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GAHH I CANT BELIEVE I ALMOST MISSED THIS Thank you all so much for 1.5k followers I legit can’t believe this and I’m doin mah happy dance right now You’re all precious beans and you all mean a lot to me and I love and appreciate all of you :)

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I Think We're In Trouble

Part 3 to “A Muggle?/It’s Me”  Part 1   Part 2

Word Count: 1,648


It had been much, much too long since Y/N had been able to spend any time with Remus, so when the boys invited her to Hogsmead one snowy Saturday morning, she politely declined, deciding to spend the afternoon in the library instead. Remus also decided to stay back, hoping to get some time with her. He was glad that the marauders liked her, and that she was fitting in at the school-Everyone who met the girl loved her. She made friends wherever she went- but Remus missed his best friend. Y/N’s eyes lit up when she spotted the lanky boy strolling into the library. “Rem, I thought you guys were going to Hogsmead?” She asked as he took a seat next to her. “Figured I’d stay back and spend some time with my favorite girl,” he shrugged, earning a smile from the girl. “Well, what do you say we find a really good book, and then go back to the common room and read it together?” She suggested. “I couldn’t think of anything better,” Remus smiled, standing up. After several minutes of searching, they agreed on a book, and headed back to the Gryffindor common room. When they arrived, however, they found that many people had stayed back to escape the snow, so they went up to the marauder’s dorm instead.

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First off all of you sweetheart ya don’t have to read this all BUT I’M TOO HIGH RIGHT NOW WITH ALL THE EXCITEMENT I CAN’T STOP MYSELF SO IMMA DO THIS ANY WAY!!!

Yesterday was the happiest day ever!! Due to all of your birthday wishes and gift, I EVEN GET THE PRESENT AT THE LAST HOUR OF THE DAY WHICH MEAN 11PM SO NO REGRET!!


Below gonna be alots~~~ Of Birthday presents I got from lovely people and my friends~~ I’ll be mention all of you in this post get angry at me for spamming your notes like this sweet heart BUT I WON’T REGRET CAUSE I LOVE YOUUUUU!!

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You, theothersim, and riley annette are like My Holy Trinity XDD Youre interactions always make me laugh lol You Guys are Great



  • loves to make jokes about everything and anything, just to see you laughing 
  • the other members always warn him to tone it down with his humor in front of you, but his teasing is usually harmless so you don’t mind 
  • until of course he starts with the cheesy pickup lines and you’re like seOKMIN S t O P 
  • he doesn’t stop, he keeps at it until you’re a blushing pile of goo
  • also a big fan of sending you funny pictures he takes of the members and of himself
  • his snapchat story is like 300 seconds long and it’s just him making weird faces at the camera 
  • made his name in your phone ‘seoktalk’ and hoshi was like why not ‘soonseok talk’ and seokmin was like “because you’re not dating them only i am so your part had to be removed duh” 
  • is jealous in an overly playful way like tickling any member that’s standing too close to you because no that’s his spot not their’s
  • once you made your background wonwoo on purpose and seokmin got so pouty and wouldn’t stop bothering you to change it for like a whole hour until finally you did
  • literally half your dates are at karaoke places 
  • usually he sings and you stare in awe
  • until he starts singing ballads to you and basically serenading you in the small dark room and you’re like seokmin i hate how beautiful your voice is because he’s literally making you m e L t 
  • the people at the karaoke place near pledis know you two as the ‘really loud couple’ because seokmin gets real excited and real loud whenever he does ‘adore u’ on the machine
  • he likes lending you his clothes because once you put on his sweater or his scarf he’s like “doesn’t it smell like me~ don’t you feel my warmth through the fabric~?” 
  • he buys one drink for you two at cafes usually and you’re like why?? and he’s like so we can share it of course
  • (seokmin just wants to indirectly kiss you)
  • speaking of kissing seokmin is such a sucker for like the cute kinds of kisses like butterfly kisses and eskimo kisses
  • but when he’s really been missing you or something like that his kisses are passionate and slightly playful with him nipping at your bottom lip and sometimes even purposely only kissing the side of your mouth to make you impatient. 
  • it’s cute tho because when he leans in, sometimes you can even feel him laughing against your mouth because this is still just a tad bit awkward for him. 
  • he once confessed he wanted to try like an upside down kiss or something with you and you were blushing like seokmin stop and he was also blushing you both were blushing and literally the rest of seventeen was like we gtg u two are toO cheesy 
  • since hoshi and seokmin are close you and hoshi get close too and seokmin is totally chill with that because tbh hoshi keeps rigging your games of truth or dare and daring you to kiss or hug or let seokmin carry you and literally hoshi is the biggest shipper of you x seokmin 
  • you and seokmin got matching cell phone charms 
  • and matching snapbacks
  • and matching fake plastic rings from a crane game he won for you
  • seokmin likes couple items ok let the boy live
  • he’s a big affectionate puppy that loves to give you forehead kisses and have you sit on his lap and back hug you in random places at random times
  • its cute and fun but sometimes you’re like seokmin please control yourself we are in public and he gets pouty because “i can’t, i love you sooooooo much~ i just adore youuuuuuu” 
  • (he loves saying ‘i adore you’ ironically and unironically) 
  • once he bought like ten sticker sheets of flowers and asked you to cover his arms in them because he was bored 
  • he ended up covering your arms too and you two were laughing manically and vernon walked by shaking his head like what is up with those two???
  • seokmin’s smile is as strong as the sunlight so you took a photo of it and made it your background and seokmin sometimes gets shy of it like “make it something more cool” and you’re like “your smile is cool!” and honestly your compliments do so much for his self esteem 
  • actually seokmin is a super vibrant, energetic person who just wants the best for you and everyone around him but sometimes he loses track of taking care of himself so you’re always there to remind him that yes- help others, but also he should look out for himself
  • also you remind him daily that he’s important and that seventeen wouldn’t be the same without their energy of the group~
  • just those simple little supports from you really help him do his best!
  • and even though he’s a big goofy cutiepie, he can always be super serious when it comes to cheering you up and to making sure you’re ok. he’s honestly very trustworthy and knows exactly what to do and say to make your gloomy days better
  • loves giving you piggyback rides
  • loves eating your snacks when you’re not looking and then pretending he didn’t do it with crumbs all over his face
  • whines when you remind him to take medicine when he’s sick 
  • his favorite cuddling position is like having your legs thrown over his lap and your arms around his shoulders like while you two are watching a movie or something. it’s just nice and comfortable and lazy 
  • loves trips to the aquarium and to the zoo, imitates all the animals and makes you die of laughter 
  • “im so proud of you! come here so i can kiss your face” (this is both something he would say and something he would like to hear from you)
  • has an old gameboy that he likes playing with his head in your lap
  • whenever you two find yourself in a silence he starts talking about the first day he saw you and how he fell in love in an instant and during one of those stories he sits up and looks at you and gets really serious and says ‘i love you’ for the first time and it’s so emotional that it stops your heart for a second or two
  • whenever he gets his stage makeup done he makes hoshi take a photo so he can send it to you and ask if he looks ok or not~
  • he asks you to send him photos of yourself too. he saves all of them into a folder titled ‘my night’ (courtesy of the lyrics from ‘20′) 
  • sometimes he gets really concentrated while he’s practicing and you swear he has never looked more handsome with his lips parted and his hair messily pressed against his forehead and he looks so strong and determined but then he turns to you with his silly wide smile and you’re like rip 
  • keeps talking about how your married life will be in the future and making you get all flustered while seungcheol wipes a tear in the corner and mumbles that it looks like his son is all grown up
  • seokmin wants to wear flower crowns with you and just be happy together forEVER

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Hi Hajimama! I'm excited, it's the first time I ask you something and I don't even know what I want to ask :'D By the way, I wanted to say that I love you and... I don't know, greetings from Italy! <3 I LOVE YOUUUUUUU

Oh hey, that’s cool! I love you too! Have a good time :)

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First, lemme say I LOVE WHAT YOU GUYS DO HONESTYLY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and also, do you have any non au sugakookie where it's like long? Thank youuuuuuu


the start, a simple touch by fadetomorrow [rated T, 8k]

one thing by darling [rated G, 5k]

and I’m so sorry all the non au’s i seem to have are all under 5k im so sorry like ur so sweet and now i failed ya so sorry

-Admin Nana

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Wow what a hecking coincidence bc i love all of these amazing ppl too wtf
@princesslouis @sincerelyharry @mitampromoseason @itjustkindofhappened @rainbolwt @gigglelou @magicalhalo @thepinkalbumhs @enditffs 💖💗💕💓💞💘💓💞💗💕💖💖

send me your favourite tumblr users and why you love them!!

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I think you're a mix between Louis and Niall. You're quick and sharp, and funny (you also love a good pun even if you pretend it isn't good), highly intelligent and smart. I think Niall has a yearning for travelling and for knowing the world so that's definitely you as well. And like Niall and Louis, you're easily lovable and you fit in anywhere. You're genuine and real and that's why it's so easy to like you.

have i told you i love you recently

which 1d member am i most like

Suprise? (laf x reader)

Anon: Can you do a request with Lafayette where you find out you’re pregnant but the Hamilton squad didn’t even know you were both together and you have to tell them? I know you have a lot of request so take your time I’m willing to wait for it. ;) Have a good day! Try to not get to overwhelmed, you’re my favorite writer. :)

Ahhhhhhhh <3<3<3<3<3 LOVE YOUUUUUUU. Also, I did this in modern times, because pregnancy tests. Also, it’s really short im sorry!!!

Shit. You looked down at the pregnancy stick in your hand. It was positive. You were pregnant with Lafayette’s baby. This shouldn’t be a problem, you loved him and he loved you. But, his friends didn’t know the two of you were even a couple.

“(y/n)! Mon amour, I am home.” You stayed silent hoping he would just assume you weren’t home. You heard the bathroom door open and heard his voice.

“(y/n), there you are i was so, are you crying? (y/n) mon amour what’s wrong?” You couldn’t form words but you didn’t need to, he could see the test in your hands.

“This, this is great! We’re going to be parents! Wait until our friends,” HIs voice trailed off with realization. He looked down at your crying figure. “I see why you are so upset now.”

“Laf, we didn’t know how they would react if we were dating but, me being pregnant? They’re going to be so mad.”

“Sweetheart, it will be okay. I promise. I’ll invite them over now and we’ll tell them. It’ll be alright okay?” You nod and he kisses you gently.

Once they had gotten to your house you and Laf had already figured out a way to tell the rest of hamilsquad.

“Alright, so who’s down for drinks?” Laf said heading towards the kitchen. Everyone agreed except for you staying quiet. “(y/n)? Turning down alcohol? What has the world come too?” Herc exclaimed. You laughed it off, “Well actually, I can’t for nine months.” They all looked confused except for Laf who sat next to you and out his arm around you, kissing your head. John shot up, “HOLY SHIT YOU’RE PREGNANT?” You just nodded. In seconds you were brought to your feet and being hugged to death by the three men. Laf just laughed it off. Alex turned to him, “Laf I know you’re one of our best friends, but hurt her, you’re dead to me.” You shoved Ale and wrapped your arms around Lafayette’s waist. This baby was going to be unbelievably loved.  

Taylor my love there is this beautiful girl (both inside and out might I add). She is always one to spread kind words throughout this fandom, which I think is something you’ll truly appreciate. I am positive you’ll grow to love this girl even more than you already do. Her name is Jehlé and her username is @13alltooswiftie . I know you following her would mean the absolute world to her, and I for one would enjoy receiving a bunch of non-coherent messages from her freaking out. So idk maybe you should follow her :) love youuuuuuu