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Boyfriend Series; Mingyu

- everyone’s always saying how lucky you are for having such a cool and handsome boyfriend
- but you’re like uhhh “cool” and “kim mingyu” shouldn’t be in the same sentence LOL
- for your first date, mingyu takes you to the seoul lantern festival
- and it’s honestly such a beautiful experience
- he takes you out for street food near sunset, and after that, you both walk around the festival area, waiting for it to start
- the second it gets dark, one lantern lights up, then another and another
- before you know it, there are hundreds of beautiful lanterns floating in the water and they’re so vibrant and colorful in contrast to the dark night sky
- seeing just how amazed you look, mingyu takes out his phone and asks a nearby person to take a picture of you two in front of the lanterns
- the person agrees to it and counts “one, two, three…!”
- on three, mingyu cups your face, turns you in his direction, and kisses you right on the lips
- and under the stars, under a sky illuminated by lanterns of all colors, is where you both share your first kiss
- you’re not even going to lie, he was pretty cool that time, but now that you know him so well…… yeah he’s not cool at all
- mingyu likes to tease you a lot
- he likes to place things up high just to make fun of you
- but then while he’s laughing, he hits his head against an open cupboard and you have to hold ice against his forehead like good job mingyu
- the type to act manly while you’re both watching scary movies when he knows he won’t be able to sleep that night
- he loves lying his head on your lap
- you used to do that until he sneezed in your face and you were like honestly. wtf.
- “(name), are you still mad?? it was an accident!!” “don’t talk to me”
- when you catch him coughing in his hand or sneezing into it, right before he touches you, you slap his hand away and take like three steps back
- “mingyu, i am NOT coming near you until you wash your hands i swEAR”
- you both have matching SOCKS and it’s actually so cute???
- you have like five pairs and you both wear a pair when meeting up without telling each other, hoping that you’d both wear the same one coincidentally
- it took like seven tries but still
- his lock screen is a stolen shot of you petting a puppy and he’s going to keep it that way forever because it has the two things he loves the most in one picture
- good luck with his lame jokes
- he likes to say as a joke “aren’t you lucky to have kim mingyu, seventeen’s visual, as your boyfriend?” and once you said “what? isn’t junhui the visual?” and he was so OFFENDED
- he even went up to junhui and said “how dare you” and junhui was like “…did i do something wrong?”
- for someone who could cook and eats a lot, you’d think mingyu’s favorite food is one of his own homemade meals or at least something from a really popular restaurant but no
- he loves your cooking the most
- the type to crack jokes in the middle of something really romantic and just completely ruining the moment
- like you’re both about to kiss, but then he’d make a pun or just a lame joke in general and you’re like “ok no that’s it, you ruined it i’m leaving”
- he gives you piggyback rides all the time
- it’s not like he offers, you randomly jump onto his back and he laughs and just walks around while your arms are wrapped tightly around his neck
- he has to cover his red face whenever you wear his clothes because they’re so big on you and he thinks you look too cute in them
- bumps into everything, drops everything, trips over everything, makes a mess, forgets to bring things, he’s a tall mess LOL
- he loves holding hands with you and you guys always are whenever you go out
- the story behind this is that once, you were both walking through this crowd of people and guess what you lost him in the crowd
- you were like are you kidding me???? thanks to his height, you were able to spot him but geez mingyu you can’t just walk off like that when something catches your eye
- so holding hands is mostly just so that you both won’t get separated LMAO
- (unknown to you, it was all part of mingyu’s plan, he just wanted an excuse to hold it all the time NICE)
- mingyu loves forehead kisses, he actually melts after receiving one but his cheeks also turn bright pink when asking for another one
- he loves kisses on the lips because he likes seeing you go on your tippy-toes to reach his
- kisses are slow and breathy, and he always has his hands on your waist, or his fingers are tracing circles on your arms or the small of your back
- he likes giving you back hugs and swaying from side to side while you hold onto his arms
- always does something so unnecessary to show you that he still and will always love you after a fight
- these stupid antics never fail to make you laugh and that’s exactly what mingyu was hoping for
- he never wants to frown, he never wants you to cry, he never wants you to feel pain
- this is inevitable of course, but at least around him, he wants you to smile because he’s so happy when he’s with you
- and he only hopes you feel the same way
- “can you reach that for me please?”
- mingyu takes the item down for you, and you reward him with a kiss on the cheek after he gives it to you
- “thanks mingyu, i love you!!”
- “(laughs) i love you too, shortie”

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6 - "Stay with me" Destiel but like maybe a spin on how 12x12 could have gone when Cas was dying and actually establishing Destiel

slkdfjjf, Anny thank you for sending this in! I hope it’s what you was looking for! I think I took it a little differently! BUT, I still hope you enjoy and like it! Also, sorry for taking so long to get this out! Spn just kind of killed me. I’ve slowly recovered! Hahaha. I’m not exactly sure if this could count as a Coda or not. But here it is! Also, this got like way outta hand and I apologize! I just couldn’t stop. ALSO, I AM SO SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG.

Prompt : 6 - “Stay with me” Destiel but like maybe a spin on how 12x12 could have gone when Cas was dying and actually establishing Destiel


word count; 2,198

The car ride home had been quiet. Sam had drove them all home, per Dean’s request. Mostly because Dean knew he wouldn’t be able to truly focus on the road. Not with Cas in the back and not with everything that had happened. Those three little words that Cas spoke still burned and echoed inside of Deans brain, bouncing around like a ping pong ball.   I love you.   The words had been whispered and eyes cast down, but Dean knew that it was meant for him and only him. Then Castiel said he loved them all and that was the confirmation, as if Dean needed one. Sure, it had been a deathbed love confession, but it wasn’t a lie and Dean knew that. The last thing Cas wanted Dean to hear was that and Dean couldn’t stop thinking about it. Sure, it was the first time they had ever uttered the words love at each other, but so many times they had said it or shown it. Dean has said it more times then not, just maybe not those three little words, but three other ones.   I need you.  It wasn’t love, but in Dean’s brain it was the same thing.

The bunker was just as quiet as the car ride home had been. Dean had sat in the back with Cas, who seemed to keep bouncing between unconsciousness and consciousness. Dean had found his fingers itching to hold Cas’ hands, where they set so gentle and folded in his lap. He could’ve done it, just reached out and laced their fingers, no questions asked. Sam wouldn’t have said anything. Cas would’ve just given him a look before letting it be with a soft smile, but Dean didn’t. He just flexed his fingers reaching out, but quickly taking his hand back and shoving them into his lap. He was definitely acting like a coward which he wasn’t one, but in those moments he had been. Those three little ( massive ) words had him craving physical connection, physical touch, with Cas but he couldn’t push himself to do it.

“I think I’m just going to head to bed.” Sam mumbled into the quietness of the bunker, pulling Dean from his thoughts. His brother shoulders slumped a little bit with the tiredness he was carrying. He gave a small smile and a shoulder shrug before making his way out of the war room and to his room. Dean had given a soft nod before turning his attention to Cas, who looked worse than both the Winchester brothers put together. Almost dying will do that to a person though. Castiel had managed to give a small nod in return before finding his own eyes to drop a little. Dean couldn’t help the soft smile that tugged at his lips at the sight of the angel.

Cas almost died. Dean had almost lost Cas.

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Wooden Nickels

Before I sell my soul, I want to enjoy it.
I’ve lied more than I have loved
and I played ping pong with too many hearts.
You can feel the tension, it was thicker
than her thighs that summer she gave me all of her.

I can not say I deserve or knew it was coming.
Working from home and all day, in a temple
mostly closed and restrained behind fears.
You gave all day and much of your free time away
thinking about her and living in the past.

Take what you want of what you think happened.
You don’t have much left to pawn or
say you built with her— the spared memories and unrequited energy.
Move on and continue dancing around the bar.

I miss how you smell between your shoulders
and down below your hips, where I fit.
What change caused or contributed to the distance?
We had magic that only we understood;
a joy and love that sets you free.


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Hey could I get a ship please? I’m 5’3” I have green eyes and blonde hair, I’m hopefully going to be studying sports medicine and I absolutely love hockey and play a high level myself. I live in Toronto and absolutely adore the Leafs !! I’m super laid back and everybody tells me I’m really funny and super energetic. I also love dogs and making art and music. Thank you !!

Mitch “the ping pong master” Marner! He so energetic and happy-go-lucky and I feel like yall would fit perfectly together! He seems pretty chill as well and the music sessions would be endless!

What I like about you:
I love when we sneak out in the morning,
not making eye contact,
neither of us can bear the sight of each other
if the sun has to.
If we had a future,
It would never have been breakfast in bed.

I love our “Do you remember?”
“No, I don’t”
“You’re kind of annoying,”
“You’re kind of an asshole”
“Do you want to fight me?”
Your “Text me,”
at 4am message,
me digging your number out of the trash can
like a frantic drug addict.
That “forget about last night,”
“I don’t want to forget about last night”
when you have already forgotten.

I love the feeling of your hands under bed sheets,
that “don’t let the cold in”,
that “don’t be loud”,
that silence,
and that silence is my favorite.
But that silence is so inadequate.
I make up what you would say to me if
you ever said something real to me,
in that silence.
I forget about our fights,
and your problems in that silence,
like the way you drink until you cannot stand up,
like the way you like your girls,
small and quiet,
unlike me.
Like the way you cannot open up to me,
when every time you are around me,
I open the china cabinet of my chest
and hand you another piece of me.
I am running out of ways to function properly
(and no one can see it),
I am running out of places to set at the table for someone else,
you are the only one I ever want to break bread with.

I like the way you wear your mask the best,
like every day is halloween,
We are all your tricks,
the treat is your presence.
Once when you took that mask off for me,
you told me that your happiness
could never come from me.
The first honest thing you ever said to me.
I swallowed the smile
I never thought I could swallow
when I am around you,
and nodded.
But when you put your mask back on,
you whispered how comfortable I feel beside you.
Your hands back on me,
you’re beside me again
and i am imagining nothing but your lips
But I do not say it because you like
it quiet
So I don’t hear you sneaking out after the sun.

I love this ping pong game we play.
How many more points do I have to make before you
get that we are better on the same team?
If I cannot convince you of how valuable you are,
when are you?
When are you going to keep me up,
Or put me back down?

There can only be  
so many times you tell someone
How much they mean to you
Before it is a waste of words.
He cannot be a waste of words,
when he makes new words just when he leans his head on me.

There is nothing sexaul or mental,
about the way you can stare at someone
and they say nothing.

You can only poke a dead body enough
before you realize it is not coming back.

—  (This piece might not be done, but it wanted to post it); JCP



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