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This isn't a question for the twins, but I want to thank you Jay. Your blog makes me so happy and I just want to tell you that it has definitely changed my life. Please, keep doing what you do!!! p.s. i ship strifehart a little too hard now

i want to thank YOU because this is the kindest thing i’ve read all day and
i’m so so happy to hear that you’re enjoying all the liverpepper shenanigans!!!! everything about liverpepper, especially the support and messages from you guys, have changed so much in my life and you guys will never know how happy it makes me BUT ANYWAY!!!! i luv u so much thank you anon!!!! (and im doubly glad abt the strifehart hehe)


“You’re not aloud in the club.” Natasha told Clint and he whined. “Whyy?” He asked. “Because you’re not Russian.” You told him. “Neither is James.” Clint said. “Я покажу вам, русским .” Bucky muttered. You and Natasha laughed.

“What? What’d he say?” Clint asked in a panic. “Это весело. Давайте просто говорить бред.” You spoke. “Мне очень нравится Микки Маус клуб дом .” Bucky said you just lost it. “Fine. Be assholes. You can’t join bird bros.” Clint huffed and stormed out.

Berg-Katze referring to Tsubasa as “the world’s biggest flower garden” is a typically nasty and yet exceptionally clever insult- see, it’s not only a dig to Tsubasa about how she’s being barred from her dream of going into fireworks (the Japanese word for “fireworks” is “hanabi,” “Hana” being the word for “flower”) but im pretty sure it’s also a reference to the fact that gardens must be fertilized, and fertilizer is often animal manure

basically, Berg Katze is saying Tsubasa is full of shit


A young woman was standing in the doorway, a woman of such breathtaking beauty that the room seemed to have become strangely airless. She was tall and willowy with long blonde hair and appeared to emanate a faint, silvery glow. Her name was Fleur Delacour.

nothing makes me happier than imagining the marauders listening to modern pop music

all four of them singing into imaginary microphones, dancing to super bass

all four of them doing the single ladies dance

all of them singing bang bang every chance they could get

james bursting out singing chandelier, swinging from one in the castle

sirius chanting shake it off after a particularly tricky exam

peter singing what makes you beautiful to a student who went through a rough break up

remus jamming to fergalicious in the dormitory, thinking he’s alone, but the other three slam the door down and join in 

i danced with thomas in a fucking ball field okay. i told him to fight me and he got out of the car and was like “let’s go” and i followed him and jokingly put my fists up and and grabbed them and pulled me in and held me for a good 10 minutes in that empty fucking football field and wow i need to go to sleep now before i start missing him too much