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Winchester Sister- I’m Here

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Title: I’m Here

Parings: Dean x sister!reader, Dean x lover

Words: 1366

Warnings: Anxiety

Summary:  Reader with anxiety has a panic attack while Sam and Dean are away and tries to control it. But when it gets out of hand, she calls her big brother for help.

(A/N: yeah so I have anxiety and I just kinda wrote what it’s like for me to have an anxiety attack (which sucks, i might add lol) but anyways if any of you are struggling with anxiety or just anything in general message me, I’d be absolutely happy to listen to you and help you (just remember that I’m not like a doctor or anything, but I can help you as a friend<3) and just remember that I love you soo much and it does get better)

xx JC


It has been just you and Dean in the bunker for the past two days. Sam found a hunt in the next state over and it was small enough that he decided that he’d take care of it himself. You and Dean have been relaxing ever since, since it is mostly Sam who has to tell you both to do your laundry or to clean the kitchen. With the bunker in a mess, you two are happy as can be.

You are watching a movie in your room when you hear a knock on your door followed by Dean peaking his head through, “Hey (Y/N), I’m about to head out. I probably won’t be home until the morning…”

Dean trails off, but you know what he’s hinting at. He wants to go to the local bar and bang whatever hot woman he can find. You frown at him and shake your head, “Really Dean? But whatever, just pick me up some food whenever you get back.”

Dean smiles smugly before his face turns serious, “Are you going to be okay here alone? Because I will stay home if you feel like you’re going to have, uh, one of your, uh-”

“I’ll be fine Dean. Go on before all the hot ones leave.” You try to joke as you save him the trouble of the uncomfortable talk about your anxiety. Dean smiles one last time before saying an ‘I love you’ and leaving for the bar. Your smile fades and your face is soon filled with worry, but you of course are not about to tell Dean that you have in fact had that nagging feeling in your stomach the whole day. The kind of nagging that has always told you that there is something to worry and stress over and it won’t stop until it has you in its grip and you are worrying over something totally stupid. But Dean shouldn’t have to worry about it too, it’s your problem not his, he has a life of his own and his own demons to battle, so he shouldn’t have to cancel his plans and fight your demons for you.

It’s been two hours since Dean left and the feeling of worry starts to creep into your mind again. Sam should be back by now, the monster has probably been torturing him and he’s going to die if he isn’t already. You try to shake the thoughts out of your head but they continue to run through. His blood is probably dripping out of his body and he is screaming for you to help him. You feel your heartrate begin to pick up and your hands become cold and clammy. If he dies, it’ll be your fault.

Your eyes widen and you try to take a breath but it becomes incredibly hard to breathe. Your breaths are shallow and tears start to pour out of your eyes. You tell yourself to calm down but nothing you do seems to work. You try to control your breathing how your brothers have taught you, but they still come out it short, frightening gasps. It panics you more because you can’t breathe, feeling as if someone is strangling your throat.

You violently shake, freezing as if ice pumps through your veins instead of blood. You don’t know what to do anymore, you can’t control it; it’s too big. You cry out as you reach over to your nightstand for your phone and try to look through your contacts through blurry vision.

Dean POV

Dean is in a cheap motel room with a woman. She’s a very attractive woman; Dean knew she was the one right when he walked into the bar. He talked her up a bit, and before he could buy her a third drink, she was already all over him, whispering dirty things into his ear and looking at him with lustful eyes.

He was on top of her now, kissing her neck as she clung onto his for dear life. Her leg hiked over his back and Dean smiling widely on her mouth. All his thoughts and worries are gone and replaced with lust and desire. A whimper escapes her mouth as Dean’s lips travel lower down her body. She latches onto his hair, making Dean moan loudly as their lips reconnect again.

Then his phone rings from his jeans that are discarded on the floor and they both turn to look at it for a second. “Just ignore it,” Dean says huskily as he turns is attention back on the woman and pulls her face to his. The phone stops ringing and they continue as if nothing ever interrupted them. After a few minutes, the familiar sound of Dean’s phone starts to ring again.

The woman begins to get irritated and pulls away from Dean and lays her back onto the bed. Dean huffs before he reaches off the bed and pulls his phone from his wadded jeans. He answers it quickly and lies beside the woman in a erupt manner.

“What?” He asks harshly and watches as the woman moves so her naked body is on top of his, slowly kissing his neck as he listens to silent line.

He is about to hang up when he hears your voice, “D-Dean…”

You are hysterically crying and he can barely understand anything you are saying, “(Y/N)?” He asks, his voice sounding so concerned that the woman stops nibbling on his ear and looks down at him, “(Y/N) what’s wrong?”

“Dean, I-I need help…” You whisper between sobs.

“Okay listen, I’m on my way. I’ll be home in five minutes, just try to stay calm okay?” He says frantically as he pushes the woman off his body and starts to put his clothes on as he is still on the phone with you. “(Y/N) you still there? Just stay calm I’m on my way home.”

He hears you say something inaudible and hang up, and he turns to the woman who has her arms crossed and a sour look on her face.

“That your girlfriend?” She asks, pursing her lips.

“That’s my sister, I have to go.” He says as he grabs his keys from the nightstand in a rush, “I had fun though, we should do this again.”

He slams the door and hastily makes his way to the Impala and speeds off towards the bunker. Once Dean reaches the bunker, he pulls his keys from the ignition and quickly unlocks the door and runs down the stairs. “(Y/N)? (Y/N) where are you?”

He doesn’t see you in the library, so he immediately runs to your room, where he last left you. He opens your door and his heart is shattered to millions of pieces. He sees you in the corner of your room in a fetal position, shaking violently. “(Y/N)!” He says as he walks over to you and kneels in front of you, placing his hands on your shoulders.

“(Y/N), breathe! Hey look at me,” Dean says, and moves your head so you are looking straight into his face. His eyes are filled with worry, but he tries to cover it up so you won’t get worse. He looks into your red, puffy eyes, “Breathe, you have to breathe to calm down, come on I know you can do it.”

Without taking your eyes off his, your breathing slows and your hyperventilating stops. You begin to cry again, hating looking weak in front of either one of your brothers. Dean wraps you in his arms and holds you tight, “I’m here (Y/N), I’m here. Nothing is going to hurt you, I got you. You’re going to be alright.”

After a few minutes of Dean soothing you, you two move to the bed where you nuzzle into Dean’s chest as he runs his hand through your hair, calming you down. You look up at him with your swollen eyes, “Dean, I’m sorry I ruined your night…”

“Nah, don’t worry about it; it was a bust anyways. There wasn’t even any good looking one’s there anyways.” Dean smiles as he places a kiss to your forehead, and you slowly close your exhausted eyes to go to sleep.


Ever seen the Lin Kuei with loaded guns?

Kian Lawley (and JC Caylen)| “But I love you” Part 2

Part one

Count of words: 715

Warnings: I swear I don’t know.. maybe a bit of swearing….

A/N: It took me some time to finally complete your ask and I’m sorry. Feel free to let me know if you want a part 3



And requests here

anonymous asked:

omg defiantly a part two to “but I love you” !! 😍

“Kian!” Said JC in surprise as I quickly dried my eyes and run out of the kitchen , hugging Kian. “Well hello to you too.” He said looking down at me confused but sill hugging me back. “How was the trip?” I asked trying to calm myself a bit and hide my feelings from Kian.

Kian was finally ok. He was once again spending time with me and his friends. But I was not ok. Ever since that morning my mind is never clear. I feel bad for hurting JC, I feel guilty for something that was not even my fault. But most of all I felt so overwhelmed to know that two best friends like me and I have to choose between them. JC keeps on trying to break me and Kian, and sometimes it looks like it’s working making me have some feelings for him, but I still didn’t know what to do.

All I could do or think of right now was getting away from everyone and everything, and since we were living so close to my childhood house I knew exactly where to hide. There was this little forest near my old house where a like was hiding in the middle. It was beautiful and calming and the moon light was making it look so fascinating and breathtaking. It was not far away so I decided to go there and hide, giving myself enough time to think.

Everything was so blurry in my mind. The words JC kept saying over and over again, I love you, and the whole relationship I’ve had with Kian.

Kian’s POV.

I was out tonight with my friends and Y/N knew I would be late. She said she would probably go for a walk for a while and then go back home and sleep. But when I got home she was nowhere to be found. I called her name as I opened the door to our apartment knowing she would be awake watching a TV show but she never replied. I looked everywhere but I got nothing. Until it hit me. For about a month or so she was a bit different. She was tossing around when sleeping, having horrible nightmares almost daily and she would not be ‘there’ when I was talking to her. Something was off and I didn’t even notice. So, I decided to go for a walk trying to find her when I remembered when she used to go every time things got tough. She always did that when she needed to clear her mind.

“It’s a beautiful night.” I exclaimed walking to sit right next to her. “Kian! You scared me!” She said giving me a smile. “Why are you here?” She asked looking at the reflection of the moon. “You were not home and I figured out you would be here. Why are you here?” I asked her wrapping my arms around her looking up at the stars shining above us. “Thinking.” “About?” I questioned and she hesitated for a moment. “Me and JC hooked up.” She said looking down and ashamed. My arms immediately left her small figure, my eyes widening and my mouth hanging open. “H-how would you do that?” I asked more like cried out looking at her face. “You-you were distant all these days-“ “And you decided to go with my best friend?!?!” I interrupted, my voice a little louder that indented. “NO! Kian, let me finish. You were at your family’s house and he asked if I wanted to ‘watch movies and get drunk’. I agreed and we did as told. We watched frozen and then supernatural. We set this bet of taking a shot every time Dean said ‘son of a bitch’ and they were plenty. The next thing I remember is waking up naked next to JC.” She said tears in her eyes evident and her voice cracking. “Was he drunk as well?” I asked cause I knew how she is when drunk. She never knows what she is doing and that’s why we – me and our friends – always make sure she doesn’t drink more than three drinks every time we go out together. She looked down once again and I asked a little bit louder this time. “WAS HE?” “No.” She said and started crying again.