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Fic: The Family Representative(s)

Summary: “Miss Smoak declines to make any comments at this time.”

In which Oliver and Thea do not appreciate it when Susan tries to mask her reporter agenda with innocent conversation.

A/N: This is all rushed and not beta’d so please forgive any errors. I wanted to get this out before tonight’s ep aired, but I’m bad at writing on a one day deadline.

This is a little scene I kept thinking about and really wanted to see something like it on the show. Or maybe I just need my Felicity/Thea fix. Also, I am very inspired by Thea’s dislike of Susan.

Takes place at some point post 5x13 (and possibly 5x14 depending on how that episode goes) But no spoilers involved.


“Oh, I didn’t know you two were close.” Susan commented, her tone was casual but there was a hint of judgement to it.

“We are.” Thea stated, tightening her grip on Felicity’s arm. “Felicity’s my best friend. She’s practically my sister.”

There was an awkward pause among the group. Felicity looked away, avoiding any eye contact with Susan while Oliver sent a warning look to his sister’s direction . Thea didn’t deter, though, she kept her gaze steady on Susan. The two looked like they were having a staring battle.

“That’s sweet.” Susan responded. Her attention then turned to Felicity, a sly smile on her lips. “It’s nice to see you out, though. I’m sure things have been difficult for you ever since Detective Malone’s disappearance.”

Everyone tensed at the mention of his name. Felicity was still unable to look at them, though this time it was with the hollow memory of Billy that kept her from paying attention . Oliver had his attention turn to Susan, sending her a warning look. Thea, herself, glared at the women.

Susan didn’t seem to take notice in the Queen sibling’s looks as she continued to pay attention to Felicity .

“It must be hard, you guys looked pretty serious back at the Christmas party.” She continued as she analyzed Felicity’s reaction. “He’s been gone for about a month now and the ACU isn’t confident that he’s still alive. How do you feel about that?”

A threatening look crossed Oliver’s face at her intrusive question. He was about to make a comment when Thea beat him to it.

“Miss Smoak declines to make any comments regarding Detective Malone.” Thea said in a professional tone, though the warning behind it was clear.

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I need to be in this fandom soon it’s wonderful. What should I watch/read/listen to? I’ve seen the show and have the soundtrack, but was wondering if there are specific YouTube things I should watch? I’m about to spend around an hour watching backstage vlogs but I need content for this fandom ok??

Arrow's sins.

I made a resolution mid season that if I didn’t have anything good to say about an episode of Arrow, I would keep it to myself and just focus on the positives. Positives included Thea and Felicity teaming up to take down SW. SW getting fired. Sorry I have no sympathy for the woman. That’s it. Well, I could probably come up with more but I’m just too frustrated right now. All I’m going to say about Oliver is that I am on the outs with him right now. He’s been annoying me for a few episodes now, mainly because he’s been acting dumb. This latest episode just took the biscuit. I just…I can’t with him right now. The hypocrisy is infuriating and I would really love it if the writers could return our Oliver please. This dude is an imposter. Don’t get me wrong, I would never say that he is perfect and I am well aware of the bad decisions he has made in the past, but this season is just too much. SW asks if he’s the GA, he jokes it off and seriously thinks that will be enough to throw off her suspicions about him. Oliver, she is a reporter. That ain’t gonna cut it, buddy. Then when she tells him that she was fired, that someone hacked her laptop and discredited her, Oliver is completely justified in being upset for her. However, she then goes on to inform him that while she was dating him, she was investigating him. That she knows about Bratva and that he wasn’t always on the island the whole time. Not to mention her thinking he was the Green Arrow. Now, if this was Oliver Queen, the character that we’ve all grown to love over 5 years, alarm bells would be ringing and his fingers would be twitching ready to snap some necks to keep his secret. I know he’s come a long way, but he did snap someone’s neck in 5x01 so he hasn’t changed that much lol. I know he’s trying to move forward and be better, but this isn’t just about Oliver anymore and hasn’t been for a long time. If he is exposed, the whole team will be too. So how can he be mad at Felicity (Step off, Sunshine) and Thea for doing exactly what he would’ve done? He should just be glad that Thea isn’t still pit crazy with bloodlust or else SW would be wearing 3 arrows in her chest. I know I’m probably being irrational about this, I blame SW. She just bores me. I’m so ready to just move along and lose the deadweight. I’m bored. Also, it’s nice to see the writers sticking to their word about writing away from romance on the show; SW and Oliver have no romantic chemistry whatsoever. It’s like watching paint dry. Actually, that would be more entertaining. End rant. Sorry. Just scroll past this. I needed to get it out. Going back to my bubble. Ending with a positive.

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Happy first anniversary, ASTRO! Please never stop smiling and shining like the beautiful stars you are! You all show us so much love and I can only hope that each and every one of you feel extremely loved and cared for in return. Aroha will always be right by your side for the bright future to come. Let’s go together forever!~ ♡٩(^▿^)۶♡


> Chen starts tearing up again, and Suho takes the chance to gather him up in his arms as Chen buries his face in his chest.
> [Chen] “I can’t be mad at you. But I… I just want my Junmyeon back…”
> [Suho] “And he’s here, somewhere. I just… need help finding him again, and I don’t think I can do it without you. Can I ask for your help? Please… show me how to love you again.”
> Suho gently eases Chen’s grip from clutching tightly at his shirt. He lets go of one hand to tilt Chen’s face upwards by his chin until their lips are barely touching.
> [Chen] “If I show you, will you remember it…?”
> [Suho] “Pinky promise.”

Commenting On Fic

DO: Say thank you if you enjoyed a fic.

DO: Tell writers which bit you like best (If you quote bits I’ll love you forever)

DO: Encourage them and praise their efforts/show your eagerness for their next project.

DON’T: Overshare. Knowing my fic resonated with you is great. Knowing the intimate details of your medical conditions/sexual experiences/personal life leaves me struggling to work out how to reply in a meaningful way.

DON’T: Be rude. Writers are human too. If you want to criticise, make sure your primary motivation is helping them improve, rather than showing off your intellectual elitism. 

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do you know the show Bob's Burgers? In one episode it talked about a two butt goat and when I heard it I said "Is it Tord as a goat?" XD

I love that show! :D


Oh dear god, yOU’RE RIGHT.

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I absolutely respect everyone's opinion and am highly aware of the fact that it doesn't have to agree with mine, but I cannot understand how can a person watch all episodes of New Girl and come to a conclusion that Nick and Jess shouldn't be together. I get it that they don't care as much as we do, because let's face it, we're kind of obsessed, but to think that they should stay apart is beyond me. Like, have we been watching the same show?

Come off anon so I can love you.

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Whenever I see you on my dash my mood lifts a little, not matter what mood I'm in. :) You are a very wonderful person. Thank you for being so kind and compassionate all the time. I hope the love you show the world is given back to you. <3

Wow, this is so sweet!! Thank you so much for this sweet message!!


HAPPY SELFIE NIGHT!!! i’m actually posting a selfie alongside one of my *surprise!!!* senior pictures! my one year old niece smiled for a picture with me and i thought it was adorable and my senior picture this week is outside “The Shoe” which is the stadium at the school i’m going to next year! i also unfortunately can’t watch the episode tonight but i will watch it first thing tomorrow and then cry with all of you i promise

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Guys I love you all but there are other characters on this show. We need an effing spin off of just Aaron and Robert for sure tho but…

They (being everyone that’s not us and probably most of the GA) ALREADY accuse Emmerdale of being the Robert and Aaron show, lol. I think the show is pacing itself? It sounds like more and more stories will start kicking off so…

Plus this prison storyline is here for a while so I think we are going to have to deal with the slow burn of it.

Which honestly ugh but yeah.