i love you i wish u have a amazing day birthday


happy birthday to the best giffer and most sincere suho stan, caroline!
@suhocean​, i love you beyond the moon and back

iheartksoo  asked:

Mads! Happy birthday ♡♡ I hope you've had an amazing day so far! I just want to say that I think you're a wonderful person and I wish we would talk more cuz you're one of the coolest people I know on here~ I'm also incredibly grateful that you joined our team, I don't know what we'd do without you! ily and enjoy the rest of your bday ♡♡♡

char!!!!! i love u sm?? ur so sweet??? i wish we talked more too ok pls feel free to message me on here or line anytime bc i also love talkin to u nd i think ur super cool nd smart!!! 💞💞 i’ve had a rlly good day so far thank u for askin nd i hope u have a wonderful one too!!! im also So Happy to be apart of the admin squad w u guys still ur both angels im Thankful as heck ok ommsmwmxsn I LOVE U!!!! 💖💖💖💖

Happy happy belated birthday, @tokyolovelights / @riko-os!~ Firstly, I’m terribly sorry for being 4 days late with this ;; Especially when I told you on your birthday that I would have your gift done on that day itself idhnfoesks but I truly hope you like this lil gift!! <3 I somewhat remembered you saying something about wanting to see smol bean Yoosung in nothing but strings(??) in the group chat before so I decided to try and create something like that for you! I still suck at art so apologies if it isn’t very good. ;u;)/

Secondly, i hope you had an amazing birthday and may all your wishes come true cause you deserve it all gurl! Love ya lots Riko and once again, happy belated birthday!!

Happy birthday to this sweet, beautiful & talented boy //that never fails to brighten my day// named Kim jongin~ ;; I’m beyond grateful to have found you & be a fan of such an amazing, inspiring & hard working human being like you~ hope you have the most amazing birthday & spend it with your loved ones. Please make sure to get some rest & take good care of yourself ;; i will always love & support you 🌸🌸🌸 #HappyJonginDay


Happy Birthday for my amazing king Minji-chan! 26.2


happy 26th birthday to the most precious oldest (baby faced) hyung of exo, the prince of my heart, light of my life, kim minseok

you’ve worked so hard over the years to show the best of yourself to us and i’m forever grateful to you for your efforts and determination. you’ve been given the chance to shine in terms of acting and singing (your first solo/ost!!!) and i wish for you to have even more opportunities to show the world how much more amazing you can be.

you’re a truly a blessing and a role model to us all, thank you for being you. ;u; stay happy forever, minseok. i love you! #happyxiuminday

SIF Birthday messages to Riko

Translations have been provided thanks to some awesome folks over at /r/SchoolIdolFestival. Screenshots by /u/Xcvnn and translated by /u/jetonator.

- Kanan: Riko! Don’t be so shy, and come to the front more often! Today’s the day where you have the lead role!

- Dia: She’s so humble, and her songs are so wonderful… Ufufu, Riko and I are both the same kind of talented girl, it seems.

- Mari: Listening to Riko’s songs, I get the feeling that Aqours is going to be OK, and we’ll never lose! That’s amazing, isn’t it?

- Hanamaru: Riko-san, happy birthday! Riko-san is so good at piano and drawing and cooking!

- Yoshiko: I figured it out! Riko-san’s always watching out for Yohane! I guess Yohane will also wish Riko-san well, too!

- Ruby: Riko-san, happy birthday! Riko-san is always so kind! Come play with me again, okay?

- You: Riko-chan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We’re such good friends, it feels like we’ve always been together!

- Riko: So embarrassing… But to be wished happy birthday by everyone like this, I’m very happy!

- Chika: Riko-chan is the girl that appeared in front of me like a miracle. I’m so happy to have met her!