i love you rick don't worry

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you think solangelo is boring?? u used to be the solangelo icon of the pjo fandom, how come you don't like it now? :0

i will always love solangelo for the potential they had, but what disappoints me about them is that rick never really went anywhere with them….like they got together all of a sudden and that’s it. rest is up to ur imagination have fun. also i have gotten really tired of the “sad gay boy meets happy sunshine boy who takes all his problems away” trope, so that ticked me off too

but worry not anon, the two idiots will always have a special place in my heart 

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Is it just me, or do you think that Rick Riordan has put Sam as Muslim in the series just to spite people? Not that they aren't beautiful characters, and we love them for who they are... But it's also raising awareness, like now my brother is curious about Muslims and the LGBTQ community, and he's been taught, basically by these books, only acceptance, like no one has ever told him any different... sorry ranting a bit...

I wouldn’t say it was to spite people necessarily; I think Riordan knows he has an audience and that he can and should use his books as a platform to promote inclusivity and positivity for marginalised and culturally diverse people.

I know we all joke that he spits in Disney’s face with his LGBT+, non-white and non-athiest/ Christian characters, but you’re right; he’s raising awareness and encouraging young people (like your brother…?) to be more open-minded. Especially in SHIP; he could’ve glossed over the racism, Islamophobia and transphobia that occurs, but he didn’t, and hence, his readers will become better educated and more critical of such issues in the real world.

That’s what we need right now. Riordan can sure make us laugh with his hilarious voice and spin an edge-of-your-seat adventure, but I think the best part of his books is that those young people who read them will grow up more tolerant and with the knowledge that different doesn’t equate to bad. <3

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Hi! I was just wondering why you don't like Rick Riordan? (sorry if this seems like I'm trying to pick a fight, I'm just curious)

No worries!

Well, my lovely friend Beth at bibliophilicwitch has it much better condensed than I on her Rick Riordan tag but these two (1)(2) posts are a pretty good summation.

He thinks people who read fast can’t possibly grasp the story well (which is relatively minor in comparison to everything else, but..), he makes the gods and goddesses of the various pantheons incredibly… one-dimensional and misses a lot about the pantheon that is actually rather vital to their story (like, as the post linked above says, Persephone not enjoying her reign as Queen of the Underworld which is fucking untrue and fucking vital to her mythos), and most importantly, he thinks anyone who still worships any of the old gods and goddess is ridiculous and moronic.

Now, I did really love PJO, and I suspect I will enjoy HOO, but I really fucking hate Rick Riordan because he’s a douche canoe.


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I don't think Rick loves Michonne all that much. I think she is just a warm body. It's safe to say Carl loves her more. But we don't have to bother with that anymore because Sunday she'll be gone lol. You Richonners got to comfy with the ship lmaooo

I know you sent this in an attempt to elicit some strong emotion from me…perhaps anger or worry and anxiety. Well, you have elicited emotion from me…pity for you. It’s so very sad and embarrassing that you apparently have so little else to occupy your time. It’s sad and embarrassing that you spend the abundance of time you obviously have focusing, i.e. obsessing, over a ship and a character that you hate rather than focusing on something you truly like. It’s sad and embarrassing that you view sending this anonymous message as some sort of victory when it’s ultimately just a pathetic display of cowardice. Don’t feel sorry for me, my faves, or my ship…we will all be fine and continue to thrive. You should feel sorry for yourself and maybe spend some of that time you have thinking about what you are doing with your life. Being an anonymous internet troll really isn’t going to get you anywhere in life…not that you seem to have much of one.

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Hi sorry to bother you, I noticed you reblogged a post with a list of what uncle rick has included in his books (which is really great) but one of them was genderfluid/trans representation and I don't remember that (not to say it's not true) and I was wondering if you could point that out for me?

It was actually extremely recent, so don’t worry! In the second installment of his Magnus Chase trilogy, the character Alex Fierro was introduced. Alex is genderfluid, and identifies as a trans female most of the time. S/he is a major character, and also happens to be Magnus’s obvious love interest.

  • Daryl: ... Carol?
  • Carol: Are you guys okay? Where's Beth?
  • Daryl: Carol?
  • Rick: You don't know how happy I am to see you!
  • Carol: *Glares at Rick* What's wrong with him?
  • Glenn: He thought the women he is in love with was dead and that he never would of seen her again *Smiles*
  • Daryl: Shut the fuck up!
  • Everyone: *Laughs*
  • Carol: Don't worry Daryl, nine lives remember *winks*

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Ok, you issued a listen to it challenge. All I heard since the premiere was heavy breathing until you told us to zone in on the 22second mark. Now all I hear is Daryl saying 'I love you' and then we see Rick and Maggie smile and move in. I know it isn't there, so I'm not posting my name b/c I don't want the crazy label that I deserve. I can only hear 'I love you' when I listen to it now, lol. My brain broke. Caryl love stole my rationality. Fucking science.

Oh, dearest anon. We have all fucking lost it. It is official. No worries though. It’s cool. You should see the offsite debate happening on this subject. IN ANY CASE. To everyone who weighed in on this very important scientific subject, thank you ever ever ever so much. I don’t blame you for not posting your name, anon. At this point I can listen and hear him saying, “Can we make some babies please right now I just wanna make some babies with you forever.” 


Um. Here, have a .gif.

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