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Genre: Smutty Smut 

Pairing: Reader X Chaerin (CL)  [Girl x Girl]

Word Count: 1.5k-ish 

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You walked into the living room, your favorite mug of tea in hand accompanied by a book in the other to read as you sat down on the couch, pulling the blanket on yourself. You sighed comfortably at the soft fabric of your kitty jumpsuit. 

Well, technically it was your girlfriend’s but she wasn’t supposed to home for another hour, so what harm could it do?

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EXO Scenario - I Love You ~ Byun Baekhyun

Hey thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3


There she was. Standing there with her group of friends, laughing at whatever that was said, her smile so cute. She was just the definition of beauty, in my eyes, she’s perfect head-to-toe, and her personality, just WOW. How can someone so perfect be my best friend? Though, it kills to think that she’s JUST my best friend. Y/N has always been the only girl I have ever truly loved, and she doesn’t dare to find out that I love her more than a best friend, she’ll probably most likely hate me for like, forever.

Not even Chanyeol knows how much she means to me, I don’t mention my feelings in case of being thrown into a pit full embarrassment, not just for him, but also the rest of the boys. At any time, she could just look at me and I would just fall even more in love with that girl than before, it was possible.

“Baekhyun pabo!” She shouted, running past me, with a huge smirk on her face as she belted it straight out of the gates. Grabbing my stuff and saying my goodbyes to the others, I chased after her. It was all quiet, as I crept up behind her and threw my arm around her, “You’re such a bitch you know that?” I laughed at her sudden scared reaction to it, slapped me on the chest playfully before harshly moving my arm from around her, before she gave me such a dirty look, “Yes, yes I am,” Slowly, she broke into a fit of laughter, I knew that it’ll get her sooner enough, “You’re still coming out tonight right?” she asked, as I shook my head, and tried to keep a straight ass face to see how she’d react, but as my bitchy-sassy but funny best friend, she won’t take the ‘no’ as an answer, “Tough, I know you’re joking Byun Baekhyun, you’re coming out tonight got it?”. After dropping her off at hers, I made my own way home, and once again, only she, only my best friend would be stuck in my head.

My bag landed with a thump on the floor next to my door, before I slammed it shut with my foot. I stood at the foot of my bed for turning around and falling backward lazily on it.

I looked up at the ceiling, and the next minute, my phone vibrates in my pocket, waking me up from what seemed to be a faint sleep, “H-Hello?” I answered huskily, not looking at the contact as I was still half asleep, “Come on Baek, stop sleeping and come meet me outside your house.” The sudden realization of who t was struck me as I tumbled out of bed and rushed down the stairs, leaving a quick goodbye to my mother before bolting it out the door, and getting tripped up only by my best friend at the end of the drive. “Hey!” playfully I shouted as I managed to get back my balance.

As usual, we started to make our way to our hang out right at the back of the public park. Our hang out was a small hut, all done out to look like a miniature house, two huge soft cushion seats, a coffee table and fairy lights. On the way up, Y/N ran over to the closest fast food place and came back with a pizza for us to share, she’s a keeper.

I slowly followed behind her as she sped walked up to the hut, All that was going through my mind was how to tell her about how I really feel, I can’t keep it in any longer, and if I do, I’d implode. If I don’t do it now, I wouldn’t ever do it. But my worst nightmare is ruining us as best friends completely, it’ll tear me apart more than rejection could ever do and that’s saying something.

Her voice became louder and clearer as she called my name, telling me to hurry my ass up or she’ll eat the pizza to herself. Bitch no! I laughed as I ran up, going in and a smile spread across my face seeing that she’s already set everything up, but not only that, it’s just me and her.

Just before her, my legs gave in as I crashed onto the cushion seat and started to dig in to the pizza, it wasn’t completely silent but it wasn’t the loudest atmosphere ever, it was just right. A few laughs here and there as we made faces at each other and pretending to take each other’s slices. 

Suddenly we just fell completely silent and still. I looked her deep into her beautiful eyes that looked right back at me, must of been embarrassing for her to have a bit of pizza sauce on the corner of her mouth as gently I rubbed my thumb over it to get rid of it, before cupping her face and slowly inching closer for a kiss. The feeling of her small twitch of shock made me back away, regretting it instantly, “I’m… so sorry.” I apologised, breaking the eye contact instantly and getting up ready to walk off, thought I had messed everything up. “Baek wait!” Y/N called as I spun on my heals to face her again but still my eyes were on the ground. Then, two arms snaked through my arms and around my torso, and her head was right under my eyes, hugging me tightly as my arms hesitantly wrapped around her, pulling her closer.

Moments went passed, nothing was said until I broke the silence, “Y/N, I love you, always have, always will. Take this anyway you want but I guess yo-”. Before I could finish my sentence, her lips found mine, my eyes shut instantly as I held her close, taking in this moment as I kissed her back. “You pabo, I know you do, I love you too.” She spoke sweetly as my small smile turned into a grin, I have finally got the girl I love the most.


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Sun Woo

“Wait… what did you just say?!” Sun Woo would be extremely confused and startled by your words, but he would recover from it and would say that he loves you too eventually.

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Soo Ho

“Ah, you’re so cute~ I love you too!” A large smile would come up on Soo Ho’s face, and he wouldn’t hesitate to say that he loves you too. He’d suddenly feel extremely confident about himself and your relationship with one another.

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Han Sung

“Did you just say that you love me? I should’ve told you that I loved you first!” Han Sung would make an ‘o’ shape with his mouth when those precious, three words left your lips. He would be a little annoyed that you said it first, but he would still have a large smile on his face as he hugged you.

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Yeo Wool

“Oh, darling… I love me too.” Yeo Wool would tease you, at first, but his hand would reach up and caress your cheek as he looked at you lovingly. He would probably steal a kiss from you before saying that he loved you too, and wanted you to be by his side forever.

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Sam Maek Jong

“Aish, I was just about to say that! I love you too, pabo.” Maek Jong is going to be smiling ear-to-ear at the words that came out of your mouth. The two of you had been staring at each other lovingly for a few minutes, and just when he had the courage to say it: you butted in and said it first. He would definitely steal some kisses as he proclaimed his love for you.

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Ban Ryu

“Why do you have to shock me like that?” The shocked expression on his face would subside once he sighed and muttered that you didn’t have to scare him like that. He loved you too, but it would take him a while to say it. Ban Ryu would be the one not to say those three words often, but his actions spoke louder than his words.

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GENRE: fluff.


SUMMARY: In which you try to teach your boyfriend Kim Mingyu english.


Was not proofread.

You sat happily in front of your giggly boyfriend Mingyu before flashing a bright smile at him. “You ready?” He nodded bit hesitantly at your words. You’d had been trying to teach Mingyu english for a while now and all he had learned was “Hello my name is Mingyu.” and  “I am from Korea.” 

With a slight chuckle you thought of words for him to say as he caressed your hands in his. “Let’s start with something easy… Um oh! Try yellow.” You said excitedly.Why the word yellow? Well, it was your favorite color and ironically the first word you could come up with.

Ye-ll-oo.” You sounded out for him. He stared at you blankly before releasing you had said something.”What?” His face broke into a smile with a short chuckle. “Say it again- Say it again.” He laughed causing you to brake into laughter. “Yellow, Ye-ell-oo.” You repeated.

Yee-low.”He said cutely causing you to squeal softly from the cuteness overload. “What did i do?” He asked with his cheeks turning bright red. You placed your head in your hands. “You’re adorable babe.” You mumbled against your hand. Your eyesight met his causing him to place his finger under your chin and lifted your head up. The feeling of his hot minty breath on your lips tempted you to kiss him, but instead you pulled away slightly.

“Let’s try a different one, repeat after me, I-” 






“But Jagi, I already know th-” You cut him off with a short peck on his lips. “Pabo, I said i love you.” His face quickly changed from confused to flustered. The two of you had been dating for a couple months but still haven’t said ‘I love you.’ yet. You knew most people would just throw away dumb phrases like that but with your strong fear of rejection you were hesitant with how you used it. “You really mean it?” Mingyu asked in disbelief. “Yes, I mean it.” You replied watching his smile grow bigger as his eyes focused on his hands. With that you cupped his face with your hands and kissed him once more. “I love you too.” He shuddered slightly.

The fact that he said it in english made your heart skip a beat. What you had been teaching him hasn’t been forgotten.


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Yoongi Scenario: The Way You Are.

Request: Can I request a scenario when Yoongi hear his girlfriend (the OC) that she like guys who has abs so Yoongi start working out for her? Thanks!

Genre: Fluff / Romance

It was never Yoongi’s intention to eavesdrop on your telephonic conversation with one of your friends, but as he approached your room to tell you the water for the ramen was already boiling he heard something that caught his attention and irremediably couldn’t ignore.

-He’s hot-

That was your voice, you were talking on the phone, Yoongi knew this since you had left him waiting telling him it was your best friend and it would be quick, but Yoongi wasn’t really that patient and you had precedents on spending too much time on the phone, so he went to look for you to hear you saying someone, a guy, was hot. Could it be him? The thought made Yoongi smirk, he knew he was pretty attractive and he knew you liked him, you were his girlfriend after all, but hearing you say he was hot to other people made him feel proud and confident.

-Oh but I have ages without seeing him, he’s an asshole-

That made Yoongi halt on his reverie of self confidence. Ages without seeing him? You had seen him today so it wasn’t him of whom you were talking about, that was good since now this person was not in your good side, but you still considered him hot, so who could it be?

-Yeah, he was my type, you know I like guys with fit bodies- you laughed making Yoongi tune his ear more to the conversation, he certainly didn’t like hearing you talking about other guys but this was a piece of information he didn’t know about you -I have weakness for guys with abs, you know me well-

Yoongi had his lips in a tight line, even if he didn’t realize it, his heart had started beating faster and his brain was creating all kinds of thoughts, the ones he never imagined having over a girlfriend. Insecurity.

You spoke again. -Yeah… I’m with someone else know, he’s my boyfriend- now you were talking about him. You sighed profoundly. -He’s… I like him, a lot- that made Yoongi smile, he liked you very much too, but even so you didn’t tell that to each other very often. -Abs? No! He’s skinny as you get them, yeah, I was surprised too-

Yoongi felt another blow on his ego, even if what you were saying was true, so he decided it was best to not keep hearing and just wait for you in the kitchen, you seemed to be about to end the conversation too, so he went on getting the ramen ready.
You stepped into the kitchen two minutes after, going to him surprising him with a kiss on the cheek. -Sorry, I got caught up-

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Drabble Game #1: Jealousy

Genre: Slight Angst & Explicit Smut xD 

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook (Special Appearance by my GOT7 bias Yugyeom)

Word Count: 2000ish (A special drabble) 

Prompt: 73 + Jungkook

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To say that your day had been difficult would’ve been a serious understatement.

Not only had Jungkook literally ran out on both you and his kids, he wouldn’t be coming back for another couple of hours since the group was busy preparing for their comeback.

“Jeon Jungkook don’t you fucking walk out that door!” You yelled from the living room as you tried to get your dear daughter to eat.

The house was an absolute mess with food being spilled everywhere as your daughter was more excited to dance to her father’s DOPE rather than eat food that you spent three hours making. Your beautiful baby boy was crying in his crib as he desperately craved his mother’s touch upon awakening from his short nap.

“I’m so so so sorry baby but I really have to go. Namjoon hyung has been getting really pissed at me and I don’t want to hold the group back. I’ll try sending Yugyeom hyung over to help you out.” Jungkook said before grabbing his training bag and literally running out the door.

“Aish, I’m going to kill him when he comes back!” You exclaimed as you tried to get your daughter to finish the rest of her meal.

Once you had successfully fed your daughter you laid her in her small pink bed in the room that she now shared with her younger brother. Once she was asleep you tended to your baby boy, getting him cleaned up and then feeding him before laying him in his crib that was next to his sister’s bed.

Finally the storm had calmed down for a bit but now it was time to deal with its aftereffects. Thankfully you heard a knock on your door which meant that Yugyeom was finally here to help out. You almost tackled the poor man to the floor.

“You’re an extremely happy sight for my sore eyes” You exclaimed as you gave him a hug.

“Well, I am here to help out but I guess you managed that on your own!” He said sounding impressed with your work.

“But you can help with cleaning” You responded by handing him the vacuum cleaner.

“And don’t forget the dishes too!” You exclaimed as you walked into your bathroom to finally take a shower to rid you off all the filth your children had you covered in.

“Yes ma’am!” Yugyeom responded as he began working on the tasks you had assigned to him.

Once you were done with shower you found that you also needed to do your laundry since all you had left to wear were Jungkook’s white shirts and fortunately, a clean pair of your shorts. You hastily changed to go check how much Yugyeom was done and to help him out a bit.

“Aigoo, you finished everything!” You exclaimed and gave him another hug out of the happiness you felt.

“I had to, you always helped me out if I ever needed anything you pabo!” He replied as he rubbed your hair.

At that you heard a small sound come out of your children’s room and both of you gave each other a look and almost immediately you walked in because you definitely didn’t want one to wake the other up.

Thankfully it was just a yawn and both of them were still sleeping. You let out a small sigh of relief and Yugyeom placed a hand on your shoulder as you leaned against him, you were so exhausted and it was nice to see both of your kids sleep so peacefully. It was finally serene.

Until you heard a bag drop to the floor in the living room. Both of you turned around to be met with a Jungkook with a look on his face that you were all too familiar with.

“Oppa, listen to what I’m saying. When I start talking to Jungkook, I need you to walk out of here as fast as you can.” You whispered low enough for Yugyeom to hear and give a silent nod to you. You walked out of the room and closed it on your way out so that the kids remained undisturbed.

“Jungkook-ah, you’re finally home. How was practice?” You asked as you slowly approached him, Yugyeom behind you slowly making his way towards the door.

“It was fine but I probably wouldn’t have left if I knew this is what would be happening behind my back jagiya!” He spoke in a clearly annoyed and frustrated manner.

Thankfully this short amount of time was enough for Yugyeom to leave, he even shut the door on his way out which was when Jungkook noticed his absence. He cursed lowly under his breath and without wasting another second you began to yell everything that you had been holding back since he left you alone at home this morning.

“What do you mean by that Jungkook? What, are you jealous that the house is finally clean? That our kids are peacefully sleeping? That I finally had enough time to myself to take a fucking shower?” You began yelling at him.

“Both of you were standing in the children’s room and with the way his hands were on you and your head on his shoulder it looked like both of you were the parents and not you and me!” He exclaimed.

“Baby, I am running on 3 hours of sleep for the past 2 days, I was exhausted and Yugyeom merely gave me support. And is this how much you trust your hyung because if it is, I’m disappointed in you Jeon Jungkook!” You retorted.

Yugyeom had been nothing but helpful while Jungkook had left you alone to take care of both kids for reasons you understood but that didn’t necessarily mean that you were going to manage everything on your own. You needed help and if Jungkook wasn’t around how could it possibly hurt if his hyung came by once in a while to help you out. In fact, Jungkook was the one who had suggested it in the first place.

“It’s not that I don’t trust him, it’s just…” He replied meekly trying to search for the right words in his mind so that he doesn’t infuriate you further.

“It’s just what Jungkook?” You questioned, your patience was running thing so if he had something, he’d better say it now and say it fast.

“I haven’t been around much lately and as much as I miss both you and the kids I can’t help it. I just feel like I’m losing my position as a father and that my kids would like him more than me!” He said before burying his face in your shoulder.

“Jungkook-ah…. No one can replace you! You know, Shin hye won’t eat anything unless she listens to your music which gets her trying to replicate your satanic choreography. And remember when I was pregnant with Minho, he would only calm down when he listened to your voice. I know you’re busy but we’re your family Jungkook, don’t ever worry about losing us. We’re always going to be there to support and love you Jungkook-ah” You said as you wrapped him into a hug and rubbed his hair with one of your hands.

“Aish, y/n-ah I don’t deserve you! You’re too good for me” He said before pressing a kiss on your lips.

“I know, I know but I love you, you pabo!” You replied before pressing a longer and sweeter kiss on his lips that you had missed so much.

“Ah but won’t you tell me exactly how much you missed me jagi, wait no, I’d rather you show me exactly how much you missed me” you whispered into his ear and before you knew it you were being carried over his shoulder as he made his way to your bed.

“Jagiya, I’m going to show you exactly how much I missed you” He said as he took off his clothes that were practically drenched in his sweat.

“I look forward to that but first” You said before getting up from the bed and pushing Jungkook onto it and pulling his boxers down to show his hard erection that was already slick with pre-cum.

“Is there a reason why you’re naked in my bed Jungkook-ah?” You teased, being with him after so long all you wanted to hear from him was how desperately he craved you.

“Yes y/n-ah, I need you to fuck you right now or I swear I’m going to fuck you so hard that you won’t be able to walk for days!” He exclaimed.

“But if I can’t walk, then Yugyeom oppa would have to come here each and every day Jungkook-ah” You smirked at him.

After having kids you almost forgot how good he fucked you after you made him jealous and today, you were going to use that to your advantage.

“That’s it” He yelled, finally snapping at the comment of yours.

He put you on the bed as he quite literally ripped your clothes off before placing his dick on your already dripping pussy.

“If I ever hear his name again during sex, I’ll be punishing you harder than this jagiya!” and with that he shoved his entire length in you had had you biting down on your lip hard enough to taste the metallic liquid.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard that the only name coming out of your mouth will be mine jagiya” he said before thrusting into you.

He didn’t even bother starting at a slow pace, with the way both of you had been you knew that neither of you would last long but that didn’t mean that Jungkook wasn’t going to make you moan his name for him to hear.

With each thrust you found him hitting each of your sweet spots that made you moan his name.

His name that was now falling from your lips without even the slightest hint of ever stopping.

You found yourself hitting new peaks of pleasure and it felt absolutely fucking great. You had missed him so much and you never realized how much you needed him. And with the look on his face, it was clear that he had missed you just as much. Without even wasting a second, you were on your back as Jungkook gripped your hips as he increased the pace of his thrusts that made your pleasure that much better.

“Ahh Jungkook, don’t stop” You barely got the sentence out of your mouth without crumbling into a moaning mess.

He moved his mouth down to your neck and back which he covered in kisses until he finally reached your lips which he kissed with absolute fervor. He moved his fingers to your clit which when he rubbed electrified your entire body. Both of you were close to your release which made Jungkook’s movements faster and your grasp on the bed so hard that your knuckles turned white.

As you came Jungkook made sure to ride out your high as both of your mouths engaged in a heated make out session.

You both were lying on the bed desperately trying to catch your breath after the intense session that you had.

“Our bed” Jungkook said abruptly.

“Our bed?” You asked in a puzzled tone, wondering what Jungkook could’ve possibly wondering to.

“When you asked why I was naked, you said ‘my’ bed. It’s not just yours, its mine too!” He remarked.

“Fine, fine, its ours Jungkook-ah” You said turning around to sleep as much as you could before your children woke you up.

He turned to hug you from behind, his hands entwining in yours as you felt his ring rub across your fingers as yours did his. He began playing with your ring and you with his.

It was a small, barely noticeable feeling but to both of you, it was an extremely important one that reminded you of the bond and oath that you shared. It made your feelings for each other that much stronger. You turned around to kiss him once again.

“I love you jagiya” You said as you turned around to face him. Placing your hands around him as he did the same to you such that your foreheads touched each other’s.

“And I love you y/n-ah. I always have and always will.” He said before placing a kiss on your forehead. With that the both of you drifted off into sleep for as much as you could before your children woke you up once again.

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 Written by: Admin Sangria

Fighting with BIGBANG pt.1

the zutter edition

author notes: contains swearing, and swag, check, swag.


*you and Jiyong have a very passionate relationship and somehow you have ended up in an argument again… this time it’s about Jiyong working late without telling you for the hundredth time*

[GD] yah! I can’t help having to work late! It’s part of the fucking job description… do we have to do this right now? I’ve just walked through the door…

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How to say I love you {Jimin}

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Genre: Fluff

Your name: submit What is this?

He hated himself.

He hated himself because of you.

Why you ask?

Because he loves you.

There’s nothing bad about this at all but the is, is that you’re his best-friend. Never in his life did he ever think he’d fall for you but look at him now. More shy than ever and feel like he can’t even be near you. The smallest touch from that never bothered him now always made him freeze. Whenever you smiled he blushed and whenever he is just around you it always feels so right.

He’s got it bad if he had to say so himself.

There is never a day that you don’t cross his mind. Sometimes he feels like he’s going crazy.

He knows he loves you but he doesn’t want to admit it. But anyone could see right through him. Anyone but you that is. “Jimin!”

His head perks up from the sound if his name and was met with namjoon towering over him. “H-hyung?” a smirk grew upon namjoon’s face, “you’ve been staring at that wall for so long now, what’s going through that head of yours.” Jimin rolled his eyes already knowing where this was headed. “Nothing you’d care about I promise you that”, ever since the word of him liking you had gotten out, thanks to jungkook, the boys have teased him non-stop. “You sure?” “Yes”, jimin blushed. Namjoon chuckled and ruffled his black hair, “ah, it’s alright to think about the one you love chimchim.” Jimin only blushed more and grumbled a few words as he pushed away his  hyung’s hand away from his hair. “I wasn’t thinking about her.”

“Sure you weren’t and speaking of y/n, isn’t she coming over today?” They both looked over at hoseok, who was leaned onto the door frame of his room, with their brows raised.

“No, why do you ask?” he didn’t remember inviting you over. Well not that he had to anyway. “Tae said something about her coming here later.” Taehyung popped up and smiled as jimin glared at him.“I’m only trying to help you jiminie”, “help me, how?” Taehyung  parted his lips to speak but there was a sudden ring of a bell. “Well she’s here early.” 

Jimin’s eyes had widened already starting to freak out.

He heard your voice as you welcomed taehyung and his heart raced faster and faster as he heard you coming closer. The second your eyes met with his you lunged toward him bringing him into a tight hug. “Hi jimin!” You smiled excitedly as you hugged him. He already had his arms around you as instinct and cracked a shy smile. The others stood behind the two of you smiling and silently teasing him. Hoseok even took a picture. 

You parted from your best friend still smiling. You were always happy with him and loved him dearly. More than you should actually. “Welp, we’re just gonna…head out, see you two later!” Namjoon waved then grabbed hoseok’s and taehyung’s hands then dragged them out. Shutting the door behind them as the dashed away.

“Where are they going?”

“Beats me.”

Outside of his room taehyung and hoseok stood confused by namjoon wondering why he took them along. “Hyung what was that all about?” “Well you know it’s super obvious that jimin likes y/n”, “loves” taehyung corrected. “Right, anyway I know that she likes him to but there not gonna straight out tell each-other, and knowing jimin, he probably won’t even make the first move.” Hoseok laughed already teasing jimin and mocking  his shy gestures. “So what are we gonna do?”

“What are you guys doing?” They all turned and faced yoongi. “We were-” He cut off hoseok, “wait, does this concern me in anyway?” they shook their heads, “Then I don’t care.” Yoongi went on into the kitchen leaving the others to chat among them selves. 

“Maybe we could lock them in the room from the outside!” taehyung said excitedly. Hoseok furrowed his brows “how do we do that?” “with a chair, I’ve seen people do it in movies.” He shrugged “I guess we could do that.”

“How ‘bout it namjoon?” He looked quite unsure and scratched the top of his head. “Are you two talking about the love birds?” Yoongi asked. 

“I thought you didn’t care.”

“I don’t really but just leave the two alone.”

“But they’re in love yoongi, In love! they need to tell each other already.” Hoseok said

Yoongi shook his head “just let them be, they’ll confess on their own.”

You sat on his bed as he seemed to wonder around hid room and you wondered why he was acting so weird. “Jimin, why don’t you sit next me?” you patted the pace next to you. He paused but proceeded to make his way over and sat a comfortable distance from you. He stared at him, he fidgeted slightly. You sighed, “ok you have been acting weird since they ran out of the room, jiminie, what’s wrong?” And there it is. He knew you were going to ask and he knew he either had to tell you, or just lie completely. But he didn’t know what to do.

So he lied.

“It’s nothing.”

“Nothing my ass, come on tell me please it’s not it’s some terrible secret about me or something?” you joked but he didn’t even crack a smile. “Woe wait, is it?” “no, no, no I swear it’s nothing bad, well at least I hope so.” You’re eyes widened “hope so? what do you mean hope so?” whelp I’m in deep shit,  he sat silently playing the rings on his fingers. “Jimin you’re scaring me.”

“Just tell me please, I’m really worried here.” you playfully hit his arm in hopes he was just messing with you but he didn’t budge.  

You sighed and got up from the bed, “I guess i’m just gonna go-” “no wait!” you weren’t even near the door when he suddenly pulled you back. It was very unexpected and it’s a bit more surprising now that you see how close you are to him. There was no space between your bodies apart from your chests and faces. His arms circled your waist and oh how he wanted to just hold you tighter and pull you closer if possible. “J-jimin?” you could feel your cheeks begin to heat up. He stared at your face admiring every beautiful feature then looked into your beautiful (e/c) eyes. “I like you” he said. Both your eyes widened in shock. He didn’t mean to say it, it just slipped out.

Too late to back out now. “I mean I don’t like you, well I do, but, but what I’m trying to say is-” you cut him off by pressing your lips against his. You pulled away and giggled seeing the red on his cheeks and shocked expression. “I love you to pabo.” He smiled and became the cute and shy jimin you loved and he hid his face in the crook of your neck.

“Wait, what’s going on why did quiet suddenly?”

“Ow, move!”

“I’m trying to listen!”

“You’re to young to listen.”

“I am a grown man now for gods sake!”

You and jimin both gave a contempt look each-other. You opened the door and you jumped back when the boys toppled over one another in the room. “HI Y/N!” Jungkook looked up at you with a large grin. “What are guys doing?” you put your hands on you hips. “Definitely not ease dropping if that’s what you’re thinking…congratulations by the way.” you rolled your eyes but couldn’t help but smile. Yoongi walked by but backed tracked once he noticed the others. What the hell happened here?” “Jimin finally confessed to y/n ”, “well I confessed first”. “Whatever but I’m proud and I finally don’t have to hear jimin talk about you all day anymore” jin smiled. “I do not do that!” “whatever you say.”

“Aw that’s cute” you smirked at him.

“See what did I tell you, they worked it out on their own.”     

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Yoongi: Confession

Word Count: 1245
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Summary: The third of a mini series I’ve started, creating small scenarios for each member, revolving around their love confessions for you! I hope you enjoy it, send feedback or requests my way here!

Taehyung | Hoseok | Jin | Yoongi | Jungkook | Namjoon | Jimin


His eyes paced towards you, a worry laced within his irises. There was a brief moment of silence as he searched your eyes for answers, only to find a mutual worry.

“Well, fuck.”

The lights flickered until they went off, the elevator shaking one last time before settling at the unsettling level of being in between two floors. You grabbed your hair in frustration, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as the impatience grew. Yoongi was sliding down the wall until he at last found himself hugging his knees in the dark, his pale skin illuminating, and a film of sweat on his forehead from the practice he had just finished.

“We’ll be out soon, don’t worry…” he said reassuringly, however evasive his eyes were.

You were pressing the buttons, your fingers repeatedly pressing the alarm with no response.

“Call the receptionist?” you asked, frustration growing in your cheeks.

“I didn’t bring my phone to practice.”

You sighed, pulling your hair by the roots as your claustrophobia kicked in. You tried to keep your calm, although your nervous stepping around gave you out.

“Are you scared?” he asked carefully, his eyes stuck to your pacing feet.

“I just don’t like small, dark spaces.” you muttered nervously.

“Me neither,” he confessed and chuckled, “It’s awful.”

There was a different tone to his voice, the usual carelessness somehow evaporating in the dark. He sounded nervous, in a way. You looked at his small figure grabbing his knees, his fingers wriggling with discomfort. You stopped in your steps as you observed him before sliding next to him, bumping him reassuringly before flashing him a smile that barely you believed in.

“It’s so typical that we get stuck together…” you chuckled, “Remember when we got ourselves locked into the bathroom at that hotel before your award show? The entire staff had to come to our rescue.”

He smirked, his eyes meeting yours for the first time and if it wasn’t for the darkness, you could’ve sworn you saw a blush deepening in his cheeks. He shook his head, his tongue pulling at the inside of his cheek as he reminisced with you – knowing that he remembered that night for a few very different reasons. It was the first time he had realized that he felt something when he saw you. He walked in on you, bent in across the sink as you carefully applied your mascara, your long dress hugging your curves. He nervously shut the door locked, some type of malfunction happening at the rough impact. He watched you finish, sweat pooling across his body as he tugged on his collar – he could’ve sworn it had gotten tighter since he saw you. Those things were hard, you know? Knowing a person for a long time and then your view on them changes. They’re the same person, but kind of not. Suddenly their aura just changes, everything they speak is magical and all of the sudden your voice did things to his body that it had never done before. It was that night that the two of you got drunk, a silly game of truth or dare at the dinner table leading to a quick kiss for the two of you. You’d dismissed it, but it lingered for Yoongi. It still lingers.

“Do you remember that night?” his voice was small through the darkness, a carefulness distinct in his words.

“Yeah, it was really fun…” you muttered silently, unsure of where he was taking the conversation.

“I think…” he held his breath, “I think, I remember it for different reasons.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you remember our kiss?”

“The one while we played truth or dare?”

“Yeah…” his voice was quiet, the tension in the air thickening. Your brows were lifted in anticipation, however oblivious you continued to be. There was a long pause, your eyes watching his as they paced across the elevator, your fear of small spaces somehow dissolving through the distractions.

“I think about it all the time.” he finally spewed, his eyes pointed at the empty space in front of him. You blushed lightly at the realization, still unsure of what it all meant.

“I think about…” he began again, stopping you at the inhale, “I think about kissing you… all the time.”

His words were slow and drawn, his eyebrows suggestively lifted as his collar felt tight once more. You looked at him blankly, your eyes suddenly focused on his lips as you anticipated every breath you could hear him take.

“I thought it was just a game…” you carefully spilled; worried that it would sound rejecting.

“Oh, it totally was, if you want it to be.” he shook his head, dismissing the idea that the feelings could be mutual.

The lights flickered as the elevator bounced, dropping you a floor before the doors opened, the entire staff standing ahead of you, rushing in as they spilled their concern. You were quickly dragged out before being sent to each your own room to get ready for the night. You looked past your shoulder on the way out, only to be met by the back of Yoongi’s head as he walked towards his own room. A flush of regret rushed through you as you felt your chance slipping out of your fingers.

It had been a few hours since the incident, and you were straightening your hair at the table as you heard the door knock. It was Yoongi in front of you, he had already gotten ready when you invited him in and he hesitantly followed, nervously remaining just a few steps behind you.

“About earlier…” you stuttered, your eyes glued to the mirror as Yoongi was leaning on the side of your couch.

“Yeah, I should probably be honest.” he shrugged with discomfort, “It wasn’t a game for me.”

You looked at him, your eyes widening with anticipation.

“I, uh… I’ll respect it, if you don’t feel the same way about me, but I think we should remain honest with each other.” he shifted, his eyes never meeting yours.

“I have had feelings for you for a while now, Y/N.” he tried to remain focused, his hands frustratingly combing through his hair as he sighed upon the realization of his confession, “You just, you make me go crazy! Fuck, and then you kiss me. Holy fuck. Ah, this is bad. This is horrible, I’m sappy and this is bad.”

Your eyes shifted to the table, a smirk appearing as you watched his stumble and stutter, cringing at his own feelings.

“I love you, Yoongi.” you muttered, smiling at your hands.

“Huh?” he stopped in his tracks, his eyes pointing towards you.

You smiled as you saw the nervous mess in front of you, a side of Yoongi that was so untypical for him. He walked over to you, immediately cupping your face as he kissed you, starting off nervously as he built his confidence, eventually leading to his greed taking over.

“You love me?” he asked, out of breath and rushed.

“I love you, you wreck.”

“Ah, pabo…” he smiled in your mouth, smacking your lips together as he squeezed your face in his hands.

“Get ready.” he winked at you, the careless and courageous Yoongi returning at an incredible speed.

He began walking out the door as your brows furrowed, unsatisfied with what you had gotten.



You raised your brows, acting offended.

“I love you, idiot.”

Red Velvet Reaction to: You Breaking Up With Them For The Sake of Their Career

awww thank you! I hope you enjoy this one too ^^

Irene: is looking at you in shock. “really? you think I would give on you that easily?” but then she sees the situation from your side and now she’s smiling, pulling you close and nuzzling you. “I love you, pabo. I appreciate your concern for my career, but don’t ever try to leave me again for such a stupid reason”

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Wendy: holds you close and asks you why you want to break up. when you explain why, she’ll be grateful for your concern but also reassure you that you’re not getting in the way. and she loves you *imagine you’re Irene*

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Seulgi: just wants to be loved and while she appreciates your concern and respect for her career, she doesn’t like that you would give up on her so easily

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Joy: “oh, okay.” she’s really sad but doesn’t want to force you to stay with her. if that’s what you think is best, she’ll respect that. “I hope you find someone perfect for you” and she truly means that

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Yeri: throws a tantrum. “are you serious? you want to break up just because of that? fine then!” she’ll agree to it but secretly hope that you’ll change your mind and fight to get her back. she can’t imagine not being with you, doesn’t want to imagine it. the fact that you would leave her so easily made her upset. tears welled in her eyes so before you could say anything more, she’s turned tail and ran off

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A day in bed~ 1/3

the zikyung edition


*You wake up and curl into the warm body next to you. Jiho begins to stir and pulls you into his arms*

[Y/N] Good morning sleepy head *you murmur*

*You watch his face turn into a sleepy smile and you feel your heart flutter at his cute swollen face*

[ZC] Morning Jagi~ *he mumbles in his husky morning voice*

*You snuggle against him and accept his morning kisses happily*

[ZC] what day is it today? 

*You reach for your phone*

[Y/N] Tuesday? Oh Jiho it’s 10am! Don’t you have any schedules?! *You raise your voice in panic*

*You start to scramble out of the bed but Jiho pulls you back into his arms*

[ZC] no schedule! I’m all yours today baby~

*You squeal in delight and sit up in bed excitedly*

[Y/N] so what do you want to do today?

[ZC] well… I was thinking we could just have a bed day? 

*You grin and dance cutely in the bed whilst Jiho reaches for his laptop*

[Y/N] oh are we watching a film?

[ZC] we can… or we could do other stuff? *mischievous grin*

[Y/N] *you roll your eyes* just choose a film to watch pabo!

[ZC] fine… let’s see…

*You watch as Jiho scrolls through all the films*

[Y/N] yah! we haven’t seen that one… or those… or that one!

[ZC] definitely no films to watch here…

[Y/N] you said you wanted to watch that one!

[ZC] nope… nothing here…

[Y/N] *laughing* YAH! Jiho! stop lying!

*Jiho closes his laptop and turns to you with a smirk*

[ZC] sorry, but we’ll have to find something else to do…


*You walk into the apartment after shopping with Kyung. Your feet ache and all you want to do is curl up and snuggle*

[PK] So Jagi… what shall we do?

*You drop the shopping bags onto the sofa and turn to him with a cute smile*

[Y/N] we could go snuggle?

*You finish unpacking the shopping and wander into the bedroom… Kyung is already sprawled across the bed*

[PK] are you ready? *smirk*

[Y/N] for what?

[PK] for some serious snuggling? 

*You grin and push him playfully before climbing onto the bed*

[Y/N] You’re a dork 

*You sink into the bed and close your eyes with a sigh. You feel a pair of hands slip around your waist as Kyung snuggles himself against you… you smile unconsciously and peak at him through half closed eyes*

[PK] I love you Jagi~

*You grin even wider and turn onto your side to face him. Your hands intertwine and Kyung kisses your forehead gently*

[Y/N] *cute sigh* I love you too you Pabo 


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No Promises - Monster Woo Series [Part 5]

As Woo wrapped his arms around you on the sofa, so scrolled through the shows trying to find something that you could watch. While you knew that you would both fall asleep during anything you put on due to the activities from earlier in the day [and what just happened in the shower] you wanted something to break up the silence of your apartment.

“Baby,” Woo softly called to you from his place by you. Your head was resting on his chest and your were partially on top of him but both of you had not wanted to be far apart for the moment. You landed on some drama rerun and turned to look at him. The way that Young Woo was staring in your eyes made you blush, having not seen that side of him before in the months that you’ve been together.

“You’re really something else,” he stated simply causing you to wrinkle your nose slightly at him complement. Leaning forward you gave him a slight kiss on the lips.

“Right back at you, Oppa,” you stated as you put your head back to his chest and listened to his steady heart beat. As you laid there for a while letting your mind wander as Woo rubbed circles on your back you noticed that his heart rate had increased, making you look up at him. You had expected him to be asleep but he was still staring at you with that new look. He gave you a small smile as he leaned forward and gave you a kiss, slowly deepening it yet pulling away before you became winded.

“I love you, baby,” he stated in a whisper.

For a second you weren’t sure if you heard him right. While you had been dating for a while and knee how each other felt, you hadn’t yet vocalize it.

A smile appeared on your face as you moved closer so that you could reach his mouth better. Leaning forward you planted another kiss, trying to deepen it, you tried to move yourself to a better position.

“Umphf!” Woo groaned into your mouth as he pulled away, brows furrowed and lip between his teeth. You looked down as he was tenderly protecting his manhood, which you had accidentally kneed while trying to get closer. You rubbed circles on his lower stomach, not knowing how to comfort him in his time of pain. You giggled slightly as he acted as if the world ended.

“I confess to you and you did that? Come on, baby! I was trying to give you my heart and now your laughing?” He groaned again, a slight tinge of red on his cheeks.

“Kim Young Woo!” You jokingly stated as firmly as you could. “I love you too, pabo!” He stopped writhing around and stared and you, and slow smile starting to appear on his face. He looked overjoyed from your simple confession.

“How about we take a little nap and I’ll take you out where ever you want to go tonight to celebrate? We can go to a nice restaurant, the beach, space, anything you say,” he suggested as you resituateded on the couch.

“How about burgers abound the aquarium?” You suggested. His chest rumbled in slight laughter.

“I sure did find a simple, unique girl,” he noted as he nuzzled into your neck, settling in for a nap while to still felt the smile on his lips.

Naw. Pabo-ya (Wonho Scenario)

Heheheheheh here’s your present <33 @multiplebiased


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Oh god, the food is gonna burn! / Y/N COME ON NOT AGAIN.” The boys were laughing. “Yah, that’s not my fault okay? You guys keep talking to me." 

You were in a family house, on jeju island. It was quiet off, just for the boys’ security, that’s why you couldn’t order food. "It’s not burnt, you can eat it…” You said, kinda sad, that you messed up again. “It’s okay, jagi. Things like that happen.” Wonho stood behinf you, laying his head on your shoulder, he tried not to laugh, just because he didn’t want to make you sad, but it didn’t really work. “YAH! Wonho, that’s not funny.” “I know, I know. But you need to hurry up now. We’ll leave in 2,5 hours.” “Okay, I’ll hop into the shower and then get ready.”  "Don’t forget baby, today is the first time you’re gonna be seen in a live stream.“ Right…

You nodded with a slight pink tone on your cheeks, wonho wanted you to be in the live stream today, he wanted his fans to see you. He was sure now, the fans really loved you without even knowing you. At first both of you were scared to make it official, but monbebe were really supportive. And now, after a year of being official, and three years of being a couple, he wanted to show the world who he fell in love with… well, that’s how he said it at least. 

After getting the boys meal ready, you went upstairs, opened your luggage, and took a shower. You stood under the warm water for about, 30 minutes. It was nice just to stand there, and to think about everything that happened. You were on vacation with 6 of your best friends, and your boyfriend, on Jeju Island. It was so overwhelming, and now.. you had to show your face to thousands of people. It wasn’t like you were scared or anything. But the pressure on your shoulders was high, normally you would post tweets or pictures on their social media, which means you could think about it a lot of times, but speaking live was different. You had to think about your words. Chose them wisely. 

You shrugged off the bad feelings, and decided to think about the good ones. You were here with him, he was by your side no matter what would happen later on, and you would spent your birthday with all of them. Yes, on top off all that, it was your birthday tomorrow. But then again, you cleaned your mind, and started showering. You had 1,5 hours left now. After sitting on your bed for another 15 minutes, you slowly started to get ready, and do your hair. For today, you wanted it curly, and your makeup was decent. All of that took an hour, when you walked over to your luggage, wonho knocked on the door loudly. "Babe? Can I come in?”  "Sure, come in.“ "First of all, you look so pretty, even in big clothes. And secondly,… this is for you.” He said shyly, while handing you a present. “What is this?” “It’s an early birthday present… I want you to wear it today… If you want it too of course.”  "Aww, thank you Oppa. But you really didn’t have to get me anything.“  "Shh, that’s nothing. Now get ready we don’t have much time left.” Befire leaving, he kissed you forehead, and left afterwards. 

“Wow..” you had to say, while opening the package. He bought you a whole outfit, shoes, a shirt, pants and even jewelery. The shorts he got you wear loose, but leather shorts. They had a small bow, right in the middle of the belt. Also, a beige, loose and super thin jumper. Maching shoes and a necklace. His taste in fashion was really good, so you really liked the outfit, and were kinda touched that he thought about something. 

“How do I look?” You asked jokingly, getting all of the attention. “Noona, is that you?” I.m asked, causing you to stick out your tounge and laughing at him. “You look great.” Wonho looked at you with big eyes, he came over and hugged you, really tightly. “We should go now." 

The place for the stream wasn’t to far, it was a nice place, near the ocean. No one was there, but it was dark also. "What time is it now?” You asked the boys. “23.30.” Oh wow… The time passed by fast. Shownu and Minhyuk built up the camera and some lights. And when that was ready, they started the camera. 

Hello Monbebe. How are you today?” Shownu asked after the first comments got in. He started to talk a little, and after a while the comments started to ask about you. Shownu looked at Wonho with a smile, telling him to start talking now. “Monbebe,.. this is Y/N. MY girlfriend. I hope you support us, and love her as much as I do. She really is a nice person, and extremely shy.He said, turning his head towards you, and looking deeply into your eyes. Do you want to say anything? ME? “Uhm.. Yea.. Hello, Monbebe. I’m Y/N. Some of you already know me. I’m really happy that you’re nice already, and I hope you’ll be by our side forever. I just wanto to say that.. Wonho will always love you, and I love you guys too already… Yea.” The boys started laughing about your shyness, and you tried to hide your face behind Wonho.“ 

Yah!“ Kihyun said after a while. ”Let’s get the chairs, my feet start to hurt.“ He said, and with that everyone but Wonho left. ”We’ll stay with you, you don’t have to be alone monbebe.“ He seemed so calm about this whole situation. "Monbebe. There is also another thing I want to tell you. Well. Not just you but also you Y/N.” he started. You were wondering a bit, he should’ve told you earlier if it is important. But since it was your birthday in a couple of minutes, you just sat there and listened. 

Y/N, it’s your birthday in a couple of minutes.. And there are things I need to tell you. Y/N I love you. More than everything else. I will love you forever. You know me better than anyone. Maybe better than myself. You are so strong and so.. Incredible. You chose to stay with me even if I wasn’t there as a trainee, we weren’t able to meet for a long time. You were there when I was so stressed and kept snapping at you. You were there for me,.. when I myself wasn’t able to take care of myself.-” His voice cracked, and tears fell down his cheeks. Wonho took your hands and held them tight.

Y/N, I want to spent the rest of my life with you. I love you, I need you by my side. I can’t be without you. I don’t even know how I could breathe without you being here. All of our memories are so beautiful, I don’t think that I ever experienced something bad with you.. I can’t imagine growing up with anyone else,… nor do I want to. I know that my life won’t be complete without you.” What? You also started to cry now, tears silently fell down your cheeks. “I know I’m an Idol, and that’s not a thing you can do for a living, but I promise to work harder to make you happy.. Y/N will you marry me?" 

Right after those words left wonhos mouth, the other boys came back. Holding bouquets of roses in one of their hands, and a candle in the other.  And right when you looked back to wonho, he kneeled down, and opened the little box in his hand, just to show a shiny ring in it.
He waited for you to answer, and his smile faded a little, he was now scared to hear a "no." 

Yes of course I will, Pabo. I love you so much.“ You said, hugging him, and then crying into his shoulder.
"GUYS she said yes.”

Monsta X Writing Prompts

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Some Monsta x Writing prompts that I’ve been working on.
Some angst and fluff ahead.

          As same as any ordinary day off, Hoseok  lay in his bed staring at the ceiling, trying to recuperate from his long days of activities. But something was on his mind, bothering and eating away at his senses.
“Hey, you alright?” You ask as you flop yourself down on the floor, placing your chin on his bed, your faces mere centimeters apart as he turns his head to stare at you. Both you and Hoseok had become friends when he was a trainee and your friendship had progressed rather unusually since then.
“I want to know something actually. We’ve been friends for like a really long time now right?” You nod in response after taking a quick second to think about it. You two became friends just before he became a trainee.
“I’ve been thinking a lot. I want us to date. So what do you say? Do you want to date me?” He suddenly questions, completely catching you off guard. You had no idea that he thought about you like that.
“Wait, you’re saying that you like me?” You question after a few moments of silence, still dumbfounded by his sudden offer. Butterflies explode in your stomach as he nods slowly, eyes never leaving yours. 
”I don’t know if I see you like that Hoseok.” You mutter, shrinking back and turning around to lean your back against the frame of the bed.
Let’s figure this out. Tell me how you feel about me?” He encourages as he shifts to place his chin on your shoulder. You didn’t exactly know how to respond.
“I don’t know.” You sigh, not daring to look to your left where his head was suddenly all too close to yours. It’s not like you two hadn’t been that close before. But now, your heart was fluttering dangerously and the room had become too hot for your face was fighting the heat on your cheeks.
“Kiss me then. After the kiss, tell me how you feel and if you don’t feel anything, we can pretend this never happened.” He bargains.
“And what if I do feel something?”
“Then you have to date me.” He grins, silently hoping that you do feel something for him.
“Alright.” You agree, slowly turning your head to your left where Hoseok’s lips awaited yours. Cupping his face softly, you take a second to breathe before pressing your lips to his,  your lips gliding smoothly against each other’s. Your heart was pounding wildly in the confines of your rib cage as your mind went utterly black.
“Woah, slow down.” Hoseok chuckles breathlessly as he pulls away,the taste of mint lingering on your lips.
“Nuh uh.” You shake your head. “Come back here.” You grumble, pulling him back for another kiss, making Hoseok smirk. He’d gotten his answer.

         "Come on, now. You’ve lived through worse than this. Just… Just live through this too.“ The words spurted out of Hyunwoo’s mouth in desperation as his eyes raked over your tired body. The steady decline of the heart monitor was driving him insane. He’d seen you through so many trials, each time he’d tried his hardest to give you comfort, but today was the peak of all tribulations. His hand gripped yours, giving it a squeeze as he watched your eyes begin to close. ‘No no no no no.’ This can’t be happening!’ He cries in his head. For now, his breath is stuck in his throat, his eyes beginning to well uncomfortably at the sight of all the blood.
“Sir, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.” Came the quiet request of a nurse as she tries her hardest to pull him away. But, his legs were rooted to the floor, all his bodily systems seeming to malfunction just at the thought of you not being able to be by his side again. 
“Sir, we’re trying our best to save her, please, you need to leave.” She begs, the taller male’s body automatically resisting as he feels two arms grab him from behind, dragging him out the door. Hyunwoo began clawing at the person’s arms, hot tears running down his cheeks as he tries to barge his way back though the door.
“Hyung! Stop! They’re gonna try to save her!” Jooheon’s voice urges as he appears in his line of vision. He begins wiping the older’s tears, his own gathering as he’s never seen him so distraught.
“She’s gonna make it hyung.” Changkyun tries to reassure as he appears at Jooheon’s side, the two pulling him into a hug as Hoseok continues to hold onto him from behind for dear life. The others soon begin to gather around them in a group hug, wanting him to know that they were there for him. You had to be alright. How else was he supposed to raise a child all by himself?

          “Get back here and love me!”  The usually hyperactive blond shouts in a whine as he tosses a stray pillow at his door. Your giggles fill the living room of the boy’s dorm, Kihyun and Hyungwon looking at you questioningly as they pass by. You had teased Minhyuk by pretending you were going to kiss him. You wave them off, shaking your head saying it was nothing.
“Yah! [Y/N] come back.” Minhyuk sniffles as he drags himself out from his nest of blankets, moving towards the door.
“Get back in bed. You’re gonna infect everybody!” You scold him as the door opens, revealing Minhyuk. His hair was tied in two cute pigtails on either sides of his head to prevent his hair from falling in his eyes and his cheeks and nose were flushed red from his cold.
“Come back and love me. I need a hug and my kiss.” He whimpers almost inaudibly, his voice almost hoarse before taking a tissue from the box he was holding to wipe his nose and tossing it successfully into the trash
“Then I’m gonna get sick.” You sigh, crossing your arms. You really wanted nothing but to cuddle him into your embrace until he was all better, but you couldn’t risk getting sick too. You had to work too and you couldn’t take any time off at the moment.
“Please?” He begs, using nearby sanitizer to cleanse his hands before reaching out towards you.
“Fine. But after, I’m making you some soup.” You give in, feeling bad that you were denying him when he was at his worse. You hated to see Minhyuk beg. 
“I love you pabo.” You mumble into the crook of his neck as you gave him a tight squeeze, leading him back to his bed.
“I love you more jagi.” He manages to reply once he’s nestled into bed once more, covering his face with his shirt as he sneezes.
“My poor baby.” You coo, gently pinching his cheeks and kissing his forehead. 
“I’ll be back with some soup.”

I think I’m pregnant.” You mutter as you settle into bed, making Kihyun stop mid stretch to look at you, his eyes wide as saucers. 
“What did you just say?” He questions in concern and disbelief. He thought he’d heard wrong, yeah, maybe he was hearing things.
“[Y/N] did you say you thought you were pregnant?” He asks, poking your shoulder to get your attention as you began searching your night stand.
“Yeah I did. My period is late.” You reply offhandedly as you place your hands on your hips, pouting as you looked around the room.
“Where did I put it?” You grumble, your eyes in a squint as if you could see through the furniture of your room.
“But BoYeong is only a year. I’m barely keeping up.” He whines flopping back onto the pillows at the thought of another baby when he was just getting used to having your first daughter around.
“Aww, c’mon, I thought you wanted three kids. It will be so nice to have another baby. Baby Bo can’t grow up alone.” You almost tease when actually you were a little nervous too. After you two had gotten married, BoYeong had come along unexpectedly and you were exhausted from being a full time mom, not that you were complaining though.
“[Y/N] be serious here, don’t tease me. I already feel guilty enough that I don’t get to see her. I’ll die if we’re expecting another one.” Kihyun nearly cries from frustration at the thought. He loved little BoYeong so much  but he was  on tour or in the studio most of the time he rarely saw her.
“Hey, hey.” I was kidding. Please don’t cry.” You sniffle at the sight of his face reddening his eyes watering and spilling over onto his cheeks as he grows silent.You stop your pretend search for your pregnancy tests. You didn’t mean to make him cry, it was just a silly prank. You didn’t think it would lead to this.
“I’m such a bad dad.” He weeps, crossing an arm over his eyes. You immediately rush to his side, holding back your own tears as you stroke his chest trying to calm him down a bit.
“No, don’t say that. You’re just busy. You have her entire life ahead, you have plenty time to spend with her.” You remind him, the image of how your daughter lit up every time she saw Kihyun crossing your mind as he shakes his head, his back facing you, his hands brushing yours away before his shoulders begin to shake.
“Look. I’m sorry. I didn’t think this through alright. You’re not a bad father. Just look at me.” You try to urge, your voice shaking whilst you viciously swiped away the tears that began to escape as sight became too much.
“Haha! Don’t try that on me again!” Your husband smirks as he stands next to the bed, crossing his arms.
“You think this is funny!” You growl at him getting on your knees on the bed to point an accusing finger at him. Just as Kihyun was about to open his mouth the reply, both your heads turned int he direction of a loud wail filling the house.
“Go take care of your daughter.” You grunt, pushing a laughing Kihyun out the door as you try to hide your own smile. 

          “I’ve been feeling old.” Hyungwon yawns as he stares down at the baby beside him. The child stares up at him as he hovers over him, his hand reaching out to touch the face before him with a smile. It felt like just recently he had debuted and was storming the world with his band mates. Now look at him, he was married and had a son.
“You’re making your dad feel old.” He sighs, pecking his small hands numerous times, earning a fit of giggles from him as he places kissing on his tummy.
“Ouch, ouch, ouch!” Hyungwon whines as his son takes fistfuls of his hair into his hands, pulling and tugging it like it was his new toy. 
“Chae Hyunshik. Stop.” Hyungwon pleads for his son to let go as he gently tries to tug his hands away. “You’re a mischievous one aren’t you.” He chuckles, pulling himself up into a sitting position on the floor.
“What do you an mommy usually do during the day huh?” He asks the child as he looks around the living room. He wasn’t expecting an answer but the sudden cry that came from his son's mouth really startled him. 
“Daddy’s here, Hyunshik-ah, don’t cry.” He begins to coo, cradling the baby in his arms, lightly bouncing him in an attempt to keep him quiet. 
“Are you hungry? You’re probably hungry.” He decides, getting up with a bit of a struggle to head to the kitchen where the Hyunshik’s bottle was. “How did she say to make this again?” He begins to panic as Hyunshik’s cries became louder, his hand beginning to fumble around with the empty bottle. His cry was messing with his brain and distracting him on how to mix the formula.
“Yah! Chae Hyungwon. Why is my son crying his life out?” You question as you enter the kitchen, placing a small bag on the counter.
“Jagi. Thank God you’re back. What do I do?” Hyungwon almost cries in desperation himself, making room for you as you take the bottle from him. In less than a minute later, the entire house was quiet enough to hear a pin drop.
“How do you do it?” He questions and you shrug, telling him it’s just a mom thing. 
“Besides that. You said you cold look after him for 20 minutes while I run to the store.” You grumble, watching Hyungwon feed him.
“I thought I could.” He sighs, being extra careful to keep the nipple of the bottle filled  so that he wouldn’t be sucking on air.
“That’s alright, you’ll be having lots of practice.” You smirk, patting his shoulder as you stand to head to the kitchen to prepare lunch. “Remember to burp him!” You remind, smiling some as you hear a soft. ‘Yes Ma'am!’ In reply.

           With a heavy sigh, Joohen rolls his head back, eyes closed as he tried once again to mentally prepare for whatever would be thrown at him within the next few minutes. Standing, he takes a second to stretch his entire body. He was beginning to cramp up from sitting in the hospital’s waiting room for too long. He’d been here since he heard about the accident and came with you as a source of emotional support.
He didn’t wake up.” A voice voice suddenly speaks, making him jump, his eyes quickly opening whilst looking at the source.  The sigh of your disheveled state tore his heart apart. This was taking a toll on you.
“What did you say?” He questions as a feeling of extreme sadness begins to settle into his pores. Jooheon could feel the atmosphere run cold, his body nearly shivering as his hairs stand on end.
“He didn’t wake up. He’s never going to wake up again.” You mutter as your shoulders slump in defeat, your head hanging. Jooheon brushes back the curtain of hair formed over your face, his arms surrounding your shoulders to pull you into his welcoming embrace. His own eyes began to tear up at the sight of your shaking hands trying your absolute best to ward the tears away and failing.
“I’m sorry jagi.” He whispers as your fingers curl into the fabric of his shirt. With your face pressed into his chest, your tears begin to soak the front of his shirt, your body shaking like a thin branch in a violent storm. Your father was dead. His existence had faded before your very eyes in his hospital room mere minutes ago. Jooheon closes his eyes as he hears a loud wail from down the hall. That was most likely your mother mourning the loss of her husband. Twenty two years of happy marriage had quickly turned into misery for the rest of her life. You could only begin to imagine how she was feeling.
“I don’t wanna be here anymore. Take me home.” You whimper against him and Jooheon doesn’t need to be told twice. Taking your bag off of the chair, he helps you dry some of your tears pressing gentle kisses along your forehead before pulling you into his side and leading you out the door. 

          “This is your last chance to tell me how you feel before I walk out that door and become someone elses.” Changkyun hisses as he tosses a book across the room. His blood was boiling with rage at this very moment. He was tired of being played. He was tired of feeling like he was the second choice. He wanted to be someone in your life, not just some option when you were bored.
"Changkyun calm down.”  You instruct, trying to get him to calm down. The glare that was aimed at you was sharp, filled with so much anger that you couldn’t believe that it was him. You’d never seen him so angry and worked up about anything before.
“No! Tell me [Y/N]. Tell me how it’s fair for you to run around with other guys, going on dates and having fun, but God forbid I talk to one of my seniors! God forbid I show respect to the women who bust their asses just as much as these male idols and smile and bow at them!” He explodes, making you swallow whatever words you were about to say to him. You were completely afraid to speak at the moment.
“Tell me right now that you feel something for me.” He demands softly, his watery eyes now staring straight into yours. “You’ve been leading me on far too long and I like you too much for you to be messing around with me like this.” He breaks the small silence  that began to surround you two. You suddenly feel guilty, your throat throbbing with the cry that wanted to escape your throat at the sight. He looked so broken at the moment. You didn’t mean for things to happen like this. Hurting Changkyun to this extent wasn’t at all on your mind.
“You’ve kissed me four times, fallen asleep in my arms countless times and confided in me in your worst of times. We’ve spent so much time together and I know that I’ve been busy lately but I always try to make it up to you. For so long it’s been this constant high and low with you and I want to know your intentions. I’m tired of feeling like your doormat!” He cries, making your heart clench at the sight. Changkyun rarely ever cried. Since you’ve known each other, you’ve seen him cry once and that was it. He always seemed like such a happy, care free guy. You didn’t think he was hiding all this under a mask.
“We’ve known each other for two years and we’ve been playing your game for an additional year. Enough is enough. Tell me you’re just as in love with me as I am with you and we’ll start new.”
“Changkyun, I just..” You trail off, not really knowing where to begin explaining yourself. You find yourself calling out to him as you watch him begin to head for the door. “Wait.”
“No, not anymore. See you around [Y/N].” He replies softly, the sound of your door closing gently seeming to ring in your ears as you stood frozen in your living room. You had just lost the potentially best person in your life.


The Lucky One II

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Chapter 22. Epilogue 

~Six months later~

Rocking back and forth on the wooden rocking chair, you rubbed your protruding belly while humming a soft lullaby to your little Youngji.  It was raining outside; the gentle pitter-patter like background choruses to your hymns.  Gradually, a ray of sunlight peeped from behind a cloud.  With a content smile, you gazed out the window already anticipating a rainbow even before the rain even stopped. 

Shades of the color wheel spun in the sky before straightening out into an arch. 

Sweetpea…thanks for always protecting Omma and Youngji. 

After taking a mental picture of the gorgeous painting in the horizon, you got up and waddled over to sit in front of your vanity.  An envelope sat on the center of the table.  Opening it, you reread the contents for the hundredth time over the past several months. 

Perhaps it’s because you became pregnant with Youngji or maybe because time did have the power to heal certain scars, you realized the hate for your father had slowly drained away until there was no hatred left at all.  It didn’t mean that you thought being tormented by an addiction was a plausible excuse for all the abuse he made your mother go through, but it was enough for you.  It was enough because growing up all you ever wanted was for your father to come up with an excuse – any really so you could forgive because you were ready to forgive even before he apologized.

But when he took YoungHwa away from you, you thought that no matter what you’d make him accountable for your son’s death.  Because only that way would you be able to keep pushing him away.  But really, was it your father’s fault?  He didn’t have the intention to cause the miscarriage.  It was your unwillingness to listen that caused your son to prematurely leave you.

Taking a letter paper in your hand, you wrote the words, “Dear Appa,”. 

The ink on the comma bled due to your pondering on what to write next.  Gasping, you quickly snatched the pen away. 

“How are you?” you wrote.  Again, you paused, struggling with forming your thoughts onto a piece of paper.  So you ended up writing a super generic letter simply asking how he’s been, how his leg has been, and thanking him again for sacrificing his own body to save your child. 

Fidgeting with the corner of the envelope, you trudged out and threw it into the mailbox before the coward within you changed your mind. 


It was a gorgeous sunny day.  Birds tweeted little songs while lining up in front of your windowsill for their morning meal.  With a giggle, you scattered some sunflower seeds outside.  The winged angels rocked their bodies back and forth, shaking their little tails as they pecked on the treats.  You stroke one’s back while another perched on your shoulder and whispered a quick thank you into your ear before going on its merry way back to the limitless Heavens where YoungHwa resided. 

Smiling, you waved goodbye and strained your arms to shut the window – only a rogue hand intercepted your efforts. 

“Ow!!!” he groaned when the metal bar jammed his hand. 

Gasping, you instantly pushed the window back up and scampered to rub your husband’s bruised hand. 

“Oppa, what are you doing?!” you exclaimed, bringing his palm up to your face to examine if the injury was critical. 

“Ahh, I just wanted to present my beautiful wife some flowers, but then she tried to kill me with the window,” he jokingly pouted while revealing the hidden bouquet of flowers from his back. 

“Pabo!” you giggled, taking the roses and playfully smacking him on the head with them. 

He grinned until those crescent moon eyes weren’t even crescent moons but slits with wrinkle details much like those lines manga artist drew to emphasize movement.  Hugging the flowers to your chest like a little girl, you shyly peered up with your round eyes to thank your husband.  Only instead of his normally handsome, smug face, his head was tilted while he exaggeratingly puckered his lips for a reward. 

Noo…you pabo…hehe…I love you. 

But instead of kissing him, you brought your index and middle fingers together, kissed them then placed them on Sehun’s lips.  He was not impressed.  Foolishly laughing, you began to close the window again so that when your husband leaned in with closed eyes, his lips smacked onto the clear glass.  

Your body grew weak from laughing too hard.

“Jagiyaaaaaaaa!” he whined, his voice muffled from being separated by the layer of glass.    

With one last giggle, you lifted the window again.  Skeptical, Sehun childishly frowned and crossed his arms over his chest.  Sighing contently, you poked your head out and puckered your lips.  The frown on his gorgeous face instantly turned upside down.




Your lips melted into one another.  It was romantic all right but midway you separated and crinkled your nose.

“I love you Pabo, but my back hurts from leaning to the ledge,” you explained, massaging your sore body, “Can you come back in the house?” you finished with a laugh.  Why was he outside anyway…

“Yes, Ma’am!” Sehun saluted and marched, like a soldier, back into the house so the two of you can continue snuggling and kissing and all the little sweet, fluffy, magical adventures where unicorns and bunnies partied outside Panda Island to read about.  


 …keke Pabo Sehun…le sigh…I love you.


When your mother came over to accompany you in picking Youngwoo up from school, you discovered yourself debating whether or not you should inform her of your forgiveness toward your father.

“How is Granny’s little Youngji?” your mother asked cheerfully while patting your stomach. 

Smiling, you spoke, “She’s actually been super good today.  Her kicks are so soft, I think she’s going to be a ballerina when she grows up”.

Your mother grinned, the edges of her eyes formed wrinkles. 

As you drove off to Youngwoo’s school, you side-eyed her a few times, observing whether she was in a good mood or not.  Chuckling to herself, she reached into her purse and took out a mini panda and a mini teddy bear kiddie camera. 

“_______ah, which one do you think Young-ie will like?” she asked, holding both out in front of herself to admire her choices. 

“The panda one.  Though, he’ll take both and give the teddy bear one to Yoona,” you giggled.  Oh those two. 

Your mother laughed along and nodded in agreement. 

When you parked your car in front of the school, you discovered yourself habitually scanning around for any stranger hiding in the bushes or any middle-aged man waiting by the playground, but there were none.  You let out an unconscious sigh. 

“Hmm?” your mother frowned, catching your look of disappointment. 

“Nothing,” you brushed off as you twisted the key to shut off the car engine. 

“No, there is something, _______ah.  Don’t think Omma can’t tell,” she grilled. 

Keeping your eyes rooted in front of you, you swallowed the lump in your throat, and whispered, “Ap..pa…”

The older woman sucked in her breath. 

“…I…sent him a letter,” you admitted. 

There was a long paused.  For a moment, you thought the world had stopped had it not have been Youngji’s soft kicks in your tummy.  Breaking the stillness with your tapping replies, you tried your best to keep your eyes locked on your stomach but a sigh coming from your right caused you to divert your attention. 

“He…he didn’t leave us…” you started, “…willingly”.

Your mother doesn’t respond but from the glint on her eyes, you could tell she was listening. 

“He went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit…” you explained. 

Her head whipped around to look at you with those guarded eyes of fear and bewilderment but quickly turned away to hide her care. 

“…it doesn’t matter.  It was better that way…” she whispered but you could hear her voice crack.  Maybe it was…maybe it was the escape Omma needed to prevent her life from being jeopardized due to Appa’s abuse.  

“Omma…” you called out, squeezing her hand, “Remember how when I left Sehun and Youngwoo, eight years ago, you told me to not cry by myself in my room?  Can you also promise me you’d let me cry with you?” 

Her face twisted up but with another squeeze of her hand, she began to bawl loudly.  Sighing, you unbuckled you seatbelt and leaned in to wrap her into your arms.  You knew how ridiculous it probably was to have her daughter inform her more than two decades later that her husband did not in fact leave her because he didn’t love her but because he unfairly got put behind bars for something he didn’t do.  And as she continued to cry in your embrace, tears also began to slip from your face because you realized you finally got the closure you wanted – even if it was twenty years late. 


Two weeks passed.  You discovered yourself anxiously checking the mailbox several times a day but just like any other day, there was no reply.  Sehun had caught onto your eagerness so you had to admit to him that you had sent your father a letter. 

He smiled at you with that familiar cheesy grin of his as he ruffled your hair.  You crinkled your nose and he leaned in to peck your lips.  As you bravely deepened the kiss, the local post officer walked by with a few envelopes in his hand.  Greeting him, you extended your palms to retrieve the letters. 

“Bills…bills…spam…” you murmured then froze in place on a manila envelope. 

There was no return mailing address but for some reason, you knew exactly whom it was from.  Dropping the other letters onto the ground, you tore open the package.  Inside were a letter and a toy car.  Immediately, you recognized the toy car as the one your father got for Youngwoo because of the cracks that ran along the surface.  Taking a deep breath, you unfolded the letter to read the contents.

“Dear ________,

I am Park Seung-won, your father’s friend.  I met him when I was serving time in prison back in 2005.  Your father was a very brave and friendly man, who always talked about how cute you were and how he’d make it up to you and his wife as soon as he got out of prison. 

He would have been so happy to know that you have taken the initiative to forgive him.  As I understand, he admitted to me his sins toward your mother and you,” the first half of the letter read.

You studied the letter, reading word by word, but not understanding why your father’s friend was responding on his behalf when your father lost his leg, not his hands.  But you found your answer on the very next line. 




Tears automatically streamed down your face.  The letter crumpled into your hands. 

“Two months ago, your father passed away from a heart attack…” 

Cupping your trembling lips, you stumbled backwards.  Sehun immediately held you steady by the waist to prevent your fall. 

Passed away…

“Jagiya…” your husband called, shaking your body as you stared out into empty space. 

He took the letter from your hands and skimmed it. 

In his last months, he spent every night with this toy car wrapped in his arms.  Even though he never told me, I thought that it must be yours or else he wouldn’t have cherished it so dearly” Sehun read the rest of the letter out loud. 

“Ap..pa…Appa…” you murmured.  I wasn’t mad anymore…but now I won’t ever have the chance to tell you…

The air disappeared from your world.  Colors had merged together into one.  Your eyes rolled back and you thought you were going to pass out but your husband agitatedly shook you to keep you awake. 

“Okay…okay.  It’s okay.  Shh…calm down.  Don’t think about anything, Jagiya,” Sehun pleaded as he desperately tried to call you back into consciousness.

But you just wanted to fall asleep in his arms and forget about everything. 

“Youngji!  Think Youngji!  You have to protect our little Youngji!” your baby’s father hollered, lightly slapping your cheeks to get you to stay awake. 

Suddenly an intense pain shot through your abdomen.  You screamed, jolting upright and grabbing your stomach.  Squeezing your eyes shut in agony, you clawed your nails into Sehun’s outstretched hands when warm liquid gushed out from between your legs. 

“Oppaaa,” you groaned when the contractions began. 

“What?!  What’s happening!?!?!” Sehun shouted, his hands freezing cold against your burning body. 

“Young…Youngji…I think I’m in labor…” you half-concluded, consciously taking deep breaths.  But honestly, you weren’t too sure yourself because with Youngwoo, you didn’t naturally go into labor. 

Panic-stricken, your lover’s pupils darted around, trying to brainstorm of a solution to the problem.  His labored breathing mimicked yours as if he could also feel the pain.    

“O-Oppa…c-can you take me to the hospital to make sure?” you asked, biting your quivering lips so that you wouldn’t scare Sehun. 

He nodded, swooped you up in his arms, and drove with you to the hospital.  On the way there, you were certain you were in labor by the constant expanding and contracting moments of your abdominal muscles.  Your lower lip was swollen from the intense grinding you did to prevent yourself from yelping in agony. 

Your suspicions were confirmed with the doctor’s nod.  They lifted you onto the mattress.

“Jagiya…don’t think about anything right now, okay?” your husband reminded as he kissed your forehead. 

With a gracious nod, you pushed all the thoughts about your father to the back of your mind because at this moment nothing mattered more than the safety of your daughter.  You knew it was selfish and unfair to your deceased father, who died longing for your forgiveness, but you swallow back the guilt and pushed with all your might. 

Perhaps it was due to the adrenaline rush or the amount of medication you were under, but you swore midway through the childbirth, you felt two bright white lights floating above you.

“Omma…” one called.

“_______ah…” the other spoke. 

The agonizing pain caused you to bend your back and groan.  You wanted to just…fall asleep and forget…but you couldn’t…not when Youngji wasn’t safe yet.  So you forced your eyes opened and continued to push and push until the veins along your temples turned purple.  In front of you, the room morphed into a mass of nothingness.  You felt like you were floating in midair but your back was against something cottony and soft. 

When the doctor commanded you to continue to push, you turned to Sehun with watery eyes.  You’re not sure what you said but you watched as your lover’s face crumpled.  

“DON’T YOU DARE!” he hollered back at you. 

The volume of his voice brought you back to reality; it echoed like the little girl’s cries in the bat cave – so strained and hopeless.  You began to sob. 

“Appaaaa,” you wailed as you continued to push, “YoungHwa…”    

Hugging your entire body into his arms, Sehun kept mumbling into your ears but you couldn’t hear anything due to your thunderous sobs. 

“Omma…YoungHwa will protect you and Youngji…” you heard Sweetpea’s voice promise. 

Abruptly, you halted your cries to look up at the ball of white light.  Dare you claim, it was brighter than the sun, warmer than a hot summer day, and softer than the feel of cotton on your fingertips.  A streak of color materialized into a halo, encircling your weakened physique. 

Sehun continued to kiss your face while massaging your limbs in hopes of taking some of the burden of childbirth from you.  

“I see the head!  Push!” the doctor instructed. 

The rainbow pulsated.  You didn’t want to take your eyes off of the welcoming light but you forced yourself to for your little daughter.  So summoning all your remaining strength, you pushed until you thought your pelvis would split apart in half. 

A cute high-pitch giggle sounded and you looked to the doctor, foolishly thinking that it came your little Youngji but instead you saw a crying pink and purple creature in the doctor’s arms.  Your husband threw his arms around your frail body, sobbing into your hair but all you could do was continue to stare into the white light. 

Good job, _______ah…Appa has to go now.  YoungHwa wants to demonstrate a car trick to me…right YoungHwa?” your father’s deep voice sounded.

The same adorable giggle answered.  And then, just like that, the two white lights faded away as if someone had flipped off the switch.  A single tear slid you’re your cheeks as your lips curled up.  Thank you, Appa.  Thank you, Sweetpea for protecting Youngji and me.  Appa, please take care of Sweetpea for me. 

With teary eyes, you turned around and threw your arms around Sehun’s waist.  Overcome in emotions at the sight of his baby princess, he gave you a succession of kisses along your face, ending on your lips.  With a gigantic smile, the doctor walked over and placed your newborn daughter into your arms. 

She was tiny and pink but healthy.  Specks of soft hair covered her round head like a bunny’s fur coat.  Her baby lips opened wide as if she was silently laughing at the scent of his parents.  

“Hello, our little Youngji.  Omma and Appa have been waiting so long to meet you,” Sehun whispered in a baby voice. 

She flailed her arms around asking to be lifted up against your chest.  Giggling in absolute joy, you knowingly breastfed the hungry baby.  As she filled up her tummy, you grinned happily and leaned in to kiss her on top of her head.  Sehun followed suit, stroking her hair then yours.  You gazed at each other lovingly before the two of you reunited again in a tender kiss. 

Babies are made from love…our love that span across mountains and hills, down valleys and past vast seas…all the way up to Heaven and earth.     

When you brought Youngji back into your arms to lull her to sleep, your husband observed, “Our daughter has your cute button nose”. 

Warm liquid rushed down your face as you nodded proudly, “They’re my father’s nose…” 




Three months passed in the blink of an eye.  You were amazed at how fast Youngji was growing; she transformed from a skinny, wrinkly little bean to a happy chubby baby.  Even Sehun was astonished at how well she was digesting her milk.  She was definitely a clingy one though, crying every three hours for her Omma to feed her.  For a while, you thought Youngwoo was getting jealous because he’d often lock himself in his room.  However, one night after putting the baby to sleep, you lifted your hand to knock on your little boy’s door but dropped it to your side. 

“Mmhm!  She’s so, so cute!  Yoona, you should come over and meet her,” Youngwoo cheerfully giggled into the phone. 

Gently and as quietly as possible, you opened the door a bit more to widen the slit so you could see your son’s expression more clearly. 

“Fine!  I’ll come to you then!  Trust me, she’s cuter than you!” your son joked. 

Amused, you shook your head and laughed. 

“Are those two lovebirds chitchatting again?” your husband’s voice questioned as he enfolded his arms around your waist. 

“Mmhm…Oppa…don’t you think it’s terrible of us to be separating them?” you pondered while turning around to loop your arms around his neck. 

“Hmm…a little but what can we do?  We can’t just move back to Korea…” he spoke then smacked his lip into a thin line. 

“Hmm…why can’t we?” you asked. 

“Wait…what?” he questioned, raising his brow, “Do you want to move back?” 

You nodded, “But of course only if you and Young-ie want to”.

“Pfttt…Young-ie wants to,” Sehun laughed, “And I kinda do too…” 

Throwing your lover a foolish grin, you tiptoed and pressed your lips against his. 



Whistles of the wind replicated that of a wolf’s howl.  Leaves scattered around at the sight of a human’s entrance.  Trees bowed down as if they were alive.  Greedily, you sniffed in the cozy, irreplaceable scent of your motherland.     

With little Youngji in your arms, you stood in front of your father’s grave.  Beside his burial was a smaller tombstone that read “Oh YoungHwa”.  Kneeling down, your attractive husband took out a handkerchief and wiped the dust accumulated on his son’s grave. 

“Appa…YoungHwa-yah, how are you two?” you spoke. 

The baby, in your arms, babbled. 

“I brought Youngji to see you,” you sniffed back tears.

Youngji thrashed around while sucking on her pacifier.

You laughed, “As you can tell, she’s one silly baby”. 

Beside you, Youngwoo kept jumping up and down and making funny faces at his sister to make her laugh.  You ruffled his hair and placed Youngji into his extended arms. 

“Appa…Youngji has your nose…” you informed as you felt tears gather in your eyes, “I forgive you…I really do…” 

Sehun squeezed you shoulder. 

As the four of you cleaned up to leave, you noticed the bouquet of daffodils that lay in front of your father’s grave.  You turned around in circles, wondering whom it was from. 

“Hmm?” your husband asked, noticing your confused expression. 

You shook your head but from the corner of your eyes, you caught a glimpse of your mother’s favorite red scarf peeping out from behind a tree.  For a moment, your stare lingered but when you realized she wasn’t coming out, you took Sehun’s hand and tugged him away to give your mother some much needed privacy with her former lover. 


As your little family strolled back to the car, your eyes automatically admired the vast pale blue that encased Mother Earth.  Two arches formed from either sides of the horizon, meshing into one at the center where a bright yellow light glowed. 

“Rainbow!  Rainbow!” Youngwoo exclaimed, pointing up to the sky for his sister to look up.  Her big, gorgeous round eyes sparkled in several colors as she obediently tilted her head to follow her big brother’s gaze. 

Through her eyes, you saw everlasting hope.  Even if in separate universes, as long as you were under the same sky, everything was perfect.  Because you had Sehun, Youngwoo, Youngji, your Omma, and your two guardian angels up above, you were truly the luckiest girl alive.

With a genuinely satisfied grin, you spun around.  Sehun’s soft lips automatically pressed against yours. 

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too,” you replied, smiling into the kiss. 

“But we still haven’t hit a thousand yet…” he winked. 

You buried your face in his chest and laughed to your heart’s content.        



a/n: It’s done.  There’s no more.  I’m going to go cry in the corner now.  Thank you everyone who loved The Lucky One series <3 means more to me than you guys will ever know. 

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Merry Christmas, Pabo. (Optional Bias)

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genre: fluff

word count: 1039

synopsis: you’re spending christmas alone… or are you?

author’s note: more christmas scenarios heck yeaah !! i love christmas a lot, you guys. it’s my favorite holiday and i just wanted to write a couple christmas themed scenarios, and what’s better to start with than an optional bias one ?? so send me requests if you have any !! also all of my scenarios end in a tickle fight and i’m sorry, it just happens. anyways hope you cuties enjoy ^0^

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