i love you my darling baby

March 27th

Late birthday fic for the amazing James Potter, I hope you will enjoy! 

Jily, Marauder’s Era, Rated: T

Word Count: 2263

March 27th, 1960.

“Hello darling,” she cooed.

The baby cooed right back, and wrapped his tiny hand around her pinky finger with surprising strength.

She looked up at her husband and smiled at the expression on his face: one of awe, amazement, and above all, love.

Euphemia looked up at Fleamont, as he reached out a hand and held the child’s face gently.

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Darling, I will always try my hardest to show you every part of me.
Darling, I will always love you on the days you don’t love yourself.
Darling, I will always love you on the days you love yourself.
Darling, I will support everything you want, even if we don’t see eye to eye.
Darling, I will be too clingy on the nights you want to be alone.
And darling, I will always do the stupidest shit just too see you smile.
Baby, I will always dedicate songs too you.
Baby, I will always hold you tight.
Baby, I will always appreciate you as an individual and my girlfriend.
Baby, I will always do whatever it takes to make the time spent miles away, as quick as possible.
Baby, I will always give you that sweatshirt or pair of shoes you want.
And baby, I will always make you my priority.
My love, I will always say I love you before we go to bed.
My love, I will always see the most beautiful girl when I look at you.
My love, I will always feel like I don’t deserve someone like you.
My love, I will always see something in you that shines brighter than the sun.
My love, through all the arguments we in counter, I will always stay by your side.
And My love, we will always be “us”.
Nina, I will always keep my promises.
Nina, I will always do everything in my power to be everything you need & deserve.
Nina, I will always picture a future together.
Nina, I will always be me and there wouldn’t be a me without you.
Nina, It will always be you.
Nina Danuta Janina Regina Jablonska, I will always adore you.
OH…. and most importantly…. I will always think you are the funniest bastard alive ❤
—  I just needed to get this off my chest.
Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight.
—  Ed Sheeran, Perfect

You know, we can make fun of it because it was very much a cliched NOOOOOO but my heart broke for Luke then. Because Vader had been toying with him; Luke would have known that much – that Vader was holding back, nudging him, testing him – but not knowing why. He’d assume it was cruelty, like a lothcat pawing at her prey, and this is a very fair assumption to make. Vader oversaw Leia’s torture (the scars the torture droid left are minute, tucked behind her ears and below her collarbone, and she’ll never tell him precisely how it felt; but he has these dreams and when he wakes his head echoes with screams –) Anyway. Vader oversaw Han’s torture as well – they didn’t even ask me questions – and Luke may not have been there in person but you can bet he felt it. Not all of it; but a whisper of fear, a clutch of pain; an image of red, red, red

Go back a bit. Yes, fandom loves to drag Luke for Leia comforting him for the death of his mentor just after her planet exploded into stardust and nothingness (her parents, her friends, her everything); but acknowledging his pain doesn’t diminish hers; and, think about it, he’s just lost the only parents he’s ever known (found their red-stained skeletons, reaching across the sands) and he finds Obi Wan and Obi Wan was the first person in his entire life who seemed to understand him, understand his hunger for life beyond Tattooine’s red sands. And he died too, and Luke watched powerless, and he watched Vader kick at Obi Wan’s empty robes. (Luke wasn’t to know that Anakin couldn’t quite believe that Obi Wan was dead, that he half-expected the robes to come back to life and scold him and –). So: the boy’s been through a lot. And throughout this he’s been thinking of his father. His bold and brave father. His Jedi father. In his dreams, his father looks a little like Obi Wan, a little like Owen, a little like a holo he saw of some senator once – no idea why – and he’s smiling. He says things like Luke I’ll teach you to be a Jedi and shows him how to meditate and teaches him to fight and is never cryptic or strange and speaks like a normal fucking person (angry, are you. you do it on purpose you little alien – just say you are angry –). 

He idolizes his father – quite literally. He builds an idol of him and he worships it, because he doesn’t have much left. He’s only twenty. 

And then this monster, this terror, this thing that has haunted his nightmares, this thing that has tortured his friends, slaughtered innocents, toyed with him – this thing says I am your father and he’s telling the truth, Luke knows, and in that moment Vader kills his father again, because all those lovely warm daydreams, all those stories he’d used to lull himself back to sleep after waking from another heart-stoppingly terrible dream (about Han dying in a swish of red lightsabre, or Leia howling her pain to the stars, or just the skeletons of two kind people who had raised a child that was not their own) – all those stories are gone. They are gone. His father is gone, and his father is here, and so he screams. 


Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

anonymous asked:

I love your art!! and consider this idea, Astral gets to sleep and he's the deepest sleeper imaginable and he just kinda falls asleep on Yuma and Yuma's so used to it. Let the alien rest.

oh anon, sweet anon, darling anon, thank you for the compliment. and this idea is adorable 

yuma is astrals personal pillow. yumas just like no big

like astrals not used to being tired so he just passes out super easy 

he falls asleep during movies n stuff and yuma has to recap them for him later

yuma keeps talking to him even when he’s asleep because he’s not used to astral actually being unconscious and old habits die hard

ok but also: they are BOTH really deep sleepers so like, HOW WILL THEY EVER WAKE UP ON TIME, THEY ARE GOING TO MISS SCHOOL CONSTANTLY. 

the apple of my eye
sugar plum
my darling
my little cutie pie

i love you much
i love you many
i love you to the moon
i love you now
i’ll love you then
i love you through & through

my sugar plum
my darling boy
my little cutie pie
i love you so
please marry me
or i will surely cry


Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath

But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight.

Please don’t ever leave me.
Cause if you do I’ll start remembering every little thing, and I swear the first thing I’ll do is reread all the good morning and goodnight texts, all the “I love you’s”, all the “I miss you’s”, all the “my baby’s”, and darling I will rip my chest open with them until my soul is flowing on the floor
—  Late Night Thoughts, Please don’t ever leave me

“Matt and the Shorthair” - Digital Oil Painting

“Kiss, darling!”

A sweet kiss from Matt Smith to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day. ^_^ I love how this turned out, the hair, the eyelashes, the cat fur, it all just looks so soft and touchable. Very happy!

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

Boyfriend!Jimmy Darling HCs

Request: “What are your boyfriend Jimmy Darling head cannons?” - Anon

“Hi! I would love your head cannons on Jimmy Darling as your boyfriend.” - Anon 

“Hello! Could you please do a head canon for dating jimmy? Thanks!!” - @wh3r3s-my-sup3r-suit

Count: 16

A/N: I’m trying to switch over to more gender neutral stuff instead of female oriented, so bare with me. 

  • Jimmy would be a really sweet boyfriend
  • Lots of cute pet names, like “doll,” “darlin’,” and “baby”
  • And he’d be romantic as much as possible
  • Like, setting up picnics in the field away from the tents/caravans
  • And he’d take you to the diner every once in a while for lunch, but not too often because of the snarky comments and rude stares 
  • Or sneak you into a drive in theater to see any movie you wanted
  • If it were some kind of romance movie, he’d complain, but would probably end up enjoying it (just don’t tell anyone)
  • When the two of you got back home, he’d take you to his caravan
  • And as you fell asleep, he’d stare at his hands and wonder how he landed a SO as great as you are
  • He’ probably played with your fingers when you were asleep, as weird as that sounds
  • And with the performances, he’d get super nervous if you weren’t there
  • Each time before he goes on, he tells you a bad joke just to see your smile, which comforted his nerves
  • And when he was on stage, he’d glance over his shoulder to you every few minutes, unless you were in the audience (which he liked better)
  • After the show was over, he’d take you back to the van and you’d usually have some form of sex or another
  • Never protected though, dispite his fears of his baby having his hands (apparently condoms weren’t a huge thing in the 50′s. Source: my grandmother)
  • Very few nights ended with the two of you falling asleep with no action
  • But it never, ever ended without him peppering kisses on your face and neck with endless “I love you’s.”

Benji Kelly - Download ☼

This is my baby, Benji, I don’t really use him anymore so here he is up for download. Just a simple .Sim file. I am too lazy to go track down the CC so go and check out my Resources on my Homepage.

TOU: Though this is my first sim there is still a TOU.. 

-Please don’t change his face too much ;__; i’m still super attached, 

and you can use him for anything, just don’t be creepy with him,



Enjoy him darlings and have a simtastic day! ♥


⇩ B e n j i ⇩

Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird

Authors note: just a quick short prompt, but it is better than nothing. Xx 

You notice a dim light peeking from under the bedroom door, an indication that the hallway light is on and there’s a good chance Harry can be found doing only God knows what at this time of night. 

You silently exit the room, debating on where to start your search for your husband. 

It’s in that moment that you hear the distantly soft murmurs of Harry, a direct giveaway that he’s in the baby’s bedroom, more than likely cooing over her crib, amazed at how he helped create such a beautiful human being. 

You unobtrusively walk closer to your little girl’s room and glance into the room, your eyes setting themselves on Harry nestled on the small couch, his head bobbed down, his eyes focused on his baby girl with her blanket draped around her at her own comfort. “Sweetheart, I love looking at your beautiful eyes, but you need to sleep my little darling.” His voice is affectionate and sweet as he speaks to the baby snuggled perfectly in his arms, “I love our late night cuddles, but if you don’t sleep you’ll be grumpy and I can’t have my little girl being grumpy.“ 

You smile to yourself, admiring the two of them in the corner as you lean against the doorframe, Harry still oblivious that you’re listening. "Bless you,” Harry chuckles at the sound of his little girl sneezing in an adoring way, her little arms waving around before she sneezes again, “are you done, sweetheart?” His hand gently rubs her tummy, her feet kicking lightly at the blanket, “alright my angel, it’s time to get you to sleep, this cuddle session is our little secret, so don’t tell Mummy.” He adjusts his little girl within his arms, his eyes still glued to hers. You cross your arms over your chest, tempted to clear your throat just to get his attention, but instead, you continue to watch.

He begins to hum a melodious tune, adjusting the newborns dawn-tinted blanket, “Hush, little baby, don’t say a word. Papa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird,” the mellow lyrics leave his lips in a graceful hum, his voice as always making your heart melt, “And if that mockingbird won’t sing, Papa’s going to buy you a diamond ring.” He gingerly stands to his feet, his eyes subsequently catching a glimpse of yours, he gives you an innocent smirk before his attention goes back to his drowsy daughter. 

He cradles her in his arms, swaying gradually from side to side, “And if that diamond ring turns brass, Papa’s gonna buy you a looking glass.” 

It’s in the moment that he grows quiet, no longer humming, while he tilts his head in admiration, his eyes full of love— that you know your daughter has closed her lovely little eyes— managing to fall asleep to the sound of her fathers’ sweet hums. 

He delicately paces over to her crib. He presses a kiss to her forehead before gingerly placing her down in her crib, adjusting her blanket and making sure she’s left comfortable. He presses his hands on the railing of the crib, glancing down at her before softly humming, “So hush little baby, don’t you cry, Mummy loves you and so do I." 

With one last gentle glance, he pulls himself away from the sleeping baby and her crib, wandering over to you while you are still positioned against the doorframe. 

"How long you been watching?” He grins, his own eyes becoming drowsy, you give him a sweet hearted smile, shrugging your shoulders.

“Not long,” You inform him, “But not telling mummy about the cuddles probably is out of the window.” You playfully nudge his side, 

“Well, thought yeh were sleepin’ gotta get my cuddles in when I can.” He responds, gently tugging you towards the bedroom, “She was awake when I checked on her,” He adds, “Her eyes were too adoring not to get lost in.” He continues proudly, sliding onto the bed, falling asleep the moment his silky curls hits the pillow.

A lot of people like to have viktor speak russian in fics so I decided to make a list of cute russian “love” words for you guys to use! ♡ 

иди нахуй - “don’t go” (Not really a love phrase, but goes along with “stammi vicino”)

пиздеч - “precious” (very common nickname used for lovers)

дебил - “dear/darling”

ёбаный урод - “sparkling gold” (a lot of parents also call their kids this, but can be used amongst lovers)

сука блять - literally “sweet babe” (not to be confused with the english sugar baby)

A dangerous plan, just this time,

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A stranger’s hand, clutched in mine,

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I’ll take this chance, so call me blind,

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I’ve been waiting all my life.

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Please don’t scar this young heart,

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Just take my hand.

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I was made for loving you,

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Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through,

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Every bone screams I don’t know what we should do,

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All I know is darling I was made for loving you,

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Hold me close through the night,

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Don’t let me go, it’ll be alright,

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Touch my soul, and hold it tight,

I’ve been waiting all my life.

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And I won’t scar your young heart,

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Just take my hand.

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‘Cause I was made for loving you,

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Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through,

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Every bone screams I don’t know what we should do,

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All I know is darling I was made for loving you.

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