i love you more than i love air

The Journey ~ Chapter One

Author’s Note: This is my first fic! Thank you they-loved-eachother-recklessly for getting me into writing! This is also my first multi chapter fic. It’s been awhile since I have written, so excuse my grammar and punctuation and other types of errors. I have been listening to I Was Made For Loving You by Tori Kelly all day on repeat so I have added more than I originally planned but it’s okay because I really like how this came out! 

It was the third night of their Paris vacation. Kym stood by the window looking out at the lighted night sky, feeling the crisp fresh air on her face. Kym turned around and looked at the man of her dreams, sitting on the bed checking his phone. She crossed her arms, leaned her head on the window, smiling as she thought to herself, How did I get so lucky?

Robert glanced up and noticed her staring at him with a twinkle in her eyes. He caught her gaze and smiled back. After a few short moments Robert put his phone down on the nightstand and walked over to her. He kissed her as she turned around and he put his arms around her waist. He rested his head on her shoulder as they looked out on the beautiful Paris night illuminated with lights. The Eiffel Tower, the way it lighted the night sky. They stood there for what seemed like hours but was just minutes. Robert kissed the back of Kym’s head, breathing in the sweet smell of her, whispered sweet nothings in her ear and kissed her neck, which made her smile and giggle. Robert leaned back against the window and took a deep breath .

    “Is everything okay?” Kym asked as she rested her head on Robert’s chest.

    “Yeah everything is fine.”

    “Well, then, what is on your mind?”


    “You don’t take a deep breath like that and not have something on your mind.” Kym said glancing up at Robert, waiting for his response.

    “I’m just wondering, I mean I know you can’t keep your eyes off a good lookin’ guy like me,” Kym smacked his arm and they both laughed. “Why were you staring at me?” Kym turned around and put her arms around Robert’s neck and looked at him.

    “Because I love you,” She began to say softly, “and I was thinking to myself.”

    “What were you thinking?”

    “How lucky I am to have you.”

    “I’m the lucky one.” Robert kissed Kym and looked into her eyes as she smiled, which made him smile.


    “Yes baby?”

    “Do you still feel the same, as before?” Robert raised an eyebrow in confusion.

    “About what?”

    “Getting married and having children.” Robert looked at Kym in shock as if she thought he was having doubts.

    “Baby of course I feel the same. Why would you ask such a thing?” This time Kym was the one that took a deep breath.

    “It’s just…” She paused and looked down toward her feet, resting her head on his chest, moving her arms to his waist.

    “Kymmie you can tell me anything. What’s the matter?” Robert asked as he lifted her head by her chin, looking back in her eyes to see that she had gotten a little emotional. He moved the strand of hair  in front of her face behind her ear.

    “I was engaged before and I thought we were going to get married and have kids,” She paused. “Things happened-”

    “Kym,” Robert cut her off, putting his hands on her arms. “I’m not going anywhere. I love you.” She smiled as he kissed her forehead. He moved his arms back around her waist as she placed one of her hands on his chest and the other on his shoulder, just dangling over and rubbing the back of his neck.

    “I love you more.” They smiled at each other. Robert sighed.

    “So you really want to marry me and have my kids?” Robert asked Kym jokingly, as they both laughed.

    “I can’t imagine being with anyone else. Being married to anyone else. Having kids with anyone else. Spending the rest of my life with anyone else.” She smiled at Robert still rubbing the back of his neck.

    “I can’t imagine it either.” Robert said as he leaned forward and kissed Kym. He kissed her again, this time more passionately. The kissing intensified. Robert moved to Kym’s neck, her breathing becoming more heavy as he touched her and kissed her in all the right places. He picked her up and carried her to the bed and gently put her down. They looked into each other’s eyes.

    “Robert, make love to me.” He kissed her as she laid back on the bed. They removed each other’s clothes, one by one, taking their time. Robert admired every part of Kym’s body. Every inch. With their clothes scattered on the floor, they laid there under the blanket, feeling each other’s exposed body against each other, looking into each other’s eyes. Robert was on top of Kym, who laid comfortably underneath him, smiling at him. He moved a strand of hair out of her face. Slowly he leaned in and began to kiss her. Her lips, her neck, back to her lips. Deep, slow passionate kisses, and explored her body with his hands, getting her more excited. Robert teased her, still kissing and touching. She tried to last longer, and almost gave in when a wave of pleasure burst through her body.


The next  morning Robert woke up with Kym’s head resting on his chest, still asleep. As Robert looked at Kym he thought of the time they’ve spent, their Dancing With The Stars experience, the times they’ve made love, their little spontaneous getaway vacation to Palm Springs. He moved his hand to her head and started gently rubbing it, playing with the little bit of hair between his fingers. He stared out the window and thought of their future. Their wedding day, the location, the details, her dress , their children, what they would look like, what they would be like, where they would live. He imagined all the wonderful memories they would make. He looked back at Kym. The way he felt about her, their love, he just knew. He was going to marry her.


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You know one thing that I love? When Dan laughs so hard at something that he kinda runs out of air and just SQUEAKS, more often than not accompanied with seal-like clapping. That. I love that. <3

Ohhh, that’s one of my favorite things, too!  The squeaking never fails to make me laugh. 

My other favorite thing re: Dan’s laugh is when he gets so tickled he can hardly speak, but he tries to talk and his voice comes out at a much higher pitch than usual (ie. the D-Club episode where he’s like “What do you mean ‘escalate’?!”). Dan’s laugh is basically puppies for your ears.


my grand parents house

they live there alone with hard difficulties ( market is far from house and no water )

my uncles suggest to them to come live in algiers where life is easier

my grand father said: i cant, its impossible , i don’t even know how you can live in such a city, its all noisy and polluted, here i will stay until the end of my life, mountains is where i belong :’)

Algeria - Bejaia - Toudja village

Hey there! So, being that times could be called ‘hectic’ now more than ever I wanted to say a little something in regards to that. My dear friends, no matter what happens on this planet, we must thrive to be that love in the air. Do not be afraid to love wholly, for in that lies the path to transformation on a grand scale. The universe is urging us to unite and join hands instead of dividing further and further. We cannot possibly hope to survive if we keep hurting ourselves. Look within your heart and realise that love is the answer. Ask that your true self be revealed more and more each day with the passing moments. Give birth to the beautiful essence that makes you 'you’. Do not fear, for everything is happening exactly as it is meant to, and so long as we continue forward on our path of understanding and growth we can unleash our infinite potential. The universe’s love spreads across all dimensions and all religions. God does not practice favoritism, as no one person is better than another in the eyes of creation. I love you radically, and I accept you as a brilliant being of light. Now, go out there and change the world! It all starts within; have a wonderful day 😌🙏🏼

— ॐ शान्तिः —

short story

i want my work to be revolutionary
all the art loved by me has had to be
i think we can all be
are meant to be
i hate that the word revolutionary is
enmeshed in politics & war i
want it to be differences &
to consider laughter
more unique than fingerprints
smiles their toothy skylines

i want to be human again
naked eating fruit sleeping naked
there is no air
only smoke
no one loves you summer
but i do because you’re all i have
a really clean house
or maybe a cat
i am unable to tolerate our
cannibalistic barbarism a moment
i will

i hate shapes & don’t see them very
often in things
i am the only object in my life
the small of his back
makes me slippery
i am morbid & this makes me sexy
because they are too
it is soft it is smooth it is shiny
there are tiny strawberries
freckles also fine hair
kisses belong there or my
fingers or my cheek

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Do you believe in love? (I'm not just asking a common question. Think about it before you answer. By the way, I STILL think you're a goddess for being so goddamn nice.)

First of all, I love you, you are amazing. *blows kisses and air hugs madly*

Personally, I don’t. I don’t look at love and relationships as precious, perpetual things. Everything has an end, love more often than anything else. Above all, humans are selfish creatures that can never truly put someone else before themselves. Love is a mixture of chemicals that goes away as soon as you become accustomed to someone. The things you loved become horrible and irritating. That jealousy that was once so endearing and cute is now dark and oppressive. His constant phone calls are no longer a sign of his love. Any relationship I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness has possessed an extremely unhealthy dynamic and I refuse to put up with any of it in my life.

I’m all for happy endings in relationships when it comes to movies, tv, books - but thats just because they dont exist for me in reality.


Baldwin House by Vanessa Pius ‘17, Perennial B-Haus Council Member 

I think it’s about time I told ya’ll a little bit about the best house on campus – my house! Baldwin is a rocking place to live. It’s practically in town, and right next door to the Hungry Ghost bakery (I love working on the porch swing and inhaling the bread smells wafting through the air). Baldwin houses 73 residents, some of whom are my best friends (if you’ve been following me for a while you’ve read all about Katie, Aliza, and Quincy!). There’s nothing I look forward to more than Friday afternoons at 4 when I get to curl up on the couch in front of the fire and eat treats with the lovely people who live in my house during tea. I’ve written some posts about tea before, but some of our annual teas include pumpkin carving tea, warm and fuzzy tea, and sib reveal tea. This year we also had a sexuali-tea and an archives tea – both very enjoyable and informative!

Baldwin always has the best themes for our winter and spring weekends, which Groove A Cappella usually performs at. Our winter weekend this year was themed Yule Baldwin and spring was Midsummer’s Night Dream – we’ll take any opportunity to don flower crowns and frolic throughout the house.

There’s so much more to Baldwin than I can cram into one post, partly because I find the community both super chill and very up-for-anything. Spontaneous post-Winter Weekend hunt for milkshakes downtown? I’ll grab my coat. Frolicking in the rain when it finally breaks the humidity in early September? We’re zipping out the door. Dance party study break? Always.

Baldwin House has been a the place where I’ve laughed the hardest and stayed up the latest, having deep conversations about philosophy, love, politics, life, everything. The house is always full of music and homemade food and people who want to hang out with you. I can’t wait to meet all the new Baldwinites so we can share these beautiful experiences and traditions with you!

(photos courtesy of my camera and Facebook stalking skills)

This is one post in a series about all the different Smith Houses! I’m determined to do all of them before I leave for Denmark next month.


I’m going fucking insane. I can hear the gears rotating in my brain when I see pictures of you, ticking. Clicking. I hear your fucking voice in songs you do not sing, and I crave your fucking scent each day even more than the last, I just do not know what to do anymore. I feel crazy and people think im fucking phsyco but i’m just in love, i’ve never been so fucking in love. It’s like if love were an ocean i’d be drowning for you. And I dont wanna come up for air.

Im sorry I let us fall apart but you need to know I was never ready to loose you and you. Lately I’ve been feeling so empty without you here , lately I’ve been drowning in my own tears. I miss the way you make me feel and the passion that we shared, you’re so beautiful to me and I just can’t seem to let go of us. I’m also sorry it was never easy holding my hand but you were so driven and I had child-like faith that helped both of us create something beautiful. Your humble spirit and kind personality made me fall in love with you even more than I already was. You came to me with loving arms and a heart so beautiful, you added the fire to my air that made me feel warm and secure. I need you to know I have always loved you and haven’t stopped. I never wanted it to end like this and Im sorry it did. You gave me a lifetime’s worth of intimacy and I hope that someday we will reunite again as one, Goodbye love
—  A Note To the Aries
Loving someone more than they love you will always put you in the emergency room. Your heart would fucking break so severe that it will need time to heal . Your eyes will makes its own ocean & it will be called the ocean of tears. Loving someone more than they love you would be an endless feeling of fuck,fuck,fuckity fuck fuck what am I doing wrong? Loving someone more than they love you will have you suffocating for air and they wouldn’t even care loving someone more than they love you will always put you in the emergency room,
—  I wished you loved me back
Saw Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Today

I must say it has been far too long since I saw a film in theaters I enjoyed so much, much less an action film.

•The lady character, Ilsa. God I love her. She was treated almst as well as Mako from Paicfic Rim. At no point was she shown to be weaker than Ethn; she saves his ass several times. Her air of mystery was kept very well in the first half of the film, and her personality, while it could have been fleshed out more, was very clear. She wasn’t really a “love interest”, and had more of a friendship based on respect with romantic undertones with Ethan. And that move when she snaps people’s ndck with her legs? Unf. There is one scene where you see her panties unecessarily, but it is minor and I think unintentional. Love her.

•I haven’t seen the other films, but Simon Pegg’s character was great. Just great. (Also I ship Ethan x Benji. No fucks given)

•Brant is everyone’s dad. He even turned a chair around and sat against the back (you know the move I mean)

•The call back at the end was A+

•My only issue was the villian. He was creepy I guess, but one dimensional. He served his “bad guy” purpose well enough.

Throughly loved this. The action pumped me up so bad I was jittery after leaving the theater.

1. coming home to you is like walking into an air-conditioned room after hours spent in the sun

2. when you’re not around, I always lay on your side of the bed, clutching your pillows and rubbing your smell onto me and my scent onto the fabric

3. our first apartment together has turned out to be more than I could have ever asked for. I adore the sight of my stuff placed next to yours in our room and all over the apartment

4. what I’m trying to say here is: I would wait up for you as long as it takes you to come home; and I would share my slice of cake with with even after you had eaten your own; and I will kiss you every month on the day we got together, just to remind you of how much you still light a blazing fire in my heart every single time that I see you

well now that the week is over is time to show off my birthday presents for myself that arrived home!!XD again, if you didnt know, im a showoff

Watanuki’s figure at last, which I just got on its own cause the magazine was too expensive mehXD and a new Roxas pendant thats actually as big and well done as the one he actually has

did you know its the anniversary of digimon? CAUSE MERCHANDISE HEAVEN ARRIVED and I needed to have this more than I needed air ok? okXD I will get the digivices too eventually

and some Free!! figures cause I love this series too muchXD ill get more eventually

its Ace!!!god I loved FF type-0 XD so muchXD I knew I needed this when I played that gameXD

guess who isnt over pandora hearts yet? yeaaahXD remember hwo the watch was so important at the start and then it kinda disappeared?XD 

and a FF type-0 flag!!! yes, this exists, I LOVE IT XD 

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I feel horrid I've been vegan for a while but keep binge eating...I just ate tons of oily chinese food, chocolate, cereal, greasy and salty crisps, and a load of other crap. tons of oil and salt and fat and it was definitely over 5,000 calories :( how do I bounce back from this and feel better??

hey lovely :) we all have times when we eat lots more or differently than we normally do! tonight i had a load of crisps and curry and oreos dipped in speculoos haha, so i’m feeling a bit bloated and uncomfortable too!! the calories really don;t matter lovely, honestly your body is super smart and knows exactly how to use these calories to benefit you!! 

wake up tomorrow, drink some water, eat a full, healthy breakfast with some fresh fruit thrown in there, and fill your day tomorrow with positivity and light! smell some flowers, breathe some fresh air, get sweaty a lil bit and eat lots of yummy, healthy plants! your body will bounce back quicker than you think xx

Don’t Let Me Fall In Love

I”m unsure what to expect in the days to come,
with our toes in the water and our heads in the clouds.
I can say that we’ll count the stars one by one and make wishes
on each as we kiss beneath the moonlight,
but I don’t want to fool myself into thinking too highly of your blue eyes…
I want to enjoy the sunsets but I fear you’ll be too much of a distraction.
I hope I don’t fall more for you as we fall in love with the nature surrounding us,
two hearts connecting just as close as the air between.
I hope to hold your hand, hold you close in the night,
tell you about my fears of being lost in space and my dreams of conquering the moon.
I fear being in the open will only make me become more open.
I don’t know if I can take becoming vulnerable with you any more than I already have.
Please don’t make me fall in love with you unless you intend to cradle me softly the way the water will carry our souls into rivers,
our words carrying out onto the water for miles, souls connected, hearts connected…together.
Please don’t let me fall in love with you..