i love you ok bby i miss yooooou

Hey baby, do you think I’d forget? Nop, I didn’t. I wanted to wish you happy birthday at midnight and be the first one, but I thought about making you a little edit, and writing you a little something, so here you go.

You know you’ve always been one of my favourite people on here, and always will be. And if you ever think we’re going apart, or we’ve not talked in a while, it’s not true ok? Just message me whenever you feel like it ok? I’m always here for you.

I feel like you’re a little sister to me, and I know I’ve said this before, but it’s true. Everytime you’re sad, it upsets me, it hurts me I can’t be with you and ask you what’s wrong, and beat everyone who has ever made you upset.

So, I don’t want to make this any longer. I just want to wish you an amazing day, I hope you have the best day ever ok? Enjoy your birthday as much as you can, because after all, it’s our day, only once a year right? ahah <3

I think that’s it. Happy Birthday Baba! And if you ever feel sad, just listen to Always Be Together, by Little Mix. I always think about you when I listen to it. I love you.