i love you kate

i can’t get the idea of the young avengers going to a dumb college halloween costume party dressed up as the older avengers out of my head - like america goes as captain america, kate as hawkeye (she basically just dresses exactly the same as usual, she acknowledges that it’s a bit of a cop out, but she doesn’t care), teddy as hulk (he paints himself green and wears a shitty wig because he claims just turning green would take away half the fun), noh-varr as black widow (he thinks she’s pretty kick-ass, plus i reckon he’d be up for the costume), tommy as quicksliver, billy as thor and david who just goes as himself because he doesn’t have the time to make himself an outfit and most of his options are gone. but then some shit goes down (as it always does) and they actually have to fight but stuck in their home-made avengers costumes 


» We are bound by our choices, but we are more than our mistakes.

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Honestly, after that episode, I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to be the one to find out. Not even Trixie. That whole exchange was so beautiful. The way she saw them on the stairs, stayed where she was so as not to intrude on their moment. The surprise was there in her face, yes, but it was soft.

She was gentle with Delia. Letting her know that it was okay, without directly telling her. Because she hadn’t been let in, and she knew not to overstep. Lending her the book of poetry, to give her a comfort while the woman she loved was gone. Letting her feel, when she hasn’t been allowed to before.

I couldn’t be more thankful for that episode, truly, even though Patsy’s gone.