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Kiritoru! Mr Godlike Attentiveness

Yuzu: Ah, it’s short again
Yuzu: I can’t *red words*
Yuzu: I CAN’T, I CAN’T *BIG red words* 

In which Nobu fanboys a tiny bit, Yuzuru cannot tie his tie and Taka-chan comes to the rescue.

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Nobunari Oda, Liebestraum || 2016 Japan Open (x)


Age: 27

  • CEO of Oda International.
  • Known as the “King of Hell” in the business world for his infamous short temper and authoritarian work ethic towards his employees and business partners.
  • He actually wanted to become an actor but because of his father’s failing health and his older brother Nobuhiro’s illegitimacy, Nobunaga was made the “true” heir of the Oda family. Because of this Nobunaga isn’t fond of his father or half-brother and often has arguments with the both of them.
  • He’s known Mitsuhide since forever as their families are old family friends.
  • Later met Hideyoshi in high school and became fast friends with him and everyone suspected that something was going on between them whether romantic or purely sexual but no one knew for sure. (They dated for quite awhile until Nobunaga’s father found out and put a stop to it but the two remain really close friends to this day)
  • Owns several luxury cars but his absolute favorite is his red Lamborghini. 
  • He can be quite the playboy at times and you’ll frequently find his name in the media often with a picture of a woman on his arm
  • Other than his father and half-brother, his family means the world to him especially his mother and younger siblings Nobuoki and Oichi. The latter of which he’s very overprotective of and he frequently tries (and fails) to quell his sister’s growing feeling for his COO Shibata Katsuie much to Oichi’s displeasure. 
  • Absolutely hates when his father arranges dates for potential marriage candidates. He’ll show up just to be polite and not risk any business relationships but Mitsuhide is usually the one that has to call him with some important fake excuse so Nobunaga can leave without being seen as rude.  
  • He goes through assistants like crazy, one time going through three in the span of a week often firing them for the smallest of reasons. 
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS has to have a bowl of konpeito on his desk to satisfy his immense sugar tooth. Especially if there’s a meeting. He needs a sugar rush often to get through the damn things.
  • Speaking of konpeito, he once fired an assistant for hiding it from him. Even though the poor guy was obeying Nagahide’s instructions. Needless to say Nagahide made sure that the now ex-employee found a decent job. (Nagahide was just looking out so that Nobunaga doesn’t get a cavity like that one certain time in his childhood) 
  • He’s certain that he’ll never find an assistant competent enough until he meets Karina Carter who definitely is determined to prove him wrong. 

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Hi! Do you have any headcanons on how Dazai would spend the weekend?

i sure have some sunshine! let’s go through them one by one <3 - mikado

Dazai Osamu

. As shown in the series, Dazai is a pretty lazy and laid-back guy when it comes to anything other than suicide. He doesn’t have any particular creative hobbies like music or art, and sports and other gym-related activities are a big ‘no’ from him. If it weren’t for his active status in the Agency, he’d probably spend his weekends scouting for the ideal place to end his life in or complimenting women on the street [which in itself is a great thing to do] before completely ruining his first impression on them by asking them to die with him.

. Then again, I specify this to the Dazai who isn’t part of the Agency. So then, what does the current Dazai occupy himself with during the weekend? Well, it’s basically the same activities, but with Kunikida’s yelling serving as breaks in between them. Kunikida is a very precise man and it’s no secret how much he values his prized notebook. His ideals are of crucial importance to him and he would not hesitate to destroy whoever gets in his way of fulfilling them.  However, Dazai seems to be the only person itching to pick a bone with him, which brings us to my next conclusion; Dazai has nothing else to do but torture Kunikida, whether during work hours or post work. So obviously, he spends part of his weekend creating detailed plans that will sabotage Kunikida in front of the people he respects most. He names each plan like an episode of a series [a youtube clickbait one that is] with the pilot being “Uncovering Kunikida Doppo, case #1: Bathing with rubber ducks KILLS people?!”  The series has two seasons, confirmation for a third is strongly foreshadowed.

. I personally theorize that Dazai also has some strange intrigue towards cooking. There’s something about it that just gives him a very sudden adrenaline rush, mainly because he gets to try and make food that actually tastes pretty well before causing deadly side-effects. It’s basically a simpler, Dazai-friendly version of a chem lab. One of his most infamous attempts is curry with hot sauce; it certainly didn’t go well, as he mixed his peppers altogether and ended up adding a few Jalapenos too many, resulting in a fire-breathing Ranpo the next day in the Agency. “That was extremely unpleasant Dazai! The curry itself was nice, but I wish you would’ve brought a pair of wings for me to complete my dragon cosplay!”

. Dazai is a very well-educated man when it comes to logical and strategical planning and observing, but he has the common sense of a three year old when it comes to standard social norms. Case in point; socializing. Dazai is a lot of things and I could write a full blown analysis on his character, because his personality is that well-detailed and rich, but sometimes his mafia experience as well as the ‘hero of the day’ lifestyle he has to put up with now certainly make him and his ideology stand out from the crowd. I imagine him calling Kunikida in the middle of the night as he enters an existential crisis to ask his latest philosophical question and get feedback on it. “Kunikida-kun, what happens when you get scared half to death twice? Does it like, lead to immediate death? Do you think I should watch more scary movies? Are you up for ‘The Conjuring’ tomorrow night? Kunikida-kun? Are you even awake?”

. Even if Dazai may have a few bad tendencies that activate in a way his goofball side, in overall, he too knows how to appreciate life and what it stands for. It’s ironic, since Dazai is the last person you’d expect to give a damn about life, but I don’t mean appreciating life as in the occurrences that happen. I mean it as in the history of society, the cultural development, the psychological impact of certain events. I consider Dazai an avid historian not only when it comes to famous political figures, but also important people in science, art, education and sociology. He really likes studying people, because there’s such a variety of interesting individuals you could meet, that despite what actions they’ve done or what they believe in, they all are unique in their own way. Dazai likes this diversity and he’s glad he’s his own unique group in a way. I do see him in art galleries and museums if he has the will to get up and take a walk once in a while, but I also picture him in front of ordinary places that do hold some special meaning to him. Obviously, Lupin Bar is one of them. That’s where he got to know Oda best, where he discovered who Ango was and most importantly, where he found out who he himself was. It just shows how much he’s been through and how far he has managed to come.

. But most importantly, there’s one activity which Dazai never skips during his weekends; sleeping in the afternoon. He may not seem like the type of person to fall asleep everywhere and he isn’t, but during the weekend, all he wants is a moment of blissful dreaming as the sun sets behind the closed curtains of his room. He looks so peaceful when resting, he has almost no resemblance to his awake counterpart. However, it’s a short-lived moment, as he only sleeps for about an hour before putting on his fanatic, jovial yet charming attitude once more.