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I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal

Imagine being a baby to Merle's eyes and him just loving you for that

(So I had some requests for some Merle fluff :3 and here is what I came up with XD Honestly it’s more bittersweet than anything but I just got so inspired by a song it had to be like this :3 Ps. honestly poor bby :( Hope it is as requested and you all like it! Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

There was no denying he found you cute. From the day you walked into his life, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you but quickly his fascination wasn’t always as sexually driven as he could imagine it to be.

You seemed so soft, fragile and young to him that he there was no denying that the word “baby” fit you the most.

And now here you were all cozied up in his bed, exhausted from your hard day of walking out there alone and separated from the others for so long. He smiled looking down at you and pulling his hand away from your hair, he walked out quietly to join the Governor for a late talk.

By the door he had two guards to keep you safe and simply told them with a smirk.

“Alright boys…She’s a baby so please just let her sleep well…She needs it…”

They chuckled along with him and as he made his way towards The Governor, he couldn’t stop smiling thinking about how glad he was to have finally found you after all these months.

Since the rooftop, the old group and you had been nothing but in the past to him. However, here he finally found you in a confused and dazed state and rescued you in time. He couldn’t wait for you to recover and catch up on what he missed.

As he walked, he reflected on how you had both met and it made him smile even more.


It was a heated afternoon, everyone had set camp to take a break for the evening and prepare the night when suddenly someone had approached the camp.

Without hesitation, everyone had their guns up. Having been closer to the noise, Merle raised his voice over to you.

“Show yourself! I ain’t got time to play games with you…”

Out of fear, you slowly poked your head up from the bushes and made sure to let them know you weren’t going to harm them.

Your eyes met with his blue gaze and instantly he softened. There was nothing to worry about. To him, you couldn’t possibly do any damage looking like that, so young and rosy cheeked.

Already, he felt a sense of need to protect you and reassure you that it would be alright, inciting you to come closer to the camp.

“You alone?”

You nodded and he continued, “Alright, cutie…Come closer…”

You blushed at those words and looked around to check who did he meant by that, only to be even more stunned when he seemed to chuckle and point out he meant you. You did just as he asked and instantly he lowered his gun and set it away.

Signalling the others to follow his lead, he then walked closer and slowly extended his hand out to greet you.

“Name’s Merle and you?”


“Hah! Baby seems more fitting wouldn’t you think?”

You chuckled hearing how friendly and flirty he was and simply shrugged at his words.

“Maybe…Well…I-I was wondering, Merle…If by any chance I could-”

“Tag along with us?”

Just like that he completed your sentence and with a big smirk, he welcomed you to the group and gave you another family. You let out a slight smile and like that you joined Merle and the others along the road.


Since your arrival, Merle had seem to have a change in his attitude and ways. He was oddly less and less intoxicated most of the time, even Daryl, his younger brother had notice and had let it slip to you in numerous occasions, making you laugh in disbelief.

You were surprised to hear he even had such problems but were glad it was the case at the moment. Days and days with you were more worth the while when sober he thought and had managed to control his impulses in a variety of ways.

From keeping his focus on you whenever you were near him or simply helping you out with anything, as long as it involved you it was easy for him to forget about the stash of drug he had in his bags.

With you being so clueless and quirky, he couldn’t help himself from enjoying each instant he was with you. From your antics whenever you’d hunt and track along with him and his brother to the funny dance you had come along with when doing the laundry, it all made his heart soft.

If he could he would’ve kept you in a bubble from all the harm and ugliness of the world but the reality was that he could only make you smile in return.

Whether it was from cussing to his sarcastic remarks, he did them to make you laugh and forget about how the world had turned to shit. It brought him happiness to hear you laugh and see you so happy that truly it became his goal.

His cockiness had then stopped serving his ego but rather as a tool to over exaggerate things and get your attention and have a laugh at him.

You were grateful to have met him, to have him in your life and for a long while you had your share of fun and comfort. Easy to say, you were probably the only person in the group to get along so well with him.


It was all worth it as whenever you needed him, he was right there.

You were in one of those moods one evening. The kind where only your family and friends could comfort you. However they were gone, all of them. You had witness everything and barely managed to survive such event.

But there you sat by the fire alone. As everyone was asleep, you were crying to yourself after a rather rough day and all of it had reminded you of that dreadful day.

Seeing all the guts and blood, you had thought you might’ve been used to it by now but that morning hadn’t seem to be the case.

It was hard pretending to be strong all the time and now that everyone was soundly asleep in their tents, you quietly let it all out.

As you sat there, Merle had notice from his tent how the fire was still burning. Peering out, he saw you on your own and had wondered as to what was going on.

You had seem so strong and fierce against the hoard of walkers earlier, that it was odd to not see you tired and asleep in your tent. Feeling like there was something wrong, he quietly walked out and went to join you.

Slowly, he could swear hearing you sniffle. He thought you might’ve been cold or something and made his way faster. However, the closer he got, the more he realized it wasn’t because of the fresh air but rather you were in tears.

He felt his heart sink, you were crying, his baby was in need of comfort but you took the choice to sit there on your own. He hated that and had to change it. He couldn’t stop himself from getting closer and closer to you, until he sat down right next to you.

You were so enthralled into your sorrow, you hadn’t notice him, until you heard a mutter of your name.


You then felt a hand to your back and another one grazing your forearm, as you were curled up in ball. Embarrassed, you pushed him away and quickly wiped your tears away.

By then you realized it was Merle and knowing how worried he could be you tried to reassure him. Looking away and rubbing your eyes, you cleared your throat and told him, “I’m fine…You should go back to sleep it’s getting late…”

He scoffed in disbelief and his worried tone betrayed the fact he was trying to be stern with you.

“What about you sweetheart?”

“I’m fine…”

It hurt him, your words of rejection made him feel useless and that he couldn’t stand it. He shook his head and grabbed your arm to catch your attention back to him.

You tried to pull away, begging him to stop.

“Merle, stop it…i’m fine just go back to sleep-”

At that, he managed to pull you back closer and ended up with his arm wrapped around you to keep you from moving. Tightening his grip, he growled, “You stop it…I’m trying to help you here…Y/N what’s wrong? Tell me…”

Soon enough, you gave up your little fight and let your tears drop. You felt his warm and firm chest pressed against you, and it all made you curl and relax in his hold.

It didn’t seem to stop and that just made his need to hold you even stronger. He put a hand to your hair, stroking it to relieve you as he held you to him. He let you understand it was alright to felt that way and simply stayed quiet, allowing you to cry for a good while.


His hold made you melt and calmed you down enough. As he felt you softening in his arms, he felt it was appropriate to ask you again what was going on.

“So…you care to tell me what’s going on…”

Rubbing your eyes, wiping your tears away, you pulled back from him and took a few deep breath. Sitting up, you looked into the fire and told him, “I-I was just having a hard time…Today was a hard day…”

He shrugged and tucked your hair away to get a better look at your saddened features, only to let you continue.

“Killing all those walkers back there…The blood and everything…Just reminded me of my family…I saw everything…and didn’t do anything back then…and thinking about all of it…I-I just couldn’t stop myself from crying…”

He finally understood it. You were putting up a front the whole day and had finally broke down from you false hard exterior. Just as he thought, you were a soft baby that needed to be taken care of.

He reached to stroke your hair again and in a hush tone, he gave you reassurance.

“Ain’t no one ever said it was easy…Y/N…It’s okay to feel that way you know…I know that coming from me sounds weird but…Some days are shit…and some days aren’t but…It don’t mean you have to hide your feelings about it…Be upset if you want…but just remember that you aren’t alone here…Let me or someone else know…”

At those words, you both felt silent and reflected on your feelings and journey so far. It truly relieved you to know he cared so much and managed to muster up some words to comfort you and slowly you started to smile.

He just needed to pour his heart out and let you know that he’d stay by your side no matter how you need him. He wanted to be right there, the first one to notice and care for you and that’s what he said.

You felt him putting his hand over yours and it made you smile. You ended up scooting closer and he reached over to wipe away your leftover tears. He nodded at you and you took a deep breath before thanking him.

“Thank you Merle…Thank you for making me feel less lonely…and making me feel at home once again…For once you’re so kind tonight…”

He let out a chuckle and flash his cocky smirk as usual, making your laughter come out and even more as he added,“What are you talking about? I’m always a nice and kind man!”

His hand over yours slowly ended up grabbing you. You felt him pulling it towards him and rubbing it with his other hand, he then whispered, reassuring you once again.

“Sweetheart, I just want you to remember that I was serious about earlier…whenever things get hard…Just come to me…I’ll solve all your problems…”

He meant all those words and as he held your hands, you felt so protected and at ease, you smiled wholeheartedly at him and couldn’t help but tear up happily.

You nodded and took his promise to heart, making you pull him into a tight embrace. Feeling your arms wrap around him so suddenly, made his heart pound.

He was speechless from this simple act of affection from you. Butterfly roamed his stomach by the time he felt your cheek pressed against his neck and slowly it was harder for him breathe.

You felt his arms slowly wrapping around you and you sighed in relief, thanking him for all of it.

You don’t know how long it had been since your last hug but it was a long one and you were grateful for it. So was he but slowly he knew it had to come to stop before it went too far and made him do the wrong move to you.

He subtly pulled away and chuckling, said,“Here…got you a snack…it’s all yours…”

He reached inside his pocket and brought out a bag of salted cookies, showing it off like it was a prize he won.

You chuckled at him, finding it unbelievable he was that caring. You gladly grabbed the bag and quickly opened it to start eating, slowly accepting that it was alright to feel the way you did.

He smiled and felt his heart at ease, seeing you chow down so eagerly on the light late night snack and in a cheerful tone asked you,“How do you feel? Happy?”


“Don’t speak with your mouth full! You idiot…Just nod, if you’re happy…”

You laughed and did just as he asked, making him laugh as well. Swallowing your mouthful, you let out the words for him, you had in your heart for a while.

“I like you Merle…”

He smirked hearing you and looking you back in the eyes, he gave you his honest answer, only to end up approaching closer to you to emphasize his point.

“I like you too…You little baby…”

You both smiled to each other and your moment was then cut off when Daryl came looking for his older brother. Luckily, you managed to convince him to stay for a while and the three of you sat there laughing and quietly trying to pass the time until you truly felt sleepy.

It had been a sweet moment that night and for sure he’d remember it for the rest of his life. Such a shame it never happened again, he thought the day he had been handcuffed to the roof.

He regretted not pouring his heart out completely to you and had to leave you all alone so suddenly but here you were by his side again, and finally he could be at peace for the meantime.


As Philip welcomed him in, they both sat down by the couch. Offering him a beer, he gladly accept it and that’s when the other man, asked him, “So this Y/N…You really know her?”

He nodded and smiled looking away. “Of course I know her…”

“It was a sarcastic remark Merle…Just from the way you rushed to her…and the way you look at her I knew that you know her…”

He couldn’t deny the scene he made and simply nodded along.

“So tell me…How?”

At that, he told him exactly everything that came to his mind from the day he had met you. With a constant smile, a slight laugh here and there and a rather sweeter tone, he talked about you for a long while.


Finally, Merle let out the words, “I like you Merle…” and remembered each instant you said it, he let out a chuckle and continued “Those words she said them often…A constant reminder of how she felt for me…It made me happy…”

The Governor had took notice of how Merle had seem to lit up at the thought of those words and oddly, he was glad and chuckled.

“Of course it did…Look at you…”

Merle felt bashful at that point and simply wanted to let him know of how special you were and such, as he continued on.

“Trust me Governor…Once you get to know her…You’ll realize how much of a baby she is…I’m telling you you can’t just leave her alone for the day…You need to be there for her…Take care of her…”

Philip laughed at that remark and shook his head, only for Merle to be rather solemn as he added, “I don’t think I’ll ever leave her alone…She’s a baby…She needs me…”

As he listened to him, he chuckled along and Merle sighed.

“And now things are getting hard for her…And I have to figure things out to help her…If only you could help me somehow, I promised her to get back with the others, earlier when I found her…”

Taking a sip of his beer, he then let out another sigh, more exasperated than the other one and nervously chuckled at the man, sounding as if he was in disbelief.

“Really, at this point i’m just so jealous of my brother…”

Philip frowned at those words and taking a sip of his beer, Merle shrugged and let out nonchalantly, “Her boyfriend…That lucky bastard…”

At those words, Philip eyes widened in shock, not knowing what to say or think, having thought that he had been spilling his feelings this whole time for a woman that was his.


“Why is it that the happiest of moments usher in sudden fear?”










thesonicimpalasociopath  asked:

RFA and the minor trio reacting to a really unladylike female MC thank you!

No problem! I actually had a bit of trouble because I didn’t know how to interpret “unladylike”..I was scared of offending someone. I feel like women should just be who they want to be without being thought of as such. Society’s thought of a woman having to be reserved, proper, always dressed nicely, etc..in order to be “feminine” is kind of, dumb to me? I hope you see what I’m getting at. Just be who you are..

Anyways, I’m sorry for rambling. Maybe I’m thinking too deep about this, LMAO.  I hope I did this right..


  • When he first met you, you looked so gorgeous and girly, but did not expect your persona!
  • It caught him off guard at first– he was used to women more feminine, but he admired that you were different.
  • He’d always laugh whenever you mentioned your own inner “beast”.
  • If you ever felt insecure of how you were or he thought you were trying to change yourself, he’d reassure you that you were perfectly fine.
  • Nevertheless, despite you being as unladylike and rowdy as you were, you would always be his princess. Regardless of what others may think.


  • It would throw him off too at first! But it made him love you even more.
  • You liked video games just as he did! You even got angrier than he did sometimes, which really intimidated him lolol
  • “This little lady of mine..has so much rage within her wow. I’M IN LOVE.”
  • You were also just as irresponsible lmao, both of you never got anything done.
  • But hey, you guys were in this together and Yoosung wouldn’t change you even if the world depended on it because the person you already are is who he fell in love with!


  • Honestly, I feel like she would be the one to lecture you sometimes.
  • It would take some time for her to get used to, but she would never try to change you tho.
  • You used language that wasn’t “appropriate” for a lady, you wore shirts with stains, you weren’t afraid to burp aloud..
  • I think after awhile she would begin to admire how you aren’t afraid to be yourself, something she has had struggled with doing. 
  • Still, I feel like she couldn’t help but nag at you sometimes. Just know it’s coming straight from her heart and she really does love you ok. :)


  • Jumin didn’t want to tell you how to be a lady or anything, but remember this boy took etiquette classes so he knows a thing or two. 
  • When you guys were alone, he’d often let out a slight chuckle if you let out a burp or something..
  • But when you were in public, I feel like your behavior would get to him.
  • Jumin comes from a very formal background, and is a very proper person. So I feel like he would be the least tolerant of your behavior. Only asking you to make sure you keep yourself in check when around other people.
  • It doesn’t make him love you any less and you’re still his precious love! 
  • Sometimes he just can’t help it y’know, it’s something he’s not used to.
  • But despite all of that, he also learns how to let loose sometimes and not be so uptight, and to be himself more often. :)


  • You being unladylike wouldn’t bother him one bit lolol, in fact I’m pretty sure he would dig it a lot.
  • You guys would be slumped on the couch together, drinking Ph. D Pepper and seeing who could burp the loudest.
  • Or who could burp the entire Master Chef theme song
  • He still thinks of the time when you both farted in front of each other 
  • ah, that was a real milestone in our relationship
  • Anyways he would love all your quirks and just who you are as a person
  • You were literally the light of his life and he loved that you guys could be so obnoxious together.


  • He hasn’t been around many women in his life besides Rika and his horrendous mother.
  • So he would be pretty taken back.
  • “Are..are all girls like this?”
  • no bby MC is just a bit unladylike
  • He absolutely loved it though, that you weren’t one of those prissy girls.
  • Other than that, I feel like as you guys learn more about each other, he would be pretty unphased by it.
  • He wouldn’t even consider it “unladlylike”, but you just being you.
  • The beautiful, adorable, little human being that ultimately saved him.

Jihyun (V):

  • This kind, gentle soul would love you to pieces.
  • He still found everything about you absolutely gorgeous and still considered you as art.
  • Honestly, he wouldn’t have much to say or think about it. You’re just..you. And he loved it!


  • *burps*
  • “Please say excuse me.”
  • “No.”
  • siGH
  • Vanderwood thought you were interesting.
  • The women he’d encountered in his life were either pretty proper, or tried to kill him.
  • He would be like Jaehee a bit and nag you sometimes, but of course it was out of love.
  • Sometimes he swore you were a female version of Seven with how messy and irresponsible you could be.
  • He just wishes you could be a little more tidy for him y’know
  • And you would be, no worries!
  • He’d never say it, but he loved you to bits and pieces.

Requests are open!  Please do send one in! :)

goddessnayeon  asked:

top five bangdaejae headcanons? 😏

ur evil ur literally the worst friend ever i love u so much and u deserve the best in life

  1. when the three of them are alone you will more often then not find Yongguk and Youngjae talking about the state of the world together, again more often than not with Youngjae playing Devil’s Advocate since generally he agrees with Bang on most things, meanwhile Daehyun will snuggle between them (he always snuggles into Jae bc hes a shy bby around Bang but ends up in the middle somehow) and either attempts to moderate the debate or just falls asleep bc hes comfy
  2. Jae is Dae’s biggest wingman when it comes to Bang. Youngjae was instrumental in getting their three-person relationship together and constantly gets Bangdae to interact (while screaming to himself about how cute Dae is when he’s awkward)
  3. Sometimes Daehyun and Youngjae snuggle into Bang’s sides and fall asleep on him and he feels loved and warm and comfy and actually gets some sleep for once
  4. Yongguk watches DaeJae bicker with the most warm, fond look in his eyes just complete lovey dovey googly eyes
  5. Daehyun goes around constantly telling everyone how amazing his boyfriends are but the moment theyre in earshot he gets hella embarrased

ask me my top 5/top 10 anything!

your fav is problematic: will roland edition

- I honestly have no idea if what comes out of his mouth anymore is a joke or not

- holds himself on such a high pedastool yet still stays humble like what??? how???

- but also makes self-deprecating jokes like no bby only happy thoughts :(((

- is basically irl jared kleinman and idk if that’s a bad thing or not

- reminds me of a pinto bean

- an amazing actor and singer but doesn’t get recognized for it >:(((

- loves bowling more than life

- dramatic but not too dramatic if you get my jist

- a strong independent (wo)man (either works because he pulled that dress and heels better than I ever could)

- doesn’t fight for the appreciation he deserves >:((((((((((

Somehow… SOMEHOW there are over four hundred of you, and I’m??? Trying to figure out how tf that happened. How there are so many people following my trash blog and the petulant child I call my bby Jeremy Gilbert. Please know that I appreciate every single one of you, and adding new people to my mains page is open 100% of the time, and I’m always more than willing to have multiple mains of a given character. So if any of you want to just hop into my IMs and become mains for a given character, seriously, DO NOT feel shy about it, just come at me. Now- on to sending my love towards people who hands down deserve it.

The Stars

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@seesgood / LIA. my sunshine. the light of my life. jeremy’s only female crush. the only one who’s currently interacting with jamie. the one who’s willing to indulge my absolutely ridiculous headcanons and need for crack aus (*ahem*our dream daddy au*ahem*). i legitimately think that you’re the third canon blog i ever got the guts to follow from my main account, and the first blog will not be named tbh bc they are out of my life so like??? you’re so special. i don’t even know WHY you put up with me bc i’m such a trash bag but you do and i fuckin love you for it dammit.

@megapcwerful / MOM. yeah, that’s right. everyone else gets their first name and you get what i call you. it’s been a hot ass minute since either of us(ahem*you*ahem) have responded to our threads but like??? i don’t even mind all that much, because just being friends with you is a pleasure and a privilege that i love more than anything. you’re always making sure i go to bed before 6 am which honestly if you didn’t, i’d probably end up staying up so that’s a damn good thing lmao, and honestly just you caring about that crap makes me feel so special and JUST IDK I LOVE YOU ALRIGHT

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@starhaze / HOLLY. we’ve never actually written together, but you’re a light on my dash and i love watching/reading what you write. i do hope we get a chance to write together soon, because i’ve just loved watching from afar and experiencing your writing firsthand in threads would be bomb.

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This??? Is??? The??? Best??? Blog???? EVER!!!!1!2!1!!1!1!1!!1!1 I honestly adore it more than I adore basic human hygiene, which is btw a lot!!! SUCH AN AWSOME BLOG RUN BY THE ALSOMEST!!!!! Bye-bye, bby, love you more than life itself!!1!1!!1!1 💕👏🏻

oh my god im smiling so big right now fsfdkjsf this is the sweetest thing ever, thank you so so much and i love you more !!

I love Kim jongdae win all my heart and I hope he’s happy doing whatever he’s doing rn and everytime I see him breathe it just fills me with such joy. I wish him all the best in life in whatever he does and want him to know that he’s already accomplished more in his 25 years of living than most people have in their whole lives. He deserves the sun and the moon and all of the world bc he’s just worth that much

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Pffft, it’s okay, I honestly have nothing better to do with my time, esp when my foot is healing- But it sounds fun!! Thanks for the warning bby, I won’t take it lightly!! 

Random bios (mega post) || #awesomepacks || da créditos a @iconnftheader

infucknity ∞

i dont fucking want this anymore

make me stay

im not strong

die like a paradise

be strong because im not

ilysfm ☠

so what¿

☛ hi bbys ☚



☯ love me like you do ☯

☼ youre my sunshine ☼

where are my fucking fans?

☹ basic as fuck ☹

♡ im single ♡



✿ whats bio? ✿

♡ heartbreakers ♡

fake ☯


grow up dude

”i hate people i love pizza”

she can fuck u but i can fuck u better

nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all and i can fuck u too

why i’m so sad

xoxo, gossip girl

you’re only a depressive bitch

this bitch actually thinks i care 

silence is better than bullshit

i shoud have made you mine

a kiss is just a kiss until it is with someone you’ll truly miss

i call him the devil cuz he makes me wanna sin

stop romanticizing things that hurt

cause you dont destroy people you love

you’ll always have a special place in my heart

you’d leave me anyway

cause your heart deserves a whole lot more than a broken girl 

did you ever think about the promises you made?

you hurt the only one who would never hurt you

i trusted you. my mistake, not yours

sadness is a drug

cause who would love a girl with scars

you were the first love i lost

to the moon and back, remember?

you cant break a broken heart

its like you ripped my heart out

break my heart and i’ll break your x-box

my nightmares are about losing you

we are unapologetic

△ live fast die young ▽

waiting for someone to save me from me

life is beautiful, really, it is, full of beauty and illusions



perfect boys only exist in books

i didn’t know i was lost

everybody dies but not everybody lives

i trusted you. my mistake, not yours

that’s people, we arrive, consume what we can, then leave

time heals nothing, it just replaces memories

zombies eat brains, you’re safe

stars can’t shine without darkness

happiness will find you when you stop hiding

what is essential is invisible to the eye

mi ruberete tutto ma non il sorriso (me roubaste tudo mas não o sorriso)

someone once told me your eyes are the only truthful part of your body

our minds are troubled by the emptiness

soulless people

middle fingers up

some scars are ment to stay

one big school full of fake bitches

to love, is to destroy

if your eyes could speak what would they say?

dark circles has stories to tell

too vogue for you

in their last moments people show you who they really are

all monsters are human

are you living your dream?

no matter how good they are, some memories need to be forgotten

not expecting nothing from no one anymore

thanks for acting like you care

it’s not because i listen to weed i smoke miley cyrus

i was an angel looking to get fuck hard

i’ve been waiting yo meet you

stop pretending like you care, i know you dont

we get crazy every friday night

come on baby light my fire

too busy being yours to fall for somebody new

do you belive in angels? i’m yours

sorry i’m not like her

i’m suicidal, remember?

only know you love her when you let her go

why’d you let her go?

i do belive in true love, dont you?

you know you made my eyes burn

read this, thanks, now lets have sex

he’s my sun, he’s my moon

if i’m not with him, i dont wanna be with anybody

hold me tight

where was that love you used to give to me?

why is my heart broke?

we are unapologetic

love yourself first

love is keeping the promise anyway

one sick love story

i begged him to stay

i loved him, i loved him and i still love him

i’ve got red dress on tonight

dont you ever say i just waked away

when you say you love me, know, i love you more

and i love you more than i did before

my boyfriend went out with his litlle bitches, ops friends

clothes are boring, walk naked

live slow, die old

i shipp myself with pizza and coca

we live like rockstars

fucking hell

i wish i was dead

love me fuck me

dream to live

call me ice and suck me

give me a fuck

☼ pizza is my happiness ☼

welcome stalker

me aka fab

✞ i love bad boys ✞

my middle name is fab

✖ take a wish be a bitch ✖

♡ i love you more than i love pizza ♡


trust me you are a bitch

» im a white nigga «

☯ live slow die old ☯

my argument is invalid

✵ this is my life so shut up ✵

take my lollypoop


♡ pizza aka life saver ♡

cool story bro ✌


☾to the moon and back☽

♡ lol no ♡

”why so serious?”

let ♡ it ♡ be

i hate being sexy, but someone has to do it

shy in the streets, sexy in the sheets

your body is a wonderland

✝lets be nothing, I heard it lasts forever✝

△take every risk, drop every fall △

act like a lady. think like a boss

badboy, good lips

you and your heart shouldnt feel so far apart

she thinks that singing on sundays gonna save her soul

my dear, dont be sad

you are not alone

i never meant to cause you trouble

i lost my head

we believe in love, love doesnt believe us

i hate you all

i dont wanna be ugly anymore

just go with the flow

how fucking interesting tell me more

Living in the past will only fuck you up

help me, im dying

wishing to be perfect

“who says you are not perfect” “eu cachorra"

very, very gay

dude, i dont like you

no matter what, we party tonight

your smile is the best porn

who are you?

religion: pizza

♡ just hide the pain with a smile, it always works ♡

ice cream was my first love

what is it like to feel worth it?

call me baby and let me suck her tits

I was here all the time just you havent seen

suck me with black halls

hitler was evil because he cant know their idols

all people are some shit

i think i wanna fuck you

up the bitches

idiots, idiots everywhere

sleepy approved

i love your lips, they should meet mine

burning desire

dont do love, dont do friends

i breathe ddl

u only live once

you are so london

im lying at the cold hard ground

you make me sick

hashtag believe

free hugs

look at here

read this, thanks, now bring me food

thanks for reading the bio

please don’t go away

if you scared you better run

no one knows who you are

the only way i can escape is loving you

what’s up bitches

all we need in this world is some food

you have a twitter! what a loser

i dont know what i’m doing here

follow me and you will love me

i knew you were gonna come to me

don’t make me your enemy

there’s no going back

break my heart and i’ll break yours

show me yours i’ll show you mine

how dare you follow me?

the twitter ain’t big enough for both of us

not your fandom not your problem

no fc no opinion

all i need to understand is why you dont follow me

i follow rivers and you follow me

dont be a pussy

do you like my twitter? i love it

do you like my idols? i love it

i’m ready for your follow

mom help, there is people following me

the only thing i need it’s not you

i love you.. ok that is a lie

i love you hahaha ok next joke

what happends on twitter stays on twitter

there is no love for you

is anybody reading this?

i’m everything you wanted

what the hell are you doing here?

still better than you

pizza is my valentine

i have more followers than friends

you’re always on my mind

lonely hearts club

congrats for being such a asshole

i speak fluent sarcasm

show me your butt

dont be a dick

save your heart for someone who cares

where i can buy an ed sheeran? 

there’s someone in my head but its not me

i’m limited edition

i’m prada you are crocs

it’s time to leave feelings behind

i forgot my bio omg

sorry for being a queen

my butt my rules

i hope your mom disconnects your wifi

#1 most awkward human being on this planet

i’m surrounded by idiots

you keep my heart busy

you’re silly

loser in real life

love stinks

oh no, its you again

nobodys read my bio

and she smiled through the pain

dont let others influence your thoughts

dont give up on yourself

this is not wonderland and you are not alice

nothing hurts when you are dead

too young too dumb 

my illusion my mistake

sad teens with happy faces

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“Life is about making mistakes. If you don’t take chances, blindfolded and frightened as you are, you’re not really living, are you? Heartache makes you stronger. Misery is the stuff of good poetry. You’re denying yourself much more than the bad things in life by listening to Zita’s fortunes.”  
 ―Kimberly Karalius, Love Fortunes and Other Disasters          

i bet when they tell james that he was the most googled athlete of 2014, he frowns and then disappears into his hotel room and no one sees him again for the rest of the week, until the cleaning lady accidentally walks in and finds him hunched over no less than 15 different devices, all simultaneously googling “cristiano ronaldo.”

kvothes  asked:

have you seen the posts that we're going around a while back about killing horatio? if you had a production where you killed horatio how would you do it?

i would not could not kill horatio he is the love of my life and the only rational character in that entire play

but i would have him drink the remainder of the poison left over at “i am more an antique roman than a dane: here’s yet some liquor left” or try to kiss it from hamlet’s mouth if i had to stage such an evil act


favourite ladies — sansa stark

Sansa was a lady at three, always so courteous and eager to please. She loved nothing so well as tales of knightly valor. Men would say she had my look, but she will grow into a woman far more beautiful than I ever was, you can see that. I often sent away her maid so I could brush her hair myself. She had auburn hair, lighter than mine, and so thick and soft… the red in it would catch the light of the torches and shine like copper.

everyone is so excited about kisumi the bae shigino but tbh i’m still waiting for the day zaki makes an appearance like

gimme aki yazaki catching crabs with haru and makoto at the beach

gimme aki yazaki laughing whenever someone makes fun of rin

gimme aki yazaki holding nagisa back from trespassing school grounds at 3 am

gimme aki yazaki

Follow Forever ♡

asikgsjdfgtadg okay, so. i’ve just hit 1.5k followers so i felt it would be a good time to do my first follow forever… unfortunately, one thing i’d like to point out is that quite a few of these followers are inactive or deactivated from when my blog was still one direction-centric which is why i never made one of these before. for those of you who are active and do follow me for my content, thank you so much for supporting me and my work! i honestly can’t thank you guys enough(: so anyway, below the cut is everyone i will definitely follow forever.

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