i love you oda

Oda…dear Oda, I love you…but seriously… WTF?! what the actual fuck? My eyes are crying blood, You were drunk and this is a mistake right?
Because this is even more ugly that Sanji’s yellow pants and orange jacket of the cover 81. Uglier than his crocs in film gold. Uglier than his skypiea outfit.
I HOPE that they are all blond and we are gonna see them blond in the flashback and simply their hair have been dyed, for whatever mysterious reason, perhaps cause they are all a bunch of losers. (except Reiju, of course, she is still beautiful). Look at Yonji/Harambe…I can’t..

  • Chuuya: Shut the fuck up or I'll beat ya up so bad that it will hurt for weeks and months!
  • Dazai: Just like the way it hurt you when I left you alone in the mafia?
BSD: Port Mafia Torture

Hey guys! This fic idea literally came from a dream thought that I just had to keep! Yes…I am slightly addicted to BSD right now, but who cares! This fic has someone in it that I never wrote about before. I think he deserves some of the spotlight for dealing with Dazai for so long XD Anyway, I really hope you guys like the fic! And please enjoy! :D


Dazai sighed, glancing around the dark room from the safety of his bed. He literally had no motivation to get up and do any work. Even though he got the job of being a somewhat leader for the Port Mafia, the teen would occasionally get bored. During those times, Dazai would be all around the area playing his gaming device, or even trying to think of new ways of committing the wonderful suicide he had planned in his dreams. However, like certain times like the one he was currently having, Dazai would just lay in bed, still in his pajamas, and think about certain things that would also make him want to stay in. However, this wouldn’t last long because someone would bound to come find him, and when a knock on his door sounded through his apartment, he sighed. That was a little too fast.

“Dazai…I know you’re in there,” Oda’s voice sounded through the door, and Dazai slowly sat up. Rolling his brown eyes, the teen slowly walked over to the door, and unlocked it to see his friend’s bored grey eyes staring down at him. Groaning, Dazai let his friend in, and closed the door. Oda took his shoes off, and watched as the brunette slowly stalked back to his bed, and face planted on it. Oh…so it was one of these days. Rubbing his fingers through his own red hair, Oda sighed, and made his way over to the stubborn other. For a Port Mafia leader, the other was incredibly lazy. “Come on Dazai. We have some stuff to do…at least I know you do.”

“But Oooodddaaaa!” Dazai whined, shaking his face in the warmth of his pillow. Seeing how his legs were kicking, and hearing the over exaggerated whines and groans, made Oda think about how much of a kid the brunette was being. After all, he took care of the orphans over in the soup shop, so he should know, right? Letting his own grey eyes roll, Oda sat himself down on Dazai’s bed, and noticed that the other stopped moving when he did so. Crossing his arms, Oda watched as Dazai remained completely quiet for a few minutes before he slowly turned his head, and stared right at his blank face. “I really don’t feel like moving…pllleeeeaaassseeee don’t make me!”

Glancing at the whining brunette, Oda thought about it. Honestly, he didn’t feel like doing anything either, but that doesn’t mean they should act on those thoughts. Sure, a lot of people had these days, but the best way to get passed those days was to get out of the house anyway. Letting his own eyes meet the curious and hopeful brown ones that were still looking at him, he shook his head. Dazai blinked at the silent no, and frowned.

“Come on Dazai. We can’t do that today,” Oda sighed, still shaking his head. The teen frowned even more, before pressing his face back into his pillow. Noticing this, Oda glanced at the gentle way his back went up and down as he breathed. He knew the other was going to be stubborn with this, and if he had to use his super secret Mafia torture on the other, he would. Letting his hand rise out, and rubbed through Dazai’s brown bed head, Oda sighed, and gave one last chance for the teen to rise off the bed. “Get up Dazai…or else.”

Watching at the brunette let out a huff, Oda shrugged, and slowly let his hand drop down the teen’s bandaged neck, letting his fingers barely graze the other’s spine. Dazai’s body shook, and Oda watched as his back arched and a slight shocked squeal went through the teen’s lips. Scooting away from the offending hand, Dazai peeked over at his red headed friend, and saw the insane poker face the other always had on. Glancing down at his hands, Dazai felt a sweat bead drip down his forehead as Oda slowly got closer to him, his fingers wiggling closer and closer to his sides. Letting out a nervous yelp, the brunette tried to slide off the warm bed, but when Oda laid down behind him, and his arms wrapped around his waist, Dazai felt dread fly though him. The two struggled for a few minutes until the teen was finally caught in the red head’s grip. They were in a spooning position with Oda’s arms wrapped around his waist, and their legs tangled together tightly.

“Oda…no..please…” Dazai whimpered, trying to plea his way out of his known torture. Oda hummed a little, letting his left his gently poke and prod at Dazai’s soft clothed tummy. Feeling the breath hitch, and the brunette’s body twitch with contained giggles. Watching every twitch and tremble of his friend’s body, Oda allowed his hand to gently trail up Dazai’s night shirt, letting his fingers swirl gentle circles all around the twitching stomach, and when his fingertips caught Dazai’s shallow belly button, the teen tensed, and a short burst of laughter leaked from his mouth. “Nohohohohoho Oohhohohoda!”

“You know how to stop this Dazai,” Oda murmered, letting his right hand start to squeeze the bony hips of the teen. Dazai’s waist jerked, and his cheeks slowly flushed a dark red as all the laughter that was bubbling in his chest started to hurt. Feeling how the other’s body was jerking around, Oda sighed. He knew that the other wasn’t going to give up, so without any mercy, Oda’s hand trailed off Dazai’s hips, and clawed it’s way into his soft thigh. It was all quiet until a squeaky girlish yell came out of the brunette’s mouth, and his bright laughter echoed throughout the room. “Just say you’ll get up, and we can go.”

Dazai shook his head, jerking and pulling to get out of Oda’s tight grip. His legs kicked in it’s containment of Oda’s own longer legs, but no matter what he did, he was stuck. Oda tightened their legs, as his right hand squeezed and scratched up Dazai’s inner thigh, while his left hand began to gently squeeze up Dazai’s bandaged ribs. The brunette shivered hard, and pressed himself more into Oda until his back and the red head’s chest were tightly pressed together. Watching the brunette fight the tickles, Oda glanced down at his neck, and smirked lightly, unknowingly breaking his poker face. Taking one last glance at the brunette’s forced smile, Oda pressed his mouth down on Dazai’s neck and shoulder, and gave little nips.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!” Dazai screamed, his body finally losing it’s light jerking and squirming for absolute thrashing and wiggling. Oda’s left hand began to squeeze Dazai’s lower rib with vigor while the right was squeezing the teen’s fleshy thigh with a heavy frenzy. Dazai screamed, pleaded, and begged, but no matter what Oda kept up the three kinds of tickling until the brunette’s thrashing body slowed to a shivering and oversensitive tremble, while his booming laughter turned to breathy laughs as it slowly turned silent. Noticing the decreasing sound of his laughter, Oda’s hands met half way, and squeezed at the wiggling teen’s sides. A squeaky hiccup leaked out of Dazai’s mouth, as his chest began to heave for breath. “Nohohohohohoho mohohohre! I canahahahan’t take no moohohre! Pleehehehease stop! I’ll gohhohohoho! Just stahahahahahahahap!”

Feeling satisifed from the answer, Oda stopped squeezing the teen’s sides, and wrapped his arms around the twitching tummy. Letting his mouth nibble one last time, invoking one last giggle, Oda took his mouth away, and watched as Dazai took panting breaths, trying to get his breath back. Holding him closer, the red head let his cheek rest on Dazai’s head, and slowly felt the teen beginning to relax as his breath finally evened out. Feeling the other twist, Oda loosened his grasp and allowed Dazai to turn in his hold until the brunette’s pouting face came into his view, and grey met brown. Dazai pouted playful up at Oda, and Oda took in the slight blush the teen had from their last activity.

“Come on, go get dressed, and I’ll wait here,” Oda sighed out, pushing Dazai’s bed head bangs out of his face. The teen sighed, ready to complain, but when the red head’s fingers began to trace his spine again, he yelped, and shot out of the warm hold to run inside the bathroom. Oda sat up, and watched this, feeling a little more happier then he was before. Dazai stopped just outside the bathroom, and turned to glare playful at his friend, who was staring back at him with the same bored expression. “Have something to say?”

“You’re so mean!” Dazai sighed out, but the gleeful smile that was on his face betrayed what he said. Noticing Oda looking at him like he was crazy, Dazai huffed and made his way inside the bathroom. Getting up when the door shut, Oda sighed, and fixed his hair since it became a mess from their wrestling. Shaking off his clothes, Oda glanced at the door when the shower started and Dazai’s silly singing voice began to filter out of the door. “You can’t do a double suicide alone…with two you can…suicide…double suicide!”

Shaking his head, Oda sat back down on the bed, and waited out Dazai’s shower, listening to the other’s obnoxious singing. However, Oda didn’t realize that his poker face had broken, and a soft smile had made it’s way on his face. He was thankful he had someone like Dazai as a friend, and even though the other was a suicidal stubborn maniac, he never regretted meeting the other like he did. After all, without Dazai, his life probably would have never changed the way it did.


Nobunari Oda, Liebestraum || 2016 Japan Open (x)