i love you like how i love avocado

Things I love about Jessica Jones:

  • How Trish, with her blue shirt and red coat and blonde hair and her stubborn hope to save as many people as she can is SO CAPTAIN AMERICA
  • That Jess only owns one pair of crusty light-wash jeans
  • Hogarth was such a bastard, and remained a bastard, and will continue to be a bastard and I Am About That Kind of Consistency
  • (can you even IMAGINE her meeting the Avocados tho – this is endless fun and I really hope it happens)
  • How when Jess fights she doesn’t immediately go for the punch because she knows (since Reeva probably) what her strength can do, instead her first instinct is to just throw people the fuck out of the way until they stay down I LOVE THIS and I really hope that was an intentional choice on the part of the writers and fight choreographers because it’s brilliant and I’m crying about it
  • Malcolm is such a hipster with his red skinnies and galaxy-print collared shirts, I love him, I want to know everything about him, PLEASE SPEAK FRENCH AGAIN SOON
  • LUKE
  • Luke Cage wearing a helmet
  • Luke Cage being kind to dogs
  • Luke Cage keeping his dive bar neat and clean
  • Luke Cage being unfairly hot in every single scene he’s in, shoulders big as a doorway, skin as smooth and blemishless as silk
  • Luke Cage disappearing mysteriously at the end there TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED, go chill out on Long Island or some shit, just please come back
  • How quickly Jess dispatched Kilgrave – here I was braced for some ridiculous close-quaters, out-at-sea tense fight to the death on a boat with him pitting Trish and Jess against each other but they don’t even make it onto the fucking boat, she just one-liners him and snaps him like a twig, like THANK – after everything, that was just so perfect
  • Also I think Malcolm and Claire have already gone on several dates and become the chillest power couple complaining about their collection of injury-prone weirdos


*sprawls on couch*

“Check me out bay. I look and feel fantastic!”

“I get it, it takes a “game” for you to join me on the band-wagon of being a fitness guru.”


“I’m sexy and I know it…”

In other news, I have a cute little room design I can’t wait to show you all. (After I put the kiddos down for a nap.)

Oh Yeah, Some of the Things I adore.

  1. You get an “inner glow” after increasing your wellness.
  2. When practicing yoga, I love the animation of “shaky legs” very true to life.
  3. I’ve found (2) new recipes! Love recipes and can never get enough. They are:
  • Carob Coconut Cake (lvl.2)
  • Superfood Salad (topped with avocado!) I’ve mentioned before how much I love avocado. =D (lvl. 7)

I only wish that we could click on a sim to meditate like before, instead of toting around a seat in our inventory. It would give us more animations of appearing to “sit” on the floor.

I also wish “Cakes” would be in “Baking” instead of cooking. We do bake cakes, don’t we?