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Missing You || JDM

Summary: You haven’t seen your husband in months, due to him being away on press. After going to the spot that the two of you love the most, you get an interesting phone call.


Paring: Jeffrey x Female Reader

Words: 1767

Note: hello, familia! so, prettyepiic posted the gif above yesterday and I got hit with inspiration (*queue the rainbows and sparkles*). I wrote a small imagine for it, but then I was challenged to make it into a full fic so, here you are! grab your blankets and teddy bears, this one is hella fluffy! much love!

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“Umm… let me get the berrylicious iced tea. Hold on the sugar,” you asked, while digging into your purse. The cashier in front of you nodded and punched the buttons on their screen before telling you the total.

The smell of coffee and cookies filled the air and the sighs of people waiting in line behind you resounded in your ears.

It was lunch time in New York, and every little restaurant and coffee shop was filled with people looking to get something into their hungry bellies. This place, the Bean Boys coffee shop, was you and your husband’s favorite spot for midday treats. You remembered what he would always order.

“A coffee, black, one spoon of sugar. Oh and a cake pop,” he would say, always eyeing the sprinkled ones in the glass case. You’d scoff at his obsession with them.

“Jeff, you literally tasted half of one at a wedding once, and now you’re obsessed with them.”

“I can’t help it,” he’d answer, chuckling, “They’re just so– oh my.”

His face would light up every time that sprinkled little treat was handed to him. He swallow it in one bite, and you’d shake your head while taking your tea. He’d then take his coffee and you’d both sit at the same table, every time.

The cashier looked at you as your pulled the money from your wallet, but as you handed him the cash, you saw the cake pops sitting in their glass case. You pulled out one more dollar and smiled.

“Hand me one of the cake pops too.”

The cashier, taking the dollar, nodded and punched it into the computer. He answered with your new total and handed you your receipt.

Then he turned and took one from its case and handed it to you.

“Your drink will be out shortly.”

Nodding you walked over to the waiting spot.

Looking down at the cake pop you wondered how Jeffrey was able to fit the full thing in his mouth every time. It was huge! You decided to give it a try. Opening your mouth as wide as you could, you took a bite. Sprinkles fell all over your shirt and frosting covered your lips. You chuckled to yourself.

“Need a napkin?”

You looked over to see a woman handing you a brown napkin with the name of the coffee shop spread on the front. You made an awkward smile and swallowed, taking the napkin.

“Thanks,” you said. The woman nodded.

“My husband is obsessed with these things and I never understood how he could fit the whole thing in his mouth with one go,” you admitted. The woman, her blue eyes becoming cheerful, released a soft laugh.

“That’s funny,” she said, taking her drinks from the counter, “My husband loves their carrot cake! Every other day, like clockwork, he gets a craving for it.”

You chuckled with her as your drink was the next to be served. The woman was then handed a small container holding a slice of the carrot cake.

“Gotta hand this to the beast,” she joked.

You laughed along with her.

“Yeah, my husband is out of town so, I’m taking this one in his honor.”

“Where is he?”

“He’s on business,” you lied.

Actually, Jeff was out doing press for the next season of his show, The Walking Dead. It was widely popular, and one thing Jeff had warned you about earlier, was how emotions with his character were still running high. He was perceived as they evil prick who murdered some of the good guys.

But in full honesty, Negan was simply a man trying to survive and protect his people, no matter what it took. Very similar to his counterpart, Rick Grimes, if you said so yourself.

“Aww well, I hope he comes home safely,” the woman said, nodding to her husband who was sitting in a booth.

“It was nice talking to you,” she said. You returned the compliment and went your separate way, going to your favorite table.

It was the one, second to the corner, along the windows. It was perfect for people watching, which you and Jeff loved to do when adult conversations were just too boring. You’d both point out the weirdos who walked down the street and laugh at the crazy things that, well, only ever happened in New York.

You sat down and placed your bag on the floor, taking your phone out to place it on the table. Biting off the last of the cake pop, you slightly smiled and put the stick on a napkin next to you. You tasted the sweetness of your iced tea and felt at ease.

The day was bright and sunny, but the sounds of the shop seemed to get louder. More people kept coming in and forming an even longer line then before. Sighing, you went down to your purse to pull out your headphones.

You suddenly felt the table vibrate. You looked at the screen, to find your own face staring back at you, with the ID of ‘Norman Reedus’, showing at the top.

Norman was FaceTiming you.

You plugged in the headphones and made a face. He hasn’t ever FaceTimed you before, so maybe it was a mistake?

After sticking the ear buds in your ears, you answered it.

The call connected, but all you saw was a half black screen, and ceiling.

“Hello?” You asked.

There were voices coming through but, they were unfamiliar to you. You listened a little more carefully.

“What time is it?”

“Oh umm, 9:30.”

“With the 3 hour difference… she’s probably at Bean Boys.”

“What the fuck is Bean Boys?”

It was Norman, for sure, but the other person?

“You’ve never been to Bean Boys?!” said another voice in shock. It sounded like Jeff.


“Oh, dude. It’s a little coffee shop by our house. There’s coffee and snacks…. They have these amazing cake pops there!”

It’s Jeffery.

“Cake pops?”

You smirked and blushed a bit, turning up the volume on your headphones.

“Yes! They’re balls of cake, frosting, and sprinkles; (Y/N) gets them for me every time we go and ugh!”

Jeffrey groaned and you chuckled. You could just picture him slouching in his chair and rubbing his belly as he explained them to Norman. The phone moved and you could suddenly see Jeff, doing exactly that.

He was dressed in a jean jacket and grey shirt, sporting his favorite Ford hat. You smiled, missing him very much.

“Man, speaking of, I miss (Y/N),” he sighed, taking off his hat to fluff his hair.

“I know, you asshole, you’ve told me 7 million times today.”

“I have not,” Jeff replied, putting the hat back on and crossing his arms.

“Yes, you have. Every other sentence is: I miss (Y/N)… I miss (Y/N)’s cooking… I miss (Y/N)’s blah blah blah,” Norman mocked. Jeffrey made a face.

“We’re ready for you guys.”

Both of them looked up at a young and spunky girl who had bright blue hair. She smiled, a piercing sticking out of her top lip. It was beautiful on her, but you cringed, thinking about how badly that had to hurt. She also had a lanyard around her neck that had a graphic card on the front reading ‘SDCC Volunteer’, and a cut t-shirt that had a graphic of some band on the front. She motioned for them to follow her.

Jeff and Norman stood and began walking as their conversation continued.

“I love her and miss her,” Jeffrey started going, “I miss her kisses and her hugs, and I miss her hair, ohhh man her hair; it always smells so nice.”

Norman groaned.

“She also has this amazing smile that just leaves an impression on your brain, I can’t ever forget it.”

Jeffrey then went on and on, telling Norman how much he loved and missed you. Your heart fluttered as you heard him blab over you. He made dramatic hand motions as he told memories and Norman, being the brother he said he’d be for Jeff, listened to every word. You rested your chin in the palm of your hand and smiled, your eyes almost welling with tears.

You missed your cake pop loving husband.

The two of them talked a little more, before someone interrupted.

“Uhh, Norman want me to hold your phone while we take the pictures?”

“Oh, yeah, just once sec,” he said. Suddenly, the screen brightened and Norman brought the camera to Jeffrey. His face flushed red and his eyes grew wide.

“Hey,” you said, waving and laughing. Norman chuckled. Jeffrey’s hand went up in a hang 10.

“Hey, baby,” he said, annoyed. Norman laughed and smiled.

“I had her on here the whole time, bro!”

“What do you mean the whole time?” Jeffrey asked, is face getting even redder. You laughed out loud and smiled.

“It all started with the cake pops!”

Norman chuckled and Jeffrey snatched the phone from him.

“Give me that, you piece of shit,” he said jokingly. Jeffrey’s smile grew wide when he saw your face, and you blushed as he spoke.

“You know all those things I said were true, right?”

You nodded. “Of course, my love.”

Jeffrey smiled and kissed the camera.

“I miss you!”

“I miss you too! I got a cake pop today,” you said, showing in your cakeless stick. He laughed and started to go on about how badly he wanted one, and that he refused to eat anyone else’s but Bean Boys.

A few minutes went by as the two of you talked, and you could see flashes of light going off behind him. A woman came by with a makeup brush and she started powdering his cheekbones. He sighed.

“Honey, I have to go, but I love you and we’ll talk as soon as I get back to the hotel. I’ll call you!”

“Sounds good, hun,” you agreed, smiling. You said one last goodbye to Norman, before blowing a kiss to Jeffrey.

After the call ended, you felt your heart flutter even more. You couldn’t wait to see him again!

Standing to leave, you grabbed your bag. The line now was completely gone, the lunch time rush being over. The small room was now quieter and the only noise around was the air conditioner and a small radio that played in the corner of the shop, as well as a few people talking. Even the woman and her husband had left. You looked back and before leaving, looking at the counter.

Taking a few steps forward and handing the cashier some money, you smiled and spoke.

“One cake pop, please.”

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So proud of your latest work hun! I honestly can't wait to see where this comic will go. Just wow! I love writing stories and you know this so seeing how well you are going especially something being your second language dang! You got this hun! Every update I see, your art has gotten better and I am in just in awe of your art! My favorite was underswap but thanks to your series, swapfell has captured my heart and I am totally okay with it!!! <3 <3 <3 swapfell sans is my husband!!! -blows kisses-

Aaaah thank you so much for this message;///; it really means a lot what you said and I can’t stop smiling ;///; and I’m also so happy you like swapfell now xD thank you for supporting me so much sweetie

Imagine facetiming Jensen

“Hey babe”

“Hey hun… I know we already called you this morning, but she’s kind of needy today”

“It’s okay, let me talk to her.”

“Hey JJ, look who’s there… is daddy!” - Your three year old looked at the screen and smile

“Hi daddy!!!!!”

“Hey princess! Is everything okay?”

“Yeah… but I miss you daddy… I wanna play in the pool with you!” - Jensen smiled, kinda sad.

“I miss you to kiddo, I’ll be home soon and we’ll play as much as you want! I love you okay?”

“I love you too” - She blowed him a kiss and he did it back.

“See… I told you he’ll be back in a few… let’s watch a movie while we wait, okay?” - You laid in bed with JJ and sent Jensen a pic of her.

“She’s waiting with Elsa and Anna… Love you!”


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Cuddle Meme- Peter Maximoff

The second installment of the cuddle meme because I am addicted to the new x-men crew. Like, oh my Levi. So, no adieu. Quicksilver. 


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 I. How do you cuddle? 
–Peter like, never slows down long enough to cuddle. Sometimes but not often. When his leg was broken though, he was so fucking clingy and cuddly all the time. He would lean into you kinda casually and you would bury your face in his neck because he smells like the god damned wind. 

II. Who is more affectionate?
–Peter. Speedy kisses like, all the time. 

 –Both of you! Holding hands, kisses, arms on the waist, you name it. Peter is cheesy. 

 IV. Who needs more reassurance?
–You! Peter is a ball of confidence and not to mention handsome. Bit he wouldn’t dream of anyone but you. 

 V. Favourite places to kiss?
–You love kissing Pete’s nose because it’s super cute and he likes kissing the pads of your fingers on the off chance you do cuddle. 

 VI. Favourite Feature?
–You love Peter’s hair, like is that shit even real? It’s like, really soft. Peter loves your smile. Cliche, yes, nut cute nonetheless. 

V. Favourite place to go together?
–Concerts! All the time! But you won’t ever make the mistake of letting him buy steal a energy drink again. 

 VIII. Who gets jealous?
–You! You’ll pout and he’ll laugh and then give you a passionate kiss in front of whoever. 

 IX. Comforting things you do for each other?
–Pete will play with your hands, tracing patterns and lines. You’ll simply pull him into a hug and softly sing some of the songs he likes. 

 X. Who was more nervous about meeting the other’s family?
–Him, you had met his mother and sister before. He was like super nervous.

XI. How did said family react?
–They loved him! After they got past the silver, they laughed at his jokes and he and your mother shared some music interests. 

 XII. Reactions when one of them comes home from a long mission or trip?
–Pete immediately speeds off to find you and there are lots of hugs and ‘I missed you’s as well as several angry “Get a room"s. 

 XIII. Who brings up children?
–You do, and it totally freaks him out. He stumbles and freezes cause he doesn’t think he deserves you. You sometimes just bring it up to laugh at his reaction because it’s cute when he blushes. 

 XIV. Who would sing to your children?
–You would, nursery rhymes and lullabies. He would stand in the door with that adorable grin and just watch. 

 XV. Who said 'I love you’ first?
 –Peter did. Then he sped off because you froze up and didn’t say anything. You spent an hour trying to track him down (Jean helped.) And then you pulled him into a very long kiss before saying it back. 

 XVI. Pet Names?
–He calls you the usual like Babe, Hun, and such. You call him a multitude of speed themed things. Road Runner, Speedy Gonzalez… 

 XVII. Origins of said pet names.
–Do you even need to ask? 

 XVIII. Who’s the clumsiest?
–Peter. Mostly he just blows things down when he’s running though. 

 XIX. Who gives the silent treatment?
–He does mostly. When you’ve been talking to Kurt or Hank really often. You’ll get him to sit down long enough to explain that it was for a project and he would give you a flower as an apology. 

XX. Who makes sure the other eats?
–Peter, because there’s no way he forgets to eat. And there’s always Twinkies present so he doesn’t really have to remind you. 

 XXI. Couple’s song?
–Sweet Dreams. Eurythmics. 

 XXII. Who asked the other out?
–He did. In roses. Across the lawn of the school. For everyone to see. 

 XXIII. Sleeping arrangements? 
–Peter sleeps all the time, but when you do manage to get him into a bed it’s complicated. He moves even in his sleep. Sometimes he even ends up in the floor. It’s a mess.
 XXIV. Who is constantly giving gifts? 
–The crazy fast klepto of course! Nothing super valuable, baked goods and such. The occasional tee-shirt. 

 XXV. Who’s a better student?
 –Imma go with Peter. Mostly cause he’s on time. 

 XXVI. Who cries at movies?
–Pshhh! What are you talking about? You guys totally did not cry during 'I am Legend.’ What are you thinking! Silly reader! 

 XXVII. Who gets scared at horror movies?
–Peter. And he’ll get so nervous he starts vibrating.

XXVIII. Nightmares?
–You both do but yours are more often. Peter will turn on the lights, and you two will play music until you fall asleep or the sun comes up, whichever comes first. 

 XXIX. Sad headcannon?
–You lost contact during a mission and Charles couldn’t find you with Cerebra so they assumed the worst. Peter was devastated. He ran for hours, only stopping when the tears cause him to crash. 

 XXX. Apology/Happy Headcannon?
–You didn’t die, you just went off the telepathic radar in a way. It was imperative that no one knew that you were alive. After your mission was completed you got to the school asap. You 'told’ Charles not to say anything. You found Peter sulking in the kitchen. No one was paying attention so you simply walked up and put a hand on his shoulder. His face had never gone from annoyed to shocked to happy crying so fast. He wasn’t even quite sure you were really until he spun you around. There was of course, the"Where were you"s and the "I missed you"s as you stood there embracing each other. You were both crying, it was a great big fucking tear-fest. You gave him several mixtape you had made because you missed him so much and, I kid you not, he proposed. Right there in the middle of the damn kitchen. Of course you said yes. There were more tears and you didn’t leave each other’s side for days!

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I'm a virgin and I never felt so hard from seeing a girl until I saw you god the things I wish I could do but can't your so far away but I still love to imagine the things I would do

That’s very sweet of you honey, very sweet indeed ❤ if it helps your imagination at all, I’m noisy, my nipples are super sensitive and are guaranteed to make me moan or arch up into you, and I absolutely adore being able to ride someone… *blows kiss* enjoy your fantasies hun 😘

Do You, I Do Chapter Two

~Hi everyone! Gillian and I have decided that we will update every Friday. I hope you all enjoy this super long, super fluffy chapter before all the angsty stuff happens. ohmyjoshiferr and I hope you enjoy!~

“So do you think they’ll figure out where we are?”

They still lied in bed, their naked bodies covered in a mess of sheets and comforters as they admired the Hawaii sun pouring into the room. They had a couple of different places planned for their honeymoon but they both immediately agreed on Hawaii as there first.

“Probably not,” He yawned in response, “The media will probably be on your ass as soon as we get back but right now they’re probably setting you up with a new guy for the front cover of People magazine.”

“Ugh,” She groaned and buried her face in his chest, “I don’t want to go back. Let’s stay here forever.”

“Fine with me but we have other destinations to travel.”

She hummed against his skin. “Mmm. I can’t wait.”

“And we have to leave the room today,” Josh said. “We can’t stay in the room. There are so many things to do and we only have two more days here, baby.”

“Paddle boarding?” She asked curiously, slipping out from under the sheets.

“Paddle boarding.” Josh grinned. “And snorkeling. And a private tour of the inactive volcano.”

She blew a kiss to him before hopping into the shower. “You’re too good to me.”

Josh followed behind her. “Wait!” he said wrapping his arms around her waist. “Can I join you, Mrs. Hutcherson?”

“But of course, Mr. Hutcherson.” She imitated a fancy accent as she dragged him directly behind her into the shower.


“You suck at this!” Josh called from across the water. Jennifer scowled as she swam back over to her board.

“Shut up. I’m trying here.” She hopped back on and paddled over towards him.

“You’re a natural, Mr. Hutcherson.” The instructor said, flashing her big blue eyes, her cleavage blatantly obviously. Josh diverted his eyes, finding his wife who was fuming.

Jen gave a tight smile followed by a fake laugh. “Yes, he is but unfortunately Mrs.Hutcherson isn’t. I think I need a little help over here.” She only hoped the instructor caught on to her obvious jealousy.

Her whole body was on fire in anger. He wasn’t responding but he also wasn’t pushing her away. Just as she was about to mention something else about the wedding to drive her away, she stopped herself. No one is supposed to know about the wedding at all, she had already messed up enough. 

“I think you know who I am then,” Josh chuckled politely, “Again, thank you so much for this but I think we’re going to get going now.”

Jennifer fought back a smirk. “Yeah, it’s lunchtime. We should probably go out for lunch today since I kept you in the bedroom all of yesterday.”

Veronica rolled her eyes but politely said goodbye as well.


Jennifer silently walked back to their condo, Josh following her. “Jen,” he said, as she picked up her pace, no longer walking but jogging up the beach.

“Jen, come on talk to me.” He immediately followed after, trapping her with his arms. She tried to wiggle away at first but ended up just melting into him.

“She was all over you.” Jennifer said, keeping her eyes on the sandy floor.

“Believe me, I wasn’t too happy about it either. I came to spend time with my wife, remember?” The corners of her lips spread into a shy smile. “That’s my girl. Let’s go have lunch; I’m starving.”

But Jennifer didn’t move. “Can we go to the room first?” she asked, her smile growing wider.

“The place right down the street we can just eat in our bathing suits. It’s fine.”

She dragged her finger up and down Josh’s arm. “No, I mean for other things. Like a quickie.”

“Someone wants to take out their jealousy I see,” Josh smirked but she wasn’t exactly amused by the comment. Why does she need to be a reason to fuck her husband? “How about after lunch you can wear me out all you want.”


As they walked toward the small cafe, Josh looked over his shoulder and there was Veronica. And she winked at him.

It angered her now but she figured it wouldn’t really matter when she was fuckingher husband, in their bed, in their master suite.

“Are you okay?” Josh asked her later that night after again making love. “You’re quiet.”

“I’m fine, Joshy.” She placed a loving kiss on his lips once more before turning so he could spoon her. “Just thinking about how much I love you.” She almost laughed at herself for coming up with such a cheesy comment but it was true. She held left hand out in front of her admiring the sparkling ring that symbolized their love. She thought about how she’ll have to take it off when they get back but it only leads to a small pang in her heart. She didn’t want to think about that now. 

“Thinking about how much more I love you?” She laughed at his response.

She shook her head. “I love you more.”

“We’re definitely going to be that mushy couple in love that everyone hates.”

“You think so?” He nodded his head. “They’re going to be so sick of us because all I’m going to do is kiss you. All day, everyday.”

He began pecking at her collarbone and all of the freckles on her back, making obnoxious kissing noises at the same time.

“Josh, stop,” She giggled, squirming as his fingers tickled her stomach. She couldn’t stop laughing but he kept going. “Joshua!” Jennifer squealed as his lips begun to nibble on her earlobe. He stopped for a second, letting her catch her breath for a second before turning her back around to kiss her lips.

“Yes, my love? Did you need something?”

“Maybe an inhaler,” She laughed, still trying to calm herself and breath again, “You know how ticklish I am.”

“Exactly why I did it,” He smiled, “I’ll do anything to see you laugh.”

Her hand found his and gripped it to throw their hands up in the air. “There you have it, folks. The winner of the world’s cheesiest husband goes to the one and only Joshua Hutcherson.”

Josh laughed.  "Cheesiest husband huh?“

"Mhmm. You won by a landslide.”

He shook his head. “I love you,” he said with a goofy smile.

“I love you too,” She yawned, moving to cuddle with him once more. It only took minutes before they were both out cold.


“Be careful!” Josh said, grabbing her waist. “Don’t want you to fall.” They were on the tour of the inactive volcano and they were both scared out of their minds.

“Thanks, Hun,” She thanked him with a kiss on the cheek, “With my damn luck this will be the day the volcano will blow everyone to pieces.”

“I don’t think that’s how it works. Besides, your damn luck made you an Academy Award winning actress.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes. “Shut up. That happened because I’m such a great actress.”

“Speaking of,” He mentioned with a low voice, “I’m surprised no one has recognized us yet.”

She slipped his hand into his nonchalantly. “I’m sure there are about a million tweets about it right about now.”

He laughed. “You’re probably right. I wonder what tomorrow’s story will be." 

Jennifer leaned against him. "I’m tired.”

He held her there with an arm around her shoulders as they continued to walk on the tour. “I think we should make our last day here a lazy day. Some movies and Hawaiian take out. What do you say?”

“And making love in the bathtub?” She asked, eyes hopeful. 

“Sounds perfect to me.” He pecked her lips quickly, only hoping that no one was paying attention. They both knew speculations would start but that didn’t stop them from enjoying their rushed honeymoon before they would need to get back to work.


“Jen, our plane leaves in two hours. We don’t have time for a quickie.” Josh moaned as Jennifer moved her hand to his morning wood.

“Fine,” She pouted jokingly, “You can make it up to me later.”

“We can do it on the plane,” he promised.

“Joshy!” She gasped as she climbed out of bed to begin packing her things.


He slapped her behind. “I’m serious.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes. “Remember the last time you slapped my ass?” She asked, busying herself by throwing her clothes into her suitcase. 

“You mean whenever I get the chance?” He smirked earning a playful slap from her. “I’m just saying; you have a pretty nice ass, baby.”

Jennifer smirked. “So do you. It’s a wonder how you fit in those jeans.”

“But they look good, don’t they?”


“Your ass looks damn delectable in the jeans you’re wearing now.” She admired the tight fit of the jeans he had just squeezed on. It was a lovely sight to watch him put them on.


“Don’t be gross, Jennifer.”


“Ha, you sound like my mother,” She chuckled, easily zippering her suitcase up.

Josh shuddered. “Don’t compare me to your mother ever again. Before we left the reception, did you see your parents in the corner?” He asked, zipping his own suitcase.


“No but do I really want to know?”

“Your dad’s hands were where mine were when we got in the limo,” he said pulling his suitcase and Jennifer’s to the door.

She laughed and jokingly stuck her tongue out in disgust. “Gross.” Jennifer cringed. “That’s what our kids are going to say about us one day.”



Josh watched as their plane rose into the air, thousands and thousands of feet into the air. Jennifer snoozed against his shoulder, exhausted from their trust in the bathroom minutes earlier.

She looked so peaceful and innocent when she slept. He placed a stray piece of hair that had fallen, back behind her ear, trying his best not to wake her up. Josh wrapped an arm around her, yawning. He really wore her out. With a grin, he pulled her closer and drifted to sleep.




They were both woken up by the loud voice of their captain announcing that they had arrived at their destination: The Bahamas. She was surprised she hadn’t gotten a text from Liz telling them to calm down with the PDA yet. It would only be a matter of time.

"Josh,” she yawned. “Do you think that the media has gotten anything of us yet?" 

He threw on his baseball cap and sunglasses as she did the same. "We’ll check in the hotel. For now just play it platonic.”

“Play it platonic. That should be our new slogan.”

Josh shook his head. “You almost blew our cover when you announced we were thinking about couple colonics.” He grabbed her hand, Jennifer grabbed the carryon bags and they exited the plane. 

“Hey, platonic colonic was a good save.” She scoffed, trying to hide their entwined hands from everyone else. She didn’t want to let go but she was afraid she might have to. 

“Keep telling yourself that, Honey.”

Jennifer ignored his negativity. “What do you have planned for us here?”

“I was thinking some relaxation time on the beach for the first couple of days. I haven’t looked into the rest yet.”

“You got us a private beach house right?” She asked clinging to him as they walked through the crowd.

“Yes,” He responded, “I got Melissa to book it last minute for us. I figured it would be easier that way.”

“Good. Now we can make love in the sand,” Jennifer grinned. “Remember when we did that while filming in Hawaii?”

They swiftly walked through the airport, trying to get out without being noticed. Once they were finally outside, he responded. 

“Mhmm. I think that was one of my favorite memories from Hawaii.”

Jennifer smiled and licked her lips. “Mine too.”

“That and actually getting you to agree with it.” He smirked at the memory, remembering the day she kissed him without camera like it was yesterday.

Jennifer ducked her head as they exited the airport. “I was scared, you know. I love being with you and the idea about everyone knowing about us, scares me.”  A car pulled up the exact moment the stood on the curb. “I was afraid I would ruin everything the day I kissed you. I mean, I’m still scared but I always have my rock by my side.” She continued.

They both slipped into the car casually, releasing a sigh of relief as the door closed. Jennifer curled into Josh’s side as the June sun beat down onto their small taxi. Josh gave the driver the address for the house and they made their choppy drive through the chaos of the airport and to their beach house.


They arrived at the house and Jennifer’s jaw dropped at the view. It was almost directly on the beach, the balcony over looking the clear blue water and white sand. 

“How do you like it?” He asked hopeful, “I didn’t have much time to pick it but I liked it-” She immediately cut him off with a lingering kiss to his lips. 

“I love it. It’s perfect,” Jennifer breathed against his lips, her nose scrunching up as he rubbed it on hers for something of an Eskimo kiss. 

Josh turned away just briefly to tip the driver generously and thank him. 

With a quick call to Melissa, they found the keys to the house hidden in a plant nearby. Probably not the best idea but nothing had happened to the house in the mean time.

Inside, the interior was beautiful. Cherry wood floors, and unique antique furniture. “This is beautiful, Josh.”


He wrapped his arms around her from behind. “I’m happy you like it, because it’s ours.”

“And I will definitely enjoy every minute of it.” She crossed her arms over his, keeping him right behind her.

Josh noticed the gleam in her eye. “What are you thinking, Jen?” Her lips lifted into a sly smirk, her baby blue eyes darkening with lust.


“I was thinking about how we’re finally alone again.” She turned so her chest was pressed to his. “And I think this house needs some christening.” She drew invisible patterns on his chest where his tank top didn’t cover.

Josh’s body stiffened, eyes darkening. “Best idea you’ve ever had.”



The beach wasn’t always completely empty due to some neighbors relaxing as well but somehow they both felt at peace for once, without fear of something going wrong or someone exposing their secret.


“I would love to live on an island; away from everyone else. It’s so nice here.” Jen sighed, lying back onto her towel and throwing on her sunglasses.

Beside her, Josh nodded his head in agreement. “For once you’re right, baby.”

“Hey!” She scoffed jokingly, “For once? You better mean, ‘like almost every time’.”

“I love you, Jen but I’m right most of the time.” He said, laying back on his hands.

“It’s not my fault there’s some 100 year old wise man trapped in your body. I have a five year old with the brain of a peanut in mine.”

Josh just laughed. “You’re so right,” he said unable to control his chuckles. Jennifer grabbed a handful of sand and threw it in Josh’s direction, hitting him square in the face

“I said that to make you laugh, not to make you agree!” She bantered but laughed along at Josh trying to wipe all of the sand of his face, “This is where you’re supposed to tell me how beautiful and smart and witty I really am.”

“Shit, Jennifer, what was that for?”

She folded over in laughter again, quite proud at herself for managing to aim that well. Then a mound of sand hit her on the shoulder and she looked at Josh with her mouth agape.

“That’s it. Bring it on, Hutcherson.” She got up from her towel, already preparing with two hands full of sand.

Josh stood too, also grabbing a handful of sand, throwing it towards Jennifer. It hit her open mouth. She began to laugh but ended up choking on the sand that had gotten into her mouth. Josh rushed over to her aid.


“Are you okay?” Josh asked. Jennifer began laughing again and shoved a handful of sand down Josh’s swim shorts.

“You bitch!” She laughed even more, running towards the water. She looked back to see that he was only a couple feet behind her and soon enough she was lifted up into his arms.

Josh ended up slipping on a stray bush of seaweed that had washed up, sending the both of them tumbling on the sandy ground, Josh landing right on top of Jennifer.

“Well,” She snickered, “At least I know I’m not the only clutzy one.”

Josh chuckled but ignored her comment, taking advantage of her position underneath him. His fingers traveled to the edge of her bikini bottom, snapping it softly against her smooth skin.

“You know, I would’ve done the same to you but there’s barely anything here.”

Her cheeks darkened. “Josh,” she slapped his chest playfully.

“I’m just saying,” He continued, “If you’re trying to torture me in this thing; it’s definitely working.”

Jennifer lifted her head to meet his lips, both of them slanting together perfectly. His tongue explored the familiar space of her mouth as hers did the same. He pulled away for a quick second to comment something before leaning back in. “You taste like sand.”

Her lips linger against his, not really kissing anymore. “Who’s fault is that?” She whispered breathlessly.

Josh ground against her hips. “Mine. Do you think anyone is watching?”

She looked around only seeing some other people a couple house down. “I’m sure they won’t mind.”

“Good,” Josh said dropping his head down to kiss across her collarbone.

“Mm,” She hummed in pleasure, “I want to go swim.”

“Skinny dipping,” Josh whispered in her ear.

“Great idea,” Jennifer replied, leaning back in for one more kiss before leading Josh to the water with her. 

Little did either of them know that they were being watched. And that pictures of their tropical escapade would end up on People magazine days later.