i love you michael soooo much

some important™ things from when i saw deh

hello it’s me i saw deh in july with the obc and it was the best day of my life,, here are some highlights:

  • so know when in sincerley me jared is like “lol stop hyperventilating ur totally hyperventilating” and evan goes “im not hyperventilating jared!” before singing his part? 
  • me too.
  • but guess what?
  • that part rolls around and ben freaking platt just goes right into will’s face and just yells
  • just incoherent, jumbled yells while he shakes his head super fast
  • i Died™
  • also,, know the part during sincerley me when connor skips around the little wall thing and sings “well anyWAYYYY
  • so during that part mike faist skips around, and i kid you not, does a full on freaking heel click
  • he hauled his 10 foot legs into the air and clicked his heels together and i’ve never been the same
  • moving on
  • i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: ben platt’s voice is. just. incredible. insane. 
  • during his speech before ywbf at the end of act 1 when he dropped the note cards he was on the ground for a solid two minutes just visibly shaking
  • it really did feel like it was real 
  • oh also, speaking of ywbf, the harmonies
  • goosebumps. goosebumps all around.
  • same goes for good for you
  • rachel bay jones was just so amazing, you could hear how broken heidi was in her voice and ohmygod
  • and when evan starts singing “sTOP it sTOP it just let me oUUTTTT”
  • jared, alana, and heidi are all surrounding him and the look of pure panic on his face when he goes to leave and realizes he’s surrounded is just heartbreaking
  • speaking of heartbreaking
  • so big so small man
  • rachel bay jones just killed it
  • and evan is just literally half on the couch, clinging to her and by the end of the song he’s just on the floor and she’s hugging him so tight and ohmygod
  • so. many. tears.
  • speaking of tears? REQUIEM
  • laura was soooo great
  • when she sang “that yOU WERE NOT THE MONSTER” she just crumpled all of the papers in her hand into a ball and i just,, gasped because w o w 

this was w a y longer than expected, but pretty much deh was life changing anddd i love it with all my heart

So happy I found these planner sticker books at Michaels today! There were soooo many more… I had to restrain myself from buying every single one. 

I love using planner stickers because it helps add some fun to my planner without being too much extra effort! Highly recommend for a dated agenda or bullet journal. 

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demon!dean (or soulless!sam)?

(balthazar or) gabriel?

cas’s blue tie or striped tie? NEITHER! NAKED CAS! I mean - without the armour in clothes he chooses :p

(season 5 or) season 12? Season 5 is soooo agsty noooo.

(the colt or) the angel blade?

spn verse (or au?)

“mystery spot” or (“free to be you and me”?)

(jimmy novak or) emmanuel?

favorite hair: sam’s (or dean’s or cas’s?)

“i lost my shoe” or (“you have a guinea pig? where?”)

abbadon (or ketch?)

(lucifer or) michael?


5thhomoney  asked:

Camila was seen on a date with Michael from 5sos on the night of March 29th right after the Kca's. Check the Twitter of Stalker Sarah. There you go.

LOL! Thank you soooo much for this eye opening response. You unintentionally PROVED MY POINT! I fucking love you for this. If you hadn’t sent me this ask, I would have never found out about this. THANK YOU!

OK. I’ll get right to it.

Click here for my analysis of  Camren’s activities (or lack thereof) that took place on SUNDAY night, MARCH 29, 2015; the night of the iHeart Music Awards. Pay close attention to what I just said, because a lot of people don’t seem to be comprehending the most important part of this whole mystery.


Here’s the link again. Very important.


So ineedtoknowineedtoknow says that, according to popular gossip reporter Stalker Sarah, Camila Cabello was spotted with Michael Clifford from 5SOS at a restaurant. Fair enough. They’re colleagues who haven’t seen each other in a while. (She also hung out with Ashton Irwin and Alex DeLeon that night, too; just in case anyone was wondering.) But you seem to have been oblivious to one thing that Stalker Sarah said:

CAMILA CABELLO AND MICHAEL CLIFFORD were seen together on SATURDAY NIGHT, MARCH 28, 2015 after the KCA’S….NOT after the iHEART MUSIC AWARDS on SUNDAY NIGHT, MARCH 29, 2015…which I thought I made abundantly clear numerous times. (why can’t people read? lol i’m sorry but, come on.)

Need proof? (You can also just go to her Twitter to see for yourself)


In fact, ^^^^ THIS ^^^^ was her first tweet of the day on SUNDAY. Wanna see?


You still don’t believe me? Look.


Hypothetically, if today was MARCH 29, 2015 and I said I saw something last night, which day would I be talking about? I would CLEARLY be talking about the night of MARCH 28, 2015.

But don’t you worry, fellow Camren shippers, as I already knew, the Michael/Camila sighting wasn’t an actual date. It was a publicity stunt.




So far, this the ONLY (and I mean ONLY) answer I’ve seen so far…


What party is she talking about, you ask? THIS PARTY… (lol and why the winky face? ^)…(I wonder if Sarah knows something else about Camren’s activities that she’s not divulging)


Stalker Sarah WAS EVEN IN THE paparazzi video!

Do you recognize the outfits that Ally, Dinah, and Normani are wearing? THE SAME OUTFITS FROM THE PAPARAZZI VIDEO FROM MY ORIGINAL POST…WHICH WAS AFTER THE iHEART MUSIC AWARDS. Look closely at the video. This is where they went in the actual video itself. I originally posted it on noonday MARCH, 30 2015. My question then, was “Where was Camren last night?” If I asked that question on March 30, I was asking where they were on the night of MARCH 29, 2015.

Stalker Sarah said that Camren was together earlier, but not at the party, which could mean that she saw them before she even went to the party with Ally, Dinah, and Normani. It seems like the last time ALL 5 of the girls of 5H were seen together, was at their hotel, BEFORE Dinah went to the hotel to change her clothes. Here is another paparazzi video of Ally, Dinah, and Normani leaving their Hotel (AFTER Dinah changed her clothes), WITHOUT Lauren and Camila. Here are some photos that the girls took with some fans outside of their hotel. NOTICE THAT THESE ARE SOME OF THE SAME FANS ARE IN THE PAPARAZZI VIDEO AND THE PICTURES…the only difference is that Lauren and Camila are ONLY in the Pictures and not the video of Ally, Dinah, and Normani LEAVING the hotel.


I wonder if Camren even left the hotel after coming back from the iHeart Music Awards.

Here’s some photos/videos of Camren AT the actual iHeart Music Awards on March 29, 2015


(lol at Lauren’s mom retweeting that picture and that header on March 29 as well)

But anyhoo…

I will ask one more time, just so you will understand what my original question was (since people seemed to be confused)…


There YOU go.


“Sorry babe” - M.C

Grocery shopping with Michael would be so difficult, it probably wouldn’t happen often because whenever you brought him he would get so whiney because he was tired of walking around the store and he’d make you push him around in the buggy and he would be making little car engine noises as you pushed him (it would actually be kinda adorable) he would be sat in the buggy with groceries surrounding him and at some point he would have to start holding them because he was taking up a lot of room just by sitting in the cart, then I could imagine him telling you to go faster and you’d be like “no Michael were at the store we can’t play around like that” but he’d start making pouty faces and saying how much he loved you and theatening to throw all of the groceries out of the buggy if you didn’t, of course you’d cave in and this idiot would get you in so much trouble, you would start pushing him pretty fast and when you tried to go around an isle the buggy would tip over causing him and everything else to fall out of the buggy it would be soooo loud everybody would look at you both, some laughing and some scolding, and he would sit there with the most innocent look “sorry babe”.

all credit this twitter acc

Jet Black Heart | Michael Imagine

hemmingshood96 asked:  Hey!!! Could you please write an imagine based on jet black heart? Btw I love your blog soooo much!


Ever since Michael had gotten home from his tour, things had changed, and not for the better. You had thought that being away from home for almost nine months would have made him miss you, and maybe want to spend some time with you before he had to leave again, but you couldn’t have been more wrong.

It was like he tried his hardest to avoid being around you at all costs. He was either at one of the other boy’s houses, locked downstairs playing video games, or out at the bars until the crack of dawn. At first, you had been okay with it, a little disappointed, but okay. But now, you were getting furious, and when you tried to talk to Michael about it he just brushed you off, telling you he wanted to enjoy his time at home.

You didn’t think he had meant that to hurt you, but it did. He had basically said that spending time with you wouldn’t be enjoyable. That was the first of many fights. You screamed at him, about how inconsiderate he was being, about how he was making you feel like nothing. But once again, he just grabbed his coat and headed off to the bars, only to come home completely smashed.

This cycle continued on for weeks, until finally it reached a boiling point. You had had it up to here with Michael’s antics and you were going to force him to talk to you about it even if he was hammered when he got home. You waited up for hours, until finally at 5 am you heard the door open and someone stumbling around in the kitchen.

Heading out to the kitchen, you found Michael searching through all of the cupboards probably looking for more alcohol. “Michael, we need to talk.” You stated.

He let out an exasperated sigh, “God damnit Y/N, I just got home, and all I want to do is relax on the couch with a beer.” He stopped searching the cupboards to glare at you.

“Well first of all you’re definitely not going to find beer in the cupboard, and second of all that’s all you’ve been doing these days! Drinking, going out, or sitting on the couch. I thought when you came home from tour we were going to spend time together.” You could feel your pulse start to rise.

“Oh, how terrible of me wanting to do the things I like when I’m off of work, and not be nagged by you the whole fucking time I do it.” Michael started to walk away, swaying ever so slightly as he walked.

“I let you do the things you like to do all the time Michael! And all I ask of you is to spend a little bit of your precious time with me, your girlfriend who waited at home for nine months while you were off gallivanting around the world.” My arms were flailing around as I got angrier and angrier.

“Gallivanting? You think I was fucking gallivanting, I was working Y/N. Unlike you I have a goddamn job that brings in the money that pays for this nice apartment!” Michael had a look in his eyes that you had never seen before.

“Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to offend you, being a rockstar that’s loved by millions must be so hard.” You were practically spitting out the sarcastic words, “And you know god damn well that I’m going to school and getting an education so that I CAN help provide for myself, and if I remember correctly you were the one that asked me to move in here with you, because I could’ve stayed at my old place if it’s such a problem.”

Michael rolled his eyes, “God knows that was a mistake.” He mumbled underneath his breath, but you still heard it.

“Excuse me, what was that?” Your fists were clenched into balls, and your heart was racing.

He raised his voice and looked you right in the eyes, “You heard me. I never should’ve asked you to move in.” The words were like daggers in your heart.

“Well fine, I’ll just move out then.” You said, the anger having left your voice and a sense of finality setting in.

“Thank god, now I’ll finally have some piece and quiet around here.” Michael called after you as you walked upstairs to start packing some of your stuff.

You quickly threw some clothes and all your necessities into your bag, before heading back downstairs, finding Michael exactly where you left him. When he saw you come down the stairs with a bag, a smile spread across his face. “I thought this day was never going to come.” His voice sounded joyful even, “Now I can finally hook up with all the girls that have been throwing themselves at me since day one.”

You could feel your heart breaking, you had wasted nine months of your life waiting for Michael to come back home. Missing him every single day, and wondering what he was doing. But all he had been thinking about was how you were a ball and chain, holding him back from hooking up with as many women as he wanted. “Fuck you Michael. Don’t ever talk to me again.” You said in a quiet voice that sent chills up your own spine, before slamming the door.

You waited until you got to your friend’s apartment to let the tears flow, but once they started they were hard to stop.

It had been a few weeks since you had left MIchael, and ever since that night he had sent you text after text, and called hundreds of times trying to get you back, but you couldn’t forget all of the things he had said to you. Not to mention there were still pictures of him coming out of a new bar every night.

Your heart still ached for him, but you knew that if you went back it would go right back to the same way as before, and would only end with you getting your heart broken. 

After he realized that you weren’t going to answer his texts, Michael must have recruited the boys to text you too. Because one day when the texts and calls from Michael stopped, you received texts from Ashton, Luke, and Calum. All of them asking you the same thing; to at least give Michael a chance, because he was a mess without you, and he was really sorry about what he had said and done.

You responded to all three of them with the same message that said; Tell him to find one of the girls he’s been waiting to fuck for ages, I’m sure that’ll make him feel better. None of them responded after that.

You finally thought that you were going to have the peace and quiet that you needed to get over Michael once and for all, but those hopes were quickly washed down the drain one night, when you and your friend were awoken by pounding on the door. When you peered at the clock you realized it was nearly one am.

The two of you rushed to the front door thinking it was some emergency, but when you opened the door to find Michael standing there, you quickly tried to shut the door. But Michael stuck his foot in the door, allowing you to continually slam the door against his foot, “Michael, get out. I told you never to speak to me again.”

“Please Y/N, just give me chance to explain!” His voice was rough and desperate, but hearing it again made tears well up in your eyes. Only now realizing how much you had really missed it. 

Eventually, Michael wore you down with his incessant begging, and you stopped slamming the door into his foot. He slowly pushed it opened, careful not to push you over. Looking at Michael you realized just how unlike himself he really looked.

His usually sparkling eyes were dull and sunken back into his head, dark circles appearing underneath them, his skin was even more gaunt than usual, and his hair was completely listless and he had died it black, a drastic change from the vibrant red it had last been. “Alright, let’s get this over with.” You said, the tiredness beginning to settle in as you led him into the living room. You took a seat in one of the chairs, rather than one of the couches so that Michael couldn’t sit next to you.

He took the seat across from you, and sat there fiddling with his hands, a nervous habit he had always had. After a while you couldn’t stand the silence anymore, “Michael. It’s like 1:30 in the morning, if you have something to say, say it.”

He nodded, knowing he needed to talk but not knowing where to start, “Look Y/N, I’m so sorry for everything I said that night. I was drunk and-”

“Michael you were always drunk.” You interrupted him.

“I, I know, and I’m sorry about that too, but you have to understand that being away from you for that long wasn’t easy,” You laughed humorlessly at that statement.

“You think I don’t know what it was like Michael? I fucking waited for you to get home for nine months, the longest nine months of my life. And then we the man I love finally came back, he didn’t even want to spend time with me.” All of your anger from the past couple of weeks was coming back, and you could feel your face becoming impassive.

“Y/N please, I had finally gotten used to being without you on the tour, and then when I came back I knew that if I spent time with you again it would be even harder to leave you again when we went on our next tour.” His voice was pleading, trying to make you understand.

“That’s the worst excuse I’ve ever heard Michael, if you had really missed me that much you would’ve spent as much time with me as you could’ve. I think that you were just a coward, you clearly didn’t want to be in a relationship after you realized all the fun you were missing out on, but you weren’t man enough to just break up with me.” 

“No, no, Y/N that’s not it at all please, you have to believe me!’ Michael had stood up and dropped to his knees in front of your seat, grabbing your hands sending a shock of familiarity through you. His hands were so warm, and you could feel all of his callouses from guitar playing against your smooth hands. The look on his face, combined with how touching him made you feel almost had you forgiving him, but then that night popped back into your head and you quickly withdrew your hands from his.

“I think you should go Michael.” Your voice was quiet, his head falling down at your words.

He stood up, and started to walk to the door, while you continued to sit in the same spot, unable to move. When he was just about out of the room, he turned around and said the four words that made your heart ache the most, “I still love you.” His voice sounding like he was on the edge of crying. When you heard the door shut, you burst into tears, knowing that that was probably the end of things with Michael forever.

It had been months since you had last seen Michael. At least in person, you still kept up with him and his band on social media. You still missed him every once in a while late at night, but you could at least get on with your day if you saw his face. At first that had been the hardest thing, having to see his face everywhere or hear his voice on the radio singing the songs he used to sing to you at night, but it had gotten easier.

You knew that they were about to release their new album, and heading back on the road again soon. You had even pre-ordered their new album after hearing the first song off of it and loving it. Just because you and Michael were broken up, didn’t mean you would stop supporting him. You had long since forgiven him for what he had done.

Even though you had been following what he had been doing for the last couple of months, you hadn’t heard a single word from him, until one day you got an envelope in the mail. You hadn’t known it was from him until you opened it, and all that was inside was a ticket to some acoustic radio show gig, and a note that read:

Hope you can make it, it would mean a lot to me.
Michael xx

Looking at his familiar handwriting had much more of an affect on you than you had thought it was going to, he had written you so many love notes in that same handwriting and to see it again brought back all the memories. Looking back at the ticket you realized the gig was tonight at 7 pm. It was noon right now, so you only had a few hours to decide what you were going to do.

All day you jumped back and forth between your two options, but in the end curiosity got the best of you so you threw on some jeans and a sweatshirt before making your way to the radio station. Your heart was racing the whole way there, and your palms were unnaturally sweaty as you were shown into the room where you took a seat in the way back.

You were sat in a dark corner, barely noticeable, but you could still clearly see the four stools that were set up on the stage for the boys. The room soon filled with chattering young girls, who were giddy over the fact they were about to see the four boys they loved the most in the world, and when those four boys walked in screams filled the room, however your breath got caught in your throat at the sight of one of them in particular.

Michael walked out, in all black with his dark hair styled in the way he loved it, although it was shorter than the last time you had seen him. He was looking through the crowd clearly searching for someone making you shrink back into your seat, and when he couldn’t locate you his face dropped ever so slightly. 

The boys played their usual set, with a few of their newer songs thrown into the mix, and watching Michael perform, even acoustically reminded you of why you had fallen in love with him in the first place. He was so passionate about what he did, and when he interacted with the fans he made everyone feel like they mattered. When he laughed, your heart stopped remembering all the times you two had laid in bed and he had laughed that very same laugh. 

All of the memories coming back to you were painful, and you were just about to leave when Michael started to announce their next song, “Okay guys, so as you know we are releasing a new song tonight at midnight, but what you don’t know is that you guys get to hear it first, right now.” Screams filled the room, “Alright, well this is a song I wrote about one of my biggest regrets in life, and it’s very special to me, and it’s name is Jet Black Heart.”

The song started softer, but picked up into the chorus, and you couldn’t help but notice that the words paralleled your situation pretty closely. You couldn’t take your eyes off of Michael as he played this song, he was putting his everything into it, and every time he sang the chorus you couldn’t help but notice how broken he did look.

He had always been good at putting up a front, but after being with him for quite a while you could see through him. Your heart was hurting for him, and for you, and when the song ended with Michael siniging ‘to start again’ over and over you felt tears slipping down your cheeks.

After the song ended the boys said their thank yous and goodbyes before making their way out of the room. You waited until the room cleared out, before going up to their security guard, hoping it was one who would recognize you. “Uh, hi, my name is-”

But before you could even get the words out the security guard let you through, “I know who you are, Michael told us to let you through immediately if we ever saw you.” You nodded and made your way into the back, not really sure where the boys would be, but you quickly heard the familiar voices coming out of a room nearby.

“I really thought she would come, I don’t know I thought maybe she would have forgiven me by now.” You listened at the door to Michael, his voice making your heart race.

“I’m so sorry Mike, we all thought she would come too.” Ash replied, his voice sympathetic. After the room was silent for quite some time you realized that it was now or never, so you quietly opened the door and all four heads snapped towards you at once.

“Y/N?” Michael said in a breathless voice.

“Hey Mikey.” The three other boys scrambled to get out of the room as quickly as possible, clearly not worried about making a scene. When the door closed and it was just the two of you in the room the tension was palpable.

“But, I didn’t see you in the crowd?” Michael said, his face still furled in confusion.

“Yeah, I was kind of sitting in the back corner in the dark.” You said, before asking the question that had been on your mind for the past few minutes, “Michael, what was your biggest regret?”

He looked at you directly in the eye, his green eyes showing every emotion inside of him, “Ruining things with you Y/N. You were the best thing that had ever happened to me, and I just got so scared that you were going to get bored of me and leave me heartbroken that I distanced myself from you. Which coincidentally left me heartbroken anyways. God I was such a disaster when I realized what I had done Y/N, everything was dull without you. I couldn’t sleep, or eat, or do anything really. I just sat in my room, and thought about how much I loved you. Then one day, I just started writing songs, and that made me feel a little better, but everything still hurt.” His eyes searching yours he stood up and made his way over to you, “Everything still hurts Y/N, I still love you so much, and I don’t want to be without you.”

There were an uncountable amount of emotions running through you right now, but you knew that if you walked away again that you would regret it for the rest of your life. So you leaned forward and placed your lips against Michael’s, the familiar feeling making your heart swell.

It was a short kiss, but when you pulled away from each other your eyes still closed and your foreheads resting against one another, neither of you could wipe the smile from your face.

“By the way Michael, I still love you too, and I think that we should start again.” You whispered, as to not break the spell.

A/N: I love the song Jet Black Heart so much, and getting to write this was amazing! If you want me to write something, send me a request here!


Dress you up in my love by LucyStarkid

Harry is single, and more than anything wants to find love. Agreeing to sign up to a dating website was a bad, bad idea. Niall’s bad, bad idea. Louis is single, but has no interest in relationships. Or so he tells himself. 

Harry is a lawyer, his boss, Nick, happens to give him a bonus, which he decides to splurge on a new work wardrobe. Louis is a frustrated designer, working as a personal shopper at Selfridges. Louis happens to be working on the day a very beautiful, but out of his depth, new customer ambles into their department in need of advice. Louis might have just found the muse he never knew he was looking for.

                                   Read Dress you up in my love!

One year ago today, I met 5 seconds of summer. My friends think it’s ridiculous that I remember the dates of
“it’s been 3 months”
“it’s been 9 months!”
but the thing is, none of them get exactly why I remember them.

July 16th 2013.
Started off as a normal day, ended as the best day of my life.

Meeting them has brought me a whole new level of happiness and self confidence to my life. When I met them, I actually met Ashton first. He came off the bus shirtless and once he saw me he was like “hey babe!” and we just talked. It was their day off, he was not forced to talk to me; nor was he forced to stay back and take a picture with me.

but he did.

When John Delf came off the bus, he walked over to us and explained that the rest of the boys would come off one by one seen as it was their day off and didn’t want to interrupt their day, especially since it was Luke’s birthday.

Soon enough, Liz walked off the bus followed by three cuddly looking tired boys. They walked over to me and told me hi and asked how I was doing. The first thing I did was tell luke happy birthday and gave him $11.00. He smiled and gave me the biggest, tightest hug I have ever received. I told them that I thought they were coming off one by one and they all shook their heads and said “that’s what they told us to do, but we wanted to come out and say “hi” and so they did. We talked for a while, calum told a joke that he thought was hilarious but I was the only one laughing besides him (because let’s face it, how could I not laugh)

After quite some time, Calum asked if I wanted to sing happy birthday to Luke with them, to which I said yes, and after singing, he hugged me again. (hug count. 3)

“soooo babe. Do you wanna take a picture?”

That was the best thing Michael Clifford has ever asked me.

After taking pictures, Luke and Michael asked how we knew it was them.

“eh. Something in my heart told me”
aka my bestfriend but hey… It was cute.

Meeting them was so amazing. They made me realize that they love the family so much and that they are really just normal boys that are living an amazing dream.

July 16th, 2013.

It started as a normal day.

It ended like a dream.

And no matter what, I’ll always know them as the band brought to me by fate and a wish.

Going, Going, Gone

AHOT6: Michael’s parents come for a visit and aren’t happy to find out Michael is gay and in a relationship with 5 other guys. An argument breaks out, leaving Michael upset and hurt; Michael flees from his parents, convinced the others won’t want him anymore after seeing him endure the verbal and physical abuse he’s had to endure since he was teenager. The AH crew sets his parents straight and frantically track down Michael for comfort and love. Happy ending please; Myan-centric too. <3

A/N: greenpuma88 YOU GIVE THE BEST PROMPTS EVER <3 I had soooo much fun writing this! uwu 


Michael was waiting for a train. A train that would arrive in about five minutes, a train that would take him away from this place. People standing around him paid him no mind, too busy on their phones or talking to the person next to them. Michael was alone, and his phone was long since off. He planned on dropping it between the small crack that was between the train and the ground as he got on.

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Playing Games (Michael Clifford)

Requested: Yes

A/n: I’ve been wanting to a request like this for a while, but with a different fandom. I’m soooo glad someone requested it! ~Cel

anonymous: could you like make one where Michael is playing video games and is ignoring you and you ty to get his attention and then kinda like suck his dick cause like omg that be great

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The King of Pop . I love him so much nobody will ever understand how much I love and adore him and his work. He’s stunning , he’s sweet , his smile and laugh is breathtaking , and he was my first celebrity crush. I will never believe the things they said about this AMAZING AMAZING man. I love him soooo much and it was always a dream of mine to meet him but sad to say that will never happen. He is in a better place away from RUMORS and LIES and EVERYTHING that drove him to his breaking point and broke his heart. I absolutely love youu Michael Joseph Jackson so much , Rest Peacefully My Angel. 💕💞

Preferences Masterlist

5SOS Preferences : 

* - 50 notes
** - 100 notes
*** - 150 notes
**** - 200 notes and more

#1 Luke :  You like him but you’re too shy to talk to him plus you think he doesn’t like you but actually, he does. *

#2 Luke : You’re pissed because he wants sex all the time. **

#3 ( 5SOS boys ) : You’re the lead singer in a band, you’re his celebrity crush and he meets you. **

#4 ( 5SOS boys ) He says something jokingly about you in an interview and laughs it off, but when he comes home, you’re really sad. **

#6 ( All 5SOS boys ) : You’re from America. *

#7 Luke : What kind of girl he would go for.

#8 ( All 5SOS boys ) : You’re best friends, he finds out that you like him but he doesn’t feel the same way *

#9 ( All 5SOS boys ) : You’re best friends, he finds out that you like him but he doesn’t feel the same way PART TWO. *

#10 ( All 5SOS boys ) : He’s having a bad day and you help, cheering him up. *

#11 ( ALL 5SOS boys ) : You’re a youtuber. **

#12 ( All 5SOS boys ) : You’re sick and he takes care of you. *

#13 ( All 5SOS boys ) : First Kiss. ***

#14 ( All 5SOS boys ) : He tells you he loves you, your reaction. *

#15 ( All 5SOS boys ) : Being a Victoria’s Secret Model. ***

#16 ( All 5SOS boys ) : His reaction when he tastes your food. **

#17 Luke : He’s a bad boy, you’re a nerd. ****

#18 ( All 5SOS boys ) : You’re (much) shorter than him. ***

#19 ( All 5SOS boys ) : You’re an actress in ” Gossip Girl ” or ” Vampire Diaries “.

#20 ( All 5SOS boys ) : He recieved hate on Twitter, you tweet a GIF as an answer. ****

#21 Michael : He’s a bad boy, you’re a nerd. ***

#22 Cashton : He’s a bad boy you’re a nerd. **

#23 ( All 5SOS boys ) : Favorite things to do on a lazy day. *

#24 Michael : You like him but you’re too shy to talk to him plus you think he doesn’t like you but actually, he does. *

#25 ( All 5SOS boys ) : Hogwarts. ***

#26 ( All 5SOS boys ) : He’s a jerk/bad boy who likes you but you don’t like him back, so he has to prove you that he really does. ***

#27 ( All 5SOS boys ) : Outfit for a red carpet.

#28 ( All 5SOS boys ) : Someone tweets a picture of you two. ***

#29 ( All 5SOS boys ) : Stuck in the rain. *

#30 ( All 5SOS boys ) : You teach him how to penny board/skateboard. *

#31 ( All 5SOS boys ) : Outfit for a concert. **

#32 ( All 5SOS boys ) : His favorite tattoo on you. *

#33 ( All 5SOS boys ) : Your future house. *

#34 ( All 5SOS boys ) : Close As Strangers - 5 Seconds Of Summer. *

#35 ( All 5SOS boys ) : Movie Night. *

Part One ****
Part Two **

Both groups :

#5 : Outfit for your first date. *


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I have my exams this week AND I’m in holidays at the end of the next week! SOOOO I think I’m going to try ( I’ll try okay I’m not promising ) to write some new preferences, maybe about Christmas ? Let me know ! Anyway, keep reading me, keep asking me stuff to do, even if I don’t write for the moment I’M STILL HERE GUYS AND I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! ♥♥

Study Date

Requested: yes this angel did (hope it’s okay?)

Words: 834

A/N: I just love these kinds of imagines; they’re so cute and fluffy! Also why do I love neighbor!Michael soooo much?? It just kinda happened… ;p

You always had a small crush on popular neighbor Michael Clifford, but somehow you were really good at ignoring your feelings. The two of you grew up together and as children, you wouldn’t leave his side. But things changed when high school came along. All of a sudden, you weren’t as much together. You would still hang out occasionally, but just not every second. Sometimes you would go to the movies together or hang out at a café. You would talk about everything and tell each other about the lives you were now living. You weren’t as popular as him, but you still had friends. Michael wasn’t the athletic douche that you saw in chick flicks, but he was actually smart. That wasn’t the case with you. You were all-right, but when it came to math, you sucked. And you accidentally told him about the new assignment and how hard it was.

“I can help you. “ He offered, taking a sip from his coke. You looked up at him with an excited expression, well knowing you might actually do well if Michael helped you.

“Yes Mikey! “ You yelled, making Michael embarrassed and look around him. Your stomach twisted when he looked back at you with his beautiful grey eyes. Recently, the feelings for him had been bobbling up again, making you cringe. Being in love with Michael was the last thing you wanted to be.

But when the doorbell rang a Saturday night, you rushed down from your room with an excitement and opened the door. You both quickly found your books and sat down by the dinner table.

“Okay, what is it you don’t understand? “ Michael looked down in your textbook, his eyes skimming the page.

“Everything. “ You laughed and found your pencil. Normally you would do assignment on computer, but today it seemed easier to do it on paper. Michael sighed and started by the first problem.

“Sweetie, this is very simple. “ He chuckled and looked up at you. You were sitting with elbows on the table, trying to catch your breath after his little nickname for you.

“Literally, all you have to do is to multiple the third number with… “ His voice wasn’t clear anymore, just beautiful. You weren’t staring at the paper, where Michael was trying to explain the task to you.

“Then you subtract the distance… “ He was drawing with a calm hand, but you didn’t know what he was drawing since your eyes were locked on his beautiful side profile. How could you let yourself feel this way about your childhood bestie?

“Y/N, have you listened to anything I just told you? “ He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms with a smirk.

“No. “ You whispered, avoiding all eye contact.

“I pretty much just did half of your homework, but you didn’t listen? “ He asked leaning forward again, so he was facing you.

“Thanks? “ You whispered with a small stutter. Michael chuckled and started over again.

“Try to actually listen this time. “ He ordered with a grin and starting drawing again. But how could you concentrate when he was sitting there? He wasn’t more than a few inches away from you, so you could smell his cologne. A couple of minutes went by where you were just dazing, thinking about the oh so perfect Michael.

“Seriously, is it that hard to concentrate? “ He laid the pen down and turned around, so his face was dangerously close to yours.

“Yes. “ You mumbled under your breath, but he could clearly hear you.

“How come? What is it that is distracting you? “ He leaned his forehead against yours, breathing the same air as you now. You could hear the clock ticking with the seconds being that long. There was absolute silence in the room, expect for the ticking clock and the cars outside. But you could only focus on Michael.

“You. “ You could barely answer before Michael smashed his lips into yours. You closed your eyes immediately, letting your lips move in his rhythm. His tongue licked your bottom lip, begging for entrance. You gladly accepted him and soon he was almost pushing you of your chair. You placed your hands behind his neck as he put a hand on your thigh and one behind your lower back, slowly letting his fingers under your shirt.

“Y/N! “ A familiar voice sounded behind you. You pulled away from Michael, already missing him, and looked towards the voice. Your mom was standing in the doorframe with a smug grin and some grocery bags. You looked at Michael, who looking at his feet and itching his neck. A small smile spread across your face as you grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the living room.

“We’ll be upstairs. “ You yelled at your mom as Michael ran behind you.

“Don’t have sex! “ Your mom stuttered as you closed the door to your bedroom.

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i won't leave | Epilogue

(Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

(a/n: thank you for the requests) 

It’s been a month since the day Calum knew he is Thomas’s father. No one knows about it except the boys, even Thomas. So today, we’d tell him.

In Thomas eyes, Calum is one of his uncles. I mean, they talk and play sometimes, but Thomas would rather play with Michael instead of his other uncles. Also today, Thomas and Michael sit on the living room floor playing Legos when Luke and Ashton are sitting on their phone. Why are they here anyway? Calum and I are in the kitchen talking about what to say to Thomas then we walk in the living room.

“Mommy look! I built a castle.” he cheers happily. 

“With Uncle Michael’s helps of course” Michael chimes in. 

“That looks nice” I smile at him. “Come here, buddy.” I call him to sit on my laps. The boys walk to the kitchen. Now it’s just the 3 of us sitting on the couch. 

“So I know you really want to meet your daddy one day, right?” I ask him. 

“Yes! Am I going to meet daddy now?” He asks excitedly. 

“Well, he’s here” I look up at Calum. He has a big grin on his face. Thomas is confused, but then his face lights up. 

“Uncle Calum no I mean Calum here is your daddy.” I say happily. Thomas looks up at Calum. His mouth is in the ‘o’ shape. 

“Daddy?” Calum and I both smile so big. The tears start forming in my eyes. Thomas looks up at me. 

“Can Uncle Michael be my daddy too?”

(Calum’s POV)

And that’s, the moment when my world crash down. (y/n) looks shocked. Her eyes widened. 

“No no no no buddy listen..” She begins. I think I’m going to cry so I stand up and walk out to the washroom. 

“Cal-” she calls me. 

“I’ll just go to the washroom” I say not looking back at her. 

I know we aren’t so close, but does he want Michael to be his dad instead of me? This is all my faults. I sit on the counter. My tears rolling down my face.

(Your POV)

“Thomas, Calum is your daddy okay? And Uncle Michael is your uncle. He can’t be your daddy.” I start explaining to the 3 year old boy in front of me and I don’t think he understands. 

“But if Uncle Calum can be my daddy then why Uncle Michael can’t. I like him more.” he pouts. 

Really, I don’t know how to respond to this. I sigh. 

“Okay. Well Calum is the one who gave birth to you and he’ll be the one who stay with us here and Uncle Michael won’t." 

Thomas looks like he’s about to cry. 

"B- but if Uncle Michael stays here I- I can play video games with him all day" 

I look up as Michael walks in.

"Listen to me buddy, your daddy is way better than me at video games and he’s more fun and he can play football. You want to play football right?” Michael speaks to Thomas. Thomas nods his head. 

“And he loves you. Daddy Calum loves you soooo much even more than I do and I have to go home soon, but your daddy is going to stay here with you and your mommy forever.” Michael speaks again. 

I just hope the little boy understands. Thomas looks up at me 

“Daddy won’t leave, right?” I smile and nod “Promise?” I pinky promise him. 

He smiles and so does Michael. I mouth 'Thank you’ to him. 

“Where is daddy now?” Thomas looks around. 

“Your daddy is sad because you want Uncle Michael to be your daddy” I pout. 

“No! I want daddy Calum” he looks at me.

I smile “Let’s go find him then” I lead Thomas by his hand to the washroom. I knock on the door lightly. 

“Cal..” I hear shuffling in the room, but the door is still locked. 

“Daddyyy” Thomas calls through the door. 

A second later Calum opens the door with a red, fluffy eyes. Thomas hugs him by his waist and mumbles 

“I love you daddy. I don’t want Uncle Michael to be my daddy anymore.” He looks up to Calum with a sad face and pouts. 

Calum smiles big and kneels down in front of Thomas and hug him tightly 

“Love you too buddy” he mumbles back.


The Legend of Korra finale was truly EPIC. It got so intense; after the first 4 mins I was just like YES YES YES! I started crying when Varrick finally revealed his feelings for Zhu Li and proposed! I love all these characters SOOOO MUCH! But I honestly thought they wanted to rip my heart out at some times… The feels… And I’m upset that they barely showed Kainora! But still, amazing episodes.
The last scene was so touching and it just made me happy. I think the writers made a really bold choice by making Korrasami canon. I’m glad people are changing opinions about same-sex relationships, even if it’s implied or not.
Kudos to Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko for creating some awesome television. Thank you.

5sos - You're A Dare (PART 2)

Question: 4/4 you’re a dare.

Group: 5 Seconds Of Summer

Words: 2098

Parts: Part 1: http://lexylovesu.tumblr.com/post/93195935028/5sos-youre-a-dare 

PART 2 : ~ Only Michael, Luke and Ashton.

Ashton: It hurt to know that the person you loved dated you because of a dare, I tried not to mope around and cry. So, I didn’t. Maybe sometimes but not all the time. I got out more and had a little fun without Ashton and all the calls and texts I’ve gotten from him and the boys, I’ve ignored. I didn’t want to see Ashton, I didn’t want to speak with him at all. He broke my heart and I hated him for it. I hated his guts and I didn’t give a fuck. This was his fault, not mine, He didn’t have to do the dare but he chose too and he ignored it and continued using me as a dare? I don’t know.

I sat in my apartment, thinking of how I’m suppose to go get my things at their place. Maybe I should text Calum and asks if they’re home, he’s the only one I talk to since he didn’t dare Ashton to date me. Typing on my Iphone, I sent him a quick text asking if anyone was at the house because I need to get my things, minutes later, he replied with a simply no. I should take my chance and hurry up. Quickly, I got up off the couch and out the door, walking towards my car.

Once I’ve parked in the driveway, I grabbed the spare key that I still have and went in. The house was completely silent, so Calum was right, no one was home. My feet made its way upstairs and into the bedroom that I used to share with Ashton. I stopped dead in my tracks, staring at Ash sleeping on the bed. ‘that little shit.’ I thought to myself and tiptoed to the closet. He shuffled a little but was still asleep. I looked over at him, a little bit close enough to see that his face was bright red and had tear strains on them. Then my eyes turned towards the closet, quickly grabbing my things and packing them up in a box that I brought.

The teddy bear that Ashton bought me fell off the shelf but I quickly put it back, not wanting to start crying that will probably wake him up. So I tried to be really quiet but really fast. Then something dropped from the shelf again but it was something hard so it made a loud noise. I froze, shutting my eyes tighty, after hearing Ashton’s muffled voice I opened my eyes, looking over at him. “Y/N?” He sat up, rubbing the sleepiness from his eyes. His voice was almost gone, probably from crying so much. I sighed, closing the box and started walking towards the door but i felt his hand grab a hold of my arm and turn me around to face him.

“Y/N.. please stay.” Ashton’s voice cracked, his eyes filling up with tears. I didn’t say anything, all I did was look up at him. I didn’t want to speak to him, not after what he did. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t going to tell you because I wanted us to continue, after a few months of dating you I actually fell for you. Please, don’t go. Don’t leave me.” He spoke and I felt my own eyes water, no no, please don’t cry, not in front of him. Slowly, I put the box down on the floor then looked back up at him. His thumb wiped a few tears that slipped from my eyes.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispered, cupping my face with his hands. I closed my eyes, thinking for a moment and pulled him in for a hug, with my face buried in his chest and his face buried in my hair. We stood there for quite a few minutes before he walked over to the bed, not letting go of me and lay down, bringing me closer to him and kept telling how sorry he was in my ear. You know how bad I wanted to push away from him? So bad. I didn’t want to forgive him that easy, or forgive him at all but I guess I just love him too much to let him go….

“I love you, Y/N” Ashton said and kissed my forehead before holding me tightly in his arms.

Michael: I made my way down the street, hearing Michael call after me but I ignored, he pissed me off to the max and soon I’ll turn around and kick him in his junk. Don’t say I won’t because I will. I have never been so attacked in my life, being used as a dare hurts really bad. Its like getting a brick thrown to your face a million times, just to hear that Michael was dating me because he was dared to, made my heart drop down in my stomach and shatter into millions of tiny little pieces. It felt like he ripped out my heart and stepped all over it, not caring at all.

“Y/N! Please, wait!” Michael yelled out but I didn’t stop, I walked faster down the sidewalk, trying to find somewhere to hide in because at this point, I’m getting very annoyed. I groaned a bit, walking inside this clothing story and went out the back exit quickly, going towards this little other place and went inside there so I call call for a taxi.

After 10 minutes, I was pretty sure Michael gave up or was still looking somewhere else but the taxi parked in front of the place I was currently at right now. Peeking outside, when I seen that he was no where in sight, I ran towards the cab and climbed inside and told him the address of me and Michael’s place, well now my place since he’s the one who moved in so he can move out.

Once I got there, I saw Michael’s car in the driveway and cursed to myself before paying the guy and getting out. I fixed my t-shirt and walked inside to see Michael waiting on the couch and shot up once I walked in. “Get out." I said without looking at him and started walking towards my bedroom with Mikey following close behind. "I’m not leaving..” He crossed his arms over his chest, leaning against the doorway. I glared at him like I was about to kill him. “If you don’t get out of my house, I’ll kick you out and it won’t be pretty.” I stood in front of him but he shook his head with a smirk planted on his face.

“Do you think this is fun, Michael? You fucking hurt me, basically ripped my heart out and thrown it to the ground and all you’re doing is sitting there with that dumb smirk? I want you out, Michael. I want you to leave me the hell alone! Go break someone elses heart.” I raised my voice a little but he still just sat there, smirking which pissed me off even more at this point.

“Why would I date you because of a dare?” He asked, tilting his head a little. I shrugged, raising my eyebrow at him. “Because you’re a dick. You’re just like the other guys that I’ve dated, just little bitches who can’t keep a real relationship going.” I crossed my arms and he stared at me amused. “So, I’m the dick? Well, you didn’t say that when you were yelling my name.” Now he was just being the smart ass that he is. “That was before I knew you were dating me because OF A DARE, Michael! This isnt funny, at all. I hate you so much and I just want you to leave.” My voice cracked a little, my eyes stung with tears but I turned away not wanting to look the guy who broke my heart in the eye.

“Y/N. You know me soooo well. Why in the hell would I break your heart? If I dated you because of a dare, I wouldn’t have said I love you. Hell, I wouldn’t even fuck you if I was dating you because of a dare.” Michael explianed but I still looked away from him as tears slip from my eyes.

“I hate you, Clifford.” I spoke, glancing at him for a moment before he turned my body towards him fully. He smiled, pressing his lips against mine then pulled away.

“I love you too.” He smirked before pulling me in a hug.

Luke: When I walked away from Luke, I didn’t hear his footsteps behind me. All I heard was screaming coming from Luke that was towards Ashton. But I ignored. I honestly had to get out of here and fast before I explode in front of everyone. I turned the corner, running into Michael. “Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked, holding me by my shoulders so I wouldn’t walk away from him. All I did was shrug, quickly wiping my tears away. “I know when you’re hurt, Y/N. Tell me what happened.” He led me towards the dressing room but I pulled away, shaking my head.

“Let’s talk outside.” I said quietly and walked towards the door and outside. Michael followed me outside and leaned against the wall, staring at me, waiting for me to tell him what’s wrong. “I was used as a dare.” I spoke up after a while of awkward silence. He nodded. “Luke called it off you know..” Michael said.

Now Michael is going to try to make me feel bad and forgive Luke. Saying 'he called it off’ yeah right. He probably was going to end it with me sooner or later. I knew that he didn’t love me. He was just using me because the guys thought it would be funny to dare him to date me. I let out a breath, running a hand through my hair as I stare at the sky, not wanting to talk about Luke or anything else, I just wanted to go home but Michael had to stop me and talk to me about Luke.

“After the first 2 months, he came up to us and called off the dare because he said that he actually liked you and didn’t want to ruin it in anyway. But Ashton has a big mouth and would spill anything. Don’t believe Ashton, okay? Let Luke explain why he did this not Ashton.” Michael continued to talk. I sighed, looking at Michael then rolled my eyes after seeing Luke walk outside.

Michael walked inside and Luke stared at me for a moment but I didn’t bother looking back at him. I was sick of this, I didn’t want to hear him explain anything. I wanted him to just go. “I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you.” Luke frowned, standing beside me. “Just explain before I walk away, Lucas.” I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned against the brick wall. He took a deep breath, leaning against the wall with me and fixed his hair a bit.

“When they dared me, I said no because of our friendship. But they called me a pussy and how scary I was that I never do anything fun. Then when Calum called me a baby, that’s when I got pissed off and agreed to it. I felt bad during the whole month of us dating, I wanted to end it with you and all that, I didn’t want to break your heart at all. Then after the seconds month, I started to like you and they teased me about it so I called off the dare. The dare was to date you for a few months then end it. But I didn’t want to end our relationship, so I called it off and continued dating you because, well, I love you, Y/N. Just please, forgive me. Give me a second chance to prove to you that I love you and that my feelings were real. But if you want me to stay away…. I will.”

“Fine.. I’ll give you a second chance, but if you hurt me again. I’m out that door and I’m not coming back.” I warned him and he nodded, smiling. I smiled small and Luke pulled me in a tight embrace and I hugged him back hearing him whisper a low 'I love you so much, sweetheart.’


Hope you enjoy Part 2! Request preferences for meee?

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Celebrity Couple (ASH)

I had soooo many extreme feels while I wrote this….. you probably won’t BUT I did. I should have something up tomorrow too (: Uhm love you guys btw I know I need to have some other carreers outside of singer and actress up there but….uhm if you have ideas on that inbox me lol I have a good 4 more to go. Any request other than that just feed the ask box! -x KC

Ashton: Singer

You were about to play a sold out show, This was the 25th stop on your tour and of course you’d been pumped but your mind was sort of occupied. You looked at your opening act from back stage and out into the crowd safe where the audience would wouldn’t see you. You should be happier…everyone out there had come to see YOU tonight. The thing bothering you was that he wasn’t going to be able to. The worst thing about dating 1/4 5 Seconds of Summer was that he was just as busy as you were. This was the last show that he wasn’t scheduled for an interview or concert or recording session the same day and guess what he was halfway across the planet. You smiled at yout opening act who was killing it  before disappearing further back stage in trek to your dressing room to finish your pre-show rituals and on cue Ashton’s face appeared on your phone screen, a part of the ritual in a way. It was kind of habit to call him or have him call you when the other had a show. You were at tons of his shows before you’d really picked up any popularity. He felt bad that he couldn’t do the same now that 5Sos was such a huge deal to the rest of the world as it had always been so to you.

“Hello,” You said into the phone as you walked

“Well you don’t sound very pumped for someone who has to preform in a little while.” He chuckled into the phone.

“That’s because I wish you were here” You muttered, unwilling to shield him from your disappointment. It wasn’t his fault he wouldn’t have been able to make it. “and not on the other side of the world right now.”

“You know technically it’s just the other side of the Atlantic,” He said too brightly for your taste at the moment. You were in no mood to hear is corrections, well that’s a lie you just would’ve hoped they were closer.

“Y/n” you hear

“Hang on Ash,” You said and smiled at Caleb your head body guard "Hey I was just going off to the dressing room I promise I won’t be late.“

"Actually I was coming to inform you of a possible security breach…"his face was coated in worry. 

Your eyes nbearly bugged out of your head and your eyes flew to the dressing room “So are we delaying the show or do you know who?”

"babe I have to go call you afterward okay?” Ashton said into the phone leaving you off focus again


“I love you” he said lightly

“yeah” you said.defeated “Love you too” before looking back at Caleb. “Sorry about that…do you know what this intruder wants” you said focusing again and wanting your fans to be safe. He was laughing hard„„and you were going to question it before you heard a very familiar laugh on your right. “I’d say it’s you he wants” he smiled before you turned and saw your boyfriend.

“Surprise?” He asked outstretching his arms for you and you hugged him tight. 

“What the hell hell are you doing here!?” You shrieked and he laughed “want me to leave?”

“Of course not!” you said still in shock

“I’ll leave you two for a bit,” Caleb said as he walked off

“Thanks Caleb!” Ashton called “couldn’t have pulled it off without you!” he smiled at you and walked you into your dressing room. There was a brief silent moment before he pressed his lips to your paassionately before pulling away and leaving you with a frown.

“So am i interrupting your preshow rituals…have you sacraficed the lamb yet?” He asked jokingly as he sat on the sofa and pulled you onto his lap

You rolled your eyes “seriously how’re you even here?” you asked flattered that he did what he did to get here.

“Left as soon as the show ended” He recounted, “ignored the fifty times Calum mentioned how ‘whipped’ I am”  he gently stroked your hair. “Made sure things were running on time and well I’m here now” he said looking at you again

“I missed you” you confessed

“I missed you too baby girl, I couldn’t have you go on tour and not see you at least once.”

You smiled before thinking to ask “when are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning,” He bit his lip,“”

The time difference will have me there barely on time for the radio take over.” 

The to of you continued to talk about things, and kiss and such until it was time for you to perform. Ending the show withAlright guys thanks soooo much I love you all. Drive safely sleep soundly and stay away from strangers….Now If you’ll all excuse me I have a drummer to run to.” you laughed creating mass hysteria before you ran off.

stress relief / m.c. one shot

Two weeks. Michael had two whole weeks to complete his reflective essay for his songwriting class. Lyrical writing always came easy to him. He didn’t need to think much about what to put down o the blank sheet before him; he constantly had ideas. But explaining his writing process and afterthought? It proved to be far more difficult than he thought. He couldn’t reflect on a song he wrote himself without writing a basic, five-sentence paragraph. His essay required at least a page and a half and he was far below so.

With his fingers tangled in his blue-dyed hair and his pen tapping against the table, he found himself stressing with each passing minute. At this point he was ready to give up. Not a even another second passed before he was slamming his notebook shut. He let his back fall flush against the seat.

“Writer’s block?” A quiet voice arose from behind him. Upon hearing the voice, he turned around only to lock eyes with a girl. She held a notebook of some sort close to her chest.

Michael quickly cleared his throat, attempting to regain his composure. “I wouldn’t exactly call it that.
I’m not much of a writer.”

“Yet you write your own songs?” She tilted her head at him curiously.

“Yeah I—wait. How’d you know that?”

“I hear you on the balcony at night. You play that guitar of yours quite beautifully.”

His eyebrows raised at her unexpected answer. “So you live in the same building as me?”

“I’m right below you actually.” She smiled taking it upon herself to sit at the seat across from him.

“How come I’ve never seen you?” He asked, gently setting his pen down.

“I don’t go out very often. I’m normally up really early, always gotta get my coffee before the rush.”

“Hm. So exactly how much of my music have you heard?” He leaned forward, his mind quickly forgetting about the essay that had been burdening him just minutes ago.

“Too many for me to count. I recall last night’s. I remember one line quite clear.” She paused for a moment, suddenly opening the notebook to reveal a page she had doodled on.

Can you see Inside?

After examining the page she showed him, he couldn’t even call it a doodle. The words were written what looked to be like a printed script font. However he could tell by the ink stains that it was her own writing.

Surrounding the large lettering of his own words were other lyrics written in a smaller way. He easily recognized many of them:

I write with a poison a pen, but these chemicals moving between us are the reason to start again.

“You know just because you write songs and not stories or novels, doesn’t mean you aren’t a writer.” She spoke up. Michael looked up at her, trying to figure out why and how he was just now meeting her. Who knew how many songs she’s heard him sing and play. He was so sure no one heard him at night.

“If I’m a writer than why can’t I seem to explain my own writing? Shouldn’t every writer be able to explain their own work?” He frowned, his eyes diverting away from hers.

“I don’t think so. Some things are extraordinarily unexplainable but if you’re looking to elaborate on how you come up with your music, just write about it. Don’t think about it too much. Just tell a story. Every song has a story behind it, so if you know the story tell it.”

“I suppose you’re right…” He scratched his chin, his mind finally spilling endless thoughts as he relived the moment he was writing the song. He recalled the memories that had entered his mind the night he wrote it too. “I got it!”

A bright smile stretched across his face and he didn’t waste any time in grabbing his pen and letting it run across the once blank page of his notebook.

However, about a sentence or two in, he ceased his movements.

“What’s your name?”


“Well, Y/N, has anyone ever told you you’re a genius?

“Not really.” She grinned slightly, her cheeks turning a soft shade of pink.

“Well you are. Also you have no idea how much stress you just helped to take off my shoulders.” He replied.

Another silence fell between them as he resumed writing. That is until he thought of something.

“Do you want to come over tonight? I’m working on a new song and I’d really like you to hear it—and not from afar like before.” He proposed. She took a deep breath trying to ease her hopefully, unreadable nervousness.

“Yeah…” she smiled, “I’d love to.”