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dinahjane97: Twenty One. An age which states that you can no longer be referred to as a teen. Twenty One. A time to live, love, & experience every given adventure . Twenty One. You. Lauren Michelle Jauregui (WOOOHOOO!🎉) The year you’ve been impatiently waiting for. “Alive in the age of worry
Smile in the age of worry
Go wild in the age of worry
And sing worry ”
When we first met, which was 5yrs ago, i remember you being so anxious to turn 21. With the knowledge and maturity that you carried , its like you were 21 all this time ! Now that it’s here, you told me how you wanted to trace back in time and stay a teen forever. This is just the beginning for you mama.
On XFACTOR, during boot camp round, I remember you wearing red lipstick, had perfect shaped eyebrows that complimented your seductive eyes lol, black top and white jeans. You were interacting with everyone and anyone around you. As shy as I was, I was hoping you wouldn’t approach me. Sure enough, here comes Lauren tapping me. “ hey what song will you be singing?” And I replied timidly , “ Hero by Mariah Carey” . Boy did you look through my soul with those eyes and tell me, “ Dont because I’m singing it too.” My name was announced before yours to perform so, in my head i said, “screw her , I won’t be seeing her anyways” and boom, here i am wishing you Happy Birthday haha. That was my first interaction with you & I’ll never forget it haha. Happy birthday my Lolo ! You are the true definition of “ What you see, is what you get ”. I admire how heavily involved & passionate you can be in what you believe in. There is no filter when it comes to defending the people you love and truly care for. Continue on being that fierce & fearless warrior. You know who you are, you know what you have to offer, & you know what you stand for. I’m thankful to Heavenly Father to have someone like you in my corner. Happy birthday mama . Wishing you many more ❤️

i hope i got ur skin color right?? coz like, it looks one way in my monitor but idk how its gonna look on urs aflskdfjasdlkfjasdl 

anyway i hope u like it??? 

YEAH BOIIII, I GOT ME 250 FOLLOWERS NOW SON. ( hence the plus sign lol)

In all seriousness though, I am so thankful for each and every one of you. Just at the beginning of the month, I was celebrating 100 followers and now I’m just…flabbergasted.

You guys have helped me in so many ways, I can’t even begin to describe it. You’ve helped me believe that I can actually /do/ something with my life, instead of just being stuck in a retail job forever. I can do something that I love with all of my heart and know that you guys will love it too ( Even /if/ I degrade myself 24/7 haha)

The friends I’ve made here are so wonderful and beautiful and /so unbelievably talented and skilled/, keep being awesome you guys!

Love y'all! ;w;


I honestly didn’t think this day would come and it’s INSANE! This blog isn’t a year old yet and it already hit 3000 and I have no words to describe my happiness. I know it’s not much but it’s a lot in my heart. Thank you for reading my writings and thank you for giving me so much support and love. You guys constantly fill my inbox with love which makes my heart so warm. I will continue to work harder to make better scenarios just for you. I LOVE YOU ALL~

Which now brings us to:


I would also like to shoutout a few people who have been so lovely towards me and have given me so much love. Thank for talking to me a being a very supportive fam. I would also shoutout a few of my fav blogs because they give me so much inspiration in my writings. They all contributed to my blog and I suggest you follow them!

Here we gooo~

Bolded - Mutuals ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

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And a whole ton more~ Anyone from @got7snet@thekpopnet and @got7hyungnet are very lovely people and I encourage you to follow them all! THANK YOU ALL FOR 3000 FOLLOWERS!! I LOVE YOU ALL~

p.s. i have a little surprise to celebrate 3000 followers. I’ll announce that tomorrow :)

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Hiii love the new URL lol. Since we're on the topic of even's hands, could you write a fic about isak's feelings about his hands? Ty my love

anon, you are my favourite person in the history of forever. i loved writing this so much! and i have to give a shoutout to @isisisak for giving me the idea of Isak telling Jonas about it while high!

i hope you enjoy this! it’s super self indulgent :D


“She makes me so happy, dude. It’s like - her smile, and how… she’s so confident now! She just… knows what she wants, and it’s awesome.”

Jonas has been waxing poetic about Eva for far too long now, in Isak’s opinion. It’s probably because Jonas is high as fuck, in fact, they’re both high as fuck, but Isak is kinda finished with the subject of how Eva and Jonas got back together (okay, maybe that’s because he’s a little worried that Eva might reveal why they broke up in the first place.)

Jonas seems to notice Isak’s bored look (actually, Isak might have rolled his eyes, or yawned. He’s a little too out of it to remember)

“What? It’s not like you don’t talk about Even for fucking hours, Isak! Remember last week? When you got wasted and spent ten minutes describing his eyes?”

“He has nice eyes!” The nicest! Isak could talk about them for hours, even while sober. Jonas got off easy. Or maybe he just ran off. Isak doesn’t remember, or care.

“I swear to God,” Jonas sighs. “Next you’ll be talking about his fucking…nose, or his hands or something.”

“Fuck,” Isak says, only focussing on the words ‘his hands.’ “I fucking love his hands.”

“Okay, well I wasn’t being serious, but good for you.”

“No, seriously, Jonas. Have you seen his fucking hands? They’re fucking incredible.”

“They’re just hands, Isak.”

“How dare you.” Isak is far too high for this, and now all he can think about is Even’s hands.

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I REALLY couldn’t find the selfies I wanted (and it takes me forever to take good ones so I’m using some older selfies) but I felt like if I didn’t do this now, I would forget so you get this non matching set lol!

I was tagged by @jungkookio and @nverever (you’re both so pretty omg I am not worthy!) to do the bias selfie thing! So here’s me and the two loves of my life!

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Louis is the most wonderful human being. The world lights up when he smiles. He is so crazily talented and it's time everyone realized that. I have said his voice is angelic and underrated ever since I found out about them in early '12. I was a Louie from the start and will forever defend him against people who say Harry is the only one who can sing or the only good looking one. I mean, have you seen Louis? He was the cutest thing ever. Now he's pure sex on legs! Amen. Love you!! ❤

He’s an angel :’)

Now & Forever (Marco Asensio)

Despite your best efforts, tears began to weld in your eyes. You were looking at yourself in the mirror, and couldn’t believe what was reflected back to you. The white dress on your body was a very daring cut for a wedding gown: it had straps so thin there were essentially invisible, and a deep plunge going all the way to the waistline where it flared out.

There wasn’t a lot of cleavage going on as the lace detailing covered up all but a small sliver of skin. Your hair was pulled away from your face, bound together in an intricate braid. Per request, your makeup was left airy and natural.

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Day 3 of my back to the sims 2

I’m trying to click the sim all the time when editing them in the CAS… sims 4 habits came with me😂 The face sculpting is sure limited, I see now why there was such hype about the custom sliders.

The hair is moving! Woop, so cool. But the shoes are part of the bottom😲!!! Well… on the positive side I don’t have to worry about which shoes to pick. I can’t believe there are only like 3 eyebrows to chose, lol. And make-up is just awful. Not that default make up has ever been good. These are the times you thank the existence of cc creators💖💖

The best thing so far is absolutely the attraction system, oh how I love it. I’ve wanted to get such system for ts3 and ts4 ever since, but I suppose it’ll be forever only the thing of ts2. I can’t wait to play with it💕

Now I must start searching the wide web about why are the edges of this game so jagged and how to get anti-aliasing to work. And why are the shadows so wonky too (I just get a big black blob under my sim if I turn shadows on). I hope I get stuff work properly soon 😊


Death and destruction
All known then, and all known now
There is no escape

Life, mercy, and peace
All she had ever wanted
There’s no turning back

We are opposites
Death and life fight forever
But I fight no more

Her smile must live on
For others, for her - for me.
I’ll always love you, my dear

Away I shall stay
So my darkness can’t consume
What’s left of your smile

Fic Writer Wednesday, 6/28

In which I read Too Much Fic™.

<<Doctor Who>>


I Will… (Chapter 5) by @hellostarlight20: Human Nature AU done right. Martha gets a taste of the Great and Terrible Romance and is somewhat overwhelmed, as she should be.

Painted On My Heart by @skyler10fic: Absolutely gorgeous. Feeds my own pride and makes me want more!! 

Fifty Ways to Say I Love You (Chapter 4) by @chocolatequeennk: My prompted chapter!! :D Rose and the Doctor visiting new places = love.

Where Forever Starts by @jessalrynn: JE fixit!! (Honestly the only two words you should need to go read this right now.)

Being to Timelessness by @jessalrynn: Wedding… it doesn’t feel right to call this fluff, because it’s so much more/better than that. But it is a Doctor/Rose wedding, Time Lord style, and you can never have too many of those!

A Place For Us To Dream (Chapter 53) by @dimensionhoppingrose: Part two of Silence in the Library. I love the relationship between Rose and River in this!!

Forever And Never Apart (Chapter 8) by @chocolatequeennk: Planet of the Ood! Donna might think she knows what it’s like to travel with the Doctor and Rose and then everything changes again! And Rose and the Doctor working as a married couple dream team is everything I need in my life <3 Words cannot express how much I adore this fic!

Every Doctor/Rose

Double Crossing by @jessalrynn: You want Star Trek? Every Doctor x Rose? Accidental Bonding? The Oncoming Storm absolutely wrecking aliens that try to mess with Rose in a super duper ‘oh s**t!!’ moment? If your answer was not yes to all of those questions, you should still read this fic, because it was absolutely perfect!!

Any Old Storm in a Port by @jessalrynn: Sequel to Double Crossing. Harry Potter, Eight, and a completely unexpected twist ending? Yes please!!

Ten/Rose AU

Perfect Match by @lastbluetardis: I’ve been saving this until I could binge it. And I did. And it was glorious. If, like me, you haven’t read this (a tiny minority, I’m aware,) I’m sure you’re about to, so I won’t bother recommending it. This fic is simply everything. It has everything I need/love in a soulmates fic and I enjoyed every second I spent with it! So glad we’re still getting content for it! :D 

<<Dragon Age>>

By Any Other Name (Chapter 8) by @khirsahledelazeur: Ooooh, backstory to the infamous events at the Temple of Sacred Ashes. So well done and something I’ve never seen before! Can’t wait for the twain to actually meet! :D

imago by @twigcollins: yes, it’s time for my periodic rereading of this incredible fic. Pretty sure this person is actually Dorian, has the voice down better than the writers at times. The dialogue is so witty and snappy and perfect and I really just love this Dorian with all my heart. The beginning chapters are some of my favourite writing, ever. It may be unfinished, but since the chapters are at least somewhat standalone I still highly recommend it!

<<Teninch Fic>>


On The Rocks (Chapter 41) by RoseByAnyOtherName (doctorxdonna): I read all of this in a single day, and now the update means I finally get to rec it! This fic is… wow. I ship Hardy/Hannah but this is so believable and incredible. I love their relationship so damn much in this and I’m rooting for them so damn hard. The chapters are short so… just read this, please. You won’t regret it.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for PLL.
Thank you for giving me so much over the past 7 years of my life, I started this show being young girl who loved the books so much and now im young woman, thank you for building a world full of love, mystery, adventure and little danger and tons of excitement, I know that I’m saying goodbye now to one of my favorite TV shows but its just a new beging, to us all, the cast and the fandom.
Thank you to the amaimzg cast, crew that brought a show that became big part of my life these past years, forever in our hearts, Pretty Little Liars ❤❤❤

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my dgm tarot associations

i wrote my explanations to why i chose what dgm charas for certain tarot cards a while ago but never posted it, so i polished it up and here it is now. i hope you enjoy, and feel free to tell me your own ideas for the cards and what charas you’d put on them! dgm is my one tru love and tarot is up there too, so i could talk about either of them forever

the fool - of course i chose allen for this, i could write a literal essay as to why he would be the fool, it should be blindingly obvious. the clown thing, first of all, allen as the jester/the fool is perfect and fitting. he’s also the main character, and the entire major arcana focuses on the fool’s journey, so it fits. he’s young and innocent and he’s old enough to have been through a lot but he is still inexperienced and naive and about to take on the world, even if that leads him into danger and even though he makes reckless decisions along the way. also, dog. the dog. the fool has a dog following him, allen is named after a dog, literally that alone is enough for me to put allen on this card, i die every day & constantly

the magician - i chose cross here, bc 1. he’s a sorcerer and 2. when i was initially deciding all of this, i was thinking a lot about the fool’s journey, and cross is about as early in allen’s journey as they come, so. it made sense. mostly, though, the knowledgeable sorcerer who is all-knowing but won’t tell the fool everything and only guides him, that’s cross.

the high priestess - past!allen, here. i was a little iffy on that but i figured there wasn’t really anyone better to portray knowledge and secrets (except maybe road, but the high priestess has a counterpart in the moon, and that’s where i put my adorable daughter) in this series, except maybe bookman, but i just mentioned the relation of the priestess to the moon and i really wanted the priestess to have a stronger connection to the moon than it would’ve been had i put bookman here

the empress - tyki went here. i’ll be honest, this was mostly to get a good counterpart to the emperor (who i put as sheril) but i mean. relaxed, down to earth, enjoys nature, good with kids. i like to think that tyki’s human half would correspond with the empress pretty well.

this is a damn long post, so the rest of the cards are under the cut~

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Do you consider yourself a gamer?

Do I love video games, have always loved video games, and will forever love video games with all of my heart? Yeah.

Do I hate the word “Gamer”, and the culture behind it, the whole gatekeeping bullshit, the “geek is chic” idiocy that surfaces now and then, and the utterly disgusting sexism these people display? Yeah.

All I consider myself is someone who really, really loves video games and will continue enjoying them, away from that band of dumb orangutans, and well away from the pretentious bunch that tries to push “games as art” behind some truly laughable, faux deep games, making statements like “games don’t have to be fun” or other inane shit that misses the whole point of a game: Having fun. 

To elaborate and to close: I do consider games art, just, my definition of art is different than that of “pathos-ridden metaphor-heavy tragedies in a sepia filter”. For me, games are simply art in that they are so engrossing and immersive, and there’s so much one can do, depending on the skill ceiling of the game, or on the narrative layers of the game, or on MANY other aspects, that game design is honestly admirable. Art doesn’t have to be a pretentious tilted glass filled with smoke in the shape of a rose to be art, it can just be a fun little humorous and colorful game.

its official im moving blogs. im still gonna be around here until i get settled and used to the kpop blogging (who knows i might come back here like nothing happened) u can follow me here now: @jinhwanssi

also 1) i wont follow anyone first to give ppl a chance to break mutuals with me if they want, and 2) if you want to keep up with me you can follow my blog and mute my reblogs (use xkit!) or follow me on twitter which is where im active the most

anyways yall have been amazing to me and i’d love to maintain contact with all of u if u wish, i had an amazing time in this fandom and i came here when i was rly needing some friends and im forever thankful how nice everyone was to me when no one really knew me, i met amazing people and tfc will always have a big ass part of my heart i love u all thank you for all the good times i owe you guys a lot <3

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I was tagged by @mintyvan and @queenoasismonkeys, and @thistowndoesflaunt, thank u ❤️

Last movie I watched: Oasis: Supersonic cos im garbagé and made my fam watch it w me

Last song I listened to: Empty by Kevin Abstract 

Last book I read: Mouthful of Forevers by Clementine Von Radics… a poetry book as usual

Last thing I ate: chicken fingers… shocking I know

Where would you like to time travel to?: I mean I’d love to see Oasis in the UK in the 90s so? Also would love to **** young LG looool

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: not into any fictional characters but Johnny Bond cos he’s not real #cryptidbondsconfirmed

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be honestly?: in the UK at Oxford with @swappednames :( I miss u

(or on a balcony sippin tea together in Newcastle snapping pics n petting a kitty if we’re being REALLY DREAMY) 

Current fandom obsession: the johnny bond and only johnny bond fandom… also hippo campus… and oasis i guess 

I tag: @wreckmyassjohnnybond @swappednames @priceskneecaps @hoosier-loser @vanielmccanniel @buzzedcutseasons @sugarloaf101 @gettingbitey and whoever else wants to! if you don’t wanna do it feel free to just ignore this

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Hey! I know you may be having a rough time right now, but please take it easy on yourself every once in a while. Everything will work out in it's time. Find peace in the stillness, and allow the good to shine over the bad. Love and best wishes x

Wow that was so inspirational to read. You sound like a wise old man sitting on a mountain telling me good advice ♡ I will take this with me forever aaa thank you! Im trying not to be hopeless!