i love you like how i love avocado

Poem by Frank O’Hara

Light clarity avocado salad in the morning
after all the terrible things I do how amazing it is
to find forgiveness and love, not even forgiveness
since what is done is done and forgiveness isn’t love

and love is love nothing can ever go wrong
though things can get irritating boring and dispensable
(in the imagination) but not really for love
though a block away you feel distant the mere presence
changes everything like a chemical dropped on a paper
and all thoughts disappear in a strange quiet excitement
I am sure of nothing but this, intensified by breathing

Baked Eggs In Avocado

WARNING! FILTHY FANFIC @kilburnie I DRAW, I DON’T WRITE! The smell of something delicious baking and fresh coffee gave Caitriona such a start from her morning sleep she woke panting for air. ‘Mmm that smells like heaven’ she murmured settling her breath, glancing at her phone to check the time. ‘7.45, that’s not bad for a sleep in’ she thought wiping her eyes. Since starting with Outlander she had found she never slept past 8 o’ clock no matter how she tried. Sam, of course, was up like the little Energiser battery he was, his drive was sickening. ‘I bet he’s already been for a quick run AND cooked breakfast’ she thought smiling at him as he walked in with a tray of their favourite Sunday breakfast, baked eggs in avocado. ‘Ohh I DO love you..that smells and looks amazing, thank you.’ He gave her a quick kiss before setting the tray down. ‘Bed picnic?’ He asked handing her a knife and fork. 'Mmm absolutely…how on earth do you get the eggs perfect like this every time?’ Sam chuckled 'Well, there’s this little thing called a timer Caitriona and it comes in handy when you’re cooking’. She pushed out her bottom lip and gave him a wounded pouting look and he kissed it. 'Awww, I have told you you’re the most divine human being I’ve ever encountered haven’t I?’ 'You tell me that pretty much every time I make you a morning coffee Cait! Oh God this is good, pepper?’
They sat up in bed devouring their breakfast, sipping their coffee and enjoying the stillness of the morning. Life during the week ran at an incredible pace but they made sure Sunday mornings were theirs. No socialising , no commitments, no eating out, no exercise other than a quick run, no phone calls. Just completely stopping, shutting everything else out and cocooning themselves in their home. 'What are you thinking?’ Caitriona asked taking a sip of coffee. 'Actually I was just thinking about how I like rituals, like I know it’s a bit odd but I like grinding the coffee beans fresh, I like making the coffee so it’s done just right and serving it up in your favourite mug and then taking the time to saviour it. I love our Sunday morning ritual…I look forward to it…the stopping.’ 'I love it when you stop too, Sam’ Caitriona paused not wanting to take this special moment somewhere negative. 'I get you do’ he said studying her.
Caitriona understood she was with a unique man. Artistic, sensual, talented, considerate, intuitive, smart and sensitive. She also knew he bored easily and couldn’t stay still for long. She’d never experienced being with someone like that and looking back on her previous relationships she thought how dull they had been by comparison to being with this interesting man. How the planets had aligned for her. She felt almost rescued by him. To take her from the tiring LA scene and plant her here with him in Scotland and change her life in such a profound way never ceased to amaze her. It amazed Sam too and they often talked about it, how in awe of it they were and she knew the impact she had had on him too. Their lives had changed forever as if a higher being somewhere had orchestrated them to be together and now they were. She tore her eyes away from him reading an article on his phone, kissed his cheek and whispered 'My tummy feels SO good, it was so yummy..thank you darling’ and headed for the shower.
She and Sam were lucky to find this beautiful apartment. The owners were currently working in Singapore and had renovated the bathroom with finishes and fixtures she had always dreamed of. Most nights she and Sam ended up relaxing in the large stone bath that amazingly accommodated both of them with a glass of wine and her favourite Diptyque bath oil. Often their phones came with them and they would share friend’s news and events and plan their schedules and weekends. Other times they spent keeping an eye on what the naughty little Shippers were up to on their Tumblr blogs and giggle at their antics. She had lost count of the times Sam had said 'God, they’re cute, God they’re naughty’ or 'God they’re smart!’ Or 'God, this is bad…what are going to do….’
Caitriona stepped into the double shower and enjoyed washing and oiling her body. She cared for her skin like it was a baby and she now had Sam doing the same. He loved using her products and she had resigned herself to the fact that they were having more of an impact on his skin than hers. He had the most extraordinary skin. A touch of sun even in winter and he had a summer glow to die for. The weather in Scotland was hard on hers and she shuddered at the thought of how much money it took to maintain it. Just as she was calculating the figures the shower door opened and a very hard and glorious body walked in behind her and started kissing her neck. 'Oww is that the special oil I bought you in Japan? Can I have some?’ he whispered and she poured some in his palm. He moan in her ear and she could feel him rubbing himself with it. 'So good’ he sighed. Caitriona loved seeing him pleasure himself but even more loved him in her mouth. She turned and knelt before him and took him, the taste of oil tickling her tongue. 'Oh God… ’ he moaned tilting his head back and enjoying the flow of water over his body. The movement pushed his hips forward and Caitriona took him deeply. She delighted in the pleasure she gave him but felt his hand gently touch her, giving her the signal to stop and in an instant he’d lifted her out of the shower like a rag doll and placed her on the long marble vanity. She wrapped her legs around his shoulders and he set to work on her. Caitriona had never been with a man so utterly turned on by making her cum. It was like Sam turned into an animal of complete and utter hot lust, almost a different person. From such a sweet and gentle man came the most powerful, wanting, emotional, sexual being. Fingering, licking, sucking, squeezing and exploring every inch of erogenous zone she owned. She had never had such an emotionally sensitive, generous and expressive lover and it was breathtakingly erotic and beautiful. As if he couldn’t cope with the feeling of failing Sam always made sure she came and this morning was no different. He knelt before her pulling her botttom slightly off the vanity to gain a better position and she moaned and grabbed for his hair. The feel of his soft curls was incredibly sensual and she felt the tension building within her and suddenly came crying out so loudly she knew the neighbours would have certainly heard and she didn’t care. Sam carried her to the bed, clearly wanting her now but she stopped him forcing him down, straddling him and kissing him, forcing his mouth open so her tongue could tease his. Caitriona loved to kiss and loved his tongue and spent time feeling him and kissing him until he was begging for her. To hear him pleading was the greatest turn on and by the time she took him and started riding him she knew he was close. Caitriona found the right spot and angled her body back. Sam rose to take her breast in his mouth, sucked her and set his fingers to work on her at the same time. It wasn’t uncommon for Caitriona to cum several times when they made love and Sam had never experienced a woman who could and loved it. He was skilled with his fingers and never breaking momentum, sucked and fucked her. Caitriona arched back and came again, utterly losing herself. Sam suddenly grabbed her face in his hand and as he often did forced her to look at him, made her hear the words of how he loved her, how fucking her made him feel, how he never wanted anyone else and how he’d die without her. With his voice breaking in raw emotion he thrust himself deeply into her and completely lost himself, forcing her to watch him, to look into his eyes at that moment. Caitriona had the same reaction she always did when he made love like this, she wept, his love too much to bear. She sobbed, 'I love you Sam, I just love you’ and he smiled his half smile, wiped the tears away and kissed her murmuring 'Me and my baked eggs in avocado huh?’ and she rest her head on his chest, feeling her heart burst with love for this wonderful man and nodded.

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daiya is so gross to me and I really wana be vegan but I looooove cheese. daiya is like stretchy chewy and slimy and Is honestly just revolting ))): I'm so pissed

I loved cheese too. Everyone loves cheese, cheese is physically addictive. If you think vegan cheese is gross, I wouldn’t look into how actual cheese is made. Have you ever handled fresh mozzarella cheese? it’s chewy and very slimy. Put me off even when I wasn’t vegan. I’ve never experienced chewy or slimy daiya cheese, did you check the date? it’s still better than curds of pus'y boob milk, in all honesty. Daiya isn’t meant to taste like cows milk cheese, It has its own flavor. You don’t need any cheese, experiment with foods and dressings! I use mashed avocado in place of cheese in most things now, or vegan mayo. I don’t even buy daiya that much. p.s, I was the biggest cheese eater and now the smell pretty much makes me sick to my stomach. Tastes change.


you’re the best kind (of bad something) 
4 months after frosted flakes (and avocados)

Three knocks, that was all it took for Jane to wake from her already uncomfortable slumber, her neck already cramping on her couch because her bed reeked of him, his stupid cologne on her vanity and the stray shirts laying over her desk chair, and well she couldn’t really hang out in her room right now. But it was three knocks that woke her up, three knocks that caused her to tangle her feet in her blanket and trip her way towards the door. 

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*sprawls on couch*

“Check me out bay. I look and feel fantastic!”

“I get it, it takes a “game” for you to join me on the band-wagon of being a fitness guru.”


“I’m sexy and I know it…”

In other news, I have a cute little room design I can’t wait to show you all. (After I put the kiddos down for a nap.)

Oh Yeah, Some of the Things I adore.

  1. You get an “inner glow” after increasing your wellness.
  2. When practicing yoga, I love the animation of “shaky legs” very true to life.
  3. I’ve found (2) new recipes! Love recipes and can never get enough. They are:
  • Carob Coconut Cake (lvl.2)
  • Superfood Salad (topped with avocado!) I’ve mentioned before how much I love avocado. =D (lvl. 7)

I only wish that we could click on a sim to meditate like before, instead of toting around a seat in our inventory. It would give us more animations of appearing to “sit” on the floor.

I also wish “Cakes” would be in “Baking” instead of cooking. We do bake cakes, don’t we?

[ well this is actually a little late there’s 212 of you now but!!! ]

once again i’m shocked and amazed at the sheer number of people who enjoy my portrayal of our favorite drunky-drunk queen. cersei has brought me so much joy and to be able to rp her and bring her to life makes me incredibly happy - and it wouldn’t be so much fun without y'all to interact with, stalk, and love on! i’ve made friends through this blog and had some of the best internet times i’ve ever had with you guys. thank you so, so incredibly much from the very bottom of my heart.

hand of the queen

disciplx & favoriteareas - both run by my best friend and favorite person on this planet. without you i wouldn’t have gotten back into the roleplaying sphere on tumblr and for that i owe you incredibly. cersei’s weird semi-friendship with simon and her casual conversation with lee as they calmly torture a guy are so, so fun. and that’s not to mention how much i adore you ooc - like i said, you’re my bestest friend in the whole wide world. i’d fly halfway across the world for you any day (and in fact hope to do it again relatively soon!!!). you’re my avocado and we’re in this bff-ship thing for the long haul <3 hope you don’t mind but you ain’t eva gettin rid of me xoxoxox

brother loves

kxngslxyxr - in the words of one direction (yes yes i know), you light up my world like nobody else. you’re an adorable goofball and i love it. everything we’ve done - from crack threads to cute threads to ooc interaction - has brought such a huge smile to my face. i feel incredibly blessed to have met someone so sweet and funny through this blog. duncle x dragqueen 4eva and eva ok <3

theknightwithouthonor - first things first, you are a wonderful writer!! i love reading your work, both on this blog and on your oberyn ( infamousprinceofdorne ). our thread gives me aaaaall of the feels. we haven’t interacted much ooc but i’d love to change that - we’ve got each other on skype, so let’s chat sometime! (:

alamelion & ofgildedsteel - we’ve not interacted much but everything i’ve seen from you two is just wonderful. i would love to get to know you better, both as cersei and ooc! 

the queen’s council

lady–catelyn-stark - never did i think cersei and catelyn would become friends, but we’ve got them well on the way! i’m always in awe of your writing when i see you’ve replied to our thread - you keep it fresh and fun while staying 100% in character and it’s absolutely wonderful. i can’t wait to see where our interactions go from here. <3

silvereye277 - in character and out, talking to you is one of my favorite things to do. your tywin is a perfect balance of the ice-cold exterior we see so often and the Real Feelings lurking underneath the surface; you bring him to life in an amazing way. i love how eager you are to start new threads and do memes and stuff with me, too!

gentlexstag - what a sweetheart! whether i’m talking about lana or lana!mun is a mystery, because it could apply so well to both. your oc is one of the best-developed and -written i’ve ever come across and everything cersei and lana do together is just delightful to me. i’m so glad to have stumbled across your blog when i did - you’re simply great.

madeofwildfire - i still can’t believe you were scared of me at first :x especially considering i was scared of you too! you’re one of those people i’m just incredibly thankful that rp has brought into my life. i love your snapchats and our silly skype conversations and all the laughs and giggles you bring out of me. twin stuff is gonna be so fun, i can already tell by the start we’ve got on it. <3

thexwitchxclegane - carina is such a fun character to interact with! you’ve taken a canon concept and expanded on it wonderfully, and your verse in which she’s cersei’s guard is so exciting to expand with you! you’re a complete sweetie with a heart of gold and i’m super incredibly happy that you came into my life. <3

royal court [lords and ladies loved dearly or admired from afar]

assilat-vojjor astormcrow abrokenlittlebird abetterclaim artfulprecision agenda-of-fatalities acrownforakhal aviperamongstlions blackwxter bastard-lion celticfate crimson-star-chronicles clxgane crxwseye cunningxbeauty conqueror-of-lemoncakes dariadraconis dxrewolfx drownxd direwolfbastard donapirata everyone-is-mine-to-torment egoxistic etsorortace flayedbastard fracturedxinnocence gilly-runaway herunfailingkindness horsefacestark incxntxtrix ironxson iceinhiseyes jorjayna-stark justanotherdaughter khaleesiof-dragons knowswheretoputit kenwaycaptain kingofthelannisterpride kissxdbyfire kingofthedirewolf khaleesispryte lordxspider lefayofavalon lupinefury lostredsparrow lordoflions merciful–khaleesi morghxlis mistressofcoinbaelish megisfree mightystag mostloyalsquire motherofasgard morningsnow87 maimedlion nxtalady notatrueknight onlyplayingtowin ofsweetpoison ofliesandarborgold ofwolfheart pureironking puristmalfoy rhaegarthelast rhaegar-thelastdragon rhaellathequeen robbstarkphd rickonofwinter rosewatersteel sansa-littledove stormedfury secondborndaughter sanguinemlupus sxnderstxrk sansa-littledove theyoungshebear thundersxdaughter themountainhatesyou the-stealheartedqueen theladyreaperess thekingrenly true-golden-knight tobesnow taketheflame tarotreadinglyanna vxdosa viipxr wxlfblooded wrackspxrts wildlyexpensive xcelt 

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OKAY, Annie I need your help ! Okay so I asked my mum if I could take a bunch of bananas to school with me to snack on and she was like ' no no no only take one or two too many bananas will give you a headache because of all that potassium' so I don't get how that works because you eat TONS of bananas and don't seem to get headaches ? I LOVE YOU AND YOUR ACCOUNT AND YOU'RE YOUTUBE BTW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL SENDING LOVE AND HAPPINESS 😌🌟✨

No no no that is a TOTAL myth guys!!! I have answered this question a while ago:

Bananas aren’t even highest in potassium… Beans, dark leafy green, potatoes, mushrooms, avocados are all a lot higher in potassium content than bananas. So I don’t know why when someone hears bananas all they think is crap, potassium.

The lethal dose of potassium chloride is 2500mgs per kg of body weight in 30 seconds. There is roughly 400mgs of potassium in one decent sized banana. So someone who weighs let’s say 51 kg would have to eat approx 318 bananas in 30secs to reach the lethal dose of 127,500mgs of potassium.

Dw about potassium overdose. Worry about getting enough potassium. Potassium is a very important mineral for the proper function of all cells, tissues, and organs in the human body. It is also an electrolyte, a substance that conducts electricity in the body.

Potassium is crucial to heart function and plays a key role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, making it important for normal digestive and muscular function.

Love ur nanas