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Magic in Music

beautifulblonde85 asked:

I have another request! How about Rock n roll dreams come through? Sam and the reader? Lots of fluff! Thanks loved the first story!! You did beyond amazing! If you can’t tell I love Meat Loaf! Love ya!!! Both pov please!! 😘😘😘

A/N: Here you go sweet. Hope you enjoy it. It was a bit trickier than the last one. J

Readers Perspective.
Pulling into the motel carpark, I placed my head against the headrest. Not believing what had happened. I felt tears falling again, running away was the only option I felt I had. No way I wanted to deal with anything. I needed to be away, to be hidden. To block the world out again. It was here Sam found me, here he picked me up and took me home. Refusing to let me run, let me hide. I was grateful for him, thankful.

Sam’s Perspective
I sighed with relief when she called me and told me it was over with him, that she had left. She was running before he could hurt her again. I thought it was only emotional abuse, I had tried to step in many times before but she refused. It turns out it was more. When I picked her up I saw the marks. I was going to kill him. She didn’t deserve this. No one deserved this.

Readers Perspective
I did what I had growing up, locked myself away with my music. I used it to relay my emotions. Sam picked up on it years ago. He could tell how I was feeling based on music. He pulled back together. Our friendship was confusing, I have never had anything like it. Not even in my previous relationships. We would watch tv and Sam would just wrap me in his arms, holding me close. His heart was beating like a drum, increasing as I touched him. His hands would run through my hair, over my shoulders as he walked past. If we went somewhere his hand was protectively on my back as I walked. It was a dominating thing at all, it was comfort, protectiveness. He knew how I felt about being out, how it unnerved me. He stayed close, protected me. Kept me safe.

I would be laying in bed, listening to music and he would join me, kissing my temple as he climbed under the blankets next to me, stealing an earphone to hear what I’m listening to. Some days he would read with me, others he would pull me into his arms. And just hold me, it wasn’t always based on my emotions, some days it was just cos.

Sam’s Perspective
I wanted to show her how I felt, in the best way I knew how. Not through lack of ideas, but I wanted to make sure she understood. Y/N had been through hell and back, he ex was abusive, she had been raised in the foster system. Her life was crap. We had met up several times as teens, at various schools as she got transferred around the place. I remember then thinking she was the most beautiful amazing person I had ever met. She had become my best friend, and I wanted more. To protect her, to love her, to hold her in more than a platonic way. I wanted to sleep holding her, playing with her hair, kissing her. Wake up seeing her face, watching her dream. She was my life, if only she broke down the walls. And let me in completely. I knew it was hard for her, that she didn’t understand what it was like to have a real relationship, to feel love to show love. I know the emotions she felt or were shown confused her.  I knew she loved me, it was obvious to everyone except her. So I planned on showing her.

Readers Perspective
Sam took me for a drive, it was an open space with a look out, he opened some bags he had thrown in the back of the truck. Pulling out piles of blankets and pillows. He helped me into the tray and lay down with me. We watched the clouds in silence, I lay on his chest listening to his heart beat I could almost sing a song to the sound of it. It was comforting. These moments I treasured, these times I cherished. I felt his hand run through my hair.
‘I want to talk to you about something.’ He said after a while. I looked at him, confused.
‘Ok.’ I said slowly and quietly. Not sure what to make of it.
‘Well show you. I want you to understand, to tell you in a way that makes sense to you.’ He played some songs a playlist he had made.

Sam’s Perspective
I watched her listen to the music, She told me once that music was God’s way of giving those who couldn’t speech, who couldn’t find the words a way to express their feelings. It is why Angels have instruments, and they were sent to Earth. They are music’s back bone for expression. I watched her face change as she realised what I was trying to say. I watched as he eyes met mine. I leaned in then and kissed her. Gently, slowly. Pulling back to check she was ok with it. I watched a small smile form on her lips.
‘I’ve never had this before. I am so scared we will ruin what we have Sam. I treasure what we have, what we share.’ She whispered.
‘So do I. But I believe we can do this. We love each other, I hope you know that. Just believe in it, and the rest will come.’ I answered her, kissing her again. Her lips, her jaw, her neck. Stoping there, not wanting to pressure her at all. She was hesitant at first but ended up kissing me back.
‘I would never ever do anything to loose you.’ I told her, pulling her in tight and close. Pulling the blankets up as a slight breeze picked up. We lay through the sunset, listening to music. Every so often, I kissed her. I felt her heart beating against my chest, I couldn’t help but smile at its song.
‘You are the most amazing, person I know. The most beautiful. I love you Y/N I have for years, please never forget that. I would do anything for you. I will never leave you.’ I kissed her again, passionately, my hands on her waist. Still in awe that she was kissing me back. Still amazed that finally after all these years I was able to tell her how I felt.

Reader’s Perspective
Between kissing, and talking we stayed in the truck for most of the night, only leaving when it got too cold. Once we got home, Sam asked me to share his bed. To sleep in his arms, for me this was different. I slept most nights with music playing softly. I didn’t realise he had accommodated for this, he plugged in my ipod to the dock and put it on quietly. He pulled me into his arms, and danced with me. A slow romantic dance. Something I had never done before. It was beautiful, amazing. What captured me the most is how well he knew me, how he showed me he loved me. How he used my music to make it all come true. His dreams and mine. I had feelings for Sam for a while, but was unsure of what they were. When it kissed me it all fell into place. He lent down towards the end of the song, his lips meeting mine again. His hand running through my hair, his lips wandering over my face. We climbed into bed and he pulled me back into his arms. I listened to the beat of his heart. There truly is magic in music, one that can make dreams come true.