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My thoughts on “Rocknaldo”

“They’re adding mind controlling minerals into our water supply.

Omg please stop.


Steven listens to calming music to sleep omg same

Ronaldo please stop this is too much

Steven’s getting mad and i love this side of him?? yes my boy, release your agression.

Steven didnt deny that Connie was his girlfriend.

“Why don’t I get your mom’s gempen?” This quote alone knocked him down five respect pegs what the fuck man his moM IS DEAD-

“You truth’d him so hard he died” PUT THIS AMETHYST QUOTE ON MY GRAVE


I was really excited for this episode bit it was kinda disappointing, to be fair. I liked the “Ronaldo Prediction Of The Episode”- I’d actually like to see that become a key element, since one particulat crystal gem has a room full of water- Maybe its a member of the white diamond court trying to bring Pearl back? Id like to see that ^.^

Other than that, man this episode wasnt worth staying up until one in the morning.

Fandom Advent Day #3 - Old *Mute, Hate Plus

“…You were the biggest pain-in-the-ass in my entire career.” - Councillor Smith
“…Seconded,” - the entire Council, the crew, the player

I GOT REQUESTS TO DO BUT I PROCRASTINATED WITH MY A.I. QUEEN IM SORRY - I was legit crying as I played “Reading Comprehension: The Game” because *MUTE. So bitchy and extra. I love her! I want her to wife me really hard with her virtual security baton PLEASE

And I love YOU GUYS for sending me HILARIOUS FRICKING REQUESTS JFC I will go get started on them ASAP LMAO. YOU GUYS. 

The idea just wouldn’t leave me alone and even though I’ve never really written fanfiction, it just wouldn’t leave me alone so I wrote it.  And no one will probably read this, but I didn’t just write 2.5k words to not post it on the inernet (yes you heard that right).  So, if by some magic you do read this, I would really love to know what you think!  It’s Stiles and Lydia, about that nights where Stiles come to see Lydia because he thinks there’s something supernatural.  So I hope you like it (or read it i guess)

The Boy Who Cried Supernatural

The first time it happens, Lydia’s sure she’s dreaming. Because there’s no way- no fricking way- that Stiles Stilinski is standing over her bed, whispering her name so softly “Lydia, Lydia, Lydia” over and over again like a prayer. But Lydia blinks twice, long and hard and reaches without thinking, slowly reaches her hand out to lightly touch his cheek. It’s real and solid and there, and immediacy recoils her hand, a sharp contrast to her previous movements. Lydia’s sense of wonder is almost immediacy replaced by annoyance. 

“What are you doing her” she groans, still half-asleep. She rolls her head to the side, glancing at her alarm clock, “At 2:30 in the morning?”

“I found something,” he says, his voice anxious. The anxiety in his voices wakes her up. It’s 2:30 in the morning and he’s fully awake, and hell, that has to count for something right? 

“What?” She asks, sitting up, slightly terrified. She realizes that her pajamas are slight generous in a certain area on her chest. His gaze shifts for a moment, then back to her face. 

“Something…supernatural” he says, and then quickly corrects, “at least I think it’s supernatural. I need you and you’re all knowing banshee powers to tell me if it is or not”. 

“My banshee powers are not all knowing,” she grumbles, “Look away”. She looks back and he’s dutifully shut his eyes. She climbs out of bed and quickly slips on the nearest dress because of course Lydia Martin sleeps in her underwear. She cautiously looks back (his eyes are still closed, and he’s absentmindedly playing with his car keys) and she slips on the nearest pair of boots and grabs a jacket. 

“You can open them now,” and his eyes snap open. The car keys stop. His gives her a quick once over. 

“Let’s go,” he nods and they make their way to Stiles’ jeep. 


They’re riding in the jeep, stiles’ eyes darting back and forth, even though there’s no one in the road. The right hand is on the wheel, the left absentmindedly tap tap tapping on his left leg while his right one shakes. Lydia slightly smiles. Stiles can never sit still even for a second. She glances out the car, and catches her reflection in the rearview mirror. She pauses for a second, a realization striking her. This is the first time she’s ever been around Stiles without makeup on. 

“Stop it,” Stiles says, as though he’s reading her mind, “you look beauti-fine. You look fine.” Lydia turns away so he won’t see the blush that’s threatening to form on her face. 


The reach the “something supernatural” that Stiles was referring to, a clearing in the middle of the woods. There’s rock forming a perfect circle, and maybe it’s just because it’s 2:30, no 3:00 in the morning, but it looks creepy to Lydia too and she can see and sense Stiles’ worry. 

“How did you find this?” She whispers, touching on one of the rocks. 

“I…uh…” and now he looks embarrassed, and now he’s starting blushing and she realizes there’s only one way that he found something this isolated in the middle of the woods. 

“Do you patrol the woods?” she asks, and it sounds disbelieving but of course, she believes it, of course this idiot boy patrols the woods, looking out for the supernatural. 

“I…erhm…yes?” She laughs, and then the moment turns serious. She walks to the middle of the clearing and sits down. She closes her eyes, waiting. She doesn’t understand how this whole beacon for the supernatural, probably never will but it she sits still, clears her mind, and hopes to whatever god(s) might or might not be out there, usually something will come to her. 

So she sits and waits. And she waits. She can feel Stiles’ impatience radiation off of him in streams. 

“Well?” He asks impatiently, after silence that to his nervous mind was probably an eternity. 

“Nothing,” she says, almost relieved. 

“Nothing?” He asks in disbelief, “but the…the rocks…they…” he spins out pointing, “There has to be,” he whispers, and she senses urgency in his voice even though she doesn’t realize know why. 

“There’s not,” she says comfortingly, “I promise, Stiles. Now can you take me home? I would like to actually get some sleep tonight." 

She starts walking back to the car, and he follows her after a minute, but she notices that he keeps looking back at the forest, at the clearing. 


The second time it happens, a week later, she comes to a lot quicker. There’s no doubt, and there’s definitely no touching although there is a lot of groaning (from Lydia).  

"I think I found something,” he says, pacing the floor of her room. She glances at him skeptically, but she knows he’s not going away anytime soon, so she makes him look away, slips on acceptable clothing, and wordlessly walks to the car. 

“Let’s go,” she calls up to him. He’s still standing in her room, as if in a daze. He snaps too, and almost jumps following her to the car. 

The weird flickering street lamp turns out to be just that, a weird flickering street lamp. She tries not to notice the obvious disappointment that’s so clearly written all over his face. Why would he be disappointed? She puts that in the category of things to be dealt with later. She’s been doing that a lot these days. 


The third through tenth time he comes, she starts to get annoyed. He’s getting more desperate now, she can tell, even if she doesn’t understand why. 

It’s the flicker of the possibility of the supernatural that he overhears from his father’s walky talky one night (or many nights), or the weird behavior that their English teacher is exhibiting during class (“because you can never be too careful after what happened last time, can you Lydia?”).  Each time he’s more panicked, more frantic.  Each time he needs it to be real; she can sense that, even if she can’t sense anything supernatural anywhere he takes her.  


The fourteenth time it happens, she finally asks him.  

“Why Stiles?” she asks, after the leave another failure, a grocery store, where the people going in and out of the back room just a little too much in Stiles’ opinion.  The worst of it?  Spoiled milk. Which is nasty, Lydia thought mentally, but not supernasty (she’s been spending too much time with Stiles to think of a lame ass pun like that), “Why do you keep dragging me all over Beacon Hills?”  They get in his car, and he starts driving.  Right hand on the wheel, left on his left knee, taping, right leg shaking up and down.  

“I don’t know,” he mumbles, and Lydia shoots him a scathing look, “I don’t!” he screams in her face, and he looks immediately taken aback, “I don’t,” he says quietly, and it looks like he’s given up, “It’s just…we’ve been through so much.  One supernatural threat after another for the last four years and all of a sudden everything’s all well and dandy.  Well I don’t buy it Lydia!  Everything’s not well and dandy and you can’t tell me that there’s not another supernatural threat out there, waiting to attack us!  You can’t!”

“You’re right,” Lydia says quietly.  He looks at her, shocked, as if he never expected her to agree with it, “We have been though a lot, and there’s nothing wrong with being vigilant.  But…”

“But what?” Stiles says quickly, almost snapping but not quite.  

“But, Stiles, sometimes seeing patterns when they’re not there is not a good thing,” she says, as gently as she can.  

“So what, you think I’m crazy?” he says, definitely snapping this time.  Lydia licks her lips, takes a deep breath.  

“No,” she says, slowly, carefully, “I think you’re scared.”

“Scared?” he replies, not looking at her face, not meeting her eyes.  

“Sometimes the future is less scary than the supernatural,” Lydia says, giving him a meaningful look. They’re in Lydia’s driveway by this point, stopped, but the engine’s still running, the only break in the silence that forms.  Lydia knows Stiles doesn’t want to talk to anyone about this, much less her, so she does the only thing she knows she can do, leaves.

“Goodnight, Stiles” she says, slamming the car door behind her.


Lydia talks to Scott and Malia the very next day.

“Stiles has been coming to visit me almost every night,” she blurts out.  Scott’s eyebrows raise, and a slow grin starts to form on his face.  

“Well, Lydia, I can’t say this is unexpected,” he starts but Lydia cuts him off.

“Not like that,” she whispers forcefully, hitting him on the arm, not enough to hurt, but enough to know that she’s annoyed, “He’s been dragging my ass out of bed to look at things he think are supernatural every night for the past two weeks!”  Scott groans.  

“I know,” Scott says, and Lydia shoots him a patented Lydia glare.

“You know?” she growls.

“Who do you think he came to before you?” Scott asks, and Lydia feels a pain of guilt that she wasn’t his first choice, but she suppresses it before she can even fully register it, “I said no, of course, and since I’m not exactly a beacon of the supernatural myself, he wasn’t too interested in me.  I think he actually just stopped by on his way to your house,” and he says this as if he knows about the pain in her stomach that just dissipated when he spoke.  

“What do I do about it?” she asks desperately.  Malia, who had been unusually quiet, spoke up.

“Have you found anything supernatural?” she asks.  

“No, of course not,” Lydia shakes her head.  

“What if…you did,” Malia said, “Not anything serious or ‘end of the world’ variety like we usually deal with, but something small,” she adds quickly.  

“A small supernatural problem?” Lydia snorts, “Malia that’s…not actually half bad,” Lydia considers thoughtfully.  

“No way,” Scott says instantly, “There’s no way I’m tricking Stiles.”

“You won’t be,” Lydia says, “I will.”


He comes the next night, just like he has all the others.  There’s a little more spring in her step as he leads her to tonight’s destination…the hospital.  

He leads her to an empty room.  

“They were treating a girl in here,” he says, “They recovered her from a lake.  She almost drowned…but somehow she didn’t.  It was a miracle.”  The word “miracle” sounds like a disease when he speaks it and she looks at him.

“So what do you think it is?” she asks, “Mermaids?  Sirens?” It’s a joking that Lydia’s not used to making, but she’s trying to get rid of the permanent frown that has taken up residence on his face.

“Maybe,” he says quietly. Lydia moves over to bed, smoothing it down before taking a seat.  She closes her eyes.  She frowns. She can hear Stiles’ breathing get faster.

“What?” he asks sharply, “Lydia what?  What it is? What do you feel?”

“I don’t know,” she says, her eyes still closed, “But I think that there definitely could be something here.”

“Bullshit,” Stiles says, and then mimics her, “’I think that there definitely could be something here’. Bullshit, Lydia.”  Lydia’s eyes shoot open the first time he says bullshit, and she licks her lips.  She’s trying to find the words, to say “no I’m telling the truth” but she doesn’t want to lie to him and she’s sure it’s written all over her face.  

“I’m sorry,” she says. She looks down, opens her mouth, but he cuts her off again.

“Fuck Lydia,” he says, “You don’t have to pretend to spare my feelings okay?  I’m not some kid, okay?”

“Stiles-“ she starts.

“You know how I knew you were lying?” he’s yelling now, and it hurts, but she’s a big girl, and she can sit there and take it, “Because it only took you five fucking seconds to come to a conclusion.  If you thought there was something there, you would sit there and make sure because you wouldn’t want to play me like that.  Because you’d want to be sure because you’re always so careful and meticulous about things like this.  So next time you try to screw me over, at least make it convincing!” She stares at the ground.  She doesn’t know what to say.  Finally, she looks up and all the anger has disappeared from his body.  Now, he just looks sad.  

“Stiles-“ she starts again, but he cuts her off.

“C’mon let’s just go,” he says.  They don’t talk the whole ride home.  Lydia was sure that he was going to leave her there in the hospital for a moment there, but he didn’t.  And he wouldn’t, a little voice in her brain says.

His driving habits are the way they usually are, right hand on the wheel, left on his left knee, taping, his right leg shaking and Lydia wonders how many other people notice his driving habits.  Or how many other people know about her habits as well as Stiles.  

Sometimes she wondered if anybody else knows her as well as Stiles does.  But tonight, she knows that he does.  


He leaves her alone for a week after that, but he eventually comes back for the sixteenth time.  

“Lydia,” he says, but this time his voice sounds different.  She resists opening her eyes for as long as possible.  

“What are you, the boy who cried supernatural?” she replies, trying to sound annoyed, but she can’t resist smiling.  She can almost see his face crinkling up to a smile, and sure enough, when she opens her eyes, it’s there.

“Something like that,” he says, almost wistfully.

“Stiles,” she says quietly, “I’m sorry I lied to you.”  The last week, they’d been speaking less and she knew it was because of this sudden weight that had come between them because of last week.  And she missed him.  It surprised her how much at first.  When she walked into school and he didn’t meet her the first day that feeling in the depth of her stomach had returned and taken up permanent residence there.

“I know,” he said, “And I know you did it for the right reason, but Lydia,” she looks at him and he looks at her, “Don’t ever lie to me about this again.  Please Lydia-“ and his voice is desperate now, just like it’s been desperate for the last two weeks, there’s been too much desperate lately, and Lydia is sick of it.

“I won’t,” she promises and he looks at her and he knows that she believes him.  Then the silence hangs there for a minute.  

“Let’s go.”  And she gets up out of bed this time without protesting because she knows he needs this, and she’s here for him, she will always be here for him.  

Because this is their little routine right now, they’re Stiles and Lydia, he’s the human who shouldn’t know better but does, that human who always figured it out, the one who is attracted to the supernatural, and she’s the supernatural.

So they go off into the night, like vigilantes, the boy and the banshee, the girl and the boy who cried supernatural, saving the world from a threat that doesn’t exist.  

Okay I just watched BAPs comeback-stage AND HOLY FUCKING HELL. They’re so good!! They do a great job at filling Yongguks spot (we miss you leader but stay resting~). Everything’s on point.
Zelo is straight up slaying my heart (AS USUAL) with rapping and those dance moves. Himchan is just drop dead gorgeous at everything he does. Youngjaes singing is a blessing, as is Jongups and ofc his dancing.
AND DAEHYUN THAT FRICKING HIGH NOTE JUST STRAIGHT UP KILLED ME. I literally screamed and grabbed my heart.

I am so proud of our boys, I’m so proud over their hard work. I love them so much.

Johann! You are a lucky asshole. 

Berk is hard up. :(

Toothless willing to die with Hiccup, broke my fricking heart. Their words. Their love. Oh mer gawd.

I wish Astrid would have pounded on Hiccup’s chest. Wail on him in anquish. Make him spit up that water. 

How does Fishlegs even use those giant hands. But he was was so gentle with Hiccup. Hiclegs. 

Ryder trained the seashockers to haul him around like fricking King Triton. 

Rewatching Pacific Rim

I still don’t understand why people insist on casting non-Australians as Australians when a) our accent seems to be almost impossible to mimic and b) there are so many, so very many Australians in Hollywood. And there’s a fricking movie studio in Sydney that is regularly used by blockbusters so it’s not like it’s hard to find us.

Also, while an Australian called ‘Herc’ strains credulity, one called ‘Chuck’ breaks it beyond fixing. He would be a Charlie. Let me tell you. Stop giving Australian characters stereotypically American names like Chuck or Hank 2K16.

Also Mako Mori remains utterly boss.

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ofmiceandmegan  asked:

WINNIE YOU MAKE ME SO FRICKING SOFT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH❣️❣️❣️ but literally like bless you?¿? so much??? your texts make me so happy because you get the boys SPOT ON. you capture their personalities so well i'm so?¿? ❣️ pls keep being precious, our leader.💞💞💞

THANK UUUUUU my angel babie❣️❣️❗️this is so cute & such a BIG compliment thank u so much for liking my texts & for being so nice to me !!!!! i’ll keep working hard for u !!! i love uuuuuuu ❤️🌹

fan art for @ss-shitstorm’s wonderful transformers fic, Blackbird. <-link

i definitely 100% recommend it (but be warned there’s like, sex!!, and violence!) and also everything else they ever wrote, forever.

i love robots but I can’t draw ‘em for shit, and the scale’s all fricked up, and also starscream would probably NEVER tolerate wearing a human for a hat but i tried my best so I’m not gonna give myself too hard a time!! hope you like it fam


The first of my Katsucon Pics~ The lovely, amazing, and incredibly hard working @yukipri!!  (And let me tell you, her cosplay? 100/100 I wish I had gotten a close up it because its spectacular!  Those shinies you see? Thousands of rhinestones painstakingly put on. Those glows? Actual lights! She even had glowing blue roses!)

((Did I mention she’s a fantastic artist? Because that is also true! Her YoI work is magnificent and so creative omg) 

But she is super kind and friendly and let me take pictures with her!! <3 

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I just spent my whole evening reading through the anthology and holy crap, it had everything anyone could ever hope for. Angst? Check. Fake angst? Check (bless you rheina i would've cried for real if akagi rlly sunk). Comedy? Fluff? Spicy frick fracking? Check, check, check! ! I have so much more to say about everything I read but I don't want to spam you LMAO. I guess the best way for me to put it is that I live for discovering new artists, especially of my ship girls. (cont)

The ship girls that we all love. And this yuri anthology is the best thing that ever happened. Seriously. I know it was probably super hard to get everyone to meet the deadlines and what not. But please know that all your effort, time (and tears?) were worth it!! *Thank you* so much for hosting, and another big thank you to all the artists that participated. I can’t describe how much I enjoyed reading and gushing over all your different styles. I fucking love kancolle, ugh. Bless all of you.

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY glad you loved it! It really brings a smile to my face to know that me and the contributors have created something that yuri lovers (or just passerbys) love!!! I’m very happy that you enjoyed it!!!! I REALLY DO APPRECIATE IT <333

The Shipping Corner ~ Dipcifica

I swear to god, this ship will be the death of me.

Whether it’s Canon, Reverse, Vampire & Hunter, Anti-gravity, etc (Yes, there are more than enough AUs to g around in Gravity Falls)

^(Not sure if the other one was Mabel or Pacifica, so here’s a replacement picture)

I. Ship. It.

SO HARD!!!!!!!!

They’re so fricking cute together, they compliment each other, their interactions are hilarious. I’m in too deep.

Now I will say this, I never shipped this until the ‘Northwest Mansion Noir’, but you can’t really blame me. The first time we see Pacifica, she’s an utter bully. She bribes McGucket to win, she insulted Mabel every chance she got, and she was horrible. She was the complete opposite of Mabel and I loved 

In ‘Northwest Mansion Noir’, we finally learn about Pacifica’s home life, and it’s horrible. Her parents force her to obey them by using a bell. This is a form of emotional abuse. Dipper comes back in to play to help the Northwest’s with a ghost problem. Through him, we get to see how much Pacifica is afraid of her parents. She was so freaked out to step on the white carpet with mud on her shoes because her parents would be mad, that she’d rather almost get turned into wood. 

And then Dipper was the one to build her back up and to give her confidence to defy her parents and pull the lever. He helped her to be strong and to choose a different path than just another “link in the world’s worst chain”

And that’s why I support this. Not just because they look cute together, but because they can actually help each other. Dipper builds Pacifica up and Pacifica lets Dipper be himself around her (and it’s about time to stop chasing Wendy). 

I give this couple 10/10 Hearts. 

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I will do down with this ship.

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so u rly love yuuri?? thanks pal ive just got to the part of my dash that is just you reblogging yuuri for MILES like holy frick thats some dedication (im not complaining)

i don’t know why i’m laughing so hard at this x’DDD yes pal i really REALLY love yuuri and besides is it even possible to not love that precious cinnamon roll ;w; he’s such a sweethearttt~

This is not the first time Pearl has had the opportunity to touch Peridot but it is the first time she’s been able to really use the time to examine her strange make up so close. Her fingers are cold to the touch but she can feel the thrumming of whatever gemtech that powered them just under the surface; like blood under the skin but not quite. The organic parts of Peridot weren’t like that, they were just as soft and warm as real flesh.
It was an odd juxtaposition of textures that was so much like Peridot herself: Hard talk and soft vulnerabilities.
[Verneuil Process on AO3][Art by Mintycanoodles]

I commissioned this lovely, omg so fricking lovely, piece of art from the unbelievably talented mintycanoodles for a Pearlidot fic I wanted to write. She blew me away with how amazing it is and you should all go and buy her art too because it’s worth every penny!!

emo child gets first friend

i. i believe i am blinking back tears. honestly, honestly. you wanted a feel-good swr episode? here you go. sure, there’s a little theft, ptsd, and murder involved but, hey, that’s Chopper love him or leave him.



  • Hera does the classic “look me in the eyes when i am talking to you, young man” on Chopper
  • Chopper bitchslaps that Imperial so hard he is down and OUT
    • and TAZES him ‘cause no kill like overkill, right, Chop?
  • mass murder as a hobby: confirmed, as if we needed more evidence
    • you have to see it believe it, friends
    • Chopper’s a war vet, guys, he’s a VET like Kanan and Zeb omg
  • watch Chopper leave a squadron of stormtroopers to starve to death in the midst of space as he and his new pal jettison off in the space triangle
  • CONFIRMED: Hera uses everyone’s full name when they’re in trouble

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Happy 21st Birthday Jisoo!

Dec 30 1995; the day you were born and when the world looked brighter. You’ve grown up so much the past few months, it’s quite unbelievable! You deserve to rest up on your birthday, you’ve worked so hard the past few years. Your soothing voice and ‘gentleman-like’ personality never fails to make us smile and love you. We hope to stay beside you and support you in the future! No matter what happens, we love you, Hong Jisoo ♡♡♡

Unexpected - Valdaya Mini Bang

:D So here it is and wow this was hard to get out on time. I got sick several times throughout but here it is and I love it I’m really happy with how it turned out. Which is partly responsible to my amazing beta crazyinlovevaldaya who even though she has been so busy took the time to read through this so it was awesome for you guys. And fair warning this is over 15 thousand words.

And a big big big big big thanks and you are fricking awesome to my collaborative partner mspurple23 who made a video that is just so fricking perfect for this fic and I have so much respect for her. 

Video here 

As always hope you enjoy and let me and mspurple23 know what you think :D

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So I just happened to zoom in on a GIF I found earlier and I found something that blew my fricking mind

Akane fucking picks Kougami up, HOLDS HIM THERE WHILE HE TRIES TO KICK FREE, and nearly body slams him (i’m not sure, he may break free at the last second but STILL..fact is she was able to lift and nearly throw him into the floor…)

It’s hard to see with the pic quality but good lord. SHE WANTS HER DAMN MAN TO LISTEN TO HER AND COME BACK


picture of gif I took were originally posted by Sugawarakatashi

Girl Meets Texas

whats sad is that Girl Meets world is a wonderful show and the writing, acting, directing, casting all of it is beautiful and magical.(im not saying you dont think so) but there all getting overlooked with this whole ship war. im 18 years old and all my life i have watched disney, and you know what disney does. they play you. dont get me wrong i ship hard i shipped rucas, then lucaya. look at austin and ally, they strung us along for a lonng time and when they finally got together, they FRICKING BROKE UP THE NEXT EPISODE, I MEAN WHAT THE F…. (got carried away) then they got back together again but stayed together. what im trying to say is the girl meets world writers are writers so they know how to write stories that sweep you away. dont let them and the ships ruin your experience with girl meets world, if you have a favorite character and love that character so much shouldnt all you want is their happeniness no matter with who or just by them selves. i mean the actors want you to enjoy the show as well

-thank you. 

(sorry about my spelling and grammar)

-message me if you want :)