i love you i love you i love you

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I will never, EVER see my large, stretch mark covered body as pretty. I AM UGLY! AND I AM WORTHLESS! I AM A MONSTER! PERIOD!

Ugly, worthless, monster..? These are not things to tell yourself, love… Trust me on that one. I’ve been there. 

You’re hurting, and I can only imagine how it feels, though I get the feeling those words first came from someone else’s mouth and cruelty… 

I’m not the best with words, and I won’t tell you what to think or feel, but I do want to leave you with these pictures. Please remember them when you feel those words well up in your mind.

It’s annoying that you use so many tags. Can you please stop. I don’t care about that trigger warning bullshit.
—  Shit People Respond With
I never understood why you left me, but now I understand it was the best thing to ever happen to me.
—  Pain reveals everything. (c.g.)