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I saw that mamo took selfies with fans and went around signing autographs, saying “thank you” afterwards

Miyano Mamoru - Beautiful Life English & Romaji lyrics

Requested by anon. ^^ 
Unfortunately I couldn’t upload the audio on tumblr because of copyright, so the best I can do is give you this nifty youtube link if you want to hear this song~
Feel free to let me know if you see any errors. ^^


The sky is so blue, I become sorrowful
Flowers are so beautiful, I become miserable
I wonder when I began to feel that way
I wonder why

Where have I been up to now?
Where am I headed from here on out?
These words I reveal as an inquiry
Flow through my white breath, towards the other end of the sky

This vast world is living on, without even knowing what tomorrow brings
But just living to be able to laugh together with someone, that’s enough, that’s enough
To laugh from your heart, that’s all

A lonely heart may not be able to be saved
And I may have a regret or two
But even so, I will walk forward
“Hey, are you still able to laugh now too, I wonder…?”

This vast world is walking forward, without forgetting even their tears
But the happiness that we’ll find somewhere down the road,
In these hands, in these hands,
I will embrace until that day comes
And sing of this love

These tears that fall, our rising heartbeats, are a living rhythm
The voice that calls my name says, as flowers flutter and time spins,

“I want to see you.”

Ahh, this powerless me, who can’t do anything, but continues to stand up again
In order to protect you, will deliver his voice to you, and that’s enough, that’s enough
If you’re there, that’s all it takes
And it’s beautiful, it’s my life

This world is vast, the sky is blue, and we are so small
But this “small us” will grasp each other’s small hands and live on, towards tomorrow, and just because of that…

It’s a beautiful life


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Miyano Mamoru Q&A in Junon November 2013

Miyano Mamoru requested by @jennshaiel​ (SORRY FOR THE WAIT); merry christmas everyone (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Q1: Favorite dessert
Fresh cream and red bean paste are my favorites, but a cream mochi filled with both of these is the best dessert.

Q2: Favorite ingredients in miso soup
Tofu, cabbage, and bacon miso soup. I like soft tofu because while it’s lick-able, the inside is still very hot, which makes me think, “This thing has a lot of potential~” (laugh)

Q3: Favorite time of the day
Between 12am and 2am. It’s a time when I think, “Uwa, it’s this time already!? Even though I need to sleep!” but then still unintentionally do a lot of things. When I notice the time in the end, it’s 3am…4am…(laugh)

Q4: Something you need in your free time
Coffee. If I have time, I first look for Doutor Coffee (*a coffee shop*). My Doutor Sensor works to a scary level.

Q5: Favorite street in the world
Probably Ebisu. Since this is the location of the theatre troupe I’ve been in since I was a kid, I pass by this street all the time. During the years of lessons, my friends and I often went to the Ebisu park and played original versions of the game of tag that we came up with. Of course, I can only say this after I’ve become an adult (laugh).

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The one and only Mamoru Miyano <3 otherwise known as the love of my life 

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  • 心から愛してる
  • Fukuyama Jun, Miyano Mamoru, Kaji Yuuki

We love you from the bottom of our heart

Jun: When Kaji san came and say good morning, the feeling was different from when someone else was saying it. When I saw him, I immediately would also act seriously
Kaji: That was the same too today right. Can you please stop that?
Mamo: To Fukuyama san, Kaji kun is that kind of existence, someone who would make him act seriously
Jun: It’s not only that, because there is an existence like Kaji kun, it makes us think that we need to work hard too. What do you think?
Kaji: You’re asking me that?
Kaji: Like I said, can you please stop that
Mamo: We actually respect you, Kaji kun
Jun: That’s right
Kaji: Your face!
Mamo: We really respect you
Kaji: Grrrr
Mamo: We respect you LOLOLOL
Kaji: What should I do??
Mamo: We respect you and we love you from the bottom of our heart
Jun: That’s why, we really need you
Kaji: Why are you saying it like that? Like you’re picking a fight with me.
Jun & Mamo: Ehh??
Kaji: If only Hosoya san were here at time like this
Mamo: *imitating Hosoya* I don’t know
Jun: LOL
Mamo: Hosoya san is like that right. “What do you think Hosoya san?” *imitating Hosoya* “I think that’s good” and it would end right there
Kaji: That’s similar. He’s like that. But if he were here and I were to ask him of his opinion, that would help ending this
Jun: Why don’t you try that then?
Kaji: Let’s proceed to the next

GOT7 Reacting to you (their gf) speaking your native language in front of them

 ~Requested~ and for each person im just using random languages :P

BTW this ~ is just translating the text (BUT SOME LANGUAGES I USED AREN’T ACCURATE SINCE I USED GOOGLE heh heh… but please tell me the correct one so i can fix it!!! :D)

Yugyeom: (While your talking to your mom in Polish) “ zobaczymy się jutro, kocham cię mamo” ~i will see you tomorrow, love you mom~ yugyeom would be confused as heck, he would ask you what you were saying, so you would explain that since your Polish, you spoke Polish to your mom.

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BamBam:(you talking to your best friend in Chinese) “你想明天見他嗎?” ~Would you like to meet him tomorrow?~ Bambam would be very surprised that you were speaking a different language, so he would probably ask you to teach him your language.

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Youngjae:(Telling Youngjae you love him for the first time in French) “Je t'aime bébé” ~I love you babe~ He would be a little surprised at first since you spoke in a different language, but he would think that it is cute. you would tell him what you said and explain that its your first language.

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Junior:(talking to your dad in Spanish)   “Sí, te daré el libro mañana, papá ~Yes I’ll bring the book tomorrow dad” junior would probably be surprised that you randomly started speaking your native language. He would probably give you a confused look and ask about your language.

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Jackson: (you speaking to your friend in Greek) “Γεια, πώς είσαι σήμερα?” ~Hello how are you today?~ Jackson would be confused since it was a language he didn’t know (and he knows alot of languages) so he would be a little sassy lol.

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Jaebum:(talking to your mom in German) “Ja Mama ich bin fein keine Sorge” ~Yeah mom i am fine don’t worry~ Jaebum would think that it is really cool, he would ask you about your native language and such.

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Mark:(you talking to your friend in Italian) “ti va che il mio ragazzo ed io insieme a te andiamo a prendere un caffè?” ~How about my boyfriend and i go with you to get coffee?~ Mark would be very surprised, since he has never heard it before, so he would ask many questions.

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