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HP Challenge Day 5 - Favorite DA Member: Neville Longbottom

“”The odd thing is, Harry,’ [Dumbledore] said softly, ‘that [the prophecy] may not have meant you at all. Sybil’s prophecy could have applied to two wizard boys, born at the end of July that year, both of whom had parents in the Order of the Phoenix, both sets of parents having narrowly escaped Voldemort three times. One, of course was you. The other was Neville Longbottom.“”


The post ends with the line “it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your friend and your hero like that.”






Keith and Lance are Harry and Neville

(more under the cut because this is long as fuck)

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IM POC and i want to rp but I'm insecure cause of the lack of POC in the hp series and a lot of people are dedicated to races and stuff when it comes to roles

So these past few months I’ve been getting the same asks;

and I have received more which I’m not going to add because I can’t be bothered scrolling down all my unanswered asks. The point is I’ve never been comfortable answering these kinds of asks cause it’s true- the lack of diversity in the Harry Potter universe (which I suppose they tried to make up for in Pottermore with those unheard of wizarding schools in Japan and Uganda and all that)

The point is- you don’t have to be a certain race to play a certain color. For example a while back I played Newt Scamander:

And I got a lot of positive feedback but I also got a couple of these:

There was another one of these comments but it wasn’t…..the nicest- so what could I possibly have done? Well I came back as Newt again and got even more positive feedback

And what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t let a tiny factor such as skin stop you from playing characters that you love- for example I love Neville but I only had the guts to play him today 

And it worked out great- You’ve just got to remember it doesn’t matter how the character looks- all that matters is that you did your best in portraying the character in whichever way you want to and you’ll always have friends (and strangers) who’ll have your back and might even join in themselves.








How do they help you when you are down

Here they are my first Harry Potter preferences , I hope you liked them , hope you are having a good day as always , Milena.

Please remember my ask box is always open , if you like me writing feel free to make request , I’ll be happy to answer it!

Harry Potter

Harry knows what it is like to have a bad day , with all the “choosen one” anxiety he has on his own , so he kind of knows how to cheer you up , he would let you drown a little in your sorrow , just to give you space , he doesn’t want you to feel overwhelmed, and then he would sneak at your room , bag full of your favorite snacks and would listen to everything you have to said and reassure you how amazing and wonderful you are , he’ll be your shoulder to cry and a ear to listen so you don’t feel alone.

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Ron Weasley

Ron would be confused , why is his girl sad? Like in his eyes you are just so beutiful and inteligent so he would not had expected you to have low days , but remember he was raise by freakin Molly Weasley, he kind of knows how to take care of a person , he would cuddle up with you and tell you silly jokes as he caress you hair and tell you how everything would be alright , it was just a bad day , not a bad life.

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Fred Weasley

Fred would get in action , his girl is not having a bad day , not in his watch! He would first be gentle and try to cheer you up by sweet talking but if all else fails he would make a clown of himself to make you laugh , he’ll take your hands and started to dance with you as he hums a little waltz just for the two of you , and even show you every passage of the castle just to get you mind off a little , as he would do anything to draw a smile of your face.

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George Weasley

George would be a sweetheart about it , he would treat you like a princess , carry your books , bag , even yourself , like “You know love , you seem tired I think you shouldn’t even walk today , you know Doctor Weasley prescription” he would say and carry you piggyback all day long , you two would sneak at the kitchens and steal some pastries to then have a picnic , it was kind of difficult to stay gloomy by his side.

Bonus : Am sure if the twins find out you were sad because certain girl or boy did anything to you , they would prank the hell out of them.

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Draco Malfoy

Draco Would arrange your day for you to be totally confortable without you knowing , he would enter first every classroom and shush everybody for you to not get a headache , he would ask his father to talk to the kitchen so you could have your favorite dishes that day , he would fill your day with amazing coincidences so you would have not to worry about anything , and would be the cutest boyfriend ever , “Doesn’t Y/N look pretty today Crab?” And lots of “I love you Angel” here an there , just very very sweet.

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Neville Longbottom

Neville knew you as anyone alive had your bad days so he would fill you up with flowers , which you loved , but not any flowers , your favorites , or he would gift you the ones he gave to you when he asked you to be his girlfriend “Do you remember” he would say , as he tells you the story again of how scared he was and how beautiful and stunning you were that day , you two would have long walks as he was all ears , he would caress you hand with his tumb and hug you all day if that’s what you wanted.

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Oliver Wood

Okay we all know Aladin’s and Jazmín traveled all night with a flying carpet , but they got nothing on Sweet Oliver’s Brooms Rides he would take you to Hogwarts prettiest places and tell you stories , and if you wanted to talk he would listen , but if you were on those “i have nothing" kind of days he would do his best to make you laugh , make some twirls in the air and give you an adrenaline rush , just like a freaking Rollercoaster by the end of the ride you were all laughs.

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Cedric Diggory

Cedric would be a gentleman as always he would help you with your books , bag , open your door and hold your hand . He knew you wanted to be alone , so he’ll search a quiet place in the castle just for the two of you , if you wanted to cry or talk he would be there , if not he’ll bring some food , and a copy of your favorite book and let you sleep on his lap as he played with your hair and let soft kisses on your forehead , he knew it was okay to have a day by your own , it was healthy to have a self care day.

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Charlie Weasley

You were so precious to Charlie , he loved you so deeply and truly that seeing you down made his heart ache , so he would give to you one of his jumpers to made you feel all cozy and braid your hair to make you feel pampered , then he’ll take a basket and your hand and you’ll go and take a walked , in the dragon sanctuary just by the light of the moon and stars when you arrive he would ask you to close your eyes and if you are being a little grumpy he’ll “pretty please” you and as you close your eyes he would install a mini picnic with a fire in the middle and as you open your eyes he would have made you s'mores and start talking about how one day he had to go rescue a dragon and how a muggle had taught him to made them , you thought they were delicious and you both started sharing stories , as the fire glisten in your eyes again you could see how easy was to love him and how everything would be OK.

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You’ll Be There

Request: “Hi I was wondering if you could write a Neville longbottom x metamorphmagus!reader? Where the reader likes to hang around Neville and likes to listen to him talking about the different plants and he notices that hair changes colors when she around him but it stays the same natural color when they are around other people.”

Pairing: Neville Longbottom

Word Count: 1464

Warnings: None

A/n: sorry if this sucks - first time writing this character :)

Today your hair was its natural colour. But to use the word “natural” was somewhat stretching the definition. On normal days, your hair dulled to a brownish-purple colour. Your mother, who had passed down this strange gene, had said that the colour must’ve reflected your content moods. You soon learned in your early days that your hair was a literal mood ring, displaying your emotions for the entire world to see. And you hated it.

You were lucky to have no one tease you for your natural trait, although many handled you with caution when your hair flared a deep red. Friends would often come up and ask you what was wrong if your hair was a sorrowful blue. The only time you felt that people were totally comfortable around you was when your hair was the dark purplish hue that it subjected most of the time. You remembered your first years at Hogwarts, concealing the colour with a hat all the time. Since then you had become more comfortable with the fact that your feelings were an open book, although you still felt a pang of embarrassment whenever you were reminded of it.

It all seemed to change when you met a shy boy in fourth year.

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nessajana  asked:

🏝Can I get a Harry/Neville/Hermione headcanon? :)

sorry this took me a while! <3

  • it was hard for Harry to come to terms with the fact that he and Ginny wouldn’t work out.
  • he felt disoriented and lost most of the time.
  • and then Hermione and Ron also broke up, and it all made Harry feel like things would never fall in to place.
  • Hermione was having a hard time and couldn’t stand to see Ron that much.
  • so she started hanging out with other people; mostly Luna, Padma, and Neville.
  • Harry was with them a lot too and he actually had a lot of fun with them.
  • Neville had come out of his shell since the war and Harry felt like he was meeting a different side of his old friend.
  • He even took him and Hermione to his house, a place no one else from school had visited.
  • They spent the whole day watching movies on Hermione’s portable player, eating, laughing, and telling stories.
  • Harry felt really at peace during the whole day.
  • so he didn’t really expect Hermione’s revelation the next day.
  • “I think Neville likes you.”
  • Harry dismissed her immediately, there was no way that Neville really liked him romantically.
  • besides, Harry was starting to feel more and more atracted to Hermione.
  • he wanted to see her every day, hoping that she wouldn’t notice his increasingly difficult to hide crush.
  • one night after a big Hogwarts reunion, she, Neville, and Harry ended up at Hermione’s, still drinking and laughing.
  • he should have expected her to dare Neville to kiss him.
  • she just wanted to prove she was right, and Harry was too happy and drunk to argue.
  • but when Neville leaned in and kissed him, every thought he had disappeared.
  • his mind was clear, his lips were moving, and his body reacted in a way that he never would have imagined.
  • he was embarrassed that Neville was the one to break the kiss, because apparently he could have kept going.
  • Hermione was smiling, her cheeks bright red. 
  • “I told you he liked you. Sometimes you can be so oblivious, Harry.”
  • “Um, actually,” Neville said, scratching his head. “I like you too, Hermione.”
  • Harry saw Neville slash the head off a giant snake, but somehow this seemed even braver.
  • there he was, this boy he had known for years, now turned into a courageous, handsome man who wasn’t afriad to put his heart out there.
  • and Harry couldn’t help but melt a little inside.
  • “I know it might seem strange and I don’t know where you two are since Harry also likes you, but-”
  • “Wait,” Hermione said and Harry’s heart stopped. “Harry likes me?”
  • Neville laughed. “Now who’s oblivious?”
  • Harry looked at her, wishing he could feel as confident as Neville when it came to this.
  • Hermione had never looked so blushed.
  • No one spoke for a while, figuring Hermione needed a few moments to process everything.
  • Harry looked at Neville and smiled, trying to let him know that…well, Harry wasn’t exactly sure what.
  • that he enjoyed the kiss? that he didn’t mind that Neville liked him? that maybe…
  • Neville seemed to get it though, and he smiled back.
  • “Do you want to come to my house again this weekend?” he asked him and Hermione.
  • Harry nodded eagerly, and although it took Hermione a second, she also agreed.
  • it was the first time since the war ended that Harry felt like things were falling in the right place.
  • and this time, there were three pieces instead of two.

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#4 pansy x neville!

Pansy couldn’t stop, she just couldn’t. It was nerve-wrecking and she was screaming internally the whole time.

This is Longbottom! Stop kissing him! Stop this instant!

But her body wouldn’t listen and she couldn’t really blame herself because it felt too damn good to finally act on her ridiculous feelings, even if her reputation was being thoroughly tainted.

What made the whole thing even more pathetic was the fact that she had acted completely out of the blue, like a bloody lunatic who had just decided to jump onto the boy in front of her and attack his lips desperately. 

He had just been sitting there on the ground like always, taking care of the Greenhouses after hours and minding his own business. Pansy had walked in a bit earlier than usual, wanting his help with a few of her Puffapods that didn’t want to bloom no matter how hard she tried.

That’s when she caught him speaking to his stupid plants. They weren’t stupid, she knew, they were one of the most beautiful Fanged Geraniums she had ever seen, but it wouldn’t make her feel more pathetic if she admitted that.

His skin glowed under the warm sunshine that filtered through the glass, his hair matched the golden hue of the tiny blossoms on the bush next to him, and his hands carefully caressed the restless flower while his lips were mumbling rapidly. He was at complete peace, and Pansy almost didn’t want to disturb him.

That is, until she realized he was actually scolding the silly plant for biting the one next to it and her heart couldn’t take how passionate he was.

She strode the few steps separating them, announcing herself and completely ignoring the surprised and slightly embarrassed look on his face as she knelt on the ground next to him and cupped his face, pulling him into a searing kiss at once.

If Neville was shocked, he didn’t show it, because his hands came up to her shoulders as he kissed her back, albeit timidly. 

She was so angry at herself for liking this, so frustrated that this was exactly what she wanted, that she had started to kiss harder and push him back into the ground, hoping that if she was forward enough, intense enough, maybe he’d get overwhelmed and have the good sense of stopping this insanity.

Unfortunately, Neville seemed to like this and slid his hands to her waist to pull her so she’d fall back with him, nearly on top of him, and it wasn’t until they were almost horizontal that she was able to snap out of her trance and break the kiss.

They looked at each other with equally wide eyes and it took Neville a second to let go of her, but as soon as he did, Pansy got to her feet and straightened out her clothing. Neville did the same, avoiding her gaze and dusting himself off.

Pansy knew she should have gone then; they could just pretend it never happened and never have to talk about it. She knew he probably wouldn’t confront her about it.

Instead, she walked over to her Puffapods and touched the colorful buds. “They should have opened already. I don’t know what I did wrong. Has this ever happened to you?” 

Neville looked at her then and smiled. “Yes. Let me help you.”

I really love Neville because of one reason: characters like him are always used in other media as just comic relief. And in the beginning, I thought that was his only trait. But the thing that I loved about Neville is that you got to see his entire character and background, and the fact that he was not used as a comic relief. He was even a very important part of the story because he could have been the chosen one.

(graphic by @hookedonce!)

amaliabones  asked:

A prompt for when you have time! Pansy x Neville and "Put some clothes on!"

“Put some clothes on!” Pansy yelled as she frantically dashed about her posh London flat, putting away swaths of fabrics and sketches of her latest designs.  She glanced at Neville who was just standing in the doorway.  “Witch Weekly will be here in an hour.”  She whipped out her wand and sent the dirty dishes he tended to leave laying about off to the kitchen.


Neville, slightly baffled, spread his arms and looked down at his gardening outfit, and back at Pansy.  “I am wearing clothes!” 

The witch froze, half bent over with what could be either a gown or circus tent gathered up in her arms, narrowed her eyes and barely opened her mouth before Neville was walking towards the dresser, hands up in surrender.

Send me characters and a sentence and I’ll write the next five (or more)

Neville Longbottom x Reader - I Love You...

I love you… his mind says…

The moment that you walk into his train compartment, hair wild and eyes wide and nervous but a gentle smile on your mouth as you ask for permission to sit.

He barely notices Trevor slipping from the open door.

I love you… his eyes say….

As he watches you across the common room, laughter bubbling up from your lips, your head tilted back. You catch his eyes and smile, a small wave of your hand asking him to come over and join Ginny and Lavender.

He delines with a shake of his head, gaze snapping back to the potions essay he knows he’s going to fail.

I love you… his heart says….

When you hop into the lake beside him, shoes and stockings on the shore of the lake so that they don’t get wet, your sleeves rolled up as you help him search for the gillyweed needed to assist Harry.

He can feel the stutter of his heart beat when you almost topple into the murky -water in your excitement of finding the plant.

I love you… his laugh says…

As you try another joke that fails terribly. He can’t stop the fond little noises from breaking past his crooked teeth when you scrunch up your nose at your own bad humor.

With Umbridge running the school he appreciates that you can still make him laugh.

I love you… his arms say…

As he tugs you back from the fray, keeping you away from the Death Eaters that have arrived only to be wrenched away by Bellatrix.

He saw you reach out for him but noted with a hint of relief that Hermione had managed to grab you back and away from more danger.

I love you… his lips say…

When he finally… finally pulls you against his chest, hands going to your hair, yours going to his shoulders. His lip split and his cheek is bruised from the beating the Carrows had given him.

It’s all too much and he needs you like he needs air and you, he finds, need him just as bad.

You tremble against each other, mouths soft but kisses deep when someone from the DA comes looking for him, breaking the two of you apart for more urgent matters.

I love you… his legs say…

As he races around the castle, throwing spells over his shoulder and breathing hard. He has to find you. It’s getting too dangerous not to have you by his side and he can’t stand the thought of you facing down the Death Eaters without him there.

I love you… his hands say…

When he catches your body as it falls back against him.

There’s a scream trapped in his throat as he tumbles to the ground with you in his arms. He’d turned away for one moment and you’d taken the spell for him…

His fingers traced your almost peaceful expression, as though in the last moments your body had breath you accepted your fate to save him.

Tears flow freely from his eyes as he cradles you to his chest, dry sobs shaking his chest as other hands rest on his shoulders, pulling him away from you.

I love you… I love you… I love you…

“I love you.”

It’s a whisper that you’ll never hear him say a loud.