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Phobia Prompts

Oneirophobia My muse has a dream about yours

She was exhausted, it was only dusk when they arrived in Takigakure only this morning. Team 6 was assigned to do some disaster relief since the summer monsoon left their village flooded servery. It mainly evolved, draining of the water and helping with the repairs. Haruhi had duel duty of using her Byakugan in finding possible survivors with Akira. It was truly an endearing day for all three of the girls.While the rest of her team were residing in the hotel provided for them, she decided to spend the witching hour on her own. She found a small cove by the giant lake right in the middle of the cave system that is used to enter the village. The crevice was just big enough for one person to squeeze in, maybe a child used it once as a hideaway… Still it was a good spot to watch the mix of colors that nature provided, while the sounds of the water played a tune for a lullaby:

She was bare foot, and hoping along the stones that just reached the waters surface. Who was this woman? She was chancing her? No. Following her, her was swimming below while Haruhi walked above it all. Was this even a person? It had to have been genjutsu no doubt… The woman, her skin the color of earth itself reached out a hand from the sea green sea. She wants her to join in, Haruhi took her hand


She should be frighten, but she wasn’t. They weren’t being dragged or yanked to the dark abysses. No it was a gentle decent into the waters bottom, the fish getting tangled in the mess of the woman afro and Haruhi wild black main


Haruhi jolted back to her senses, the birds woke her up… Damn… Now she’s tempted to go swimming in this lake.

In which Junno looks pretty much like the perfect prince he is, Kame is being his usual sexy self (seducing tongue included), and Ueda looks like a beautiful character straight out of a manga ♥

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I've been following your threads with @super-kame-love, and I have to say they are just so amazing to read and keep up with. I always look forward to posts from you guys. The depth and development are awesome. Keep up the fantastic work, I enjoy your threads as I do all the fanfics I read! Its a story in itself with so many plot twists!

ANON!!!!!! This is so sweet oh my goodness!! Thank you so much, I’m sure @super-kame-love will agree with me when I say that this is an amazing ask to receive. We definitely have great fun working with our two muses and getting them in so many situations. The threads never seem to stagnate.

It is honestly a pleasure to Rp and interact, and I would recommend this blog to anyone. A+++ seriously. I just adore both mun and muse, and there is never a dull moment. We share songs and quotes and images and just… well just about everything there is to develop these two in the verse we’ve created. More often than not I feel like we are writing a fanfic together more than simply threading. But it is great, I have had a splendid time interacting with them, and I look forward to the interactions that are still coming and that we are in the middle of.

At this point, we have around 20 threads, maybe more? But there is just so much content and room for growth. I didn’t see it coming in the beginning, but really Aina is the prize example of “don’t judge a book by its cover”, there is more depth to her than the seven seas. Marvelous character. And a marvelous mun with a great talent for writing. I am so glad we met, every tumblr experience with his blog is just fantastic.

Again, thank you so so much. Your support and appreciation is inspiring. <3

My thoughts on Taguchi’s departure from KAT-TUN

Firstly, some things about me for some context: I became a Hyphen probably around August/September this year. I came to KAT-TUN from Kame’s dramas and he is defiantly my favourite out of the group. Even though I have joined recently I am very (probably creepily) well informed about KAT-TUN as I’ve had a lot of spare time for a while - although that is changing very soon with my new job starting next week.

Secondly I never do text posts and very rarely use my blog to talk about my personal feeling about the group. However I want to organise my mind and I am doing it here. Also I am sure more info will come out about the group. This was written Tuesday 24th Nov from about 3 to 4pm GMT.

Please deal with me for a moment *bows*.

Alright! Here’s what I’m thinking…

Taughi’s reasons

I’m sure he came to this decision after lots of thought and consideration to say the least. I just read that Ueda tried to convince him to stay but said it was impossible. I believe it was confirmed sometime this year that he has had a secret girlfriend for around 8 years and lives with her and her mother in Tokyo. It would be wrong for me to say this is the reason why he left but I’m sure he has things in wants to accomplish in life that being an jpop idol aged 30+ do not let you do.

He was not kicked out, he is not part of some shot gun marriage, he chose to leave as staying would not be the correct decision. I think it is no small deal that he is being allowed to not renew his contract and tell the fans months before he leaves. This means that him and KAT-TUN and JE (or J&A or Johnny’s or whatever you want to call them) are on good terms and there is no bad blood between them.

I think maybe now we might know why Taguchi cried at the end of Quarter. In the commentary they asked him why and he said he was very grateful for the fans to have supported them.

3 person KAT-TUN

I honestly find it hard to imagine. 4nin for me had a near perfect dynamic. I had a post planned for ages but put it off because it was loads of work. Basically, it was I was me analysing the dynamics. I loved the ‘accidentally-pleasing’ things about 4nin. How in ‘KAT-TUN’ order they went from youngest to oldest, and then short, tall, short, tall, and also S, M, S, M, and lastly how they go 2 lettters of KAT-TUN, 1 letter, 2 letters, 1 letter.

As a Kame fan I loved how you could ship him with any member and there was evidence (because he is a massive flirt)! I loved that they could pair off and have great dynamics as 2 no matter the pair you put them in (I have a draft about that as well).

I’m sure they will be able to make 3nin work. I can’t help but think that it’s will look something like Nakamaru with two children giggling and fighting and calling him ojii-chan than most groups look. Thinking about that it sound quite funny J

I wasn’t around to see the hole Jin left get patched up or the hole Koki left get patched up. I’m sure at those times too it was hard to imagine KAT-TUN without them but Hyphens pulled through. So that is the main reason why I think KAT-TUN will work as 3nin.

What I really am dreading is JE abandoning them as a lost cause. Kame is a good money spinner for them with his drama’s and movies and Nakamaru is popular on Shuichi. I’m not sure about Ueda – he’s not the most talkative or suited to variety shows but he is a semi regular on one sports show. If JE choose to they could half their promotional budget and KAT-TUN could loose popularity and eventually disband. That I think is worst case scenario. But like I said, as individuals they have their own ways of getting JE money and KAT-TUN are yet to release a single that doesn’t reach number 1 so I don’t think (or want to think) that it’s all that likely.

KAT-TUN until the Spring 2016

So as we know Kame has a new drama coming out January 2016. It’s not announced yet but it’s a given that KAT-TUN will do the theme for it right? As this is before Taguchi will be leaving we can expect that this will be Taguchi’s last single with the group. This would mean that we still have many 4nin KAT-TUN performances, promotions, and probably a PV to look forward to.

Also their is their TV shows to look forward to! SCP I believe is a monthly program so we’ll get at least 3 more Taguchi episodes of that. Hopefully with a goodbye episode or segment for Taguchi and 3nin saying they will continue hosting it.

Also there is Tame Tabi which I think is weekly. The episode next week was filmed before the announcement so probably (to avoid letting the news leak) Taguchi leaving will not be mentioned. However after that I would not be surprised if Bear/Voice of God will make jibes at the group and hopefully this will help KAT-TUN appear as a group who can take it that one more member is leaving.

The 10 year anniversary

Japanese Spring is from February 5th to May 6th. Because of the language barrier I think it would be wrong to try and guess if Taguchi is leaving as soon spring begins, or half way through, or at the end of spring. 

KAT-TUN’s 10 year anniversary I believe is March 22nd. I think what might happen is the 10 year anniversary will be used as a 3 member KAT-TUN debut.

What I really want to happen is for Taguchi to be in the 10 year anniversary concert and for them to use it as a goodbye to 4nin and hello to 3nin. However even if Taguchi leaves before that I think it will still be ok.

If Taguchi leaves beginning of February they have February and most of March to prepare as 3nin for the anniversary concert. This could be done with a single or another mini album like Kusabi. Also there would be a PV and tons of promotion for them as 3nin and their debut anniversary and debut 3nin concert.


Will I continue supporting KAT-TUN? (the future of this blog)

It’s hard to say right now as not only is Taguchi leaving but my own life is changing as well. However I came to this fandom as a Kame fan and I will most likely stay a KAT-TUN fan because of him. I doubt I will post about Taguchi after he has left as this is a Kame biased/KAT-TUN blog. After a few days of mourning I expect I will be back to posting silly Kame gifs (I’ve got loads ready to go in my drafts) and so on so please stick with me.

I hope KAT-TUN will flourish as 3nin, I hope that 10 year anniversary will be spectacular, and I wish Taguchi the best with whatever his life brings next.

- YesPurpleTea <3

For now here are some Taguchi/4nin gifs I have saved and don’t know how to fit into a post anymore… for a moment I’ll remember the good times and look forward to the limited ones we have left with 4nin KAT-TUN.