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“Zip me Up” JungKook- BTS

Anonnymous requested: Hi! Can I request a Jungkook smut where you are friends and he is all shy, literally just being his typical self. One day you go out clubbing/partying together and he gets really drunk and turns into the complete opposite, suddenly full of confidence . Somehow that night you end up sleeping together ;) Thanks in advance!!

A/N: OMLkajshdjakshdkjashdkjahs first smut  of JungKook, well it was bound to happen, I MUST DO THIS AT SOMEPOINT AND I CANT AVOID IT, I cringe….errtime, I’m sorry if it’s too weird :’), Thanks you so much for requesting Nonnie!! I enjoyed doing this :3.
I want to thank some lovely folks at the @eatjinnetwork​ 
you know who you are :’D for helping me! and to the lovely @the-hug–list​ and @sunshinehobi7​ for helping me with insp with their moodboards :’), <3  

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Word Count: 3.2k
Genre: Smut
Triggers: Cursing, Sexy times
Pairing: ReaderxJungkook


“Jungkook please–”  the words got caught up in your throat. A moan, filled with frustration, resonated around the room, ‘It’s too tight’ you thought.
From the corner of your eye, you glanced at Jungkook who was biting his lower lip.

“Please, please,” you begged.

“No.” His answer blunt and raw. He was sweating and groaning, adam’s apple moving while struggling to swallow.

“Please, I need you,” you pleaded, squeezing his shoulder. He flinched.

“Fu— Stop…stop” He shook the hand off.  

“Aack,” you fall down on your knees. Jungkook ‘alarmed’ sat up after putting down the controller on the coffee table.

“Y/N!” he blurted out, ‘Are you oka-?’ Jungkook’s sentence cut when he saw you on the floor with a dress half zipped up on the back, only hands holding the fabric of it on the front.

“Ugh, yes, I’m fine…” you huffed, eyes squinting when seeing the big ‘pause’ word on the screen. “You could pause??”

Jungkook looked in your direction and shrugged.

Your tongue flicked in disapproval 'Can you please NOW help me??’ you requested rolling your eyes “Zip me up,” you commanded holding carefully onto the fabric to not expose your naked self to Jungkook.

“Umm…” Jungkook gulped trying hard not to stare at your back, but it was proving to be a difficult task for him. He scrubbed the palm of his hands over his black jeans.

“C’mon just do it, we are late!” you lifted your hair too looking away from Jungkook who gulped and blushed. He felt relieved about the fact that you couldn’t see his face right now.
“Jungkook… please.” You backed up to where he was standing to force him to help you out.
Jungkook’s hesitant hand grabbed onto the zipper pulling it up carefully, his hands grazed your skin.

“Aish…” you hissed.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, too focused on examining and remembering every inch of your back.

“For someone who is constantly using his hands, yours are very cold,” you said suddenly.

“Eh?” Jungkook asked, confused.

2You know… you’re playing video games almost all the time, wouldn’t your hands be warmer because of the controller?” You looked over your shoulder.

“I don’t think so?” Jungkook snorted, finishing doing the zipper.

You let your hair fall over your shoulders.

“Thank you,” you sang, shimmying your boobs into place.

Jungkook too embarrassed to look turned around.
“Well I’m ready now, I’ll go grab my shoes and we are on our way!” you announced leaving for your room and grabbing your things.

Jungkook headed to the door where his sneakers were and put them on.

“We are taking the car!” you shouted from the room

“What? Why!?” he retorted  “Is like 10 blocks away!”

“Because I didn’t just spend the last hour getting ready to arrive drenched in sweat,” you spoke, walking to where Jungkook was standing, your outfit complete. 'How do I look?’ you asked giving a little twirl.

Jungkook blinked twice and then looked at his feet.

“Fine” he simply replied.

“Just fine?” you scrunched your nose, not pleased with his answer. “How about this?” you turned, showing your butt and placing a hand down the curve of it.

Jungkook hiccuped.

“Tch, aish…” He pursed his lips into a thin line and shook his head. 'Why did I even agree to this?’

“You said it will be a fun idea to go clubbing with me! What do you mean?” You walked closer to him 'You sounded excited two days ago, you don’t want to go now?’ you asked as tilted your head.

Jungkook looked at you and shook his head again.

“Well fine, you stay and I’ll go…” You walk by him to the door and open it “Like I said, I didn’t just spend the last hour getting ready for nothing” You started walking down the hall outside the apartment when…

“Y/N Wait!” He called to you, the distinct sound of car keys reached your ears as well as the sighs of a resigned Jungkook. You eyed him,  and smiled smugly.

He rolls his eyes. ‘Let’s go…’

‘Alright, alright, alright…’ You pat his back.

The bass of the music made the walls vibrate, bodies crashed on the dance floor against each other and the odor of sweat sank into the nose. Jungkook sat at the bar drink on hand, sipping from it every once in awhile, eyes fixated on you. He felt a pinch in the pit of his stomach. People danced around you. His feet tried to move his whole self to where you were on the dance floor, but his chest to cowardly to follow.
You enjoyed dancing. Jungkook had caught you more than one time, swaying your  to music while cooking. It was bewitching to watch you move around like the world was completely yours, and no one was out there watching. For someone as shy as him, that attitude oozing from you was almost magnetic. The cup in his hand was getting empty, so Jungkook asked for another drink.
He wanted to be like those who danced next to you. Like those who grabbed your hands ever so carelessly without any hesitation, without thinking if they would be rejected or held onto tighter.
He sipped from his cup, biting on his lips, frustrated and cursing. The warmth of the alcohol reached his stomach and felt like a kick.
He saw you laugh.
The music changed, the strong uplifting beat pierced his ears.
He saw your smile. His eyes turned dark, his look determined.
Jungkook swallowed his drink completely, feet moving once again, and this time… he really was walking.
Elbowing everyone on his path, he made his way towards you, not taking his gaze off for one second. Strangers complained but the words didn’t reach his ears.

You turned around looking surprised.

“Jungkook?” You muttered, the sound of your voice muffled by the loud music.

Jungkook stayed there, looking straight into your eyes, internally still pondering on his next move.

For the first time since you arrived at the club, you stopped dancing. ‘Are you okay?’  your muted voice asked,as you tilted your head.

Jungkook nodded, face washed of any expression you might read.

You thought maybe he was all too tired and it was time to go home. You nodded as well, tip-toeing to get closer to his ears, propping yourself against him you said ‘Let’s go home now.” Backing away to see his reaction you dedicated a thumbs up to let him know it was okay to go now.

But his face said otherwise. Jungkook’s eyes shifted from your eyes to your mouth, and back again, he stepped closer to you his lips moved but someone elbowed you and you couldn’t read them.

“What?” you tried to shout over the music.

Jungkook leaned into your ear now and you heard him perfectly.

“No,” he replied. The tone of his voice was different, it was heavier and much gruffer.
He smirked. His gaze was so intense it made you gulp. Jungkook slid his hands down your arm  and clenched his jaw at the sensation of your skin.

Your eyes took note of his every move. The scene was unraveling almost in slow motion.

He reached your hand and brought it up, placing it on his shoulder, and doing the same action with your other arm, then snakedhis arms around your waist. His heart was pumping fast in his chest, and secretly he hoped you couldn’t feel it while being this close. He started moving and swaying his hips.

You both were so pressed up against each other you could smell the booze when he breathed out, and a faint scent of his perfume. You started swaying as well a little confused by the situation since Jungkook didn’t enjoy clubs that much, but nevertheless you crossed your arms around his neck.

Jungkook moved his hands down your back slowly, making your skin prickle there were he had touched. The palm of his hands were sweating and feeling heavy. Around the two of you the crowd was still dancing, some of them barely grazing you. Jungkook moved you away from them without you noticing, He only wanted you for himself, he wanted you to only be touching him, he felt possessive. He was slowly going insane. Wanting to go further.

A grunt escaped his lips and your ears perked up. The sound filled you with pride and it made you giggle. He felt hot, and you were no fool. He was always shy with you and distant, even though you tried your best to let him know you secretly fancied him. But right now, he wanted you. So, you turned around and pressed your ass against him.

At your change he held onto your hips pulling you against him.

Lifting your arm to cup his face, you start grinding against him.

Jungkook gulped harshly, and without thinking he pressed his lips against the skin of your neck more than anything to muffle a silent “Fuck.” But the tingle of it provoked a loud moan that alerted Jungkook.

You covered your mouth and turned to look at his face- he was red and sweaty, his chest visibly heaving.
You both remained there staring at one another. It was an embarrassing moment, you never thought about how the heat between your legs had risen up that night until Jungkook touched you with his warm and plump lips. You wanted to run away- this was not something you did often, normally you’d just go somewhere and get it over with, but with Jungkook it was different, something didn’t feel right about just being forward to him. You wanted to go back to the apartment, and wished you had never come to the club. But as soon as you thought that, you felt his hand again.

Jungkook forced you to follow him through the crowd, you could only see his back, and his hand holding onto yours. You reached a set of stairs, and then walked down a small and tight hallway packed with people engaged in different actions, Some were smoking, others drunk, making out and aggressively grinding against each other. The further you got the less the music could be heard.
Jungkook stopped next to the door of the restroom and turned around.

“Listen, Jungkook,” you chuckled nervously, your thoughts tangled from trying to explain what happened back there. ‘I..I- I don’t in-’

Jungkook gently moved you from the place so you could be on the side of the wall. He cupped your cheeks with both his hands to make you stop talking.

Only then did you take the time to really look at his features.

He looked at you lovingly, half smiling. His thumbs caressed your cheeks, making your heart racing hard inside your chest.

His eyes glimmer and on their reflection you saw yourself. You chuckled.

“I like you,” he whispered.

The words took you aback, thinking maybe you heard them wrong.

He giggled, partly because of his confession, and partly because he noticed your baffled face.

'Come again?’ you asked.

Jungkook shook his head, with both hands still on your face he leaned down and pecked your lips.

It was short and fleeting, but it left you breathless, the silkiness drew you in and you found yourself trying to reach again for them, closing your eyes.

“I like you,” he repeated.
Opening your eyes you stared at his smiling face, you bit your lips and smiled at him as well. Without taking your eyes off Jungkook, you heard the door of the restroom open, and you immediately crashed your lips together dragged him inside.
The breathiness off the kiss echoed in the small bathroom, as you competed to lead the kiss. The sloppiness caused you both to laugh while your teeth clicked.

Jungkook locked the door, then grabbed your thighs and lifted you up so you’ were straddling his hips.

Pulling apart from the kiss, and nuzzling on his neck, you start to kiss up his jaw, eliciting a groan from the back of his throat.

He begian to walk to the sink. Gently he placed you down and went back to cupping your cheeks, and placing soft and loving kisses on your forehead, on your nose, the corner of your mouth, continuing the kissing trail down your neck and collarbone. With expert hands he shoves a hand between your thighs and starts caressing the exposed warm skin.

You clutched his shirt bringing him closer, so close you could feel him growing behind the fabric of his pants. You grabbed his face and brought it up so you can kiss him again, holding him firmly while your hands grabbed his neck and pulled his hair.

Jungkook sizzled, with his tongue he parted your lips deepening the kiss, explored the inside of your mouth with it. Grabbing onto the hem of your dress he dragged it up your thighs.

“Y/N” He breathed heavily.

“Mmm?” you responded fingers trailing down his chest heading down to his belt.

“I want you” he whispers lasciviously.

Cold trailed down your back at his needy words.

His hands moved to your lower back to push you up against him.

You took the opportunity to grind your hips against him.

'Then make haste,’ you almost pleaded to him, your hand undoing his belt.

Someone knocks on the door and demands for you two to finish and leave the bathroom, but with the raw violence of someone who demands not to be disturbed from his attention on you, Jungkook kicks the door in an almost beastly way and answers, “Fuck off,” to the stranger on the other side.
Jungkook grunted, and finished dragging down his clothes. He returned to kissing you again, tilting your chin up, his actions frantic, and burning with lust.

You tried to tease him by grasping on his hard length.

“Shit,” he groans darkly.  Too drunk by his emotions Jungkook ripped off the fabric of your exposed panties,causing you to jolt in surprise by the outburst of his strength.

“Goddamn,” he says eyes fixated on your core, he smiled smug “Baby you’re so wet…” He licked his lips and looked up at you biting back a moan, eyes pleading.  He started to go down on his knees when you grabbed his shirt and pulled him back up.

“No, no, no,” you exclaim panting out, “Not today, I need you right now…” you demanded.

Jungkook pondered between your request and his needs, but your face and your ragged petitioning win, soon enough Jungkook started jerking himself dragging the precum along his slit.

“Y/N,” he grunts again, taking one last and long look at your messy self.

You ground against the tip of him letting him know to move faster.

“Jungkook, I need you”

At the mention of his name rolling off your lips he roughly, almost desperately thrust into you.

“Fuck.” The sudden intrusion made you gasp and cry out.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry, Y/N,” his voice shivering. “Did I hurt you?”

Your lower back crashed against the faucet of the sink. You weren’t hurt but the decisive thrust almost had you looking at the stars, and you couldn’t believe just how riled up he made you.

“No, I’m okay” he lifted your chin up.

“I promise you, don’t worry, but—” you swallowed hard “Let’s… go a little slower, or I’m not gonna make it” You chuckled, and kissed his nose.

He nodded.

This time, he pushed inside you slower, controlling his movements, more gentle now.  You moaned softly and he groaned. Your legs intertwined behind his back giving him more space, your hands clutched to the back of his shirt, almost digging your fingers into his flesh. “Yes, small I like that…” you purred pleased. You both melt into one another, He was pulsating inside you, it too all your strength to refrain from clenching around him and making him cum sooner than expected.

Jungkook slowly started to grind into you deeper, a lewd noise resulting from the clashing on his skin on yours.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” He placed his forehead against yours, his breath hitching from time to time.

You caught his lips kissed him wantonly eliciting a whimper from the back of his lips. Closing your legs around him, you let him know it was ok to go faster now, and he complied.

“Aah—” you cried out. “More, more,” you begged, arching your back.

“Shit, fuck… I’m—”  Jungkook choked down a moan, eyes shut tight trying not to cum before time.

You clenched your walls around him, a strong burning sensation at the pit of your stomach. “Oh, my fuck— I’m…” Jungkook struggled, trying to keep his cool by hiding his face on your neck.

“I’m cumming too, Jungkook…” you whimpered, your hips now grinding at the same time as him trying to reach your climax “Fuck, Faster… please” You both were heaving messes, and you could feel your juices dripping all over. Jungkook pounded hard into you hitting you right where you needed him. A fire spread in your body, waves of electricity intoxicating you everywhere. Jungkook cursed to the skies, his husky voice moaning your name over and over. You were both still pulsing after the strong orgasm. The daze left you both light-headed, Jungkook grabbed onto the sink his legs shaky, He pulled out of you.

Your arms weren’t responding, and simply lay there limp on each side of your body. You looked at each other and chuckled. Jungkook then gently helped you with your dress and placed you down. He noticed the ripped panties laying on the floor.

“Yikes, sorry” he said and threw them away into the bin next to the toilet.

“Jesus, I completely forgot about that” you gasped, looking at them one last time through the reflection of the mirror. You didn’t see before the state in which Jungkook left them.

“Just how strong are you?” you giggled, opening the cold water faucet.

“Y/N…” His velvety voice called your name and you looked up at him, his cheeks flushed red and hair sticking to his forehead.

“Mmm?” you responded still dizzy and breathless.

“I really meant what I said. ”

You tilted your head confused.

“That I like you, I have done for some time now, I was just too shy to tell you.”

You smiled.

“I like you too, for some time as well.” You bit your lower lip embarrassed.

Jungkook shook his head.

‘Why you didn’t tell me?’ he inquired.

You shrugged.

“Guess I spend so much time with you I got infected by your shyness”

He chuckled and grabbed your shoulders leaning down to kiss you again lovingly.

“Well, neither of us can be shy again from now on…” he mentioned and you agreed. “Now let’s go home…I got to zip your dress up before,” you tilted your head, as Jungkook grabbed your hands and intertwined his fingers with yours, then unlocked the door, but before leaving he turned to you and said, “Now I want to unzip it…”


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@haechansgf this is my apology for tryna steal ur bf

-lol ok so dis boi probably drew on himself a lot as a kid

-like one day you’d wake up with your whole arm colored red and you’d be so scared cus you’re only a 3 yr old babe

-you run to your mom crying because ur arms red and u think a monster hurt you

-and that’s when you learn about soulmates and now ur so mad at your soulmate cuz they scared the shit out of u

-since your a cheeky lil’ shit and you want revenge you color your legs black to creep him out

-and u succeeded

-like he was so scared like wtf???? My legs are black??? And he also ended up crying to his parents and learning about soul mates

-so now you two are in intense battle that lasts for years and both of you keep getting in trouble with your parents

- like “y/n why is your face green?”

-you two have never actually communicated in words yet you already have such a close bond because of your intense battles

-sometimes you wake up with penises all over your arms

-and he wakes up to curse words all over his legs and he’s all like

-”are u srs it’s summer and now i gotta wear pants f u soulmate”

-but when you both are 10 it all suddenly stops??? And you’re like I did not color my stomach in such an intense pattern to not have a response

-he stopped coloring because he kept getting teased by his classmates

-because “MISSSS Donghyuk keeps playing with his girlfriend!!11!”

-and everyone jokingly runs away from him cuz COOTIES

-so he stops talking to you cuz girls are eww

-2 years later he’s practically forgotten that whatever he writes on himself appears on you

-so he writes the answers to a test he’s about to take since he didn’t study at all

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OKA Y so im still reeling from all the amazing things i got to witness tonight and im not quite over the fact that i got to see them up close and personal but i want to make a report while it’s still fresh in my mind so bear with any lack of coherency!!

- harry and the pride flag :’) earlier on in the show he had already picked up a canadian flag and waved it around so when i saw him with another flag i assumed it was just another canadian flag because i saw the maple leaf on it - but this one had the rainbows on it as well and it was SO SO AMAZING TO HEAR THE SCREAMS ERUPT AS HE STOOD UP WITH IT WRAPPED AROUND HIM the fact that i went there as a rainbow direction participant and then saw him wrap himself in the flag and run down the catwalk just made me feel so validated and it was such an amazing show of support for lgbtq+ fans attending the show or seeing footage at home. it was SUCH a nice and surreal moment i couldnt believe what i was seeing as it was happenig and im so so happy i got the chance to witness it :’)
- i had my two signs with me (the rainbow direction one and act my age one) but mostly held up the rainbow one throughout the show. harry gave the rainbow sign a thumbs-up TWICE, the first time just a couple songs in, and then before the encore. especially after he had run up the catwalk with the pride flag i felt so much validation and confidence to continue to hold up the sign and not feel the slightest bit self-conscious about it
- i got to meet up with ivy @persimmonlions and another rd participant which was so lovely!! it was so so nice to know there were other rainbows in the crowd since at the beginning it felt like i was the only one
- also there was a person who said they really liked my shirt which was so nice to hear!!!
- niall’s speaking voice sounded a bit different than i expected??? idk it was like… even MORE irish than i thought.. but anyway otherwise the rest sounded EXACTLY like they do through recordings which was so so surreal it felt like i was watching a super hq concert video
- harry+fan interaction was the most wonderful thing ive ever witnessed. the older couple that he told to kiss (‘kiss her, you fool!’ yes, he really said that), calling out a couple people for looking bored, periodically asking people if they were okay, imitating fans’ dancing, singling out a fan and singing happy birthday to them, interacting with the small child who gave him the 'we missed you’ fan project sign but then wanted it back, the list goes oN AND ON the moral of the story is that harry was on FIRE tonight he was so warm and lovely and engaging and everything i hoped he would be like in person
- LIMA WAS SO GOOD TONIGHT TOO!!! he did his super fancy riffs at the end of through the dark, took over the falsettos in you and i and best song ever EFFORTLESSLY, had some great interactions with fans in my section, had that AMAAZING moment with the naughty boy sign - that was honestly the best moment of my life - he is a true performer and did not fail at encouraging us to 'sing it’ whenever possible
- louis is literally so tiny like i didnt even think to notice his height until near the end of the show because i was distracted by everything else but he is so compact and cute. he didnt come to my side or section very much since during a lot of songs he was hanging out back instead.of further up the catwalk but he sounded amazingg especially in no control he smashed his solos!!
- niall has a solo rap ep coming out later next week apparently and i dont know how i feel about that - he was quite delightful, he and liam had a super cute moment during act my age.. i think? and the part with the necklaces and the sunglasses and the hat and the rapping… i dont know what to say except that it was very entertaining
- it went by so fast?? like it was literally a 20-minute show the songs whizzed so fast i got whiplash
- in my section some fans brought a cardboard cut-out of zayn and people were posing with it and.. sad :(
- bUT the naughty boy sign!!!! It said 'niall has more tattoos then naughty boy has fans’ and liam laughed sO HARD AT IT I WAS CRYING (shout-out to the fan that made that i honestly love you) so basically ot5 is thriving!!! seeing how all five of them collectively dragged him together i wonder how much they rejoiced at zayns tweets…
- they’ve picked out the next sigle from the fifth album!!!!!! thanks @loam for the update
- spaces is truly dead thanks @god for listening to my cries of anguish leading up to the show
- also im such a fake fan bc i jammed out to diana like u wouldnt believe and i teared up at little things so miracles can actually happen guys
- i have more thoughts but my brain is very tired and this turned out longer than i meant it to be anyway
- so to sum up: today honesty felt like an alternate universe i cant believe they are real people and im not sure im alive and harry loves rainbows and i love one direction

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You have an asthma attack any boy you pleasee

You didn’t leave a name so I’m going to use Y/N hope that’s ok, and I also picked Niall for this one!:)

Sorry if its horrible and i hope this is want you were hoping for, I’m still new to all this! But I hope you enjoy it!:)


You and Niall have been together for 10 months when he asked you to move in with him. You were absolutely ecstatic and obviously said yes when he asked you.

Right now you were in your apartment packing your stuff up in boxes. You had packed everything in your room but needed to bring some things down from your attic. Niall was downstairs making you both some lunch whilst you were packing up some things in your attic.

You were places some old books from the shelves into some spare boxes you had. You didn’t realise how dusty it was up here until you started to cough slightly. You didn’t think anything of it and carried on what you were doing.

“Hey babe I have your sandwich here for you, are you coming down yet or you want me to bring it up for you?” Niall yells from the bottom of the ladders.

“No its fine, I’ll come down in a minute” you reply, slightly wheezing and coughing whilst speaking.

“Whoa babe you alright? You sound a little weird”

“Oh thanks babe you’re so lovely” you reply sarcastically.

He sighs and says “You know what I mean, are you okay?”

“Yes I’m fine” you laugh, “I’ll be down in a minute”

“Okay I’ll eat mine now and wait for you”

You grabbed the last of the books and placed them carefully in the box and were about to leave when you saw something you recognised. It was your blanket from when you were a child. You smiled and picked up the blanket. You decided to put it in the box with your books but realised it looks a bit mucky, so you shook your blanket and as soon as you did that you regretted it straight away.

Dust went everywhere and you started to cough like crazy, and suddenly felt as if you couldn’t breathe, you fell to the ground clutching your chest wheezing. Niall, been in the room just underneath the attic, heard the loud crashing noise and ran to the ladders.

“Y/N? Babe are you oka-shit what happened?!”he shouted eyes widening when he saw you.

 “i…can’t….breathe” you managed to wheeze out, tears running down your face.

“Shit what do I do?! Do you have an inhaler?!”he shouts again, panic flooding through his eyes. You could only nod your head and managed the words ‘my bag’. He climbed back down the ladder and found your bag beside the bed. He tip everything out your bag in a panic mode and his eyes searched for you inhaler. When he couldn’t see it, he could hear you wheezing and he started to cry a little. He couldn’t lose you. He just couldn’t.

He turned his face away from the bed where he tipped your bags belongings, and saw another one of your bags. He grabbed the bag and tipped everything out, again his eyes searched for what he needed and his luck showed then when he finally found it.

“I’ve found it babe don’t worry” he climbs the ladder and sees you look up at him and his heart breaks when he sees your face, tears still running down your face which makes him climb faster. When he reaches you he places the inhaler in your mouth and gives you puffs of air. He can tell your starting to calm down a bit and puts both of his hands on each side of your face to look at you.

“Are you ok now?” when you nodded he kissed your lips you stayed like that for a couple of minutes until you broke the kiss.

“Thank you Niall” you said so grateful for what he did.

“Babe you know I would never let anything happen to you”

“Are you crying?” you asked.

“I’m not even going to lie to you. Yes I am, that scared the shit out of me, I thought I was going to lose you I cant lose you Y/N I just can’t, you mean so much to me and when I saw you crying it upset me even more because I knew how scared you were, I love you Y/N so so much” he starts to cry more and you can feel your eyes start to well up more.

“Aw Niall” you smile with tears in your eyes “I love you too, so much thank you for what you did”

“You don’t need to thank me” You sat hugging for another half an hour when you spoke up.

“Can I go have my lunch now please?”

He smirks at you and nods his head. He helps you up and down the ladders and helps you sit on the half of the bed that doesn’t have your bag belongings all over, and he just watches you with a smile on his face realising that you were the one for him and he couldn’t be happier with anyone else.

“I love you Y/N” he smiles.

“I love you too Niall” you smile back.

You really do love him and don’t know what you would do without him.


Hope you liked it!:)

If you would like an imagine please do not hesitate to send me a request with your name, the boy you would like it with and a plot!x