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Shimura Doubutsuen [2017.06.24]
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Dr. Iplier and Bim Bonding

“Sometimes the stress gets to you, you know? I want to help people by saying all bad news before…well, their deadline, and I know people don’t generally like hearing they’re dying. Bim- he just knows how to cheer me up. It might be because he’s in the field of entertainment or he’s just a great, funny guy. Either way, he’s really amazing.”

“It’s quite saddening to receive the bad news, but to give them? As aloof as Doc might be, he wants to help you by throwing the bad news already. I think that’s quite an admirable trait. He was there for me with my little issue about Matthias. I’ll be here with this.”

(Well, here’s another comic of them. I’m starting to love them as much as Bing/Google what the heck. Oh well XD It’s fun lol)

What I appreciate about AYH making of pt.6

or when Arashi are HAPPY ♥☺♥☻

I think I dont need comment on this… 

I will just say they are such cuties and they deserve to be happy because they made so many people happy ♥ I am glad to see them enjoying their work :3 

그 날 넌 내게 무슨 말을 했더라?
“What did you say to me back then…”

무슨 말이였건 상관없어
Saying that doesn’t matter anymore, does it?

자주 만나며 점점 알게되고
We met often, we gradually understood,

계절은 가까워지고 실컷 울고
and as the season drew near we cried often

너는 네 꿈 크게 그려
You are you, so paint your dreams huge

나는 여기서 성공하길 빌게
I’ll be here wishing for your success

기다리기만하면 내일은 없으니까
“If you just wait around, tomorrow won’t come

여기서 움직인것으로 시작되지 않으니까
If you only move here, nothing will start”

앞이 보이지 않는 캄캄한 도로도
Even on the dark street where you can’t see ahead

그게 만약 우회로이라고해도
Even if it’s a detour

지금은 두사람 모두 조금은
For now both of us should put away

힘든 표정이지만 묻어두자
Our painful expressions, just for a while

これは別れでわない 出逢いたちとの
이건 이별이아냐 만남들과의
This isn’t goodbye, it’s the beginning of

새로운 시작일 뿐
many new meetings

나는 너와 다시 만나고 싶어
But, I still want to see you again

언젠가 다시 웃으며 재회하자. 그래,꼭.
Someday we’ll meet again smiling, yes, I know it


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Arashi in Miyagi ♥ - NTV Documentary 2015.10.11


They are Arashi.
I wonder how they must feel when think that they are Arashi.
I just see 5 ordinary and wonderful men whose get along amazing and their chemistry is awesome.
I already saw a lot of videos where they said what Arashi means to them. I always finished crying when I heard them speak with total sincerity.

They are 5 bakas. They make us laugh and cry. Make us happy. They made me a better person and tough me a lot of important things. I just love them so much and I’ll never forget them.

Riida thank you for bring me the courage that I need sometimes.
Nino thank you for tough me the meaning of hard work no matter what.
Sho-kun thank you for tough me to follow what I want without listen to others.
MatsuJun thank you for tough me to be more professional in my work.
Aiba-chan thank you for tough me to smile even if all around me is the worst.

I love you guys💕