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the four princes who stand with Soo. 

                                                            (and the one who won’t.)

I’m watching Moon Lovers and I’m loving it but sometimes I’m like

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oh my goodness I love how you draw animals soo much what the heck just look at those dogs and horses and don't even get me started on how you draw people its all just soooo goooood

AHH I’M SORRY I DIDN’T REPLY TO THIS thank you so much!!! animals are so much fun to draw so i’m glad that you enjoy them too!!

Mean - Bobby scenario (Requested)

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@yourlukar saidHey I read you Hanbin’s scenario and It was really awsome, I’m totally in love with your reactions and scenarios. So I wanna request a scenario with Bobby when you two dislike each other so much but you come and spend time with iKON just because your best friend Jinhwan invites you everytime, but in a game truth or dare you are dare to kiss Bobby and after that he started to be really mean with you more than before and he is trying to hide that he falls in love with you…..Thanks so mcuh❤️

- Thank you soo much! I love youu! AND OH MY GOD I LOVE THISSS; I had so much fun writing this I hope you enjoyy it! <3 

Genre: angst/ fluffy
Members: Bobby x You
Word count: 3805

“How is it you never notice that you are slowly killing me?” you thought to yourself, looking across the room at Bobby, who was staring at you with eyes filled with no emotions.
Guy who on daily bases kills you with his words and acting towards you.
How did him and you get here? In the begging as Jinhwan met you with rest of the boys, was okay. In a way okay and at least you thought it was. Everyone was nice and friendly, except him. Bobby.

As you extend your hand for a hand shake, he just looks up and down at you, looking away.
“Okay….” You laugh in embarrassment and move your hand slowly, sitting down next to Jinhwan.

Hanbin and Jinhwan look at Bobby, who was just staring at his phone, typing.
“So how did you guys meet?” Junhoe smiled
“Who cares?” Bobby laughs and looks at you
You didn’t know what to do. You felt so embarrassed.
“We do” Hanbin looks at Bobby and he just sighs looking back at his phone
“Basically at a coffee shop?” you laugh looking at Jinhwan who nodded his head in agreement
“Ohh did you Jinhwan like said hi first or?” Junhoe smiled
“I worked there before so…” you smiled and all of them nodded their heads

Going out with iKON was always fun. You always dance together, drink. But he would always find a way to bring you down.
“Your dancing sucks” Bobby shouted at you, laughing
You sigh and continue to dance, but his words kept spinning in your head. You kind of felt in your legs that you are awkward, how you think you don’t how to dance anymore.
“You look dumb” Bobby shouted again as he was sitting down at the table, laughing at you.

Hanbin pushed him slightly and Bobby just looked at him.
“Don’t bother with Bobby, you are dancing great and you are not dumb” Jinhwan looked at you
You just take a breath nodding your head.
“Hi beautiful” a guy smiled as he approached you
“Hi” you smiled back

He was very beautiful. He has hazel eyes, hair on fleek, white T-shirt who is showing his arm muscles, black ripped jeans and white converse. He was just, perfect.

You hear Bobby laughing in the back
“You are very pretty, I saw you from the distance” guy smiles looking at your eyes
“Just tell her she is not beautiful, stop flirting!” Bobby said and you look at him and he just lifts his shoulders up

“I don’t know what’s that guy’s problem” a guy laughs
“Honestly me neither” you shake your head
“Would you like to come outside?”
“Sure” you smiled and he took your hand in his and lead you through the crowd

Jinhwan walked to the table, looking at Bobby.
“What the fuck is wrong with you? Why you do that every single fucking time”
“So what that I do it?” Bobby said coldly and drinks from his glass
“It’s rude” Jinhwan was getting mad
“Well I don’t care” Bobby smiled and noticed you and the guy walking out through the door. He bit his lip and shaked his head.

He stood up, went through the crowd, looking for someone good looking.
He spots a girl, who was dancing really sexy. She swing her hips side to side to the beat of the music. Bobby walks behind her and starts grinding, so does she with a smile on her face.
His hands travelled around her waist. She turned around, looking at him with a huge smile on her face.
“I waited so fucking long for you to come to me” she whispered trying to sound sexy and crashes her lips on his.

Without hesitation he kissed her back, licking her bottom lip for permission to enter, and she right away opened her mouth more.
His hands travelled down on her ass, squeezing it which made the girl smile and pull away from the make out.

On other side you were kissing the guy. He was so sweet and caring.
He held you closely to his body. You didn’t expect anything else from him than him kissing you right away when you two walked outside.
Also you just wanted to get out of the club, because you couldn’t stand Bobby no more.

“Can I call you sometime?” guy pulled away smiling at you
“Sure” he gave you his phone and you put your number in it.
“You’re really cool girl” he looked at you as two of you headed back inside
“Aw thank you. You are a cool dude too” you smiled and walked inside the club as he opened the door for you.

The guy and you hugged and gave each other few pecks before going your ways. You walked back to the table where the boys were. Bobby wasn’t there, what a relief.
“Sooo?” Jinhwan poked your shoulder
“What?” you laugh and pour yourself a drink
“Oh come on” Jinhwan said
“Yeah we finished” you smiled taking a sip of your drink

Boys continued to dance, you got off the seat and started to dance with Hanbin. He puts his arm around your shoulders, and you two jammed out to the music.
Bobby came back and looked up and down at you, but you didn’t even look at him, you didn’t care about him and his presence.

“Did you finish with someone?” Donghyuk looks at him
“Oh yeah, she was so fucking hot” Bobby smiled nodding his head
You heard them talking, you didn’t want to listen, but you did.
“She’s really good kisser, and has a great body. Damn I wish *laughs* Yeah It doesn’t matter” Bobby chuckles. He knew you were listening.

“Yeah we get it. Will you fucking stop talking now?” you said coldly looking at Bobby
He raised his eyebrows
“Oh did you and your prince charming do something fun?” he tilts his head
“Why don’t you talk about your price?” he added
“Same as you and that girl” you tilt your head too and Bobby smirks
“I bet he just wanted to fuck you”

You were in shock but you didn’t want to let him win in this. You were so sick of him.
“I bet you want to fuck that girl too? Or whole club? And they would do that, just because you are easy to get on” you lean against the table, looking at him
Bobby licks his lips, clenching his jaw. You laugh and shake your head, moving away from the table.
“Imma head to bathroom, be right back” you said and walked off through the crowd to the bathroom.

“Damn she… Killed you” Hanbin puts his hand over his mouth and laughs

Bobby stood up and stormed through the crowd, little bit pissed off.
You walked through the hallway who leads to the bathroom, everyone was making out with each other, or just talking.
You feel a tight grip on your wrist who pulled you back and crashed you against the wall.
It was Bobby. You were breathing heavy because you were surprised and got scared a little.
His hands were on the wall, blocking everyway, so you don’t escape.

“Who do you think you are?” he said in cold, deep voice as he stared into your eyes
“Who do you think you are?” you raised your eyebrow
“Don’t you talk to me like that ever again?”
“OR what you gonna do huh?” you stare back at him

He just kept staring at your eyes, he slowly moved away.
You look up and down at him. Bobby clenches his jaw and walks away.

“Jesus Christ” you let out a breath as he walked away. Your heart was beating so fast and loud that you could hear it.

Why did you think he was so damn hot being angry and annoyed. Why did his stares and voice replayed in your head. No, you don’t want. You need to get him out of your head.
You walked back to the boys. Bobby was shaking his head to the beat of the songs, looking at the crowd, not paying attention to you.
“Let’s goo” Jinhwan said

You take your stuff and all of you walk outside. You had to wait for the taxi vans to come.
It was little cold outside. Your legs started to shake a little.
“Are you cold?” Jinhwan asked and you nod your head
“Bobby can you give her your jacket?” Jinhwan said and you look at Bobby
“Hell no”
“Is princess cold? Well I don’t give a damn” Bobby added making a pouty face then a straight one
You sigh and roll your eyes
“I will be fine” you smiled at Jinhwan

Coming back to their place, all of you went straight to the kitchen to eat.
“I was starving” Chanwoo said while he ate
“Mhmm” Hanbin nodded his head

In the living room you all sat.
“Y/N can I ask you a question?” Yunhyeong asked leaning back on the sofa and you just simply nodded your head
“Are you single? Like did you ever have a boyfriend?”

You let out a small laugh.
“Yes I did and I am single” you said and he nodded his head
“I think prince charming will change that status” Bobby said looking down at his phone
“Fuck off Bobby” you look at him
“Ohhh my heart… You hurt me” he puts his hand on his chest looking at you and laughs

You kept being quiet, you were getting so mad that you wanted to cry.
“What? Did I hurt you?” Bobby leans towards and tilts his head
“I’m going home” you stood up
“Weak move” Bobby laughs

You just look at him and storm out of the house with Jinhwan following you.
“Stop Y/N”
“He’s fucking killing me” you turn around with tears in your eyes
“He’s hurting me so fucking much I can’t stand it anymore” you added biting on your lip, so you don’t cry over an idiot

Jinhwan pulled you into a hug.
Boys walked to the window and peeked at Jinhwan and you.
“See what you done?” Hanbin turns around looking at Bobby.

Bobby stands up being curious what he done and walks over to the window. He saw you crying into Jinhwan’s neck.
“H-he just brings me down at everything I fucking say. I am so sick of him. I fucking h-hate him” you sobbed

Boys kept looking at Bobby, but he kept staring at you crying, sobbing.
“I’ll take you home” Jinhwan spoke softly, wiping off your tears

You look to the side and see Bobby at the window. You both stared at each other. Bobby looks away and walks away from the window.
You take a breath and Jinhwan and you walk to your home.

Boys held a small party, with few friends of theirs. It was a birthday surprise party for one of the friends.
“Y/N finally!” Chanwoo smiled as he opened the door
“Hii” you smiled and gave him a hug
“I brought a gift for that friend even thought I don’t know him” you laugh
“His name is Luke, and awesome, you didn’t have to but still” Chanwoo smiles and you two walk to the kitchen.

Hanbin, Jinhwan and Donghyuk were in there, preparing the cake, decorating it.
“Hii” you smiled as two of you walked inside.
“Hey! Do you like the cake?” Jinhwan smiles showing the cake
“It looks tastyyy!” you nodded your head

You walk and stand next to Hanbin. You lean your head against his arm.
“This is gonna be the best surprise party, don’t you think?” Hanbin looks down at you and you just smile in agreement

Chanwoo and Dongyuk and you go to the living room where the rest of the boys were plus Luke and couple other boys.
“This Y/N” Donghyuk smiled
You waved at everyone and smiled. You look at Bobby and he was already looking at you. He seemed upset. Nothing new.
Everyone sat down. You were on the couch with Donghyuk and Chanwoo and across was Bobby with some new guy.

Chanwoo stands up and turns off the lights. Jinhwan and Hanbin slowly walked in with the cake and candles light up.
All of you started to sing happy birthday song to Luke. But Bobby and you stared at each other. You didn’t sing. You just kept looking at each other in the dark. Only you can see a bit of his face because of the light and sparkle in his dark brown eyes. For a moment you thought how you got lost in his eyes. They were so dark and looked emotionless.
He was dangerous. His love was dangerous. You thought in that way, since he is cold, mean towards you.
Look at what he done to you. Now you’re thinking about him in a other way, in a way where you have feelings. Feelings for him. His power of putting you down, breaking your heart over and over made you attracted to him. You never thought it will happen, but it did.
You got used to it. To the pain he brings you everyday or most of the time. Even thought it hurts, you manage to not show it and handle it after that night you cried.

“YAAAAY” boys started shouting and Chanwoo turns on the lights

Bobby and you look away from each other and start clapping and smiling like nothing happened just now.
“Happy birthday!” you smiled and handed the gift to Luke
“You got me a gift?! I only met you tonight” he laughs
“Yeah well it ain’t nothing special, just some guy’s perfume” you laugh and sit back on the couch

After eating the cake and having a talk, you guys decided to play “Truth or dare” game.
All of you sat in the middle of the living room, in circle.
“OKAY, so we can ask any questions, anything you want” Hanbin smiles
“Y/N, truth or dare” he added pointing at you
“Dare” you let out a breath, feeling nervous
“Hmmm… Dance to Jay Park’s Mommae. Just the begging part with the twerking” Hanbin licks his lips

Your face drops
“Are you serious?” you said in shock
“Yes, we can tell you to do anything” Hanbin smiled
“Comeee onn Y/N, Y/N” Junhoe cheered

You close your eyes and get up.
“I will fucking kill you” you laughed and searched on your phone for the song. You found it and played it.

You were so nervous and embarrassed, since you were the only girl who will dance in front of 9 guys.
You start to do the choreography, you turn in circle slowly, moving your ass up and down and finish the dance. You sit down between the boys and cover your face.
“Fuck my lifeeeeee” you almost scream
“THAT WAS AMAZING!” boys clapped

Bobby had a small smile on his lips as he clapped with the boys. He thought how actually you really can move it good. You were so sexy while dancing.

“LUKE truth or dare” you smiled
“Dare” he was excited
“I dare you to put your head in that cake” you laugh and point at the cake
“That’s an GREAT idea!” Jinhwan laughed and clapped his hands
“I’ll help you” Bobby said and stood up, taking the cake in his hands
“READY?!” Bobby shouts and Luke nods his head

Bobby throws the cake into his face.
“YEAH!” you all cheered and shouted
“Oh my God” you laugh covering your mouth with your hand
“Go wash your face pretty boy!” Bobby laughs putting his hand on Luke’s back

While waiting for Luke to come back. You all were in silence.
“I am back!” he smiles and sits down.
“Okay… BOBBY” Luke smiled looking at him
“Dare” Bobby looks at him

Luke smiled and looked at you then at him.
“I dare you to makeout with Y/N”
Boys face’s drop in shock. Especially yours and Bobby’s.
“Hell no, I am not doing that” Bobby refused
“Hey that’s not fair” Luke said
“I don’t care, I don’t want to kiss her” Bobby said coldly… It kind of broke your heart hearing that since you have these fucking stupid feelings for him
“Bobby just do it” Hanbin said
“It’s a fucking game” Jinhwan added

Bobby sighs and rolls his eyes.
“Fine. Come here” Bobby looks at your eyes
You nervously stand up and move next to Bobby.
“I will never forgive you for this” Bobby looked one last time at Luke before pressing his lips on yours.

He kissed you slowly. His hand went back on your neck, through your hair. He deepened the kiss, that’s when he licks your bottom lip and you slightly open your mouth. His tongue worked with yours. Your lips move in sync.
Both of you felt heat building up in your bodies. Your hands travel down to his stomach and you grab his T-shirt, holding onto it.

It was something so special. Both of you couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop. You could hear boys in the background fanboying and almost screaming. Both of you didn’t care about them.
It was just him and you. Bobby slowly pulled away, tilting his head to give you few more pecks on the lips. You wanted to let a moan how much he was great with the kissing, and so hot. His hand travelled from your neck to your cheek, tilting his head more to give you slow pecks.
Bobby moves away slowly, still his face close to yours, his eyes look up at you as both of you breathe little bit heavy.
You two stare at each other, as he caresses your cheek with his thumb.

“Okaaaaaaay” Luke laughs
You move away and go back to your place.
“I didn’t expect that” Hanbin laughs not believing
“Same” Junhoe smiled

Bobby licks his lips, putting his hands on the floor and leaning back.

Game continued till you all got bored.
“Nothing can’t top the makeout” Yunhyeong laughs shaking his head
“It was nothing, just a simple makeout. Stop making it big” Bobby said and stands up, walking back to the couch sitting down.
You look down, biting your lip. His words were so mean. For a second you thought maybe he feels something too after he put so much effort into the kissing.
Why did you have to fall in love with such an asshole. You hate him so much that you hate yourself for having these feelings for him.

You stared at each other across the room.
“Well you guys looked great together” Chanwoo said
“Will you shut up? She’s nothing to me. She means nothing to me.” Bobby said coldly like he meant it, you never felt so broken than now

You look down and kept looking down. Until you started to feel this anger inside of you, sadness too. Your feelings were a mix.

“Well thanks Bobby” you look up, with your eyes teared up a little
“You are fucking… Like the most meanest, coldest person I ever met, oh wait actually we met but didn’t because you were fucking rude since day one.”
“You made me suffer, made me angry, made me sad and FUCKING heartbroken.” You laugh
“If you fucking can’t stand so much, fine I’ll leave just fucking say the words” you added looking straight into his eyes
“Leave.” He said without no hesitation.
“Y/N” Jinhwan said taking your hand
“No, let me go. I am fucking leaving, I can’t stand this fucking idiot and an asshole” you move your hand away, going to the hallway taking your stuff.

Everyone heard the door shut.
Bobby shaked his leg.
“Wow Bobby, just wow” Jinhwan said
“Good job buddy” Hanbin gives him thumbs up and sighs

Bobby stands up and rushed outside.
“What did just happen?” Luke said
“What is doing?” Hanbin said and rushes to the window
“He’s rushing after Y/N” Hanbin looks back at everyone

You walked down the street, you didn’t want to cry. But few tears go down your cheeks, which you wipe away right away because Bobby is not worth crying for.

“Y/N” Bobby shouts as he breathes heavy from rushing
“Y/N STOP!” he added noticing you not stopping
“WHAT? You came to tell me your last words? Came to kill me one last time?” you turn around spreading your hands
“Well fucking do it, because-“ you started but Bobby grabs your face and crashes his lips on yours.

Bobby pulls away, staring at you, still holding your face.

“I’m sorry” he said quietly and you push him away and slap his cheek
“SORRY?! You’re fucking sorry?! YOU KISS ME and say you are sorry” you laugh looking at him
“Y/N I can explain” he started
“Explain? Explain how you were rude towards me since day one? Putting me down and down. Breaking my heart over and over. Tossing me around, hitting, stabbing me with your words?” you were so pissed off and yet really sad and upset

“I just… Tried to hide my feelings for you by doing that” he looks up at you
“You what?” you laugh, being confused
“I have feelings for you, since day one. Moment my eyes looked at yours”
“Bobby. What the fuck” you laugh putting your hands on your head
“Why did you have to be so fucking mean? Why? Why did you have to bring me down? Why didn’t you just told me your feelings, when I fucking have them too” you both stared at each other as you said that

“I am so fucking sorry Y/N. I truly am. Please just please give me a chance” he said

He was so different. His eyes didn’t look emotionless, they were actually sorry.

“But you did all that-“ you tear up and laugh
“Y/N” he stepped closer to you
“I am so fucking sorry and I will say that I am sorry a million times if I have to, just so you forgive me”

You bit your lip and shake your head “no”.

“I fucking mean it when I say I have feelings for you”
“But I hate you” you whisper, your voice cracking

Bobby pulls you towards him, he wrapped his arms around you and hugged you tightly.
You just stood there in his hug. Not hugging him back.

“I am so so sorry” he said again
“I hate you” you said again with your head in his chest
“Y/N please forgive me” he moved away looking at you

It was just a rush, those feelings that made you grab onto his T-shirt and pull him towards you and pressing your lips against his.

“Just don’t say a word anymore and kiss me” you whisper pulling away, Bobby had a half smile on his face and kissed you again more passionately.

watching moon lovers
  • *sees Jun Ki's character*: MY SWEET CHILD
  • *sees Baekhyun's character*: MY SWEET CHILD
  • *sees Ji Soo's character*: MY SWEET CHILD
  • *sees Nam Joo Hyuk's character*: MY SWEET CHILD
  • *sees Kang Ha Neul's character*: MY SWEET CHILD
  • .
  • *sees Hong Jong Hyun's character*: F*CK THIS GUY
  • Kira: he likes her doesn't he?
  • Scott: yeah.
  • Me: MOM MOM MOM!!! Stiles still likes Lydia!!! MOM IM SOO HAPPY MOM I LOVE YOU I LOVE ... Oh shit the dread doctors are coming..
  • Mom: the dread who?
  • Me: mom I'm scared lock all the doors and set the alarm..
  • Mom: alright honey , you still haven't really explain what your talking about
  • Me: mom just watch the show or don't unless you want to suffer emotional pain with a dash of fear
  • Mom: I'm good... Love you
  • Me: mom don't love me love stydia
  • Mom: okay then I'm going to bed
Summer’s over, kids

Never before had I felt at such a deep peace like I did after watching “Gravity Falls” finale. I don’t have a burden of sorrow that there will be no GF series any more. I don’t want to whine that this wonderful cartoon came to an end. The finale is so comprehensive, it brings together all the strings, bonding hearts and bringing smiles. At the titres I physically felt how a thought is pulsing in my mind: “Everything is all right!” Everything is wonderful and will be even better! All heroes are brought to a logical end. Though I’d rather say: to a logical beginning, because all of them has started a new life: Mabel and Dipper back home and a new school year is ahead; Stan and Ford fulfilling their childhood dream; McGucket renewing his relations with the son; Soos is now running “Mystery Shack” etc., etc… I experienced those feelings which I had in childhood when I was spending my summer days at the countryside with my grandparents: the summer is over - you’re leaving - your friends are staying. But life goes on and everything’s taking it’s own course. Wendy’s note - “See you next summer!” - reinforcing the fact, that it’s not the end. It’s just a part of life.

I was absolutely struck by the fact how many fandom theories became canon after the finale. Of course Stan and Ford are now big bros forever and they finally hugged it out! (albeit it was an absolute heartbreaking moment) McGucket created a huge robot to struggle against Bill - there is a similar comic on tumblr I swear! And Ford managed to explain with him, though it was a brief moment. And of course we all knew that Stan will make Soos a new Mr. Mystery :’) But one of the most popular theories with Bill’s circle was crashed to pieces. Half of the episode Stan behaved like grumbling old fart… whom he actually is. But his sacrifice and dedication to family made him a hero in my eyes even more then he was before. Before the finale the fandom was boiling with the idea of Stan dying in flames as there were hella lot of omens during both seasons. But I was stubbornly thinking: you can’t just burn alive an old man in a children cartoon. Alex Hirsch: watch me! But the way he did it, if I am not mistaken, no one guessed except Hirsh himself. It’s so utterly ingeniously and horrible at the same time that I still shiver as I think about it. Defeat a great evil and along with that deprive a person his identity, deprive us everything we went through with Stan and kids during the series - it’s dreadful. But! No one can stand against the power of Mabel! There was so much despair in her when she realised that Stan doesn’t recognise her. And so much determination! I bet she’d spend all her life to help Stan recall this summer if there was such a need.

I have so much feels right now but they are unspeakable. I’m just so happy! I am very grateful to Alex Hirsch and GF-team for bestowing us with “Gravity Falls”. I am happy that I have this cartoon in my life and that its’ heroes are now settled in my heart. It’s like I grew up a little bit with them and now ready for something new, for something unknown, but I am not afraid anymore. oh god, I’m gonna cry right now


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˝Did it hurt? When you fell out of heaven? ˝ you winked at Dean, making him laugh and blush lightly.

˝Baby, somebody better call God, cuz he’s missing an angel! ˝ you continued while laughing.

˝My god, that one was so cheesy, Y/N! ˝ Dean chuckled, hiding his redness on his face.



Olake Appreciation Week: Day 4 - Fave quote that you relate with them (it can be from show, song or any other - free choice)

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