i love you nong

can't a guy love his husband? [artkong]

Summary: arthit doesn’t want to be the wife. kongphob tells him he never was. (aka, in which they’re literally just two guys, and that’s okay.)
Note: for the anon who requested “art and kong get two his/her sets of towels and throw out both of the hers.”

When Aim and Wad hand them the package, snickering to themselves, Kongphob just rolls his eyes and sets it on the table without another glance. “Thanks guys.”
Arthit, however, is staring blankly at it. The towel set is lovely. The two towels are
both fluffy, white-tinted-eggshell-blue, and embroidered with gold leafing. The only problem is that they’re intended for newlyweds. Straight newlyweds. The His and Hers lettering are staring him right in the face, and he wouldn’t be surprised if they were causing his eyes to bug out.
Prem notices Arthit’s grimace and apologizes with a pat on the back. “Sorry bud, my boyfriend can be a dick. I love him but,” He feigns a frustrated growl, “You know? Anyway, happy house-warming!” He congratulates, toasting Arthit with his plastic solo cup.
“Thanks.” Arthit smiles weakly.
With that, Prem leaves him alone.

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[TRANS] 160328 Jackson and Go Fridge family’s birthday voice messages 

Jackson: Hello! Hello everyone, I am Jackson, Jiajia yeah~ You can call me Jia Er. Today is my 22nd birthday, WOO~! Yeah~ I have to thank every person who’s given Go Fridge family tremendous support! Thank you to the fans who’ve continuously accompanied us as we grew! I love you all. I love you. Salanghae (Korean: I love you). Ngoh oi neih (Cantonese: I love you). Ngu eh nong (Shanghainese: I love you).
Chef An: (Korean) Congratulations on Jackson’s birthday, March 28th. Jackson, happy birthday!
Chef Huang: Jiajia, happy birthday.
Chef An: (Mandarin) Jackson, happy birthday!
Chef Wei Tao: Today is your birth-day~ Our Jia-jia~ 🎵Jackson, Jiajia, happy birthday.
Chef Lele: My precious little cotton jacket! Wang Jia Er! Jiajia~ Today is your BIRTH-DAY. I wish you a HA-PPY BIRTH-DAY~ Happyy birthdaay to you ~🎵
Chef Shasha: Happy birthday to you ~🎵
Chef Tian Shu: Wishing Jia Er a happy birthday! Go Fridge family together forever.