Sadly, he was nowhere to be seen along the shore.

You heard the crunching of sand from behind you. You crossed your arms and turned. “What have you been up to Jacob-”

Paul frowned at. “You looking for him too? The bastard sent me a text saying I needed to meet him here… “ He looked along the beach just like you had.

Sonofabitch, you cursed in your head.  “No, I don’t think he’s coming…” You trailed off, your face getting redder by the moment.

Whenever it concerned Paul, you were a mess of clumsiness and stuttering words. He unknowingly rendered you useless sometimes.

You should’ve seen this coming. As you were leaving Emily’s house you should’ve realized that everyone was smirking at you for a reason.

“I hope you have a good day Y/N.” Quill grinned.

“Yeah, I hope today goes realllllly well for you.” Seth quipped. You could practically hear the suppressed giggles.

Now you know why.

Paul was at a loss. “Then why would he message only the two of us…?”

“Paul -”

“You would think he was up to something sneaky acting like this-,”

“Paul -”

“Making only the two of us turn up like it’s a blind date or -” His words stopped, freezing for a moment, before he turned to look completely at you. “Do you know something I don’t?”

You had to keep calm, he could hear your heartbeat… “Ummmmm, no?”

“Y/N.” He narrowed his eyes. Locking eyes with him, you thought of your chances of leaving this fiasco emotionally unharmed. His gaze was firm and … hopeful. Maybe Jacob was going somewhere with this?

Shoulders dropping slightly, “Okay, funny story, in a completely hypothetical situation I may have heavily crushed on you for the last six months.” The words came out so quickly that you were sure no human could decipher them. “And the Pack may or may not have known and have been teasing me about liking you, and Jacob has been pushing me to tell you for the last four months-” Paul pressed a finger to your lips to shut you up.

… so there was no way you were coming out of this emotionally alive.

His lip twitching up in a smile, “Okay, so in this totally hypothetical situation, would I be allowed to ask you out on a date?”

A nod.

“Could I ask you out now?”

Another nod.

Your face kept getting warmer and it wasn’t from Paul’s skin temperature either.

“Y/N, would you please go out with me?”

You didn’t know what was more horrifying. The fact that the Pack had already prepared a Picnic for you, or the fact that Paul had known about your feelings.

Your eyes swivelled around to look each traitor directly in the eye. Lastly, on Paul.

“You knew?” Your voice hitting three octaves higher.

He let out a chuckle. “It would take all the fun out of it if you knew I knew. I wanted to know how long it would take you.”

“How - How long have you known?”

Okay, you hated him. You hated all of them. Stupid pack.

To his credit, red crept into his cheeks. “Five months. And you have to give Jacob credit, he tried really hard not to divulge any information to me. He failed, but he tried. And then there was no way I couldn’t know once the Pack knew.”

Jacob grinned at your expense. “I hate you.” You hissed at your best friend. You’d get your revenge, all of them would get what was coming for them…

“Don’t worry,” Paul assured. “If it helps I have a totally non-hypothetical crush on you.” He teased.

You narrowed your eyes slightly. “Watch it.” You warned, feeling more comfortable now. At least, comfortable enough to defend your wounded pride.

Paul turned to the Pack, who were now eyeing the food Emily had made for your picnic. “Okay, get out of here. Your job is done.” He waved them off.

They all left, chuckling and throwing smirks back at you. Jacob slowly trailed behind the rest as he made his way to his bike. Jacob would never need a mindlink with you to know that you were mentally cursing him out.

Once you two were sitting down Paul spoke. “So, what do you know about imprints?”

You know what

I am DONE with people trivializing ADHD. My disorder is REAL. It causes me REAL problems. It’s not “oh whoops can’t focus today xD is that a squirrel???”. No, frick that. I mean where did Trump get the right to say that I don’t have the right to a 504 plan??? I’m sorry? Does he have ADHD? Does he know what it’s like to have to work twice as hard as everyone else to seem “neurotypical”. No? Didn’t think so. I’m sorry. But this is not fair. I would love to graduate from college. But without a 504?? I don’t know if I can! I mean it’s already hard enough as it is to ask teachers for a 504 without them giving you dirty looks for it and not understanding how difficult it is for you. Ugh. I’m not dealing with this.

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Can I request smutty Evan or Jared headcanons please? x


- jared would be the kind of guy to really hype up his first time

- but totally believes that sexy times should be something shared w someone special 

- yall dated for like ever and then you both lost your virginity to each other

- after months of doing the frick frack yall would slowly become more and more casual w the sex

- like it wouldnt be  big event

- you guys could just have sex and a nice time

- it would be filled with giggles and smiles and aaaa so happy

- i feel like jared would be really good at kissing

- like you could just kiss him for hours and not get bored

- he would never ask for you to blow him 

- but may ask for a hand job every now and again

- would love ur bum

- always made passive aggressive comments about how hard it is to get ur bra off

- “this is like fucking rocket science”



- “kachow”

- like lightening mcqueen im dead


🐘  Happy Birthday Hoshi!
Request: ⓧ   ||  [special] #PRINCEHOSHIDAY ||  Masterlist

WHAT TIME IS IT? It’s Hoshi’s birthday, of course!

Frick…. I’ve been anticipating this day more than I have for my own birthday. The birth of a beautiful and talented human being, Kwon FIYAHHH Edward Soonyoung. Our precious performance leader who is so passionate in absolutely everything he does. Who has worked so hard to contribute to his team, his second family, and who deserves all the success that’s coming his way. So THANK YOU, Hoshi, and have a happy #PRINCEHOSHIDAY (#호시왕댯님 탄신일). ❤︎ We love you!

((even if you’re a gemini.))


The first of my Katsucon Pics~ The lovely, amazing, and incredibly hard working @yukipri!!  (And let me tell you, her cosplay? 100/100 I wish I had gotten a close up it because its spectacular!  Those shinies you see? Thousands of rhinestones painstakingly put on. Those glows? Actual lights! She even had glowing blue roses!)

((Did I mention she’s a fantastic artist? Because that is also true! Her YoI work is magnificent and so creative omg) 

But she is super kind and friendly and let me take pictures with her!! <3 

zUKO HAS LIKE THE BIGGEST HEART. seriously like he just loves so much and people keep taking advantage of him just let him have Peace for goodness sake please im begging.

like even in the first book, he fucking just won’t give up to get his dad’s love. then he stays with mai even tho she treats him like shit but he just cares so much for her and he finds his mom and gets a new sister that he loves and yet he still tries with azula and he just has so much love and it’s not fair. 


just.., give him somebody who will fricking love him the way he deserves!! (*cough cough kaTARA*) why is that so hard for bryke to do

beemywings skomentował(a) Twój post “Is there anything you would like to talk about, honeybees? :D”

Can we talk about how always in medical AU Cas is the one with higher position in hospital than Dean? I think it’s not fair, I believe Dean could be a pretty badass doctor as well. And Cas would be a very pretty nurse :D

I can’t really complain because I love it A LOT and I guess it depends on what do you mean by higher position  
( and like I love. doctor!Cas. so much. ah)
Dean would be indeed a badass doctor, he’s smart and he’s funny and he’s caring. 
Cas would be, indeed, a very pretty nurse. 
But also the most grumpy, snappish person you could ever meet. 
You know those difficult, mean patients that know everything better and are basically everyone’s of the hospital staff nightmare??
You send Cas to them.
He will probably say something like “for fuck’s sake” under his breath but he will go. And it will take him 10 minutes, 15 max.
And suddenly Mr.I-Know-Better-Let-Me-Prove-It-By-Being-A-Dick suddenly takes his meds without a fuss and even says please and thank you and have a nice day, ma’am. 
It’s like a miracle. No one knows what he does or what he says, but everyone is grateful. 
Nurse Novak spreads fear in the hearts of mean fuckers and gives hope to everyone else. He’s like the hospital’s personal hero that everyone respects but also is kinda afraid of.

i don’t want to sound snobby but..do you ever just think about how good doctor who used to be??? like, it was a show that was easy to watch from week to week w/o having to see all the episodes, the characters were all unique and flawed and so terribly human, rose with her easy smile, martha and her unrequited love (and growing /past/ it), donna and her sharp wit, jack and his obnoxious jackness.. just frick my peeps, i just love it so much

GOT7 Reaction #2 - Teasing them with a lollipop at a fan sign

Yhow about a got7 reaction.  you (gf) teasing them in puplic with a lollipop but they can’t do anything because they’re on a fan sign.

Honestly I love this request xD Thank you for sending it in anon! Please enjoy!

Mark: *trying to talk to the fans but can’t stop constantly looking back over to you*

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Jackson: *frustrated AF but can’t say anything so he just pretends to not know what you’re doing like the troll he is so you stop. Later though he lets it slip that he knew after initiating a heavy makeout session*

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Jaebum: *tries REALLY FRICKING HARD to focus on what the fan is saying, but can’t get your image out of his mind*

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Jinyoung (formally Jr.): *not sure hes seeing things right* “uh…what is y/n doing…?”

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Youngjae: omg please ignore JB xD *takes a while to notice* “Wait..what are they doing? Why are they doing this now, they know I can’t do anything about it right now”

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Bhuwakul (BamBam): *you cant hear him but you see him clapping at you* what he mutters under his breath:“Good try y/n, but I’m going to get you back later for that. You’re gonna regret all of this”*

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Yugyeom: “Really babe?” *starting to feel desperate AF for you*

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A/N: All I can imagine is the other members looking over to BamBam muttering to himself like “WTF are you doing??” and he just laughs and tells them not to worry about it, and now his band mates and his fans are worried for his mental health and keep asking if he has heat exhaustion and needs to rest xDD

ask box open~

what an ESFJ has to say to all the types
  • ENTJ: Repeat after me: having emotions is NOT a weakness. No, I don’t think you’re a loser because I saw you cry once. Yes, you’re still the baddest bitch around and no one can mess with you. Yes, I would love to schedule a power lunch with you sometime this week so we can talk more about this.
  • INTJ: I’m going to need you to stop staring into my eyes like you’re analyzing every facet of my soul even though you’re probably just thinking of all the ways you could destroy me. I’m also going to need you to hug me back at some point I can cling to you all day long until you acknowledge your affection for me you small emotionally distant creature
  • ESTP: alright Tom Haverford thank you for being a fun friend and going out with me but maybe let’s not reenact the weird combo of the Hangover, Animal House, and Legally Blonde that happens EVERY time we do something together EVERY time we do something together.
  • ISTP: Hey professor I thought I would come in during office hours to talk about my last test and— oh, you’re out of the office… but at least you left a note this time! That’s an improvement! It says, “science just got ballin bitches haha lmao smell ya l8er”. Professor the next exam is in two days why are you doing this to me
  • ENTP: ok this argument can go one of two ways, either 1) i agree with you even though i don’t actually agree with you because I want you to like me or 2) i end up trying to argue but really end up crying— oh we’re going with option 2 ok this should be G R E A T
  • INTP: how did you make a bong out of literally nothing. do you have no regard for the laws of the universe or— how did you disappear. why do you have no regard for newton's laws of thermodynamics. why do you do this to me.
  • ESTJ: wow i have never seen anyone adhere to a routine so tightly until I met you. why don't you walk on the wild side with me? we can get an unusual flavor of ice cream and talk about capitalism or something.
  • ISTJ: no i don’t want to watch that war documentary with you again yes i’ve heard the story about your uncle who was in the korean war five times ok fine i’ll watch it with you but i reserve the right to be on my phone the whole time. Why do you care about war documentaries so much you cute turkey you already know who won why is this a universal with every ISTJ ever W H Y
  • ESFP: come close to me. closer. closer my child. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO A SHOT EVERY TIME SOMEONE AT A PARTY SAYS LET'S DO SHOTS OK??????? unless you want to and as your certified enabler that's ok too u precious pearl
  • ISFP : OK i UNDERSTAND that sometimes you need to commune with nature by staring at a tree for twelve hours straight but can you PLEASE put on a jacket it’s starting to get cold outside. ok you’re going deeper into the forrest so you can’t hear my nagging THAT’S FINE I HAVE A LOUD VOICE YOU CAN’T ESCAPE THE MOTHERSHIP
  • ENFP: BE!!!!!! ON!!!!!! TIME!!!!!!! TO!!!!!!! THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you SWEET and ADORABLE little RAGAMUFFIN
  • INFP: I love talking to you and I love your crazy brain but CRYING ABOUT ALIENS and WONDERING IF THEY HAVE FEELINGS at 4:00 AM can only happen so many times before I physically restrain you so we can both get some sleep.
  • ENFJ: I like how we can jam on an emotional level and you are just as interested in knowing the intimate details of everyone’s life as I am and I really appreciate your ability to emotionally manipulate people (i know when you’re doing it and I especially know when you’re doing it to me but I love you so I go along with it lol) but for the LOVE of GOD P L E A S E tone down your ability to do EVERY ACTIVITY to PERFECTION and get MORE THAN 4 hours of sleep a night THANKS. you’re starting to give me an ulcer you sweet potato perfectionist.
  • INFJ: Yes, Ghandi, I am aware of all of those injustices that you’re telling me about. I’m angry too. No, I won’t go on a hunger strike with y— ok fine I will Jesus Christ put away those puppy dog eyes NO I DID NOT MEAN JESUS CHRIST LITERALLY GET OFF OF THAT CRUCIFIX RIGHT NOW OR SO HELP ME
  • ISFJ: I know you love people but you also love alone time. I know baby. I understand. But maybe come outside for a little bit and get some fresh air? Talk to people who aren’t on the internet? No? Your favorite fictional people are going through a hard time and you need to be alone to process this? ok go back to netflix love you sugar muffin i’ll try again tomorrow
  • and finally, other ESFJ's: I swear to fricking gosh if you bring baked goods to a function where I brought baked goods and PEOPLE LIKE YOURS BETTER I will spread a MILDLY NASTY RUMOR about how your pastries are all store-bought. Do not test me. love ya girl ;*

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Hmmm.. what do you think about the monoma x shinsou ship??

It’s… possibly a good ship? I guess? I’ve seen it around a bit, but ngl I don’t really understand it haha

Anon said:  when’s your birthday?

November 13th! It’s still pretty far~

Anon said: you say you like seeing the bakusquad taking care of babies hmmm? draw them maybe? OuO

I did haha

Anon said: Because of your art (you made me fall in love with Bakugou and Kirishima and Kaminari) I started BNHA and got my best friend into it. Now I can’t stop writing them and my friend and I have several AUs already.

This is the best kind of ask omfg !!!!! Glad I could get you into my disaster trio!!! …but also are you maybe gonna share like I’m starved for bakushimanari content a n o n

Anon said: Aw man i was gonna recomend that fic by newamsterdam to you. Like i finished reading it and thought you could like it since you like that other kuroo x teru fic (thanks to you and the anon for that btw) and it seemed your style? Im kinda sad i missed the chance (ok i know this whole ask sounds stupid)

Awwww don’t be sad anon, reccing me bakushima stuff is seriously hard because I might or might not go daily in the ao3 tag to read anything complete that’s been updated and I might or might not be following all fics regularly updating unless they have a character death/angst with no happy ending warning oops - thank you for thinking about me tho!!! That made me happy haha

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Not to be annoying but

Plot twist: i am!

So if you liked the universe and characters in the lightning thief musical, i’ll give you one advice : if you haven’t, read the books.

Here’s why:
- they’re awesome
- you’ll learn most about the characters
- with all the love i give to the musical, from what i heard, my boy beckendorf is more than that,, i mean, that’s literally the main reason why i want people to read the books,, my son is wonderful and i love him,,, (i don’t really remember but i’m not sure he appears in the first book) (ok there’s only like one line about him in the entire cast recording, but i don’t care, i know people here like to focus on a few lines and all, and i love my boy too much)
- they’re funny (ahaha…)
- no but really that’s just for charlie
- i love him
- ok i may be biased (did you know that i cried when i heard his name?) (That was too soon)
- you’ll know how everything ends (if there aren’t other musicals about the following books) (i hope not)
- you will probably love the characters even more
- ok ok, but there are so many characters who are wonderful and need to be loved even more
- like,, the Stoll brothers,,, the Di Angelos,, Ethan (ok i love him and he’s my japanese son and i love him),, Z O E the queen of my heart NIGHTSHADE,,, even a few gods (no need to loved them tho)
- come on talk about the tree on the hill
- the musical and the first book are not exactly the same (fortunately! It’d been kinda boring for you otherwise)
- g r o v e r (i love him too) (here’s Perseus Jackson’s best dude, not some guy named jason duh) (btw jason’s best friend is leo but ok) (yes, they’re friends, they live the same things, they’re powerful, but do not forget those facts, fam)
- you will understand all the little references in the musical from the books, like there are so many, that’s amazing
- the title of the chapters are p e r f e c t
- i don’t have any more ideas so just read the books, please,,,
- please read the books and love my children,,

- also if you’re not really into greek mythology, there are also series about the norse gods (with annabeth’s cousin and good representation) and egyptian gods (with my children the kane siblings and with like only two characters who aren’t poc) (but there are many references from other books and appearances) (and the crossovers between the kanes and percabeth)

Anyway, I think most people who heard about the musical, actually have read the books, so… yeah. That’s for those who didn’t. (those who came because of George (i see you))

Now, for those who are in the pjo fandom and didn’t listened to the cast recording : you have to.

It’s your duty, because :

- references and quotes from the books
- it’s better than the movies???!
- like, there’s CLARISSE, and Silena and Katie and Mr.D??? And Ares??
- Mr.D and Clarisse both have a song (well in Clarisse’s case it’s more of a duet with Annabeth but still!!!)
- and their songs are AWESOME!? and perfect and fit the characters so much???
- just by hearing it you can tell more or less where each song’s supposed to be
- the Dam joke!!! And Perry Johansson/Peter Johnson!!!
- all the songs are amazingly written
- ok that’s just my opinion but Luke’s voice (James Hayden Rodriguez for you to know) it’s just how i portrayed it
- there’s a tree on the hill upon half-blood hill (*sobs*)
- no but they actually sing a song about Thalia’s story and all and i’m gonna cry
- george salazar is a talented and awesome actor and singer,, he played Grover and Mr.D in the musical and he was so perfect for the role,,
- by the way you will love grover even more too
- like george’s version is impossible to not like - he will make you cry - BLUE FOOD!!!! THERE’S A SONG ABOUT BLUE FOOD!!!
- it’s funny and sad just like the books!!!
- luke got a great characterization (ok i know he’s not a good/great person but i love this character)
- there are the fricking parallels between him and percy
- the lady who plays sally and silena (and charon i think) is so talented!! Her voice is so lovely and strong!! (sadly i can’t remember her name, i just know i follow her on twitter)
- there’s a song about the prophecy!!! The one with “you shall face the traitor god” or something like that (sorry i don’t exactly know i didn’t read the book in english and it’s hard to remember from the song)
- this song rocks
- ok i just love the cast
- the girl who plays annabae kinda have a voice easy to dislike (personally i find it pretty fine and cool but i know some people may not like it) but the actress really understand the character!!! And she loves what she’s doing!!!
- they replace the poodle by a squirrel and it’s pretty much more realist
- that really is the adaptation we were waiting for
- chris is so percy
- like,, wow
- come on fam, if you like pjo and listening to music i don’t see why you wouldn’t hear that masterpiece
- it’s just like the book!!! But not really!!! In a good way!!!
- no but really they really really did well (because it must be so difficult to adapt something like pjo in a musical)
- so, you get it, they!!! Read!!! The!!! Books!!!!
- they did a perfect job characterize my children?? Like it *is* Percy, and Annie, and Grover, and Clarisse, and even Mr.D!! (he’s not my child tho)
- it’s so so good

Ok, i think i must end here, and if you wanna add something, feel free! And I don’t think there’s really any spoiler but if i’m wrong, tell me!

the ultimate shipper challenge: current OTPs [1/6] » Greer of Kinross & Lord Castleroy (Reign)

I’m too rich to care what people say.  What I care about is you.

Thief 4 or “Let’s complain about everything”

Just joined the thief fandom and nearly everyone is complaining about the game I loved so much. Guys. It’s a reboot after all, yeah the old games were great, but could we please just get along?

But the thing that annoys me the most is the fact that even some guys are complaining about the game, without playing it themselves. It’s a great game, the story is great and goddammit, Garrett is perfect.

It’s just my opinion but everyone complains about the fact that he wants to save the city. He fricking doesn’t. He just wants to save Erin, the girl who’s like a sister to him. The girl he found on the street, trying to steal from him, the girl he trained to become a thief like he is. The whole “saving the city”-thing is just kinda part of it. He even told Orion that he doesn’t really care about what happens in the city.

Next point: The map. Goddammit, everyone (no seriously everyone) is complaining about the map. Why? Because you actually KNOW where you going? Of course, I know the maps of the old games, and they were pretty good, even tho it takes a long time to figure out where you are and where you need to go. But guys, seriously? The map is very helpful in Thief 4 and it’s not like it tells you exactly where to go. It just shows you the place you need to go, that’s it. Find your way.

“You are not able to steal everything and-” stop right there. You can steal plenty of things. Paintings, Signs and all the usual stuff. So where’s the problem? Did you want to steal a couch? The whole fricking fireplace? Well okay then.

The thing with Jenivere and his eye: It’s a reboot, guys. They did it because the old story was kinda finished. They needed something new and I mean, how do you know that the lovely magpie Jenivere isn’t named after the woman Basso used to love?

The only thing I complain about is the fact that he doesn’t have a sword anymore. After finishing Thief 4 I started to play the other thief games and really.. I miss that sword … it’s so hard to fight. BUT as a thief you really don’t need to get into combat so.. whatever.

Times change and so does the game. It’s not exactly what it used to be, but it’s still a great game with a great story (if you understand it) with great atmosphere and lovely characters. So please, stop complaining. I don’t want to join a fandom full of hatred. I don’t want to join a fandom that’s torn apart. So come on, give it a try. If you like it: Great. If you don’t: Also great but please, stop making it worse than it is.

(That’s just my opinion, you don’t need to agree with it, I just needed to mention it. And yeah I’m from germany, so there might be some mistakes in the text, but hey, at least I tried.)