i love you in the most heterosexual way

Wonder Woman spoilers. Hit J to skip. 

Got into a discussion about the implication that Diana finding love with a man was what saved the day and I thought I should go ahead and bring it over here. 

I can see the argument being made here. Diana has been around women all her life. That suddenly a man, and more specifically sex with a man, changes her and makes her a hero. That hetero-sex is what saves the day. 

I have a couple objections to this theory, but let me start by saying I can see why you would feel that way, particularly for those of you who are lesbians. I don’t, and I recognize it’s largely because of who I am and my own views.

What I won’t agree with is the implication that Amazons are all straight. It’s just not true. When Antiope was killed, three women came to her side- her sister, Diana, and a third grief-sticken and screaming who got the camera’s attention for an extended shot even though nobody knew who she was. That was her wife. Fight me. 

Additionally, when Steve and Diana are having their boat sex talk, she says she knows of sex. She knows the pleasures of the flesh. Men are unnecessary for pleasure. She’s either talking about lady love or masturbation (both of which are still pretty taboo to talk about as women today let alone in 1918). I choose to believe it’s the former. She’s had at least one Amazon lover in the comics- Mala in Earth One. 

On to my objections:

Diana’s not a lesbian. She’s bisexual. Bisexuals are allowed to love men. We’re allowed to like men. Steve Trevor, whether romantic or platonic, is a big part of Wonder Woman’s story. He is the Lois to Diana’s Superman. For those of you who say Steve was too much or Steve was intolerable or the het love story ruined it, I ask you to accept that you might have some biases based in your preference for a queer Diana who doesn’t like men. Again, I understand why you feel that way, especially for those of you who are lesbians. But to constantly hear ‘het love’ and ‘het sex’ is annoying at best and erasure at worst. Diana is bisexual. She is queer. Of course I’d like it to be more explicit in the movies, whether through her expressing attraction to women or outright saying it, but the point still stands. This is the most powerful canonically queer character in media. 

Nothing she does is heterosexual. 

Another point is about the love saves the day. It wasn’t just Steve’s love. It wasn’t just Diana’s love for Steve. (And yes, I can see why it might seem rushed, especially for those who aren’t aware of the “Diana’s Lois” history of the ship, but how often do we see the woman falling head over heels for the hero of other movies and why can’t we allow the script to be flipped here? Steve Trevor is very much a counter to most macho action movie stars full of toxic masculinity which is a whole post on its own.)

Love saved the day, but it wasn’t just romantic love. It certainly wasn’t just sexual love. It was also platonic love between the men themselves. When she sees the men embracing each other in the face of certain death, what does she see?

She sees three men who could have gone home when the money ran out. Three men who continued into a suicide mission, following Steve because they loved him too. When Steve gave them the option to go home, they say “she can handle herself, but what would you do without us?” They follow him because they love him. They’d deny it, of course, but it’s there. That brotherhood. She sees that. She recognizes it from the way the Amazons loved those they fought with. That’s how she recognizes that there is good in men. That’s why she believes they can choose good. They aren’t fighting for the anger and the bloodshed. They are fighting because they love. 

Just like she does. 

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Cookie!! I was wondering What is the difference between an otp and a brotp??


THIS IS MAH MOMENT ! └(◉◞౪◟◉)┘

For meh, an Otp means a relationship in a romantical way. 

You want to see a romantic thing happening between two characters.

If ur otp is septiplier, that means you want to see Jack kiss,hang out or..u kno’ ,maybe do the do with Mark. Which in mah sense is edgy when u ship two real friends. └(・-・)/ mostly when it involves nudity…


Brotp means you want them as friends,best friends(if it’s not already the case) There is NO romance or sexual meaning behind this relationship. 

It’s only true friendship with some sexual/gay jokes,slap dat butt and fun hang out . #squadgoals └(゚∀゚└))

Watch this video, u’ll understand waht i’m tryin’ to explain:

“i love you in the most heterosexual way “  

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do you think it's possible to someone to "work up" to being butch? or is being butch something inherent that can't be gained or lost?

That’s tough! I think there is something essential about butchness that is usually present for a long time before most of us recognize it, to the extent that many of us recognize other butches before they recognize themselves. So I don’t think it’s like a piece of clothing you take on and off- I do think to some extent it’s the sort of thing you either are or aren’t but if you find that butchness just makes a lot of things click for you in your head or is a space that seems to explain women like you, then odds are good that it’s yours to claim if you want. I think there are certainly people who consider themselves butch that I honestly don’t consider butch but I wouldn’t walk up to another woman and tell her she was appropriating it unless it was done offensively.

I think most of us don’t hop out of the womb thinking we are lesbians, let alone that we are butches. I started hesitantly calling myself a lesbian (rather than queer, and God I used some embarrassing labels as a teen) right around 18 after having been out for a few years already, and that same year I started tentatively seeing myself as butch, changing the way I dressed, allowing myself to relax into a comfy form of gender nonconformity. None of it was on purpose, but I found that the more I grew to like myself, the more comfortable I became with myself, the more I grew to understand and not be ashamed of my sexuality, the more comfortable I felt in ties and button downs and oxfords and mostly men’s clothes and so on. And while I experience the same pressure to disidentify or transition that every nearly other butch I know has experienced, by 20 I was doing some of the work of reidentifying and during that time I read “Stone Butch Blues” and a whole ton of work on butches from the 70s to the 90s and started realizing, “Ahhhhhhhhh there is a place for me here, there is a term for women like me, and more importantly there is a history of community around this experience.”

I know some people are offended by the idea that not every lesbian can just decide to be butch but that’s their problem and not mine- it’s my honest opinion that there’s something about us that sets us apart from other women that usually stretches back a lot further than we can see without talking to other butches and putting the pieces together. I think most women have to “work up to” understanding that we are butch and “work up to” getting comfortable with letting that show to the rest of the world in how we move and dress. But I think there is something about experiences as a gender nonconforming girl and teenager and so on and the things that come with that and with being gay that binds us together in a way that means no, you can’t just be butch because you want to and, conversely, there are a lot of people who have space here and have no interest in claiming it for any number of reasons.

“Butch” is also not just one thing. I don’t behave or dress the same way as every butch I know. There are tiny and big artsy/craftsy butches and tiny and big academic butches and tiny and big sporty butches and all of these women will usually dress and behave a good bit differently- we aren’t all feminists, we aren’t all the same -degree- of gender nonconforming though I dislike quantifying that. We don’t necessarily share anything except being lesbians and being gender nonconforming in such a way that most of us couldn’t blend in as heterosexual women even if we tried or wanted to. A lot of it is just a vibe that’s hard to explain. But I know other butches when I see and spend time with them. I think if you’re wondering about yourself, just talking to some butches you know and love about their exeriences is likely to help. But I don’t think it is useful to start off with this idea of what butches are in your head and check off boxes- read what women have written, talk to other women, and see what connects.

Sorry this is long but I didn’t want to give a half answer. Hope it helps, and feel free to ask more questions if you want.

What Yurio's Exhibition Should Have Been

Yurio: Brooooomance

Otabek: Bro-o-o-omance

Yurio: It’s like Eminem and Dr Dre

Otabek: If I loved you more I might be gay

Yurio: And when I’m feeling down

Otabek: You know just what to say

Yurio: You’re my homie, yeah ya know me

Otabek: And if you ever need a wingman I’d let any girl blow me off

Yurio: ‘Cause you’re more important than the rest.

Yurio and Otabek: I confess I’m a mess if I’m not hangin’ with my BFF

Yurio: You know it’s true, you my male boo
Now sing the chorus with me if you’re feeling the same way, too

Yurio and Otabek: Brooooomance
Nothing really gay about it
Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay
Shouldn’t be ashamed or hide it
I love you in the most heterosexual way

Yurio: Hold me to a promise that I’ll be the kind of friend

Otabek: that in the end will always keep you company

Yurio: ‘Cause when the world gets tough, and times get hard, I will always love you

Otabek: I’ll be your bodyguard

Yurio: ‘Cause you’re my bestie

Otabek: And if you test me

Yurio and Otabek: I’ll prove it time and time again, I got your back until the end

Otabek: A brother from another mother

Yurio: Never knew how much I loved ya
‘til I started singing this song… Huh

[repeats chorus]

Yurio: And now that I’ve told you how I feel
I hope you feel the same way, too.
But if you don’t, this song was just a joke
But, if you do
I love you

[repeats chorus and Yurio and Otabek’s faces come dangerously close]

Yurio, whispering: I love you bro

i cant remember if ive already talked about this but the response to la la land bothers me so much… the attitude surrounding it seems to be that its “revolutionary” because… what, its a musical? it doesnt have a happy ending? like why are all the people involved with the film saying stuff like “i cant believe we were able to make this movie, the odds were so against us, we didnt think there would be an audience for it”, tbh i think a movie starring two white hollywood superstars in a heterosexual romance is the most marketable thing imaginable

i loved the movie for what it was but it was not groundbreaking in any way. you know what was groundbreaking? starts with an m ends with oonlight

On being “too catholic”

I just had a thought about those moments when I am thinking to myself that maybe I am being too catholic, or too spiritual, for my friends and family members. When I use the Lord’s name multiple times in the same conversation, or I mention that  have a spiritual director, it can sometimes make people uncomfortable.

But this thought came to me: You are never too catholic for Jesus. You are never too spiritual for the Lord. To lessen your faith in order to make people comfortable does a disservice to our Lord. Jesus literally died for me, and here I am thinking “Maybe I should be less christian because I don’t want to be seen as weird or overwhelming.” What a lie!!

I think this ideology comes from the idea that christian’s “force their beliefs down people’s throats”. I think the enemy has used that standpoint to attack the church and make it seem like it’s just too much for most people to bear. We are seen as hypocrites or fanatics, especially when you are young and white and heterosexual (there, I said it). 

Anyway, I am not going to lessen my faith or my expression of my faith anymore. I don’t have time to make people comfortable, I only have time to express my joy in the way God intended. 

Dear Teen Wolf fam: you should watch Riverdale

Okay.  Okay.  O…. kay. Look, let me tell you this first, okay?  The entire show is beautiful, beautiful trash.  It’s the campiest camp that ever camped.  This is a group of people that watched RuPaul’s drag race and thought it was an instructional video on how to be a human being.  Everyone is so extra, and they’re like that all the time.  Obviously, by the end of episode 5, I was like this: 

How soon did I know I was going to love it?  Incredibly soon.  Pretty much from second 4 of the pilot, which opened with the Blossom twins - a boy and girl of 16, pale as snow, flaming red hair - holding hands while wearing all white outfits and getting into a rowboat.

Paige in that moment: this is not at all what I expected

We meet the main characters very quickly - Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, and Veronica Lodge, who meets the aforementioned two in this scene:​

Veronica regularly wears capes. No one thinks this is weird

And though Betty and Veronica take a brief detour into Love-triangle-fighting-over-Archie land, that ends at about episode two and they form a friendship that has you going:

​I ship it #BandV5eva

There’s some problematic stuff, isn’t there always, including the stereotypical “gay best friend” Kevin, but I’m willing to overlook it in favor of the fact that a) it seems like he’s starting to get his own storylines and b) he’s the only one that realizes that he is somehow the least gay person in Riverdale despite the fact that all these people are heterosexual.

Kevin about everything that happens in Riverdale.  In a way we are all Kevin

Also, the parents are just as batshit insane as their children!  And are all played by 90s stars!  Luke Perry!  Skeet Ulrich!

Spoiler alert: they both got hot in their advanced age

And I have not even GOTTEN INTO CHERYL BLOSSOM, or

everyone in this show is extra but Cheryl is THE MOST EXTRA

You will hate her.  You will love her.  You will wonder if she and her brother were boning.  

Cheryl Blossom is flawless.  She has two insane evil parents and a one-eyed grandma.  I hear she wears furry six inch heels as part of her pajamas.  I hear she regularly has nightmares when she sleeps…. in her dead brother’s bed.  Her favorite pastime is accusing people of murder.  One time, she strutted into her brother’s funeral wearing all white and a birdcage veil, and her mother told her she was petty.  One time, she walked down the stairs of her house wearing a red satin gown and carrying a candelabra.  It was awesome.

How Cheryl Blossom regularly walks around her house  #same

Actual Cheryl Blossom quote that is literally her every second of every day

​And I haven’t even talked about Jughead yet!  HE IS MY SON WE MUST PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS



give them their own spinoff immediately in which they dismantle the kyriarchy with smooth jams and cat ears


the part of the meme that looks like a cinnamon roll but will fuck you up

Anyway in short I’ve barely scratched the surface of how batshit insane this show is and you should watch it immediately

What is the definition of love? Love is the feeling you get when everything you’ve lost has suddenly come back to you. The feeling of how you’re scared of being heartbroken but you wouldn’t mind being heartbroken by that one person. Looking into their eyes and seeing everything you’ve ever needed. Love is an emotional form of art. A form of art that is universal and is innate within the human soul. With flames burning in the souls of the lonely, they wait for that one person to come around and to touch them in a place where no one has been able to touch them before. A place where they feel everything at once or nothing at all. The soul. The most sacred place one could ever imagine. The warmest place you can house the ones you love. The safest and dearest place you can store love. The place where one can truly feel alive or feel like nothing. Love. Love is sensible. You can hear love, taste love, see love, smell love, and feel love. How? Love can be that feeling of hearing a really good song for the first time. Love can be sensed when that one person makes you do things you’d never thought you’d do for anyone else. Love. Love is universal and pure. There are different ways to express your love to that one person. Not only is “I love you” a way, but other phrases such as “Call me when you get home” or asking them when you can see them again. With 7 billion people on this planet, if you ask each and every person what their definition of love is, you will get 7 billion different answers. There are also different types of love. Black love, white love, heterosexual love or homosexual love. Love is love and shall not be broken. Love is one of the most precious things you can ever feel. Because whenever times are dark and you don’t think you’ll ever see the light again, remember that love exists. Someone loves you. Whether you know it or not or feel like you’re unlovable, there is always someone there who loves you. There was a time where things were looking down for me. Hopeless and afraid, I carried around a heavy burden. But then this girl came around. A girl who made me forget about my struggles. A girl that cared for me. A girl that uplifted me. A girl that comforted me. A girl loved me. She made me feel like superman. Before she came around, I could live with losing a girl. But not her. God, not her. But when she left, it was as if a part of me left with her. A part of me that is impossible to get back. She had a piece of my heart and added fuel to the burning flame within my soul. And I may be meant for someone else, but I always thought I was meant for her. But when she was here, as in physically with me, it seemed as if time had stopped. It felt like gravity became nonexistent and we floated into space. Everything around us disappeared and it was just us. One night after hanging out, we were about to part ways when she hugged me tight and quietly said in my ear, “Please don’t go home yet.” Wrapped in her arms, I replied, “I am home.” At this moment. I realized that home isn’t always four walls and a roof. It’s two eyes and a heartbeat. What is love? This is love.
—  A paper I wrote for my AP Lang class

I know the fandom is in a bit of an uproar over the Climon vs Clace very heterosexually charged promo. 
But call me ridiciliously optimistic, which goes against my nature really, but I still think it has to do with the fact that they can spoil this storyline. It won’t bring in new viewers, but it’s a storyline we all knew was coming and most people want over with as quickly as possible. This way they can release promo without making the same mistake they did last season, which was spoil every Malec scene the episode had.  
We’ve seen little bits of Malec so far and I think a lot of the frustration isn’t so much aimed at the promo focus as much as it is aimed at the sexualization of the heterosexual couples surrounding Clary. 
Cause Isabelle and Luke are also barely in these promotions, though we got an Izzy’s sneak peek. 
I think people are angry because there’s a Climon bedscene, which Malec didn’t get. There’s a climon public kiss, which Malec rarely gets, there are other ways of attraction and love shown that Malec was also rubbed off in S2A because of their very limited screentime. And where they tried to fix it with the “I love you” scene, for most people that isn’t enough (which I personally applaud) 
All we can do is hope they have learned, they learned not to spoil Malec because the viewer number drops when they do, so now there is an underpromotion of the couple. But they listened. 
They’ve said Malec would have their moments and we need to trust they will, they will fix their “first time” blunder for sure, considering Emeraude hinted at a flashback scene.
If they mess up in S2B in spite of the loud campaign to do better, every fan will have to decide for themselves if they want to keep watching. 
Until then, lets just wait and see. 
The writers do start next week though, so if you are unhappy with the episodes coming up you can address them and send in your opinions and suggestions on how to improve. 
Please remember to address the writers and crew with respect, since that is mostlikely going to result in a more positive outcome than the throwing tantrums will accomplish. 

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"Cas, dude, bro. Who I love in a totally platonic way. My bestest bro bud in the most heterosexual way. I missed you. Please hold my gun. Finger my weapon. There's nothing metaphorical at all in what I say." *Sam throws up in the background.*

Yes perfect.

My favorite thing about the footnote is how clumsy Kirk’s “denial” is like he’s just “me? Spock? Lovers?????? Who said that??? Like I know Spock heard people say that and he’d just raise that eyebrow of his, classic Spock, but me??? I love all forms of love, but I find the most gratification in the creature called woman haha heterosexuality! Also, pfft, who would become lovers with someone who only had sex every seven years I mean for real”

First of all, hon, saying the creature you find the most gratification in is woman really just implies you’ve found gratification in other creatures

Secondly, way to confirm you’ve 100% thought about sleeping with Spock

And lastly, nowhere in this entire mess do you actually say that you and Spock aren’t lovers?? Like, my dude

Anyway, god fucking bless Gene Roddenberry

Occam’s Razor

(wherein the Fandom explains to the writers of Holby that every storyline is a gay storyline, whether they realised it or not … Some light relief, after the emotional trauma that was tonight’s episode. Apologies in advance to non-Brit readers, as this has a heavy load of UK/BBC insider reference in it - it was just part of the genre this time.)


Well how about this, writers of Holby: Occam’s Razor? … For every canon storyline, there are an incomprehensible number of more complex and far more tantalising queer subtexts!


*with a sarcastic flourish* Well, you can come to our script meeting …


*with flashy-eyed determination* There are no other ways of interpreting the giant angst-fest that is Holby City, we’re convinced of it!

[***a round of alternative universes, flashy gifsets and lovingly-crafted gay memes later, including the odd dodgy misquote about the nature of the universe, and several pictures of fluffy kittens, which took a wrong turn somewhere on the way to Buzzfeed, and somehow ended up here***]


*observing, with not a little admiration, the quick-fire and highly creative output that is the bastion of the Campwolfe/Berena Tumblr* Oh, a morass of online gay obsession, what joy!


*pleading* We need something to keep us sane. We’ve all reacted severely to the torture of The Secondment.


Well that’s an understatement. The BBC postbox overflowed, then Twitter crashed, with the collective howls of lesbian shipper anguish. Someone even wrote into Points of View, threatening to throw themselves off Holby City’s roof, if The Blonde Job ™ wasn’t returned post-haste from bloody Ukraine!


We were provoked. Tumblr is the only place we can find sanctuary in the ogling of celebrity photographs, searching out obscure early work, invariably straight and often distinctly poorly scripted, and hurling expressions of broken ovaries and ruined nether garments at each other.


*gasps in mock-horror* Please don’t show me the underwear!


Okay, we won’t. But as soon as you produce any new episodes, the subtexts kick off again. How about this? What if we’ve just got Sapphic Undertone Hypersensitivity?


*skeptical* I don’t believe that’s a recognised viewing condition.


*triumphant* Oh, but I looked it up, and it is! By Diva Magazine, no less. Come on, we’re fangirling all day, every day, and we’ve overexposed ourselves to The Gay in a major way. (The Daily Express always said it could be contagious). And if we’ve developed an allergy to exclusively straight representation, and an affinity with unadulterated, vigorous same-sex storylines - well, they’re everywhere, you know - especially here in Holby, canon or not!


*challenging* Okay then, how are you going to prove it?


By turning off every possibility for innuendo. All of it.


But that’s impossible! BBC output practically runs on The Gay! Ever since Are you Being Served?, and the thingy-shaped carrots on That’s Life, way back in the 70s. It’s how we keep our viewing figures healthy!


Then you have to create an entirely straight programming environment. Think Panorama. Or Match of The Day … and if our queer persuasions disappear, then we were right! (*smug flourish*)


I haven’t the faintest idea how you’d achieve that (*shake heads in unison, mentally checklisting entire team, vainly searching for more than a token heterosexual among their number*)


Neither do I. But I bet you a certain Blue Peter content team could manage it.

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I've been dating a girl for 6 months. We both fell in love. However, because of some health issues of hers (and only because of those issues) we weren't able to have sex the past 4 months. A week ago, she confessed to me that before meeting me, she felt completely gay. She is (was?) a lesbian. She wants to go through some psychological therapy to see if she could completely accept me, a 100% heterosexual male as her SO. What's your opinion on this? Should I dare hope it will work out?

I’m sorry to hear about her health issues. 🙁 I hope everything works out for her!

On the other hand, I’m pretty positive you cannot turn yourself straight. If she is a lesbian, she was born that way. The love you both feel for each other is most likely real, but maybe it is more of a platonic/friendship love vs. being “in love.”

I wouldn’t wait around for someone to figure out there sexuality. If this is something she is currently dealing with, then I believe that is a tough road to trek and she may need some time to “find herself.” I would let her know that you are there for her and you support her choices, but that you two shouldn’t continue your relationship as it stands since she needs to take time for herself.

Being sexually attracted to your partner isn’t everything, but it is an integral part of a relationship. I am sure that soon you will find a woman who is undoubtedly attracted to you physically and emotionally ❤️

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20 21 and 30 for yuu if you're still doing them? :0

beb i could do this all day!! feel free to send more :D AND ILY I NEVER GET ASKS FOR YUU LMAO

20. Tell me about their love interests?

Yuu has dated many people before, but he’s never really “loved” them in a serious way. Most of the people he’s dated have been people he met in high school/the showbiz industry.

If he had to pick an ideal partner, it’d be someone mature to balance out his childishness.

21. What sexuality/gender suits them?

He identifies as male, and his sexual orientation is heterosexual. 

30. What makes them cry?

Definitely people telling him his talents are useless and worthless. He invests so much time, effort, and love to perfect his craft (so much so that he secretly thinks his only worth is his talents and that he’s nothing without them), so when people insult that, he feels his worth as a person is attacked.