i love you more than air

rileyomalley asked:

Were it not obvious, it was the sheer spookiness of your OC. Mister Chimney was one of the first (along with Haley's Dark) that caught my eye with his air of spookiness, and how you presented him really hit it on my creepy aesthetic. Then seeing that belly mouth just REALLY DID IT, cause I love the strange bizarre traits like that so much. That and his snarky attitude :P

o3o! Thank you Riley! I’ve put so much effort and time into his character and appearance, more than I ever thought I would a character so it means a lot that people adore him so much. It means I must be doing somethin right, right? Lol.  He’s even help me expand my drawing abilities since I started drawin him back in ‘13, so it’s all a win win situation i believe. :3

peapicklepopper asked:

Just sayin, I think it would be hilarious to create a cult around Howl. Our holy books would be the three Books of Howl: Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Air, and House of Many Ways, written by our prophet Diana Wynne Jones.

Okay, you have no idea how much my friend pedagogy2018 and I have talked about doing this. Like….a lot. We always call Howl “Lord Howl” and refer to a guy (who literally is Howl irl) as one of his prophets and that we desperately wish to be priestesses of our Lord Howl Pendragon. I love the idea wayyy more than a normal human should xD

How far does the universe go in order to fit two matches that have burned so many bridges down before them, together?

Perhaps the universe erases the things involving your sense because another’s insanity is more beautiful than the blurred constellations. Engraved into every bone are the stars that once danced between the moon and grey clouds, the way you moved through my bloodstream like an overflowing river. Love is their air, their smoke, their love buried into your lungs. but it never suffocates you. It may hit you with lightning strikes and rumbles of thunder through your arteries, but the colors of the sun flood your ghostly being each and ever time.

It is the fact that this love creates a hole inside your ribcage and it lies there. breathing with every beat like blood connections, your heart is always attached to them like they are clouds, and every inch of their frame is heaven. and you need it. Their eyes are stained blue like the sky, their lips burn red, and their bones light burning fires the colors of black and blue. They are the only lover that looks at you with fires in their eyes, passion in their hearts, and their fingertips touch your skin like a magician creates illusions in your mind. and dreams inside every crevasse that hasn’t had the chance to enclose.

Love is bleaching the stars the color of their skin, and writing their name in each of them because they create moonlight in your dark spots and that re-lights you every morning like wild fires. and when their eyes close at night, the warmth of their body coats you in happiness before they even wake up.

and they, they are your greatest canvas, your own work of art. They had to be crafted from misplaced pieces of other planets. other stars. another universe. and perhaps perfection sparked from Mars because they happen to be beauty and death all in one. I’m honored to be loved by them, and to love them.

They unravel and all these thoughts that were lighting my body like the sun. These thoughts travel the world between us and connect our space through time. We have spend years building an empire strong enough to call it love. and with that. I swear the universe is latching our hearts like we know how to latch our feelings. what I would give to have it wiped from my mind, to experience the thrills of love all over again, to rematch my dreams of loving my one love come true. Their fingers across all your broken strands never get old and that, in itself, is witchcraft magic.

but how can I stay in the sun when rain flows all through my veins? Because love is a missing fragment of your heart, a sorrow that forms every time they leave your hands. Your hands enfold into themselves and it never feels right. they still feel empty, lifeless, and transparent like glasses without anything filled in-between the translucent solid. It’s them leaving your lips. and smudges of pastimes, everlasting smiles, and adventure are left to simmer beneath my skin. It’s waving goodbye to your body. Its a parting that marks such sorrow on your soul.

But no matter the distance, we will make it through.

I must say, It’s been wonderful watching such affection, such peace blossom into a forever. This love had led me into the wild. it’s begun to unravel dreams amongst a different time and space. Its opened me up to sharing hope with a supporter, a lover, a friend, and another immortal embodiment. It’s the observation of magic and mystery.

I loved you once.

I love you twice.

I’ll love you…again and again.

I always will.

—  The Universe And You | 2015

#98 - Air on a Delta Knight (913- Quest of the Delta Knights) (submitted by cutiepuppyfire)

A sweet Delta lady am I, am I
More fair than the stars in the sky
I’m bold and bawdy and oh, my Lawdy,
I’m proud to declare -

A sweet Delta lady, I do what I please
I’m strong and I’m savvy and I’ve got
I love to sing out, “don’t forget the cheese”
I’m proud to declare I like pie

Servo fanservice? What Servo fanservice? I have no idea what you’re talking about.