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I’ll never be able to move on as long as the air between us still lingers with the possibility of a future. I’ll never be able to look for a new happiness if there’s even a chance it might be standing right in front of me.
—  it’d be easier if you’d just said it’s done.

Happy birthday to Jinguji~!! 🎉 myhusbandilysm💞💗

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“I think its okay to have a lot of romances. It’s part of experiencing life but marrying only once is nice. I can spend my whole life with this person. I believe romance exists in order to meet a person like that.”

–Ren Jinguji, ASAS booklet


Words describing Ren: flirty, passionate, eccentric, fiery, adventurous, cunning, relaxed


Basic info:

Height: 183cm

Weight: 63kilos

Blood type: B

Birthday: February 14th

Zodiac: Aquarius ♒️

Instrument: Saxophone


“I acted cold but I really wanted to hug you, hold your hand and kiss you, I want to lend you a shoulder whenever you cry.”

–Ren Jinguji, UtaPri Repeat, Along with a Cantabile Kiss(Maji Love End)


Ren’s aesthetics~


Ren admires all things Mediterranean- the cuisine, culture, locations, languages, beaches, activities- he has a thing especially for Italy.

He enjoys photography so a good birthday gift would be a camera. He randomly clicks pictures and puts them either in an album or he would create a “picture wall”, on it you’d find sceneries, animals, candid pictures of his s/o and some pictures of him and his friends to name a few.

He likes to pack his bags and fly/drive off to any place out of the the blue. He sees no reason as to why someone should not travel; its one of his passions.

Mr. Fashion expert, his wardrobe is goals and he is one to use the phrase “I swear on my Chanel” when jokingly defending himself. He also wouldn’t mind running a blog on fashion and his aesthetics.

He once joked that he should write a novel on all his “love-filled” adventures with ladies. Syo groaned and replied that such a book would never finish.

His cooking would send you to heaven. He enjoys spicy food and can cook a variety of cuisines, he doesn’t mind desserts either but he is not a fan of chocolate.

I also have this headcanon where Ren knows how to play the saxophone part in George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” by heart. Just enough to swoop away your heart eh? ;)

Romeo here is also aware of the language of flowers so the next time he sends you an exquisite and intricate bouquet, make sure to google the flowers and their meanings ~

His Hogwarts house is Gryffindor or alternatively, Slytherin


“Don’t go!”

–Ren Jinguji, UtaPri Repeat, Whimsical Score(December)

The truth is, I don’t love my life. and I’m certainly not making the most of it. I have no idea who or what I want to be, and nothing really makes me that happy. People have expectations of me, most of which I don’t care much about. Few people actually understand my complex views on what I care about, and most of the time I feel alone. So yes, I do have a loving family, food to eat, a house to live in, and a chance at a good life. I know how many people would kill for a life like mine, so it makes me feel pretty selfish, but if you asked me if I was happy, I’d be lying if I said yes.
—  lost and confused
philkas @ pride

okay so i havent seen this done and i wasnt feeling like doing an actual fic but i have so many headcanons about this

  • philip is the one that initially brings it up. he doesnt even ask lukas to go; theyre just hanging out and he mentions that its happening that weekend. 
  • he isnt expecting lukas to ask if he could go. he agrees, of course, because all he wants is for lukas to be able to accept who he is. 
    • lukas is shocked he even voiced his wanting to go. but part of him wants to go somewhere where absolutely everyone is okay with who he is.
    • he knows that being gay isnt inherently wrong; he knows its the homophobia he grew up around/internalized
    • he cant help but be excited. terrified, but excited. 
  • lukas ends up talking to rose, who tells him that shes going, and taking this girl she kinda likes, and some other kids from school are going, too. 
    • all of a sudden lukas is exposed to other lgbt people at school. theyre accepting and seem to just get it
    • anyways, they all plan to meet up for the parade and walk around and see everything 
    • “its your first pride we have to go all out”
  • lukas doesnt want to dress up or anything, but when rose shows up to philips house the morning of with two black shirts with rainbows on the front, lukas takes it. he puts a flannel on over it, and laughs when philip comes out wearing one of his flannels, too. 
    • rose has on a shirt proclaiming Pan Pride
  • before they leave, helen and gabe come down the stairs outfitted in rainbows head to toe
    • Gabe has a love is love shirt on
    • philip is kinda embarrassed, but the minute she sees Helen’s shirt (im not gay but my son is) he just gets this giant smile on his face.
      • philip didnt grow up around homophobia, not the way lukas did. it was around, but in the city, being gay wasnt as taboo. 
      • still it isnt something he ever broadcasted. he definitely didnt have his mom walking around with a shirt like that.
      • but here is helen and gabe, and theyre supporting him and his dumb boyfriend, and they accept him for who he is.
  • so they get there!! and lukas is super overwhelmed. its bright and loud and there are so many people. theyre all happy and theyre dancing and lukas can feel the excitement radiating. 
    • he’s never been open about being gay like this. he didnt even think it would be something he would ever be okay with
      • hes getting there. but he isnt quite there yet
    • anyways!!! he sees all these people (girls holding hands with girls, boys holding hands with boys, etc)
    • there are people kissing and laughing and dancing and lukas has never felt so okay
    • he super tentatively reaches over and takes philips hand. philip just looks over at him and gets this tiny smile on his face. he doesnt say anything, of course, but he pulls lukas into the crowd
    • gabe and helen end up talking to a set of lesbians who recognized gabe from the vet.
    • in the middle of the parade, rose catches a beaded necklace and gives it to the girl she came with, giving her a huge smile. 
      • eventually the two sneak away. philip and lukas see them kissing in an alleyway, the rainbow paint that was smeared on Rose’s cheeks now all over the other girls fingers
    • they meet lots of people. sometimes they ask lukas if philip is his boyfriend, and he doesnt hesitate to say yes. yes, he is. isnt he adorable?
    • it isnt just new for lukas. philip is happier than hes been in weeks. standing here, surrounded by love and acceptance, he doesnt even remember what if feels like to hurt. 
    • ryan kane, his mom, the cabin, all of it goes away.
    • it goes away because lukas is holding his hand, and kissing him in public, and giving him that goofy smile philip loves so much.
    • and it goes away for lukas, too, because he feels more loved than he ever has. he feels loved by philip and by his friends (new and old) and he feels loved by every other member of the lgbt community. 
      • on days like today, theyre all a big family. happy. free. proud
      • and that, that is everything. 

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Listen, im not really one to send messages to ppl like out of nowhere lmao but i had to say that im so happy that i found someone that loves Bokuto as much as i do omg *cries* i just read your analysis on how the fandom often mischaracterizes Bo, and i feel u so much? is painful! i hate when they make him a stupid bruh, because he's not? hes a caring teammate and friend, he gives advice freely and i actually think hes really fucking smart? idk how to say this (language barrier here)– (1)

but he’s like really perceptive people-wise! he actually had tsukki figured out just by playing with him for not more than 5 hours! and about what you said, im pretty sure is actually canon that Bos biggest pride is being an ace, more than a captain. I read somewhere once a hc saying he probably cried and whined until they made him captain, but thats just ridiculous and stupid. Captaincy is not something to be taken lightly, no matter what they wouldn’t have made him TC if he did deserve it. (2)

He’s tremendously self-aware! he knows his body, his limits and how much to push to get a result while also caring for his body, how else do u think he practices for HOURS without getting hurt? *side glances at oikawa* He strategizes mid-air, he’s capable of making choices at a very fast speed. i don’t really want to make this longer (than it already is omg sorry) so yeah. If someone thinks hes dumb then theyre the dumb ones. (sorry i needed to rant 😭😭😭 also my english is prob bad) (3)

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I don’t really know
What I should think-
Having all these doubts,
It makes me want to drink

And I just keep bottling up
All these feelings inside
Yet I told you I’d tell you-
I guess this means I’ve lied.

I can’t find the courage to
Ask you, to find the truth
I’m always scared what you
Will say- we are still youth

And youth can be quite
Adventurous, I might add-
And the words you say just
Scare me of what you had-

It scares me that I
Might not be your one
Whilst I’m over here
Breaking every
Wall down
That I can.


Gif Pack: Maddie Hasson

Below the cut you will find +740 gifs of Maddie Hasson as Jo Masterson in Twisted. All of these gifs were made by me. The gifs mostly come from the episodes “The Fest and the Furious” (s01e05), “Out With the In-Crowd” (s01e11), “Home Is Where the Hurt Is” (s01e14), and “A Tale of Two Confessions” (s01e19). These gifs were made for roleplay usage. The pack includes only textless gifs, with few faceless gifs. The sizes of the gifs are all 245px in width, with varying heights. All of them are below 2.0 MB. The size of the download is +643.79 MB. The download link can be found by her picture on my gif directory. While not necessary, a quick like or reblog if you found these gifs helpful would be appreciated!

Trigger/Content Warnings: Kidnapping, Knives
Gif Pack Features: Avan Jogia, Ashton Moio, Chris Zylka, Jack Falahee, Kylie Bunbury, Kimberly Quinn, Sam Robards
Important Note: Do not repost my gifs. Do not claim my gifs as your own. Do not remove my watermarks. Do no redistribute my gifs. Do not repost my gifs in a gif hunt. Link to this gif pack instead. Do not use my gifs to make crackship gifs. {Download}

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The fortunes of the world will rise and fall but here in this kingdom we will endure.

Bump In The Road

Before my old account got deleted, I used to follow @geminioriginalsimagines, and honestly I just love her blog so much, and she likes Chris Wood as much as I do, so I wrote this for her. You guys should follow her and read her imagines, they’re amazing x btw, I just love writing angst so much ugh idk why

The moment you felt sick after eating your favorite yogurt, you knew something was up. You checked the expiration date on the yogurt and the berries you added into it, both were fine.

You sat on the toilet, anxiously waiting fro the results from the home pregnancy test. You nearly died from happiness when all 5 of the test came back positive.

You were so excited! After countless of tries, and dozens of doctors saying you couldn’t have a baby, you and Jake were finally gonna get the little family you both wanted. 

You’d spent the day dancing by yourself and eating tons of chocolate. You decided you were going to tell Jake during dinner. You made baby back ribs, baby corn on the cob and put red wine into tiny wine glasses. It was perfect.

When the table was set, kitchen was cleaned and lights were dimmed, you took a shower and slipped on the little white sun dress Jake adored so much. 

You heard the door slam shut, indicating that Jake was finally home from work. You padded your way through the house and smiled when you saw your handsome boyfriend hanging his bullet proof vest on the coat rack. “Hi baby!” You smiled brightly, throwing your arms around Jake’s broad shoulders.

“Hi.” He grumbled, not returning your hug. You ignored his strange behavior, assuming it must’ve been the result of a stressful day at work. 

“I have some news.” You grinned, leading him to the table.

“Oh yeah?”

You nodded your head, biting your lip as you took a seat. Jake glanced at the table, raising an eyebrow. “I have news too.” He sighed heavily.

“So..” You both said, glancing at each other. 

“You first.I’ll save the best for last.” You grinned.

“Are you sure?” Jake looked guilty. You simply nodded, smiling so big that your cheeks began to ache.

“Look. I…um… I’ve been really stressed and  overwhelmed lately, from my job, and our relationship. I just… I need a break, Y/N. It’s not you. It’s me.” Jake said, avoiding your eyes. 

“Oh.” You breathed, your eyes tearing up. “Okay. That’s okay.  Take your time, I and I’ll get my things tomorrow morning.” You said, standing from the table. 

“Y/N I-”

“No. It’s fine Jake, it’s okay.” You offered a sad smile, turning to leave. 

“Y/N! Wait!” He called, but you ignored his pleas. 

Jake sighed and ran his fingers through his already messy hair. He looked down, thinking about all the hard work you must’ve put into this dinner. His eyes scanned the tabled, feeling more guilty with each second that went by.

Only then did Jake Riley see the tiny white stick with a pink plus sign in the middle.

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