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Hey hi, let this not be another that's not ready to be updated😂 how about the face sitting tag? Thanks!xx

finally!! a tag that I can update for you!! lmao

Not Just Fantasy by pineneedlepants (1/1 | 2,399 | NC17)

Stiles has never been rimmed before. Derek intends to change that.

A Little Love and Attention by ADevilsHunger (Dream_tempo) (1/1  1,575 | NC17)

“No, no. That’s not– it’s just– this isn’t like a thing. It’s not like I’m offering to buy you a pizza for helping assemble some Ikea furniture.”

It’s mating season and Derek has a bit of a problem he can only ask his best friend for help with. Only thing is, that problem’s in his pants.

More Important Than Air by LadyDrace (1/1 | 616 | NC17)

Stiles sits on Derek’s face, and discovers new kinks for both of them.

I Know Places (We Won’t Be Found) by TheMipstaz (12/12 | 55,266 | NC17)

In which trees and wolves fall in love, overcome fire, and survive ice.

will you love me by BabyMilk (1/1 | 5,487 | NC17)

Things aren’t going so well for Stiles Stilinski.
When a handsome man offers him “work”, will he take it?

Never Let Go by SuperfluousEmi, Winchesterek (10/10 | 84,803 | NC17)

Derek shot his hand out and grabbed Stiles’ wrist. “Stiles, stop,” he snapped. He could see someone that he recognized as one of Stiles’ neighbors curled up on the ground in front of the mailboxes. The neighbor’s heartbeat was rabbiting out of control and the smell of blood was coming from him.

“Derek, what -” Stiles turned to look into the lobby and froze. “Oh my god. Tyler!” Stiles darted off towards his neighbor. “What happened?! Fuck. Derek call an ambulance!” Stiles stood there staring, blood everywhere on the floor around his neighbor.

“Stiles, don’t touch him,” Derek barked. “He smells sick and you don’t know if it could be contagious.”


requested by anon <3
  Hey, I love your stuff :) Could you write something where AmazingPhil visits you for the first time despite his allergy and your love for cats?


You were terribly nervous. Phil, your boyfriend, is allergic to cats and you just so happen to adore them more than anything else in the world (besides your family, pizza, a couple of close friends, your favorite TV show and Phil of course). You tidied to the upmost extent: picked every cat hair from the couch and carpet, opened the windows so fresh air could pool in. But in the end, it was all fruitless. As soon as Phil entered your apartment a sneeze rattled him so hard his whole body shook. It would’ve been funny if you weren’t so concerned. The small fluffy kitten mewled at the exact same time as if mocking you and Phil, as if it was exactly what he wanted.

Your worries soon melted away. Phil had taken some medicine, and whilst he’s still a bit dazed his allergies has subdued and the two of you can calmly enjoy the movie playing on screen. His arm rests on your shoulders, pulling you close, as a bucket of popcorn is secured in your grasp.

His first visit, despite the rocky start, proves pleasant. You relax, laying your head on his shoulder and making a mental note to complement him on the choice of cologne.

Your kitten purrs suddenly, trotting straight into your living room with a meek mewl and before you could say ‘Damn it’ Phil sneezes again.

Requests are open!

Wicked Games - Part Two.

Rating: NC-17

Content: Sexual situations, some language, kitten!kink, main character’s point-of-view.

Word count: ~5.0 K

This is the second part to something I did a while back. It’s a little kinkier than my usual, so there’s that. 

Part one. 

Feedback is always welcome.

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