i love you more than words can ever say

I lived through the Blitz, Pearl — and the fall of Rapture. They took my memory, my voice — everything that made me a man. But nothing ever scared me so much as saying goodbye. I wanted to save you. I couldn’t resist trying to bring you back the only way I knew how. But… You didn’t want that — I know it now. And I think I’m finally ready… To let you go your way. I stand here with sun on my face… And it’s almost like I can feel you smiling. Goodbye, Pearl. I love you more than I’ve got words for.   —Milton

I just wrote this and I don't know if I like it or if it's just 4 am poetry

People I have known as signs,

Aries; a girl just like me in all the wrong ways. loved and loves more directly than even myself. I would cross any ocean to sit at your side for a moment. I hope the next time I see you your stomach can settle, I hope we eat oatmeal together.

Taurus; the moon, the stars, the sun and sky. heaven and hell wrapped into one red spirited package. bravest person I have ever met, who saved me from myself and the powers that be. you do not need my words, for instead you have my hand in yours- always.

Gemini; what can I say? what do you expect me to? out of all of them, you’re the one it’s about (the one that it has always been about). I remember every detail of every moment that we have ever spent together- which do you think causes me the most agony? I still love you, but even I recognize the irony in that. I fear your indifference too much to give anything away to you again

Cancer; you are so gentle. thank you for everything you have given to me: the lessons in how to accept need, how to be weak. you will forever be my standard for beauty, you will always have the laugh like melting maple.

Leo; I thought what you did defined me, but it doesn’t.

Virgo; go fuck yourself. I trusted you. I would have never told your secrets- I still wouldn’t, I couldn’t stand to be as cold as you.

Libra; do you need someone to tell you that it is okay at times to be soft? I’m sorry for the things I said. I’m not the same as I was then.

Scorpio; I have never brought myself to forgive you but I’m not angry anymore. please just leave me alone. I locked the doors, boarded up the windows, and changed the phone number. the one you loved is no longer her, the girl who said no is no longer here.

Sagittarius; God, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I’ve never known someone so broken and functional. you are a fighter and you are brave but the one thing you will never be is alone. I will love you and I will love you and I will love you, and when you think it cannot possibly be done a second longer- I will love you all the harder then.

Capricorn; I am sorry for my inability to do right by you, you put us in this situation as much as I did. Own up to something, just once.

Aquarius; how pretty your eyes are. how much like a mirror. Do you know how quickly I would take a bullet for you?

Pisces; you never waver. out of all of them, I respect you the most. your kind of courage is not one you can buy bottled up or packaged. something from the earth is inside you- I would never dare to be on the opposite side of the chess board from you. I am glad you’re in my corner, thank you for forgiving me.

Thirty Years Ago Today...

We’ve never been able to find out if sharing the cover with Jupiter was a compliment, a wisecrack or some in-joke so far in it would take a drilling crew to find the punch-line.

Small print is important. There should have been an apostrophe possessive in “Authors’ Wedding” - “Author’s Wedding” would have meant only one author and there seem to be two, while no apostrophe at all is an oopsie. It’s not the only one.

Who is this Moorwood guy?

He must be my doppelganger or something. Looks just like me, the fortunate fellow. :->

So that’s the first thirty. Hey @dduane, feel like going round the block again?

I love you, hon. More than all the words I’ve ever written can begin to say.

So I’d better get busy writing some more…

and I just don’t know what you want from me. 
I mean, one day you’re here and the next you’re so damn distant. One day were floating on top with the sun shining and I can honestly say nothing has ever been more clear to me than the way I love you but then 2 minutes later, and we’re drowning. 
We’re 10 feet under and I can’t breather or see a damn thing. And I just don’t know what you want from me.
If you don’t want to float on top with me, then please just let me go because I’ve spent too much time underwater just to be pulled back under. I’ve spent too much time learning to swim, just to learn what it feels like to drown all over again.
—  love me or leave me, I don’t care anymore just please choose one. 

Credit to whoever posted this originally (sorry, i’m not sure who did). But this is so true, love doesn’t have to be shown through a kiss or through words. It can be shown through actions. The action of caring for someone and risking your life to protect theirs. John and Sherlock are literally raising a child together and because of each other Sherlock is more human than ever before and John is living a life he loves and if that doesn’t prove to you their love for each other then i don’t know what to say to you.

Fate? - Bucky Barnes x Reader (soulmate au)

Word Count: 2546

Request: Can we get some Bucky meets his soulmate fluff? Thanks

Warnings: F L U F F (with a dash of swearing… just a little bit tho)

Author’s Note: happy valentines day! i hope yours is better than mine. enjoy some soulmate fluff ;)

Song Featured: I’ll Take Care of You 

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Happy birthday Tyler fricken Joseph. I can’t believe you’re fricken 28. I have so many words to say. They’re all so pointless yet so meaningful. This is going no where isn’t it? All I have to say is I fricken love you so much. You are the most important person in my world. You’ve helped me through more than I could ever imagine possible and I know many of my frens can agree. I love you Ty and I want you to keep doing what your doing.

Me: I love how soft Malec is. How every touch is significant, every look says more than a hundred cliche speeches ever could. How they perfectly encapsulate the feeling of falling in love for the first time, where the butterflies in your stomach have machine guns and a single word can make you feel like you can fly. 

Also Me: I don’t understand why they’re not making out every time they’re alone. You’re trying to tell me that a man who waited a century to find love again and one who finally accepted that it was okay to love whoever the hell he wanted aren’t going to be all over each other every chance they get? Warlocks I can buy, same with half-angel demon hunters, but this is trying my suspension of disbelief.


My darling (y/n);

Everyday I yearn to be able to be by your side again, to kiss you once more, to hold you in my arms. You are worth more to me then all the stars in the sky, more beautiful than all other women that flock the grounds, or the other goddesses who inhabit the sky with you. I love you more than words can say, and I miss you with every step I take. And yet, even as I write, I hope that I am another breath, another stroke of my quill closer to you once more.

You are my heart and soul, my every breath and pulse. I love you more than words can say, I love you more than I could ever express. I miss your soft touches, I miss stroking your hair speaking words of comfort in your ear while you slept peacefully in my arms. Ah, I miss sleeping by your side, my nights are more restless now that I have left you behind.

I regret that I had to leave you, but freedom cannot be won without her warriors behind her, to fight of the oppressive rule we face, and I rest easier knowing you are safe within the walls of your home, compared to having you here with me. Love, that is all I can ask. Please, be safe. I, in return, will do all that I can to promise the same.

I apologize for the short  letter, my love, but I cannot spare much time. The general, and I, in my turn, are quite busy with preparations for battle. Stay safe and wait for my return, my darling, I hope with all my heart that it will be soon, and that I can hold you in my arms and kiss you once more.

Yours until the end of time,

Alexander Hamilton

You sighed holding the letter close to your heart as you heard church bells ringing in the distance. They didn’t matter at the moment, what mattered was the words on the parchment you held so dear. He was alive, and well, and he loved you. Lord, that man formed castles out of words, his very voice let alone his prose, was that of angels singing.

You sighed again and shook your head, ignoring the loud yelling from down the streets. You sighed and let your eyes flutter closed, listening to the loud yelling grow closer before sighing softly. If only that was who you wished it would be…you were scared, no, petrified that if you spoke his name, if you acknowledged that hope, when you opened your eyes and he wasn’t there it would be like him leaving you all over again and you couldn’t handle that. You wouldn’t be able to handle it. You could barely handle staying in your home, and instead found yourself wandering to this park, this fountain where you first met Alexander all too often.

You always wrote to him here, you always read his letters here. This fountain…your fingers moved from your side to trace the cold stone underneath you, the edge lightly flecked with cool water that slicked underneath your fingertips. You took a moment to appreciate the day, the crisp parchment under one hand, the cool stone under the other’s fingers, the warm sun on your face…and the ache in your heart.

You heard a voice yelling, your eyes fluttering, still shut. You moved your hands from your chest slightly before you felt the letter taken from your hands.

Instantly your eyes snapped open, only for you to see Alexander, standing in front of you in his dirty uniform, a huge smile on his face while his eyes seemed to shine. In surprise you jerked backwards, falling backwards into the fountain whose edge you had perched on.

You came up for air, your cheeks hot in embarrassment as you shook your head. Alexander laughed softly, folding the letter and tucking it into his pocket before he pulled you out with a smile. “My love, it’s good to see you again.”

You shook you head in disbelief, unsure what to say. “I…what…how are you…?” Your eyes reluctantly moved from his to gaze down at the city in the distance, before connecting with his again and pulling him into a tight hug, which he eagerly returned.

You took a deep breath, breathing in his scent with a sigh. He smelled like Alexander…parchment, ink,(some gunpowder and blood) and that scent that was uniquely and undeniably him. All together, he smelled like home.

You hadn’t even realized you were crying until you heard him murmuring softly to you, his thumbs ghosting over your face to wipe away the tears. “Shh…it’s okay, it’s alright, you’re okay…” You nodded, smiling softly as you moved your hands to cover his.

“I’m okay…I just…I love you so much…” He nodded, kissing you gently.

It felt like heaven, to have his lips mold against yours again. The feeling of them pressed against yours was familiar and new all at the same time, exciting and yet it felt they they belonged together. It was perfect, and when your lips parted slightly-

You pulled back, blushing and panting as he smirked slightly, however he was breathless as well. He smiled, leaning his forehead against your gently before he breathed out, “I missed you so much, I love you. I’m not leaving you again.”

You’re Distracting Epilogue

A/N : WOOOHOOOOO guess who found their old flashdrive. Turns out that it was under my friends seat in her car. Anyway, this means I can post the epilogue now. I have had this ending in my mind since I first started writing the series and I am so happy I finally get to share in with all of you. Remember to submit some asks!

Title: You’re Distracting Epilogue

Rating: Teen

Warnings : Jealousy, posessiveness, fluffy as hell

Word Count: 803


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5

I was walking through the court yard and making my way towards a bench by the tree where I saw a certain fluffy haired guy waiting for me. It had been months since me and Thomas became official and it was amazing. I can easily say I am in love but I for me it has been more than that. Ever since we got together Thomas has taken it upon himself to make sure I am doing well. He makes sure that I can do things on my own and offers help when I can’t. I can honestly say I have never been felt so secure with someone. I realized Thomas had been staring at me dopily as I walked over. I was only a few yards away and chuckled as Madison smacked Jefferson on the head, trying to get him to pay attention to him. Madison had been so supportive despite the fact that Jefferson never seemed to hear a word Madison said when I was around.

               I felt someone grab my arm just a few strides away from the table. I quickly turned a bit annoyed that I was stalled from my pursuit. My eyes met a chest and I slowly raised my head to find a decent looking blonde haired boy. My eyes widened as he smiled down at me and pulled me even closer. “Hey, how are you?” he smirked as I fidgeted. I have never felt more uncomfortable until I felt someone grab my other arm, effectively ripping me out of the blonde boys grasp.

“She’s taken.” I heard a familiar voice growl behind me. I watched the blonde boys face distort into fear before taking one last look at me and scurrying away. Hands slowly wrapped themselves around my waist as I leaned back into them. “Did you have to wear that tank top today?” I heard a frustrated voice grumble in my ear before I felt a soft kiss just below my ear.

“Did you have to scare that boy half to death for talking to me?” I sighed.

“We both know that he wasn’t looking to just talk.” Thomas growled back. I rolled my eyes and slowly turned around chuckling. I looked up from the broad chest in front of me and into his eyes grinning. “Why do you do this to me?”

“I didn’t do anything. I walked out of the house.” I laughed.

“Exactly!” He groaned loudly. I chuckled before pulling out of his arms and going to sit on the park bench next to an exasperated Madison.

“Y/N!!!! Y/N!!!! WAIT!” I heard someone shout. I turned around with a grin on my face knowing that there was only one person who would shout loudly without fear of embarrassment in a college cafeteria. Thomas stopped walking beside me and turned around to face Alexander frantically running towards us. I felt Thomas quickly wrap his arm around my waist. I reached out with my arms and pulled Hamilton into a hug just as he reached me.

“Hey, where have you been? You haven’t answered any of my texts lately.” I stated as I pulled away and pocked at his chest. Thomas went stalk still beside me. Hamilton smirked noticing the tension coming from Jefferson.

“I see you got the one you really wanted. “ Hamilton taunted at me. I just blushed and nodded my head. I watched Alexanders face soften. “I did too.” He smiled slightly and blushed. I was shocked and gave an audible gasp as Laurens came up and wrapped an arm around Alex’s waist mimicking Jeffersons stance with me. I remembered Laurens. He was Alex’s closest friend. I smiled as I remembered the new years party we had and I had been slightly confused as Laurens watched Alex get up from the couch and just looked longingly after him. Now I get it. Alex’s didn’t have a thing for the schuyler sisters. He had a thing for John.

“You find your friend?” Laurens chuckled looking at Alexander with the happiest smile on his face as he let out a sigh.

“Yeah I am the friend.” I laughed. I looked back to Alex and smiled. “I am glad you are having fun.” I winked with a smirk and watched as a blush spread over his face and Laurens laughed out loud over his boyfriend’s embarrassment. “Well I have to head out text me if you aren’t ‘busy’ later.” I said with my fingers making air quotes.

Thomas began chuckling as we walked away. “I guess I don’t have to worry about Hamilton now.”

“Eh it won’t stop you from being jealous. It’s your thing.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” He grumbled.

I laughed as a guy walked past looking at me and Jefferson huffed pulling me closer to his side.

Moments Series – “I didn’t mean it like that.” 

1 year, 6 months

“You had a fucked up childhood, I get it, that doesn’t give you permission to keep pushing me away when I’ve obviously proved that I’m not like the rest.”

He regrets it the second the words leave his mouth, you can tell. You don’t know what to say so you stay silent, and he speaks again, backtracking. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

You just shake your head and close your eyes, taking a deep breath. You still don’t know how to respond. And when you don’t know what to say, you don’t normally speak, having learned long ago that silence is better than saying something that you’ll regret. Shawn may not have learned that yet. “Look, y/n. I love you. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone, and that scares me too. But I need you to trust me. I need you to trust that I’m not going anywhere and that I’m not going to hurt you. It’s been a year and a half. I’m still here. Look, I’m sorry for what I said earlier, I shouldn’t have said it, but I need to know that you’re not going to always be waiting for me to screw up or prove you right. You need to stop expecting that I’m going to go insane or hurt you because I’m not. I’m here. I’ve been here for eighteen months and I don’t plan to go anywhere, okay?”

It takes you a few minutes to process everything he said. He acts like it’s easy for you, like you can just flip a switch and forget everything before these last eighteen months with him. Obviously life doesn’t work that way and it isn’t that simple. But he’s right. He’s still here and he hasn’t hurt you. You nod, “Okay.”

Jack Maynard - Stressed Out

Anon: Hey :) Would you like to write a thing where y/n is not taking care of herself because of something stressful coming up, Jack tries to help during the hard times but y/n eventually snaps at him. After everything’s over y/n gets so tired and maybe even a bit ill that she ends up crying. Jack finds her like that and helps her relax and takes care of her, y/n apologizes for not listening to him before and snapping at him. I’d just love some fluff if you’re up for it :)

Requested: Yes

A/N: Enjoy this little imagine. I actually can’t really write short imagines I’m sorry I just have a lot to say haha! Hope this is what you were looking for. Let me know if you like it. 

Word Count: 1778

The past two months has been more stressful than ever for you. Ever since you moved to London, you felt the pressure to prove to everyone back home that it was the right choice. To be fair, you were actually doing really well for yourself. Your career just kept blossoming, you even made a lot of cool friends. The one that probably meant the most to you was your boyfriend Jack. He had been super supportive and helpful throughout. Sometime though, you felt like you were taking too much from him.

Today was one of those days. You had a huge release at the end of the month, and you had been working your butt off to perfect everything. It was one of those make it or break it moments. It was 2am on a Wednesday morning, and you had been up since 9am on Tuesday. You couldn’t remember the last meal you had, but you did not feel hungry either way. You hadn’t even spent much time with Jack lately. Your housemates, Jack, Conor and Josh had all gone out to celebrate one of their mates’ birthdays. You were invited of course, but right now the only thing on your mind was the project you were working on.

The three boys you lived with stumbled in close to 3am, the alcohol clearly having done its job. “Oh sorry (Y/N). Didn’t know you were working still”, Josh stopped as they saw you at the kitchen counter with a mug of tea that had most likely gone cold by then.

“(Y/N)”, Jack called out to you softly as he saw you hunched over your laptop, flyaways sticking out from the bun on your head, bags under your eyes. You were still wearing Jack’s t-shirt from the night before when you went to bed. He walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder. You absently mindedly reached for his hand as you continued your work.

“Babe. Let’s go to bed. You’ve been up far too long”, he tried to pry you away from your work. You didn’t budge, humming in protest. “Love, please? C’mon it’s really late.”

“Jack I’m really busy.”

“I know love, but it’s late. You’ll fall sick.” Your stomach grumbled as he spoke. “(Y/N)”, his voice held a note of warning. “Did you have dinner?”

You only shook your head in response, knowing he would lecture you. “What about lunch?” This time you kept still.


“What? I’m not hungry okay? I didn’t wanna eat!”, you pulled away from him.

“But you need to eat! You can’t go a whole day without any food!” his voice rose, worry laced in his words. “You’ve been up this whole time too! You’re gonna fall sick.”

“Jack”, you tried to keep your voice calm. You could feel the annoyance pulsing through, but you did not want to start a fight. Especially not when you had so much else on your mind. “I’m fine. I’m not hungry, I’m not tired. I’m busy right now. I need to get this done soon okay?”

“No. You’re gonna take a break right now. And I’m going to get you some food. You’ll eat up, we’ll watch some TV, and then we’ll go to bed. Tomorrow, once you’ve had a good night’s rest, you can continue.”

“Excuse me?” You were pretty annoyed at this point. “I do not need anyone to baby me. I said I was fine, so I’m telling you to drop it.”

“Babe you need your rest!”

“What I need is for you to leave me alone.”

“Not until you give yourself a break!”

“I seriously don’t need you telling me to do! I’m a bit busy at the moment”, you said sarcastically, gesturing to your laptop.

“You’re not gonna keep working right now”, he said reaching over to close your laptop shut.

“What the hell Jack? I was doing work!” You knew Josh and Conor were going to walk in any second now. You both were being very loud. “You don’t fucking go around messing with my shit! I was working on that!”

“You’ve been like this for weeks now! I don’t even see you anymore!” Jack was almost shouting now.

“Oh for god’s sake! I’m sorry I’m actually trying to get shit done. I don’t just laze around all day.” Jack’s face fell. Part of you felt bad, but you weren’t thinking straight. You were still fired up.

By now the other two residents had walked into the kitchen to find you arguing. You turned around as you heard them walk in. Huffing loudly, you grabbed your laptop and went to the balcony. You didn’t want to risk going to your bedroom since Jack would end up there too. You sat yourself down at the table on the balcony, and opened your laptop in hoped of continuing your work. As you brought your hands to the keypad, you felt yourself start to shake ever so slightly. Tears were starting to brim at your lids. You clenched your fists tight and tried to control your breathing. You were not one to have panic attacks, but you started to feel a build-up of overwhelming emotions take over. You slouched back into the chair as you felt yourself lose control and break down. Tears flowed down your cheeks as your body heaved with silent sobs.

Through the gap of the half-closed balcony door, you could hear the boys talking to Jack. His voice clearly louder than the other two. You couldn’t make out what he was saying, but his tone held notes of exasperation. Your clouded mind was too tired to do anything at this point. You felt somewhat guilty for what you did, but you were not even sure why. You couldn’t think straight. Exhaustion was taking over your body but your mind and heart felt too heavy to drift off. You were sat for what felt like hours, but was only a few minutes, as the cold London air chilled you to a point of numbness. At least you thought it was the cold air, it was easier to blame.

The door to the balcony slid open and close. A figure you usually sought for comfort stood before you. “Love?” The only response Jack got was a deep shaky breath from you. He moved over to you, gently lifting you up and taking a seat where you were sat before, placing you on his lap. “What’s wrong love?”, a frown plastered on his face as he took in the sight of your tear-stained face.

This caused a series of sobs to break through your barrier. You couldn’t control the tears anymore. “Oh love!” Jack pulled you flush against him as you buried your face under his chin, crying your emotions out. “Let it all out love”, he whispered soothed, rubbing circles on your back.

It felt like forever before you the tears stopped. The heaving however, was a work in progress. You could not stop your shoulders and chest from shaking. “I’m sorry. Are you mad?”

Jack replied with a kiss on your temple. “Shh shh. It’s okay love. You know I was just worried about. I don’t like seeing you like that. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” His chin rested on top of your head, his arms wrapped tightly around you, as if protecting you.

“I know. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I’m just stressed and all you know”, you apologised again.

“How about we just go back in? I’ll run you a bath, and maybe order pizza and put on some Friends? You could use some down time.”

“I think I could.”

He ran the bath, getting you in and helping you unwind. He left to order your favourite pizza, and came back, sitting behind you outside the bathtub. His hands reached for your shoulders as he whispered in your ear, “Fancy a massage love?”

He left you to enjoy the rest of your bath after the generous massage. As you got back to his room, you found he had laid a pair of sweats and t-shirt out for you. You changed and dried yourself off. Jack’s scent still lingered on his clothes, comforting you. As you walked out, you saw all three boys gathered around the living room. Josh and Conor had already dug into the pizza. You smiled at the other two boys sheepishly, “Sorry about earlier.”

They waved you off. “Don’t sweat it (Y/N)”, Conor said. Josh reached out to give you a side hug.

“C’mere (Y/N)”, Jack called from his spot on the couch, his arms open and waiting for you. You dove straight in, snuggling up to him. The weight that had been pulling down was gone. You felt more at ease despite having the same workload waiting for you. The pressure had lessened and you felt content, ready for to laze around for a bit. There was always tomorrow.

“Here you go love”, he reached over to get you both a slice of pizza. As you filled up, you felt brain wind down with the iconic comedy on play. Not long after, Josh and Conor left to head to their own rooms, bidding you goodnight.

“Jack”, you turned to face him once you were both alone. “Thank you. I really don’t what I did to deserve you. But thank you.”

“I’d do anything for you (Y/N)”, he sounded almost shocked that you thought he would not.

“I know love. I just really wanted you to know just how much you mean to me. I love you so much.”

The smile that lit up his face, reaching all the way to his eyes, made your heart beat faster. “I love you too. So so so much.” You reached to cup his face as you leaned in, kissing him as meaningfully as you could. He eagerly reciprocated, deepening the kiss. His arms snaked to your bum, as he lifted you on top of him. You pulled away a few seconds later, the kiss getting too heated. “Not today Jack, sorry.”

“It’s fine babe”, he moved you back to your original position on the sofa, pecking you on the lips. You reached for your fourth slice of pizza that night, letting your mind drift off as you enjoyed your boyfriend’s comforting presence next to you. You weren’t sure what else happened that night, but the next morning, you woke up to find yourself and Jack in the same position on the sofa as the night before. You pressed a kiss on his lips, adjusting yourself comfortably to fall back asleep.

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how do i come up with the words to tell you that you make me happier than anyone else can? that i love you more than i thought i ever could? i can’t. but i can tell you that you came in and knocked down all my walls. that you are the only person with the power to completely and utterly destroy me. and that’s terrifying, yes, but i can’t let you go, not even to save myself

be careful with my heart
everything i never say // #86

I love the way you say my name. 
I love the way you hold my hand, as if your grip will shield me from any pain.
I love the way you open the door for me before I duck through the door.
But most of all, I love how you love me for me, because that’s more than I’ll ever ask for.


Words I can never say


More than yesterday
Thought possible today
Less than tomorrow
Brings chance to borrow
Infinite increase
Larger by the hour
Feelings multiplying
Infinite towers
I loved you the first day
I dared say the words
But I love you more now
I’ve memorised your curves
Edges and ends, colours and tone
I love you more now
Than I could’ve ever known.

Happy Valentine’s Day babe @saskyacaesar-blog I love you more than my words can express, thank you for being there through everything.

I love the way you say my name.
I love the way you hold my hand, as if your grip will shield me from any pain.
I love the way you open the door for me before I duck through the door.
But most of all, I love how you love me for me, because that’s more than I’ll ever ask for.
—  Words I can never say
  • Zendaya: *can't find Val in a crowd*
  • Zendaya: I got this.
  • Zendaya: *using hands as megaphone* Zendaya Coleman can't dance!
  • Zendaya: There he is.