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Hey i love you and i also love me and im feeling really good about me rn and im happy and shit and i love my friends so much and making videos its fun good music is good and im gay. Just thought id share

you’re just a fucking ray of sunshine and I luv you so much

a wholesome thought: phil out of the blue holding dans face real gentle in his hands and making dan look into his eyes and dan’s giggling and trying to move away and pushing at his chest playfully and phils laughing but keeps trying to stop and pull a serious face and he’s just like “hey dan… no dan dan listen to me…. hey dan i love you !!! dan listen to me i love you!!!” and dans like bfkhj i know let me goo and theyre just giggling and in love 

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hey I really love you! your a great fan site and super nice :3 I follow a lot a people and was very active when WINGS was released and the first person I saw who mentioned the S version and I think the person who actually started it was taetaetown (alex). I hope you have a great day/night!

Aw, thank you!♡ Btw, taetaetown it’s the queen of theories

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Hey, I loved, loved, LOVED you're YoI Ep 12 breakdown and wholeheartedly agree that it was not a fitting conclusion at all. As much as I would've loved YoI to be contained in a single solid season, it was kinda inevitable that it was gonna get a 2nd due to its popularity. My question is how do you think Season 2 would've gone if they kept the original ending? Would it just be a repeat of Season 1? What new plot points and themes could they use to make it as compelling and unique as the original?

Thank you anon, I’m glad!(^♡^)

Well, that’s an interesting question, one I’ve discusses a length with other people, @soobaki​ especially (she has a great post about this very same topic, see here). I would like to start by saying that I think our current finale actually takes away from many of the things that made YOI compelling and unique, and it actually sets up a season 1 repeat more than if we’d had the proper finale the narrative was building towards. 

So, what makes Yuri on Ice a compelling and unique story? Lots of factors, we could be here for hours. However, if you ask me personally what set Yuri on Ice apart as a story, I would say it was how it handled its main characters and relationships. 

We’re following a 23 year old who suffers from severe anxiety trying to do his best to overcome it and fully dedicating himself to doing what he loves, in a journey of self-love to better himself where the true antagonist is his own self-doubt. We’re watching a 27 year old celebrity who leads an empty life discovering happiness through love and in dedicating himself to others and learning to let go and pursue new passions. We’re watching a 15 year old throwing himself into the world of adults and discovering he may not be as ready for it as he thinks, but finding people who will support him in his journey and learning to love unconditionally. We’re watching the slow development of the romantic relationship between two adult men that’s treated as something completely normal, just another part of their individual journeys. This series touched a lot of people, for good reason.

In the case of a proper finale where everyone’s narratives are concluded (Yuuri overcomes his anxiety and wins gold, Victor retires and moves on with his life now that he found more important things to him than competing, Yurio discover he’s not as good as he thinks but finds his own identity and a support system), here’s what they could explore in season 2, for each of our three mains:

Yuuri: Having achieved his previous story goal of winning gold at the Grand Prix Final, with the added bonus of breaking a world record, Yuuri’s new story goal will be to break Victor’s combined score record. As for character goal…funny thing about anxiety - it’s a constant battle. In Yuuri’s case, he’ll have to deal with the fact that he’s now a top contender internationally, someone other competitors see as a threat. Remember how JJ’s programs were made to beat Victor specifically? Expect other skaters to do something similar with Yuuri in mind. Both Celestino and Yuuri’s mother mention that Yuuri is not used to being at the top, not used to being the one to beat. So that would be something Yuuri would have to learn to deal with, especially taking into consideration that he suffers from a gigantic impostor syndrome (AKA inability to internalize his accomplishments as being his own and not seeing his own merit; see how he is Japan’s top male figure skater but he introduces himself to the audience as a “dime-a-dozen figure skater”). Added bonus, with Victor actually retiring from competitive skating, now he really has to deal with being “the man who stole Victor from the world”. Bring back the focus on social media, this time the more negative side of it. 

Victor: Victor has to deal with his retirement and the acceptance of such a decision, not only from the rest of the figure skating world but from himself. He was not just any highly successful athlete, he was the very best of male figure skating, with 5 consecutive GPF wins, 5 consecutive Worlds wins, being the Olympic champion and holding all the world records until recently. His retirement would not be a peaceful thing, there’s many issues for him to face. Competitive skating was also his life for over 20 years, so he’s probably going to feel nostalgic and even, at some point, doubt his decision (but he wouldn’t go back on it). He’s also still unexperienced as a coach, though he has the makings to be an amazing one, so we would see him adjust to his new position in the world of figure skating. Also fully embrace choreographing, since he’s not only amazing at it (his choreographies beat his records, I mean, it was a win for him too) it’s something he obviously enjoys. So with Victor we would have the chance to explore the story of a retired athlete who wasn’t forced to retire but instead found other passions, and to also bring the position of a coach to the limelight, since coaches in sports stories are more often than not just background for the athletes. 

Yurio: Yurio’s entire perspective on life, the sport of figure skating and his position in that world would have changed after season 1. He would be facing two difficult obstacles: that of embracing his own identity in skating (no more prima ballerina more Russia’s ice tiger) and dealing with puberty. They can’t keep him on the edge of puberty forever, and it’s something that has a huge effect on young athletes, with the shift of your center of gravity, decline in balance skills and body control and loss of flexibility. As for his new skating identity, he would be going against the norm and against what the world expects of him based on his appearance, so it would be a challenge, but we would see him work on succeeding as himself, not as Victor 2.0. Add to it that he has just started to embrace his newfound support system, we would see him doing a bit of growing up emotionally too. Otabek being a friend first and a rival second would be especially important here for Yurio’s continuous emotional journey and maturity. 

So as you can see, still a lot of ground to cover and new things to explore, even while having the characters complete their s1 narratives. 

I Didn’t Make It To My Parents

“I’m so sorry, love.” Joe’s voice carried through the phone, and Y/N sighed in response, glancing at the time. “I thought I’d be home by now.”

“No, it’s fine.”

“I promise to catch the next train.”

“As long as you make it tonight. They really want to meet you.” She smiled into the phone, even though she knew he couldn’t see.

“I will. I swear it. I want to meet your parents as well, love. I’m sorry you’ll have to drive alone.”

“Hey, I’ll get to choose whatever song I want.” She teased, and he chuckled back at her.

“There you go, looking at the positives!”

“I’ll see you tonight?”

“Yes. You will. Drive safe, okay?”

“I will. I’ll text you when I get there. Love you.”

“Love you too, Joe.” Y/N hung up the phone, slipping it into her pocket. Glancing at the clock one last time, she picked up her purse and headed out the door, locking it behind her.

Joe looked down at his phone again, frowning as he noticed the time.

She should have texted me by now… He thought to himself, unlocking his phone to see if maybe he had missed a notification. But there was nothing.

“Alright, I think we’re done.” Joe perked up at those words, excitedly packing up his own stuff and waving goodbye as he sprinted out the door. He could make the train if he hurried. He wouldn’t be too late then.

Just as he waved down a cab, his phone began to ring. The caller ID showing the face of who he had been waiting for, except it was odd she would be calling him.

Answering the call, he slide into the car, directing the driver where to go before he brought the phone to his ear.

“Hello, beautiful.”

“Joe.” Her voice sounded off, and there was a lot of background noise, but not the noise of her parents home.


“You need to stay calm.” He felt his grip tighten on his phone.

“That doesn’t ever mean anything good.”

“I didn’t make it to my parents house.”

“Then where are you?”

“The hospital.”

If he had been standing, Joe was sure he would have fallen over. Now that he listened, he could hear the faint sounds of paging in the background, along with the other typical noises of a hospital.

“What happened? Are you okay? Shit, where are you?”

“There was an accident. Uhm, the person was distracted, came into my lane.”

“Oh gods…”

“I’m fine. Kind of. Well, I have a broken arm. And a few fractured ribs. And possibly a new cut on my head. But I’m fine.”

“That doesn’t sound fine, Y/N.”

“I’m alive.”

“Yeah,” Joe sighed, running a hand through his hair. “You are. Thank the gods for that. Are you alone?”

“No, my mum is here.” There was a pause and some muffled talking. “She says she’s still excited to meet you. Just, not so excited about where.”

“Which you still haven’t told me. Besides that you are in the bloody hospital.”


“No, don’t apologize. Just, which one?”

Once Y/N told him which one she was in, Joe figured out his new route and reassured her he would be there soon. They talked for a minute or two longer before he had to hang up, having arrived at the train station.

From the moment they hung up until he walked through her hospital room’s door, Joe was a wreck. But as soon as he laid eyes on Y/N, he felt his entire body sag with relief.


“Joe.” She smiled at him from her spot in the bed, a bandage on her forehead, her arm already casted and in a sling. He crossed the room in three steps, leaning over to kiss her on the lips.

“Never do that again.”

“Didn’t plan on it the first time.”

“I know. But still.” She laughed softly, reaching up to kiss him once more, before there was the sound of a throat clearing.

The couple both snapped their head to the two bodies that had just entered the room. Joe immediately straightened up, although his one hand was linked with Y/N’s good one.

“Hello, dear. How are you feeling?” The older woman smiled softly over at her.

“Better.” She answered, “Now that Joe’s arrived.”

“So you’re Joe.” The other person, an older man, eyed up Joe.

“Babe, these are my parents. Sarah and Grant.”

“Hi.” Joe waved. “Sorry we have to meet here.”

“Yes, it is unfortunate.” Sarah sighed lightly, moving to sit on the other side of her daughters bed. “But at least she’s alright.”

“Weren’t you supposed to be driving with her?” Grant crossed his arms, remaining where he was standing in front of the door. Joe flinched at the words, nodding sheepishly.

“Dad! Don’t do that! Joe,” Y/N tugged at his hand until he looked down at her. “Even if you were with me, things would have been the same. Except you’d be hurt too. That man was distracted, you being with me wouldn’t change that.”

“Exactly.” Sarah agreed, and Joe shot her a thankful look.

“You won’t be driving for a while though.” Grant told his daughter, moving to stand behind his wide.

“Yes, I know.” Y/N rolled her eyes, “You’ve already told me that. But can we talk about something else? I don’t want to think about the accident.”

“Oh I know!” Sarah turned her gaze to Joe, smiling softly at him as he sat down. “How were your meetings, dear?”

“My meetings? Oh, right. They were good.” Joe started to tell them about his meetings. From there they moved on to other topics, allowing the older couple to get to know the young man their daughter was dating.

It wasn’t exactly how Y/N planned on introducing Joe to her parents, but she was grateful that they were able to see just how much he cared for her.


Good morning!! I found this in my garden yesterday, and I’m trying to figure out if it’s from a rat or squirrel. I’m leaning towards rat. What do you think? I love your blog!


Hey there! Yup that looks like a rat jawbone to me! Squirrels have four molars on each side of their lower jaws while rats only have three. Rat molars are usually more smoother that squirrel molars too.

Thanks for sharing your neat find! And thank you for the kind words too! <3

Listen I keep seeing posts saying that fiction does not influence real life and I really have to add something concerning the subject

Goethe was a german author who wrote in the XVIII century a romance called “Die Leiden des jungen Werthers”/ “The sorrows of young Werther”.

It was such a success that it dictated fashion for young men as they wanted to copy Werther’s style

But also

Caused a chain of suicides amongst youth given the depressive state of the main character and its ending.
The book was banned from some countries for a while because of that.

Don’t come tell me that fiction does not influence reality when Goethe managed to write a romance that swoop Europe off its feet and caused the death of people. Idk how much extra and dramatic a piece of writing has to be to get people to ACTUALLY DIE for it


“Hey, homie, I’m gonna let you borrow this,” with his other hand, Taako picked up the handle of the gaudy umbrella, “And you can give it back to me later.”

“I don’t think yellow is quite my color,” Kravitz said, letting Taako’s hand go and grabbing it anyway.

“It’s a good umbrella, it’ll keep you safe,” Taako looked unsure for a second, “S-safe and dry, am I right?”

From the TAZ fic Liminal Spaces and Criminal Cases by @slimejen which is my favourite fic right now?? 90s detective vs small town supernatural mystery, and also some real good Taakitz.

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ive been meaning to ask and hope its not intrusive, but what are you pen settings??? i love the way it looks!!!

hey no problem i’m happy to share! i’ve just been using this default brush in clip studio paint though

what i like is how thin it gets in the middle of a fast stroke so i think an equivalent in sai would be the fine hollow brush shape on 50% density :D

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hey i love your blog so much, do you you give shout outs by any chance?

Follow this dude! His Tumblr is aesthetic as fuck!

Want a shoutout? Just ask me and if I like your feed, your guaranteed a shoutout!

A Genius Plan

Good evening readers! This is Admin Puff giving you the last imagine of these next two weeks. My finals are next week so I should be studying for it. During this time, I will also be taking in any requests. My next update will be Friday, January 27th. If you liked this imagine, you can find my prompts here and you can also read my first imagine here. Let’s get on with it.

request by and for @sxnali: Hey I loved Attractive Scents!! Do you mind if I request something? drabble/imagine - 10 - Draco Malfoy and hufflepuff!reader -

Originally posted by nellaey

      It was the first Hogsmeade visit of winter vacation and you couldn’t wait to meet up with a certain boy that unexpectedly captured your heart. You and Draco were made prefects for the year, representing your respected houses, and had to do patrolling together. At first, you were uncomfortable as you were a Hufflepuff and slightly weary of his nasty reputation, but you couldn’t deny that the bloke was very good looking. You couldn’t even talk to him until the third patrol session when he got frustrated with your quietness.

“Oi (L/N), it’s awfully quiet and frankly, quite awkward since you’re not talking at all,” he said stopping in the middle of one of the corridors one night.
“What do you want me to do Malfoy? Talk to you? You don’t even socialize with anyone besides that little gang of yours. Since when did you even want to talk to a Hufflepuff?” you muttered back, walking in front of him.
Draco catches up to you and looks quite sheepish.
“I was kind of hoping that by talking to you, these patrolling sessions would go by faster. I’m not a complete git,” he responds, not bearing to see your reaction.
Your laughter causes him to turn his head. You clutch your stomach as if what he said was the funniest thing you’ve ever heard.
“Something funny (L/N)?” Draco glares at you while you calm yourself down.
“I’m sorry Malfoy but you sounded like a child needing some attention. I’m not exactly keen on conversations in general and your reputation doesn’t make it any better, but I guess we can have conversations.” You smile at his taller frame, not realizing how taken the Slytherin was by you at that moment. He found your smile contagious and gave one back, taking you aback since not many people have seen him smile before. That was the time when love began to blossom between the two of you. It blossomed, but neither of you did anything to go further with the newfound friendship in fear of ruining things. 

      Draco found you refreshing as you didn’t judge him for his views and he didn’t have to worry about anything like his family and status as you two walked through the corridors of Hogwarts at night.
As you walked from the Hufflepuff common room, you really didn’t worry as much as a large portion of the student body had gone home for vacation. Your parents had informed you that they’d be visiting some family in France and couldn’t take you along so you were saddened by that. Your thick black scarf was wrapped all around your neck as you walked among the few students to Hogsmeade. You were supposed to meet him at Madam Puddifoot’s, which was odd but a good choice for many people except cringe-worthy couples. Once you entered, you almost wanted to turn back. The whole place was decorated in many hues of pinks and reds, but there weren’t many people.
“Psst. (L/N). He’s in the corner behind the white divider,” A voice whispers behind you.
You turn around to see Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson, two of his close friends. You nodded at them and headed for the corner Draco was in.
“Their sexual tension is so obvious,” Pansy says, rolling her eyes. Although she was kind of mean, you never gave her a reason to be rude as you treated her nicely. Blaise nods, agreeing with the female.
“Why don’t they just kiss already?” Blaise questions as you disappear from view and a plan is devised between the two of them on getting you and Draco together.
      After an hour or two of just drinking coffee and talking about nonsense, you both decide to head back to the castle. It wasn’t a date, just a friendly meet up. Yet, at the same time, you felt that Draco had restrained himself when you two were surrounded by the intimate couples and had been looking at you softly. Draco ended up leading you to the Astronomy tower, but before you two can walk up the stairs, a force pushes you into his arms. You froze in his arms and his eyes diverted to the culprit. He knew that figure well. Pansy. He wondered why she’d do that when he hears you mutter something.
“What?” He questions you, but your eyes were focused on something above your heads.
“Mistletoe.” You stated, then looking at him wide-eyed and realizing that you were still in his arms.
“Umm…shall we go up?” You asked him, about to go up the stairs when he grabs your arm and gently pushes you towards the wall.
“Draco what are you—” Your words were interrupted as pressure was pressed against your lips. You didn’t know how to react but it felt nice for that short second. Draco pulled back nervously.
“I’m sorry (Y/N), I was totally out of line. It’s just that—” He didn’t get a chance to finish what he was saying either as you leaned up and kissed his lips, smiling when he gave in and pulled you in closer.
Pansy and Blaise peeked from the turning corner and nodded towards each other, their plan successful.

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Hey I just found you blog and I love it! I was wondering if you could please give me some pointers on how to take photos of the moon cos I can't seem to get it right and all yours are just wow I have a cannon 1300D just with the 18-55 kit lens 😙

Hi! Thank you for your message and for the love! 

I have a tips post for moon shots here you might find useful (or boring). 

If you’re thinking of trying close shots of the moon, it’s best to get a longer zoom lens than a 55mm or use a telescope. Alternatively, save the extra expense and test out different compositions with your current lens. Some examples of celestial long shots (out of many) are Stephi’s, Jacqui’s, and Angie’s

While I appreciate your compliment, please know that a lot of my photos aren’t wow. Some days I get a series of brilliant shots. Other days, especially when it’s foggy, I’m lucky to get one. Don’t be disheartened. I only post the photos I like, sometimes kinda like, but I mess up plenty. The fun isn’t in being perfect, it’s in those moments where your camera takes you into your own space. Enjoy them. 

I hope the tips help. Do send me a link if you post your luna shots. <3