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Recasting Game of Thrones (to better fit book canon):

  • Rosamund Pike as Cersei Lannister
  • Niels Schneider as Loras Tyrell
  • Jessica Chastain as Catelyn Stark
  • Mads Mikkelsen as Euron Greyjoy
  • Santiago Cabrera as Arthur Dayne

TV Shows

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (”We lost her Sam!”)

Peter Pan (His untold story)

Theo Reaken (Teen Wolf x Supernatural x Reader | “I don’t want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there.”)

Isaac Lahey (Secret love song)

Stiles Stilinski (”But I’m mad!”)

Liam Dunbar (The wolf and the vamp)

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (Untitled)

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (Different for girls)

Scott McCall/ Liam Dunbar (Colors)

Jughead Jones (Would you please stop being a pain in the ass for a few seconds and let me help you?)

Jughead Jones (Right where she belongs)

Archie Andrews (One step at a time part one)   (One step at a time part two)  (One step at a time part three)

Jughead Jones (My little Serpent)  (My little Serpent part two)  (My little Serpent part three)

Jughead Jones (Punk Babe)  (Punk Babe Part Two)

Jughead Jones (Lights and Shadows)

Archie Andrews (Perfect timing)  (Perfect timing part two)

Jughead Jones (Breathtaking) 

Jughead Jones (Rebels)

Jughead Jones (Feelings)

Clay Jensen (Goodbye to yesterday)

Justin Foley (I am alive)

Jeff Atkins (Never give up on you)

Stiles Stilinski (Superpowers)

Jughead Jones x FtM!Reader (I’m yours, no matter what)

Jughead Jones (Whenever you’re feeling blue)

FP Jones (Teasing has consequences)

FP Jones (ft Reggie Mantle / Just take care of her)

FP Jones (Yes, I’ll pay for your food)

Peter Pan (A flight to neverland)

Joaquin DeSantos (A girl like you)

Sam Winchester (Concert)


Thomas Brodie Sangster (”Kissing on the roof top”)

Cole Sprouse (Requested| Untitled)

Cole Sprouse (ft Riverdale cast | Introductions)

Dylan Sprayberry (”He’s so whipped for this girl”)

Tyler Posey (Nightmare)

Cole Sprouse (”You can’t prove anything!”)

Cole Sprouse Smut (Lights on)

Cole Sprouse (”You’re short.”)

Dylan O’Brien (”Had a nightmare?”)

Tyler Hoechlin (The Superman to my Lois)

Cole Sprouse (First Times)

Cole Sprouse (Introductions)

Cole Sprouse (Last night part one)  (Last night part two)

Cole Sprouse (You sound so hot)

Cole Sprouse (Fangirls)

Cole Sprouse (We’ll go through this together)

Singers/ Band members/ Djs

Calum Hood (”We can be alone together”)

Martin Garrix (Ruin)

Martin Garrix (Treat you better)

Ashton Irwin (”It’s the darkness mate. Didn’t you see it?  Someone has to take her out of it. She won’t survive.”)

Jack Johnson (Movie night)

Shawn Mendes (This is my version of heartbreak)

Michael Clofford (Don’t let me treat you better)

Skate Maloley (”You’re beautiful and you all mine”)

Derek Luh (”How can you love something so broken?”)

Levi Jones (Jet Black Heart)

Shawn Mendes (Mondays)

Martin Garrix (”It’s been a while”)

Shawn Mendes (She didin’t wanna be sad)

Shawn Mendes (History)

Shawn Mendes (Birthday Sex)


Newt AU (”I like him. I’ll keep him!”)

Newt (You are mine)

Clint Barton (Falling)

Peter Parker (Peculiar and Beautiful)


(Conor)/ Jack Maynard (All over again)

Joe Sugg (”That’s all I needed blondie.”)

Jack Maynard (”What’s the matter with you?”)

Joe Sugg (”I’m not leaving you!”)

Joe Sugg (”Stay over. I’m alone.”)

Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen (”But I love you!)  (”But I love you!” Part Two)  (”But I love you!” Part Three)

Jc Caylen (”Well, too bad!”)

Kian Lawley (Christmas Surprise)

Kian Lawley (I find peace in the rain)

Kian Lawley (Ignoring the signs)

Dating…Would include

Joe Sugg

Cole Sprouse

Fake Texts/Text Posts

Cisco Ramon (NERD) 

Jack Johnson (Food)

Luke Hemmings 

Imagines from the blog I co-own

Isaac Lahey (Summer Memories)

Isaac Lahey (Let’s dance in the dark/ Paris)

Dating Isaac Lahey would include

Isaac Lahey (Don’t come easy)

Isaac Lahey Series (The break up part one)  (The make up part two)  (The split part three) (The forever final)

Isaac Lahey (It’s a promise not a threat)

Isaac Lahey (The little Mexican Girl)

Isaac Lahey (Little Vamp)

Isaac Lahey (Well ok mr Crying Wolf)

Isaac Lahey (How can you love something so broken)

Isaac Lahey (Panic Attack)

Isaac Lahey (Mercy)

@3gerardpique: Since you arrived, I saw you as my little brother. Everything you did, your way of understanding life and soccer. We were very similar and we connected right away.

It has been a huge pleasure to be at my side during these years. I stay with all the moments we have spent together, inside and outside the playing field. I’m happy you’ve won everything while wearing the Barça shirt. This will remain forever. Players like you make this Club bigger and their history.

I hope you’ll be great in the future. You deserve to make your dreams come true in Paris. And at the end, remember to always do what our friend JC did: MAGIC.

I love you,


@neymarjr I’ll always have you as an older brother .. I love you Geri ❤️🤙🏽

After finishing “Good Omens,” there must come from me a stupid, stupid headcanon skit about the side characters

At some point, War has entered the same room as Famine, who appears as though he’s about to eat a sandwich, and she groans, “I’m hungry. Practically starving.”

Famine oh-so-conveniently tells her, “It looks like you need this sandwich far more than I do.” And he offers it right up.

War is about to take a bite when she remembers just who exactly she’s accepted a sandwich from, and he seems altogether too happy that she’s about to eat the sandwich. “Raven. Is there actual food in this?”

“Would I offer anything that wasn’t actual food to YOU, Scarlett?”

At which point, Pollution happens to be walking by, and notices the sandwich just as War takes a bite out of it, and he remarks, “Oh, good! It’s the sandwich I helped make! War, do you like it - “

And War spits out the bite and screams “NOW I KNOW THERE’S NO FOOD IN THIS.”

I’m up way too late everybody

Got7 Reaction to -

You saying “I love when you kiss + hug me because it reminds me you love me.”


Got7 reaction when their says “ I love it when you kiss me and hug me because it remind that you love me ” .


The first thing he would do is laugh a little, but not, because he thought it was funny. He’d be a little embarrassed, but overall he would try to come up with some kind of “snarky” remark. However after his remark he’d kiss you and then giggle a little after.

“Yeah well I have been told I give the best kisses, you need to up your game.”
*then he proceeds to kiss and hug you*


He would start giggling all happily after you told him. He’d give you kisses all over your body (in a non-sexual way) and he would keep making comments about how cute you are. Then he’d hug you from behind, still wearing his cute big smile saying, 

“No amount of kisses or hugs in this world could add up to how much I love you baby.”


He would get kinda quiet. Like he was a little shocked that you liked his affection. Although I don’t think he would be a person to give much affection, he would start trying to give more. Just because he wants to make you smile and laugh.

“Hmmm, jagi did I kiss you today?”


*kisses you* “There”


At first he’d joke about how cheesy it sounded. But then he’d look at you closely and smile when he realized you were being serious. He’d find it the cutest thing, in fact he’d even put reminders on his phone for you. 

“Look, these are your daily kiss/hug times but I still feel it’s not enough hmm.” *shows reminders for every hour of each day*


This boy would get so happy. He’d be smiling so much, and laughing a little. His arms would wrap around you and he’d pull you in really close to him. He would start leaving kisses all over your face too.

“I love your kisses more than you could ever like mine.”


His face would instantly turn into the biggest happiest smile ever. He would start questioning you like ‘Really? Me?’ and when you said yes it would make him even happier. He would start giving you really sweet kisses, while he was still smiling with his extremely happy grin.

“I can’t believe you love my kisses jagi!”

*proceeds to radiate sunshine*


This baby would start smiling so hard. He’d nuzzle his face in your neck & give you a quick peck. Then he would pull you closer and give you like forty kisses on your forehead. 

“Ill give you a million kisses and hugs to show you just how much I love you jagi.”

-admin a & jc

Do you know what I love about Tumblr?

Sure, you can find amazing people on it, but, something I really love:

You can be whatever you want to be.

You can be an animal. A human. A boy. A girl. A furry. An alien. A monster. A demon. An angel. Hell, you can be a hermaphrodite, or air if you want to.

My point is… however you want to be seen, if by a persona, or who you REALLY are, then you can be. After all….

You are you, and there is nothing more beautiful then that.

Thunderstorms | Kian Lawley

Pairing; Kian Lawley x Reader

Word Count; 753

POV; Third Person

Summary; You and the knj housemates were in a middle of a movie night when it starts to rain and grew into a thunderstorm. None of them knew how afraid you were of thunder besides Kian, who makes you feel safe


There’s nothing better than movie nights with everyone. Especially when it’s a Jim Carrey movie because Bobby and Kian would do their iconic impression of him. It was the perfect night and full of laughter. You were in the middle of your second movie when the light sound of rain came from outside.

“Yes, rain!” Jc exclaimed

“I love the rain,” You agreed “except the thunder”

“What do you mean? Thunder is the best part” Corey added as you slightly shrugged. You tried to play it off because no one knew how you found thunderstorms completely terrifying. It was a childish fear but somehow you never got over it. Now it was an embarrassing fear and hoped no one finds out. But unfortunately, one person knew and it was Kian. Kian was the one who you barely talked to, barely hung out with. Every time it rained, you’d think “it had to be Kian…” because you thought Kian would think of you and laugh at your dumb fear.

When he found out, it was just you and him in the house. Since you two barely talked, he had no idea what to do. But you didn’t blame him, not every 20 year old is scared of thunderstorms. So he awkwardly sat with you in one of the housemate’s room until it was over.

“Looks like there’s gonna be a thunderstorm or something” Harrison states standing at the window

“What?” You asked feeling slightly unsteady. You walked towards the window and saw the sky becoming dark and low with ominous black clouds forming. The brassy glare drains the colour from trees and houses. The wind picked up, howling and warning for what’s next to come. You can hear the sound of pattering of raindrops hitting the cement and rooftops then comes the first low crack of thunder.

You inhaled sharply then held your breath, so did the wind. Everything seemed to stop for a few moments then the heavy rain started to fall, splattering the ground haphazardly. The scent of rain grew dark and strong. You gulped trying to get that lump in your throat to disappear. Your hands started to get clammy as your heart beats rapidly in your chest. You slowly stepped away from the window trying to not show fear. You glanced at Kian who stared at you with a concerned look.

“I gotta use the bathroom” You stated as you turned your back on the group, a crack of lightning filled the room for a few seconds then the room returned its dark state again.  You started speed walking and ran into the nearest bathroom. You didn’t care whose it was, you just didn’t want to be with the others when the first loud crack of thunder boomed. Like on cue, the thunder rolled overhead like the fury of the gods. You let out a small cry then quickly climbed into the bathtub, covering your ears as an attempt to block out the loud booming. Then you heard a small knock on the door.

“Y/n?” Kian asks through the door “A-are you okay?” He stutters. You didn’t open the door right away because you didn’t want anyone to see you in this state. After five minutes or so, another small knock was heard. You decided to open the door since Kian already saw you like this. Once you did, you saw Kian sitting next to the door. He quickly got up when he saw the door open. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” He states rubbing the back of his neck.

“Thanks, Kian” You smiled rubbing your eyes. Another thunder boomed across the city making you jump.

“Hey, come here,” Kian says leading you to the bathtub. He got in too, wrapping his arms around you. You ducked every single time thunder clapped, but you couldn’t help it. “It’s gonna be okay, it’ll be over soon” Kian whispered in your ear, you hugged him back tightly, starting to feel safe. “Look, put this in.” He instructed handing you earphones. He got out his laptop that you didn’t notice he had and typed in Netflix. He clicked on one of your favourite movies then pulled you in closer.

Mid-movie, you didn’t even realize that the thunderstorm stopped. But you were still cuddling with Kian in the bathtub. You continued sitting like that until the movie was over.

“Did I do better?” Kian asked referring to the time he first found out about you fear

“A hundred times better” You smiled snuggling next to him.

I woke up to him
kissing me.
All over.

For a second, he paused.
‘I’m going to keep kissing you until you wake up,’ he warned.

With my eyes still closed, I smiled and told him, ‘I guess you’ll have to keep kissing me forever because I’m not waking up.’

And without hesitation, he said, ‘Okay.’ As if the thought of forever didn’t scare him at all. As if kissing me was all he wanted for the rest of his life.

And he kept
kissing me.
All over.

And he whispered,
‘I will kiss you forever.’

Young Kid / K.L

Originally posted by kh-r

Requested: Yes

Summary: You have a young kid and live in the house w the whole crew.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 698

Kian Lawley x Reader

A/N: I wrote this about 3 days ago and keep forgetting to upload. Hope you guys enjoy!

“Come here, baby girl.” You squeezed sunscreen into your hand, rubbing the liquid substance together.

Your 5 year old daughter came trotting over to you, her little pink bikini blending in well with her tan skin. You started rubbing the sunscreen on her body, her little nose scrunching up.

“Daddy doesn’t wear sunscreen. Why do I have to?”

You laughed, rubbing the rest into her little face, giving her cheeks a quick squeeze.

“Daddy tans easy, sweet girl. You on the other hand have sensitive skin like mommy.”

You grabbed her arm floats off the table, pushing the floats up her arm with ease. You took out her little buns when you felt two arms wrap around your waist, a smiling falling on your face.

“What’re my two beautiful girls up to?”

You turned your head and left a kiss on Kian’s cheek, a giggle coming from your little girl.

“Lil bit here wanted to go swimming.”

Kian took off his shirt, picking his daughter up from the ground, walking over to the steps, taking her into the water with him. You smiled at the two and sat back down, dangling your feet into the water.

“Where’s the rest of the crew?” You asked, pulling your hair onto one side of your shoulder.

“Jc’s fixing to come down here but Bobby and Corey are still asleep like always.”

Kian grabbed a float from off the side, sitting your daughter on top, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Daddy loves you.” He mumbled, giving her a kiss.

“I love you, Daddy.” she mumbled.

You were worried when you found out you were pregnant. You just moved to L.A and out of all people, you hooked up with Kian. You were new and hardly anyone knew you but once you found out, you and Kian started dating. It’s been amazing ever since. He wanted to live in the house with the boys still due to his job, but you didn’t mind that at all. Your daughter was never bored, the boys continuously kept her entertained.

“Uncle Jc!” She screamed, making you turn your head.

“Hey Lil Bit!” Jc jumped into the pool, making her giggle.

“Hey, Jc, can you watch her? I need to go talk to, y/n.” Kian mumbled.

“Yeah sure. Come here, lil bit!” Jc swan over to her, grabbing her.

You stood up, fixing your bottoms, and laced your fingers with Kian’s as he led you upstairs to your shared room.

“What’s up?” You asked, goosebumps immediately covering your body.

Kian motioned for you to sit down, which you did. Kian gently pushed you back, hovering over your body.

“You know I love you right?” He mumbled, leaving kiss down your neck.

“Yes.” You giggled, running your fingers through his short bleached hair.

“I think i’m ready for another kid.” He whispered.

Your eyes widened, anxiety filling your body. You placed your small hands on Kian’s face, rubbing your thumb across his cheek.

“Baby, don’t you think it’s a bit early? I mean, you’re still going on tour and lil bit is fixing to start kindergarten here soon and you’re just so freaking busy.”

“baby girl, if I didn’t want another kid I wouldn’t have mentioned it.”

You sighed, warning a small smile from Kian.

“You also looked like a fucking goddess when you were pregnant. You were glowing and damn were you sexy.” He groaned, pushing himself against you.

“So i’m not sexy now?” You scoffed.

“Oh, you’re sexy as fuck all the time but pregnant y/n got me going.”

You laughed, pushing the horn dog off of you, earning a groan from him.

“Come on, we can’t leave Jc with her too long.”

You opened the door, earning a smack to your ass, making your cheeks turn red. You laced your fingers with Kian, him leaving a kiss on your hand.

Kian opened the door, revealing Jc tossing your daughter into the water, panic swarming your body.


Your daughter swam up, laughter leaving her mouth, Kian pulled you into a hug, rubbing your back.

“You’re going to give her a heart attack, Jc.” Kian laughed.

“Mommy, watch!”

You turned your head and watched as Jc launched her into the air, her little body falling into the water. Jc gave you a thumbs up, earning a glare from you.

“I love you, baby girl.” Kian mumbled against your head.

“I love you.” You whispered, kissing his chest.

Wisdom Teeth | Jc Caylen

Request: Heyy can you do an imagine where y/n gets her wisdom teeth pulled out and she’s with Jc and kian. But she’s dating Jc for about 3 years now. All fluff plz

WARNINGS: Like 3 swears, Extreme fluff

“Are you excited?” Jc asked opening the car door and pointing the camera at you as you got out of the car. “Why would I be excited?” You groaned walking slowly while dragging your feet. “Because you’ll no longer be in pain,” Kian said putting his arm around your shoulder as you all stood in the elevator moving up to the top floor of the building. “I swear to God if you guys are late!” You yelled turning to point of finger at the both of them. Kian put his hands up in mock surrender and Jc grabbed your hand that had been pointed at him and intertwined your fingers before pulling you towards him. “We won’t be late baby, I promise,” Jc reassured you smiling. “You better not.” The boys had made sure you were checked in and waited for the nurse to come get you and bring you into the operation room. “You’re gonna be fine babe, I’ll see you when you get out,” Jc smiled pecking you on the lips. “I think you’re more worried than she is,” Kian joked squeezing your hand before they both left the room. “Love you,” You called behind you. “I love you too!”

“Hey, baby, how you feeling?” Jc asked. Kian came in behind him holding a camera. “Baby?” You questioned with a confused look on your face looking at him weirdly. “Yeah, baby, I’m your boyfriend,” He laughed sitting down on the extra chair in the corner. You gasped, “I have a boyfriend! How?” You asked again looking even more confused. Kian and Jc made eye contact with each other before laughing again.  “So how do you feel?” Kian asked pointing the camera at me again. “4:20.” “What do you mean like 4:20?” He laughed shaking his head. “4:20,” You said again before making a smoking symbol and inhaling the fake joint. “Oh God,” Jc sighed before laughing again. You closed your eyes for a second before opening them again and gasping, “Where did my lipth go!”

“What do you want to do babygirl, anything you want,” Jc spoke looking back at you. “Iceth cweam..” You whispered putting your hand against the window as you drove past an ice cream shop. Kian and Jc burst into laughter. “You’re not allowed to eat yet,” Kian said patting your hand quickly before placing it back on the steering wheel. “Can I open duh window?” You asked already rolling it down fully. “Woooh!” You shouted sticking your head out the window. “(Y/n), don’t do that!” Jc yelled grabbing your arms and pulling you back into the car before making Kian roll up the window. “But daaad…” You whined looking angry. Your frown suddenly turned to a smile when you reached for Jc’s hair and started to run your fingers through it, “You feel like a puppy.” “What?” He and Kian laughed. “Can we FaithTime Harry?!” You yelled excitedly looking at Jc. He sighed pulling out his phone to FaceTime Harrison. “What the bloody hell do you want at 12 in the fucking morning?” A grumpy Harrison asked appearing in bed on the screen. “Harrithon!” You gasped putting a hand to your mouth. “Children are prethent!” You squeaked pointing towards Kian who turned back to look at you laughing. “What is she talking about mate?” He asked Jc confused. “She just got her wisdom teeth removed and decided she wanted to talk to you.” He explained as we pulled up to CVS to get meds. “Well, we need to get her meds so we have to go-“ “Bye Harry! I Mith you! Love you thee you thoon!” You yelled gradually getting louder. “Love you too (y/n), see you soon,” He laughed.

“Why are you crying?” Kian asked looking at you and fixing the camera on the dashboard to see you. “Because I’m thad,” you said quietly. “Why are you sad?” Jc asked looking a little concerned. “Because I’m crying!” You cried out pouting as a few tears fell down your face. “We’ll be home soon, okay baby?” Jc asked looking back at you whilst grabbing a hold of your hand. You nodded sniffling and leant against the back of his seat.

“You wanna nap?” Jc asked when the two of you had finally reached the top of the stairs. You grunted a ‘yes’ in response and let him help you walk into the bedroom. When you got in the room the door shut behind you and you proceeded to collapse on the bed. “Here, lift your arms,” Jc said walking over to you with one of his shirts in hand. You lifted your arms up as you stayed laying on your back. He reached behind your body and pulled you into a sitting position to pull off your shirt and replace it with his. He released you from his arms and you flopped back down onto the bed causing him to laugh. He grabbed the waist band of your sweats and started to pull them down your legs knowing full well that you overheated when sleeping in pants. You held your arms open in a ‘hug me’ kind of way and waited for him to get into bed with you. He proceeded to pull off his jeans before getting into bed with you. He pulled you tight against his body laughing when you went limp in his arms. “I wuv you,” You mumbled into his arm. You watched with half shut eyes as his face turned into a smile.


- request:  Can you write for kian where you get jealous of him hanging out with the girls so you are more clingy than normal and he notices

- reader x kian lawley

- word count: 576 

Originally posted by cuddlemelawley

I rolled my eyes and watched as Kian and Jc messed around with some girls. Kian and I have been dating for about a year now and now that he’s becoming more wild I guess you could say, he’s being more reckless with who he hangs out with. I really didn’t even feel like barging in on them and pull Kian from the girls because I know he’ll get pissed and say it’s all for Youtube. I mean, the girls here are crazy beautiful and I’m just average. I mean, they have these gorgeous bodies and my body is just, there.

I sighed and walked into the kitchen grabbing my drink from the fridge. I walked back into the living room where everyone was hanging out and sat down beside Kian. 

“Hey baby.” He kissed my head which made me blush.

“Hey.” I mumbled tossing my legs across his lap. 

Kian and I made small talk but the girls for some reason kept trying to talk to Kian about how cute his hair was and it was really pissing me off. 

“Kian you should really style it like that more often.” The brunette girl said running her finger through his bangs.

“Okay!” I shouted pushing her hand off of his hair. “Kian is my boyfriend so please back off!” 

“Woah baby.” I looked back and Kian was laughing at me.

“What’s so funny Kian? Are you actually going to sit there and let them mess around with your hair in front of me? That’s pathetic!”

I stormed off and heard Kian laughing with some friends about me. I walked into our shared bedroom and slammed the door shut, tears starting to fall down my face.

“What a fucking dick head.” I mumbled running my fingers through my hair. 

“(y/n)?” I looked back and saw Kian giving me a light smile.

“What? Did they girls stop messing with you?” I huffed and crossed my arms.

He let a out a sigh sitting beside me. “Baby, you know it’s not like that. They just have their opinions but I’ve noticed here lately that when they’re around, you tend to be more…clingy.”

“Because Kian! You hang out with these fucking models every other night and I’m here with not even that type of body and you’re over here letting them touch you and constantly be around you knowing that i’m fucking insecure about them!” 

He ran his long fingers through his hair and stood up, gently pushing me back onto the bed. Kian started placing kisses all over my face. He began traveling down, pushing my shirt up and leaving kisses all over my stomach and chest, then proceeded down to my legs, pushing them open and leaving little kisses inside my thigh. 

“Kian.” I mumbled rubbing his face. 

He came back up and left a kiss on my forehead. 

“Baby, you’re the most wonderful girl in my life. I don’t want to lose you and end up with those girls. You’re smart, beautiful, creative, fucking sexy,” you let out a little laugh and gave him a peck on his lips, “and all in all, you’re my wonderful girlfriend. I wouldn’t trade you for the world.” 

I smiled and brought his face closer to mine bringing his lips on mine. Kian bit down on my bottom lip, pulling it back winking at me. I blushed and ran my fingers through his hair. He pulled back and left a kiss on my forehead.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too.”