i love you sidney!

This anecdote from the Rangers feed is hilarious. Sid was probably caught between being offended because that’s how you generally react to chirping and whispering that he agrees and would totally pick Geno first (as evidenced by exhibit A below).

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I love how much Crosby stans love him like, there’s just a lot of love and respect for the dude out there and yeah, also some gentle mockery, but you’re all so ride or die for him and say the absolute sweetest things abt him even on photos where he kind of looks like a foot and I just it makes me smile


Look at my nerdy ghost son in this episode. He is fearless and I’m proud of him.

He really should’ve been allowed to be an ally. And I wish we got to see more of his relationship with Dora. I seriously doubt she’d let just anybody right on her back like that. They’ve gotta be pretty good friends (which would be great for both of them since they were both treated pretty rotten in life.)

Dora ends up being friends with Sam, too. That gives them plenty of reason to give us more of them. Give me Sidney!

more universe swap ideas:

Sidney and Geno are dating, but one day they have an argument. Maybe it’s over a dumb penalty one of them took, and Sidney is chewing Geno out for it, and that led to Geno accusing Sidney caring more about hockey than their relationship. Sidney is mad enough to be in tears (how could Geno ever think that of him?) as he storms off to their bedroom and slams the door shut, and Geno is still pissed so he sleeps on the couch.

Then Geno wakes up in a universe where not only does he still play for the Pens, he’s the captain. But Sidney is nowhere to be seen. In fact, no one’s ever heard of Sidney Crosby. He begins to panic.

“You just fuck with me now,” Geno says to Flower. Tanger and some of the rookies give him a nervous look. “No, really, where Sid. Not funny anymore.”

“We don’t know who that is, G,” Phil says. “Really.”

He’s about to have a panic attack when the Pens PR suddenly come up and ask if he’s ready to go deliver the season tickets. Geno, in a daze, lets him kind of guide him wherever, and soon he’s on his way, with the team and the Pens admin, to a little suburban house. 

Geno does not want to deliver tickets, but he knocks and he’s ready to kind of shove the tickets at them and leave. Then the door opens and–

“Oh my God,” Sidney says. He’s in jeans and a Malkin jersey, but it’s Sid, his Sidney, not missing or dead and oh God, he’s right here. “You’re Evgeni Malkin. You actually came.”

“Sid,” Geno whispers. 

He’s about to pull Sidney in for a kiss when a little boy peeks out from behind Sidney’s leg. “Dad, that’s Geno,” the boy says in wonder.

Geno watches, stunned, as Sidney picks up the boy and kisses his cheek. “This is my son,” Sidney says, smiling broadly. “Come in, come in–”

And Geno is led into this bizarro world where he meets Sidney’s fucking husband, the rest of the kids, Taylor, and Sidney’s parents, and he has to pretend that he isn’t losing it watching his boyfriend live a suburban life. Apparently, in this universe, Sidney had not played hockey after Shattuck. He went to university in Pittsburgh, married his college sweetheart (the football captain, to be exact. He’s handsome and tall and friendly, and it’s clear that he adores Sidney. Geno hates him immediately), has three kids with him who all adore the Penguins, and teaches at the local elementary school. And it’s breaking his heart watching Sidney live this perfect life, and knowing that he has no part in it.

anyways i want those angsty movie scenes where Geno keeps asking Sidney out on not-dates. It’s getting late, and Geno’s driving Sidney back home after yet another dinner.

“Sid, wait,” Geno says, as Sidney’s unbuckling his seat belt. Sidney looks at him in question. “Don’t go yet.”

“I still have some papers to grade–”

Geno covers Sidney’s hand with his, in one bold, sudden move. “Please don’t go.”

Sidney looks stunned, then pained. “Geno,” Sidney says softly. “Geno, I think I know what this is.”

“Sid, please–”

“I have a family,” Sidney says. “You’ve been–you’re an incredible hockey player–and–and a wonderful friend, I mean–you’re Evgeni Malkin–”

“I love you,” Geno says.

Sidney bristles. “I’m going home, Geno,” he says coldly. “Good night–”


“Let go–”

“I’m show–” Geno fumbles with his phone, which miraculously had all the photos from his world. Photos of his Sidney kissing his cheek, of them lazing around after workouts, Geno and Sidney’s happiest moments. 

He presses play on a random video, startling Sidney into freezing as in-video Sidney’s voice asks cheerily, “Geno, what should we do on your Cup day?” 

“You captain,” in-video Geno responds. “You decide.”

“But it’s your day,” in-video Sidney whines. “Really, we can do anything. I promise.”

“Okay. You be nice to me all day.”

“I’m always nice to you.”

“No nagging. More kisses.”

“I don’t nag!” in-video Sidney laughs, then kisses Geno’s nose. “I just want your day to be perfect.”

“Everyday perfect,” in-video Geno responds, stroking Sidney’s cheek, as the Sidney on the screen softens considerably. 

“How is this possible?” Sidney whispers, entranced by the video. “Wha–I don’t–”

“I told you,” Geno says tiredly. “I’m boyfriend in other world.”

People think I’m driven. Hopefully they look at me and they see hard work and determination. But, if they’d look closer, they’d see something more. Every time I fly down the ice, with every single shot I take, and with every roar of the crowd, they’d realize there’s nothing I love more than playing hockey.
—  “I’m Sidney Crosby and I’m #MadeofHockey.”

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I am still waiting for the Darkest Timeline mob verse. Where Sid is the endgame. His sister has already destroyed the big name bosses in the midwest, and now they are all waiting for Sid to knock out the remaining families and operations on the East Coast before making their move. Sid's mother is a patient woman, but she won't wait forever. His time in Pittsburgh is coming to a close...

Sidney has fallen in love with his husband for real at this point, and he’s clutching to an injured, nearly unconscious Geno, trying to use his body to shield as much of Geno as he can and begging hysterically for his family to spare his husband as he looks up at his mother and sister and their henchman from the ground. 


Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

I’m the captain, they can’t do this to me - Sidney Crosby

Request: Can you do a Sidney Crosby imagine based off that story that his team had to hide his skates so that he’d take the day off. Like he come home and cuddles and spends a lazy day with his gf or something?

A/N: This is my first request and I don’t know how to feel about it. I hope you like it and again, I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes.

Word count: 860

Warnings: nope, I think it is all fine.

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“Call in sick and stay with me” I beg, half asleep. I’m exhausted and all I want to do is stay home and cuddle with my boyfriend.

The All Star weekend had been really fun but we got to Pittsburgh pasted midnight and now my boyfriend is going around our shared room trying to get ready for practice at 7.30 in the morning.

“I can’t, baby. I’m the captain” he laughs at me, leaning on and kissing my forehead.

“They will survive without you” I grumble.

“I need to practice if I want to be better than everyone, babe” he says and I snort, of course the best player on the League uses that excuse.

“Whatever Sid, whatever” you pretend to be mad, turning your back at him.  I’m not actually angry, I know hockey is his top priority and I knew what I was signing into when I started going out with him, but it still stinks a little.

“Hey, grumpy pants” he says, putting his hand on my shoulder and forcing me to lie on my back. I look at him and he cages me with his body. “I love you” he whispers, kissing the tip of my nose and then my lips.

“I love you, too” I say back and he gives me a smile. “Go” I push him off of me and he laughs.

“Now you are kicking me out”

“Yeah, you don’t let me sleep” he rolls his eyes and leaves the room. Couple minutes later I hear his car leaving the house and I sigh, there is no way I’m falling back asleep.

I get up and grab his shirt from the floor, ready to put it with the pile of clothes that needed to go to the dry cleaner when I smell his cologne and I can’t help it but to peel my tank top off and put it on. Ugh, when have I become such a cheeseball? I start unpacking our bags from the weekend, piling up clothes for laundry and putting away the unused ones. I’m taking a huge ball of clothes downstairs when I hear a car parking inside of the garage and second later Sid opens the garage door.

“That must have been the shortest practice on history” I comment, dropping all the clothes in the laundry room and going back where he is standing.

“They have hidden my skates…”

“They did what?” I say, and I can’t stop myself from laughing.

“It isn’t funny. They have hidden my skates so I can’t practice. They are forcing me to take the day off” he tells me, leaning on the kitchen counter.

“I think it is pretty funny…” I say, looking at him from the other side of the counter.

“I’m the captain, they can’t do this to me” and I just can’t put it together and I burst into laughter. “Do you think this is funny?” he questions me and I nod, still giggling.

I don’t even see him moving until he is in front of me and I squeal, turning around and trying to run away. I get to the stairs when he wraps his arms around my waist and lifts me off the ground.

“Are you gonna laugh now?” he whisper on my ear, squishing me against his chest. “The shirt you are wearing is fairly expensive and you are wrinkling it”

“Says the guy who left it on the floor”

“You got me there” he kisses my temple and carefully puts me back on the ground. “What do you want to do today?”

“Spend the day being lazy with my boyfriend the workaholic” I joke, walking towards the kitchen and grabbing some eggs, sausages and hash browns from the fridge “breakfast?”

He nods and we make breakfast together. We don’t get to do it often and it feels good to know that we have the whole day to be slow, not having to be on a schedule. Sid takes care of the eggs while I set the table, make coffee and put the hash browns and sausage in the oven.

“This is nice” he says when we sit next to each other and start eating.

“You should’ve called in sick when I told you to”

“There you are right” and he grabs my hand to kiss my knuckles.

We spend the rest of the morning and great part of the afternoon on the couch, binge watching tv shows and just cuddling and enjoying each other.

“How about we go out to dinner?” he offers, shifting a little bit so my head is resting right on his shoulder.

“What about take out?” I ask, not wanting to move.

“Baby, we can’t just lay here all day”

“Why not? I’m comfortable, you are comfortable, why moving?”

“Because we can’t be couch potatoes”

I turn around, facing him.

“Please…” I pull my best puppy eyes and he sighs on defeat.

“Pizza or Chinese?” He asks and I smile at him, kissing his cheek.

“I love you” I tell him, pecking his lips.

“I love you too, baby girl”

Sidney Crosby #1

First Sid of many, feel free to send me requests :)

Word Count: 1,565

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Mania. That’s the one word you’d use to explain the world you were living right about now. Even from down the hallway you could hear the cheers from the away team dressing room. There were people everywhere you looked, shoulders bumping with strangers who wore the same grin that you had on your face while you turned to walk into the dressing room. 

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