i love you rocco

Tu m manc e foss ipocrit se t ricess che senz e te so buon e sto tranquill cu me stess.. 
A verità è che nun dorm manc chiù a nott.. T cerc ma nun t trov, t sonn e m scet e bott..”

“Tu mi manchi e sarei ipocrita se ti dicessi che senza di te sto bene e sono tranquillo con me stesso..
La verità è che non dormo neanche più la notte.. Ti cerco ma non ti trovo, ti sogno e mi sveglio di colpo..

—  Rocco Hunt - L’ammore overo


!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY @squid-nerds!!!!!!!

STRAWBERRY, YOU ARE THE MOST AMAZING PERSON IN MY LIFE AND I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. BERRY MUCH IN FACT. I’ve been wanting to draw you something for a while and this is the only thing I deemed passable SO I HOPE IT’S OKAY. Get ready for the most intense hug of your life when I see you. 


Imagine you’re a new tattoo artist and Happy’s girlfriend.


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The sound of several pairs of boots woke you up the morning after. You groaned slightly, already missing the warm of the sheets you were in and stretched yourself, yawning and looking around, to the sunlight kingdom you were in, wrapped in white sheets, naked with your hair a mess. You wondered if it was all a nightmare, trying to pretend that the VS bags at the end of the bed weren’t yours. 

“Look at that…” you said to yourself. “He even packed my bags…” You sighed and got up, ready to start the day. It was your last day in the US for quite a long time. 

“Good morning…” Wendy Case said walking into the clubhouse, following Abel and being followed by Jax. The news? She already knew. You had spent time talking with her on the phone, talking, crying and promising this was not the end. The Sons of Anarchy were a big ass family and whenever you went, you were safe. Bobby smiled and picked Abel up, as well as Happy looked around and tried his hardest to smile. “Where is she?” Wendy whispered as she turned around and faced the killer.

“Chibs went to pick her up. She’s at our pl-…” Happy licked his lips and sighed. “She’s at my place. Any minute now.” 

Jax stared at his brother Happy and sighed, sitting down and helping himself a cup of coffee. He couldn’t help but wonder why all the Sons were destined to live such tragic lives, to suffer that much. Even Happy… 

“It’s going down tonight.” Jax said. “After she’s save.”  Happy turned around and nodded, short, sharply as he caressed a clean spot on her stomach where a happy face would be tattooed later that night. 

“Is that it?” Chibs asked after he put the last VS bag on Gemma’s car.

“Yeah. Thanks, old man” You said with  a brief smile as you jumped to the car. The old biker picking you up only meant that your time in the US was only becoming shorter. Deep down you hoped that Happy could change your mind as well as you hopped for James Rocco to have a heart attack that would kill him and his crew, but that was optimistic and cruel at the same time. 

Chibs got into the car making you jump a little bit scared and take a sharp breath, he smiled looking down and shook his head. “Relax, lass. The Sons over there are quite amazing.”

“The only Son I care about is here.” You admited and looked at your nails picking at the nail polish. You looked over to the street where almost nobody was out. Chibs turned off the radio and slowed down the car, squinting his eyes. 

“(Y/N)…” He whispered.

“I know.” You agreed. “Where’s everybody?”

The street was silent, waaaay too silent for a bussy day in Charming. Maybe it was you and Chib’s nerves and you were being paranoid. You looked around and closed your eyes for a moment, trying to rest a little when you heard Chibs curse next to you and you felt yourself crash against the board of Gemma’s car. 

“What the…” 

You couldn’t react when you saw Chibs being pulled out of the car, and maybe he was screaming, maybe he was cursing but you couldn’t hear shit. All you could hear was a loud beep and all you could see was colored red due to the blood that was dripping from your forehead. “Chibs!” you shouted and felt yourself being pulled away from the car, your knees hitting the floor. 

Chibs was being beated to a pulp, his gun and two of his knifes laying next to him. “Chibs!” You yelled and this time you could hear yourself. Was this on the Sons? were you two in the wrong place at the wrong time? You tried to look behind you only feeling two strong hands holding you and pulling you into a very, very expensive Audi.

“What the fuck?” You asked yourself, closing your eyes, in and out of consciousness. Someone held your hair and pulled hard, making you moan in pain and look up to the sky, the sun light blinding you for a few seconds before you heard a voice you could never forget.

“Greetings Loved Ones…”Rocco whispered. “I give you the lovely, Cheerie Paris…” 

And with that a shock of horror went through your veins, knocking you off. 

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bun you are disgusting and i love you <333 HERE YOU GO


I decided to draw Rocco from his intense ranked battle days for my sweet bun @squid-nerds ♥ ♥ ♥ Ranked battles are too intense for this squib. 

Rocco was filming his dare video for his Youtube channel and as a dare he had to ask random people about their sex life. Which could definitely get him beat up. Why he agreed he didn’t know, but he was already filming it so he might as well keep going. His friend was filming in the background as he approached the next person on the street. “Excuse me, can I ask you something?”