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the get down appreciation week day three: fav relationship 

The Soul Madonnas

Mi spiegate il senso di tutte le ragazzine sceme che scrivono ovunque “wish you were here” al proprio ragazzo quando si vedono tutti i giorni e abitano praticamente sotto lo stesso tetto? Chi ha una relazione a distanza cosa dovrebbe scrivere?


[KYLIE patiently waits for MADONNA to notice her. When MADONNA opens her mouth, gap teeth free, to speak first, KYLIE nearly gasps]

Madonna: i loved you in street fighter
Kylie: Oh wow, thank you so very much. I did a lot of work for it, and I’m glad it turned out well! Adored everyone on set!
Madonna: im just fucking with you
Madonna: bitch
Kylie: Ah, that’s fine. I understand it wasn’t a critical darling, and you are definitely a connoisseur of fine art, I see.
Madonna: ok
Kylie: It’s so amazing to meet you!
Madonna: ok
Kylie: You’re gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.
Madonna: thats nice miss minogue (AN: being pronounced with a soft G)
Kylie: I’m sorry, but it’s “Minogue”. “Min-Ohg”, like Vogue. Strike a pose, y'know. Hehe.
Madonna: got it
Kylie: Let your body move to the music.
Madonna: yup
Kylie: You’ve got to let your body go with the floooow. :)
Madonna: my daughter’s lasagna is burning bye

“You’re making me nervous”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff.

Words: 1323

Warning: just some swearing

Tags: @vashanatasha

Request: From anonymous:

Hiiiii!! I really loved “I cannot lie to you” you are awesome. Request are open right? So here’s mine. Reader is an engineer and an avenger. Something like she is a genius and cocky like Tony so they get along well. At first I thought this would be a request about Tont but now I read your Bucky ones can you make this Bucky x reader? Idk she is an asshole towards almost everybody (not team) and picking everybody with Tony and she is really falling hard for bucky and so bucky for her. thank youuuu”

Notes: I’m sorry if it’s not exactly what you expected but it’s been a while for me without writing so I guess I’m a bit sore. Hope you like it anyway!

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You were going to kill him or her. Someone had woken you up on your day off, someone was playing music all around the complex doing who-knows-what and you were going to destroy that person. You didn’t care if it was Thor or Barton, they were dead. Once you found your shorts you walked out of the room and looked around. The music came from the room at the end of the aisle.

“Barnes…” you mumbled.

Since Bucky was back in his old self he had spent most of the time discovering the new world, including its music, and it turned out he loved the old Britney Spears’ songs. So every single day you were stuck listening to Baby One More Time more than ten times per day.

“James!” You exclaimed literally banging on his door. Suddenly the music stopped and a couple of seconds later he opened the door.

“Yes?” He asked smiling. Taking a deep breath you tried to be polite.

“Would you please be so kind and turn the damn volume down, please?” You asked.

“Oh sorry, did I wake you?” He questioned.

“Oh no, I’m always up before 10 a.m. on my days off”, you replied sarcastic.

“Oh…sorry”, he mumbled smiling a little.

With a sigh you shook his head. It looked like no one could ever be mad at him with that innocent smile and those blue eyes. You turned around and went to the stairs, knowing you weren’t going to sleep any longer that day.

“Morning”, you told Tony when you walked in the kitchen. “Coffee for me as well, please”, you said taking a seat on the stool.

“Barnes woke you up again?” Tony laughed as he saw your expression.

“I swear I’m going to find the way to go back in time and stop Britney Spears from ever getting into the music industry”, you mumbled making him laugh even more.

“Please don’t, I still love seeing her kiss with Madonna”, you rolled your eyes and got down of the stool to put two slices of bread into the toaster.

“I would save her from her 2007 crisis”, you shrugged as you accepted the mug from Tony.

“Morning guys”, Steve said walking in the kitchen. He looked like he had just finished his morning training.

“Morning Tutankhamun”, you smirked before blowing over the coffee and taking a small sip.

“Really? A mummy?” He replied raising an eyebrow.

“I’ll do it better tomorrow”, you laughed.

“(Y/N) you’re awake!” Natasha said running into the kitchen. “Wait…you’re awake?” She repeated confused.

“Britney’s groupie woke her up”, Tony explained making you laugh.

“I see. I need your help with the quinjet. I think one of the engines is off”, she said.

“What makes you think that?” You asked leaning against the counter.

“It doesn’t work”, she simply reply making you laugh.

“What do you need the quinjet for anyway?” Steve asked.

“Wanda and I are going to Paris for shopping and that’s the fastest way”, she shrugged.

“I’m in!” You exclaimed.

“You’re not. You’re working with me today to improve my suit”, Sam said walking in the kitchen as well.

“You can come with us to Paris and I improve it on our way there”, you smiled widely.

“Don’t think so”, Falcon replied. With a sigh you looked at Natasha.

“Will you at least bring me a croissant?” You begged.

“Consider it done”, she winked at you. “Are you coming?” She added.

“I’ll be right there when I eat”, you said taking the toasts from the toaster. “Who has the butter?” You asked.

“Stop staring”, Steve told Bucky.

They were watching TV at the living room but Bucky was too focused observing you from the distance as you were working with your laptop out in the balcony. He was almost devouring you with his eyes. He just couldn’t help himself. He had had a massive crush on you since the moment he first you. It didn’t matter how much he tried, he had fallen for your sarcasm, your intelligence and, of course, your beauty.

“I’m not staring”, the soldier quickly said.

“I can see the spot on her face where you have been staring at her”, Steve laughed. “Why don’t you ask her out?”

“I tried”, Bucky shrugged.

“No. You have stood in front of her and have mumbled a couple of incoherent phrases. That’s not trying. That’s looking like a nerd”, Steve said laughing.

“Thanks, pal”, James said rolling his eyes.

Steve was right. For some reason, Bucky just couldn’t think straight when he was in front of you. His thoughts got tangled and even the easiest sentence felt like a tongue twister. He got too nervous around you to be coherent and that just frustrated him even more.

“Just go there and ask her if she wants to have dinner with you. It’s not that hard”, Steve shrugged.

“You’re such a pain in the ass since you’re seeing Sharon”, Bucky sighed but Steve just smiled a shrug.

“You could have that too, you know? All you have to do is…going out there”, the Cap said looking in your direction.

Bucky sighed and looked at you once again just when you looked up from your laptop and your eyes met. He immediately felt his cheeks blushing, but all you did was smiling a little and waving before going back to your work. Damn. He really liked you and he had no idea about what to do with those feelings.

“You’re right, I’m going to talk to her. Now”, Bucky said getting up all of sudden.

“I didn’t expect that sudden change of mind but go for it soldier”, Steve said smiling at his best friend. “Good luck”, he added as Bucky started walking towards the balcony.

You were working trying to find a way to make Sam’s suit more resistance. He had been complaining about how he felt like the wings were failing lately and, even when you thought he was making it up to get improvements in his suit and new toys as well, you didn’t want to take any chances. Maybe he was telling the truth.

“Hey (Y/N)”, you looked up and smiled as you saw Bucky.

“Hey”, you smiled closing the laptop. He didn’t use to talk to you so this probably was something important.

“What are you working at?” He asked placing his hands in his pockets.

“In Sam’s suit”, you said with a shrug. “You need anything?”

“Actually…no. Well, yes! But I don’t want to bother you so maybe just…” you stopped him as he started talking faster and faster.

“Bucky! Stop”, you laughed getting up. “Calm down. Breath. Tell me”, you said trying to encourage him.

“Sorry”, he chuckled and took a deep breath. “I was wondering if you…would like to…have dinner with me?”

The proposal took your by surprise. You liked Bucky. He was handsome, gentleman, good and hot. All of that made you want to get to know him better, but you never thought he would be the one asking you out, especially since he never talked any sense in front of you.

“Like…on a date?” You asked.

“Yes…just if you want to, of course. I don’t want to force you into anything”, he said quickly.

“Bucky, calm the fuck down, you’re making me nervous!” You exclaimed.

“Sorry”, he said quickly. “I just…sorry”, he said again.

“Gosh… I’m not eating you or anything and yes! I’ll go on a date with you, of course I will”, you said.

“Really?” He asked shocked.

“Yes! Of course I am. Now get out of here before you pee in your pants and I jump down the tower”, you said.

“I’ll be at the lobby at 8”, he said quickly before walking into the tower again.

Taking a deep breath you sat on the chase again, letting out the laugh and the smile you had been hiding. You had a date with Bucky Barnes.

  • aries: "u can't touch this" - mc hammer
  • taurus: "killing me softly" - lauryn hill
  • gemini: "salt n pepa" - whatta man
  • cancer: "i will always love you" - whitney houston
  • leo: "vogue" - madonna
  • virgo: "don't speak" - no doubt
  • libra: "genie in a bottle" - christina aguilera
  • scorpio: "you outta know" - alanis morissette
  • sagittarius: "only wanna be with you" - hootie and the blowfish
  • capricorn: "spice up your life" - spice girls
  • aquarius: "livin' la vida loca" - ricky martin
  • pisces: "... baby one more time" - britney spears