i love you i love you i love you so much

lance’s frustration with not being listened to in the last episode of season 4 is not casual and it’s something he’s been holding in for a long time. he’s starting to realize something’s wrong with shiro and he’s gonna be the one to figure out he’s fake and then he’s gonna immediately alert keith and they’re gonna have an heartfelt moment where he’ll convince keith to come back thanks for coming to my ted talk

October 21, 2017

Fair warning, I’m slightly drunk while writing this. It’s Carrie Fisher’s birthday. She would have been 61. I love and miss you Space Mom. I went to Concord Mills today to get Christmas presents for my friends. While at the Books-A-Million, I found Carrie’s book, “Postcards from the Edge,” and even Debbie Reynold’s book, “Make ‘Em Laugh.” I’m so happy! I’ve been looking for “Postcards from the Edge,” for months and I finally found it, and on Carrie’s birthday no less! I feel like she’s watching over me. 

I have one of her other books, “The Princess Diarist,” that I bought just a few days after she passed away. I had decided to wait until her birthday to read it. That’s how I found myself in the bathtub with the book, a large stuffed-crust cheese pizza, and 1\4 a bottle of vodka tonight. It’s been a good time. 

I miss her so much and it hurts every day that she’s gone but I know that she’s still here with us. Here in our hearts and minds. She’s still here in her books and movies and interviews. She’s here with us forever. She is with us in every middle finger. In every weird hairdo. In every white dress. She’s in every French bulldog and every can of Coca-Cola. She’s in every sparkle. In every star and galaxy. She’s in Alderaan, and always remember: Alderaan is out there somewhere.

Bottom right. This is happening



One(?) gifset per episode || 27 The Path to Whitestone 

After much discussion and preparation, and purchasing a lot of mirrors, the party took their transit over to east, northeast, towards Whitestone, where they began to traverse the Alabaster Sierras to the north, using the mountain range as opposed to going directly through the forest. There they managed to avoid encountering a bunch of harpies that were distracted by eating the horses they left behind. They camped for the evening and began to make their way through some sort of a mountainous valley that led in towards the forest surrounding Whitestone. While they were traveling down this pass, there was a rumbling and some sort of really fast, rapid-moving large blue creature that leaped down in front, catching them off guard.

i can feel your heart. you’re alone and you’re feeling awful and you’re thinking about ending it all. i can feel your heart because i’m here, all alone, feeling the same way as you. but we’re gonna be together right now. we’re gonna stay alive together. i can feel your heart and i’m letting you feel my heart. stay here with me. don’t go.