i love you jc


TV Shows

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (”We lost her Sam!”)

Peter Pan (His untold story)

Theo Reaken (Teen Wolf x Supernatural x Reader | “I don’t want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there.”)

Isaac Lahey (Secret love song)

Stiles Stilinski (”But I’m mad!”)

Liam Dunbar (The wolf and the vamp)

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (Untitled)

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (Different for girls)

Scott McCall/ Liam Dunbar (Colors)

Jughead Jones (Would you please stop being a pain in the ass for a few seconds and let me help you?)


Thomas Brodie Sangster (”Kissing on the roof top”)

Cole Sprouse (Requested| Untitled)

Cole Sprouse (ft Riverdale cast | Introductions)

Dylan Sprayberry (”He’s so whipped for this girl”)

Tyler Posey (Nightmare)

Cole Sprouse (”You can’t prove anything!”)

Cole Sprouse Smut (Lights on)

Cole Sprouse (”You’re short.”)

Dylan O’Brien (”Had a nightmare?”)

Tyler Hoechlin (The Superman to my Lois)

Cole Sprouse (First Times)

Cole Sprouse (Introductions)

Cole Sprouse (Last night part one)

Cole Sprouse (Last night part two)

Singers/ Band members/ Djs

Calum Hood (”We can be alone together”)

Martin Garrix (Ruin)

Martin Garrix (Treat you better)

Ashton Irwin (”It’s the darkness mate. Didn’t you see it?  Someone has to take her out of it. She won’t survive.”)

Jack Johnson (Movie night)

Shawn Mendes (This is my version of heartbreak)

Michael Clofford (Don’t let me treat you better)

Skate Maloley (”You’re beautiful and you all mine”)

Derek Luh (”How can you love something so broken?”)

Levi Jones (Jet Black Heart)

Shawn Mendes (Mondays)

Martin Garrix (”It’s been a while”)

Shawn Mendes (She didin’t wanna be sad)

Shawn Mendes (History)

Shawn Mendes (Birthday Sex)


Newt AU (”I like him. I’ll keep him!”)

Newt (You are mine)


(Conor)/ Jack Maynard (All over again)

Joe Sugg (”That’s all I needed blondie.”)

Jack Maynard (”What’s the matter with you?”)

Joe Sugg (”I’m not leaving you!”)

Joe Sugg (”Stay over. I’m alone.”)

Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen (”But I love you!)

Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen (”But I love you!” Part Two)

Jc Caylen (”Well, too bad!”)

Kian Lawley (Christmas Surprise)

Kian Lawley (I find peace in the rain)

Dating…Would include

Joe Sugg

Cole Sprouse

Fake Texts/Text Posts

Cisco Ramon (NERD) 

Jack Johnson (Food)

Luke Hemmings 

I woke up to him
kissing me.
All over.

For a second, he paused.
‘I’m going to keep kissing you until you wake up,’ he warned.

With my eyes still closed, I smiled and told him, ‘I guess you’ll have to keep kissing me forever because I’m not waking up.’

And without hesitation, he said, ‘Okay.’ As if the thought of forever didn’t scare him at all. As if kissing me was all he wanted for the rest of his life.

And he kept
kissing me.
All over.

And he whispered,
‘I will kiss you forever.’

—  S.L. , 3 /11/16

Hi my name is Stingy and I have short earth brown hair (that’s how I got my name) with trimmed ends that reaches my ears and piercing brown eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Adam Smith (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da heck out of here!). I’m not related to Sportacus but I wish I was because he’s a major freaking hottie. I’m a puppet but my teeth are straight and white. I hate pale white skin. I’m also a child, and I live in a weird town called Lazytown where I’m one of five children (I’m a child). I’m a capitalist (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly yellow. I love JC penny and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a yellow vest with matching shorts and a white shirt with cufflinks, red bowtie and white socks and black dress shoes. I was wearing no makeup. I was walking outside the bank. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of proletarians stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.


Cayden Martinez, the Hawaiian/Hispanic son of Apollo and Brendon Gonzalez, the Puerto Rican son of Poseidon.

they’re hella gay and I love them (so does Jc)

***also I’ll prob draw stuff if you request stuff bc hey why not! I’ll take oc’s, ships, & characters of any kind (voltron, pjo, hoo, magnus chase, trials of apollo, kane chronicles, danny phantom) bc I just like drawing!!! for free !!!***


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BTS Reaction

You not being able to walk after your first time


BTS/EXO reaction to you being sore and cant walk the day after your first time?

EXO Version {Here}


Laughing at you silently he would help you. But he wouldn’t do anything until you asked for it.

“I’ll only help if you ask.”


Low-key cocky AF. He would definitely tease you. He would help you, only after he had enough of your whining. 

“Fine jagiya, i’ll stop.”


He would become very embarrassed ???? He would definetly help you with anything you needed. 

“Jagiya sorry about last night.”


He would probably feel really bad. He would end up pampering you all day. 

“No jagi, i’ll get it for you.”


He would be the cocky type. 

“Oh come on you liked it last night though jagi.” Then later on he’d try to help you feel better.


He would probably sleep and act like nothing’s wrong. Then when he heard you complain, he’d force himself to buy you food. 

“Here jagi,I guess I’m sorry.”


He’d definitely try his best to help you. He’d do some adorable aegyo and he’d cuddle with you. 

“You know I love you and I’m sorry right?”

-Admins A & JC

I really loved writing this! Enjoy!

— — — — — — — —

“Baby, we should go do something.” I pouted my lip.

“Like what?”

I rolled over and sat down on his lap, straddling him. “Mm, we just have a date and go where we want. Just where our eyes attract is to.”

“That sounds nice. Now get off my dick.”

I slowly grind down then rolled off. Jc groaned and smacked my ass. I got up and started getting dressed for our cute date day.

“Tell Snapchat where we’re going baby.”

I looked over, “Jc and I are going on a date to whatever attracts to us.”

“Yeah.” He posted the first one then started recording again, “But, we’re gonna post a lot of our date on here since it’s not fancy because we’re obviously not dressed right but enjoy!”

I laced my fingers with Jc and pointed over to a tall building. “Dude, I’ve always wanted to go up there. I heard they had a cute restaurant up there.”

“Well, let’s go.”

Jc and I crossed the street. I was really pumped about the restaurant. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of me an Jc.

‘Date Dayzzz w this boy ❤️😍’

“You guys, look how tall this building is.” I threw my head back and squinted at the huge building.

“Hope they have a elevator.”

Jc laughed, “I’m pretty sure they’ll have an elevator. It’s twenty-first century, babe.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “You may never know.”


Jc put the camera up to my face, so I stuck up the middle finger.

“Mm, I’m gonna put dork because that’s what you are.”

“Shut up.”

We walked into the building and walked straight to the elevator. Jc nudged my shoulder, making me roll my eyes.

“I think it’s the top floor. I mean, it has to be.”

Jc clicked the highest number and scooted to the side so more people could pile in. Jc pulled up his snapchat and stuck out his tongue while I rolled my eyes.

'Crowded Elevator 🙄’

I giggled and watched half the people pile off on the twentieth floor. It was Jc, Me, and a business woman left, she got off on the twenty-fifth floor.

“Thank god! Now we have thirty floors left.”

I laughed and took a picture of me an Jc in the mirror walls.

“I wonder why they make buildings so tall.” Jc mumbled.

“I wouldn’t.”


Couple of minutes later we finally made it to the fiftieth floor. We stepped out and all you seen was a long hall then a door at the end.

“How classy.” I looked over and awed at all the buildings down below us. “Baby, stand right there so I can get a picture of you.”

Jc groaned and stood in the corner. I made a funny face so he would laugh (which he did). Jc grabbed my hand and started walking down to the door. He opened the door for me. I awed at the beautiful view.

“How may I help you?”

“Uh, table for two please.”

“This way.”

The waitress led us to a corner table. We both thanked her and I started looking at the menu.

“Ugh, it’s all Italian. Today is amazing.” Jc laughed.

“So, we finally made it to the top of the building and come to find out it’s an Italian restaurant.”

I threw a thumbs up and decided on pasta. Jc ordered our food and we watched the sunset.

I slipped on one of Jc’s shirts and sat on his bed, waiting for him to finish in the bathroom. I ran my fingers through my hair.

'Oh, I still have that picture to post’

I unlocked my phone an pulled up Jc’s picture, adding a filter to it then putting it on Instagram.

'Had an amazing day with this cutie. So thankful for him and his curls. I love you, @jccaylen . ❤️😘’

Jc jumped on the bed and let out a big sigh. I smiled and started twirling his curls.

“Oh, you tagged me in a photo eh?”


I got under the covers and curled up to Jc.

“Aw baby! You’re the sweetest. I love you.”

Jc kissed me then all over my face. “I love you too, Caylen. Good night.”

“Good night, baby.”

Jc kissed the top of my head and wrapped his arms around me and hummed a song to me, making me fall asleep.


Ever seen the Lin Kuei with loaded guns?

Juice | Hood Ornament | Ortiz


hood of a car, heavy breathing, mini skirts, sly wink




juice ortiz – sons of anarchy


This one shot contains sex. There. I warned you. Sex in a private but public place – Teller Morrow Garage – and lots of other dirty little things, none really specific enough to give a definite warning for.


This doesn’t take place in any particular time frame. You’re Juice’s old lady and everybody knows it. But when the one prospect just won’t get the hint, Juice decides to prove who the dominant male is in the case of the two. You’re all too happy to oblige. Sex in the garage on the hood of said prospect’s vintage Mustang ensues.

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BTS Reaction to -

You getting smiley and blushy when they kiss you


Please do bts reacting to you getting smiley and blushy when they kiss you please thank you


He would tease you ever so slightly for your reaction. However he would find the shy reaction so cute, always taking the chance to kiss you more. 

“Jagi do you really love my kisses that much?!”


The fact that you got all smiley and blushy would make him all smiley and blushy. He’d think it’s so cute tbh, he would have the biggest smile.

*Many smiles and giggles. No words just giggles*


Once he saw your cute little smile, he would start leaving kisses all over your face. In reality he wanted you to keep being so cute and blushy.

“Jagiya, I should kiss you more often.”


The cutie would probably get blushy along with you. He’d hide himself in your neck sheepishly. 

“Why are you so cute jagi, my heart can’t take it.”


He would probably try to keep himself collected on the outside, but on the inside he’d be flustered too. He’d give you a tight hug. 

“It’s only a kiss babe lol.”


He’d think you were so cute. He would definitely kiss you more to see your cute reaction. 

“Kisses are my favorite thing now jagi!”


This boyie would instantly flash his gummy smile. He’d feel so happy that he had that affect on you. 

“I love seeing you smile baby.”

-Admins A & JC