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Hi!! Let me say at first how much I appreciate you, your blog is my favourite one!! Thank you for keeping it interesting and diverse! I have a question. Do you by any chance understand what bts comeback concept has to do with words 'love yourself'?? I got that album is about falling in love, being special for someone and unique moments in one's life etc. But i still can't get why they imply that the concept is about loving one's self if this issue barely was touched upon? Am i missing on smth?

but it was written in every breath they took in producing the album bby TT 

their comeback stage showed it all, they could’ve started with intro: serendipity, but no, they straight up went with ‘i need u’ the song that took them to where they are now. they mentioned how everyone cried so much when they had their very first win with i need u, especially jimin. it was in i need u that they realized they might just.. have made it, a step further. if you’ve been with them for a while, you’d know how dirty bangtan and army were treated, like really we were dissed left and right it was really a tough situation especially for k-armys they can’t even be proud of our boys or even mention their names in articles without getting ridiculed just cos they’re not ‘big’ TT and even when we had our first win, bangtan still get called out for ridiculous reasons that’s just. the fact that they made their comeback with i need u shows just how much they treasure the moment the fans that made it possible at that time, i need u was the breakthrough, i need u made them realize that they can actually be… happy now, and move forward. and maybe love themselves more, and performing mic drop afterwards shows exactly that :)

honestly love yourself album is in every sense, calls you to love yourself, if not, more, even when you don’t think you can, just look at the lyrics

just let me love you
since the time the universe was first formed
everything has been decided
just let me love you
–intro: serendipity

and when they say

don’t worry, love
because all of this is isn’t a coincidence
(even when) we are totally different, baby
because (of that still) destiny is found in the two of us
since the day the universe came into existence, it has continuously been so
and transcending for infinite centuries, it will continuously be so
from our past lives too, perhaps, and even the next lives to come
because we will still be together forever (no matter)

doesn’t that encourage you to embrace yourself, despite our differences? and

when you say that you love me
feels like i’m treading on the sky/heavens
tell me about forever just one more time
when you say that you love me
i, i’ll be fine even if just those words
that you would never change, just one more time
–best of me

bangtan treasures us so much as they treasure themselves that they wish for our love to never change no matter how bad things might get 

i wonder if it’s a mistake an angel left behind
if not that then, a deep kiss?
that dimple is illegal
but I want it anyway anyway anyway
–보조개 (dimple)

did you know? that dimples are a medical flaw, a genetic defect that is caused by shortened facial muscles, which is why when we smile, the shorten muscle pulls the skin on our face causing a dimple. but somehow in our society, dimples are embraced and carries a mark of beauty and loveliness the contradiction is fascinating how human perception can override facts, and i personally think this is what makes the song more meaningful despite the casual pop tune, because what ever flaw you think you have, might not be a flaw at all. you can chose to hide it by not smiling, but isn’t it lovely when you smile? love yourself.

now stop watching (and) start studying for (your) exams
your parents and your manager/boss they dislike me
all those video clips you’ve watched, twitter photos,
v app, bon voyage 
i know they’re so good, what should we do
stop. the music video, (i’m saying) interpret (it) later
aren’t there plenty of my photos in your room, anyway
what is an hour even? a year passes by just like that
this song is a reward i’m giving (it) to you.
good girl/good boy
–pied piper

btw 착해 is an expression, a good compliment you usually receive from an elderly person/grown up when if you do well in something, its not sexual guys idk why some ppl imply it is lmao

so when bangtan says this they mean it wholeheartedly like a friend, like an older brother because they know how bad we have it for them, they know how much influence they have on us, as much as we ahve on them. despite scolding us, albeit, in a loving manner, they really want the best for us. unlike the original story where the pied piper drove the children away from the town of hamelin when the town ppl refuse to pay for his service in luring the plague causing rats away, bangtna isn’t set to lure us away, they in fact, want us to go to them, be with them, love with them, but in addition, we have to set our priorities in real life straight, so that, everyone can appreciate our love too, and maybe, the society won’t put much hate on us anymore.

please army remember what we say, love myself, love yourself, i really love you, and thank you

–skit: billboard music awards speech

this says everything hnnggghh

yeah? who said my ‘spoon was dirty’
i don’t care, when i grab the mic i own those whole lot of ‘gold spoons’
all of a sudden, those that didn’t cook well are in rage, those lot of steaks 
i’ll chew on y’all over and over again, on the star’s dinner table
–mic drop

oh man i need another post dedicated to mic drop there’s so many things to talk about in this 

the thing i earn with hard work, my pay
gonna spend it all on my tummy 
all the pennies i collect/count just to waste it all (on my tummy)
leave me be, even if i overspend
or come tomorrow morning and like a crazy guy
my savings, if i cash them all out (leave me be)
woo there’s no tomorrow
my future’s been seized for collateral  
woo my money’s all further spent 
friends, wassup?
do you want some?
–고민보다 Go (rather than worrying, go)

this whole song is satirical critique tbh even the dance choreography pls appreciate them

and then the outro, which reiterates everything about love and sacrifice, about being the best of yourself, about loving yourself first and foremost

the world is a complex
we was lookin’ for love
i am too, just one of those ppl
honestly even i didn’t believe in real love
like a habit i said i want to love, just babbling like that
but i found myself
the whole new myself
even if i’m confused, which am i is the real me
me meeting you makes me wonder, aren’t i a book?
or is it you, who are the turning pages (of my book)?
–outro: her


theres a reason why bangtan made the skit and sea as hidden tracks, you have to undertsand that bangtan has come a longg way. and one of the reasons why they were finally able to get their first win the last time was through purchase of physical copies, which helped tremendously raise the sales. bangtan may be celebrated and loved wordlwide but back in their home ground, they were nobodies, which is why buying physical copy always meant more even (especially for k-fandoms) since you’re willing to go for an extra mile, its part of kfandom culture for fans to invest a lot of time and money for their group supports and projects to help get their fave name out there, sure you can like/listen to other groups but ultimately, hundreds of idols debut eveyr year so in order to make sure your group lasts a long time, korean fans consider it very important to pledge their loyalty to a single group and support them with all you have, this is why it was even harder for karmys because we come from small company :’)

and now that they are getting success tremendously over the past year (BANGTAN’S #7 ON BILLBOARD 200 GUYS PLEASE GIVE YOURSELFVES A PAT WE DID THAT), love yourself is to be quite honest, an album dedicated to armys all round, and those two tracks are just a little bit more intimate, and more on a personal level, which is why it was hidden from the rest of the world, i’d like to think that the reason they kept it hidden in a physical copy because they know for certain that only their fans would purchase a physical copy, and that they want us to be the first ppl to hear it, to listen to their laments, their grieves, their happiness, their love, they just wanna them share with us first and foremost, because they know only we would get it, because we’ve been there

in the end the mirage is caught and
it becomes reality, and
the desert i was once afraid
became the sea with our blood, sweat, and tears
but then amongst all this happiness,
what are these fears?
because this place is originally a desert, we know this too well

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Hey! I adore you're little snippet ideas ahhh I love them so much. I was wondering if you could do RFA + MC cuddles and or a very physically affectionate MC. Thank you!!

k but SAAAAAAAAAME. I’m honestly so starved for affection so writing this was so indulgent and I loved it! also thank youuuuuuu, I hope you enjoy this ❤️
Also also I’m currently on Seven’s route and I’ve noticed that the days when he’s pushing you away happen to line up with days I feel shittiest and that’s definitely happening rn and it’s a wild ride lol

-he’s honestly probably just as affectionate, if not more
-but loves having you close to him all the time
-even when he’s playing LOLOL, he’ll let you just curl up next to him or even on his lap while he’s playing
-you two are just always cuddling 24/7
-always has at least have one hand on each other, even in public
-he doesn’t even see it as sexual, he just loves feeling you and having you under his touch
-as well as loves having you touch him all the time
-this boy just loves affection ok

-he reeeeeally tries to limit your affection towards him
-not because he doesn’t love it, but because he’s afraid The Beast™ will come out
-when you do actually get to hold him, he never lets go
-sometimes he’ll just let you cling on to him while he’s reading his script, cooking or just doing mundane things
-basically while he’s distracted so he can’t possibly ruin your innocent gestures
-he does have to limit it when you two go out anywhere cause of his contract
-but afterwards, he’ll let you cuddle up to him, but will get up every once in a while to take cold showers
-you once asked him to join with the purest intention of just being with him
-and he disappeared for over an hour

-she definitely appreciates how much you love being close to her
-will let you cuddle her all the time
-it’s also really relaxing for her to have you next to her, running your hand up and down her arm as she works
-she’s a lot more reserved in public about affection
-but doesn’t oppose holding hands
-sometimes you’ll sneak the occasional peck on the cheek and she’ll stop functioning for the rest of the day
-she’s just so shy about affection, but eventually warms up and even initiates cuddling from time to time

-he absolutely adores how affectionate you are
-he’s always so desperate for your touch so the fact that you are too melts his heart
-he just loves coming home after a long day only to be hugged as soon as he walks through the door
-and absolutely loves having you cuddle up to him right after
-like jaehee, finds it soothing when you’re next to him while he works
-also motivates him to finish his work faster so he can just hold you
-when you two are out in public, he’ll hold you close to him so you truly never have to worry about being starved for touch when you’re with him
-will just let you hold or cling on to him whenever, wherever

-he absolutely adores how affectionate you are
-it makes him feel so special and loved and he can never get enough
-it took him a bit to get used to, but at one point you went to hold him and he just didn’t let go
-he loves cuddling with you all the fucking time
-can do it for days
-he’s about as affectionate as you and will just stop whatever he’s doing at times to show that
-when he’s working, he’ll just have you sit in his lap and can have you there for hours
-you sometimes try to do the thing where he loops his arms through yours and acts as your arms when you two have to cook but don’t want to let go
-saeran was not pleased with the aftermath of that

BONUS (bc I love him and a lil sad he didn’t get a route, but nonetheless love cheritz for their hard work anyways)

-he acts so annoyed by it
-but really, he loves it
-he loves that you want to be close to him, and hold his hand and he loves catching your scent when you’re curled up next to him
-you’ll sleep next to him with your arms wrapped around him and wake up with him holding you back
-whenever you ask about it though, he denies that he likes it
-claims that it’s childish
-but any time you ever pull away from him, he’ll grab you and pull you back to him
-but deny that he ever did that
-just hold this boy and never let go

GAHH I CANT BELIEVE I ALMOST MISSED THIS Thank you all so much for 1.5k followers I legit can’t believe this and I’m doin mah happy dance right now You’re all precious beans and you all mean a lot to me and I love and appreciate all of you :)

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First off all of you sweetheart ya don’t have to read this all BUT I’M TOO HIGH RIGHT NOW WITH ALL THE EXCITEMENT I CAN’T STOP MYSELF SO IMMA DO THIS ANY WAY!!!

Yesterday was the happiest day ever!! Due to all of your birthday wishes and gift, I EVEN GET THE PRESENT AT THE LAST HOUR OF THE DAY WHICH MEAN 11PM SO NO REGRET!!


Below gonna be alots~~~ Of Birthday presents I got from lovely people and my friends~~ I’ll be mention all of you in this post get angry at me for spamming your notes like this sweet heart BUT I WON’T REGRET CAUSE I LOVE YOUUUUU!!

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OH SHIT WADDUP That’s a sick collab made with @skelelovely my sweet lovely baby.

I did Bill, she did Will. It was fun and I hope i’ll be able to do it again real soon !

Thank you again honey for this great opportunity ! I had a lot of fun ! I lovee youuuuuuu  ❤

Lissa x Olivia C-S Support

I honestly had a bit of fun with this one. I love the two of them together, and I think it worked out pretty well! Also I added a bit of small Sacred Stones trivia in there, mostly because I’m garbage. 

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Can I please request where their girlfriend likes to sleep with an under wear, quite similar to a boxer, is very loose, and has tiny holes on them but still covers their private area, like the holes are at the back. And please do it for jooheon, wonho, minhyuk, I.M. I found underwears like that quite comfortable. LOVE YOUUUUUUU

I wear the underwear all the time lmao anD I LOVE YOU TOO

Reaction to their S/O’s slightly torn underwear (Wonho, Minhyuk, Jooheon, and I.M)

Wonho: He’d always love to tease you whenever you wore your adorably cute boxers. Whistling or pinching your booty when he saw them. “Look who broke out the fancy lingerie~” “Don’t make me put pants on” It’s as if a switch flicked in his head as he shut up immediately. 

“Please don’t get rid of the cute boxers” “I would never do that to you”

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Minhyuk: He’d love your cutely boyish underwear, whenever you’d complain about the holes in them he’d say the same thing, “Babe, it gives them character” He’d laugh as you rolled your eyes and mocked his voice teasingly. “Not  everything with holes means it has character, Minhyuk” “…..WOULD YA PLEASE JUST KEEP THE CUTE BOXERS, Y/N?!” “Okay okay fine chill” You’d hug him comfortingly as you felt his hand move south.

“You really do have a one track mind.” “You have a soft tush”

Jooheon“What do ya think?” You asked as you walked out in plain black bikini underwear. “What happened to my girlfriend?” “What?” “That’s not your underwear. Who’d you steal it from” You immediately brought your hand to your face exasperatedly “You were with me when I bought these” “I like the holey boxers” “Joohe-” “BOXERS, GIRL” He chanted as you turned around and walked into the bedroom, coming back out in your normal boxers with a smile.

“Awww there’s my y/n”

I.M: He’d absolutely love them, so much that whenever you guys got home you’d both change into you boxers and lay around. On special occasions you both would bury yourselves in blankets and talk for hours on end. “What if animals could talk?” Was always a reoccurring topic for some reason. He’d always slip in a joke about your holey boxers though,  no matter what the topic was.

“Alligators would definitely have a deep voice.” “wHAT DO YOU KNOW YOUR BOXERS HAVE HOLES” “You’re just mad because you know I’m right”


bts reacts; you drop the "l bomb"

sup, hey, how ya doin!

anon request; bts reacting to you coming home drunk and saying you love them?

so, just guys! sorry i haven’t really been as active that much it’s just i haven’t really had time, and ive lost interest in writing [i know it sounds pathetic but it’s mainly because i haven’t been getting as many notes as i used to and i just feel like people don’t like my writing that much anymore… ha, im a mug!]

anyway, i hope you like this and thanks for reading!


you’d stubble in the door of your shared apartment and call out his name loudly. “Namjoon!”. he start to walk down the stairs, looking extremely tried.

“where have you been?” he’d ask,

“out. sorry im in so late.” you’d sigh, realising you’d made him stay up late as he waited for you.

“it’s okay.” he smiled, coming over to help you walk as he knew you were a clumsy drunk.

“i love you!” you call out, and he’d just chuckle. he’d said he loved you before but he knew you need more time to say it, and he definitely knew you didn’t mean it.

“no, you don’t. now let’s get you to bed.” he replies, wishing what you said was the truth and not the alcohol talking.

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“_____, why were you out so long?” tae would ask as you practically fell into the door.

“why are you still up?” you’d ask back happily, you’re mind a little fussy, whilst closing the door behind you.

“i was waiting for you to come back. i couldn’t sleep without you next to me.” he explains, standing from his place into the couch.

“awh, taehyungie. you’re so cute! this is why i love you.”. i think he’d be slightly shook up by what you said because he knew it wasn’t actually true.

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at this point in your relationship, yoongi hadn’t even said “i love you” yet. you’d stroll into the house you recently bought together to see yoongi watching tv. he wasn’t waiting for you to get home, he usually stayed up this late but there’s always a bit of him that forces himself to stay up for you.

“hey, babe.” he’d say quietly as he heard the front door being locked.

“hello.” you’d giggle, pretty much running over to hug him. “did i ever tell you that i love you?” you’d ask him.

“what the fuck? you what?” he’d laugh wrapping his arm round me, “you are seriously so drunk.”.

“im not drunk.” you’d defend yourself, even though you so clearly were but he’d just chuckle and shake his head. “im really not drunk!” you’d shout.

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he’d get really upset. “i love youuuuuuu.” you’d say, hugging him tightly as he walked over to you. one of you friends texted him to pick you up since you’re really drunk. “i really, really love you.”.

he’d just sigh. the fact that you’ve never said that to him when you’re sober really made him question if you do like him. it’d just hang over him, but he wouldn’t want to push you into saying it.

personally i think he’d just try and forget about it, but quietly hope that you’d say it pretty soon.

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i think he’d be a happy at first, not realising you’re as drunk as you are. he’d say it back, as he’s loved you for quite some time but was to scared to say it.

“i love you too.” he smile, before kissing you softly. “i love you so much, _____.” he add, cuddling up to you as you fell asleep in your shared bed.

however, in the morning it’d be a different story. you’d wake up and he be there watching you as you sleep.

“i don’t know if you heard my reply last night since you seamed as if you were asleep, but i love you ______.” he’d smile at you, pulling you’re hair behind your ear.

“you’re reply to what?” you’d ask in confusion, sitting up to face him. and the happy expression on his face would drop, realising you didn’t remember what you said. “reply to what, jimin?”.

“it doesn’t matter, _____. i was just being stupid.” he explained getting out of bed and walking into the bathroom. where he’d probably start crying.

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personally i think jin would get the most emotional in front of you. he’d just burst out crying, and obviously you would understand because if you’re drunk state.

“i love you jin.” you say with a cute, wacky smile on you’re face that you only got when you were drunk. he’d just stare at you and burst into tears, and he seriously wouldn’t stop.

“jin, why are you crying?” you’d ask him.

“i really wish you would love me, and not just the day it as a drunk slur.” he’d reply, crying even more.

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i think he’d have a go at you and come across as a bit pissed off at you for it. not because he was actually angry, but because he loved you and didn’t want you to mess with him like that whilst you’re drunk.

“you can’t just say things like that _____!” he’d say, easing his voice little louder then this normal tone, “what if i took that literally? what if i really thought you loved me and you actually didn’t?” he continue.

that’d make you emotional, especially since you’re drunk, but also because he’s never actually raised his voice at you. but once he realises that he did yell he probably comfort you and say something like;

“im sorry. i only got mad because i love you, and i know you won’t remember this in the morning but i just don’t want you saying i love you when you don’t mean it. it hurts me when you say it, because i know you don’t mean it.”.

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so, i hope you liked it and if it’s not obvious the last few are kind of shitty because i ran out of ideas but i didn’t just want to do the hyung line or the maknae like because i know ive been doing that a lot recently.

anyway! thanks so much for reading!

requests for everything are open, so go ahead and requests something- anything.

love ya all!

~ kála 🌸

THIS IS MY FRIEND JOSIE. @kissmeeonthesidewalk (you should seriously follow her she would literally drop dead it would be the best thing ever)
She’s a radio station night host at one of the stations here in Calgary. She’s SO FUNNY AND SO SWEET AND SO ADORABLE AND I LOVE HER SO MUCH. she’s from Toronto and loved you since she was like 13(don’t quote me on that) lol. She’s from Toronto but lives in Calgary now and I’m so thankful that she does cause we die every time you do a thing and it’s nice to know someone understands 😂😂😂
She doesn’t think you’ll ever notice her but I wanna prove her wrong. LETS SEND MA GIRL JOSIE SOME LOOOOOVE.

Ps. Love and miss youUUUUUU

  • loves to make jokes about everything and anything, just to see you laughing 
  • the other members always warn him to tone it down with his humor in front of you, but his teasing is usually harmless so you don’t mind 
  • until of course he starts with the cheesy pickup lines and you’re like seOKMIN S t O P 
  • he doesn’t stop, he keeps at it until you’re a blushing pile of goo
  • also a big fan of sending you funny pictures he takes of the members and of himself
  • his snapchat story is like 300 seconds long and it’s just him making weird faces at the camera 
  • made his name in your phone ‘seoktalk’ and hoshi was like why not ‘soonseok talk’ and seokmin was like “because you’re not dating them only i am so your part had to be removed duh” 
  • is jealous in an overly playful way like tickling any member that’s standing too close to you because no that’s his spot not their’s
  • once you made your background wonwoo on purpose and seokmin got so pouty and wouldn’t stop bothering you to change it for like a whole hour until finally you did
  • literally half your dates are at karaoke places 
  • usually he sings and you stare in awe
  • until he starts singing ballads to you and basically serenading you in the small dark room and you’re like seokmin i hate how beautiful your voice is because he’s literally making you m e L t 
  • the people at the karaoke place near pledis know you two as the ‘really loud couple’ because seokmin gets real excited and real loud whenever he does ‘adore u’ on the machine
  • he likes lending you his clothes because once you put on his sweater or his scarf he’s like “doesn’t it smell like me~ don’t you feel my warmth through the fabric~?” 
  • he buys one drink for you two at cafes usually and you’re like why?? and he’s like so we can share it of course
  • (seokmin just wants to indirectly kiss you)
  • speaking of kissing seokmin is such a sucker for like the cute kinds of kisses like butterfly kisses and eskimo kisses
  • but when he’s really been missing you or something like that his kisses are passionate and slightly playful with him nipping at your bottom lip and sometimes even purposely only kissing the side of your mouth to make you impatient. 
  • it’s cute tho because when he leans in, sometimes you can even feel him laughing against your mouth because this is still just a tad bit awkward for him. 
  • he once confessed he wanted to try like an upside down kiss or something with you and you were blushing like seokmin stop and he was also blushing you both were blushing and literally the rest of seventeen was like we gtg u two are toO cheesy 
  • since hoshi and seokmin are close you and hoshi get close too and seokmin is totally chill with that because tbh hoshi keeps rigging your games of truth or dare and daring you to kiss or hug or let seokmin carry you and literally hoshi is the biggest shipper of you x seokmin 
  • you and seokmin got matching cell phone charms 
  • and matching snapbacks
  • and matching fake plastic rings from a crane game he won for you
  • seokmin likes couple items ok let the boy live
  • he’s a big affectionate puppy that loves to give you forehead kisses and have you sit on his lap and back hug you in random places at random times
  • its cute and fun but sometimes you’re like seokmin please control yourself we are in public and he gets pouty because “i can’t, i love you sooooooo much~ i just adore youuuuuuu” 
  • (he loves saying ‘i adore you’ ironically and unironically) 
  • once he bought like ten sticker sheets of flowers and asked you to cover his arms in them because he was bored 
  • he ended up covering your arms too and you two were laughing manically and vernon walked by shaking his head like what is up with those two???
  • seokmin’s smile is as strong as the sunlight so you took a photo of it and made it your background and seokmin sometimes gets shy of it like “make it something more cool” and you’re like “your smile is cool!” and honestly your compliments do so much for his self esteem 
  • actually seokmin is a super vibrant, energetic person who just wants the best for you and everyone around him but sometimes he loses track of taking care of himself so you’re always there to remind him that yes- help others, but also he should look out for himself
  • also you remind him daily that he’s important and that seventeen wouldn’t be the same without their energy of the group~
  • just those simple little supports from you really help him do his best!
  • and even though he’s a big goofy cutiepie, he can always be super serious when it comes to cheering you up and to making sure you’re ok. he’s honestly very trustworthy and knows exactly what to do and say to make your gloomy days better
  • loves giving you piggyback rides
  • loves eating your snacks when you’re not looking and then pretending he didn’t do it with crumbs all over his face
  • whines when you remind him to take medicine when he’s sick 
  • his favorite cuddling position is like having your legs thrown over his lap and your arms around his shoulders like while you two are watching a movie or something. it’s just nice and comfortable and lazy 
  • loves trips to the aquarium and to the zoo, imitates all the animals and makes you die of laughter 
  • “im so proud of you! come here so i can kiss your face” (this is both something he would say and something he would like to hear from you)
  • has an old gameboy that he likes playing with his head in your lap
  • whenever you two find yourself in a silence he starts talking about the first day he saw you and how he fell in love in an instant and during one of those stories he sits up and looks at you and gets really serious and says ‘i love you’ for the first time and it’s so emotional that it stops your heart for a second or two
  • whenever he gets his stage makeup done he makes hoshi take a photo so he can send it to you and ask if he looks ok or not~
  • he asks you to send him photos of yourself too. he saves all of them into a folder titled ‘my night’ (courtesy of the lyrics from ‘20′) 
  • sometimes he gets really concentrated while he’s practicing and you swear he has never looked more handsome with his lips parted and his hair messily pressed against his forehead and he looks so strong and determined but then he turns to you with his silly wide smile and you’re like rip 
  • keeps talking about how your married life will be in the future and making you get all flustered while seungcheol wipes a tear in the corner and mumbles that it looks like his son is all grown up
  • seokmin wants to wear flower crowns with you and just be happy together forEVER

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