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@tozawas I guess we have accept that mustafa versus nev for the title was just too powerful a match for the universe to handle, it would have like realigned the space time continuum or something

I have to be up early tomorrow (technically today), so I’m done for the night. I’ll try to get back to my inbox this weekend, but that depends on how long it takes me to do homework. If not this weekend, it’ll most likely be Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Thank you so much for reaching out to me! God loves you and so do I.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

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tozawas  asked:

draw, feud, and finish <3333 (i'm sorry if this is a lot buzz!!)

it’s not too much at all omg don’t worry babe! <3

Draw ~ List 5-10 qualities about your favorite wrestler(s) that caused you to be fan of them?

I…..THIS IS……..GONNA BE CORNY I’M SORRY IN ADVANCE but. okay. i’m gonna do this one for mustafa because he’s my favorite and it’s probably gonna be dorky

  • one of the first things we heard from him as a face, out of kayfabe, but still in character (AND out of character, really), was that he’s willing to break himself to do good in the world. and that always resonated really deeply with me. doing what’s right at all costs, in the hopes that it’ll change things for the better, is. it’s just…really heroic. it’s really good. it’s nice knowing there’s someone like that out there, yknow? 
  • he interrupted neville’s “king of the cruiserweights” thing a FEW times and just stared neville down without even a trace of fear in his face and it’s still the coolest thing that has EVER happened. he and neville were just SO COOL anytime they interacted. GODDD
  • his MOVESET!!!!!!!!! IS SO!!!!!!!! COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s so smooth and flippy and fluid and he’s constantly working to get even better and that shows! he’s constantly working to be even smoother and to innovate and to thread moves and moments into sequences, he sells so beautifully and so brutally and maintains the selling of injuries SO WELL
  • he’s so smiley!!! he loves what he does and it shines through every single match. he’s so intense and focused and constantly demands his opponents respect him, but he loves to have fun and wave and goof off, even with people like drew who he DOES dislike but has a respect and understanding of. it’s SO GOOD!!! he’s so happy and i love seeing him happy!!!
  • everything he does is so powerful and his character resonates in all of it! the way he emotes is SO MUCH, he’s so expressive and so open, his nonverbals are truly something else. his expressions, and his constant reminder to his opponents to ENGAGE with him, dammit. the way he calculates the move to use next, and how he stumbles excitedly into a move he’s thrilled to pull off! how he supports his partners and his friends, cheering them on in their quests for vengeance, or checking on them to make sure they’re alright. he’s like a folk hero in everything he does and it’s the best. god im going to CRY im SO IN LOVE

Feud ~ Your favorite rivalries?

im gonna go with favorite current rivalries bc there are a lot of good rivalries in wrestling! titus worldwide v elias is really cool just because titus worldwide is my heart! drew v akira is EXTREMELY good. tony and cedric aren’t officially feuding but they’ve got a really deep-rooted rivalry and you can feel it in the air every time they’re together and it’s BADASS!!! 

aleister v velveteen im shaky on just because i haven’t caught up with nxt in awhile but i LOVE that gay shit. in the same vein: hiromu v ospreay?? GOOD shit. its so progressive how many furries there are in wrestling right now

Finish ~ Top 5 favorite finishing moves?

TOP FIVE……..THIS IS GONNA BE TRICKY OKAY JUST…GIMME A MOMENT TO THINK. alright. okay in no particular order some of my favorite finishers are!!!: 

  • the salida del sol!!! it’s SO COOL and every variation of it never EVER fails to make me lose my entire goddamn mind!!!
  • mia yim’s eat defeat! it’s such a unique move and it looks absolutely BRUTAL and i love it!!!!!!!!!! i love her!!!!!!! she’s SO COOL and talented always i love her so m
  • naito’s destino is so cool and every time he ever pulls it off i just SCREAM about how cool he is. i am FREQUENTLY screaming about how cool naito is god i just love him
  • the lumbar check is OBVIOUSLY the coolest finisher anyone’s ever done, the way its sold, the way its done, the fucking HYPE cedric builds for it every single time??? poetry in MOTION!!!
  • OBVIOUSLY THE 054 LIKE LETS BE REAL YOU KNOW THE ANSWER. RED ARROW WHO? I–no that was mean i DO love the red arrow but IT’S NO 054!!!!!!!!!!!! 

spiteandsparkles replied to your post “how was the wrestling tonight lads?? ”

it was fun!!!

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this was a VERY FUN and fullfilling episode with less rat rambling than usual!!!! YOU WILL BE VERY PLEASED AND LOTS OF GOOD STUFF HAPPENS GOOD LUCK OUT THERE BUZZ

I LOVE YOU💖 g’night!!!

:D!!! this is all great news to hear im very excited!!!!!!! thank you im glad you guys had fun and hopefully i will also have fun!!! i love you mariam, sweet dreams, ill see you tomorrow :* marina i love you too i feel like we will probably see more of each other just because of how our sleep schedules historically have worked but when you do sleep i hope you have sweet dreams as well!!! <333333333333333

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i hope you have a good time tonight buzz!! i can’t wait to see your liveblogs tomorrow!! :* smeck

u///u thank you babe!!! i love you and i cant wait to see you tomorrow, i may or may not be half dead by the time the sun rises but dammit i love a good adventure and this is shaping up to be QUITE A GODDAMN ADVENTURE…

sleep well i cant wait to catch up on your lb tomorrow too i love you mariam!!!!! *: MWEK

anonymous asked:

Which sin would it fall under, telling somebody to keep their disabilities and mental illnesses forever and to never get better? feels pretty wrathy and unloving to me, some Christian did that to me, and it sent me into a spiral for a month, is that' God's love?


This is horrible and I’m sorry you went through this. This is uncharitable and not loving, to not help someone in need and to say such things to them. This sounds like bullying, which is a sin.

I honestly don’t have words for this other than this is not love, this was wrong, and I’m sorry.

I’m praying for you. Feel free to message me. I’d love to be friends.

God bless you!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima