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*Jm and Th in love with Jk* Expectation > Jm: No, I liked him first! Don't you dare to make a move on him! Th: Shut it, he never acknowledge you, we clicked since the beginning! Jm: Piss off, I was born first! *bitch slap, pulls hair* Reality > Jm: No man, you have so much in common, I wouldn't stay between you! Th: But, he makes you so happy! You deserve someone who treats you well! Jm: He makes you happy too! I can't do this to you!...(when I first saw this I didn't understand, now I do) - bgg


Taehyung: i love jungkook but i love your more bro

Jimin: omg I love you more too

Taehyung: bro

Jimin: omg we should date, bro .

Taehyung: im gonna kiss you now bro


I hope everyone of you has a great day and year exchange, if you’re at home, hanging out with friends or just doing your own thing. I hope 2018 brings us awesome new game/movie experiences! And that I too continue on adding to the game community here on tumblr, among several fandoms.

Stay awesome everyone, and thank you for all your support! The tags and comments I receive on my edits are…. such a joy too to read and give me so much energy x3

Till next year >:D

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me: oh man i need to draw something good for Halloween theme
brain: you rewatched “Hotel Transylvania”, so what such a good AU you can create~
me: ………….. DAMN

So, yeah, Miraculous Ladybug + Hotel Transylvania

Don`t tell me that you dont see some little similarities or I just have some problems…

…and bonus with more papa Gabriel Dracula Agreste:


“You humans think greed is just for money and power! But everyone wants something they don’t have.” → fullmetal alchemist + favorite villain requested by @suzuyas


I…. Got nothing prepared…… you guys…….

why you should love jisung pt. two

  • so first of all
  • he’s rlly rlly talented
  • like wo w
  • rapping?? 11/10
  • singing?? 11/10
  • dancing?? 11/10
  • producing?? 11/10
  • talented™
  • even jyp,,, notoriously bad at compliments,, told him he was Good
  • like three times
  • bc he’s just that talented
  • also!!!
  • he’s ?? the softest boy
  • he rlly loves his friends
  • and believes in them and supports them and encourages them
  • like when he held minho’s hand that time jyp made him rap for the first time
  • and when he gave jeongin extra lines bc he knew he could do it
  • and when minho and felix got eliminated and even tho he was upset?? he still tried to make them feel better
  • because he loves them all
  • and !! so many other times
  • he just?? has such a big heart
  • and he’s always showing his love to the members
  • especially jeongin!!
  • even if jeongin tries to pretend he doesn’t like it
  • jisung just wants to love him
  • (bc let’s be real everyone loves jeongin)
  • and the other members as well
  • like changbin!!
  • and he rlly admires changbin as well and he talked abt how changbin was his role model and honestly?? friend goals
  • and minho and felix and chan and like,, all of them
  • he loves them all
  • and he’s always!! so happy
  • a whole sun
  • han jisung is a better sun than the real sun
  • he’s always so happy and positive and fun
  • anyway han jisung !!!! is rlly rlly talented and loving and happy and just !!!!
  • he’s a blessing
  • we don’t deserve him
  • stray kids without jisung?? wouldn’t be stray kids
  • the world without han jisung wouldn’t be worth living in
  • he makes the world a better place
  • every time he laughs an angel is born
  • bc he too is an angel
  • every time he smiles flowers bloom
  • every time I see a photo of him
  • my heart grows seven sizes
  • bc I love him
  • the only boy I will ever love
  • the only boy deserving of love
  • pls love him
  • life isn’t worth living unless u spend ur life loving han jisung
  • fac t
  • anyway in conclusion
  • I love jisung
  • so do you
  • so does everyone
  • don’t talk to me unless u love and support han jisung with ur whole entire heart okay
  • thx

so obviously kara has spent her entire life trying to fit in right? and this has translated over into her wardrobe and how she presents herself as an unassuming nerd. but as demonstrated by red!k kara, she’s also aware that she’s hella attractive, and if she feels like it she can be sexy as hell, like when she just fuckin. slow motion walks into the bar in that black dress and everyone has to pick their jaw up off the floor??? so IMAGINE if kara had decided to own that part of her, and like, not cared if she stuck out as the sexy, smoldery goddess that she is? because then she would still have her cinnamon roll personality, but wrapped up in the sexy red!k kara aesthetic.


always // panic! at the disco

Why It Makes Total Sense that Ian Committed Suicide (in response to unanswered question #73) - submitted by skinnyappeal-blog - WORTH A READ!!!

Many people question Ian’s reason to commit suicide. After re-watching season 1 for Ian-specific scenes (aka not from the girls’ perspective), his story line and actions become much clearer. I have no doubts that suicide makes a lot of sense (though this should have been directly specified in the actual show). So let’s go through this chronologically from Ian’s perspective:

Season 1, Episode 10

While Ian is still dating Melissa, he and Alison have an affair for some undetermined amount of time. This is the first episode in which we learn about this relationship. While he is involved with both Melissa and Alison, he also kisses Spencer in a flashback during this episode. Both Alison and Spencer are 15 year old girls at the time. This is extremely aggressive predatory behavior. His affair with Alison is legally considered rape, and depending on Pennsylvania’s laws, the kiss with Spencer could be considered sexual assault or at least would show a pattern in his sexual interest toward underage girls. He is also directly involved in filming underage girls with the NAT Club, something he would for-sure serve many years for doing as this would be considered child pornography among a myriad of other charges.

Episode 13

External image

Ian is with Alison on an intimate trip to Hilton Head (kidnapping since they crossed state borders from her home state) the immediate few days before she is thought to have been murdered. He even sees her that night. He gives her his jacket, which to his knowledge she is wearing when she is “killed” and can directly link her back to him if anyone, especially the police, realize the jacket is his. From his perspective, he has many serious crimes that need to remain hidden, and his connection to Alison could easily start unearthing them all in a full police murder investigation.

Episode 8

External image

This is the first episode in which we see present-day Ian. Interestingly, this first on-camera appearance is at Alison’s memorial. Hearing about the discovery of “Alison’s” body, he knows that he needs to be proactive about creating a strong defense around himself. Before the memorial, he had already asked Melissa to coffee, which she declined at the time.

Episode 10

After Ian asks Melissa to talk with him a second time and Spencer convinces her to go with him, Melissa and Ian are not seen again until the next episode. Ian’s continued emphasis on speaking with Melissa indicates that the conversation he had in mind was important. It wasn’t as if they had parted on good terms or were still friends. The last time he had seen Melissa was a year ago when he broke up with her after she had miscarried. This was not necessarily the friendliest of situations in which to try to reinsert himself as Melissa made perfectly clear by her less-than-pleased attitude toward him.

Episode 11

External image

However, the next time we see Ian and Melissa at the beginning of the next episode, it is clear that their relationship has shifted dramatically. Melissa explains this to Spencer by saying that they “had lots of things to talk about”. By the end of this same episode, they have eloped. Their relationship goes from beginning of day 1 Melissa having to be convinced to even talk with Ian to end of day 2 Ian and Melissa being married. What was their motive for getting married, especially so quickly? Spouses can’t be forced to testify against their significant other. This is where I typically hear people argue that Ian was trying to protect Melissa, but I would argue that Ian was trying to protect himself–Melissa knew about Alison (rape). Ian knows that an investigation into a murder is going to be much deeper than an investigation into a missing person’s case, and his involvement with Alison may very well come to light. At the time, who else knew about his affair with Ali than himself (he wouldn’t tell), Alison (who was thought to be dead), and Melissa (who he married so she didn’t have to testify against him)? It would be hard to find strong connection, let alone prove guilt, with everyone silenced. He went to Melissa because she was smart enough to know how shady she would look under police investigation. I don’t know if Ian ever knew about Melissa’s involvement with “Alison’s” death, but he came to her because he knew they could both benefit by legally protecting one another.

Episode 14

External image

This whole plan might have worked, except A is actively turning the girls against Ian behind the scenes. This episode is where the three elements collide–Ian has been busy protecting himself from what the investigation might unearth, and A has been trying to make Ian seem as guilty as possible to the liars. Then, Emily, in her drugged state at the dance marathon, confronts Ian about his “role” in Alison’s death, saying, “I know what you did. We all know, and you’re not going to get away with it.” From this point on, Ian takes a more offensive, rather than his previous defensive, position to protect himself. Now he knows that he needs to silence more than just Melissa.

Episode 18

Ian gets nowhere in placating Spencer, and Spencer gradually becomes more certain and LOUDER about Ian’s involvement in “Alison’s” death. This is a serious issue for Ian; in fact, this was exactly what he was trying so desperately to avoid. The situation meets another exploding point when Spencer accuses Ian of being involved in Alison’s death to his face. This is the moment Ian knows he needs to go further in protecting himself. There must be some reason Spencer has such strong suspicions about him–does she know about the videos? He still doesn’t want to hurt Spencer, so what’s left?

External image

If Melissa won’t testify against him about his affair with Alison and he gets the videos from Spencer, then it won’t matter how Spencer sounds off against him–all of his crimes will have been securely hidden away. He turns to Jenna to try to gain information about how to find the videos. He knows Jenna will help because she wants those videos destroyed as much as he does, and she’s easy to keep silent about them since she was caught on film in a clear criminal act. Jenna then enlists Caleb to find the key Alison might have given the girls.

Still, there’s A in the background foiling his plans. A plants the trophy with the rat’s blood to trick the girls into turning Ian into the police. This goes exactly as A wants–the liars, especially Spencer, come under heavy police scrutiny, and for a long time, it seems like a strong likelihood that Spencer will go down for Alison’s murder.

Episode 22

External image

The liars tell Jenna that they have found the videos she paid Caleb to find, not knowing that she is connected to Ian who is also connected to the videos. Jenna calls Ian to inform him that the girls now have the videos. This is a serious issue. Spencer isn’t backing down. In fact, she’s been as vocal about his perceived guilt as she could be. Now she also has a huge piece of evidence against him. Why would he doubt that she would use it? By this point he would have known that she had turned his trophy into the police. And she had tried to connect him to the videos by texting him on the burner phone. She was clearly out for his blood. Now he knew that if he wanted to protect himself–and the baby, whom he loved very much, as well as Melissa–he needed to go after Spencer’s blood.

External image

Ian only failed in his plan to kill Spencer because of Alison, who was supposed to be dead, suddenly appearing. Somehow he didn’t die from being thrown from the bell tower. But think about this:

-Alison is alive. His plan to marry Melissa worked because only Melissa, other than himself, knew about his illegal relationship with Alison. If Alison is alive, she can testify against him. She also knows about his involvement in the videos.

-Spencer has his videos. These two things alone were exactly what he was working so hard to avoid.

-At this point, he has also tried to commit murder, another felony charge. He wasn’t planning on Spencer being alive to testify against him or any witnesses seeing him in the act.

-After landing in the ropes, Ian would have sustained very serious injuries (as Wren indicated in season 2).

Ian would have felt that he was facing certain prosecution and jail time–and jail time as a rapist, kidnapper, and child pornographer along with attempted manslaughter. At that point, his self-preservation could have meant more than Melissa, whom he married more for protection than love, or his baby, whom he wouldn’t have been able to be there to raise anyway if he was going to jail. Without being able to access a hospital, his injuries would have been incredibly painful, and he must have known that they weren’t just going to get better without medical care. In that moment, Ian made the decision to commit suicide rather than face his ailing health, his fall from social grace, and a life as a prisoner under the legal system.