i love you like how i love avocado

conversations that I wish would stop happening
  • "Real" adult: so... what's your major? Your grad school plans? Your next ten years?
  • Me, technically an adult: I'm majoring in art history and I honestly love it! I don't have any set plans, but I'm really young and I'm just happy with what I'm doing now.
  • Adult: *starts snickering*
  • Me: *trying to be polite* haha yeah it's just something I really love, i know it's stupid...
  • Adult: HOW YOU GONNA GET A JOB WITH THAT hahahaha wow whew hilarious.... good luck with that you stupid millennial.... go eat some avocado toast... haha cracking myself up here
Fuckboy! Bae Jinyoung

Masterlist & other Fuckboy! Wanna One can be found (here)

“You and I, it’s as though we have been taught to kiss in heaven and sent down to earth together, to see if we know what we were taught.”

  • Jinyoung is the type of fuckboy who take advantages of others
  • He gets others to do his work for him
  • It’s a known fact that if you finish his work, he will make out with you during break at the rooftop 
  • He just doesn’t view kissing as something intimate hence he is totally fine with the idea of making out with a girl he barely spoke to he thinks he is getting something better in return like homework is all done for him after all
  • He just leaves his work on his table and when he come backs from the toilet, it’s all completed  ??? bro he is living the dream life
  • The girls even fight for the chance to do his homework
  • They think that if he sees them often, he would probably fall for them
  • The teacher also don’t find the need to make a big fuss even if all the work he handed in are in different handwritings cause he’s quiet and he passes all his exams
  • He usually just crams before exams hence his grades are actually pretty decent baejin pls teach me how to cram D:
  • You on the other hand, was just someone who did not associate with the likes of Bae Jinyoung
  • You were in the Arts department while he was in the Science Department
  • These two departments were literally at one end from each other hence no one really bothered to interact with each other
  • You did know about him and his ‘hobbies’ but you had no idea how he looked like nor mingled with him
  • All you knew from your friends that he was pretty cute and one hell of a kisser
  • It was actually a hobby of yours to do graffiti at the abandoned building across the school
  • It really helped unleashed ideas that you might not think of during classes and was a place where the whole wall was your canvas and you had no restrictions while painting
  • So far it had been your hideout as no one else had drawn on the walls and you appreciated being alone as you could draw with no expectations on you
  • One day, when you approach the building, you realize someone was already there Fascinated, you watch as the person who was wearing a mask began spray painting a beautiful dragon but for reasons, it’s scales were left untouched
  • You slowly walked over as you carried a can of blue spray paint and started painting scales that went well with the person’s white dragon
  • The person did not stop you and you could even hear a faint chuckle as if being disturbed by a random passerby was a common occurrence
  • Once it was done, you took your time to admire what had come up from bottles of spray paint
  • You were about to introduce yourself but that person had left without saying a word that you were sort of left speechless cause DID YOU CAME TO MY TURF AND JUST LEFT? but you decided to just come back again next day 
  • The person ran through your mind the entire day as you wondered who could this mysterious person be
  • But it only continued 
  • Both of you would spray paint together and that person would just leave
  • Until one day you were just so done with the lack of interaction that you grab the person by the wrist and introduced yourself with a smile that was practically radiating with ‘YOU BETTER NOT LEAVE’
  • The person sighed as he removed his mask
  • You didn’t know to feel when Bae Jinyoung was looking back at you
  • There was an awkward silence as you literally went WTF in your mind
  • Somehow, you two ended up on the floor as you guys tried to make conversation (let’s not forget that baejin is an awkward turtle irl lmao)
  • You decided to talk about art and his face just lit up immediately as he told you how he loves art and you were like omg this is sort of cute?
  • He stoped after a good 6 minutes and realized he talked way too much
  • But you were a very good listener and you found whatever he said interesting
  • You found out that he was just shy with people hence he doesn’t speak much
  • You wondered why people find it so hard to talk to him because it was so easy for you
  • He told you how he wanted to pursue art but couldn’t because he was not confident in his art skills
  • Looking at him being so unconfident unlike his usual self hurt you
  • You just had the impulse to shut him up from saying all these hurtful things to himself
  • That’s when you kissed him and time just stopped
  • Jinyoung finally understood why kisses was such a cherished moment between two people
  • He basically just never wanted to let you go from his arms
  • It seems as if something had strike as you remember you were kissing the infamous Bae Jinyoung
  • What are the chances that he won’t toy with you like he did with everyone else?
  • You pushed him off as his eyes widen in shock while you left after apologizing  saying you didn’t want to be involved with him
  • You couldn’t deny that you enjoy what had happened moments ago, but you didn’t want to get involve with him
  • You ran off to your dormitory, even with your mind telling your heart nothing hurt, tears kept flowing as your roommate comforted you despite knowing nothing
  • You just drowned yourself in your homework as you decided to forget about spray painting
  • It was exactly two weeks later when you started receiving drawings
  • Drawings of beautiful landscapes that had so much detailed to it
  • It was easy to figure out who had drawn of it but you still didn’t know what to make out of your conflicting feelings
  • You decided to just put it aside and focus on your upcoming exams (i swear all my ocs have exams thanks to me lmao)
  • Jinyoung, on the other hand, was spending his time perfecting the drawings he wanted to send to you
  • He wanted to capture all the aesthetic things and send them to you
  • Although nothing could be compared as to how he enchanting you looked when he first saw you
  • With your messy bun and clothes stained with paint
  • He still thought you were the most attractive girl he had ever laid his eyes on
  • After you ran away from him, Jinyoung stopped messing around with girls
  • He spent the last two weeks straightening up his life as he apologized to all the girls for hurting them
  • He couldn’t count how many times he got slapped tbh 
  • But he knew it was worth it if it meant being able to hear you laugh again and that it was just stupid of him to take advantage of others
  • He had Daehwi to tutor him as he focused on getting his life straighten up (#Jinhwi feels okay)
  • If he wanted to pursue you, there was no way he was showing up with a billion of problems
  • After receiving the 21st drawing which was a drawing of a mermaid, you sighed as you knew your heart had already forgiven him
  • Besides the drawings, there was coffee every morning and even medicine was left at your door knob when you had complained one day that you were having the chills
  • It didn’t help that your friend had complained that there were way too many brokenhearted girls in the cafeteria as Jinyoung had basically told them that he had feelings for someone else and he just didn’t want to play around with their feelings
  • If he was changing for the better, you knew you wanted to be part of it; to be with him
  • You had a plan in your head the next day as you told your roommate that you weren’t heading down for breakfast today and told her to enjoy it without you
  • You patiently waited for the rustling sound near your door as you quickly swing it open and looked at Jinyoung awkwardly standing by your door 
  • Without a word, you intercepted the drawing in one hand as another held the nape of his neck
  • You kissed him for the second time and the world felt away
  • His hand rested below your ear, his thumbs caressing your cheeks as your breaths mingled with his
  • It was slow yet comforting in ways that words can never be
  • His heart leapt and he found himself smiling as you ran your fingers through his hair
  • You pulled him close to you until there was no more space left and you could feel the faint heartbeat on his chest
  • After pulling back to catch your breath, he just laid his forehead on yours and whispered:
  • “I have been wanting to do again this for so long.”
  • He won’t be shy showing his affection in public
  • He will entwine his fingers with yours, or kiss your cheek but kisses would only be at a place where it’s only you two
  • Spray painting on abandoned buildings soon becomes a favourite past time for the two of you
  • You two had been featured in various magazines as they wondered who was behind these intriguing art pieces
  • He always tries to sneak kisses on your cheeks whenever he comes to visit you in your class
  • The entire class knows it’s happening but they just ignore it cause you two are such cuties lmao
  • You drew a picture of you two together and gave it to him for your 100 day anniversary and he has it framed in his room
  • You guys will go to the arcade a lot after school and he would always try to win a plushie for you at the claw machine
  • He always gets at least one for you because he loves hearing your laugh and seeing your smile when you cooed at how cute the soft toy is  
  • But your room soon becomes filled with plushie that you have to tell him to stop
  • Couple hoodies but actually they are just plain black hoodies
  • like everything both of you wear is black
  • Daehwi liked to joke that you two probably have souls as dark as the clothing you wear (that’s me guys) 
  • Which is weird since things you two paint are always so colourful
  • He becomes super soft when you just give him a back hug
  • Vice versa when he plays with your hair
  • He tries to braid it but he ends up giving up and just runs his fingers through it knowing that you love the feeling of it
  • He loves it when you initiate the kisses like you had done during your first kiss
  • His heartbeat speeds up as your kisses just takes his breath away
  • Karaoke dates with him are a blast and you will always be blown away by how amazing he sounds
  • You will keep praising him and he will become super shy about it but still tries to serenade you
  • He would take a lot of videos of you and he loves making you do aegyo
  • He says the weirdest thing tbh
  • “I really like your eyes. They are as dark as avocados.”
  • “Is that even a compliment ….?”

A/N: I really want to apologize asI haven’t been uploading that frequently because things have been really stressing me out lately. I really hope you guys can understand as I will keep trying my best to write better and more scenarios ♡

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all :)

girlronanlynch  asked:

okay i've talked about it before but. ronan straight up picking gansey up and carrying him places. like in a football hold or over the shoulder or princess hold really there are endless possibilities! anyway gansey is moping and ronan's like ok fuck this so he picks gansey up (gansey's like ronan noooo i'm Sulking leave me be) and takes him outside, where blue and noah and adam and henry are all waiting for them with stuff for a picnic. the end

ronan “no words, just right” lynch cheering gansey up by just. lugging him around is The Best Thing??? 

gansey: )^:
ronan: scoops
gansey: “ronan n lynch. put me down.”
ronan: holds
gansey:  |^:
ronan: holds
gansey: …….. c^:

and like. don’t get me started on a gROUP PICNIC….. gansey’s got the bad vibes but everyone comes over with snacks and pizza (with fucking. avocado on it just how he likes it, that loser) and they sit in the sun in the grass out front of monmouth and they do not leave until gansey is Fed and Hydrated and Vitamin D’d and Sufficiently Reminded that he is very loved….

anonymous asked:

Henny, what are some staple plants based vegan foods? I'm slowly easing myself into it and I wanna have some go-to foods. Mind helpin' a sis out?

ABSOLUTELY—I’m excited because I love food

I would love to help. Assuming you have no extra plant-based allergies, I really recommend:

A staple nut butter or make your own (peanut, almond, cashew, sunflower, coconut) with the whole nuts.

A staple, perhaps complementary, dairy free milk or make your own (almond, cashew, oat, soy, coconut, hemp).

A staple set of Vegetables that YOU like, because you don’t want something going to waste in your pantry or fridge just because you want to get into something you don’t like (unless you compost or make your own stock‚ which you should/could!!)—Like think what do you like ROASTING what do you like GRILLING or PANFRYING.

For me, I love potatoes because I love carbs, my food pyramid has food pyramids for just carbs—But I’ll get to that, trust me. I also love sweet peppers, I love them for their freshness and bite and nutrients but also they are so COLORFUL! And they come in different sizes, etc.  Cherry tomatoes are so good for frying or baking for like bursts of like “organic” ketchup.

Now you also need greens, how do you like eating greens is what you need to consider. I love eating them raw and sometimes like plain or just avocado mash and lemon juice so spinach works for me because I can also sautee it and blend it. But kale, bok choy, escarole are some other alternatives that go great with pasta and soups or grilled so switch it up. I also like arugula, for salads and sandwiches. 

So I love smoothies so I’m also about fruits like bananas, avocados, berries, mango, anything honestly—on sale the better. I love fruit because they freeze perfectly and then you can throw them in frozen and not use ice and it’s way better imo. I love avocados but I’m only into them when I feel like I wanna be thicker and so I just add fats to my diet. Really great carbs, too. Pasta, rice, grains, starches (beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, potatoes), flours (I love baking because it’s easier and like less work for me, so many flours to choose from or make, oat flour, farina, whole wheat, coconut flour, brown rice flour. The more you bake and use these ingredients the better your future judgment will be). BREAD, because sometimes you don’t wanna bake or bread+fry, and you just want to toast!!!!

And then essential because it’s all about baking, crafting, and cooking for plant-based food you need a handy oil, or a handful of oils (olive oil, sesame, sunflower, coconut (refined and unrefined)), and maybe an easy vegan butter even but honestly one oil is fine for all of it, I just use oils on my body lol. Spices like cocoa, cinnamon are really big to me, and turmeric, pepper, rock salt, smoked paprika, because I like it more than normal, onion, garlic, cumin, pepper flakescayenne, and any other spice or herb blend you fancy because like it’s up to your buds. 

I also like honey, like as an ingredient for food and skin care and for breakouts. It’s regarded really high in my book and bees love it so much they work together and make it for free and don’t even mind sharing if you don’t fuck with the hive dynamics and cause drama. Also, like dips and sauces!! always switch it up and have your constants. Hot sauces, BBQs, dips, hummuses, hummi?(idk?) or tahinis, like things that add instant flavor or textures. Like there is just so much variety, use one buy another, or scroll down how to make your own. 

Chia seeds are really good in a lot of ways so I think those are pretty important too because high in fiber, like beans and some veggies. I really recommend frozen veggies just as back up and like last minute plans and a quick and east meal, frozen fruits too (or if they’re cheap and in season—buy a lot and freeze). Also, think about soup stocks, make your own by saving vegetable scraps in a bag in your freezer and when it fills up use it to make a broth. I love making soups, chowders, curries, and a great base makes a great soup. 

Of course, random vegan snacks are fun (toasts are the quickest things I like). Drink lots of water and get into teas, herbs, and nutrition in general because it could help you in some cool of ways.

I’ll add things if they come to me later.

real talk about alicia clark in 3x05 for a second and how this arc of hers is actually a brilliant piece of storytelling like… 

if ftwd was a classic literature novel, your 11th grade english lit teacher would be lecturing on how alicia clark’s self-destructive spiral is an allegory for the millennial let down and apathy of the 21st century.

alicia clark grew up as an upper middle class millennial, in a nice suburb home, with a nice, seemingly well-rounded nuclear family. she and nick probably played little league soccer and have a box in the attic of old metallic plastic trophies.

she tuned out her world in favor of her ipod, lost herself in her studies because she was college would be the key to getting whatever she wanted out of life.

and now? all that pretty, painted ‘you can be whatever you want when you grow up! you can change the world!’ bullshit has been ripped away from her worldview and she sees the truth.

alicia clark could be a normal twenty-something going through her quarter crisis. useless college degree that put her tens of thousands of dollars in debt, dreams of saving the whales and ending world hunger crushed for the monotony of filing papers and learning microsoft excel.

english teacher’s lecture? all those zombies are corporate workers, dragging ass all day to get no where. lost in capitalism, in the draw of their cell phones. no recognition of the world around them, just consume, consume, consume…

alicia clark’s existential crisis is great television because it’s fucking relatable. all the pleasure has been sucked out her life in favor of survival. while she runs from zombies, we’ve got master’s-educated people working for minimum wage (or less). we’ve got brilliant young men and women who are always one mistake away from living on the streets or going without food this month. (or one congressman away from losing our health coverage for vital, lifesaving medications.)

it feels like it’ll never end. the struggle just brings more struggle. there’s little hope.

she tries drugs and sex and activities like cliff diving to feel something, to enjoy a moment in her miserable fucking existence. we… also do drugs and have sex and enjoy high-adrenaline activities lol, but additionally have the luxury of shit like enjoying our avocado toast and sending snapchat videos with silly dog filters and playing pokemon go for 8 hours a day, because if you can’t fucking get anywhere with the skills and degree that you worked on your whole life, at least you can smile for a moment when you finally evolve your bulbasaur.

idk, alicia clark’s existential crisis is brilliant and i’m loving it. rock on, my broken lil bean.


              Heavens. I had made Cersei on a whim the night of I got internet. I literally had nothing but a few pictures and a keyboard and like..maybe 2 followers? Cersei literally showed up out of no where and demanded that I love her, and it’s been a wild ride ever since. I’ve met so many people, written so many things, and Cersei and I have been through so much together. And I’m just thankful for every single moment that had happened, every single person I’ve met, and every heart wrenching and cute things our muses have been through.

        Really it wouldn’t have been such an awesome ride without every single one of you, and I’m so thankful for you all. I know I’m terrible with having constant productivity but thank you for putting up with it. For putting up with the mess that I am and my random days where all I do is jack around doing nothing but reblogging pretty pictures. (how do you put up with me) 

         Beneath the cut is some very special shout outs to those I could never be without. Please I ask early on that you forgive me if I miss anyone. I have a terrible memory and there is just so MANY of you. ohmygosh. I can never be thankful enough. I love you all, my lovelies!

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you’re the best kind (of bad something) 
4 months after frosted flakes (and avocados)

Three knocks, that was all it took for Jane to wake from her already uncomfortable slumber, her neck already cramping on her couch because her bed reeked of him, his stupid cologne on her vanity and the stray shirts laying over her desk chair, and well she couldn’t really hang out in her room right now. But it was three knocks that woke her up, three knocks that caused her to tangle her feet in her blanket and trip her way towards the door. 

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anonymous asked:

OKAY, Annie I need your help ! Okay so I asked my mum if I could take a bunch of bananas to school with me to snack on and she was like ' no no no only take one or two too many bananas will give you a headache because of all that potassium' so I don't get how that works because you eat TONS of bananas and don't seem to get headaches ? I LOVE YOU AND YOUR ACCOUNT AND YOU'RE YOUTUBE BTW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL SENDING LOVE AND HAPPINESS 😌🌟✨

No no no that is a TOTAL myth guys!!! I have answered this question a while ago:

Bananas aren’t even highest in potassium… Beans, dark leafy green, potatoes, mushrooms, avocados are all a lot higher in potassium content than bananas. So I don’t know why when someone hears bananas all they think is crap, potassium.

The lethal dose of potassium chloride is 2500mgs per kg of body weight in 30 seconds. There is roughly 400mgs of potassium in one decent sized banana. So someone who weighs let’s say 51 kg would have to eat approx 318 bananas in 30secs to reach the lethal dose of 127,500mgs of potassium.

Dw about potassium overdose. Worry about getting enough potassium. Potassium is a very important mineral for the proper function of all cells, tissues, and organs in the human body. It is also an electrolyte, a substance that conducts electricity in the body.

Potassium is crucial to heart function and plays a key role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, making it important for normal digestive and muscular function.

Love ur nanas


anonymous asked:

daiya is so gross to me and I really wana be vegan but I looooove cheese. daiya is like stretchy chewy and slimy and Is honestly just revolting ))): I'm so pissed

I loved cheese too. Everyone loves cheese, cheese is physically addictive. If you think vegan cheese is gross, I wouldn’t look into how actual cheese is made. Have you ever handled fresh mozzarella cheese? it’s chewy and very slimy. Put me off even when I wasn’t vegan. I’ve never experienced chewy or slimy daiya cheese, did you check the date? it’s still better than curds of pus'y boob milk, in all honesty. Daiya isn’t meant to taste like cows milk cheese, It has its own flavor. You don’t need any cheese, experiment with foods and dressings! I use mashed avocado in place of cheese in most things now, or vegan mayo. I don’t even buy daiya that much. p.s, I was the biggest cheese eater and now the smell pretty much makes me sick to my stomach. Tastes change.



*sprawls on couch*

“Check me out bay. I look and feel fantastic!”

“I get it, it takes a “game” for you to join me on the band-wagon of being a fitness guru.”


“I’m sexy and I know it…”

In other news, I have a cute little room design I can’t wait to show you all. (After I put the kiddos down for a nap.)

Oh Yeah, Some of the Things I adore.

  1. You get an “inner glow” after increasing your wellness.
  2. When practicing yoga, I love the animation of “shaky legs” very true to life.
  3. I’ve found (2) new recipes! Love recipes and can never get enough. They are:
  • Carob Coconut Cake (lvl.2)
  • Superfood Salad (topped with avocado!) I’ve mentioned before how much I love avocado. =D (lvl. 7)

I only wish that we could click on a sim to meditate like before, instead of toting around a seat in our inventory. It would give us more animations of appearing to “sit” on the floor.

I also wish “Cakes” would be in “Baking” instead of cooking. We do bake cakes, don’t we?

[ well this is actually a little late there’s 212 of you now but!!! ]

once again i’m shocked and amazed at the sheer number of people who enjoy my portrayal of our favorite drunky-drunk queen. cersei has brought me so much joy and to be able to rp her and bring her to life makes me incredibly happy - and it wouldn’t be so much fun without y'all to interact with, stalk, and love on! i’ve made friends through this blog and had some of the best internet times i’ve ever had with you guys. thank you so, so incredibly much from the very bottom of my heart.

hand of the queen

disciplx & favoriteareas - both run by my best friend and favorite person on this planet. without you i wouldn’t have gotten back into the roleplaying sphere on tumblr and for that i owe you incredibly. cersei’s weird semi-friendship with simon and her casual conversation with lee as they calmly torture a guy are so, so fun. and that’s not to mention how much i adore you ooc - like i said, you’re my bestest friend in the whole wide world. i’d fly halfway across the world for you any day (and in fact hope to do it again relatively soon!!!). you’re my avocado and we’re in this bff-ship thing for the long haul <3 hope you don’t mind but you ain’t eva gettin rid of me xoxoxox

brother loves

kxngslxyxr - in the words of one direction (yes yes i know), you light up my world like nobody else. you’re an adorable goofball and i love it. everything we’ve done - from crack threads to cute threads to ooc interaction - has brought such a huge smile to my face. i feel incredibly blessed to have met someone so sweet and funny through this blog. duncle x dragqueen 4eva and eva ok <3

theknightwithouthonor - first things first, you are a wonderful writer!! i love reading your work, both on this blog and on your oberyn ( infamousprinceofdorne ). our thread gives me aaaaall of the feels. we haven’t interacted much ooc but i’d love to change that - we’ve got each other on skype, so let’s chat sometime! (:

alamelion & ofgildedsteel - we’ve not interacted much but everything i’ve seen from you two is just wonderful. i would love to get to know you better, both as cersei and ooc! 

the queen’s council

lady–catelyn-stark - never did i think cersei and catelyn would become friends, but we’ve got them well on the way! i’m always in awe of your writing when i see you’ve replied to our thread - you keep it fresh and fun while staying 100% in character and it’s absolutely wonderful. i can’t wait to see where our interactions go from here. <3

silvereye277 - in character and out, talking to you is one of my favorite things to do. your tywin is a perfect balance of the ice-cold exterior we see so often and the Real Feelings lurking underneath the surface; you bring him to life in an amazing way. i love how eager you are to start new threads and do memes and stuff with me, too!

gentlexstag - what a sweetheart! whether i’m talking about lana or lana!mun is a mystery, because it could apply so well to both. your oc is one of the best-developed and -written i’ve ever come across and everything cersei and lana do together is just delightful to me. i’m so glad to have stumbled across your blog when i did - you’re simply great.

madeofwildfire - i still can’t believe you were scared of me at first :x especially considering i was scared of you too! you’re one of those people i’m just incredibly thankful that rp has brought into my life. i love your snapchats and our silly skype conversations and all the laughs and giggles you bring out of me. twin stuff is gonna be so fun, i can already tell by the start we’ve got on it. <3

thexwitchxclegane - carina is such a fun character to interact with! you’ve taken a canon concept and expanded on it wonderfully, and your verse in which she’s cersei’s guard is so exciting to expand with you! you’re a complete sweetie with a heart of gold and i’m super incredibly happy that you came into my life. <3

royal court [lords and ladies loved dearly or admired from afar]

assilat-vojjor astormcrow abrokenlittlebird abetterclaim artfulprecision agenda-of-fatalities acrownforakhal aviperamongstlions blackwxter bastard-lion celticfate crimson-star-chronicles clxgane crxwseye cunningxbeauty conqueror-of-lemoncakes dariadraconis dxrewolfx drownxd direwolfbastard donapirata everyone-is-mine-to-torment egoxistic etsorortace flayedbastard fracturedxinnocence gilly-runaway herunfailingkindness horsefacestark incxntxtrix ironxson iceinhiseyes jorjayna-stark justanotherdaughter khaleesiof-dragons knowswheretoputit kenwaycaptain kingofthelannisterpride kissxdbyfire kingofthedirewolf khaleesispryte lordxspider lefayofavalon lupinefury lostredsparrow lordoflions merciful–khaleesi morghxlis mistressofcoinbaelish megisfree mightystag mostloyalsquire motherofasgard morningsnow87 maimedlion nxtalady notatrueknight onlyplayingtowin ofsweetpoison ofliesandarborgold ofwolfheart pureironking puristmalfoy rhaegarthelast rhaegar-thelastdragon rhaellathequeen robbstarkphd rickonofwinter rosewatersteel sansa-littledove stormedfury secondborndaughter sanguinemlupus sxnderstxrk sansa-littledove theyoungshebear thundersxdaughter themountainhatesyou the-stealheartedqueen theladyreaperess thekingrenly true-golden-knight tobesnow taketheflame tarotreadinglyanna vxdosa viipxr wxlfblooded wrackspxrts wildlyexpensive xcelt