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I feel like I’m cheating on Seungri, but I needed a bit of cheering up and I’ve seen every episode of Men’s Bar Food too many times to really be healthy, so I decided to watch Daesung be adorable in Japan instead.  And he is too adorable.  If I knew him in real life I’d be so in love with him.  He’s so cheesy and I don’t even care. 

Thank you, Daesung, for saving me from a miserable evening.  Also please marry me.

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How Would BB react if their s/o (also an Idol) writes a Song about them (everyone knows that it is about them) and their s/o would performe this Song live at an award Show?

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I think GD would be really surprised at first that you were going to perform it. Maybe he knew you’d written it, but thought it would only be between you. Nevertheless, he is so proud. And when you sang it infront of everyone, he couldn’t help but fall in love with you even more.

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He would be so proud for the fact that you had written a song about him, but also that you were performing it. He cannot help but blush, and he enjoys your performance to the fullest loving you even more if possible.

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Dae would also be so proud of his girl! Totally see him being all happy, clapping and all just watching you perform the song. Both touched by it, and all excited he probably would want you to sing it for him a million times more.

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Proud proud proud!!! He would totally just show you off like - “That’s my girl”, loving the song extremely much. And he would too feel the love for you entirely more.

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He would be a little shy about it at first, not because he didn’t like the fact that you performed a song about him. But because he is used to swoon you over with his songs. Now it was your turn. But he still loved everything about you, and the song and was really touched by it.

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BIGBANG Reaction ~ Finding Out You Have an Idol Brother

JI’m literally going to spam y’all with BIGBANG stuff bc I got my G Dragon ‘LOSER’ Styled jacket today and I’m in love with it and I’ve too like 150+ selfies in it omg.

They got so long i dont know how but I love this group more than life itself bYE


When you told Seungri you would be hanging out with your brother for the day, he wouldn’t expect to stream on his instagram feed of you and Oh Sehun from EXO. Seungri would try and pick out where you were from the pictures and do some slight stalking, finding you and Sehun sitting with coffee’s in your hand’s and sitting at table outside a small cafe.

Seungri would go full on jealous boyfriend mode and wait back in your apartment for you to come back, bombing you with questions like “So how do you know Sehun?” “Are you two close romantically??” which grossed you out a bit and made you explain that he was your younger brother.

G Dragon:

Jiyong and yourself was attending yet, another party and you were almost starting to lose interest in it when you saw your brother, Shownu of Monsta X by the drinks table and excused yourself from your boyfriend who was currently already talking to someone else. While making small talk with Shownu, 

Jiyong had turned his head just as you gave your brother a half hearted hug which made the boyfriend quite jealous. When he approached you, Jiyong slung his arm around your waist and looked at Shownu with a weak smile, suddenly taken by surprise when you introduced the previous male as your brother.


When attending the MAMAs, Daesung couldn’t help but smile the whole way through BIGBANG’s performance when you loudly sang along where you sat with the idols and your group, especially when you were singing louder at his parts. What caught him off guard on EXO’s performance the most was when you put more energy and sang louder in a certain member’s solo. 

The poor duck was so confused he would literally ask you who your favorite member was, you’d turn to him and reply quickly “Of course it would be my brother, Minseok, who else?


You were watching a SHINee Interview on tv when Youngbae had came back from a long day of work and started complaining about it, now you wouldn’t have minded right up until your brother Jonghyun had made an appearance on the screen and you got super excited and told your boyfriend to shush for a few moments.

Youngbae literally got so confused and watched your excitement over Jonghyun which kind of made him jealous. Youngbae would whine and pull you into his arms asking why you couldn’t look at him that way only for you to tell him that “You’re not my brother, pabo.


Never would he ever think that he would walk in on you and Seungri hugging like you had known each other your whole lives. To Seunghyun it looked intimate but to you and your twin brother it was nothing but a innocent comfort hug on how he’s been feeling so stressed lately. 

Your boyfriend had only one thing in mind and that was to step in between the both of you earning a shout from Seungri who then received a violent threat along the lines of “If you ever touch my girlfriend again I’ll break you and throw you to hounds” which both you and Seungri only laughed at, making Seunghyun confused. 

Seungri and yourself both explain that you’re twins which makes Seunghyun feel like an asshole for not realizing any sooner.

I guess that’s who you get your mischievous side and influence from then.

Big Bang Reacts To Their GF Winning 6 Awards In One Night

A/N: You’re a foreign singer that is nominated for awards in Korea.

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He watched as you walked past him and up to the stage to collect your 6th award tonight. 

His heart was full of pride and he was smiling through out the whole night.

“Congratulations jagiya! You deserve it!”

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He was getting ready to perform when you were up accepting your last award.

“Do you have anything to say to Y/n? She just won 6 awards.”

“6?! Really?! Woah.. She’s so talented. I love you, jagiya!” He said to the camera, giving a heart sign.

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“We have a video for Y/n.” The announcers said before giving you you’re award.

It was a video of your boyfriend, Seungri, dancing to your song on an airplane.

He cleared his throat after laughing from hitting his head, “Ah, My dear Y/n. I am so happy that you have won this award. I am so proud of you.”

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“You’re girlfriend just won 6 awards, despite her not being Korean, do you have anything to say?” The interviewer asked him.

“Aish.. She’s amazing. What else is there to say?”

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He was on a variety show and there was a part where they wanted to show him the footage of you winning your awards.

“Ah she’s so talented. I’d even go as far as to say she’s better than you.” One of the hosts joked to GD.

He laughed and smiled, “Ah she is. She’s very talented and all around amazing. I’m so happy to have her in my life.”

49. pictures of you

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Title: pictures of you

Pairing: Kwon Jiyong/Reader

Summary: For when the nights are lonely, she had pictures on her phone of her adorable boyfriend Kwon Jiyong. However, he doesn’t seem very fond of them.

Request: When Jiyong finds cute pictures of himself in your phone.

Spending time with Jiyong was almost impossible, at least, on a regular basis. The man was busy almost all the time and his usual need of achieving more and more and the thirst that people had to have him in the spotlight left around one hour for them to see each other every day, whether it was over the phone, video call or simply walking past each other when going to work. Surely, she was incredibly supportive of Jiyong, because his artistic needs and talents were in no way something she despised, rather a characteristic of him that always amazed her; but it was toughening having to see Jiyong from afar, seeing how stressed he was and the tears that came with success, because he was successful but sometimes that could take away the human part of him, the part that made mistakes.

She will always be there for him, that’s for sure.

That night, however, Jiyong had finally gotten some time off and decided to spend the night with his girlfriend. Movie nights were occasionally something they liked to do, it was laid back and they could have conversations about anything and everything, but that night, Jiyong was incredibly clingy. His hands were wrapped around her waist, one of his legs interlocked with hers as they sat on the couch, Jiyong looked down at his phone with her, showing her several pictures that his group mates had sent him within the week and explaining the context behind them. Turns out, the life of a leader consisted in being bothered by his younger band mates and friends.

Well, not only the younger ones, Youngbae and Seunghyun were really bothersome too.

She loves to see him smile, the way his cheeks lift up slightly and his eyes shine brightly; she also loves when he’s breathless from laughing, clapping slightly to motion his state of happiness. There were many things she adored about Jiyong, but she loved him when he was his happiest more than anything else. That’s the time when she gets her phone out, sneakily trying to capture a picture of Jiyong laughing at one of Daesung’s text, but sadly, once her finger landed on the button, it made a huge sound that startled Jiyong, making him look at her at the speed of light.

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Reaction (Big Bang): When they like a younger girl (around 21-22)

TOP: “What? You think I care about our age gap? Well I don’t.” 

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G Dragon: “Awe baby, are you insecure because of our age? Please don’t be. I love you no matter what.” 

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Taeyang: “Awe babe, it’s alright. I’m still gonna love you no matter what. Besides, people who are reprimanding you are just jealous, alright?” 

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Daesung: “Girl, do you think I care? I LOVE YOU REGARDLESS.”

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Seungri: “I don’t give a f*ck how old you are.”

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“Big Bang is the group I want to be with till I die. I want us to be five members. Forever.”  – Seungri

“With all 5 members, we can play jokes with each other, that kind of things” – G-Dragon

“BIGBANG is just like a family, so we aim the same thing no matter what place we’re at” – TOP

“When I feel exhausted, with members we all cheer each other on” – Daesung

“To being in BigBang is it’s just to be Big Bang. Because we’re young and we have energy and we have something unique that others don’t have”  – Taeyang 

listen in the background there’s someone laughing so happily (high pitch laugh ok) while others are like ‘wowowow’ that’s /jiyong/ while his hyung does the silly dancing king move thing