i love you i love you i love you


the Liar Liar boys deserve many good things, like visiting Disneyland, and being cuddly goofs between jobs(*´▽`*)


Gwen Stefani - Make Me Like You (Audio)

A painting for a very special someone. She’s beautiful, she’s witty, she’s the best and I love her more than words can express. Today’s her birthday and she deserves to be celebrated! Happy birthday, mum! I love you and forgive me for eating all your chocolate! ♥

msg to my turtledoves

this morning, I spent hours talking w/a family friend’s son about helping him reconcile his Christian faith and his Sexual Orientation (gay). it broke my heart to hear tht he felt his love was a sin. it made me want to send my turtledoves a note to let ya’ll know tht i support you. no matter your faith, religion, or life philosophy. if you make an effort to do no harm, you have my support. 

i’m a Queer Christian (Quaker) who struggled with the same reconciliation, but no longer, and i’m adamant there’s ZERO wrong with loving someone of your same gender. whether tht love is physical or emotional, i’ll continue fighting to protect your human right to love and be loved by the person of your choice. 

tl;dr turtledove,you’re  worthy of love, respect, and choice. you deserve the opportunity to love and be loved-no matter their gender or your religious beliefs (or lack thereof). and i’m here to support, care, and love you turtle- anytime. 

Silas's Confession (English)
  • Silas's Confession (English)

“I’ve always cherished you as my best friend, but now you’re so much more. I love you, and I’m honored to be your partner in this life. I promise to never leave you again.”

harveydiamondsmyth asked:

Out of the two Qrow/Winter Who do you think has the best/worst reaction to hearing "I love you" said directly to them by the other one?. PS: sorry if this sentence makes no sense its like 9:42 and I'm tired as balls.

as you choose cause i like both ways