i love you renji

for decades
  • renji: falls for the poignant movements, the fluidity of her walk. the elegant grace that she emits in her being.
  • rukia: is in love with the deepness of his voice, his rustic eyes that catch the light, the forehead presses he gives her during moments when neither need to say a word.
  • renji: listens to her quiet breathing, trains with her, stands by her, takes her hand. he doesn't think it's possible to fall even deeper, but he does. he does.
  • rukia: she eyes him curiously and the intensity in his look makes her look away, as she eyes the serene landscape. "i love you. i do." she states boldly, in all her glory.
  • renji: he smothers her in kisses and she laughs jovially.
  • them: they're happy, as if they were meant to be. over and over, they'd find each other, in times like these.

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who is your first favorite pineapple...

!! who else but my favorite anti-mafia activist, Mukuro Rokudo :O


“Actually you have to turn the computer on first”
“I see.”

Thank you so much again guys, you’re always so kind and supportive! Every message you send always make my day, I know I’m a bit slow with answers right now (I’m knee deep in summer’s exams session ugh) but I’ll make it up to you as soon as I’ve got a bit of time :)
Also welcome to all the new followers, i love collecting new souls ahem, enjoy your stay and have fun ^^

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"Give me a reason love you... give me reason to be a woman." Just a prompt for a #49 Renji date. Was thinking how will Renji respond to that. The line was taken fron the song Glory Box by Portishead (a really, REALLY sexy song). You have such a magnificent blog here. i just love all your stories :)

Hello dear anon, thank you for your sweet words about my writing! I’m so pleased you enjoy it and being told so helps me to keep going! You have been so wonderfully patient and this has been sitting in my inbox for long enough. I just couldn’t come up with a scenario that I was happy with! Thank you for the prompt suggestion and the song, it is indeed very sexy! 

I hope you don’t mind, but I’m using your prompt as the sequel to my Renji angst story where reader-chan breaks up with him because she believes he is still in love with Rukia. Here is the link to the first installment: Not Room For Two

When I was requested to do a sequel, your request popped up in my head as the perfect scene to play out their reconciliation. I had to alter one word of the lyric but I hope you’ll still like it. 

Dating Prompt #49 - Candlelit Dinner – Renji Abarai – “Give me a reason to love you, give me a reason to be your woman.”

Renji thought he understood the meaning of the phrase “you never know what you have til it’s gone” when he and Rukia parted after she was adopted. But now, over a month after you broke up with him, he truly gets it. He had it good, way better than he deserved and he threw it away because of an unintentionally wandering eye.

And now he’s paying the ultimate price for his dumbass mistake. It isn’t that he wants Rukia, not anymore…or at least he doesn’t think so. But Y/N’s words have shaken him so much he knows he needs to swallow his pride and confront this issue head on.  So he stops putting off what he should have done the very next day after your fight; he goes to the Kuchiki estate.

After a long conversation with Rukia, in which he receives several head smacks and “how could you do that?” he knows, beyond any doubt, he doesn’t love Rukia, not in the sense Y/N believes him to. Rukia is his best friend (aside from Ichigo) and the one person in the world he trusts with everything because of all the shit they’ve gone through and survived. But he isn’t in love with her. And though he said he couldn’t say it to you a month ago, he realizes more and more the depth of affection he has for you and wonders if it is love.

“So,” Rukia says, “the question now is, how are you going to get her back?”

“I have no fucking clue,” Renji says holding his head in his hands.

“Well, sitting here with me isn’t going to get anything done. Go on, get out of here and talk to her!”

“You think I haven’t tried that?” Renji says standing up and pacing.

“Try again!” Rukia shouts smacking his arm.

“What more do I need to say?” Renji’s eyes are full of pain and frustration. “She won’t talk to me at all! And if I do manage to get her to stand still long enough to string a few sentences together she has this blank look on her face and doesn’t respond. It’s like…it’s like she built a fortress around herself and I can’t get through to her!”

He sits down heavily with a curse.

Rukia remains silent for a moment before asking, “Do…do you want me to talk to her? Maybe she’ll listen-“

“No,” he interrupts with a hand up, “the last thing I need is to put you more in the middle of this. I don’t want your friendship with her affected, this is my shit and my fault, I’ll…I’ll just have to try again.”

Later that evening, as much as it feels like banging his head against a wall, he goes to your house. Knocking on your door he feels his palms sweating and heart racing. When you open the door, the smile on your face falls away; were you expecting someone else? The thought of some other guy coming to see you…Renji pushes it away. Now it not the time to get angry.

Your heart leaps into your throat at the sight of Renji in your door way and you really wish he would just stay away because every time he shows up you feel your resolve weakening more and more; not that you say or show that. You cross your arms, waiting for him to say whatever it is he came to say but he remains silent. Is he waiting for you to talk first?

Eventually impatience, or maybe nervousness, wins over stubbornness and he opens his mouth, “Y/N, I don’t think there’s anything more I can say that you haven’t already heard. I just…please,” his eyes are intense staring into yours, searching for answers you either don’t have or are unwilling to give, “please tell me how to fix this.”

You stare at each other for a long moment, the only sound a rustling of the breeze through the trees. What do you want? That’s the question racing through your mind right now. Because try as you have, you can’t get over him and you refuse to use someone the way you feel he used you, however unintentionally.

Finally, you consent to speak and even though your tone is cold, Renji revels in the sound of your voice that he hasn’t heard, at least not directly, since you left him. “I need you to give me a reason to love you, Renji. Give me a reason to want to be your woman.” Having said your say, you step back and shut the door, leaving a rather confused but exceedingly hopeful lieutenant on your door step.

She didn’t say no, she didn’t say to leave her alone…she…she’s giving me a chance!” Renji thinks. It’s small and he has no clue how to take advantage of it, but you’ve extended an olive branch and now all he has to do is not fuck up again and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be his again.

Knowing he won’t do well on his own, he seeks help from Rukia and Rangiku. “Should you be coming up with a way to woo her?” Rangiku asks crossing her arms.

Renji is close to getting on his knees at this point. “Ran, please, I already screwed up royally, what about me says I have a fucking clue what to do?”

Rukia snorts. “You must really like her if you’re willing to admit that.”

“Are you gonna help me or not?” he retorts.

“What do we get for it?” Rangiku asks making Renji fix her with a glare.

“My eternal gratefulness, if it works.”

“Hmmmmm, nope, not good enough, try again,” the blonde replies.

“Fine, if this works I’ll take you to that hella expensive chocolate shop you both love and buy you a box,” he relents.

“Make it a box each and you’ve got yourself a deal,” Rukia quips, sticking her hand out.

“Why do I even call you friends? Ok, sure, just make sure by the end of this all Y/N agrees to be with me again,” Renji answers shaking both of their hands.

“Oh, don’t worry, this is guaranteed to work,” Rangiku smiles.

On Monday morning, you’re working at your family’s store when a young boy wanders in carrying a bouquet of red carnations and purple hyacinths. He looks over the counter at you and asks, “Excuse me, are you ______-san?” When you nod, he hands you the flowers, a card attached with a white ribbon around the stems. Thanking the boy, you offer him a small piece of candy as a tip. His bright smile is sweet but he remains where he is. “I have to wait for your reply,” he says and you blush slightly. You’re fairly sure who these are from but your heart skips a beat nonetheless when your eyes fall on Renji’s familiar handwriting.

“Y/N, the carnations represent the ache in my heart from our time apart. I’m asking for your forgiveness in the form of hyacinths. Would you please do me the honor of your company on Friday night at 6:30?” -Renji

Looking at the little messenger you nod in the affirmative and he grins, scampering off through the door. From outside you hear him yell, “She said yes!” Giggling you go back to your duties, curious as to what Renji has in mind. 

The next day when you arrive to the shop your mother is staring at a larger bouquet of flowers, pink carmellias this time, in a beautiful blue glass vase along with another card. Opening it you find written, “Please accept these carmellias as a representation of my longing for you and our time together, the days cannot pass quickly enough. -Renji”

“Who are they from?” mother asks.

“Abarai-fukutaichou,” you reply making her eyebrows rise

“Well then, seems he’s come to his senses,” she replies chuckling as she goes back to sweeping.

Every day brings another delivery of flowers. Wednesday its dark pink roses {“I’m thankful for you and the time we will share.”}. Thursday are yellow tulips {“Your smile is the sunshine of my world.”}. On Friday you bound into the shop but there are no flowers waiting. Slightly disappointed you pout a bit but put on a smile for the first customer of the day. You wonder as each new person walks in whether they’ll be delivering the next bouquet but one never comes.

“Aren’t you seeing him tonight?” your mother asks and you nod. “Well then, maybe he’s waiting to give them to you in person. Make sure you dress up sweetie,” she adds and you roll your eyes but nod again.

That night you’re ready at 6:30, wearing a pink knee length dress with white heels and a shawl. A knock at the door makes your heartbeat speed up. Getting up you open the door and find…Rangiku standing there.

“Hi sweetie!” she says pulling you into a crushing hug, “You look so cute! Are you ready to go?”

“Go? Um, I…I’m meeting with Renji,” you say confused.

“I know silly! I’m the one taking you to him!” She winks, “He has quite the surprise for you.”

You feel your cheeks blush. “Am…am I dressed up enough? Should I change? Where are we going?” you ask in a rush.

“Honey, relax! He’d think you look good in burlap! But yes, this is lovely and perfect for what he has planned. Let’s just touch up your make up a bit and you’ll be good to go.” She ushers you into the bathroom as she talks, whipping out lipstick, eye-shadow and powder. In little time at all she’s fancied you up, tugging on your wrist excitedly leading you to the door.

“Wait, did you help him with whatever all this is?”

“Of course doll, but I’d say he gets some brownies points for even asking for help,” she responds as you walk towards the senkaimon; apparently you’ll be in the living world for whatever this is.

“Oh, yeah, I don’t mind,” you reply.

“Rukia helped too, she’s so excited that you’re thinking about getting back together with him,” Rangiku admits but the mention of the initial cause of all this makes you pause. Rangiku looks at you, worried that her words may have just made the whole evening crash and burn. Putting hands on your shoulders she looks into your eyes. “I don’t think you were exactly wrong in your assumptions but give him a chance to prove himself. He…he hasn’t been doing well without you.” Finally, you nod and the two of you continue on your way. She’s right, agreeing to go tonight is a declaration of your willingness to move forward. You’re not even sure what exactly you want to tip the scale from maybe to yes and can only have faith that when it happens, whatever it is, you’ll know what to do.

Arriving to the living world, you’re surprised to find yourself in Tokyo proper headed towards a swanky hotel. “Now, don’t think this is to put added pressure on you, this was all my and Rukia’s idea. Renji was actually a bit upset when we brought him here because he didn’t want you to think he’s trying to…well for lack of a better phrase just get in your pants.”

You giggle and she smiles. “That’s better, you look so much prettier when you smile.”

Entering the hotel, she leads you to the elevator. As you wait for the doors to open she hands you a keycard. “Top floor, room 4023, have fun and good luck,” she instructs giving you a kiss on the cheek before rushing off. The ding of the doors opening makes you jump. Taking a deep breath, you step inside, hitting the 40 button. You step out upon arrival to your floor, heart rate increasing with every step you take towards room 23.

As you reach it you consider what’s about to happen and if you really want to go through with it. But the thought of coming this far, of leading him on and not at least showing up to let him have his say and actually listen is too much. He didn’t purposefully hurt you but if you were to leave now, however justifiable because of your fear, it would be cruel; and you are not cruel.

Reaching forward, you insert the card into the lock, the green light and beep indicating the door to now be open. Pushing on the handle, you walk in and gasp at the sight before you. In the center of a large picture window stands a table, a beautiful candelabra illuminating covered plates. Beside the table is Renji, clad in a black suit with red tie, a single red rose in his hand which he twists nervously. You offer a shy smile, stepping fully into the room and allow the door to close behind you. It’s fitting, somehow, that since you were the one to slam the door on you and Renji, you would be the one to open it again.  

He extends the rose, which you take, inhaling its sweet fragrance. A moment of silence passes as you stare at each other. It’s the first time you’ve been alone since the fight that ended everything between you. Leaning up, you plant a soft kiss on his cheek, whispering, “Thank you for the flowers.”

“Thank you for coming tonight,” he responds, “You look beautiful.” So beautiful, in fact, that all he wants to do is draw you into his arms and kiss you, but he refrains; he needs to take this slow, give you all the time you need to make your decision. Going around the table, he pulls out your chair inviting you to sit. As you settle into your seat he takes his own, pulling off the covers of the plates revealing one of your favorite meals: chicken parmesan with vodka sauce along with delicious garlic rolls and salad with Italian dressing. He’s picked a sweet, blush wine knowing you prefer lighter flavors of alcohol.

“Alright, dig in,” he says gesturing to your plate and you smile.

“Renji, this is…” you trail off, unsure how to express yourself.

He smiles back, reaching across the table to take your hand. “It’s not even a small portion of what you deserve but it’s a start.”

Your heart gives a gigantic leap at his words, the wall you’ve so carefully constructed being plowed down by the wrecking ball of your emotions. Before you say anything embarrassing you take a bite of food, embarrassing yourself instead with the rather loud moan of pleasure that emits when you taste it. Renji chuckles at your flushed cheeks. “I’m glad you like it so much Y/N,” he says taking his own bite. He stops, looking down at the plate and muttering, “Shit, it is that good.”

You laugh and take another bite as you glance out the large window. The view of the city all lit up is breathtaking and you wonder just how much Renji dropped to get this room. There’s silence between you but, for once, it’s a comfortable one.

As he eats, Renji watches you watch the night sky; he can’t believe you’re really here. After so many days and nights of missing you, you’re here. As much as he wants to catch up, to talk like you used to, he appreciates the silence because it’s giving him time to work up his nerve to say what he wants to say.

Before long you’ve both finished your meals, Renji cleaning off the table and rolling the delivery cart outside to be picked up. Now, without distraction of hunger or the act of eating, he’s going to say to you what he should have all along.

You excuse yourself to the bathroom to freshen up your makeup and even take time to pop a breath mint. Entering back into the room you find Renji standing in front of the window looking out at the city. He looks gorgeous with his tall muscular frame attired in such elegant threads. You walk up and stand next to him taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. You see him look at you but don’t return the gaze just yet. A tentative touch draws your attention downward where Renji’s fingers are caressing the back of your hand. Turning it over you allow him to take hold of it. He draws you closer, his hand unable to refrain from cupping your face. His eyes are fixed on yours and you hold your breath.

“Y/N,” he says, his voice low and thick like honey and you have to suppress a shiver, “I know words can be empty and that’s why I haven’t been saying anything until now. I wanted you to be comfortable and enjoy your meal without worry or thinking about what’s going to happen next. I…I know I screwed up royally and that’s putting it mildly. But hear me and understand, there is nothing between Rukia and I but friendship. You are the only one I want.”

Slowly his wraps his arms around your waist pulling you even closer. Tingles shoot up and down your body being this close to him again. It may have only been a month since you’d last been held by him but it feels like an eternity. He keeps talking, thumbs tracing up and down the curve of your waist, “I never told you enough why I wanted to be with you. I just…I assumed you knew how amazing you are but that was stupid. So I’m going to tell you,” he says leaning down closer. His lips are inches from your own, his warm breath (surprisingly minty fresh and you suppose he too popped a mint, the thought making you smile) fanning over your face. “You are the most beautiful and selfless person I’ve ever met. You wear your heart on your sleeve and I’m so sorry I stomped on it because of my idiocy.”

Fingers tuck loose strands of your hair behind your ear, his hand remaining to cradle your head. “I love how silly you are over new manga books when you can get them. I love how you bake Kuchiki-taichou’s favorite cookies when I tell you he’s being particularly asshole-ish. I love that you were always waiting for me at my place when I got home with a meal on the table and a smile on your face. I love that you would come to my sparring matches and cheer me on even though it was just stupid guys having stupid fights.”

Your chest is pressed to his, both your hearts tripping over themselves from the contact. He’s still hovering above your lips, clearly giving you all the control on whether you’ll kiss him or not. He ends with, “I’ve only ever been in love with one other person and it was so painful I thought that’s all it could be, so I avoided it, ignored it, pretended it wasn’t there but…” he swallows once, “I realize now, beyond doubt, that I love you, Y/N.”

He waits with baited breath for your response, frowning in concern when he sees tears sliding down your cheeks but then his brow clears when he sees you smile. All it takes is a slight lifting with your toes to close the distance, your lips sealing over his in a sweet kiss. His hold tightens, one hand splayed across your upper back while the other wraps more fully in your hair.

Renji can’t hold back his passion for you any longer, nipping your bottom lip with his teeth gently asking for permission to deepen the kiss. You open up to him, hands wrapping more firmly around his neck as his tongue sweeps against yours, the sensation sending heat to your whole body from the inside out. When he pulls away to kiss down your neck you gasp, clutching the back of his jacket, eyes rolling to the back of your head. But as he nears your chest you pause; you want this, there’s no denying it but you just can’t yet. You need more time to fully build your trust back and can’t be caught up in the heat of the moment.

A gentle push on his chest grabs his attention. He drags himself away from your tantalizing flesh to look in your eyes. “Renji, I…it’s not that I don’t want to but…we just…I need more time,” you stammer. He smiles kissing you gently but releasing his tight hold.

“That’s fine, there’s no rush,” he replies, “But we do have the room for the whole night. So…would you be ok just sleeping together? I…I miss holding you.”

“I would except I didn’t bring a change of clothes and-“

“Ran took care of that,” he interjects.

Smiling up at him you amend to, “In that case, I’d love to spend the night in your arms. I’ve missed you so much.”

He kisses you firmly before releasing you to allow you to shower and change into your pajamas. Once the two of you are settled in the bed you shift over right next to him, his arms wrapping around you as you lay your head on his chest. The drumming of his heart warms yours. Before you close your eyes, you lean up and kiss Renji once more, whispering against his lips, “I love you, too, Renji.” He grins, hugging you tighter to himself. Before long you’re both fast asleep, finally at peace.

How Renji probably proposed to Rukia.
  • Renji and Rukia: *Fighting the Quincy, before heading to Ichigo*
  • Renji: Rukia! Will you marry me?
  • Rukia: I don't think now's the best time!
  • Renji: Now may be the only time!
  • Renji: I love you. I've made my choice. What's yours?
  • Rukia: ...NII-SAMA.
  • Renji: ?!
  • Rukia: MARRY US.
  • Byakuya: I am little busy at the moment!

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002 for Renji please? :3

Give me a character & I will tell you:

  • How I feel about this character: I love Renji, the wonderful dork he is! I’ve been tempted to write an entire analysis on him in the past, but other fan have already done this far better then I ever could. He had a great character arc, and even though I was intrigued by him after Rukia’s capture, I came to love him after his backstory with Rukia was revealed; it added a lot of depth to him and I always looked forward to seeing him in chapters and episodes. There was a time when he was my favourite male BLEACH character, but that eventually got taken over by Toshiro. Even so, he’s one of my favourite characters of the series.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Just Rukia <3
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character:  Ichigo Kurosaki (I even have a BROTP tag for them!)
  • My unpopular opinion about this character:  I’m not really a fan of the braid. In general, I don’t mind it, but I definitely prefer the long -haired ponytail, it suits him a lot more and has always been a subtle reflection of his personality.
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I really wish we got to see how Renji confessed to Rukia. He’s loved her for so long and I can only imagine the nervousness he felt when he finally decided to tell her how he felt and then the utter joy at finding out she reciprocated his feelings :3
  • my OTP: Renruki (my second favourite pairing in BLEACH).
  • my cross over ship: Don’t have one.
  • a headcanon fact: Renji helped Rukia style her hair when she decided to grow it out. If they had time before going to their divisions, he’d brush her hair for her or she would brush his. He also helps Ichika with her hair, and he was so proud/honoured when she decided to style her hair like how he use to.

Thanks so much for sending this in! :)

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lmao @ the Renji comment. he wasn’t taking any chances, made sure to lock that shit up tight

Renji: “You shouldn’t keep such a nice girl waiting.”

Ichigo: “Hmm?  What?”

Renji: “Orihime.  You like her, right?”

Ichigo: “Of course I do, she’s one of my best fr–”

Renji: “I mean like-like her.”

Ichigo: *blink* “Uh…”

Renji: “As in you think she’s great.  And pretty.”

Ichigo: “Well sure, she’s a very pretty girl, and awesome, but I don’t see how–”

Renji: “See?  I knew it: you love her!”

Ichigo: “Whoa, whoa!  I really like her, but we’ve never–”

Renji: “Y’know, like I love Rukia?  Love of my life, best friend, apple of my eye–”

Ichigo: “Re–”


Ichigo: *sweats* 

Renji: “Go to her, Ichigo!”

Ichigo: “But I–”

Renji: *shoves him forward* “GO TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL.”

Ichigo: “But–”


Ichigo: “It’s ‘seize’–”



(One shot for IchiRuki month: Theme : Angst
Song : Song for.. from Bleach ED 26.)

Today is the day.
Ichigo watch a camera in his hand.
It’s her wedding day. He promised to be the one who takes photographs for her.
He tighten his grip on the camera, strong as his knuckles turned white.

Rukia was in the  traditional wedding dress.
Her raven hair shinning violet in the sun. A small makeup was applied on her face, she allowed only a few of makeup on her, unlike the other bride.

But still, she was the most beautiful bride he has seen.

Her eyes… there were something glimmered in her stunning amethyst eyes. Was that a tear?  


“Hey.. Ichigo” She greet him with a weak smile plastered on her face. Her eyes shinning without a glint in them.

Ichigo raised his camera. “Are you ready?”

“I think I am, Am I?” She asked him back.

“You look…”
“Tired.. Yes I am. “ She gave a small laugh. “This wedding made my energy ran off”

“No, you look… beautiful”

There was a little quiet space before Rukia said
“Of course, Baka! I supposed to be the prettiest girl here today”

Ichigo smiled back.

“Rukia.. I wish you.. a happy marriage and family life. Renji.. he loves you with all his life. He will….. protect you, as best as he can”

‘As best as I can do for you’ He added to himself.

“After this time, you will be happy with tour family and friends, here.. in soul society. You will fulfill your dream being a great shinigami.”

‘You will be.. cause this time, I’ll let you go. Even my heart will be shattered’

Rukia closed her eyes for a brief second.

“Thank you, Ichigo. Thank you. I wish you the same” Her last sentence was barely audible.

The shutter sound was strange for Ichigo. It was.. lonely.
He looked at the photo he took in his camera. The photo of the most beautiful bride he loves.
He can see a glint of water in her sad amethyst eyes.

Rukia walked pass Ichigo.
A single tear running down on her cheek.

The rain that keeps pouring without stop
Even concealing away the sun
From the spaces between the clouds
I haul the ray of light that poured and spin tomorrow
If my wishes would come true
I will make the flowers bloom again
I think I can finally catch even your sadness
Under the starry sky, a flower that will never again wilt
I will swear our soon to bloom future, right here:

“I promise I make you happy”


Sorry for my poor grammar, English isn’t my native language.

What if Orihime and Renji were the main characters: The Sequel

As requested by anon. :)

Previously, I imagined what Bleach would be like if Orihime - rather than Ichigo - were the main character and if Renji - rather than Rukia - were the main soul reaper. You can find that list here. But that list only covered the first Soul Society arc. So what if Orihime and Renji continued to be the main characters through the Hueco Mundo arc? What would Bleach be like then?

1. When Orihime returned from Soul Society, she would be…not emo in the least.

Since unlike Ichigo in canon, Orihime wasn’t visited by a scary inner hollow at the close of the Soul Society arc. Nah, she got some new fairy friends! Basically, she’s really cheerful: she rescued Renji, saved the day and now she has fairies too.

Orihime: I’m so happy, all I can do is lie here on the bed smiling!

Orhime: I mean…I miss Abarai ‘n’ all, but, I have a feeling he’ll be back!

2. At least until the weird new transfer student shows up.

His name is Hirako Shinji, and he insists on sitting next to the prettiest girl in the room - Orihime. And it only gets creepier from there, because he kinda seems to be stalking Orihime. He even shows up in the sky while she’s in soul reaper mode and asks her to join some kind of weird cult.

Orihime: Um….is that a hollow mask?

Shinji: That’s right. I’m a shinigami and I have a hollow mask. And you’re a different kind of shinigami too, aren’t you?

Orihime: Well…I guess? I do have my fairy friends!

Shinji: Yeah, about that…I don’t suppose they’re evil, hollow fairy friends, are they?

Orihime: I don’t think so!

Shinji: They don’t, like, wear masks or talk about murder or anything?

Orihime: Only during our horror movie marathon, ha ha!

Shinji: Dang. I was so hoping to be relevant again.

Shinji: Well, good luck with life or whatever. Shinji out!

Orihime: …that was weird. 

3. Then Ulquiorra and Yammy show up.

But everything takes a turn for the worse when Aizen makes his move, sending Ulquiorra and Yammy to find out just how powerful Orihime really is. Chad and Ichigo show up first, and try to fight the espada, but that doesn’t end well. Orihime shows up in time to save Ichigo, but even she is unable to defeat them. It’s lucky that Urahara and Yoruichi show up.

Ulquiorra: I will return to Aizen, and I will tell him that the substitute shinigami is trash.

Orihime: Like, in a good way?

Ulquiorra: …what?

Orihime: I don’t want to judge. Maybe you really like trash!

Ulquiorra: I do not like trash.

Yammy: Oh! Is that why you’re always talking about trash, Ulquiorra? Because you like it?

Ulquiorra: What? I don’t -

Orihime: We really won’t judge!

Ulquiorra: That’s not -

Ulquiorra: …

Ulquiorra: We are going now. 

4. Orihime does become just a little emo.

Losing to Ulquoirra and Yammy, to say nothing of Ichigo getting hurt so badly, does actually start to make Orihime a bit depressed. But she does her best to fight it.

Orihime: Kurosaki-kun is hurt…and Sado is hurt…and my magical fairy friends couldn’t even defeat these new enemies, whoever they are!

Orihime: W-wait, what am I doing?? I can’t be sad! I have to be happy!

Orihime: I LOVE being horribly defeated!

Neighbor in the street: …

Orihime: In, um, video games?

5. Then…Renji!

But before Orihime can get TOO sad, who should show up but a whole bunch of soul reapers! Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Rukia and…standing on the window sill, Renji!




Rukia: I told you not to try that, Renji!

6. Orihime and Grimmjow fight a couple of times.

Soon after Renji helps Orihime regain her confidence, Grimmjow makes his appearance. He immediately determines that Orihime is the strongest, and so he goes after her - by shoving his fist into Renji’s stomach. That fight doesn’t end so well, so when Grimmjow comes back, Orihime is determined to end the fight as fast as possible.

Orihime: Bankai!

Grimmjow: Bankai, huh? Saw that before.

Orihime: I have more than just bankai, Grimmjow. There’s also my secret power, which I can only maintain for like twelve seconds!



7. But then Ichigo is kidnapped by Aizen.

But it turns out that those final fights were just a diversion, because what Aizen really wanted was to kidnap Ichigo!

Aizen: That boy…he has such interesting powers.

Aizen: The shield he can create is so…giant.

Aizen: I like things that are giant.

Ulquiorra: I don’t know what to do with that information.


8. Orihime, Chad, and Ishida travel to Hueco Mundo.

Even though Soul Society is inexplicably convinced that Ichigo defected, Orihime knows better. So she travels to Hueco Mundo with Chad and Ishida to rescue Ichigo.

Orihime: I just finished rescuing Renji…

Orihime: Now I’m rescuing Ichigo…

Orihime: Do you guys think Tite Kubo has a low opinion of dudes?

Chad: No because he created me also.

Orihime: Good point!

9. Orihime meets Nel.

As Orihime and her pals travel through the desert, they meet a tiny hollow child named Nel, who decides that Orihime is her favorite person ever.

Orihime: Do you want a snack?


10. Renji and Rukia show up.

There’s lots of running through the desert, and then a fight with a sand monster which can only be defeated through water. It’s lucky that Renji and Rukia show up!

Orihime: A-Abarai? Kuchiki? What are you doing here?

Renji: What are you talking about? Of course we came!

Renji: I can’t believe you didn’t wait for me!

Rukia: Yeah, ‘cause you *hate* dramatic entrances, Renji.

Renji: S-shut up!

11. Everybody splits up and has their fights.

Once they reach the palace, everybody splits up. Orihime fights Dordoni and, being Orihime, she of course heals him after she defeats him.

Rudbornn: I am here to put you out of your misery by killing you.

Dordoni: Actually I am totally healed!

Rudbornn: You have made this awkward.

12. Renji fights Aaroniero.

In this AU, Renji is the one with the mysterious back story - he once knew a woman who looked pretty identical to Orihime, except that her hair was a different color so she couldn’t possibly be related. When Renji fights Aaroniero, he gets to see his friend again. In pretty much the worst way possible.

Renji: I-it’s you! The woman from my past who is inexplicably unnamed because the blogger doesn’t know how to name characters!


13. Orihime has her final fight with Grimmjow.

The fight starts in a rather strange way with Grimmjow bringing a tied up Ichigo and throwing him at Orihime’s feet.

Orihime: …

Grimmjow: Here. I let you see Kurosaki again. Now you have to fight me.

Orihime: …

Grimmjow: Hey! Why are you just staring at him instead of fighting me??


14. Orihime fights Ulquiorra.

The arc culminates when Orihime gets to finally have her big fight with Ulquiorra.

Orihime: Ishida-kun. If my spiritual pressure is too much for Kurosaki-kun, you must protect him with your own body.

Ishida: You don’t have to tell me that.

Ichigo: Uh, I’m the one with the shield powers.




15. Ulquiorra dies.

Ulquiorra manages to kill Orihime, but thanks to Ichigo shouting her name, she comes back to life….sort of. Her fairies kinda turn demonic and kill Ulquiorra, but after that she’s fine!

Orihime: So my fairies are kinda evil…?


anonymous asked:

What are your head canons for yomouta?

I like you anon. I like you v much. 

  • Uta knows how much Renji loves animals, but also that they can’t keep any pets, so he regularly ‘forces’ his boyfriend to go to cat/owl/etc. cafés with him.
  • Renji takes care of Uta when he’s overworking again, makes sure he eats enough and stays hydrated. He also tries to get Uta to sleep enough, which isn’t too hard, because as soon as wraps his arms around him and gives him a kiss, Uta snaps out of his creative phase and gets sleepy. 
  • Uta is the only person who ever saw Renji cry and even though he usually never misses an opportunity to tease him, he just quietly held his hand and let him be until he calmed down. 
  • Their bodies are so used to each other that it’s sometimes enough for either of them just to hear the other’s voice to get into the mood. 
  • Uta shows more public affection (which is seen as v rude in Japan), but Renji is the one who says ‘I love you’ more. Even though he’d the one who still gets flustered over it. 
  • They have a lot of plants in their shared flat, but Renji is the only one who takes care of them, Uta just finds them ‘aesthetically’ pleasing. 
  • Uta send Renji pictures of cats and cat vines on regular bases. Even though he never replies, Uta knows that it made him smile. 
  • They sing duets. All the time.