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C, you know when dogs want your food and they start making these cry noises, but it also sounds like a little bark, and they keep opening and closing their mouths, complaining 'till it's like too much air and they yawn? I love dogs.

I love dogs more than people. Not more than Harry though, I love Harry and dogs an equal amount ♡

Nothing (Jungkook/Reader)


Genre: Angst

Words: 1,779

Author: Admin Nan

Summary: “W-what?” You stood there stunned, staring back at your boyfriend who couldn’t even looked at you in the eye. (Trigger: slight mature content, cheating, heartbreak)

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“And you?” asked Kate. “Your brother is righteous, your sister is scattered. What does that make you?”
When August answered, the word was small, almost too quiet to hear. “Lost.” He exhaled, and it seemed to take more than air out of him. “I’m what happens when a kid is so afraid of the world he lives in that he escapes the only way he knows how. Violently.”

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2 with Bucky and a sick reader?

shout out to @mculove for giving me inspiration to get these out to you all who asked for these. I’m so sorry there all so late!!! 

But nevertheless I love you all so much 

Bucky tried to hold your long curled locks that kept slipping from his metal arm as you had your head thrown over the marbel toliet. “H-Hair… tie.” You cried, pushing away his hand, Bucky looked sadly over at his wife that cried as she had another wave of nausea hit her once more. 

     It had been hours, and nothing was working in helping the stomach that refused to give up. By now; *YN* was throwing up nothing. Just air, and Bucky was scared that soon it would something more than that and then they’d need more than just Bruce’s new nausea medication and a cold, wet cloth over the back of her neck. Grabbing a tie, he rubbed *YN*’s back again; this time with his cold hand that made the rumbling noise in her stomach somewhat barriable. Softly, Bucky his let cold, soothing fingers rake down your back, whispering how sorry he was, for the pain you had to go through. “I’m so sorry, baby… I wish I could be the one with this, you don’t deserve this…” 

With a cough, spit and flush, you threw yourself into Bucky’s arms unexpectedly, as the cold metal pressed onto your skin, a sigh lifted out from your throat and drifted out your dried lips. 

This was the only time Bucky allowed this arm to touch your silky skin, let alone sooth you.

 “I’m sorry, Bucky…” Looking down at your small body shaking in his arms, he saw tears falling from your eyes. The dark circles around your beautiful *YEC* were shaking from your eyelids trying to close from exhaustion. “Hey, hey, your alright.. come on doll. It’ll be alright. Bruce said the remedy will be ready in an hour.” 

“Baby, please.” his voice breaking, Bucky wet the cloth again in ice cold water again, pulling you back into his arms tightly and placing the cloth back onto your eyes. making you smile a bit but again it turned down in a frown, as the nausea sat in your stomach still. 

Fuck the flu. 

“Buck- can you.. get me back into the bed, nothing else can possibly be in my stomach…” 

       “It’s done, Buck.” You panted, folding into Bucky as much as you could. “Are you sure babes?” Nodding, Bucky accepted and got up with you, helping you take the cloth off your eyes, and guide you back to your bed. But you’d been sitting on the bathroom floor for god know’s how long, and sudden blood rushing to your head caused you to suddenly let go of Bucky and feel stars in your eyes blind you like a shining light suddenly pointed at you. 

But you had the one man who could catch you faster if this was a cliff off the Applacian Trails. 

Bucky felt your body go slack and picked you up in one sweep: carrying you bridal style back to bed. “Buc-buck I’m fine, I- I.. it was fro-” Laying you on your side of the bed, Buck smiled at you before kissing your forehead softly, 

“Shh, don’t worry doll. I’ve always got you.”



Sorry this was so bad omg! I’m rusty :/ but I promise it’ll get better… 

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I am taking commissions!

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Thanks for stopping by! :)



“And you?” asked Kate. “Your brother is righteous, your sister is scattered. What does that make you?” 

When August answered, the word was small, almost too quiet to hear. “Lost.” He exhaled, and it seemed to take more than air out of him. “I’m what happens when a kid is so afraid of the world he lives in that he escapes the only way he knows how. Violently.”

Fear (Jimin X Reader)

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Author’s note: If you guys meet someone you like and they like you back, hold on to them. Don’t let them slip away like that. Second chances at love might not come so easily.
Quote: “We only accept the love we think we deserve” - Perks of being a wallflower.
You deserve way more than getting hurt by the one you love all the time. You are worth it.

I might or might not write a part 2 for this. It somehow feels a bit incomplete.

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2020 (pretty number)

Part 1 l 2

It was too late.

These four words stuck onto you as you saw the man you were in love with kissing another woman. Was he cheating on you? No. Who were you? Just a girl that screwed up her chance to be with him. 


“Drink up guys!” you raised your shot of vodka up in the air and gulped it down.

“Slow down, y/n.” Jimin said while you lost your balance. He had caught you just in time before you hit the floor.

This night was like every other. You were drinking to forget. It was easier that way. The alcohol in your blood blurred out your thoughts and doubts. But the one thing you couldn’t deny was that the alcohol could not numb the pain in your heart. 

It has been a month since the break up. One month since you caught your boyfriend cheating on you. He didn’t even bother to explain. He broke up with you on the spot. The fact that he did it without any hesitation didn’t make things easier for you. To him you were something that he could so easily throw away. It was as if you were nothing to him. 

Honestly, you were scared of the thoughts inside your head. To keep your sanity, you drank to keep them away. You have done so much to build your self confidence and self esteem yet it took a matter of seconds for him send it all crumbling down. Now you ask yourself everyday why weren’t you worth it? Why was the other girl better than you? Were you not enough?

“I think you have had enough for the night y/n.” Jimin took away the shot glass from you.

“No, the night is still young. C’mon lets have some fun.”

“You do know you’ll regret all of this tomorrow when you wake up from a splitting headache.”

You wanted to tell him that you have regretted waking up everyday for the past month.

“That’s tomorrow’s problem. Don’t be such a party pooper, Jimin.”

“I care for you, that is why we are leaving now.” he grabbed your hand and helped you out of the club.

Once you got into the taxi, you fell asleep on Jimin’s shoulder. He knew of your break up and he understood how hard it was for you. You had this wall built around your heart and yet the first person you let in, broke your heart. In front of people you may seem fine, like you were moving on but he knew inside you were still hurting a lot. The worst part was after the break up, you pushed friends who wanted to help away. 

You pushed him away.

Carefully, he helped you out of the taxi and brought you home. It hurt him to see you in this state. He had never liked your ex but often convinced himself to be happy for you as long as you were happy. When he found out about your break up he was angry with that bastard for cheating on you but he realized that you can finally fall in love with someone that gives you his all.

Someone like him.

He tucked you in bed and saw traces a of heart break all over your house. Although you put up a front that you are doing well and moving on but the tissues by your bedside said differently. The photos of you and your ex sprawled out on the floor said differently. He wished that you would understand that it was okay to admit that you were hurting. It is what makes you human. 

Your thoughts got to you in the end. You knew you couldn’t run away from it for long anyways. Deep down you were scared of what was to come. You didn’t know how to move on. It was easy to act like you were, but you knew you were still stuck in time, unable to move on. Some people say sleep it off and you’ll feel better. But all that happened was you dreamed of him again night after night and in your dreams you reconciled. You’d wake up feeling more empty than ever realizing that it was not real.

With the help of time you got a bit better. Soon, you removed traces of your ex from your life bit by bit. The feeling of being inferior stayed there though. The feeling that you’re not good enough. But as long as you don’t think about it, you can pretend that its not there right? During this hard phase of your life you were blessed with two friends by your side.

After “getting through” everything you invited Jimin and Jieun for dinner to thank them. You knew that you were a hard person to be friends with because of how closed up you were, but even after seeing how you were they decided to stay by your side. You picked a very nice restaurant in the the heart of Seoul that overlooks the city. 

“I can’t stay for dessert guys, Kyle’s car broke down so I gotta go pick him up now or not he’ll look so pathetic stranded on the streets.” Jieun said while grabbing her things to leave.

“Okay, take care. Talk you to soon?” you replied

“Yeah. Bye guys.” she waved at you and Jimin while rushing out of the restaurant.

So you and Jimin enjoyed your dessert while admiring the beautiful city lights at night. Jimin thought you looked gorgeous tonight, in your elegant black dress. He loved everything about you. How your eyes twinkle when you smile. How your dimples showed when you smile. How you’d unknowingly play with your fingers when you were nervous. He noticed it all.

“There’s this place that I found that day that’s really pretty a night. Wanna go see?” he asked as the both of you stepped out of the restaurant.

“Sure.” Jimin always had cool places that he found. 

The place was within walking distance from the restaurant. He led you to a small path that was leading to a higher ground. He helped you up the steep steps and you were presented with a vast garden of greenery. 

“We’re lucky that there’s no clouds tonight. You can see the stars clearly.” 

You were star struck at the beautiful sight. The moon and the stars have always fascinated you. It felt magical that they were all the way up there when you were down here. You laid down on the grass not caring about the soil or insects. Tonight, you wanted to admire the sky. 

Jimin laid down beside you and saw how you had a big smile on your face. To him, you looked the prettiest when you were happy. He was glad that he decided to share with you this special place. This place was somewhere that he came to when things were too suffocating for him. Tonight was special and extremely important to him. 

He was going to confess.

“A whole lot have happened lately right?” he sat up.

“Hmmm…” you shut your eyes and took a deep breath of the night air.

You felt something soft on your lips. Your eyes immediately opened and saw that Jimin was less than an inch away from you. He moved his lips, that was when the kiss started to feel right. You shut your eyes again and moved your lips with his. A little voice in your head was telling you to stop. What does kissing him mean? For once, you disregarded the little voice and enjoyed the moment.

When he finally broke away from you, you were blushing. He looked you in the eye and said:

“I like you. I know you’ve been through a lot but if you just give me a chance, I’ll make you the happiest woman alive.”

The little voice in your head came back. He was too good for you. You didn’t deserve him. He would just leave you like your ex boyfriend did. You didn’t need the pain again. You weren’t good enough for him. 

You broke the eye contact and said words that you would come to regret.

“I’m sorry Jimin. I can’t…” You got up and quickly left. He went after you grabbing onto you not leave. But you couldn’t. What if he breaks you too?

“Let me go Jimin.” you bit the inside of your lips to stop the tears. You struggled free and left.


It had been two weeks since that night. There wasn’t a day that passed that you didn’t think of him. Jimin was an amazing guy. He cheered you up when you down. He always had a shoulder for you to cry on. He was just way better than you were. You were sure that he could find someone else better than you that actually deserved him. 

The doorbell rang and it snapped you out from your thoughts. You were not expecting any guest today. A part of you was hoping that it was Jimin.

“Hey y/n!” Jieun greeted you once you opened the door.

How dumb can you be? Why would it be Jimin anyways.

“Hey Jieun. Whats up?”

“You forgot didn’t you.” she placed a bag of junk food on your kitchen counter.

“What did I forget?”

“We were suppose to hangout tonight?”

“It was today? Sorry… I just have a lot on my mind lately.”

“Hmm… its okay. So what is up with you huh? You’ve been so distracted lately.”


“Come on, we’ve been through so much together. i think I deserve more than that response.”

“It just that…. Ah its nothing.” 

“Is it… Jimin?…”

You looked her in the eye as if it would give you answers to how she knows or why she knows.

“I just know… I mean you guys like each other right?”

“How can you tell?”

“By the way he looks at you and how you look at him. Its written all over your faces. Anyone can see that you two are in love.”

“That night… when you left to pick up Kyle, he confessed.” you opened up.


“I said no.”


“I don’t know… its just weird.” you lied. You knew exactly why you said no.

“Do you know how hard is it to find someone whom you like and that person likes you back too? Seven billion people out there and you fall of him. Don’t you think that’s sort of a sign.”

“I don’t know… I just…”

“You do know you can tell me anything right. I’m always here for you y/n”

You felt the tears trickling down. The emotions you had been bottling up, burst out. Jieun saw the tears. You never cried in front of anyone. You once told her that crying was a sign of weakness and vulnerability. 

“I'm… scared…”

Jieun hugged you and pat you gently on the back.

“I’m so scared of getting hurt again. I’m so scared he’ll leave me too.”

“I’m scared one day he’ll wake up and realized that he doesn’t love me anymore.” you continued.

You held on tightly to her, crying it all out. 

We’re all scared y/n. We don’t know what will happen in future. But we’re willing to give it a shot. You’re not alone.”

You broke the hug and wiped up your tears.

“Sometimes you just gotta trust your heart. Trust that he will be the one who puts a smile on your face every day.” she said.

“Thanks Jieun… but its too late isn’t it?”

“Not if you go get him now.” she pulled you up from the couch and pushed you into the bathroom.

“Wash your face and go find him. Don’t let love slip away.”

You decided to listen to Jieun. She was right. People get scared. That is what holds them back most of the time. The past two weeks, your heart has been telling you to trust yourself. Trust that he won’t break you. 


You stood outside his house looking from afar at two figures embracing. It was too late. 

Love had slipped by.

Going through some CMVS pictures, you really have to admire their variety.

Of course you’ve got standard ones for purchase like Arcade Works’ Omega and Analogue Interactive’s offerings which are a little more in line with traditional designs:

But you also have more minimalist takes

Even designed for where the systems are smaller than the games.

No concerns over exposed boards? Even better

And if you just had an actual complete board from a machine make a few modifications and it’s good to go

Don’t want to leave too much in open air but don’t have a whole lot of molding experience? Gut something else, it’s fine

Don’t have even that but an old military surplus store nearby? Also fine, no worries

I love the creativity.

ENTER MUSHY THINGS HERE.   as cliche as this sounds, creating this blog and coming into this fandom on a WHIM was a big change for me.  at least in all the other fandoms i’ve been in, i was familiar with a lot of people.  but it NEVER suspected i would be welcomed like i was.  AS IT TURNS OUT i didn’t need to have prior friends to feel comfortable here, because i made friends so quickly with all of you lovely people !!  this fandom has been a breath of fresh air in compared to the rest of my blogs, and i have NEVER been so excited to be part of a community.  THANK YOU SO MUCH !!

THE COOL PART.   because i’m still pretty new to making graphics, i’m not gonna pretend these are the shit or anything, but i’m more than glad to help others out. ( one ) winner will recieve a THEME background + coding, and a HEADER or PROMO banner or 100 ICONS.  ( two ) winners will recieve a THEME background and a HEADER or PROMO banner.      theme background examples can be found at: promethivm.

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There are a hundred trillion cells in the human body, and every single one of the cells of my body loves you. We shed cells, and grow new ones, and my new cells love you more than the old ones, which is why I love you more every day than I did the day before. It’s science. And when I die and they burn my body and I become ashes that mix with the air, and part of the ground and the trees and the stars, everyone who breathes that air or sees the flowers that grow out of the ground or looks up at the stars will remember you and love you, because I love you that much.
—  Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire

How can I wash away this longing in my chest or this crippling sadness or this debilitating depression or this painful feeling of going crazy? How the hell can I shut this out of my god damn skull? I’m completely lost right now and I have no way to find myself anymore, I’ve done as much as I can and yet I still wish for nothing more than for this pain and emptiness to fade away, I wish for you to want me the same way I want you and yet I know that’s naive. I know it’s naive to trust you and yet I can’t do anything else but that when it comes to you. Some say love is the slowest form of suicide but I’d beg to differ, it’s more than that, it’s drowning only to be resuscitated and then to willing to drown yourself over and over again just to feel that euphoria that comes when air is forced back into your lungs again and you suddenly feel the amazing feeling of being able to breathe again

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Can you write a Romeo and Juliet type of thing, like love that is impossible

These words may always
bridge promises through light
behind the clouds, but time is
measured in the weight of sorry;
we are the organic decomposition
of waiting for air to write goodbye
a reason. I know your smile
better than my own & every
mirror may be cracked, but I
still practice your name; & though
we saved kisses from stars
cutting out forever, darkness
held you tighter than I & my heart
will never learn,

it loves more than it should

The concept of the old gods – of myth and folklore – and the new ones, things we’ve deified by unknowing worship, like Media – is also relevant to an issue that Fuller wanted to address, the gaping lack of human connection and loss of empathy that the internet, as a world of its own, fosters. “They proliferate a climate of hate, and I think we can all do better,” he challenged, going on to air his worries about the absence of love and absence of tolerance. American Gods will tackle topical themes in an attempt to fight hate – you can expect to see issues like gun control, women’s rights, the misuse of social media, racial politics and more be tackled head on, along with the overlying theme of faith and belief – that everybody believes in something, and that it’s okay to believe in whatever gets you through the day. However, it’s not all grim – Fuller actually promises that the show is funnier than the book, with more dark comedy aspects.

Bryan Fuller on @americangods 

I’m sooooo here for this!

I’ll never forget the last day I spent with you. there was a different feeling in the air and I could tell this was going to be the end. but what I didn’t know was that you would be with someone new within a week. how did it take me more than a year to get over you, when you needed less than a week to get over me? I guess I should’ve saw it coming. I should’ve known when you stopped closing your eyes when you kissed me. and when I no longer became the happiness in your heart. I loved you. I loved you more than you’ll ever know. I took you back when you hurt me, yet I was the one apologizing for hurting you so much that you felt the need to hurt me. it made sense at the time but why did I let you control me like that? I was so in love with you that I didn’t notice the negative impact our relationship was having on me. I constantly questioned the fact if you ever even loved me. how could you move on from someone you loved for 2 years in seven days. how could I be your worst mistake? how did I just vanish from our life as if never mattered? maybe you didn’t love me after all. maybe you got used to me being around and you got tired of me when someone else came along. maybe I’ll never know what I truly meant to you.